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Valentine's Day Advice With Suzy Shuster

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 14, 2024 4:00 pm

Valentine's Day Advice With Suzy Shuster

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 14, 2024 4:00 pm

2/14/24 - Hour 3

Guest host Suzy Shuster and the guys react to the Lakers new Kobe Bryant statue, the Chiefs re-upping Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Travis Kelce-Andy Reid Super Bowl sideline incident, and the latest news and tidbits from around the NFL.

Suzy dishes out Valentine’s Day advice for callers looking for last-minute gift advice, and the guys weigh in on Las Vegas hosting Super Bowl LVIII and react to the Chiefs victory parade. 

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Hey, it's Valentine's Day! This is The Rich Eisen Show. I love the fit. With guest host, Susie Shuster. I love it.

You do? I love it. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. How best to describe how the Niners are processing everything. I've never been in a more devastated locker room.

And that's saying something because I've covered this team for several years now. Earlier on the show, veteran NBA reporter Howard Beck, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, Fox Sports College Football Analyst Bruce Feldman. And now, it's Susie Shuster. Our number three underway of The Rich Eisen Show, Susie Shuster in for Rich Eisen who has taken a little rest post Super Bowl.

I think that's a good way to put it. TJ Jefferson, happy Valentine's Day to you. Good to see you, my friend. I thought you might come to me last as I was trying to jump in here.

I was trying to keep you on your toes, my friend. Well, I'm kind of hurting right now, Susie. Hurting from what?

A second donut maybe? I've had some back issues. So, the last three weeks I've been playing with pain. I've got sambro cream for you.

We've got things to take care of that. Mikey, how are you? Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day, Susie. Christopher, you all set? Hello. You all set? Is your plan in play? Yeah.

You sure? Tomorrow. Again, tomorrow.

Tonight's for the amateurs. Are you going to bring her flowers? Yeah, I'm picking them up after the show today.

What'd you get? I don't know. Wow. Flowers? Yeah. You got a plan? You're just going to walk in there and see what they have?

No, I ordered them weeks ago. Like, I'm not a rookie here. Like, come on now. I don't know. I'm a little nervous about this Valentine's Day at the Tiana household. That is a lack of respect.

Yeah, and? Just saying. Happy Valentine's Day to you guys out there. Great to see you. Great to be with you. Thrilled to be spending this day with you. I want to hear from the people who have no plan.

Is there anyone out there with no plan who needs advice? By the way. Call us right now.

By the way. 844-204-RICH. Pizza delivery.

Two words. Pizza delivery. 844-204-RICH is the number. You know I love taking calls. So if you call in, I'm going to take them. I'm always here for advice for you. If you want to figure out a way to, you know. Advice with Susie.

Just saying. Off in the blue. No plan. What is your plan? Where are you going? Mastro's. Are you really?

Double. Butter. Are you going to get the butter cage? Mastro's is my favorite.

You made reservations when? That is my favorite place in the world. The one in the water or the one in town? Beverly Hills. Aye. Mikey's a big roller. BH.

I like this. Holy moly. Red basket for everybody. You kidding me?

Wow, look at you. Mastro's is my favorite restaurant in LA. It's delicious. I was pregnant with Cooper. And his birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday Coopy Doop.

Coopy. I would call ahead and say can you take a Caesar salad and put it in the refrigerator and have it ice cold and for some reason a frozen, this sounds disgusting now, a frozen Caesar salad from Mastro's was the way to go. The Caesar salad is really good. The Chiefs are partying like it's Valentine's Day and like it's championship day. Nothing that exciting to report people.

Nobody has thrown the Lombardi. I think that's kind of a bummer. Yep.

I mean it's a happy championship but I kind of wanted something chaotic. We've identified the shirtless guy. Who is it?

T.J. It's Willie Gay who I think won't be on the team next year or maybe he's a free agent or retiring or whatever but he is shirtless. He has no shoes on and he had a bottle of Hennessy and he had like laid down in the middle of the street. Here he is. Look at this. Living his best life.

