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REShow: Craig Kilborn - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 17, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Craig Kilborn - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 17, 2022 3:10 pm

Former ESPN anchor/Daily Show host/late night talk show host Craig Kilborn joins Rich in-studio to reveal the launch of his new podcast, lists his top 5 movies of all time, react to the Warriors beating the Celtics in the NBA Finals and says if Steph Curry now ranks in his all-time NBA top ten list, gives some life advice for viewers concerning home interior design, adult beverages, play a round of ‘Start-Bench-Cut’ where he weighs in on his favorite SportsCenter catchphrases and more, and plays a round of ‘5 Questions’ to wrap up the hour. 

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Upgrade today by calling 877-ASK-DELL, that's 877-ASK-DELL, to save up to 48% on our latest technology. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Steph Curry wins tonight, that would give him as many rings as Jamal Wilkes.

Curry, left wing three, walked into it, perfect! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let the celebration begin. Beginning of the season, nobody thought we'd be here.

I think this is the one that they can point to that banner and be most proud of. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Basketball Hall of Famer, Tracy McGrady. Coming up, former Late Late Show host, Craig Kilvorn.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh baby, hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We just said goodbye to Tracy McGrady in studio. If you missed that, slash Rich Eisen Show. And we kick off hour number three, getting you set for your weekend.

Fresh off of game six of the NBA Finals last night. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show, I believe. Are we taking photographs right here? I thought I was just promoting your show.

You're such a nice young man. The great Craig Kilvorn is here. Good to be here.

Good to be home. It's been three years. Has it been? It's kind of flying now, isn't it? It is.

ESPN was 40, now it's 43. That's the last time that you were here was to help us celebrate the 40th that we were not invited to. I had a great time last time I was here.

It was great. And I come back with a big announcement for you when you're ready. Okay. Oh.

I love that. Do you want to get right into it? Yeah. It'll only take about 12 minutes. No, it'll take 35 seconds.

You sure? Or do we want to tease it? What do you want to do?

You tell me. I want to get it out of the way so I can relax and then bond with you over all the NFL, NBA stuff. And apparently you have games to play. We have games to play. We have multiple games to play.

We literally have three games, three different potential segment types. Did you do this with Tracy McGrady or just with Craigers? Just with Craigers.

Just with Lord Kilby. That's it, man. That's it.

Tracy was just a straight up panel interviewer. Okay. With you, we can do that a little bit.

We can have some game plays. And apparently an announcement. What's your announcement? Okay, quickly.

Take your time. Because of the success of my Instagram. Yes. Or as the Carmel pine cone likes to say, Lord Kilby's iconic Instagram. I now have, as of right now, a YouTube channel. Yes, sir.

Sir Craig Kilborn. And soon I am going to renege on a promise where I would never, I would be the only man in America without a podcast. I'm giving back and I'm going to have a podcast called The Life Gorgeous that'll be on the YouTube channel, Sir Craig Kilborn. And that'll launch sometime after the 4th of July.

Okay. I'm doing a podcast for the young people. It's called The Life Gorgeous.

Yes, Craig Kilborn, The Life Gorgeous. And what is the format? What's the content?

Well, it's fluid. What I will do is I will answer questions. Okay.

From some of the viewers and listeners. Yes, sir. I will have celebrity interviews, but also I'm looking forward to my friends, the Alex Sulkins and Goldies and Gibbies of the world. Sure. And I'll have some, hopefully some regulars, because people like hearing the banter between regulars, friends.

Yes. And it'll be organized. I'm going to tell you two things. I'm going to have a segment, I'm not going to explain it, you'll have to see it, called Lord Kilby Leadership. But I have something right now I'm going to put Rich on the spot a little bit. Okay.

He'll enjoy this. Okay, great. But this is not original, but I'm going to do it on every show, because for 30 years I've done this over dinners with people.

We go around the table just for entertainment and we name our top five movies of all time. Oh. I'm going to do that with every guest. Okay. And if you want, I can put you on the spot now if you want to do that. I mean, it's pressure on people. What I always say is they get, they go, I can't, you can change it five minutes later. Sure.

If it's too much pressure, just name five that meant a lot to you. Yes. You want to do that or? Yes, a million percent. Okay. Rich is looking rich.

He didn't know. Let's go. Absolutely. You did rich. Unprepared.

Rich, you did not know I was going to say this. None. Zero. And you have no idea what is coming your way either. Okay. That's the way we roll with each other.

I never knew it was coming out of your mouth. I guess we want to make each other, just surprise each other. Okay.

Not make each other uncomfortable, just surprise each other. No, never. Okay. Your top five movies. Top five movies. The sting. Oh, very good. Love the sting. Very good.

Can't get enough of the sting. I like to hear that. I love the movie, the acting, the music, the cinematography. Right. By the way, whenever you want to sound serious about this sort of subject, you use the word film. Oh, yeah. And cinematography. Oh, yeah. It's one of the best films I've ever seen. Right.

