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REShow: Cooper Rush/Daniel Jones - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 23, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Cooper Rush/Daniel Jones - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 23, 2022 3:06 pm

Rich lists the ‘Top 5 Things I Don’t Know about the 2022 NFL Season after 2 Weeks’ including takes on Tom Brady, Trey Lance, the AFC South and more, which leads do a debate on which division is the NFL’s best so far this year. 

Cowboys QB Cooper Rush tells Rich what it’s like to start back-to-back football games for the first time since 2016 as Dak Prescott recovers from his thumb injury, addresses Jerry Jones’ “QB controversy” comments and more. 

Giants QB Daniel Jones tells Rich what kind of impacted new head coach Brian Daboll has had on the team on the field and in the locker room, weighs in on his uncertain future in New York, and previews the pivotal Monday Night Football NFC East showdown vs the Dallas Cowboys.

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JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

They turn, they give it to Chubb, he vaults, he lands, touchdown! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. If you can't slow down Chubb, man, you can't beat this group. This is the Rich Eisen Show. And does that mean that this winds up being the last game Mitchell Trubisky starts?

I think everybody can be a lot better, myself included, and we'll just have to look at that. Earlier on the show, three-time Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Hayden. Coming up, Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, plus Eagles cornerback Darrius Slay. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Oh yes it is. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We had a great hour one in-studio chat with the recently retired, or soon to be officially retired in the National Football League, the three-time Pro Bowl cornerback, now looking to get into the world of the paparazzi, Joe Hayden.

Who better to talk about the Browns and the Steelers than former Browns and Steeler Joe Hayden? And he did, and if you missed any of it, we're here on channel 210 on the Roku channel. The show re-airs as soon as it's over, but we've got two more hours to go before that happens. Our YouTube stream is also a neat little backstop. slash Rich Eisen Show is our YouTube archive. If you missed anything in that first hour, we also touched upon the Celtics making their suspension of their terrific Eastern Championship basketball coach, Imei Yudoka.

They made that suspension for a year official and told us no details as to why it was merited, other than to say it absolutely was. So if you missed any of that, it's on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. We fixed it tight because we've got the next two great hours to go. Daniel Jones of the Giants and Cooper Rush of the Cowboys are the quarterbacks of the final game of week number three on Monday Night Football. They're about to join us together. Not on the scene.

Together separately. Right, right. In the same segment, a chat with Cooper Rush and then a chat with Daniel Jones, New York Giants, in this hour.

Big play Darrius Slay will be joining us from the Philadelphia Eagles, also 2-0 atop the NFC East, just like the Giants. He will join us in hour number three when Chris Brockman will also give me what he does every single Friday, which is winners for you. I don't know what he's talking about when he's talking about winners or overs and unders. Also for me, however, some scenarios that may play out over the weekend. What's more likely? It's a lot of fun, kind of like the the bookend to overreaction Monday.

There's overreaction Monday and then what's more likely on Friday? TJ Jefferson, you have your fantasy advice all queued up, correct? I'm going to let you know who is him and who ain't him. Nice. OK, that's how we're going to do it. Well, you are him when it comes to fantasy advice in this program. Well, kind of.

I was about, you know, 40 percent last week. But hey, man, you know, it's a process. It's OK. It's OK.

It's a crapshoot in many different ways, and I don't know what that means. But, you know, we're still looking for a name for your fantasy segment. Maybe that's it. You are him. I don't know.

You got to figure it out. That's why I didn't want to commit to one right off the bat because him came out this week, Rich. Him was on the show Tuesday. Timothy Dalton. You know, Timothy Dalton.

Timothy Dalton. Wow. What, 0014 Pittsburgh of Buffalo. So that's the that's the way we're we're we're running the show for the next two hours. Yesterday on yesterday's program, I had a top five list of the top five things about the 2022 season. I know for sure through two weeks, number one on that list was the bills are bona fide soul snatchers.

No doubt. Another one on that list is the the newest emerging rock star of the NFL is Jalen Hurts. We'll talk to Darrius Slay about that coming up in our number three. As a bookend, I now have for you another top five list of the top five things I don't know through two weeks of the 2022 season.

I need NFL films music and here we go. The number five item on my list of things I don't know through the first two weeks of the 2022 season is I don't know what in the world is going on in the AFC South. I have no idea what's going on in the AFC South.

Matt Ryan was supposed to come in and do on Carson Wentz like things, and he's made Carson Wentz looked like the Matt Ryan that we used to know. And the Colts defensively can't stop anybody. And they've been they've entered the fourth quarter of their first two games down by a combined score of forty four to three.