I saw somebody I couldn't see because I had the multi-screen here but somebody was shirtless. Okay that wasn't what the bear had on. Come on. I love it. That and a bottle of Hennessy, never a good idea. Hen doggy dog. Or the only good idea you need on a February day.

No shirt, no shoes, you better have a little hen dog up in here is all I'm saying. 844-204-RICH is the number to call. Chris, you want to do our news update and then we'll take some calls? Let's go calls first. Let's go calls first.

Nick in South Carolina, the Kobe Bryant statue. Let's chat about it. What do you got? Hey everybody, how are y'all doing today?

Happy Valentine's Day to you. Do you have any good plans? Laundry. No good. Those are not good plans, it's just plans but it's always good to have clean clothes. Fantastic.

Agreed. You know I love Kobe Bryant, so what was your thought on- A couple years ago when I was homeless, clean clothes were hard to come by. Well, we're happy to hear that things are better for you right now and we're going to get your stuff done tonight. You wanted to talk about Kobe Bryant and you know I love him. I do, I do because, so you know, January 26th of 2020 is when we lost Kobe and you know the other folks on the helicopter.

And, very sad day and really didn't have much opportunity to process all that because just six days prior on the 20th of January my sister was murdered so that was you know dealing with a lot of stuff there. But anyway, I love the statue, it is a fitting tribute to Kobe and I hope to make it out there one day and that you're taking her in front of it. But, I've been a Lakers fan since 1975 because you know I'm old. But, you know I have lived and died with the Lakers ever since you know and with all due respect to Mr. Brockman, I'm a Celtic hater. Totally get it. You know, but I have no choice, I'm a Laker. Absolutely. Right.

Like die hard. But, I know you had a great relationship with Kobe and you know I'd like to actually you know find out you know what you thought of Kobe like during and after his career, what kind of man he was. Sure, I'd love to tell you and Nick thank you so much for calling. I knew Kobe, I met him when he was 17 years old, I did a real sports with Brian Gumblepiece with him and then I was lucky enough to cover him for three years out here as the beat reporter for Fox Sports. I loved every single part of working with him, he was a class act, he always treated me with an incredible respect, we used to have fun chatting in Italian behind people's backs in the locker room and I loved watching him mature into the dad that he became. I was so proud of him, I truly believe that every time I watch Kaitlyn Clark, Sabrina Ionesco, I just think of Kobe Bryant and I think about what kind of girl dad he would have been and I truly believe by now he would have developed a network for women's sports, he was that passionate about it.

So, Nick thanks for the question and I can't stop talking about what wonderful memories I have about Kobe and I feel very lucky that I got to spend so much of my broadcast career with him. So, thanks again for that call. Robby, Memphis, Tennessee, what do you have for us sir, Happy Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day guys. I'm just curious as to why nobody is talking about the fact that Jake Moody missed that extra point because in all honesty, I mean if he would have missed the extra point then the game never would have went to overtime, the Chiefs would have had to play for a touchdown instead of a time field goal at the end of regulation. Thanks again for that call. You know, it's- I was blocked, I mean it was a great defensive play, I mean Moody's kind of had his ups and downs this year, but Chiefs might have won the game of regulation, like let's be honest, they might have played it a little differently, they might not have tried to play for overtime or whatever, they might have tried to just go and win it. It seems like their strategy might have changed if they were, I feel like the game probably would have been over, we wouldn't have had overtime basically is what I'm trying to say. And I can't decide whether that was just great Chiefs defense, I mean that really was sick defense on blocking that, but we're talking about a rookie who nailed, I mean he had the longest right, the longest field goal in history until it wasn't five seconds later, but- Yeah, 30 year field goal record had stood and then he breaks it and then it lasted like an hour before the Bucher got it.

Yeah, pretty solid game for that rookie. You've got a news update for us this morning, don't you Chris? Let's do it. News. Play my music. And now with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment, someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever, it's Chris Brockman. Disrespectful that open every single time.

I love every second about that open. I have many, many awards. What do you have? You've got- All right- What do you have?