Number two would be The Goodfellas. Okay. I would go. I saw the poster in the, yeah. Yes. In the green room.

In the green room. Scorsese is one of my favorites. The Godfather as well.

Rated very high among, you know, in the top three on AFI. Okay. Very good.

Midnight Run is my favorite comedy of all time. Oh, that's a good one. Dennis Farina was in that. I knew Dennis.

What do you mean? He passed early. What do you mean you knew him? You knew him? We were friends. We used to hang out at Mastro's in Beverly Hills.

Get out of here. Dennis Farina. What the hell was at dinner with Dennis Farina? He was wearing this golf shirt that I thought was peach. And he goes, Kilby, it's salmon.

It's salmon. And then he had this buxom woman that was all over him and he introduced her. But I guess she had just met him at the bar. Well, that's Mastro's. And he looks at me and he goes, Kilby, she's got no shot.

That's what he said. The great Serrano. Wow. Who took the discs.

I loved him. Famously in McCarran Airport. Oh my gosh. Oh, did you just name three? I named four. You just named four. Night Run, Goodfellas, Godfather, The Sting.

This is my favorite movies of all time you're talking about. Yeah. Have you done this list before? Because you seem prepared.

No. I mean, well. We talk a lot of movies on the show.

We talk a lot of movies on the program. And I'm going to tell you my five quickly after you're done. Just so you know. Okay.

Because I'm not doing mine very quickly. No, no. You take your five. Because the fifth one, I mean, there's so many of them.

Which one will I go with here? The Last Boy Scout? The Last. I've never seen The Last Boy Scout, TJ. Never in a million years. I sometimes on my fifth just use one that's not necessarily a top five.

I change my fifth sometimes. So this is like, this is kind of like Omnibus is what you're saying. I'll go with the, I'll go, here's another comedy, The In-Laws.

Did you ever see The In-Laws? Yeah. That was good.

With Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. Yeah. That was good.

I've seen that way too many times as well. There's my five. That's very good. But does that now mean I'm not going to get an invite to The Life Gorgeous? No. No. Because, and you're also free to change your fifth one when you appear. Okay.

There you go. I'm going to go deep into why you like The In-Laws and all that stuff. So I'll quickly do my five and I do it because I always like to see if there's an overlap. There are people that obviously have said The Godfather before. Sure. And there are people that really like Goodfellas.

Of course. I actually like Departed by Scorsese a lot. I love that movie. But here are my five. I'm a Hitchcock fanatic. I can name five Hitchcock.

Of course. I'm only going to name one even though, I'm going to name North by Northwest with Cary Grant. I love that. I also like Strangers on a Train, Psycho. There's so many.

Rear Window is another amazing one. Yes. Very good one. Oh, yes.

You ready? Yes. People, whenever I say this, they go, oh yeah. The Graduate.

Top five, easily. Really? Oh, it's unbelievable. I haven't seen it in forever. Oh, you got to, it's unreal. Okay.

Sunset Boulevard. Wow. You're really old school right there. Yeah. So you're really old. No, old school. Old school. Okay. Here's a great one. Yes.

Chinatown. Oh. One of my favorites. That is great. I love it.

I love the way they rotate. And I used to always say Tootsie, the comedy from the 80s, because I always liked that. But I saw, there was a movie I saw in 2004, and I really liked it.

It doesn't necessarily belong in the top five, but I rewatched it a year ago, and I went crazy from 2004, Sideways. Love it. Love that movie. Paul Giamatti. Yeah.

Right? Thomas Haden Church. Thomas Haden Church. Did he win an Oscar for that, or was he nominated? I think he was amazing in that.

I think they were nominated. I'm not drinking any Merlot. Absolutely. It killed Merlot. Yeah.

It was the death of Merlot. They say that line was ad-libbed. That's what they say. Are you serious?

That's what I read. Yeah. Right? So the Life Gorgeous is going to come out starting after July 4th. Yeah. You're a fungible star. You know, yeah, because it takes me a while to, I'm going to do it from my mahogany panel den, and it takes me a while to light it.

There's amber lighting, and we can't quite get it right, because I have, the glass in my den is amber glass. So these are the struggles, Rich. These are real-life problems for me. I also have a theme song for the show I'm working on, and it's a silly one, but I'm trying to get my brother to sing it, and his schedule is, you know, complicated. So it's all going to happen. Is it going to also be sort of from your oeuvre where you're introducing yourself? Are you going to do that like you did late night?

This guy is so good. I want to try to put that in the theme song, My Voice. We're thinking about that. But I am moving at kind of a snail's pace, because I don't know. It's a leisurely life, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to having, I'd love to have you on at some point.

When you've got the NFL coming up, you're going to be busy. I'll do it. Craig, anything for you. Come on, man. Viking pride.

There you go. So let's get into a little bit of sports with you, Craig Kilbourne, why not? So what was your thoughts on the NBA finals? I enjoyed it. I always enjoy the finals. I thought it was a good finals. I did think prior to yesterday, yesterday's game, I thought Boston would force a game seven. I have a lot of respect for Boston, top defensive team.

