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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 23, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 23, 2022 3:10 pm

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich weighs in on the Bills vs Dolphins, Buccaneers vs Packers, Lions vs Vikings along with takes on the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Jets and Commanders.

Rich breaks down some of Week 3’s top NFL games including Texans vs Bears, Raiders vs Titans, Lions vs Vikings, Jaguars vs Chargers, Rams vs Cardinals and Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers vs Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. 

TJ offers up his Week 3 fantasy football advice that includes surprising takes on Tua Tagovailoa and Aaron Rodgers, and Brockman gives his ‘Sneaky Good Games’ wagering advice on the Lions vs Vikings, Chiefs vs Colts, Dolphins vs Bills, and Jaguars vs Chargers.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Still to come, Eagles Cornerback, Darius Slay. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We already talked to the quarterbacks. They're going to wrap up week number three.

Cooper Rush and Daniel Jones. We already talked about the way that the week three began last night with Nick Chubb running all over the Steelers defense. And how Mike Tomlin is not going to make a change at quarterback anytime soon.

We discussed it at the top of the program amongst ourselves. And then we had Joe Haden in studio. The recent announced retirement of Joe Haden. He put some more meat on that bones as to why he made that decision and when he's going to make it actually official.

And his thoughts on the game last night. If you missed any of it, guess what? At the end of this hour, right here on the Roku Channel 210, show re-airs.

So you'll see hour number one right after hour number three finishes live. There's also our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. You can visit there and follow the show and see many of the videos right here. We're live on Odyssey, this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate coast to coast. We're on Sirius XM starting Monday.

Sirius channel 218 XM channel 202 run tell that essentially. We also discussed in hour number one the Celtics decision and announcement to suspend their coach Imei Yudoka for the entire upcoming basketball season. And threw it all the way to next June 30th and how they're saying just trust us. We looked into it since the summer.

This is what's best for the organization. The coach has accepted the decision. They're moving on for the moment. They don't know if they'll ever move back to the coach, even though he does have one year left on his contract.

They left it very open ended and then without many details at all. Matt Barnes, who covers the league for his own podcast and also the worldwide leader in sports, we follow him on his social media. He was very vocal about yesterday saying that this suspension is not merited. And then he took that video down and just posted one behind the wheel of his car saying he spoke to somebody who informed him exactly what is happening behind the scenes that the Celtics won't talk about publicly or nobody will talk about publicly.

And he goes, he doesn't condone this behavior. And he took the other video down. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Like Matt Barnes said, that he heard what had happened and deleted it.

He deleted the video saying that that it was wrong to suspend him and that the situation was, quote, much deeper than people know. 844-204, Rich is the number to dial here on the program. We've got so much to talk about this hour to get you ready for the upcoming weekend in sports. Your fantasy advice from T.J. Jefferson. Yes, sir.

Your hard-earned American dollars on the line to make it a much larger pot at the end of the week three rainbow. That's my way of saying gambling advice from Chris Brockman. I guess I should just walk straight through the front door.

I mean, why not, Rich? Okay. Well, I mean, you know, I'm an NFL employee and these things are frowned upon. Well, I mean, I'm not the one giving it. I'm just handing off part of my very valuable platform.

Exactly our point this whole time, Rich. What is that? Well, I mean, you don't have to talk about it. Let me take us home. We could talk about it. Oh, you are? Oh, we're talking about it. How well, though, are we doing so far? I got to say, second week in a row, we got jobbed. Also, last night. Can you walk me through what happened at the end of the game last night? Yes, I can. Was it meaningful?

Absolutely. Because just for those who may not have seen the very end of the game, the Steelers last night attempted to do, you know, a band on the field times the annexation of Puerto Rico times the Miami Miracle times whatever to try and do a lateral. What does Van Pelt call it? He calls it the pitchy, pitchy woo woo. Pitchy, pitchy woo woo.

Thank you. That's Tom Trigger. And that wound up with Najee Harris being the last one to handle the pitchy, pitchy and then the woo woo wound up in the end zone. So for fantasy, that's a minus two for Harris and then a plus six for the Browns defense special teams. It also cost Chase Claypool six receiving yards and his prop for the game was thirty five and a half and he finished with thirty five. Get out of here!

A lot happened. Also, there's things called teasers, Rich. I know you don't swim in these waters, but you can parlay stuff where it's just whatever the line is, whatever that line is, parlay, boom.

But you can also tease things where you can move the lines in certain directions. Six, seven, ten, thirteen points. So if you had a six point teaser last night with, let's just say, Pittsburgh and then the under. OK, so Pittsburgh was getting, depending on when you got it, they were either four or anywhere from three and a half to four and a half point underdogs. Right. So if you took a six point teaser, let's just say the max.

