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Kevin Millar: Dodgers Vs Yankees Series Was Very Good

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 11, 2024 3:35 pm

Kevin Millar: Dodgers Vs Yankees Series Was Very Good

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 11, 2024 3:35 pm

6/11/24 - Hour 2

Rich and the guys debate the New York Giants season outlook under embattled QB Daniel Jones.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Christian McCaffery and the Madden curse, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, the Lakers coaching search, the NBA Finals, US Open golf, and a possible Dodgers vs Yankees World Series.

MLB Network Analyst Kevin Millar and Rich discuss Aaron Judges’ hot streak, and the New York Yankees’ World Series hopes, the retirement of widely reviled MLB umpire Angel Hernandez, and more.

Rich and the guys react to ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney’s X account getting hacked that led to an entertaining hour on the social media platform. 

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That's slash deals. This is the Rich Eisen Show. First up for you, Anthony Michael Hall, Celebrity True or False. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You try to sneak onto the vacation set just to watch Beverly D'Angelo's new scene. Guilty as charged.

Ms. D'Angelo was topless and I was 14 and I was on set somehow. Just bird-dogging from a corner. Earlier on the show, ESPN NBA reporter Brian Wintorse. Coming up, MLB network analyst Kevin Millar, author and actor Michael Richards. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of this where in the world is Aaron Rodgers edition of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

That's how he came on the air in our number one just one hour ago fresh off the news that the the Jets announced that there is an inexcused absence by their star, must have, gotta have him quarterback today. And he's at an event that's very important to him is what Robert Sala said. And everybody's guessing where he is today. Wherever he is, it's not in public.

At least not yet. Wherever he is, it's not on the East Coast. Oh, I'm sure he'll let us know where he is. I don't think so. I don't know. I think it's kind of obvious he's had another darkness retreat. Has anyone checked? I don't know. The question is is like why does it have to be an of all the days on a mandatory minicamp day? Whatever it is the Jets could not paper it over or excuse it.

That whatever it is is something they had no choice but to say publicly. Not on our watch. Because I guess they they have to set those rules for their players and um and whatever it is they had to basically tell the rest of the locker room this is not uh excusable. Now it's on Reddit as a contract dispute so we're waiting to hear on all this from and again my opinion is that it won't matter when the rubber meets the road but it will be the first New York sports media moment for Rogers. The next one will be if he throws three interceptions in a game you know to lose. He didn't have any of them last year because you know he only played four snaps so keeping an eye on that. Meanwhile the New York Giants quarterback situation they had their minicamp going down and they are purposefully leaving Daniel Jones out of team drills. They're purposefully sitting him down to say let's get you back on the field when it's time for training camp. This was their head coach Brian Dable about Daniel Jones's readiness coming back from a blown out knee and a neck injury from last year. No I think we'll keep him out of team drills continue to rehab process he's he's really right on point with where he needs to be but in terms of the team we'll keep him out here the next few days and get him ready to go for training camp. Yeah we'll see I mean he's he's rehabbing he's right where he needs to be and we'll give him another month here but you know he's making progress. Daniel Jones himself spoke minutes ago to the point where we do not have the the sound bites yet the sound as they say in our business so I will just tell you based on the quotes from Dan Salomone or Salomoney the senior managing editor of the Giants are reposting this into our twitter feed at Rich Eisen Show. Daniel Jones says the knee feels quote really good he's feeling quote unquote sharper and quote unquote cleaner with his cuts full quote I expect to be ready to go first day of training camp. So the team that had JJ McCarthy in there sights in the draft and passed him up from a leak neighbors who Daniel Jones called quote unquote a tremendous weapon today. I think that's putting it lightly.

He can do everything. Yep. Says Daniel Jones.

Watched a few LSU games. And I guess they're just giving Daniel Jones one more bite at the Big Apple because he's on he's on the roster he's not going to get cut this is the last year for him to this is winner this is winner go home time. Speaking of cut it's it's you know what cut in time for him in New York City and on the overreaction Monday podcast that Chris Brockman and I recorded yesterday TJ Jefferson and I know you've got lots going on in your life and you perhaps have not yet listened to the episode of overreaction Monday. I'm being a little disrespectful but the truth I haven't listened to it yet but I'll get to it today. I appreciate that but I'm bringing up to you for the purposes of this conversation that the item that he threw out for bids on yesterday's pod that you can listen to or all your podcasts are acquired was a ping-pong table no sir he said that the Giants will not finish last place in the NFC East.