But in a game, in a series like that, I was pulling for Golden State, but not a strong feeling. I love San Francisco. I used to live there.

It's my favorite city in America. I love Steve Kerr. I like Nemanja Bialitsa, belly, who comes off the bench, and he used to play on the Wolves, and he's come a long way since a pack-a-day smoker with the Wolves. That is a Dane Moore special. He's a podcaster from Minnesota, pack-a-day belly.

You would have made a meal out of Bialitsa highlights back in the 90s. Well, he's very skilled. He's kind of got a barrel chest, but he moves well, he passes well. He can shoot. He's got a good feel for the game. He got some run in the finals. He looks a little top-heavy when he runs.

That's exactly what it is. My brother makes fun of him. And I said, the guy is agile. And my brother's like, does he drink a lot of beer? I said, no, he's just built. He's nimble on his feet. Draymond Green loves belly, just to let you know. Is this title, with Andrew Wiggins on it, Minnesota adjacent? Did you say that? Cracow won? I don't know.

I will tell. I want people to understand. We're happy for Andrew. He's a very nice guy, very talented athletic player. But it was time for him to leave Minnesota. It was a bit of a relief because he had a max contract and he was, along with Kat, the go-to guys. And now he has the luxury of playing with three special players, not as much pressure on him. And he was really good, I thought.

He was amazing. Yeah. Very good defender. Best when he attacks the rim, streaky outside shooter like so many people are. Yeah. Where do you think is Curry's legacy that's a big part of this conversation today?

I think it helped. I mean, I saw somebody say he's now in the top 10. Because some guys, I never had him in my top 10. And he's the best shooter of all time. For the young people, he has the gooseneck, hold the gooseneck, the beautiful form.

Which I had in eighth grade. But he handles the ball very well, he drives very well, moves without the ball, puts so much pressure on the defense. And I was really pleased to see Steve Kursay after the game, he compared him to Timmy Duncan, not as a ball player, different ball players, but without Tim, the Spurs are not winning all those championships. And we all love Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. Clay Thompson is one of my favorite players, I'm so happy for him. But Steve Kursay, without Steph, none of this happens. He puts so much stress on the defense, it is ridiculous.

He's such a pure shooter. Are you prepared to give us your top 10? Your NBA all-time top 10? Well, I can't remember.

I'd have to try to quickly do it. I drop people out. I just know that in the top 10, I had Kobe 11, which bothered some people. That eliminates me because Kobe was a... That's automatically disqualifying for some people.

It bothers people, but I thought his shot selection was subpar and his shooting percentage should have been higher, but he was a great competitor and people were seduced by how competitive he was and angry he was when he played, very competitive. But let's see, I'll try to remember. I just know I had Oscar Robertson in my top 10 instead of Kobe. So I don't know if I'm going to put Steph in there, I don't know.

This is still less than 24 hours after the game, let's just chill out. Let's pause for poise. I don't know if I can name my 10. I'll try to remember. You ready?

Sure. So it's a guy named Larry Bird, no particular order, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tim Duncan. That's five.

That's five. Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Shaquille O'Neal, I put in my top 10. But not Kobe. I didn't put... No, I have Kobe.

Now. No, no, I don't have Kobe in my top 10. Okay, that's eight.

I have an 11. That's eight. You now have two more spots left. Oscar Robertson. Yes. Now I'm forgetting somebody. Did I say... I said Jordan, obviously. Yes, you did.

Okay. I'm just trying to think of who I had there. I don't think it was Akeem.

Let me just think. Oh, no, it wasn't... Who else did I have? So I said Magic, I said Larry Michael, Tim Duncan. And LeBron, you mentioned that. I mentioned LeBron.

Yes, you did. I don't know if I had... Did you mention Russell? You mentioned... You meant Russell and Chamberlain. William Felton Russell, Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

I think I'm gonna say Akeem, but I am gonna say that, then I would put Kobe ahead of Akeem. I can't remember who my 10th was. Oscar. Let me just make sure there wasn't anybody else. That works. That could be 10th. That's your 10th.

Yeah, I hope I'm not forgetting anybody. Well, again, there's the LifeGorgeous podcast is your backstop. You can do this. You can always do that. Yeah. Yeah.

But be careful. God rest his soul, Kobe Bryant. Tragic.

Yes. So I was at Musso and Frank's a few years ago and Sonny the bartender, he was from New York. He's a Knicks fan. And I said, you know, Kobe, you know, you know, LeBron is better than Kobe.

And he took my martini away. So Kobe is special and his competitive nature is, you know, that's what people love. Maybe Kareem was your 10th. That's it.

Kareem. Thank you. Cap.

Cap. There you go. There you go. Well done. Well done.

Thank you for getting started. We've got a start bench cut. We have a five questions and we've asked our fans to ask questions of you.

OK. Life questions. So that's the, I'm setting the stage because we're about to throw the break for the first time. Craig Kilbourne is here in the flesh.