Right. And you had Pittsburgh plus ten and a half. And then you have the under and you teased it with the under. The under opened at like thirty eight and a half. It got down to thirty seven and a half because there was wind. So do you know this because you did this? Is this what you did?

I'm not going to confirm or deny that allegation. But if you tease the Pittsburgh with the under, you probably had Pittsburgh plus ten and the under of forty four. Well, the final score was twenty nine to seventeen. Quick math, Steelers lost by twelve. Don't cover the don't cover the tees on the plus ten and the under goes to forty six.

It doesn't cover the forty four. So you lost both legs of your teaser, which you did before the pitchy pitchy woo woo. You had it before the pitchy pitchy woo woo. You were counting your dollars. Oh, how do they figure this happened to you last night?

It might have. You know what I think? I don't know how many other topics of discussion on this program cause your eyes to light up. Quite like gambling. It's fun. This doesn't sound very fun to me. I was not very happy. It doesn't sound very fun to me. This sounds terrible.

It's very stressful. I'd rather want to turn a television set off and not have anything to do with it. Well, for fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds, I was like, this is awesome. Wait, pick up the ball. Touchdown. Yeah.

You blew it. Pretty much. OK. And here I was wondering about the fantasy aspect of it. Yeah, well, the fantasy.

I'll say something like that was an interesting ending to some or something. He said something like that. So there's also the things with the DraftKings and FanDuel. Now you can do alternate lines and same game parlays. Oh, my God.

So a lot of people had the over at forty one and a half. All right. Now I'm just like, OK, whatever.

Anyway, just, you know, go to a movie. Yeah. All right.

All right. This is a Friday staple. Let's get to a Friday staple.

Let's get to a Friday staple. What's more likely? Hit it, please.

Hit it. What's more likely? Never say never, but never. OK, before Darius Slay of the Philadelphia Eagles joins us. They've got a big game against the Washington commanders.

What's more likely? Christopher, hit it. Hey, let's do it, guys. All right. So we know the Steelers. They're not going to make a quarterback change.

It doesn't really sound like it. Right. Mike Tomlin's probably going to stick with Mitch Trubisky.

However, use the word emphatic. However, there are a couple of two teams that might make a quarterback change soon, which makes a quarterback change first. Rich, the Titans or Falcons? I don't know. The Falcons look close, don't they?

Don't they look close to just like really clicking and figuring this thing out? It could be, you know, they should have a win. Let's just put it that way. Titans.

I don't know, man. I'll just go with the Falcons just because I think Ritter is the one who's probably closest to being ready in terms of maturity, in terms of the experience level. I don't know if Malik Willis looked very ready, but he was thrown into quite the fire on Monday night. So I'll go with the Falcons first. That's what I'll do.

I always thought Ritter would be the first one to hit it. Anyway, so that's the one I'll do right there. I don't know if it'll happen this weekend. Not this weekend, but maybe in the coming weeks. OK, now the rest have to do with actual matchups. Monster matchup in Miami this weekend. Bills, Dolphins. It's the highest point total this week.

Fifty four. So how about this, guys? What's more likely the wide receiver duo with more catches, yards and touchdowns combined? Diggs and Davis or Tyreek Hill and Jalen Waddle? Obviously, if Davis goes.

Seems like he's trending in that direction. I'll go I'll go Hill and Waddle. I'll go Hill and Waddle because the the the Bills secondary is a little banged up there at home. We'll even say that. And I don't know if Davis is going to be hobbled in any way, shape or form.

That's the way I'll go. What else, Chris? Impressive. Huge NFC North matchup. Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings. What's more likely we get a Lions two game win streak or a Vikings two game losing streak after Sunday? It's not the same thing. No, the Vikings win their second in a row or the do the Lions win their second in a row or the Vikings lose their second in a row? Right. That's the same thing.

What do you mean? If the Lions win, it's the Vikings would have lost two in a row. Well, what's more likely the outcome?

Am I talking English here or am I not talking English here? If the Lions win, they've got a two game win streak and the Vikings have a two game losing streak. Oh, I wrote this really late and I was still upset from losing my Steelers bet. Or the Vikings avoid a two game losing streak. Who wins the game? I'll take the Vikings.

Let's just move on. I was going to do it like, wait a minute. I screwed that up. It's just like, what's more likely two plus two equals four or three plus one equals four? Well, wait a minute.

It's the same equation in the same result. Nobody else caught that? All right, let's do it on live. All right, Ravens Patriots. This game is awesome. OK.

Yes. More rushing yards on Sunday. Lamar Jackson or everyone on the Patriots combined. Good one. I'll go Lamar.

I'll say Lamar's got more. I think you're in trouble on Sunday. What do you think about that?

