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REShow: Hour 1

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September 26, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 26, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich breaks down the epic playoff-like battle between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills that featured tons of wild moments including an actual “Butt Punt,” and weighs in on the lackluster showdown between the Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers which turned out to be more fizzle than sizzle.

Rich recaps the sloppy Broncos vs 49ers Sunday Night Football game and explains why he’s concerned Denver’s new Russell Wilson offense reminds him of Tebow Time (and not in a good way), and marvels at the high-highs and low-lows inconsistency Jimmy Garappolo brings to the 49ers. 

Rich recaps the Jaguars 38-10 manhandling of the Chargers and says what a difference a year makes for Jacksonville and QB Trevor Lawrence going from Urban Meyer to Doug Pederson as head coach.

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A third pump will draw a flag no matter what. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero.

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And also once this show ends live boom we start again on channel 210 on the Roku channel. It's called wheeling back and forth every single day. That's the way we're rolling. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you sir? Do you have sympathy reference pain into your ankle today? Oh yeah for sure.

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. Good to see you over there sir. Good to see you Rich. Good morning.

Getting ready to watch the team that he calls the varsity on the worldwide leader in sports tonight against the New York football giants. TJ Jefferson how are you over there sir? Good to see you. Light the candle. Light the candle.

The candle's lit. I feel good. I'm ready for some football.

Excellent sir. Yes so week three begins well finishes up tonight. It begun a couple of nights ago with the Steelers beating the trying to beat the Cleveland Browns and we all know the the Browns beat them back tonight.

The Cowboys and Giants play one another for one would think the right to be closest to challenge the Philadelphia Eagles who looked terrific in Washington DC yesterday. Washington commanders getting smoked. Chris Long's going to join us to talk about everything in the world of the National Football League. He joins us at the top of hour number two. We're going to have overreaction Monday right in the center of our program. Chris Long by the way is going to join us every single Monday here during the regular season and postseason on the Rich Eisen Show to tell us what we just saw and give us his unique thoughts.

His green light podcast is outstanding. You should go check it out and subscribe to that as well and Tom Pelissaro my colleague from the NFL media group will join me and us in hour number three to tell us who got hurt significantly who might be back soon enough. The Las Vegas Raiders who have patently disappointed me and the rest of Raiders nation. The owner had a sit-down chat behind closed doors with the coach in Tennessee after the Raiders dropped that one to fall to 0-3.

The latest on that that's in hour number three. Okay let's talk shall we about the game of the day yesterday. Now we thought going in it would be the battle of the bays the goats.

We actually had live goats on NFL network yesterday and Brady and Aaron Rodgers jerseys in advance of that. Game of the day was in the AFC East. I can't remember the last time we said that.

I can't remember maybe maybe when I was in college. I'm serious right because before Richard Todd slinging the rock. I mean as we all know the Belichick era it was just them you know the Bills kind of surprised people every now and then the Jets grounded and pounded whatever. Must see TV I said it last week and five things that I know about this season so far is that the Dolphins for the first time in a quarter century are must-see television.

I also said number one is that the Bills are bona fide soul snatchers because they've not only beaten up their opponents they've left them on the side of the road wondering about their existences. Rams week one and the Titans in week two and yesterday the Bills went into South Florida 100 degree weather short week game short roster on the back end. No Jordan Poirier no Micah Hyde or Davis White is still out they had a very green secondary going into that game.