His new podcast, the LifeGorgeous podcast will be available on his YouTube page coming sometime next month. Correct? Is that the proper promotion? Yeah, after July 4th. After July 4th. The party begins. Do not expect it July 1 through 3. By the time we celebrate our nation's birthday after that, it's fair game. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show with the great Kilbourne in a moment.

844-204-rich if you want to chat too. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection.

Let me repeat that. Forty eight hours of sweat and odor protection. Use it and don't even think about it. Also Dove Men Dry Spray contains Dove's unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin. Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray.

Goes on dry, clean feel all day. Craig Kilbourne here on the Rich Eisen Show. We're back on our terrestrial radio network.

Craig Kilbourne here. Okay, so I'm going to give you a choice. We have three games to play here on the show with you here. We've got a game called Start Bench Cut where we give you a choice, three choices.

You have to start one, bench one, cut one. You know like the old, you know what, marry, kill game. We have a five questions and you might have an idea as to where we found some of these questions. And then we also asked our audience to ask you questions on life advice. Which one would you care to do first?

Which one would you like to do first? We'll do life advice. Life advice. Okay, here we go. Life advice. We asked our Twitter audience at Rich Eisen Show to send us some questions to ask you and tap into your wealth of knowledge and life experience to help people out.

Put the first one up on the screen if you don't mind. Mike Hoskins. This one's from Topher at Wraith with a bunch of numbers. Are gold fixtures really making a comeback in home interior? Craig Kilborn. Hi Topher.

Good question. I don't know if they're making a comeback and I don't care what's in or what's out. But I do like gold fixtures and I have a 1923 home and we bought some of that gold, I want to say metallic paint, but it looks like gold leafing. And we painted the ceiling in our dining room like that and it looks very festive and it's fun to open a nice bottle of red in the dining room. So I like things that look like gold leaf painting.

I have mirrors that have frames that are gold leaf. I like Topher by the way. What a nice guy. I know.

The fact that he would go in my wheelhouse and ask that question. So is it making a, I guess it's a yes or no. I don't know if it's making a comeback because I don't. But you're helping.

I'm not a zeitgeist guy, I'm not a pop culture groupie, I'm not, I don't care, I live in my own world, but I don't know if it's making a comeback or not. Okay, that's the first one. We've got two more questions that at Rich Eisen Show, hashtag Ask Craig. Here's another one. Hey Kilby, what's your alcoholic drink of choice after a hard day of doing nothing?

At G. Brylo, looks like Gary Brylowski is asking that question. That is great. What do you got on that one, Craig? It's a hard day of doing nothing, which is a typical day, it's red wine. If I actually do something, maybe fix something around the house, go shopping into the market and pick up some brie. The only other thing I drink besides red wine is vodka, martini. So I just have a vodka martini or red wine.

What about a specific vodka that you care to- My two favorites are Chopin, potato vodka, and Belvedere, and the third is Kettle One. That's the order? Yep.

Okay. And what about the red wine? I used to drink a lot of Pinots, now I'm back to California cabs, and just to let people know, we are spoiled here in California. They're big and bold.

They are big and bold. So they're going to be stronger, better than a Chianti, and I enjoy California cab and blends. I'm more of an Italian. I'm a Brunello. Oh, yeah.

I like the big full body Italian wine. Have you ever been to Rao's in Hollywood? You have you? I have, Craig.

Yes, I have. Why are you laughing? Because I was expecting you to ask me a question about some remote location on planet Earth and you named Rao's of Hollywood. Not the original Rao's say in Harlem in New York City, you asked me about the Rao's of Hollywood.

That's why I laughed. Yeah. Yeah. It's not too far from my house.

I'm going to do a non sequitur. I just want to make sure, this monitor, I don't know how accurate it is, these pants look bizarre on the monitor, but for the people at home, they are a special khaki that I've been looking for for years. But they look bizarre there. They look a little bit more gold. They look gold on the screen. They look like we're gold leaf pants or something.

They're looking gold on the screen. But I do have to point out while you're already talking about what you're wearing, you and I, we have not spoken like a spoken word to each other in a while. We text, we text, we communicate. We're in contact.

Yes. But you and I have not legitimately spoken like, hey Craig, what's going on and shared words. We're wearing the same exact shoes. You're wearing, okay, I think mine are a slightly different color. That is great.

That is great. Aren't they comfortable? Don't sprain your ankle. Well, actually, you know what's not comfortable? What I just did with my leg.

I am now absolutely spasming in my quad right now while we're sharing, while you're sharing about your brie shopping and things of that nature. Okay, so what about Rayo's at Hollywood? These Converse I wore to games three and four, the Wolves against Memphis. While we're just on this subject matter right now, how much do you love Anthony Edwards? I like him a lot. I can't tell. I mean, he's amazing. Yes.

I can't tell yet where, how good. Really? I can't tell because he's not that, he's not consistent yet. He's young.

Yes. We keep saying he's 20. I think he's going to be 21. He just turned 21. He's 21.