And these are all facts. And I picked the Colts to win the division. But they're 0-1-1, which is only a half game out because the Texans are also 0-1-1 because the Colts tied the Texans in week one. And the Titans, who are the one seed in the defending champs of this division, they're 0-2 and they look all of 0-2. I mean, they have not looked good at all, except for the first, I guess, what, two and a half quarters against the Giants before they blew that one. And then they get smoked by the Bills and now they're taking on the 0-3 Raiders. And could it be possible that Jacksonville Jaguars are just the best team in that division? Yeah, they're the only ones with a win right now. But could it be that their defense is really fast and really good and really young? And could it be that Trevor Lawrence is going to take that step forward from year one to year two or from year zero to year two?

Because last year was was a total disaster for him and the team. Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars are, in fact, the best team in that division. So, so far, I just don't know what the hell's going on in the AFC South. Number four on my list of things I still don't know about the NFL season through two weeks. I don't know which is the best team and best division in football. I don't know that yet because we went in saying it's got to be the AFC West and there's an 0-2 team in my Las Vegas Raiders in there. And there's the Denver Broncos in there at one and one looking all kinds of shaky.

Right? The Chargers have Justin Herbert with fractured rib cartilage. Then you normally you take a look at the NFC West. Maybe they're the best team and division in football. I don't know about that because you could say you could say this through two weeks.

You know what's forming to look like? Maybe the best division in football is the AFC East. The Bills are the best team in the in the whole sport, in my opinion. The Dolphins look terrific. Your Patriots went in and beat the Steelers when everybody thought they were about to go to 0-2. And maybe my Jets are sneaky good.

I'm going higher register on my Jets. So I don't know which is the best division in football through two weeks. And number three, based on the AFC West coming in is absolutely best division football. And the fact that we still don't know if that's true. Number three is can Nathaniel Hackett?

I don't know. And I'm hoping that Nathaniel Hackett can hack it. I'm hoping because he is a delightful human who I've met on a handful of occasions. And what an opportunity that he has that he's got a very sharp offensive mind. I mean, if Rodgers loves that sharp offensive mind, then, you know, I'll check that box.

Count me in on that. But I have no idea if he can hack it with making these decisions that he's made over the first two games. And it is just two games or marathoning. We're not sprinting. But if we keep seeing some of these weird decisions where one game the 46-yard line is just good enough to try a 64-yarder to field goal to kick it and try and win a game in Seattle. But the 41-yard line is a spot from which you punt it after you go from a 36 back to the 41 in a game you're losing by three points. Instead of kicking a field goal in the thin Rocky Mountaineer, you're punting it now at the 41.

It makes no sense what we're seeing in Denver. And that's a question about their coach. Can Nathaniel Hackett hack it? Number two on my list of I don't know things I don't know through the first two games of the 2022 season.

I'm going to take a long road here. I do not know if Trey Lance is going to start another game for the San Francisco 49ers as we are sitting here right now. Carded off in week two, the Jimmy G insurance policy, they break glass on it just five quarters into the season. And yes, he's had successful surgery and yes, he's young and can heal fast to the point where it's possible he even heals in time for the playoffs. But if Jimmy Garoppolo, who's no, you know, long in the tooth type guy, if he can actually take the 49ers back to where they he took them or was part of taking them last year and even goes a step further because this team does have championship stuff everywhere else. Why would they just say, OK, now we're turning to Trey Lance because they'll have already been about to take that second draft without the draft choices that they used to go get him. You know, you are what you are in the NFL and you move forward from where you are and maybe moving forward is Jimmy G. Why would they sit in him packing if he does what he does again? I don't know. Things are strange in the NFL. And then number one on the on the list of items, things about the 2022 season, I still don't know through just two games this season.

And maybe maybe I'm thinking too hard about this or maybe I'm going a little too deep on this, but I don't know. Is Tom Brady enjoying himself anymore? That's a really good one.

That's really good. I just see him, you know, it just feels like there's a level of joy that we always saw in him missing. I'm not saying he's regretting his decision to come back. I do not know what is going on in his personal life. He looks gaunt to me.

He looks like he's lost weight and he like more than ever before. And it looks like that there's this obviously when the Saints are, you know, holding you down offensively and they're they're smacking your offense around and you've got people right in your face. And it's your protection up front is banged up already. And, you know, the receivers that you thought you'd have in week two aren't there because they're banged up still.

You know, it can grate on a guy, you know, but as we all get older, there are things we tolerate less and less and less. And we lose patience faster. And I'm wondering if he's having fun because it looks like he's not, to be very honest. And they're 2-0.

And I'm not around them. And I'm only seeing what I see on the sidelines and what I see in postgame press conferences and press conferences during the middle of the week. It just looks to me like he might not be having that much fun.

And it's just an open ended question. Does that mean he won't stick around Tampa? Is it a Tampa thing? Is it just an NFL thing? Is it just does he want to play anymore? Is he doing it because he's agreed to do it and now he's going through it? I just think he loves the competition, maybe.