What do you think about that? I thought that we were in trouble last week. I think I'm pretty well. I might have just put my marker down for game day morning Ravens defense. By the way, I walk into game day morning on Sunday, one up on Kurt and two up on Mooch and Irv through two plus weeks. I'm going to be very difficult. If you think I was saying it with my chest in front of the Cantonians in August, I will be tough to be around. But I think I'm going to take Lamar.

I think it's going to be a heck of a day for him in New England. I like it. Yeah. All right. How about this one? Home dog.

Most likely to bite off a win. Look at you with a turn of a phrase. Jets or commanders? Jets. Oh, that was a union. Oh, baby. Yeah. Did I stutter? I don't know. Did I stutter?

Can you check the tape if I stuttered? I mean, you've been all about the Bengals, dude. I'm about the Eagles and I've been about the Bengals and I liked what the Jets did last week. I like what they did last week. They hung in there long enough and they didn't give up.

And I think that that's going to be a powerful, powerful tool for them coming up this weekend. I don't know if they're going to win, but you asked me who's more likely to pull off the home dog upset. I'll take the J.E.T.S. pal. I'll take the Jets.

Oh, yeah. Who's got the better defense? I'll take the Jets. I'll take Joe Flacco over Carson Wentz.

Any day of the week. You see what he looked like on top of the elf? What else? Carson Wentz didn't look bad.

So I did a little digging. Their offense, the commanders offense is fast and no joke. Shout out to John. I know you go Penn State. He does look very good. Curtis Samuel made a nice catch. He got blown up, made a nice catch. Yes, sir.

What else? OK, so I'm looking at this Rogers and Brady matchup, right? And they're both kind of struggling. They only have four combined touchdowns each through two games.

And so I looked all the way back. That's their fewest since 2009. It's a lot between these two guys. Not a lot of offense. Been a long time.

But they don't shine shoes no more. All right. So what's more likely? Who's more likely to throw multiple touchdowns on Sunday? Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

I'll go Aaron Rodgers. All you've done is talk about how great the Bucks defense is. I know.

I know. I think we are the starting wide receivers for Tampa. That's my concern. I don't get a lot of speed, but that's my concern. Too tight ends and Rich and I are spread out wide. That's my concern. You know, Aaron Jones might get one out of the backfield, right? Little Tonya in action.

I don't know. I kind of like the weapons at Rodgers disposal a little bit more than where the Bucks are from. No Mike Evans either.

I know. Well, I know is that if Tom Brady have a milestone in reach, because that would mean, you know, whatever touchdown pass he throws won't be thrown into the stands because Evans isn't there. I'm concerned about their weapons this weekend. So you're asking me about who's going to be able to throw more multiple touchdowns.

I'll go that despite how championship quality I believe the Bucks defense has played over the first. Last one. My survivor pick this week. Chiefs. Don't overthink it, people. Take the Chiefs.

But Patrick Mahomes didn't look that great last week. So what's more likely Mahomes multiple interceptions or Matt Ryan multiple touchdown passes? What if I think neither is going to happen? I think it's going to happen.

It's not like then I'll take more. I don't think there's two terrible choices. I think they're awful choices. I mean, Matt Ryan struggled to either think he bounces back and they win.

Right. Or Mahomes struggles. I think Mahomes doesn't struggle. And I think Matt Ryan doesn't bounce back. And I think Mahomes doesn't struggle. But if I had to choose, I'll go Matt Ryan with two touchdown passes.

Because I don't think they're getting Mahomes twice. I think you're kind of right. Little Jeff Probst action. The one I wanted to do was like which offense do you trust more, Lions or Vikings? That's the one I wanted to do. And I tried to get too cute. Dude, it's over. It's over. It's over.

Except for the fact it'll play on all our socials. It's okay. Don't worry. And then I had one. I had like, what's more Joe Burrow gets sacked or Flacco touchdowns? What's more in that one?

What is it? Who's more sacked? Times sacked for Joe Burrow or Flacco touchdowns. I'll go sacks for Burrow.

You think the Jets are going to win? No, no, no. I can't do that. I can't do that. You thought about it for a second. I got two days.

I got two days to talk myself into it. I don't know. I don't think I will.

I don't think I will. By the way, did you know our... Oh, Shaq Leonard just got ruled out. There you go. He hasn't played yet this year.

He has not. I don't know the... We'll take a break here. I do not know if Darrius Lay is going to be joining us.

I don't know. So just be amongst us chickens. All good. I've got a story if he doesn't call. Fantastic.

We need some good in the world and I think I got it. I can come up with some more what's more likely. That don't make sense. What is more likely to happen?