No Ed Oliver up front. Gabe Davis was that weird did not play last week after showing up on a injury report two nights before her Monday night game. He was back but I don't know how the Bills pulled it off yesterday keeping it as close as they did and keeping the Dolphins down but they did and it was just a wild affair a wild affair that featured everything from a botched fake spike at the end of the first half against the Dolphins where it looked like that they were gonna try and spike it. I think he fumbled it actually. And then it was a bad actual snap and then so he faked it and then threw it out to Stefan Diggs. That almost got picked six. That almost got picked six and then we saw before that Tua Tungovailoa banging his head on the turf get up like he just got through 60 seconds with Mike Tyson back in the day and Teddy Bridgewater comes in the game and you think okay that's not only it for Tua today but maybe this week and the Dolphins have a short week they start week four against the Bengals on Thursday night. Tua comes back hello and now as he come back he looks pretty damn clear-headed as he in the fourth quarter on a third and 22 from his own 47 needing to get essentially to the opposing 30 yard line to keep the drive alive goes up top to Jalen Waddle and it's the first time the Bills despite their green secondary gets beat deep all day and then the Dolphins somehow stop the Bills multiple times despite Josh Allen putting it up 60 plus times in 100 degree weather and putting together long ass six seven minute long drives against this defense and suddenly the defense stiffens Stefan Diggs is cramping like crazy he's going in and out of the game and the Bills get stopped on the doorstep and the Dolphins have just got to try and run out the clock but instead on third and long instead of running the ball so the Bills who are out of timeouts can't stop the clock and you go run it down and maybe if you got to punt it back to the Bills you put the pressure on him with less time left on the clock Mike McDaniel calls for a pass incomplete Thomas Morstead's got a punt from the back of his end zone and he kicks the punt right in the ass of the man who's blocking for a butt punt let me repeat a butt punt and just when you thought the Dolphins could win this game you're thinking that taint happening hey the butt punt actually did lead to two hey because it went off the cushion and goes out of the end zone for safety and now the Bills are going to get good field position and all they need is a field goal to win and they start driving again and it's just like is this game going to end how's it going to end it ends with Josh Allen somehow someway just like his first year couldn't get the proper footing had a wide open receiver to hit and winds up dirt in it game over he puts his hand in the turf I mean it just and then the last weird thing that would happen in this game the uh uh booth cam on offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey with something that will live forever him just tearing up his workspace in full-on tantrum that was amazing let's help coach out a little bit here somebody decides oh let's let's block that camera whoever did that very savvy member of the staff assist of the year holy cow I said it the other day I said it the other day when the Dolphins did what they did to the Ravens I said that the Dolphins have reshuffled the deck in the AFC that they could actually win the conference if Tua is throwing it the way he has thrown it and when he went out yesterday he proved his value by his absence that's what happens sometimes Teddy Bridgewater looked lost I know it's very difficult to just get in a game against a team like the Bills but reshuffle the deck indeed this team can win this division they're already up one and I don't know man I don't know just when you think how sustainable could this be they don't even have to score a ton of points defensively they got after Josh Allen in a way that the Rams didn't in a way that the Titans couldn't they got after him Melvin Ingram he has been born again in South Florida whoo is he bringing the heat they got back-end presence as well oh and the Bills man I will say I will just say this about the Bills say I will just say this about the Bills and to the Bills Mafia R-E-L-A-X if you're at any way shape or form concerned about that well we were unbalanced yeah we still can't run it oh my gosh we're banged up on the back end I'm just going to say this you should go back to Buffalo and the Bills should go back to Buffalo and say we just took on absolutely the next best team in our division and that's how I would look at the Dolphins have found the Bills we just faced the next best team in our division in their house where weird stuff happens to everyone hello Miami Miracle just for for instance weird stuff happens to everyone down in Miami it was a hundred degrees it was a short week game for them cramping all over the place we don't even have our best players on the back end of defense at all and we held waddle and hill down hill for much of the game and what for most of it it's not all the game and waddle for much of it you knocked two out I don't know how the hell he came back and that's what we're going to talk about with Tom Pelissaro later on in hour number three because he was stumbling around like he was a punch drunk fighter and he comes back in the game look terrific in spots an MVP type throw which is what we would call it if it was somebody not named to a going up top to Jalen waddle to set up the go-ahead score put it all together though if you're Buffalo you're like this is the only way we could have gotten beat banged up short-handed cramping and we still damn near won the game and we made a ton of mistakes we left it out on the field literally and