But also for a guy like Tom, winning is fun. So, yes, and they are and they are that and they are that. But it hasn't been easy. I don't know. There just seems to be maybe I'm reading too much into stuff.

But that's my number one thing. I just don't know about the NFL 2022 season through the first two games. I like it. There's a lot we don't know.

A lot. It's only been two weeks. But for some teams, this is the preseason for them.

So we'll see. Who do you think the best division in football is right now, if you had to pick it? Because you take a look at the West, they're all one and one. And I take a look at the NFC North. They're all one and one.

Yeah. You take a look at the NFC East. You have two, two and oh teams and the Cowboys and the and the Washington commanders who have an offensive way about themselves. And Chase Young isn't back yet.

You could choose them. You could look at the North where you've got four really black and blue type teams. Right. And then there's the AFC East where the best team in football, in my mind, resides. And the Dolphins have a dynamic offense. And the Patriots and Jets might not be homecomings.

You know, you want to look top to bottom, too, about teams that could make the playoffs. And if you look at the AFC East. Right. Do we really think the Patriots and Jets are playoff teams? Maybe, but probably not.

Right. If you go NFC West, I still think it might be the NFC West. Seattle's a little bit better than I think we all gave credit for, especially me. OK. Arizona, you know, getting that win against Vegas last week, that kind of really showed something.

But we need to see it at the end of the year. And I don't know, the Lions are better than we thought. But the Bears, they're not a playoff team.

What do you think, TJ? AFC North might be it for me. It's his choice for AFC North.

OK. I think it might be AFC North. Well, you just talked yourself all the way back to the AFC North. Interesting.

What do you think? I mean, we've been talking trash on this division for a while. But, you know, like you said, these 2-2-0 teams, everyone's over 500. Or 500 or over.

500 or over. Yeah. You know, I don't want to say them. The NFC East?

I don't want to. But record wise, why not? Both these divisions. AFC and NFC. The reason why I'm even bringing it up is because going into the season, AFC West, deepest ever.

Everybody, look who just arrived in the AFC West from outside the division in that hell going on month of March. You know. Oh, did you guys ask that of Stefan Deggs?

Or that's the one thing that... What's that? We didn't get to it. Oh, I had a whole thing planned for him. We only had 10 minutes. I didn't get a chance.

I mean, it's not like you didn't get a lot of out of him. You guys, Susan Marshall, you know, got the whole business about his Christmas card out of him. But the hell going on is the tweet of March. I asked Susan before the show.

I'm like, I have one question to ask him about this. The reason why I bring this up right now is, again, like going in, the AFC West hands down toughest division in football and maybe not. You got to start looking around through two weeks. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone.

The free AutoZone fix finder service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. When we come back, the two quarterbacks to wrap up week number three in back to back fashion.

Cooper Rush of the Cowboys, then Daniel Jones of the Giants calls in. That's how we're rolling eight four four two oh four rich number to dial as well if you want to comment on anything we just threw out there. Come join TV's Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast, Hello, Ross. Hi, I'm Ross Matthews, and I am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast, Hello, Ross. You know, I just said that.

Yeah, I know. I was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast. It's Hello, Ross. Look, you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast. Hello, Ross. You have to tell them about the celebrity guests, the interesting people with cool stories to tell.

And it's new every Thursday. Go ahead. You never know who's going to pop by to say hello, Ross.

It could be an Oscar winner, the star of your favorite show, even my dental hygienist. Really? No, she's fascinating. OK, anyone else? One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix. Oh, that's going to hurt.

I've been a naughty boy. Are you going to ask? We're going to go there. For reals?

And there. For real reals? You better stretch.

I better stretch? On our show, nothing's off limits. I'm going to ask that question. No. And that question. No. And I'm going to get away with it. Oh, boy. So it's like Mr. Rogers neighborhood, right?

Except think of it. Mr. Matthews Gaborhood. Oh, that sounds fun.

You know, that actually does sound fun. And it's on YouTube or wherever you listen. That's my line. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen. OK, now you just repeated me. We are so over our time limit. Oh, that's a bummer.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Monday Night Football, both Cooper Rush and Daniel Jones out there on the field. How about them apples? 2-0 Giants trying to go to 3-0. Dallas Cowboys coming into New Jersey trying to spoil the party with their backup quarterback. Who might just be on the verge of creating a quarterback controversy as invited by the owner, Jerry Jones.

And that is one of the items I mentioned to Cooper Rush when I chatted with him late yesterday. Here's my conversation with Cooper Rush with Daniel Jones right behind him. Joining me now in advance of Monday Night Football against the New York Football Giants who are 2-0 atop the NFC East along with the Eagles.

The quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys getting set for a big Monday nighter is Cooper Rush. How you doing Cooper? Doing great. Thanks for having me.