I throw the break or when we come back, it'll be after commercial. If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. That's true when your business is growing fast and even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty. Inflation is running rampant. Supply chains are clogged and the labor market is tight.

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It's slash RichPod. Come join TV's Ross Mathews every Thursday on his new podcast, Hello Ross. Hi, I'm Ross Mathews and I am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast, Hello Ross. You know, I just said that.

Yeah, I know. I was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast. It's Hello Ross. Look, you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast, Hello Ross. You have to tell them about the celebrity guests, the interesting people with cool stories to tell and it's new every Thursday. Go ahead. You never know who's going to pop by to say hello, Ross.

It could be an Oscar winner, the star of your favorite show, even my dental hygienist. Really? No, she's fascinating.

OK. Anyone else? One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me, turns out she was a dominatrix. Oh, that's going to hurt.

I've been a naughty boy. Are you going to ask? We're going to go there. For reals?

And there. For real reals? You better stretch.

I better stretch? On our show, nothing's off limits. I'm going to ask that question. No. And that question. No.

And I'm going to get away with it. Oh boy. It's like Mr. Rogers neighborhood, right?

Except think of it. Mr. Matthews Gaborhood. Oh, that sounds fun.

You know, that actually does sound fun. And it's on YouTube or wherever you listen. That's my line. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen.

OK, now you just repeated me. We are so over our time limit. Oh, that's a bummer. This NFL season, every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, Thanksgiving and triple headers. The international series in every postseason game. Darius Slay will not be able to join us today, and we'll catch him on down the road.

We greatly appreciate even attempting to make some time. What a big week he had for the Eagles who are going to be taking on the Washington commanders this weekend. Let's take a look at some week three games that I think are particularly fascinating, certainly with the the ability to for a team to change a narrative.

Here's one under the radar. How about the Texans in Chicago? Nobody's talking about that for because everybody thinks this team in Chicago is just was for Daisy win over the forty niners. And the Texans are are a team that's really not going to be a threat. Lost amongst all that is Lovey Smith going back to Chicago, folks. And I kind of dig that and I kind of dig the Texans to win that game.

Me too. The Texans defense has been terrific. And all they had to do is just get a little bit more aggressive with Lovey Smith's play calling or decisions to punt or not in week one. And they they would be one and one in in their division as well, just like Jacksonville.

And if the Bears can win that, an Eberfluence goes to two and win two and one. You know, Justin Fields is getting a lot of grief this week saying that, you know, fans don't put in the work like they do. And so it means more to the Bears when they lose than some of the fans. And I know he kind of kind of got a lot of grief for that. I think I'm paraphrasing his comment, right. He's just basically saying, hey, it means a lot to their team when they lose and so everybody should kind of back off.

So that's a pretty big one. Another huge week three game is Carolina hosting New Orleans. So, you know, New Orleans can show up and if Green Bay wins in Tampa Bay, New Orleans can go to two and one.

Obviously, they would be the same record as the Bucks who have that tiebreak on them in the back pocket with that win from last week. But to bounce back and win and send Carolina to 0-3. Carolina needs to I mean, you want to talk about week three games that you have to win, obviously, if you're 0-2, you've got to win them. And then there's that battle of 0-2 teams in Tennessee. Two teams that made the playoffs last year, somebody is going to walk out, most likely 0-3.

And is it the Raiders or is it Tennessee? Can you put that schedule up one more time, please? Because I do believe and it is, in fact, a one Eastern. I mean, that's when you come from the West Coast and you play one Eastern, that is no bueno. That's exactly what a coach that plays on Pacific time zone or even Mountain time zone looks for when they get a schedule. They look for those one o'clock Eastern Sunday games. West Coast teams do not like it.

And it is not I mean, that is a tough one for the Raiders to go in. And and and if I'm the Titans, I just give the ball to Derrick Henry 30 freaking times and do not pitch it. Do not allow Max Crosby to get off. Do not let Chandler Jones get off and try and cut off the angle. Just like Von Miller and the rest of that speedy bills defense did on Derrick Henry. You just run it straight at him and say, here it is.

It's like those night. It's like one of those flamethrowing pitchers. Here's my ninety five ninety six one hundred mile an hour right down the plate.

Little bit off the center, but you try and hit it. And that's what Derrick Henry should be this weekend. And if you're the Raiders, I don't know. You've got to take a look at what the Bills did to this Tennessee defense.

There are wide open receivers all over the place. And Davante Adams is your guy. That's it.

You're going to use a no Hunter Renfro this week. Well, I mean, he was concussed right on that on that final fumble. So you're that's it. You've got the playmakers on your team in Davante Adams and Waller. You find them and you could sit here and say, well, you mean they'll key on Davante Adams? Well, how the hell did they key on Staphon Diggs? Right. I mean, there was no Gabe Davis, for crying out loud. And you've got a Waller and you've got Adams.