Yes. Oh, he could be like Donovan Mitchell, Dwayne Wade. He is amazing, but he has to become more consistent. And we're very fortunate to have Kat.

Can I just do my quick Wolves thing? Because your friend, Mark Laurie, is an owner, very nice man. And he is incredibly generous for my charity, for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital over here.

Yes. He's a really nice guy. I've gotten to know him a little bit. A-Rod's a very nice guy. And for the first time in a long time, this was my favorite Wolves season, it was a magical season since 2004 when KG won the MVP and we had the best record in the Western Conference and lost in six games to the Lakers.

Sam Cassell was hurt, Lakers got spanked in the finals by Larry Brown's Detroit Pistons. But this was my favorite season since 2004 and there are two things I want to say about the team, Chris Finch and Tim Conley were in really good hands. Everyone loves Finchy, the coach, we've had them on. Yes, we have. I listened to that.

I love it. And Tim Conley, what Mark Laurie and A-Rod did was they got Tim Conley and now I can exhale. Because when I was talking to Mark Laurie, I was saying, listen, every team makes mistakes in the drafts, but the Wolves could have drafted Steph Curry. They took Johnny Flynn to Ricky Rubio.

They took Chris Dunn over Jamal Murray, Rashad McCants, all these guys. And I just said, we can't keep making these mistakes. I just feel like if there is a mistake made, as Tim Conley calls it, it's an informative mistake.

I think that's what he calls it. But because the drafts, everyone screws up the draft. Sure.

Because you can't tell. Well, they didn't screw up Anthony Edwards. No. I mean, I think he's got nothing but star written all over him. I love his personality, too. Yeah, great personality. You heard how he said he's named his dog Anthony Edwards, Jr.?

Yeah. I mean, have you seen him in Hustle? Have you seen that movie on Netflix? My brother saw it and loves it, and I'm going to watch it. I don't watch a lot of sports movies, but I already know how good he is in that.

I saw a lot of clips. He's apparently amazing in that, too. Yeah. He's a very natural guy. Love him. All right. We got one last piece of question of life advice for Craig Kilborn, a hashtag ask Craig. There we go. What is the secret to success in life in your eyes?

Soldier Fields of Dreams at FQD 1911 would like to know. I'll just answer it this way, because we all measure success differently. My thing was, professionally, I wanted to do Late Night, and I did, then I exited. But along the way, I met some people that fall in the category of bitter. If you're not bitter, if you're happy.

I actually did this. This is honest. I looked up, I researched, are some people just born happy? Because I don't understand these mood swing people I'm working with. And it says, science says some people are just born happy.

So I think just being level-headed and calm and not being bitter and being happy is success. There you go. Is that too poignant? That was very worth it.

Actually, I think it's worthy of works. I'm going to change my pants in the next break. Did you bring a second pair of pants, Craig? No, I didn't.

I don't know if, you know, I don't think you fit mine. All right, Craig Kilborn here on The Rich Eisen Show. Let's move to start, bench, cut. You got the music for me, please? Yes, sir.

Hit it for me. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, we have an audio drop.

We've got, this is, oh, yeah, we've got the production value. Oh, wow. Okay, here we go. Start, bench, cut. Start, start. Oh, cool.

Just sit down and be quiet. We got everything. I like that. You ready? Okay, here we go.

You got the music for me, please? Here we go. Craig Kilborn, you have to start one, bench one, cut one.

Okay. First one up. Your favorite sports center catchphrase, start, bench, cut, Jumanji, release, rotation, splash. Look at that young Craigers up on the screen. And resourceful. Start one, bench one, cut one.

Craig Kilborn. Oh, okay. Let me try to do this quickly. No, just take your time.

Take your time. It's okay. I'm gonna actually shock people and bench Jumanji. Jumanji. Oh, okay.

Upset. Because it's a pop culture thing and it's, and you know, we did that a lot. We came up with these things, these pop culture things.

But release, rotation, splash is somewhat poetic and I still hear Reggie Miller say it sometimes on TNT. Uh-huh. So I'm gonna start that one.

Okay. And then what is the other... And resourceful. Resourceful is bent. That's on the bench, you're saying? Yeah, you have to cut one like you're done with it. Oh, I'm cutting Jumanji. I'm cutting... Wow, that's a major upset to start. Yeah, I'm sorry about that. By the way, look at these photographs.

What do you think of when you see these pictures, man? Well, I think about how fleshy I was because I would get to bed at 4 a.m. I would do the show at 2 a.m. Sometimes I'd get to bed at 5. 2.30, though, wasn't the start time 2.30? Yeah, I would get to bed late.

And sometimes if I was really a bad boy, I would stay up, get breakfast, and watch the rerun at 7 a.m. or 6 a.m. So it was a debacle. So I wasn't hiking as much as I should have been.

They're walking. Was there hiking in Bristol? I don't remember.

Well, I just call walking around the park hiking. But anyways, oh my God. You know, I didn't start drinking coffee until I was at ESPN. I was in my 30s. And I went to the doctor and I said, I have this weird shift. I get to bed at 4 a.m., 5 a.m., and I'm tired. Should I drink coffee? He goes, I think you should start drinking coffee. So I started drinking coffee.