figuratively and we still almost won the damn thing to stay undefeated so take heart Buffalo you might be looking up at Miami for a while I don't know that's gonna be a tough game for them short week coming off of that draining performance while the Bengals kind of put their feet up on the Jets table yesterday in New Jersey but that's my opinion Dolphins showed they can definitely win this conference and the Bills showed you're gonna have to really put it together like that in order to beat us the late game that everyone was looking forward to seeing Tampa and Green Bay again just like the Bills you want to talk about short-handed both teams missing a ton of people Devante Adams is never walking through that door again for Green Bay and you're gonna have to put it together with these young kids that's it you're gonna have to put it together whatever young kids are gonna answer the bell and be healthy and they're getting healthier on the offensive line and they still have Aaron Rodgers with his clear eyes and full heart and cup of tea and they jumped on him they jumped on him and put 14 points on the board real fast and that's what they had to do yesterday certainly because Brady you want to talk about short-handed Mike Evans throwing hands with Marcus Lattimore the week before he's out Julio Jones he's hurt already Chris Godwin got re-hurt hopefully not for a long time he's missing his center he was missing his left tackle Brady he's missing his Gronk he's missing everything and you jump on them early and you keep Brady down that's the way you're going to win this football game but that Bucks defense man they will just they're that's what I'm hanging my hat on having chosen the Bucks to win the NFC I'm still hanging my hat on that that vita vea that big huge ass bowling ball in the middle of their defensive line that in the red zone in the lower red by the way I'm always hearing this high red zone low red zone conversation these days the low for those who are wondering high red zone is just right around the 20-yard line low red zone is when you're inside the five so you're inside the five and they dropped vita vea and coverage and he blew up Aaron Jones and caused a fumble this defense is outstanding and guess what happened with Brady towards the end of the game they start putting it together he starts putting it together and the Packers let him march down the field and score touchdown with hardly any time left and then a two-point conversion somehow some way the Bucks do not get that play off and it's a delay of game so now they got a score from the seven-yard line totally different ball of wax than the two and the Bucks don't convert and the Bucks are now two and one knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten early on and the Packers respond from that goose egg that they laid in Minnesota with back-to-back wins over the Bears and now the Bucks and what a huge tie break this will be it's entirely possible we'll see what happens with the Eagles we will see what happens in the NFC West whether it is the Rams and the Niners and they play one another on Monday night one week from tonight to wrap up week four in a huge game there just got to wonder does this mean a potential last game between the two 12 wearing goats would happen in Lambeau Field huge tie break in the back pocket of the Packers moving forward Green Bay's defense is just as championship quality as Tampa's we saw that yesterday but one thing that I'm hanging my hat on if I'm Tom Brady is I'm gonna get my guys back sooner rather than later and he was asked after the game about why the two-point conversion was a 2.0 not a 1.0 because of the delay of game paneling uh yeah I just looked up and we had a just a bad execution it's really what it is nothing more did you try to check the run at that point yeah it's just there's a lot to it so bad execution on offense at a time where we need a good execution and we didn't get it and there was a lot of times we had a lot of other bad execution and I think the reality is when you do that you don't have the opportunity to score have the opportunity to score points so it was a too many plays where we were behind the sticks and not good on third down and penalties turnovers missed opportunities and you know defense played great we got to play better on offense we got to do a lot better job we haven't scored many points all season so three games we got to get a lot better go ahead Mike Del Tufo what were they really thinking do you see who I'm playing out there with you want to talk about execution I'm playing with guys that just uh you know one guy DMed me slid into my DMs on Instagram Cole Beasley we'll get him up to speed but I'm playing with a bunch of guys that you know and we're you know we're trying to move guys around we're trying to motion guys yeah I'm a goat I I I I don't know what to tell you I got a whole bunch of new guys around here I'm trying my hardest we are and by the way I think you can buy this Forever Young t-shirt at kind of a cool shirt it is but that's what he's really thinking I'm just hoping he's not sitting there thinking why the hell did I come back I don't know I've got my tooth I've got I don't know why I'm just seeing the lack of joy in his game and I think part of that is he doesn't have his guys he did have him for for a hot minute in week one a hot minute and then Julio's hurt and Godwin's hurt and now he's down he's he's feeling he's feeling like he's back in New England in 2019 I bet with all of his weapons around him exactly and and so he's just gonna have to wait it out the problem for the bucks in the short term is the Kansas City Chiefs who just spit the bit in Indianapolis are coming in for Sunday Night Football next week but it's still we're still marathoning we're still marathoning