You better target him 15 times. And I think that's the way the Raiders can win this game. That is a huge game between two 0 and two teams. Detroit and Minnesota's big folks. Detroit at Minnesota is big because the Lions have not played on the road yet. Let's see how they look on the road, you know, with the whole Skoll thing going on.

And the Viking, by the way, I just did that. Nice. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't pretty because I had no idea if I was pitting and I didn't want it to be to be seen on Channel 210 on the Roku channel.

So I kind of didn't look. Is this going to be the time that Kirk Cousins and this offense is unlocked by Kevin O'Connell? Are we going to stop throwing these picks? Is Justin Jefferson going to get out off the line and get the football and get in the end zone again? Because the Lions aren't going anywhere.

If you go up big, they're going to still try and come out back on you. This is a big game in the end. What if the Vikings fall to one and two after they beat Rogers at home and the Lions are two and one and the Bucks go ahead and win a game.

And Lovey Smith goes ahead and figures out how to get his first win in Chicago for the Texans. Guess who's in first place in that division? Yep. Lions. I just gave you a roadmap on how that works. That's entirely possible, is it not?

Yes. Lovey gets his first win as a Texans head coach in Chicago. Brady beats Rogers. And the Lions win this game.

I just gave you the roadmap to Honolulu Blue leading the NFC North Roost after three weeks. That's a big one. Another one that's under the radar. How about this? We're just this is off the dome. We were planning on doing this. Here's a great one under the radar.

How about up the road here? Your Jacksonville Jaguars at the Los Angeles Chargers. What the hell is Justin Herbert going to look like in this one?

Yeah, I'm really curious about that. Because do you know who's got a pass rush? The Jaguars.

Yeah. Trevon Walker was the right pick. That dude's a beast. Look, you know I'm biased and it's tough for you to say that in a week after Aiden Hutchinson had three. But he looks good. He had three sacks and Trevon Walker's good. But the rest of that defense all over Matt Ryan. It was ugly.

It was ugly. And if Justin Herbert, you don't want him touched, this is not a team you want coming in. But it was interesting. Doug Peterson was on the program the other day and he's like, yeah, we're expecting to see Justin Herbert. We're going to see him.

But you know, this is a tough one to play with. Philadelphia and Washington. How about them apples? That game is going to be exciting, I think. A lot of points. I wonder what the Eagles want to do to Carson Wentz. I don't care. I think this water's totally under the bridge now, right?

I mean, they fired the coach after like two years after, so it's like, whatever. Washington goes to Philadelphia, by the way. That game, if anyone's wondering, it's been slated for the entire country to watch with Buck and Aikman on Monday night, week 10.

That's a pretty big one. Washington, you've got to win your games at home in division. Let's roll. Let's go. You want to go point for point? Philadelphia?

We can do that. That's the way that Washington's got to come into that game. And then just, I don't know, that Philly pass rush, I think, is going to make things tougher for Wentz. That's just my two cents. New England and Baltimore is a huge one.

I gave you my two cents. I think Baltimore is going to bounce back. I'd be concerned if I were you.

Yeah, definitely concerned. And you know Harbaugh is going to, this is the battle of coaches looking for loopholes in the rulebook that nobody's found yet, right? The two best at that. Cincinnati and the Jets. What if the Jets do it?

Come on down. What if the Jets do it? They're home. To quote Kevin Garnett, anything's possible. And look, Joe Burrow, 13 times he's been sacked this year in the first two games. They better button it up because the Jets are coming. If you can, I mean, if you guys blitz him like crazy and get him off his spot and get him moving around, may it suddenly he's thrown a tipped pick or two. We've got our own Cincinnati kid too, don't we?

Four or five sacks. Look out. Number one in your program.

Your shutdown corner. Weird stuff. Is it going to be Sauce on Chase? Is that what we've got? Jamar and Sauce?

Why wouldn't it be? Richard, you might not have known. Sauce tagged us in a post where he posted the... Buffalo Wild Wings card, right? I don't know if you saw that. I did. Sauce. How about this one?

How about Atlanta, Seattle? You see Pete Carroll, 71 years old, one-handing balls in practice? He said George Pickens ain't got nothing on me. Yes, he did say that. I can read lips. Okay. And then Arizona against the Rams. Hey now.

Hey now. Boy, the Rams left Arizona for dead, did they not? They crushed Arizona in the playoffs so badly that the biggest fight I saw on the field that day was in the stands. In the stands.

Remember that? I told you Cooper went to the game and he was just watching the fight. Cooper was pumped. He was watching the fight down in the... Is he still talking about it? Oh yeah, he was.