You got it. What's life like for you these days, Cooper Rush? Kind of just back in the starting quarterback role that you were in college and just kind of finding that groove again for a few weeks. You know, it's been a while since you've done it so you just find the groove. So how does one find the groove?

I mean, can you walk me through what's going on? Getting you ready for your groove? Yeah, you're just like week to week. This week we're out of the Giants obviously. We got to enjoy last week for a little bit and then it's on to the next. This league doesn't let you kind of wait around and celebrate too long. So we're excited as a team. We've been getting off to a good start. I had an extra day of prep this week.

So looking forward to Monday night. So when you are in front of the team right now, what is what is Dak doing along with you to help you get ready? Yeah, this week and last week has been out of practice. Just helping communicate with me and Kellen and kind of what we want to do, what the plan is. You know, he's our leader. So having him around is always, always nice for the group. And so when he is, is he in the film room with you or are you getting him direct help from him in any way, shape or form, Cooper? Yeah, he's been. Yeah, he's been in the meetings, been in practice, kind of especially this week, been normal flow for him as if he was playing. He's been in the meetings, watching the tape, going through things in the QB room and offensive room as a group. So I think he's trying to keep his routine normal too.

And it's helping us out at the same time. So when you were growing up in Michigan, who was your guy growing up, Cooper Rush, that you were trying to emulate? I mean, I loved Breeze and Payne, all those guys, you know, every week. As I kept growing older, Stafford, you know, Detroit, Detroit Lions fan growing up, you know, watching him sling it. So, but didn't really have a, you know, favorite team, kind of just watched whatever quarterback was on. So did you ever go to Ford Field or you're, I assume you're too young for the Silverdome, right, Cooper? Yes, I'm too young for the Silverdome. But I've been to Ford Field a couple times. My dad played in the Silverdome.

He always talks about it in high school. But I never, never was around for that. How'd you get to Central Michigan? How did that journey happen for you? Yeah, it was my only offer. I was lucky to get that one and, you know, took it after the end of my junior year in high school because I didn't want to wait around. I had one and we were good to go. Coach Enos was the head coach up there, recruited me, gave me a chance and then, you know, was able to work out there. And what was your draft process like back in the day? You wound up being undrafted, but what was that like for you, Cooper Rush? Yeah, you kind of knew it was either going to be really late rounds or undrafted and that's kind of the vibe we were getting. You know, did the combine, did pro day, did all that stuff. So I was on the radar, but I knew it would be an uphill battle, you know, being undrafted.

I mean, you kind of just found a good situation when you could have a chance to make a team and, you know, was able to find that here. So who was the one who, who rung you up to say, would you like to join? Was it a Jones? Was it, was it Coach Garrett? Who was, who called you eventually? It was Wade Wilson, the QB coach at the time, yeah.

Okay, alright. What was that moment, what was that moment like for you to get a call from a coach that Dallas Cowboys asking you to join America's team, Cooper Rush? Yeah, he, yeah, he let me know that we're interested, want to have you on and so then they connected with my agent and he said, we're going to Dallas and it was pretty much a done deal. But it was awesome just to have a chance. You sitting there on day three of the draft, you know, seeing all these, all these picks ahead of you and just hoping maybe you get a late round and then you get a call for undrafted. Felt good. And so again, now you find yourself in a very unique position, getting the start for more than just a spot that you found yourself in last year on Sunday Night Football against the Vikings and you won that football game.

Now you're in an extended period of time. I don't know if you heard on Thursday, Cooper Rush, but Jerry Jones says he hopes you put him in the position of creating a quarterback controversy. Did you hear that quote?

Yeah, I did see that. Yeah, we're winning games. That's, that's the goal is just to keep winning games. Like you said, it's last year was just one, one spot fill in. Like I said, this year you kind of get to be the starter for a few weeks and find that, you know, like you've, like you've been a star your whole life, you know, you kind of remind yourself that and this is kind of what you do. And luckily I got great team around me, good defense, tons of talent on offense.

So just got to keep rolling for a few weeks. And create a quarterback controversy yourself? Yeah, I doubt that. Okay.

What do you mean you doubt? I mean, I don't know. I mean, you're, you're quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys right now, Cooper Rush.

I mean, you got a big game against the Giants. You spent a cup of coffee with in 2020, right? So here we go. Don't you think this is an opportunity for you yourself, Cooper? Yeah, definitely an opportunity. Every time you're out there, you know, it's opportunity for yourself, for your career. And then, but the main thing is just to focus on that one game at a time. Really, you know, everything else will take care of itself. You just keep playing well, keep playing good film out there, keep winning games and keep leading the team. You know, that's kind of what they need, what they want out of the quarterback, whoever's in there.

And that's kind of the goal. When was the last time you started consecutive games, Cooper? When was that last time for you?