And I'm about 36 years old. Is that crazy? To this day, do you drink coffee now? Love it in the morning.

Now you've got to have it. Yeah, love it in the morning. Oh, so you did that just to stay up till 2.30 in the morning and then? Yeah, I did it where I basically was just tired the whole day. So I'd have it in the morning just to wake up. Otherwise I'd be lethargic the whole day. I remember, man.

I'd go to sleep at 5 in the morning and then I would wake up at noon and the old lady upstairs was just vacuuming at like 8 in the morning. And I'm like, I'm not going to survive this. She's a loser. Probably dead.

All right, next one. Start, bench, cut. Craig Kilbourne. Best place to work, ESPN Comedy Central, CBS. Start, bench, cut. That's too easy. Start is CBS, favorite show ever.

That is Comedy Central, most dysfunctional place I've ever worked in my life. And then ESPN will bench. You'll bench the worldwide leader. Yeah, because I have to, right? You have to choose one of three. Yes, you do. Yeah. Yeah.

There's no gray area. And benching means what to you? Just putting it on the side? Yeah, it's useful if need be.

If you need in a pinch or if there's a sixth man of the year award, it's very valuable. But cut means just you're done. Okay. Comedy Central, cut. ESPN, benched.

CBS is a start, Tiffany Network. Next one. Craig Kilbourne. Start, bench, cut. Best shooters.

Best shooters. Start, bench, cut. Larry Bird, Steph Curry, or McGavin. Okay. I'm cutting McGavin. Oh, that was a quick cut for shooter McGavin.

That was quick because I take this seriously. Shooter. Okay. Gets cut. All right.

Very good. Well, you know, Steph, I actually was thinking about this. If there's one second on the clock, there's like a three-way tie of who I want to shoot it. Steph, Dame Dalla, because I like saying Dame Dalla, and Larry Legend. But Steph, I have to give it to Steph over Larry. Really?

All right. Start, Steph, bench, Larry. Yes. Steph is considered the greatest shooter of all time.

Yes. And he is. Larry, if you had one second left, it's easier for a 6'9 player to catch, like Larry can get his shot off.

Steph might have to ball fake him. Correct. But you didn't ask last second shot. You just said best shooter. Correct. Best shooter.

That's it. So I'm going to say Steph Curry is the starter, and then Larry is bench. Did you ever meet Larry? Have you ever met him? I met Larry.

Yeah. It was very interesting. My friend was shooting a commercial at the smokehouse in Burbank. It was a beer commercial. And he calls me and he says, there's no dialogue with Larry. He's sitting with a friend at the smokehouse at a bar, and the dialogue are the two guys over there drinking their beer saying, oh my God, that's Larry Bird. Can you be the friend that talks to Larry because I want him to have a good time?

So I said, sure. So I met him, and I just sat there and asked him every question I've ever wanted to ask him in my life. Like, have you ever heard the story about when he was at Indiana State, he played softball. This was before the NBA draft. And he broke his finger on his shooting hand, his pointer finger, playing softball.

And it never straightened out. And I asked him about this. And he says, yeah, I just told the doctor, I just want to be able to hold a beer.

I just want to be able to hold a beer. But the funniest thing is his friends at Indiana State said, yeah, he shot pretty well in the NBA. But you should have seen him at Indiana State before he broke his finger. He couldn't miss. How did he handle being asked every question under the sun? Was he cool? Oh, he was cool. He liked this because he was really cool. Oh, that's good. He really enjoyed it because I think he does events with magic, and they get these questions and they love to relive certain things. Like I would say, is it true about you playing with your left hand against the Blazers?

Yes. Because he'd make that announcement. He goes, I'm just going to play with my left hand. And he did. Bill Walton tells the story, poor Jerome Kersee.

And Larry had 36 through three quarters or something ridiculous. And then Larry would say, I saved my right hand for the Lakers. He's a very funny guy. I mean, some of the things he would say, I mean, the stories you hear. I mean, John Salley told a great story the other day where he's like, they put him on Bird and Bird's like, you're not the one guarding me, are you? And he screamed mouse in the house, and he started scoring on top of him. Who was the other one who said the other, we heard a Bird story the other day? There was one about Shawn Kemp that was kind of making the rounds where Shawn Kemp's brother broke all of Bird's records, and then Bird looked at him and goes, I got something for you.

And then dropped 40 and 10. Oh, yeah. That's great. All right.

Start the music one more time. We got two more start bench cuts for Craig Kilborn. Start bench cut. What's the word to say, svelte, luscious, gorgeous? Starting gorgeous. We're starting gorgeous. Okay. We are starting gorgeous.

I'm going to cut svelte, even though I like the word. I'm doing this quickly. This is... That's the idea.

These are first lush thoughts. Yeah. Yeah. Understood. And then benching is luscious, even though I never use that word.

You don't? I never use luscious. No, no, no. I like it though. Okay. I like the word.