He sure was. And when we bring up, because I do this every now and then with him when he's trying to go to sleep and I just... I lie with him when I go over the upcoming NFL schedule with him.

That's how you put him to sleep instead of counting sheep? Yeah. He likes talking about the matchups.

That's what's up. And so when I mention this, I will come back on Monday's show. I'm almost guaranteeing you when I say, what happened the last time the Rams and the Cardinals faced each other? He won't mention the fight in the stands. The fight.

I think there's a good chance of it. Months later. It was huge. It was huge.

There are a lot of yellow slickers running into that one. And of course, you know, how does Arizona follow up that second half in overtime win? And the Rams, you know, they looked vulnerable towards the end, right? Yeah. Well, they don't have a real running game to ice games. What is going on?

To ice out wins. I don't know. What's with Cam Akers? He got 15 touches last week.

Okay, that's right. He caught three passes. It seems like he's a lot more involved. Was he in the dog house? It seemed like he was in the dog house week one. I think we see a big Cam Akers game though.

I'm also kind of hoping I'm in fantasy. Yeah. It looks like it's a game time decision for James Connor as well.

Yeah. You know Benjamin time. Or Darryl Williams.

He had a huge second half. So, Cliff Kingsbury said that just earlier today that it's a game time decision for James Connor against the Rams. And Denver and San Francisco on Sunday night. That is going to be really fun. Jimmy G's first start is on national TV. Really fun. Jimmy G versus Russell Wilson just like the old days.

By old days I mean last year. And I'll tell you what, Matt. Tell you what, Matt. Tell you what, Matt. Nathaniel Hackett's play calling once they hit the red zone.

It better be pitch perfect. Javonte. Well, Javonte. And here's the thing about the criticism of Nathaniel Hackett is he called the proper plays in Seattle inside the red zone. Two different guys fumbled twice. What are you going to do? And then Russell Wilson hit the tight end and his toe was on the line. Right.

What are you going to do? But then the play calling against the Texans was beyond quizzical. And then the special teams penalties where you don't appear to be ready.

Like the operation is off. Delay a game. And then the whole weirdness of Russell Wilson, the video of him and NFL films captured on the sideline screaming, everyone say runner pass. I need to hear everyone scream runner pass.

Have you seen that? Runner pass. Like everybody scream pass. Scream run. Run. Pass. What if somebody gets fooled by the play fake? Run pass. It's not high school. That's what he's screaming. Runner pass.

What is happening over there? Or the Broncos get Russ Magic cooking. Let's go.

Right. I'm starting to feel nervous. Get Russ's Magic cooking and can run it down the Niners throat.

Can you do that? The ride might be broken. And then the Jimmy G. Jimmy G's first start is in Denver where it ain't easy to win. Certainly at night. It's going to be loud.

Always is. It's going to be loud. Man, I was there in that AFC championship game where the Jets were leading at halftime on Denver. And it was quiet going to the locker room.

And I'm like, can they actually pull this off? And then they gave meg it. Didn't feel the opening kickoff of the second half. The Broncos jumped on it.

And they was like, that's it. Then Keith Byers fumbled later, I think. I was there in my Wesley Walker jersey sitting three rows from the top of the stadium. And people were looking at me like, is that the SportsCenter guy? Yes, it was.

Are you related to Jordan Love? Yeah, I was in the love seats in the end zone. Oh, yeah. I went. I was there. If the Jets were making the Super Bowl, I was there. Now, obviously, in the NFL Network years, I ought to be in the studio watching them lose ground. Good news for Denver, too.

Jerry Jeudy back in practice. OK, there you go. That's good. All right. Here we go.

Here we go. Let's ride. Let's ride.

Yeah, I need to see one. I don't feel good about everybody's right. But you could see everybody's waiting to flip the let's ride right back at the Broncos. What are you riding? What are you riding? What are you going to do? What are you going to the Hall of Fame for Fing Up World Series? What are you riding?

It's not good so far. Yeah, what are you doing? What are you riding? What are you riding?

One and two? You riding all those fumbles in the red zone? What are you doing? Seattle. What are you riding? You're riding your place kicker? What are you doing?

I need to see one. Why don't you just say that? OK. Let's take a break. When we come back, your fantasy advice?

TJ Jefferson? Sure. And your gambling advice?

Chris Brockman? Let's do it. All right. Let's have people lose their fantasy leagues and grow broke. What's next? Thanks for the positivity, Rich. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network Navy Federal Credit Union, when you become a member life gets better.

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Navy Federal Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA. We just came up this great bet for Jason Feller. He and his buddy River have a bet every year in their fantasy league. Whoever finishes worst must get a tattoo of the other of I guess their mutual choosing. Last year it was the Rich Eisen Show logo.