Your thoughts on that subject matter. I mean look it's possible I know I know for a fact who's not going to finish last for sure so that leaves three other teams that would be Dallas you're not going to go there and I don't think Philadelphia is a last place team. So he's basically saying the Washington commanders will have a troublesome first season with Dan Quinn at the helm with a rookie quarterback.

All the Washington football team fans come after that guy. Put up the Giants schedule if you don't mind. I made Chris go through the win-loss game. I randomly ended up playing win-loss game with the Giants yesterday.

And what did you say they finished up? You had them give them 11 wins. I don't even remember. I think I blacked out. You had 11 wins?

11 and 6. He did. And here's my reasoning. With as much as you are not a fan of Daniel Jones?

Exactly and I did say that while I was doing it. There are teams every single year we do not see coming. There are teams we're not even talking about in the offseason. There are teams that we fully on just expect to be terrible and have a top five pick.

I think the Giants are one of those teams right now. We think the coach is on the hot seat. We think that I'm just using the collective we. We think that Daniel Jones isn't very good and that they screwed up not taking McCarthy.

Right? I don't know about that. I don't think you could say that that's the collective we saying that. I think that's a more than 50% of the media and fan bases think that. The collective we would for their quarterback situation. I'm just throwing out McCarthy there because I'm I'm just throwing out McCarthy there because I'm I'm biased because I know what the kid can do.

Is that they. Or trade up. They were unable to affect a quarterback change that I think we and I'm using the royal one believe they wanted to affect if they could. But they couldn't they didn't and their best case option for sure is to run it back with Daniel Jones and see how it goes and see how it may go without you know Sterling Shepard who's talking today about how super fun it is to play with Baker Mayfield again down there in Tampa. Darren Waller retired although I'm sure a lot of Giants fans say he never really showed up for them anyway. Devin Singletary is talking about how he can be as great a weapon as Saquon.