Uh, college 2016. Damn. So you gotta be loving that this is a little bit of a groove here, right? I mean, obviously this is your job that if you need to do it, this is the time to do it. But this has got to be an interesting experience to get back in the saddle like that for the Dallas Cowboys, I guess. Would you not agree, Cooper Rush?

No, I definitely agree. That's the cool part about it, what opportunity, you know, what a crazy life this is. You know, waiting around all these years and now you're at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys for a few weeks and enjoying every minute of it.

Can't wait to just get back out there on Monday. Okay, and so the challenge in front of the Giants, what have you seen on film so far that you know is going to be something that you gotta mind your P's and Q's for on Monday Night Football, Cooper? Yeah, they're really good up front. Obviously they have some big time playmakers on that front defensive line.

You know, then they can get exotic in the back end with different pressures. You know, the coordinators, a long history in Baltimore of doing that type of stuff. So you kind of prepare, you put together a plan, then you just have to go out and react. Okay, well good luck to you Cooper Rush. I mean, what message do you have for Dallas Cowboys fans that are nervous about Dak being out for an extended period of time and that you are the one who has the team under your control?

What message do you have for Cowboys fans who might be a little bit concerned? Yeah, the plan is just do your job. You know, like you said earlier, this is why you do it. This is what you do. You know, you kind of remind yourself you were born to play quarterback and you just kind of stay on that path. Cooper Rush, thanks for the time. Good luck on Monday Night Football. Greatly appreciate it, sir.

Alright, thank you. Not many words, not many words, man of little words, but how about, oh, you okay? Do you need a tissue? Oh, that's my quarterback. Ladies and gentlemen, that's my quarterback.

Yeah, it's a Dak gets back. That's fine though. That's fine. That's what it should be. That's what it needs to be.

This is exactly what you want. In the same way that I said, hey, no Deshaun Watson for 11 games, five games is alright, six is really good, seven is made in the shade. So Dak's out for six. Minimum. Let's just say six.

Yeah, that seems the same. Three out of the six. You're golden.

That's all we wanted, Rich. Four out of the six is dynamite. Five or six out of the six, full-blown quarterback controversy. Which is fine.

Like I said, if you're the better man. And that's why Jerry said, put the quarterback controversy in front of me, because guess what? There's no quarterback controversy. It's going back to Dak.

But if there is, it's a good thing. That means he did his job. And the thing that I thought was really fascinating, by the way, Daniel Jones is in a meeting, he's going to be joining us in the next half hour at some point. Is it that he saw that Cooper Rush interview and knew he had to do some extra film study? Because that's what it sounds like to me.

Or he just, he's going to get Cooper Rush's word count and hopefully at the over. And so. Wow. Rich, when you say over, I don't really know what that is. What does that mean, Rich? What does that mean?

What does that mean? Like over what? Over what? Like over easy?

Like he was eating eggs during the interview? Over excited? Like when you say over, it just blows right over my head.

Over my head? I believe Daniel Jones is calling in right now. Oh, hey. But what I'm essentially saying to you, sir, is the thing I thought that was really fascinating from him is that he hasn't started back to back games since 2016. It's the first time he started a game and then the next week he goes again.

Quick math. Just by that alone, you've got to figure it's going to get better. You would hope. But he's 2-0, so. He is from last year to this year.

Exactly. And last year, I mean, you've got to get someone else involved to get C.D. Lamb up and running.

And people are pointing that that's a C.D. Lamb fault, not the quarterback's fault. Hey, Noah Brown's doing his job. I know.

I know. And Rich, where does Gallup is looking like he's coming soon? Oh, you know who's on the phone line right now? The Mercedes Benz Van's phone line is the quarterback of the New York Football Giants.

Because we are fair and balanced. You just heard from Cooper Rush. He is back here on the Rich Eisen Show for the 2-0 New York Giants.

He is none other than Daniel Jones. How you doing, Daniel? Doing good, Rich. How you doing? I am doing great. How's life for you at 2-0 right now, Daniel Jones? It's good.

It's good. You know, we had two tough games and, you know, happy to finish them both. But we understand there's a lot of work to do.

And we're back at it ready to go. So let's just jump right into the Coach Dabol of it all. How has his injection into your life, into your quarterback room jet stream changed things for you? Yeah, I mean, it's been fun working with Dave. He's brought an energy and, you know, enthusiasm to the, I'd say, to the whole building.

I think the guys have really grabbed on to and appreciated. But it's been fun working with him. He's an energetic guy. He's got lots of ideas. And, you know, he's always on. He always wants to talk football, wants to get on the same page and think about something we could, you know, a check we could make or something we could do here or there that would help us out. And it's been fun working with him.

I've learned a lot. Do you have an example of him coming in and showing you something that you, you know, you hadn't seen before or something that turned a light bulb on over your head in a way? You got an example of that to pass along, Daniel Jones?