I think my family is gorgeous, I would think. Yeah. Yeah.

It's got a similar feel to it. Luscious. Last one for you, Craig Kilborn. Start bench cut. Neckwear, favorite neckwear, ascot, scarf, none at all. Just completely unbuttoned as you are currently today. Start bench cut, Craig Kilborn. Start the ascot.

That might be a new drop, by the way. I'm gonna bench scarf and cut none at all, even though that's what I go with, to make myself more approachable for everybody, all your listeners and viewers. And then just apropos of completely nothing, Hoskins, could you put that shot up one more time? What are you looking at in that scarf shot? Do you remember when this photograph was taken?

You're looking off to the side. What are you... Do you remember? I had a strategically placed mirror and I saw my reflection and I almost fainted. I do remember going in your office at The Daily Show years ago and you had a... There were about three mirrors in that office. There wasn't a place you couldn't turn your head and see a mirror in that office.

I can tell you, I'm gonna tell you a really quick story. Yeah, Craig. I used to have a handheld mirror and people made fun of me because I would look at it on the set. In commercial breaks. All the time.

For SportsCenter, I remember doing this with you. Yeah, and there's a reason for it. I'm gonna tell you the reason now. Okay. And this is the same.

You know Pat Riley's GQ? Of course. He said he slicked his hair back because it was low maintenance. I don't have to bother him or worry about it. Yeah, yeah. It's over. I just slick it back, I'm good the rest of the day.

Yeah. In Montana State, there was some film and TV class we took and there was Dan Rather. We were watching how they were shooting the nightly news and Dan Rather had a hair out of place. And everyone in the class was giggling and not listening to what he was saying. They were like, his hair is out of place.

And I have fine hair, very thin, fine hair and they fly, little flyaways. So my whole thing was, if I have a flyaway, no one's listening to me. So my logic was always, and then everyone would laugh. So then it became a joke, kind of a tension breaker like, look at Kilborn, Mr. Vanity.

I don't, Rich, I don't look at myself at home in the mirror except for two hours in the morning and then an hour before I go to bed. Well, you turned that into a bit on the Late Late Show too. Yeah, yeah. But you had like, I remember sitting on one side of the, you sat down in your chair at a desk and I was on the other side of the desk, kind of like I was being interviewed for a job or something like that because I was, I came to visit you that one time on the Daily Show set and there was this huge mirror on your desk in between the two of us. So I kind of had to like look around to see you to have the conversation. And then you knew I was running the risk being on the, do you remember this at all? Okay.

I knew I was running the risk of being an ESPN anchor, active at the time, appearing on your show. Oh, yeah. Oh, right.

Oh, oh. Remember Keith did that? He got suspended. Because he made a joke about Bristol, right?

Right. And he got disciplined by that. Now I had a great time at ESPN, but do you know that if you look at all the networks out there, they suspend more people than anybody. No, they were very heavy handed that way.

I was talking to Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago. He was suspended for life by ESPN. That's what they said at the time. They were so mad at him. He was in the booth for Monday Night Football and they were making fun of, he was making fun, they got rid of Joe Theismann for Tony Kornheiser. I think that's what it was.

And he was doing jokes about this and they suspended him for life. That's over the top. You know, he's the king of that entire outfit. And I remember though being there that night and I was going to be in the audience and you're like, don't worry about it. I'll just stick you somewhere in the audience.

Yeah, yeah. I'll just stick you in the audience somewhere. You won't be on camera. It'll be fine. You'll be cool.

Don't worry about it. And then at the very end you finished the show. Now you remember? But that was fun. Craig. Yeah.

Fun. So I am off to the side in the very last row in the last seat, but I'm right by a railing. You got up out of your chair. You left the main set to come up to me and you're like, oh, look at this. You pointed right at me and the camera zoomed in on me.

The only thing you could see was my big meat head and just four little corners of light behind me. Did I get you in trouble? I apologize. No, you did not. You did not. Because all I was was just appearing.

I was not being critical of anything like that. But I appeared. You had your fun with that one. That was, yeah.

Those were good times. All right. We'll take a break. Five questions with Craig to send us to the weekend.

This has been an absolute blast. I appreciate you giving me a full hour here. Thank you, sir.

You got it. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial on the Rich Ozzin show as well. Our terrestrial radio audience has returned here on the Rich Ozzin show. One last segment with you, Craig Kilborn. Bless you. Hard out.

Hard out is coming. We have a good old-fashioned five questions for you. How did this segment come to begin in your back in the day? You just came up with a... I was at the Bowery Bar in New York City, Manhattan, pre-production of The Daily Show. And there was this beautiful woman. And I went up to her. We became friends after that. And I'm not going to say her name. I'll tell you off the air.

But I was tired and she was tired. And I said, I'm just going to ask you five questions to see, you know, maybe this is the one... you ever been to Carmel? Yeah, my grandmother had a place in Carmel. This is in Manhattan. Because I like Carmel. Sure, of course.