Like a lot of things you're gonna have to hit. But the one thing that I would say to you to sort of back your play a little bit here is Brian Burns is going to show everybody in the National Football League because people now pay attention to New York Giants more than Carolina Panthers with all due respect. You know that's how guys who wind up performing well on defensive lines sell subway sandwiches. I think Victor Cruz is still doing the salsa off of his time with the Giants. And also just look at the last few seasons right teams going nowhere no one thought the Texans were going to win 10 games no one thought the Vikings were going to win 13. But it's interesting you choose the Giants as that being one of your teams there. Because they did they made a few moves that were they did have a playoff season two years ago they did improve their team over last year you do think so huh yeah okay they got maybe the best receiver in the draft they just need to start fast past rushers in the league they need to start fast they got a tough start they got it they got it you mean they they got to make Sam Darnold when he comes in week one because we're assuming with the Vikings to see some MetLife ghosts okay and and then go to the commanders and say okay we've got Daniel Jones and Brian Burns and Kayvon Thibodeau and that defense buzzing around and it's going to be a long ass day for Jayden Daniels and what is going to be let me make sure about this um it is going to be his home debut in FedEx and then they're going to have to go to Cleveland before the Dallas Cowboys who have done nothing and that's an Amazon Prime game on a Thursday night to close out the first month of the season the Dallas Cowboys have done nothing but Spanka Lenka Lenka to use a Michael Irvin phrase the New York Giants and and shut them out too we gonna spank that that's the last time Dallas went into um MetLife right is they shut him out in week one so the Giants need to start fast of course I'm circling that game in um Munich on NFL Network at Carolina so we'll see how it goes but that's interesting check out overreaction one day wherever you can get your podcasts now bringing to what we call the feature show the flagship overreaction monday on a Tuesday hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage overreaction mondays monday on a tuesday there it is there it is okay what do you got over there chris tuesday guys how you doing everybody good i'm great what up mate hey jay fella hey great to see you hey uh hey it's a big big news in the sports world this morning madden cover announced it's christian mccaffrey uh-oh the madden curse is gonna bite mccaffrey in the niners this season what are you talking about what are you talking about i'm talking about the madden curse is gonna bite mccaffrey in the niners okay did josh did josh allen get hurt is long and just how does how do you do in the playoffs oh he he made the divisional round in the playoffs this year he finished the final eight you know no i missed that and then and then and then gave the chiefs gave the chiefs their biggest scare in the afc playoffs didn't get hurt before that it was brady and mahomes together how'd they do are they all they're doing all right they're doing okay lamar jackson in 21 mahomes in 20 didn't finish the season how about antonio brown was on the cover of madden 19 went crazy after that i don't know about any curse i mean payton hillis was trending today that's all you need to know okay okay yeah yeah that's called the other guys how it went for them mike fick nab marshall it's not gonna bite him it's not gonna this is bad this is bad mccaffrey and his people should have been like hey hey christian we're coming to you it's all and we want you to be on the madden and he should have said no absolutely not keep me away from that thing oh i saw excuse me i saw a story today and they were breaking it down year by year and over the last 10 seasons only 30 percent of the cover athletes three out of 10 have been cursed that will get if it's major league baseball get someone in the hall of fame hall of fame i know that in the beginning it was way was even way worse but this is as old you remember the sports illustrator had a cover jinx too yeah that was real oh that was real oh my god you guys you know what i don't i don't i don't believe none of it you don't believe in none of it point zero yes nothing me nothing me taking a photograph with the larry o'brien trophy on the steps your whole team got hurt you had nothing to do with it your whole team got injured after that by the way john monaco who's pushing the buttons right now refused to take a picture with the cup because the rangers could get jinxed how'd that work out for you john don't you want to have a photograph of yourself with the cup he got too close to it that's how it worked how'd that work he got too close taking a photograph of the cup himself he stayed he was in too close he should have zoomed in he should have zoomed in he should have let me take the picture oh he shouldn't have oh no but even that being on his camera roll would be a problem obviously rick guys no picture of the lario b and worth two wins from 18 guys look the proof is in the pudding zero okay to do with it and there's proof all i'm saying is don't draft mccaffrey all right overreaction what else yeah let me get what else exactly rich just mentioned this guy it's weird there's actually two players with the same name a josh allen will win player of the year this i like it uh josh allen hey just either one we'll play we'll win player of the year this year what do you mean a offensive or defensive player of the year that's what i mean oh a josh allen oh you know what just for fun i'll say this is good i'll i'll accept this i can feel it and i'll tell you what you want to do what's more likely it might be the it's the guy on the right the defensive josh allen even though i love the guy she's so good i might have better but i'd say even money on either one of them right but i i'll say it just a guy a guy from a guy from jacksonville is gonna have to get more sacks than a guy from pittsburgh or a guy from the raider nation or a guy from new york maybe i'm for sure or miles garrett you know yeah guy from dallas dallas there's a lot of great defenders is what we're saying i mean i guess in jacksonville you gotta you gotta you gotta