I don't know if there's an example. I mean, I think early on in the spring, I realized as we were practicing against our defense and just installing the offense, you know, how quickly he wanted to start adding new things here or there or adding a variation to a certain route or a check versus a certain look to build into the system and for guys to go ahead and get repped and learn as part of, you know, kind of that base level install. I think that was good for us there. And I realized kind of how he thought about football, how he saw certain situations and trying to get us in the best look possible and give us an advantage.

Well, I just know Daniel Jones from talking to my friends and who live back out east where I grew up right around Staten Island and all the other five boroughs in New Jersey is the decision to go for two in week one was so jarring to the Giants fan base. It was so audacious and risky but also aggressive that it invigorated them and the fact that it obviously worked out was even better. What was it like for you when, walk me through that moment when Brian Dabel, you scored the touchdown to essentially tie the game and he's like, we're not tying, we're going to go up, we're going to go for two.

What was that moment for you, Daniel? Yeah, I mean, I think myself, as long as the rest of the players, I don't think we were really surprised by it at all. I think he's been clear really since he's gotten here, he's going to be aggressive and give us those opportunities to win the game down the stretch, whether it's a fourth and short, give us a chance to go for it or that situation of two points to win the game.

As players, you want to be in those situations, you want to have a chance to win the game down there at the end of it. So we appreciate that and I don't think any of us were surprised by that closer. What was it like when you hit it and then obviously Bullock missed the field goal and it resulted in a win, a 1-0 start because the folks that I know who cover the team say it was just a different air in the building after that than previous years, Daniel?

Yeah, I think there was. I mean, I think there was a lot of, you know, it was a fun celebration in the locker room after the game and, you know, a game where we had to come back down the stretch and, you know, it certainly wasn't perfect. A lot of things, you know, we didn't do as well as we had hoped, but we were able to, you know, kind of grit it out and find a way to win down there, down the stretch.

So that felt good and we certainly enjoyed it, but, you know, I think we understood it, moved on pretty quick and we got to do the same thing this week, I think we have. Daniel Jones here on the Rich Eisen Show in advance of Monday Night Football on Westwood 1. John Mara, one of the owners of the team, signs the checks in the non-playing season, talking about you and your tenure there in New York, said that the team, quote unquote, did everything to screw the kid up, meaning you, since you came off the campus at Duke and that was a vote of confidence in your favor. What did you think of when you heard that comment from John Mara?

Daniel Jones? Well, I mean, I think, you know, as a quarterback and, you know, personally, I feel responsible for, you know, I'm fully responsible for my play and, you know, we haven't won enough games here the past few years, so, you know, I feel responsible for that. So I think that's, you know, kind of where my head is and where, you know, my focus was when I heard those comments and, you know, I think that's been my approach to make sure we're in a different situation going forward. Well, I mean, how has Dabel provided the stability that Mara said he wanted? And, again, I know it's just two games in and you've got a huge Monday nighter against the Cowboys, but it's been several weeks since he's – months since he's been there and you were rehabbing a neck injury. How did that – how has Dabel brought that stability in your estimation, Daniel? Well, I mean, I think he just brought an energy. He's brought a confidence and, you know, I think guys feel that and guys, you know, respond to that well. So, you know, it's been a competitive culture here. You know, I think that was one of the big things he wanted when he brought in and he was clear with us that, you know, he wanted a competitive culture where, you know, we were, you know, out competing every day at practice and pushing each other to get better.

So I think that's been a big part of his goal for us. And what about you, Daniel? I mean, there's so much question about your tenure in New York and your future there. How have you been compartmentalizing this whole process? Yeah. Well, I mean, I think at the end of the day it's about winning games.

You know, I think it is – it's really the truth. It's not just cliché that, you know, if we win games it will all take care of itself and that's kind of been my focus. So as a quarterback, you know, I've got a job to do and, you know, a job for this team.

So I feel like if I put the team in a position to win games then things will work out. What's the challenge from the Cowboys for you? They're a good defense. They're fast and physical. I think it starts up front with their pass rush. You know, they've got some good players up there for sure and guys in the back end who can make some plays. So, you know, we'll be ready for them. I think it's going to be a four-quarter game.

You know, they all are. These are, you know, tough divisional games. It'll be fun to be at home in front of the home fans and, you know, kind of be a fun stage for Monday night.

Yeah, I mean – Looking forward to it for sure. Yeah. I mean, the home fans, maybe they, you know, not selling their secondary tickets to market to Cowboys fans.

It seems like they're loud the first two weeks, like they're showing up. At least, you know, obviously you were in Tennessee to start, but it seemed like a different atmosphere against Carolina. Would you agree with that, Daniel? Yeah, absolutely. You could feel it. You could feel the energy and, yeah, it was rocking. So, I'm looking forward to getting out there Monday night.