we're not sprinting however in the marathon the Packers are running this marathon with a tie break on Tom Brady and the Bucks in their back pocket when everybody comes back healthy and starts playing some serious football when the stakes get higher and the weather gets colder eight four four two oh four rich number to dial what do you think about your team what do you think about what's going on in your world Chris Long will join us coming up on this program also Tom Pelosaro to give us all the information news and notes and injury news Mac Jones looks significantly hurt the Chargers got absolutely banged up and spanked by the Jacksonville Jaguars we're going to hit that game later on in this hour but when we come back the Sunday Night Football game we cannot unsee eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial here on the Roku channel Odyssey terrestrial radio and Sirius XM we're back on satellite folks come join TV's Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast hello Ross hi I'm Ross Matthews and I am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast hello Ross you know I just said that yeah I know I was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast it's hello Ross look you only have like 30 seconds to tell me tell them about the new podcast hello Ross you have to tell them about the celebrity guests the interesting people with cool stories to tell and it's new every Thursday go ahead you'll never know who's gonna pop by to say hello Ross it could be an Oscar winner the star of your favorite show even my dental hygienist really no she's fascinating okay anyone else one time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix oh that's gonna hurt I've been a naughty boy huh are you going to ask we're gonna go there for real and there for real reals you better stretch I better stretch what on our show nothing's off limits I'm gonna ask that question no and that question no and I'm gonna get away with it oh boy so it's like mr rogers neighborhood right except think of it mr Matthews gayborhood oh that sounds fun you know that actually does sound fun and it's on youtube or wherever you listen that's my line hello Ross available on youtube or wherever you listen okay now you just repeated me we are so over our time limit oh that's a bummer 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number dial here on the roku channel 210 odyssey and serious xm baby yes back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial we've got phone lines lighting it's great we'll take some calls shortly on this program chris long top of hour number two to discuss what we've seen in week number three um sunday night football let's talk about it shall we do we have to do that oh there was ice and the game stunk on it um let's talk about the broncos first let's talk about the winning team first that's how we roll we should start by what i text chris about the game let's not do that let's not do that i think it's it's it's commentary commentary like that that gets uh account suspended oh wow let's talk about the broncos i'm watching the broncos last night i'm watching the broncos last night and i'm thinking to myself this looks familiar to me why does it look so familiar to me it's so eerily familiar to me what i'm watching yeah deja vu i did i did and i'm like why what is it i can't quite put my finger on it and i'm watching this team completely struggle and i'm watching them struggle on offense not defense i'm watching a terrific defensive performance by denver and i'm watching the offense just look terrible terrible and the quarterback look thoroughly subpar in the process and it was just a constant mishmash of check downs and swing passes and running plays that go nowhere don't see the imagination that you think you could have with a quarterback who can run it as well right we're not seeing a lot of writing and trust me i'm also focused on this because javonte williams is my fantasy running back and i needed points desperately and i'm just watching him run in and out cooper my 11 year old also has javonte williams and he asked me a question i never he's never asked me before and and i never thought he would ask me dad who's mike boone well son i guess he's their third down back and it doesn't matter what the down and distance is or how incredibly talented our fantasy running back is he's coming out and mike boone's coming in and at one point mike boone was getting just as many snaps as javonte williams and this team's struggling on offense like where where have i seen this before and then late game all of a sudden offense comes alive boom it's like we struck midnight and the pumpkins a carriage like the reverse cinderella and all of a sudden we're moving we're shaking first downs are a cropper balls coming out quick quarterback feels more comfortable moving around finding guys touchdown after struggling the entire game and then the broncos win i still can't put my finger on it then i heard the quarterback after the game being so incredibly positive as if what we just saw was peaches and cream and roses and rose petals the entire time here's russell wilson afterwards on nbc these guys battled all night i mean this is a terrific game i mean it doesn't get any better the battle back and forth this team's really good san francisco i've played him for years i knew i told the guys around the week it's going to come down to the wire in the fourth quarter and we got to win it we got to find a way and despite all the trouble in the battling our defense played amazing and what a game it was what a game it was do you think he even knows what he's saying dude like he's just in post-game rah-rah talk mode he's very positive and that's when i finally put my finger on it he's the second version of tebow time oh no