do it you gotta do plus two plus three like just probably need 20 just lap the field probably need 20 but he could do it so i'll go for it good one chris i like it i thought right at that moment as you were saying all that i was the thought popped into my head could mba players play football and vice versa and i just thought if i'm an mba player and i'm running a slant and josh allen comes and depletes me i'm going right back to the court right back and by the way either either of the josh allen yes i don't like because if josh allen just threw an interception and he's coming for you neither guy i don't want to get hit by either of those guys what else all right uh this one uh last nfl one and we'll kind of shift gears uh the story of the day it's gonna be aaron rogers last season in the nfl this year why would you say that like he has everything else on his mind other than football it seems like all the time well i i i can't we we're not around them we're not around him but you know he's got his mind on you know the pharmaceutical companies and what happened in 2020 and what's what in the ballot box in 2024 for his guys candidate or whatever i mean he's he's got he's a man with a lot of interest he's got a lot of lanes it's just like whatever the reason why he's not in the lane exiting the turnpike or whatever route he takes from his new jersey spot to pull into one jet's drive i i don't i don't know and it's gonna get out somebody's gonna say where he is and it's gonna be a conversation and it will be a conversation next time he has microphones in front of his face and he will this will be the first potentially contentious new york media moment for him and you know uh like i said will it matter when he's all warmed up and ready to go on the first monday night of the season for the jets in san francisco i'll say no to that so if i say no to that what i'm going to say that this means he's he's done as an nfl player after this year if he gets hurt that might happen if he gets hurt that might happen no it just feels like all right i'll say that's an overreaction and say what else you got all right all right all right uh we talked about it with brian winhorst how about this dan hurley made the right move turning down the lakers i don't think that's an overreaction i don't think that's an overreaction if if it's apples to apples in terms of the money or you know um equivalency right then then closer to the big apple might have helped tip the scales again i i i don't know if he said this because he didn't want to salt kentucky fans when kentucky came knocking on his door apparently the minute calipari got got bounced um they mutually parting ways pardon me i gotta use it i gotta use the 20 the 21st century version of of that um that him saying that his wife's from jersey and she basically thought rhode island was too far so kentucky's out of the mix that ain't happening then los angeles means something and i'm not putting it at the feet of of of his of his wife there that this is why he made the decision he made he probably feels the same way and he he's got to go to los angeles and the money's the same and he's going to move and pick up and figure out maybe the nba is not right for him when he's out here 3 000 miles away and it's just like uh he doesn't want to do it uh for for for real it took a long time for me as an east coast guy to you know get used to being three hours behind you know you normally want to talk to somebody after dinner it's 11 o'clock where you want to talk to somebody and they're asleep and then so you i'll talk to you tomorrow and they're there at work when you wake up and it's it ain't easy it's not easy and if that's how you want to stay in touch with your family that's tough so he made the right move turning down the lakers i know this is infused with that the lakers aren't all that no that's the celtic those are your words no i'm i'm reading between those lines you said that not me you are implying it sir you said that but i think he did make the right move turning down the job if it is if he had any hitch in his giddy up and you know susie and i do this all the time getting out that yellow legal pad and write down do you know goods and bads and write down pros and cons and if there's more pros than the cons then here we go unless susie really likes the cons then whatever you'd like yes here's another thing guys that that you didn't bring up which kind of the money factor i've got a friend named daniel is a real estate agent in rhode island she's always posting videos of these incredible houses out there yeah and you look at the prices on these houses and you go all right if that was in la you're looking at like a four million dollar house here in rhode island it's like 900 so cost of living real estate and all that stuff tj i understand that but the lakers could make up for that sort of thing honestly just didn't seem like they were you know trying hard enough knock over a trophy and maybe find something underneath it what else chris you got one more thing uh yeah uh let's see one more thing one more thing let's do this one then yankees dodgers over the weekend world series preview i don't think so you can't push i'll push back on that i'll push back on that you know i have no idea if soto's arm is gonna hurt out of nowhere and there's a team in philadelphia that is dynamite and a team in baltimore that is really freaking good too that might just want to spoil the party so it's it looks good it sounds good the games were intense with the exception for the the back end of game two and was a lot of fun great great environment but i'll push back and say that's an overreaction although i'll sign for it i remember the 77 and 78 world series that's what got me loving the yankees i think fox would sign i remember that i the 81 world series is difficult to remember all right let's take a break right here on the rich isin show kevin malar is going to be joining us next he's going to be talking a little bit of golf and the co-host of intentional talk on mlb network will join us next are you struggling to close deals business to business selling is tougher than ever and that's why i want to tell you about linkedin sales navigator linkedin sales 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meteorologist of good morning jacksonville for first coast news um and um for some reason i