A lot of circles on number 11 in your meetings this week? Yeah, he's a good player for sure. He's a good player, can do a lot of different things.

Obviously rushing the passer, but just his speed and knack for getting to the football, you know, definitely leaps off the tape. So, we'll be ready for it, but he's certainly a good player. For those who may not know, number 11 is Micah Parsons. You just decided. I should let my audience know that, Daniel. You're smart enough to know that. They should probably know that by now. They should know that. Yeah, that's true.

That's true. Before I let you go, do you got a good coach case story? You're 6'5". Did he ever tap you on the shoulder and say, let's play basketball? Did that ever happen with you, Daniel? I wish.

I wish. My brother actually did a fifth year at Duke, played hoops for him last year. So, I got to go to some of those games and kind of be around a little bit, but I don't know if I have a great story. You know, I remember when they came up here, played Kentucky in the Garden last year. I got to sit down with them and talk, and it was just my family and my brother, and we just hung out in the hotel lobby and talked for 45 minutes, which was pretty cool for me just to hear his stories and, you know, hear him speak.

But he's an unbelievable leader, and there's no wonder why he's that successful. So, he never went to Coach Cutcliffe and said, let's give Daniel a little guard play? What would you play? Guard forward, 6'5", anything like that?

Yeah, I don't know. I think he was all set at guard. They had R.J. Barrett and, you know, those guys. And Dion was there.

They didn't need my help. No? R.J. Barrett was able to hold it down, I think, yeah. Yeah, R.J., Canard, all those guys.

For some reason, they never tapped me in. Okay. So, what do you tell the big blue faithful that's over the moon right now about this 2-0 start and seeing Saquon run like Penn State? And I'm sure, you know, again, Micah Parsons, another Penn Stater would like to stop this train, but what do you say to the big blue faithful that's over the moon over this 2-0 start right now, Daniel Jones? Yeah, I mean, we certainly appreciate the support, and I know this fan base is hungry for wins. We understand that and we feel that. But at the same time, I think we understand there's a lot of work to do for us, and we're determined to do it. We're working on improving every day and, you know, making sure we're putting the best team on the field every week that we can. And guys have that attitude.

They're excited. We're confident. But, you know, understand there's a lot to do. Daniel Jones, thanks for the time. Greatly appreciate it on a Friday before a huge game for you. Thank you. Awesome. Thanks, Rich. Right back at you. That's Daniel Jones, quarterback, New York Giants, 2-0 Giants, one-on-one Cowboys, Saquon Barkley, Penn Stater, Micah Parsons, Penn Stater, Eli Manning, Penn State walk-on.

That was amazing. And it's just too bad Daniel Jones picked up nothing from Eli, nothing, nothing at all, not the cadence, not the way to talk, not the way to, you know, block out all the noise in New York City, not to stay out of trouble, not just to live your life. He didn't pick anything up from Eli.

Too bad. Was I talking to Eli? Did Eli walk on into that interview as well?

It's possible. What's his name, Chad? What's his name? Powers. Chad Powers.

That's a great name. Eli talking himself in the third person is Chad. Come on, Chad. Oh, my God. Chad, throw Chad. Here we go. Fantastic. If you guys don't know, Eli did a video where he walked on to Penn State as a possible walk-on quarterback.

He was in makeup, and you got to search the video. He ran like a 5.740 or something. When we come back, the New York sports story that almost happened last night, Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the year last night, according to the Fox camera operator behind home plate. Damn it. I thought it was out. It's coming up next.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. So last night in the middle of the Browns and the Steelers game, Yankees-Red Sox game tied at four, Aaron Judge, 60 home runs. Comes to the plate bottom of the ninth.

I mean, this is Hollywood-type script material. And if you want a little bit more of a background, on October 1, 1961, Roger Maris hit his 61st home run against the Red Sox. That was the fourth inning of the game. This is bottom of the ninth. This is bottom of the ninth tie game. This would be walk-off. The place would go crazy. Maris family there.

Judge family there. Matt Barnes at the plate. John Sterling at the mic. And the pitch is swung high and hit in the air to deep center. Hernandez back. He's on the track. Next to the wall makes the catch. He made the catch right at the Monument Park wall.

Almost. By the way, John Sterling on it. I'm shocked that he didn't go and hit his high and hit his far. He was on it.

That really surprises me. Way to go, John Sterling. And it also goes to show you, John Sterling is not calling this action off of a television screen. Because if he was, it would have been high, it would have been far, it would have hit the four train.

Because, let me tell you something, growing up watching Yankee games, you knew Rizzuto was calling it off the television screen because the Channel 11 WPIX camera operators, when Reggie hit one deep or anywhere else, they would just widen out. They would go wide, and it's like, well, that thing's going to be 20 rows back. Holy cow, it was a can of corn. I thought it was gone, mess up. Like, that's the way it would always go.