Jason Feller did the right thing. Yes. Which was you asked me for permission to allow the copyright infringement of the worst variety to occur.

Yes. And so I said yes. It's sort of like you were asking for my daughter's hand in marriage I understand. So this year the bet for you and River will be another tattoo much to River's mom's dismay and you and River had yet to agree and you're like well let's get some suggestions and a viewer of this program it's got to be a viewer of this program smart enough to get the Roku channel to follow us or if not listen on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network.

We appreciate the smartness of everything. How about the Browns elf? Tell Jay Felley that the loser gets the Browns elf. I love that I love that just basically I don't know if that that avatar who's Collins that the brown is that it is that a is that a Landon Collins? I don't know what his what his team is but bottom line is I just love the fact that he calls it the Browns elf instead of Brownie the elf. It's got to happen.

It's got to happen brother. It was like a Packers jersey. Absolutely. Placement's important. Gotta be running. I think it's an arm. Oh well that's too visible. Mike. I don't really have that left.

It's got to be where there's much real estate. Like a thigh or a hip or something. Wonderful. Wonderful. Because this way that means Brownie the elf lives on. Yeah. Lives on. I don't hate that.

It ain't going anywhere. I've got dumber tattoos than that. He totally does. What's dumber than the Brownie the elf for a tattoo? My feet say left and right. Yeah he got he got right on his left foot and then left on his right foot. Did the tattoo artist just have it wrong? He didn't get the joke.

I had explained a few times. So on the the left side it actually it says right crossed out and then left. Yeah. Yeah that's true. That's dumber than Brownie the elf. Yeah. Yes. I'll be alright.

Brownie the elf is like. Did you tap out over there? You're like scrolling. What are you doing? Oh yeah I tapped out. I was ready to come to you but you weren't even paying attention. I'm paying attention. Are you?

But you guys are having a tattoo combo. I'm just looking at Twitter right now. DJ's thinking Cooper Rush on Monday Night Football. He's all in there. He's in.

DJ is all about Cooper Rush. Yeah. You're just addicted to screens aren't you?

Uh not any more than anyone else I wouldn't say. All right. But all the camera all the action was focused that way so I took a break. I was looking up some stuff. I got the right.

I got the president's cup on. I'm right. Oh okay.

I didn't even know. All right uh let's get you some fantasy. Are you ready now sir? I stay ready.

Okay what's the name of this segment? It's just fantasy football. You don't have it. We've asked you multiple times.

You gotta get a drop and everything. I'm trying to come up with a name. We got a placeholder for you. You can't rush this stuff. We got a placeholder for you.

All right. Here put it on the screen. It's just name it already fantasy football segment from TJ. Just name it already fantasy football segment. I'm so down with the simple names you know and kaboom guess who stepped in the room. We're going to talk some fantasy here.

Listen you know since this week we talked a lot about him and who's him. I've decided to go with that theme and that might stay with us for the rest of the year but enough talking. Let's get into the fantasy.

Now we're going to go with our fantasy starts okay. This is the hymns. This is the hymns. All right let's let's not. That's what it should be the hymns and the not hymns. Uh let me see what I got here.

I'm going to start off with running back Ezekiel Elliott on Monday night and I'll tell you why. It's very simple. 827 yards, nine touchdowns, and 10 games against the Giants. All right those are numbers. The men lie. Women lie.

Numbers don't lie. Zeke you're in prime time. We got the Monday night game against the Giants team. This is a very winnable game.

If Dallas is going to win they gotta use this running game to do so. This is your shot bro. Let's get this.

This is the hymn. Okay let's get this done. Yeah Richard it's him. Who else?

Okay go for it. And he is I and I am him. That's Ezekiel Elliott.

Let's do this on Monday brother. All right uh Jacoby Myers. Jacoby's at 19 targets. He leads the team in targets. Ravens have allowed the most catches, the most yards, and the most receiving touchdowns to receivers.

Okay it's a good spot for Jacoby to get in there and make some fantasy noise brother. And I'm gonna go it's he is I and I am him but they. We're gonna say they. I'm gonna say the Houston Texans defense. I picked them up by the way.