California. What do you think of garlic? Because you can't say I like it. It's either love or hate. You have to love it. She says, I love it.

I go, great. And I said, what does the word peripatetic mean? She goes, what kind of questions are these? So I didn't get to the full five.

Those were the original five questions. You got to three? Yeah, my brother has a big vocabulary and someone said to him, peripatetic, and he said itinerant, which is nomadic. And he... Right, you mean you're well-traveled. You're well-traveled.

Yeah, like Larry Brown, the peripatetic Larry Brown, jumping from team to team. But anyway, so five questions. It was with a woman at the Bowery Bar in Manhattan. And then we did it on the show at the Daily Show. Very good. Here we go.

Give me the music. These are five questions for Craig Kilborn to play us out, if you will. First one.

First question. Peter Fonda once taught a film workshop at this university. What is Montana State in Bozeman, Montana? That is correct. There was another hint. It's the same school that the Hall of Fame kicker, Jan Stenerud, attended.

Yes, Jan Stenerud went there. That was just in case the Peter Fonda did mention did not jar your memory right there. Okay. Number two. Give us the lead, the end of a lead-in to the Dodgers and Reds game and then deliver the Bob Lee look-away. If you don't mind. Oh, boy. Let me see. Okay. Here we go. So there's the general up on the screen. So give us a lead-in to Dodgers, Reds, and then deliver the Bob Lee look-away. Dodgers, Reds, big game, five in a row for the big red machine.

Let's go to the highlights. That is correct. Is that right? That was correct. That was correct.

You got it correct. The Bob Lee look-away is one of my favorite things of all time. One of the great things about broadcasting look-aways, it just makes the people at home comfortable if, in fact, they don't roll the tape right away because the guy's not staring. So you're just going like this, and we're all waiting.

It's all on the tape operator, the director to take it. You know what I'm saying? It's no pressure on us. It relieves stress.

It relieves stress relievers. Bill McAtee of CBS, he didn't have a look-away. He always looks at the camera, and when he's done with his lead-in, he smiles.

Every time. He doesn't have a look-away. He has a smile-away sort of thing, so it's just different styles.

Number three, five questions for Craig Kilbourne. What's more powerful, a good-looking ascot or a meaningful wink? People really respond to the wink. It has to be the wink. I get a lot of comments when I wink, and jokingly, I have said one of my podcasts will be only a 30-minute show of me winking the entire time. No talking.

I mean, people really, it's ridiculous. I do it, and I get these comments often from women, Rich. Love the wink. The wink.

You had me at the wink. You know, that kind of stuff. So that's correct. Yes. The answer is the wink. It's all about connecting with people. There you go. Okay. Number four, what's more important, postal code, postal code, zip code, or guy code? Which one is more important, Craig Kilbourne? I think for us, it's guy code.

The other ones are kind of pedestrian. Guy code, we're all trying to get through this life. We all make mistakes. Yes. I believe in forgiveness, and I believe in guy code. Okay, because that's correct.

Guy code, because who sends mail or makes phone calls anymore? Yeah. Right? So what's the best place for that scene for you, Craig? That wasn't too bad, because I had done a scene a day earlier, the first scene, and I'd gotten bad advice where they go, he understated its film. So I brought my A game, and the actors there are later not in that scene. Luke Wilson was in that scene.

But Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell liked my bathroom scene. I think it was like four takes. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I would have taken the under on five, so I think I won that one.

I gargled and spit and talked. All right. Last one, Craig, and this could be the most important one of all. Last question for Craig Kilborn. Once and for all, who does the elder Sabonis belong to? He belongs to... He's our fetus. He's not your fetus or my fetus. He's our fetus.

He's universal, and he's loved, and he smokes a pack a day, because he's European. That's correct. That's the correct answer. Obviously, he's our fetus. It's a great home, Rich.

It really is. You want to guess once again who gave us those five questions, Craig? That's our friend Gus Ramsey.

That's correct. Is he living down in Florida not paying property tax, not paying income tax? He's running the Dan Patrick School of Broadcasting for our friend DP. Good for him. Good for them. Florida.

Do you like Florida? You know what, Craig? Interesting that you asked me that. I'm going to put you on the spot. No, it's all right.

No, I don't want to put you on the spot. No, I mean, I go to other states. There are other states. Do you like Florida? I'm not a huge fan.

I know a lot of people on the East Coast like it, and I haven't been back there in years, so I don't know. Right. Yeah.

They throw a mean Super Bowl. They're incredible. Yeah. They are great. Yeah. I think we're blessed here in California.

I agree. One of the great coastal towns, Cambria. You ever been to Cambria?

No, but I always hear it in traffic and weather together. Where the Hearst Castle is. It's very nice up there. San Clemente down south. What's the one everyone likes? Manhattan Beach. All the hip people. It's right here. Yeah.

They're so excited about it. Round of applause for Craig Kilburn, everybody. I got to go. Check out the Life Gorgeous coming up after July 4th.

Don't go anywhere. We'll be back with a couple more finishing moments here. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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