You got me? Breaking news guys, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, they're having their parade right now and a big reason of that success and that victory. Steve Spagnuolo, their defensive coordinator, the Chiefs were awesome on D this year. Dare I say, carried Patrick Mahomes to another Super Bowl. Can we say that TJ?

Is that accurate? I mean, I don't know how accurate- Sidebar, do you think anyone on the Chiefs defense is like, Jesus, can Pat score a touchdown? We're carrying this guy. Absolutely. I'm sure Chris Jones at some point- I was gonna say, Chris Jones is like a, remember me?

This was like, yo, I'm out here doing my thing. Can this guy get in the end zone and get us some points? We're carrying this team.

No? That would be hilarious if somebody brought that up. Exciting extension, Spags, gonna stick around. A lot of speculation on why he wasn't getting head coaching interviews or maybe he would be in the coaching cycle. He's sticking around KC, he's been there since 2019, now part of three Super Bowl championships with the Chiefs. Obviously, you remember him with the Giants back in 08. Four rings, Spags, Hall of Fame for Spags at some point? If you're Spags, and I can't call him Spags, if you're Spagnola, do you want to go out there on your own or do you want to go for three-peat?

I'm just wondering what the mentality you think is. You accumulate as many rings with this run as you can possibly guess. You know what I mean? Didn't go so great. He got his chance as a head coach. It was terrible with the Rams and got back in the coordinator game and has been crushing it ever since.

I would stick by Pat Holmes and Andy Reid as long as I possibly could. Yeah, you don't want to get away from this show, number one, and number two, sometimes you just want to stay in your lane. This is a lane right here. Yeah, I think was it when Silvio said it on Sopranos, Mikey, some people are just better number twos. Yes, that's true. Yeah, and he's been a great number two leading this defense. They were awesome this year.

Obviously, a big reason why they won the chip. And wait until Jason Kelcey joins, too, and then the Kelcey brothers go together and then come on. That's what I'm saying. Come on. We're on the same page here.

Thank you. We're on New Heights. They're a wildly popular podcast came out, of course, recapping everything about the Super Bowl. We're going to play two clips here. First up, that sideline confrontation T.J. Travis had with Andy Reid. We're having a different conversation if they lose that game, I think, about that whole thing.

Absolutely. All right, Travis, explain what that was all about. Roll it. You having a heated exchange with Coach Reid.

So heated. People are all over this. I mean, I get it.

You cross the line. I think we can both agree on that. I get that fired up to the point where I'm bumping coach and it's getting them off balance and stuff. I mean, let's be honest. The yelling in his face, too, is over the top.

I think there's better ways to handle this. I love Coach Reid. Coach Reid knows how much I'd love to play for him. I'm not playing for anybody else but Big Red. If he calls it quits this year, I'm out there with him, man. He ain't calling it quits. Come on, now.

He's not. I immediately wish I would have took it back. Coach Reid actually came right up to me after that and he just let him know, hey, man, I love your passion. I got cameras on me all over the place, man. He's letting you know not to be like that. Just fired me up even more to go out there and get a fucking victory for him, man. Big Red, sorry if I caught you with that cheap shot, baby, but damn, I love winning with you. You got to have your head on a swivel because next time he gets fired up a Jew, he's coming hot at you. You know that.

Oh, yeah. I deserve it. If he would have cold-cocked me in the face right there, I would have just ate it and just been like, yeah, let's fucking go. I'm not trying to make this situation acceptable, but this is what happens when you have highly motivated, passionate individuals. This doesn't happen if you and Andy aren't as close as you are. That's what nobody fucking knows.

The reason this happens is because you two love each other so much and respect each other so much that you feel open enough to have an interaction like this. It wasn't me mad at Coach Reed as it looks. It was the frustration of our team not having success, turning the ball over, and me being on the sideline. Not anyone going there.

Not anyone going there. Damn it. It was pleading with your head coach to let you go out there and win this motherfucker. That's what it was. Me and you both know what it was.