You talked about them earlier Rich. Look the Bears oh I'm not that impressed with the way it's going right now and uh I'd say the Texans can definitely get a couple picks a couple sacks maybe get some you know yardage points in your fantasy league. You know lovey's gonna get him fired up man. I think that is a great great fantasy start if you have the Texans they you want to stream them on daily or whatever but uh those are my starts they are him. Okay these are not him this we're gonna go to this he ain't him okay those guys were him it's kind of a rod smart type take him he ain't him he ain't him all right uh first off Terry McLaurin wide receiver for the Washington football team uh we got Curtis Samuel we got my man Jaha Jaha. Oh my god out of Penn State all right they're leading the team in completions and touchdowns I don't know and there's a guy Chris named Darius Slay he was supposed to call the show today he might be watching Terry if that's the case I don't know if I want any part of Terry so I'm gonna say you got Terry maybe he ain't him this week look Tua we're all fans here and my man balled out 469 yards six touchdowns but I don't believe that's going to be the case against the Buffalo Bills this week look I hope Tua does well but there's no way he's repeating these numbers from last week I would say maybe send him if he got a chance because I don't think he's going to be him this week and Michael Pittman Jr this was a reach for me I just this this cold offense Chris we we expected big things from him it's been terrible I don't think Michael Pittman Jr is going to get the job done. He ain't him it's Tua what a what a reverse course okay not not in week three you know the Bills they're banged up on secondary look if those guys play and look if Michael had guys like that if they don't play then maybe Tua ball but I got a feeling they're going to show up and play and then you know like I said we got one more we got oh I didn't know that okay very good oh yeah you thought this is where you you told everyone to sit Tom Brady last week all right we'll get one more okay this is my last boy scout header gut pick because like I said we all know you either listen to your head right you see the stats you go by the numbers or you listen to your gut right and your guts telling you something and most of the time you're wise to lose you're wise to listen to your gut this is going to be tough but I'm telling you my header gut is to sit Aaron Rodgers sit them down this week against Tampa Bay that Tampa Bay defense guys they've kind of held and checked Matt Stafford and the Rams and the Titans I don't even know who Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball to might be a tough play I'm gonna say sit Aaron Rodgers if you have another quarterback to go to and you know that's TJ's fantasy advice for what is that it okay well that was kind of late that's it yeah that's it okay let's do it thanks for letting me get through that once again NBC News emeritus it's amazing that Tom Brokaw has the time to front load Chris Brockman's gambling advice hit it please here's Chris Brockman with sneaky good games contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive I don't know I crack up that's great all right we're two and four overall we're gonna bounce back I promise oh my god not three four I feel good about four games okay let's go Chris for ya I'm I'm eating on dogs this week I'm like a dog and I'm eating I'm like you love Zeke TJ I'm eating like Zeke with the dogs I like the Lions plus six I think they might win the game I'm so disappointed in Minnesota from last week and I love the vibe with the Lions as I said I'm gonna back the Chiefs I'm gonna bet the Chiefs until they don't cover I know they didn't cover last week but they're my fan they're my survivor pool and an indie offense is garbage and I think the Kansas City goes in and rolls I like Miami this week I don't know if they're gonna win but they're gonna keep it close as you mentioned their whole secondary's out not only are the four of us we're starting at wide receiver for Tampa we're playing defense for Buffalo and they're just gonna run wild it's gonna be a crazy high-scoring game I think Miami keeps it close and I think Jacksonville is gonna come here out to LA and I think they're gonna bang around Justin Herbert they're gonna get just enough offense and this is gonna be a close crazy game I just think seven points is way too much and I think Jacksonville keeps it close as well so I like three underdogs Detroit Miami and Jacksonville and I like the Chiefs to roll on the Chiefs to roll on the road let's go the last time the Chiefs won a game that was not double digits obviously they've lost the last time they did not win a game that again wasn't a double digit win I am now going back to 2020 it didn't happen last year they obviously lost some last time they won a game that it was that was closer than I'm still going I'm still going I'm still going here it is week eight New England at home they beat him 24 21 in 2020 that's the last time they won a game Thursday night this past Thursday night was it was a single digit win yeah the Chargers backdoored I'm talking about the Bills oh they're doing what's more likely again I thought you said you said you said the Chiefs did I say the Chiefs yeah I think so I meant the Bills my bad there we go good enough I think Miami keeps it close Chris Long will join us on Monday once again it works it works so well last Monday I think we're gonna do this on the regular I love it love Chris that's what we're gonna do on Monday uh next week the actor Ernie Hudson's gonna be in studio hey we'll bring the Twinkie do you want to do like a ghost a Ghostbusters tour of false oh yes I've got to have about a million of those right there's got to be a million of those Joe Manganiello's in studio Joe Manganiello's in studio hopefully not licking his wounds anymore Taron Killam will be in studio next week all right the pylon Amazon yeah that's right and Chris Long that's how we're rolling into the weekend I want to thank Cooper Rush and Daniel Jones and how it's just a delight to have Joe Hayden in studio and I want to thank all of you for checking us out right here on the Roku channel 210 we're going to come back in just a couple of minutes to take you to the wheel as they call it our number one of this program wheels once again on channel 210 for those of us on terrestrial radio and odyssey thanks for listening and make room for Sirius XM next Monday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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