yeah yes yes yes yes yes oh no now that's not what's being envisioned with broncos country let's ride right tebow had terrific receivers too right to mary's thomas eric decker that's like courtland sutton and jerry judy good running backs terrific defense looked terrible the entire night looked like the ball was coming out with your left hand left your left foot he's left-handed honestly was that not a tebow time type performance last night offense looked terrible they're booing that's where i was again i heard the crowd booing i'm like where have i heard that before in denver i was there that night on a thursday night against the jets nationally televised game tebow looked terrible boo all of a sudden win yay oh gosh they won and it left me wondering how sustainable is what we just saw especially because they in denver this week to nathaniel hackett's credit added a new coach to the staff a gent named jerry rossberg who's been in the league 40 years he's sitting up in the booth helping with the game management unfortunately for denver the new game manager coach went 0 for 2 on challenges baby steps baby steps did they hire a game manager for the game manager this week and maybe they're gonna have to do that 40 years you shouldn't be baby step amen amen baby step and i know broncos fans will be hearing this takes a great take you had on the raiders winning the division well terrible take and i will hit that later on it's early and the broncos go visit vegas next week and they can take into that the fact that you are what you are in this league and what they are right now is a two-in-one team tied with the chiefs atop the afc west even though the broncos have one fewer points scored in their first three games this year than the chiefs had in the 44 point win they had in week one in kansas city so kansas city has scored 88 points half of it in week one they have the same record as the broncos let's ride that's right but i'll tell you what i am i do have concerns as to how sustainable this is moving forward if that's the performance we're going to see because it looked very tibo time-esque terrible throughout boo what's going on with these decisions they're making on offense the whole scheme looks completely out of rhythm the quarterback looks totally out of rhythm up it's time to win they march down the field they win the game quarterback so sunny positive we're gonna this is great i knew it looked familiar that's what it looked like to me but you're two and one and russ is on top of the afc west roost through three weeks tied with the chiefs that's crazy facts this league man now the 49ers i mean the whole jimmy g is there and it's just going to make trey lance nervous and it's going to ruin the whole quarterback room and locker room and and season for the niners all that talk as we all know when poof in the middle of last week's first half when trey lance gets hurt and the whole idea certainly with the niners winning is like okay now it's just going to be jimmy g and the niners just like last year and this team is going to go on a deep run because jimmy g is much better than trey lance and much more efficient and much more veteran and the locker room believes in him and he took the team to the nfc championship game last year so on and so forth but what we saw last night from jimmy g and the niners on offense is exactly why we were wondering how jimmy g could push lance and create a problem if he gets in the game because he will be more veteran than lance and we will see the ball come out in ways that lance did not have it leave his hand and get into the hands of say like somebody named debo samuel who as we know had a terrific game last night and certainly in the first half was going off in a way that we did not see in the first two weeks of this season and last year what we saw over the last two years from debo samuel to earn the contract that he got in every way possible is because jimmy g was the guy throwing him the ball last year so we saw that then we also saw from jimmy g the exact reason why they traded all those picks to go get his replacement just shooting you straight we saw from jimmy g some football and head shaking plays that caused the niners to essentially say two drafts ago we're done with jimmy g long term and the clock starts ticking on the end of his realm right now and whoever we draft is going to be the one to determine how long that stay for jimmy g and san francisco and with us will last and it turned out to be a kid who was very green and trey lance and they didn't have to make that move at the starter's role last year and decided this year was the end because jimmy g plays football at the quarterback position on occasion so erratically so mistake-prone that they just can't live with them anymore i've never seen somebody step out of the end zone like jimmy g did fading back to pass and you might sit there and go oh whoa wait a minute dan orlovsky did it as a matter of fact toriko mentioned orlovsky's name immediately and orlovsky sent out a freedom like tweet as if he was william wallace on the spot that went instantly viral and why not so yes i have seen that before but dana orlovsky didn't throw a pick six on that play either i've never seen somebody step out of the end zone to create his own safety and it's the better result than the actual play that results in the end zone and it's the better result than the and it's the better result than the actual play that resulted it saved them four points that's a first that's a first it was actually better for san francisco that he stepped out because if he didn't it would have been a pick six they would have lost the lead on the spot instead of forcing the broncos to force us to continue to watch them on offense to try and score points i'm telling you man this