don't know why pole vaulting in a suit oh there he is and there we go a little roll and uh and off he goes and yep nice move nice dismount amazing is that his family back there don't know what it is not a very high bar literally and figuratively but that's fine you know what go run another 40 in your suit um i i let him know if you want to see one more pop it up there one more time the only drawback to this uh because obviously the moxie the attempt all of it is is very well uh received here um as you could see i don't know you're gonna have to figure out a whole you know belt situation or something like that like the the the uh came on tucked a little bit yeah the shirt came on tucked yeah but yeah let's see one more time here yeah come yeah if you just get the long longer tails on the shirt or or a better belt situation i think we can do it but look at this now do we want to upgrade run rich run to a jump rich jump at this point of my uh stage or actually you know what career at this point of my athletic career i think adding more events like not a good idea like a like a rich decathlon in a suit in a suit eyes and you know i mean i should pull loose it yeah yeah we could add events yeah yeah yeah why not okay we can get medals and trophies okay okay back on the rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by michael richards who played kramer on seinfeld his new book entrances and exits we'll talk about this and all of his career with him in studio hour number three joining us right here on the rich eisen show right now co-host of intentional talk on mlb network and he will be part of the american century championship tournament in tahoe the famed celebrity event at edgewood tahoe golf course coming up in mid july kevin malar back here on the program how are you kevin good to see you roger how you doing brother what's going on in your mind how's everything you know what i'm trying to get this cutting down and i'm telling you right now it drives me nuts it drives me nuts they talk about trying to putt with confidence but you try to do it and you're gonna need some results so i don't know okay you're you're firing darts still though kevin right i mean like what do you think it's funny because i was telling my buddy like he's not a great driver the golf ball day yeah and i can drive the golf ball pretty good like center cut you know just put it down there like old man swing yep but the putting you have to get the ball in the hole the three putts and and it's like when you three putt it's like a chunk wedge you know but you're talking about 25 feet and then you get takes you three again there you're like can't do that not in tahoe well i mean you got you got a ton of you know ball players that are there too i mean where can you finish top five of ball players what do you think kevin can you finish when i start five would be tough top 10 is like a goal okay i've been in the teens now i think the highest maybe is 15th so the one thing about this course so obviously up there near 7 000 feet in edgewood is that you got to start doing math and i wasn't great in math so when you're talking about 15 less so now all of a sudden you know your 300 yard drive is a 285 but you're hitting numbers nine irons don't look at 170 you're usually at 145 to 50 but that's the biggest thing it's just getting the ball in the hole so to answer your question top 10 i'm trying for how about this um top position player can you do that let's take the pictures out of it let's take the pictures out of it smoltz is out of it all the you know all the big three from atlanta uh let's take them out of it uh molders out of it molders yes what do you think so i think you're on something i think that's the goal be the highest position player baseball wise that's right um who else is a position player in the field hey i gotta say i know a rod is gonna be his first parents this year okay come on this has got great game by the way out of the polls is tough he finished i think higher than me in the styles event in january but he's really got great game i'm like for a big fella hit a lot of home runs he's got soft hands so so does you know off the list eight does a rod does a rod um have stick because a rod comes a rod strikes me as a guy who just wants to ride the golf cart you know what i mean i'll tell you right now he's been working on his game it's a whole different ball game your first your first thing but i'd probably say alex is you know uh ten okay and you know when i tell guys when you get done playing learn the golf we all start out high high high and then you figure out how to get that ball in the hole i'm still working on that part kevin millar here on the rich isin show uh let's start the ball talk um with what my colleague chris brockman just threw in my direction on our overreaction segment that the dodgers yankees series we just witnessed last weekend is going to be the matchup in the world series what would you say to that yeah i think you got to figure out i have to call robbie thompson with the phillies and go they won't like that with their three starters ranger schwarz being unbelievable uh it's a very very good call that series was very very good watching these teams i think you're on to something i think you're on to something but the phillies if they stay healthy that staff with wheeler and noah and ranger schwarz they are tough they're scrappy and then you obviously got bryce harper in the posies yeah and so what about the american league do you think were the oriel's would be the ones to be raising their hand to crash the pond they're they're only one lost behind the yankees right now yeah they are a good ball club and they're not fake good they're not this young you know group they are a team that plays very veteran like because they're young players are ball players and you don't see a whole lot of antics brandon hides done an unbelievable job of creating this makeup and they got studs so they're a team that's going to be right there all year the yankees have been unbelievable i mean with soto in that lineup it's amazing the length that you generate and then you add to that with judge who didn't get a hit his first month and was getting booed at yankees stadium to now looking like as close as i said yesterday to barry bonds i mean he is on breaking balls fastballs 97 hanging sliders and it's not that easy but