Good imitation. Holy cow, why'd I thought that was a guy that was gone? He was due, too. Oh, boy, he was due.

I mean, that was my growing up. And last night, I don't mean to call out one of your colleagues on Fox, but whoever was behind home plate, the director takes the home plate camera, going out towards center field, and it's so wide, I thought that thing was going to hit the batter's eye, the black part of Yankee Stadium, which is where Reggie's third and final home run hit, and that hitter's eye as well in the old stadium. I thought that would have been nice symmetry of just watching that ball go 450 feet, bouncing off that thing, and instead, there's Enrique Hernandez. It looked like it was gone.

It looked like it was gone. I was in the booth at Fox, and we all jumped up. And you couldn't even see Quique in the outfield, because the camera had tilted up, and it was just like, come on, come on.

I have a recording in the booth. And then they go back down, and he's just like, boom, boom. Come on. And I was like, exactly.

I thought that was it. Walk off, 61, beat the Red Sox. What a big goal.

New York playing to get Sinatra going. Come on. He totally got it. He totally got the camera operator. I thought of that line from Tootsie. Remember that line from Tootsie?

Remember that line from Tootsie when Dustin Hoffman shows up as the actress, and he's dressed as a woman, and it's clearly Dustin Hoffman? But at any rate, it's the soap opera, and they're like, widen out, how far back? And he goes, how far? And you keep going, widen out, and you hear the director say to the camera operator, how far can you go back? And the camera operator goes, how about Cleveland? That's what I thought. You went back to Cleveland. I know I'm making a Tootsie reference.

I know you're shaking your head no over there. I've never seen it either. Brilliant movie. Brilliant movie. It's Oscar material.

Bill Murray in an uncredited role. You need to see it. Is it in color? Yes, it is. It's in color. The Bill Murray line, when it's all revealed, that is one nutty hospital.

But at any rate, I mean, so widen out. And I thought, that's gone. It's gone. We all thought we were rich. We all thought.

Everyone watching. It's like The Sopranos ending. We all thought the same thing.

Yup. Except it's going to go to black. It's going to go to black. It's going to go to black.

For 10 seconds. We thought home run, game over. Did you see the reaction of Judge's wife and family?

They thought it was gone, too? We all did. By the way, the crack of the bat, too, it sounded like one of those two. That's what I mean. It sounded like a home run.

Yeah. But let's give John Sterling some run, man. Let's give him one more shot. He nailed it. And you thought, like, even his heart, it is far.

You thought I was going to play it, that it would be like him, like, oh, no. Go for it. Here we go. Hit it. Hit it one more time. And the pitch is swung high. Hit in the air to deep center.

And there it is back. He's on the track. Next to the wall makes the catch.

He made the catch right at the Monument Park wall. Oh, almost. You can hear it. You can hear Susan Waldman go, mmm. Yeah, in the background. You hear her. Exactly. Mmm, damn. All right, Yankees still win, though.

Yeah. They clinched a wild card spot last night. Their magic number to clinch the division and avoid a complete unmitigated disastrous second half is six over the Jays. They got three more to go tonight.

Three more to go tonight. Apple TV gets it tonight. Apple TV. Apple TV's on the clock tonight. On the clock. Oh.

Huh? Take that, Ted Lasso. Darius Slade coming up. I also saw today Jimmy Trainor, whose podcast it was on on Sports Illustrated this week. Great chat with Jimmy.

Everyone should go check it out. He put out a tweet of the Apple TV promo for the game. You know who's front and center for the promo?

It's Giancarlo Stanton. And he's just like, hey, where are we going? Game within the game? Is that what we're doing here? Are you kidding me? Like, you get it exclusively. Like, there's apparently no live look ins being made available to anybody else. Not even MLB Network won't take his at bats live. No ESPN. No yes, nothing.

It's all exclusive on Apple TV. And I get that they're, they spent the money. Exactly. But still, it's just, you know.

This is a historic moment. And you've got to wonder if they're, if they know what's what. Do they know Judge has got 60? He's doing it tomorrow.

Do they know? I told, he's going to do 61 tonight. Tomorrow he breaks it. Yeah, so I'm on the Apple TV Plus Twitter page right now. About an hour ago, they have a nice, like, Judge now.

They got a nice 15 second promo. Aaron Judge hunts home run history. He's going to tie it tonight. He's going to do it tomorrow. Oh, you got it? You got it? Put it up.

You got it? Okay. I'm just watching. It's a, it's a video. They got a nice little 15 second or up there.

Okay. They changed it. It's available on Roku.

You can get it on Roku tonight. Is that what you can do? Is that what you said? Oh, I don't know. Okay. Out of here.

Apple TV Plus is available on Roku. Okay. There you go. Fantastic.

So jump out of rear number five on this channel. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. And wherever you get your podcasts.
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