is exactly why they wanted to move on from jimmy g and then trent williams goes out and gets hurt which was significant to say the least because he's the you know an all-pro at the left tackle for a reason and going to the hall of fame for a reason yeah and and but then jimmy g has a chance to win the game late did he no look that pass over the middle i don't think he was looking directly at it he flung it over the middle and kurt warner will always tell you on game day morning that jimmy g's biggest mistakes are between the hash marks and he did it again last night you can't make that throw that he made at the end of the game when you're driving and all you need is to get robbie gold set up in the thin rocky mountain air to win this game you cannot make that throw you cannot turn that ball over and he did it's exactly why they wanted to move on from him but they got him and he's still better than most certainly the options that they had and so now it's a one and two san francisco 49ers team taking on the rams on monday night football next week they better still have the rams number otherwise they're one and three two plus games behind the defending champs in the nfc west if that's the result that the rams get coming out of next monday night huge game this is what coach shanahan said after the game about jimmy g's play that's safety and and he took he took one for everybody he took one for everybody because as i told you his seat's not hot go for it i mean that was a tough situation i put him in that unblocked guy coming um wish we'd had time for the big play and could have ditched it um but it was a tough situation i put him in i thought he played real well in the first half i mean i thought he was made some plays um hit the ones that were there and then made some that weren't there um in the second half i don't think anyone on offense did good including myself i mean we didn't really get into the rhythm the whole time and um our defense did a hell of a job keeping us in there but um we weren't able to get it going defense looks great don't they oh my gosh i mean certainly when they're getting away with trips like nick bosa did boy that's that that shot that bosa had that's got to be guilty it's got to be right now he really hurt the broncos to kick off uh the second half that way but the defense looks terrific boy how great is fred warner he's oh god i love watching him play everywhere so look niners defense you're looking good jimmy g's just gotta get rid of those mistakes gotta get rid of those mistakes and and and kyle shannon took the took the heat for the play calling on the safety and the way things are going in the second half we've all got to be better i'm telling you this seat's not hot in san francisco it's not even close to lukewarm oh wow it's not it is not it is not i have another poll question who's hot who's hot do you see this harder no no no okay who's more off the hook for their thing orlovski now that jimmy g ran out of the end zone or me for you because appstate beat texas a now let me explain to you chris i'm gonna lose that a hundred to zero but it's still a great one so dan rich or neither i'm gonna put neither on there because like i told you this morning bro when michigan is not off the appalachian state hook dan orlovski is not off of the running out he stepped out of bounds and michigan still lost to appalachian state but others have now done it more recently so yes no rich jimmy g stepped out fourth choice excuse me he ran or the choice but none but neither who put neither both neither orlovski or me neither that's my vote okay yeah we're both off the hook now you're not stop i'm gonna hit both at least everyone as soon as you tweet this out at rich eisenshaw i'll hit it with a retweet eight four four two four riches the number to dial we got a great poll question we got chris long we got tom pelissero we got you we got overreaction monday still to come on this show and when we come back oh baby yeah there's the step brothers orlovski and jimmy g step brothers all right it looks very silent to the lambs that they've done with the faces there too very poor photoshopped you step your game up man that was done really quick all right when we come back the jaguars duvall here in la county when you open up a mercedes-benz sprinter van you are opening up more than just doors people you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit that open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list owning a mercedes-benz sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van is capable of versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter all right folks you know what as you know on this program i i i take every possible opportunity to point out just what a flaming complete utter unmitigated disaster urban myers head coaching tenure in the nfl was i was like i mean it's truly the lord's work i mean i honestly as you know and so i i've said uh many times this year your jacksonville jaguars it's got to be worth at least a few games in the win column absolutely the fact that not only did they hire a super bowl winning head coach who knows how to connect himself with a young talented quarterback to the best of his ability not only that he's got a sunny disposition and not only that his name is not urban myer so he's not only doug britterson he's also not urban myer peterson i did not know i did not know it would take just three mere national football league contests to prove this point crystal clear to all of you in the football loving nation certainly in duval county where the jacksonville jaguars are currently your leader in the afc south clubhouse they went after carson wince could have won that football game in week number one they could be three and oh man could be three and oh they shut