it slows down for him when he is this hot it's been remarkable to watch and obviously his 24 home runs leading the big leagues and just uh just a specimen he really is a great hitter but i mean soto is truly remarkable you know what it's like to have to perform when it's expected for you to perform in the northeast you know what that's like you know what it's like when you're young and making all this cash and you're going to want a mint as well and you show up somewhere the way that he came out of the gate certainly when judge was struggling and so was stanton so for him to be there in the two hole and and volpi obviously sitting there at the top of the lineup after a great rookie season i would say a good rookie season to to now a great second season right now him batting behind volpi and in front of judge and then is extend it sort of extends the line at where verdugo can hit fifth it just uh there's there i run out of superlatives to describe what he means for the yankees it's yeah because you you look at they've been right handed dominant you know in that stadium if you can have some lefties they went out and got anthony rizzo and that filled a little bit of a gap but now with verdugo and soto the balance and when they're healthy lamay he's back now i mean they are a tough lineup but we've never had a chance to see stanton judge in this line this long you know and soto the addition you see the length that you can bring to a couple lefties because now the matchups are tough right and now you got a ballpark right field fences you know 310 but judge can go foul pole to foul pole stanton goes foul pole to foul pole and they're monsters to pitch to so they have and let's let's talk about benji hill for a second i was joking around saying where does garrett cole come back in this rotation you know it's a joke because benji hill this guy was pitcher of the month last month and it was almost unhittable till they are night mookie betts got double off him on a hanging breaking ball or fastball that he kind of left up but the kid's been remarkable and i love guys taking advantage of opportunities and he's done a remarkable job to maintain in that rotation well you mentioned uh rizzo he just i mean i'm i'm i'm genuinely concerned that the narrative for him at the end of the day is going to be he was never the same after getting hit in the head on that freak uh moment where fernando tastis junior is going back to first base and he's trying to tag him and his head gets hit he just doesn't strike me as the same player anymore kevin he just doesn't yeah he's been a tick off he still has power he still has home run power uh he's a guy that can get going and maybe you know like this game at times you have the first half second half you have this and that and you find your way but he's a veteran he's going to give you a tough at bat he plays great defense at first base you know and he's not doesn't have to hit third for you you can you can put him wherever you need to be but i still i still like his presence in that lineup kevin millar here on the rich eisen show um do you got anything to say about angel hernandez retired uh kevin i think it was time i think it was a good time for angel to get out listen it's not rocket science right we all have replay systems now we have boxes there was some stuff that was kind of wearing on players and uh you know it's not as easy as people think but the last five years i think when you were hearing about some stuff angel hernandez seemed to be around that stuff but hell he had a hell of a career umpire a lot of games and uh time is now yeah i mean it just did i i was getting the sense that players just didn't respect them at all anymore is that is that something that that uh you were sensing too or you had something similar for another umpire when you were playing kevin it's funny because i i had a chance to talk to all umpires at first base they did do the rotation so right there's an engagement there some guys don't like to engage boom that's it some guys engage and you know you have conversation i've never felt angel hernandez had this huge ego i felt at times he was a bad umpire i don't feel that i just feel at times that the instincts you know started kind of dwindling and you don't get to that level unless you're a great umpire and maybe he was great but it's just like players right you age and then you're not great anymore there's bat speed that slows down or velocity on the fastball so listen there's some great young umpires this is about opportunity and when you start seeing that change i think the time for sure is now so uh yeah and it listen it it's never been tougher to umpire you you talk about you know all the you know it's funny my 10 year old daughter came in to the room the other day and we were watching one of the yankee dodger broadcasts and the broadcast was late in putting up that you know strike zone over the plate for the pitch and she goes where's the box is what she said like we're now used to seeing you know the box and i'm like hold on a second it's going to come right up and then it did which you know me as a dad it makes me look great you know that i know what i'm talking about and so but but that we see that there's umpire auditor you know twitter accounts there's all sorts of stuff that that makes you see in the moment how off an umpire really is but i'm just wondering what like what do you like what do you get when you're talking to an umpire and seeing if he's going to engage like what what do you get from that well you there's a way to ask right there's balls off the plate and i play there when the braves are getting that you know now we get a box and you're looking at a half an inch off the plate and you're going to get that's a ball yeah there's a different scene so there's a way when they give away is that as far as you're going to go you're moving the dirt around you can't give them both sides if you gave an inside corner off the plate or out you know so i think that the box should be gone and i think that you know there's strikes but this isn't a strike you know so i think the box kind of makes them get graded they used to not get graded we get great as players you know you don't perform you get sent down i think the frustration back in our day was you know who is responsible to grade them or it's that two strike call that's off the plate yeah that they take the bat out of your hand it's not the old one pitch or the you know the oh pitch because you get three strikes so you can talk you can engage that way but some don't you know that's a good pitch hey wait time out first of all that's not a good pitch it's not a strike so you know then it starts this defense mode but at the end of the day i just think we are too fine it's like the guy that beats the throw and then you hold the glove on there and then his shoelace comes off and now he's out and go to the replay it sometimes gets a little ridiculous you'd like to remove the box from from the broadcast from from television broadcast i think so we get because we get fixated on that box right it's kind of like going to watch the cowboys game you end up just staring at the yeah this fix the whole game right and i think the box sometimes you lose that feel because you know sometimes it crosses the plate the catcher catches it off the plate but it's a strike yeah um that's interesting um all right kevin um so you're going to be out there friday july 12th through sunday july 14th on nbc and the special coverage on peacock and the golf channel peacock you can see right here on roku you're going to peg it up you don't know who you're paired with yet right that you don't you won't know that you get there usually the first round we're with whoever you are football baseball basketball then you get paired up where you kind of are in the in stable first scoring but it is a fun augusta for us in this moment the greatest event out there i mean america says he does a great job edgewood at the golf course nbc it is remarkable who's the most fun partner you've had in the years you've done this brian erlacher and i always got a bet going we are like neck and neck he's a tick better but we grind uh mike grable is one of my favorites just hilarious and you know it's funny because we're not all good we all think we are good when we're walking in there until you realize we stink the guys get mad so braids has got that linebacker mentality but just a lot of good people you get a chance to meet that you know you wouldn't have known before these great events kevin thanks for the time brother always enjoy chatting ball with you i appreciate you rich thanks bro god everybody check him out on intentional talk on mlb network and keep an eye out for kevin for the american century championship tournament how did we get in that event rich i mean come on um i was in it once and i was um not great and then they didn't invite me back i have no idea if that's what it was a long time ago let's make some calls yeah i mean i you know i was low maintenance you know i replaced my divots i was in a grouping with derek brooks and jason taylor i mean they weren't very good at it yeah i wasn't very good at it but i had fun i was i was accessible which is as you know it's my superpower being accessible um like i i didn't i didn't bring my own caddy i used one of my one of the caddies there oh and it was great meeting this caddy we had such a great time and he told me that i was a a more enjoyable loop than the previous year because that guy uh just just absolutely complained non-stop about the the caddies um reeds and and and misreads in his estimation it really was just actually a bad golfer at it and he really wasn't being very open with the people around him either and so he was complimentary to me and i said i would never ever reveal who that guy was although his name is lou halts what is this on i was waiting for that so maybe that's why i'm not invited back because i tell tales out of school is that how long ago was that forever it's been a long time ago it's been a way a long time i don't shine shoes speaking of which billy bat hey it's the anniversary r.i.p billy bats uh today's the anniversary of 54 years ago today uh billy bats went in to celebrate the drinks were on the house they were on the house and he couldn't left he couldn't let enough alone and then uh you know then he disappeared after a nice meal was had at two in the morning yeah at two in the morning at tom a lot of pasta at tommy's house house and uh yeah um billy bats today 54 years ago hey mom i borrowed this knife i bring it back for the hoof you gotta get the hoof you know that's the thing that's the painting the famed painting one dog goes one way one dog goes the other way and this guy says what do you want from me you want from me and the best scenes in all of good films and that was really scorsese's mom right happy diss it correct she was also in mean streets she was also in the you could hear her voice in the king of comedy i don't care what you play just lower it he's like ma i can go down the scorsese were that good fellas scene was improv by his mother too why not and yesterday was 17 years ago the day that uh tony soprano went into a diner went into a diner and and meadow couldn't parallel park and that's that's all we know we're assuming and everything else we just assume onion rings best in the city members only jackets all over the place uh those are all truths how about that love it that i haven't been invited back to the american century but you're not shining shoes but i was a more enjoyable loop than lou holz um what else uh is also true um billy batts 54 years ago today this is his last day on earth yeah he insulted him a little bit just a little bit but the drinks were on the house if the house and if it only stopped there uh 17 years ago yesterday tony soprano went into a diner in new jersey um that's all we know what happened there and one last truth francisco lindoor is not an oakland athletic and we'll talk about that next on this edition of the rich eisen show don't go anywhere when you're ready to pop the question the last thing you want to do is second guess the ring at blue you can design a one-of-a-kind 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you're a sucker I mean I could sign it for real yeah at least I could double it please do it do what you wish if that is do you know if that's Pesci's do you know if that's Joe's no that's him no I know that's him you sure we'll take care of it later Rafi yeah what do you got oh no he's got an axe are you serious do you want it do you want the real yeah sure but you know I mean it's gonna hurt the hurt the okay you're oh no it doesn't we'll do it later okay it's not me yeah you just