out the colts and then they come here to los angeles and put the spanka lanka lanka job as michael irvin would say on the los angeles charges who for some reason still started justin herbert gave him a shot in his rib cage which thankfully you know hit the the spot and and and they threw it 45 times with the guy now they had to put it up non-stop because they started falling down early because the jaguars came here and put it to them put it to them trevor lawrence damn near threw for 300 yards three touchdowns for trevor lines three tuddies three touchdowns now you'll be like rich come on how is that an indication of how this is because doug peterson is there and he's also not ermermeyer well this happened in sofi stadium last year when the jaguars went to sofi stadium it was the game against the rams not the chargers but it was the game if you recall in which james robinson fumbled early and then poof disappeared got benched like he was some redshirt freshman and not james robinson benched and this is the game where due to all reports trevor lawrence had to go up to erbenmeyer and say where's james robinson essentially and oh yeah put him back in the game finally goes back in the game it was a total disaster the rams beat him up so bad i believe tom pelicero our third hour guest was one who reported that the players on the jaguars went to rams players after the game to say get us out of here get us out please you have no idea how bad it is in our locker room and our franchise and they return to the same stadium in week three not only spank the chargers but james robinson he runs it in from 50 yards out on a fourth down the coach is pushing buttons he's using james robinson and trevor lawrence suddenly looks like the guy we thought he could be just three games in christian kirk's running around and just in case you think maybe i'm just you know doing that whole michigan thing just i've got two sound bites two sound bites you tell me let's play a game which trevor lawrence sound bite was from last year and then which one was from yesterday at sofi stadium same same locker room same i assume step and repeat maybe even the same members of the media all right soundbite a yeah i mean i think obviously i think i've done a better job taking care of the ball it's one thing um i don't really want to talk about the you know the things that are there positive right now you know we got we just we got to play better even if there's a couple things that we're doing well we got to do a lot of things a lot more things well to win games so all right could be just do he's just trying to focus on keeping any level head right keep that in your head here's soundbite b yeah i think our confidence has been really high honestly the whole season every game we've played in obviously there's been times where uh we could play better but i think our confidence has always been really high and that's and you see that on the field and the confidence that the coaches have in us too you know went forward on fourth down multiple times didn't get one of them early but that's all right still the same plan stay aggressive um and the guys handled it really well all right you want to guess which one well he has good hair both just serve everyone thank you not everyone's watching on the local channel great job to service the audience my phenomenal hair both facial features very strong good job guys yep paint the word pictures really good you might not be watching on the local channel for free really good i'm gonna say uh b was yes yes you win you win you just hear the difference in his voice by the way he's standing up straight or peppy he's like yeah coaches believe in us we stayed consistent not like some guys you know our top running back coming in the year he's benched because he fumbled like that'll teach him in the pros to not fumble nobody and sofai yesterday went up to the chargers and said please get us the hell out of here doug peterson not urban meyer two and one jacksonville they you know they may not win a lot of games i might be wrong about that and i think they are going to win a lot of games quite honestly in the future maybe more than you expect this year but what a difference a year makes same building different results big time big time jacksonville jaguars two and one after three weeks having won two in a row and next up it's doug peterson walking into his old spot in philadelphia talk about a philly special oh baby chris long coming up hour two and one other thing while i'm on the subject let me just say this speaking on behalf of all michigan wolverine fans especially since fox is going to iowa next week i don't care how much charles woodson you put on the screen i cannot watch urban meyer lead into a michigan game period end of story i will not and i love charles woodson not enough woodson deodorant will keep me from not clicking that channel but that's the choice they've made and i'll say this as well i don't know if this is true but i saw it on twitter and i certainly didn't see it on the screen i was told that fox wouldn't let any wolverine fans who were at say the wolverines big 10 home opener and homecoming game against maryland prior to which the entire fox college football sunday crew was at an arbor i was told there could be no anti-urban meyer signs being held up really i'm saying that as well really oh okay so we're just gonna act like none of that happened but we can put up on the screen he was seven and oh all time against michigan we can do that we could put that graphic up for everybody to tweet it in my timeline but any signs talking about anything he's done no take those down got it i'll remember that didn't miss that hour two coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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