banged yourself but you just cracked the glass so we can take it out smash the glass I mean you got that at this point it's not really glass like a plexi but we'll do it we'll fix it okay but you got ripped off wow oh my gosh is there a feeling now rich telling this he's holding on to the axe all right so ask me a question oh my gosh you okay you put the axe down this is fantastic I'm sort of I don't even know where to go with this because that has been one of my most prized possessions for some time and 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investigation for copyright violations that's another one because the number of that set off an alarm bell because the number of times that i have seen something that we do here just ripped and taken somewhere else on on this hellscape site i've lost track so wait a minute i've i violated a copyright but so i you're you're you're flagging me for going 25 at a 24 mile an hour zone is that what's happening right now so to provide your feedback within the specified time please complete the form below failure to respond within 24 hours result in the suspension of your account i'm like all right suspend me because the last thing i'm doing is help hitting the form colon at help dot community dash x dash rules dot com have a nice day have a nice day that's nice and they put a copyright symbol of x support team very polite and i'm like hello dear x user what the hell is that so i actually hit on that that site and it's got like 50 000 followers they're retweeting stuff from other x things and there's like a cat video or whatever and i'm like i'm not hitting on any link don't know if any other of my colleagues hit the link because we at rich eisen show yeah we got the same thing right same direct message we got it too yesterday was it also too or or we also hello dear x user as well at the same uh direct message oh you know what i deleted it oh dude but i almost i was going to respond don't oh my god thank god you didn't because i was going to be like wait what are you tell what is this about my buddy pat machenro got locked out of his account yesterday yeah and buster only got flat out hacked i'm wondering if he got the same direct message poor buster and you know it just went on and on and on and on and people are talking about it because it was you know it was funny although not to him it's fun you know i mean i'm a clown i'm a clown i amuse you look look at you know that somebody's like the Mets are finalizing a deal for francisco lindor to the oakland athletics i was like wait i first saw this and i'm like wait a minute because it's a blue hacker a minute to figure out he should be doing this or she or she yeah it was like they're trying to sell crypto and then the guy was like baltimore o's are re-collocating to vegas and oakland a's will stay in oakland this is a baseball account i could really fool some people the season is canceled due to covid all right and and uh one last one that we saw showy otani has been banned for life his trials and august 28th it's speculated he could get life in prison okay life in prison all right and last one i hate mex i hate mex this one kind of got me dang it they got my burn but could you put up that that was that the last one i hate mex that's a 417 can you put up the first one as well the first one oh these are not in chronological order okay my bad i think the otani one was the last one was it whatever this went on for hours is there a x the real the dear x people hello dear x people the real x people do you have anybody at home i thought to myself what self what has this happened to me there's no like i don't know they i don't know who to contact i don't know who to call it used to know used to have people but since elon took it over we don't know people in my world don't know this is a guy who's got a million followers he has got i mean and if you want to be a real site you need to protect people like buster only when it's obvious that he has been hacked it's obvious everyone was talking about it trended yeah so is that is that the real x's policy is to let somebody get hacked and it's such an entertaining hack that it now trends and his reputation is now in flames for some people because somebody got on direct messages and said hello hello dear x user i guarantee you what we got to to the rich eyes and show account what i got personally is exactly what buster only got too so anybody home just wondering if there's anybody home or we're just or just going to be sending ships to space that's all that matters and and uh and making car batteries and boosting stock prices that what it is just wondering for a friend named buster seriously i hate mex i hate mex i mean that one's kind of funny i can't believe i can't believe the first four words didn't give it away hello dear x user it sounds like somebody who's learning the english language here and how to start how to start emissive you asked where del tufo's been oh he's been busy look at him a dear x user i'm sorry i know what i'm supposed to i'm supposed to laugh at some of this stuff but it you know there but for the grace of anybody hit this link so yeah what else is up guys michael richards is about to walk in our studio nice so we'll go down a nice little seinfeld wormhole with him this is new book entrances and exits some fun pictures in here like that man gosh i just remember when seinfeld was on fire here's this picture of newman i think he's he's got his uh i think it's his his rice bowl i mean the one there's that one with the where he called the broccoli an evil weed yes what about when uh kramer tried to do the the run to michigan for the 10 cents for the bottles oh my gosh i told my kids the other day when you control the mail you control information we're gonna get wane knight in here too we should we could talk we could talk we could talk michael jordan with him too jurassic park fantastic hey guys welcome to the candy valentino show i'm candy valentino i was a founder before i could legally order a drink and for more than two and a half decades i've built scaled acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that i've learned the mistakes that i've made and the wisdom that i've developed over my journey bi-weekly episodes every monday and thursday the candy valentino show wherever you listen
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