Andy knows what you mean to him and what he means to you. Wow. There you have it. By the way, for all the Swifties out there, they're like, he's a bad example for kids out there. Guys, this is football.

This is actually what they do. Tom Brady responded back. He was talking about this on Let's Go because I kind of thought about that. How many times did we see Tom Brady and other people's faces up and down the sidelines? Him getting screamed at. I mean, screamed at.

You know, he said, here's a shocker, I don't mind seeing it because I was a part of a lot of those things. Emotions are so high. You are definitely not centered and balanced. You're not in a meditative state at that point. You're right, Tom.

You're not. You are fully determined to go out there and to win. I think a lot of the things that are said during the games, people should just let them fly off their back.

And it sounds as though the Kelseys have just flown that off their back. Winning helps change all of that. Like I said, 49ers win that game, we're having a lot of different conversation about that. Yeah, I mean, look, he was getting slammed online, as he probably should have. And we spoke the other day about had he been a different player, how the story would have been differently.

But I would have felt the same no matter who had done it. Look, man, you're in the heat of battle. They're not out there playing golf, no disrespect to golf. These are physical men and they're out there playing for the Super Bowl, man.

You get heated, you get emotional. And the bottom line is this, whether you like it or you don't, whether I like it or I don't, whether anyone does. If Andy Reid and Travis Kelsey are kosher and copacetic, then guess what? No one else's opinion matters in the story. So I guess it's close the chapter, crack a beer, hop on that float and move on. And now the guys have in their platform, they came out and said, look, I shouldn't have done that. Yeah, that's right.

So that's what owning your mistakes and being accountable is all about. Let's play another clip here. We can't stop talking about the 49ers decision to take the ball in overtime.

Was Travis Kelsey surprised by it? You win the coin toss. That's what you get.

You get the opportunity to have the advantage and they handed it right over to us. Yeah. Not trying to harp on the guy, but it was a huge like when they said we want to receive and the ref looked at Fred and he said, are you sure? Yeah. Are you sure you want to receive? And he said, yes.

Yeah. I want to receive. I want the ball.

I was just like, I got, I jumped out of my seat and said, Hey, Hey, here we go. Here we go. Let's go boys. They want to receive. We get second possession.

We know exactly what they want. Defense. Hold them. Just hold them to three.

I don't like just hold them to three. We're going to go down here and win this thing, baby. Freaking crazy. Really was.

Chris. Wow. Wow. Wow. And the thing is like, we've been talking this out kind of all week and we've been understand the math and the Kyle Shanahan saying I wanted to have the third possession and going back to what Kurt said, well, there's no third possession if the chiefs win it on the second possession.

True. So, I mean, anybody who's hearing a world-class response, I said to Kurt, would you want the ball in your hands? He said, absolutely not. Go back and watch it on Roku.

We'll repeat this, see it on YouTube, wherever you want to see the rich eyes and show. But yeah, I totally agreed with Kurt. Yeah. No quarterback is going to want to say, let me know, let me know what I need to do. That's right. Let me know what I need to do. I want to go out there and win this.

Yeah. If I have a chance to win it on, on possession two, we're going to win it on possession two. And look, you can take the ball first. You just absolutely under no uncertain circumstances, you have to score a touchdown. You have to score a touchdown. You can't kick a field goal there knowing who's on the other side of the field, 15 87. You can't, you can't give those guys, make it a four down game, knowing that they will have four chances. They have to score a touchdown and they win the game because guess what? They're going to win the game and they did.

And now there's a parade in Kansas city. Yeah guys. But don't you think if you're, if you're really that, that, that guy is a quarterback, you don't care. You want that. You want a mad hassle back this, we want the ball and we're going to score. You know, you want to, I would think that you would want to go out there and set the tone and set the tempo and be like, now you, this is what you have to do. I'm going down, I'm getting seven.

Now you match me. I love my brother Matt, but he threw a pick after that. I mean, and that's the thing he did, but I'm just pointing that out there that, you know, now with these new rules, I don't know. I don't know. I just want the last chance. Yeah. Maybe I'm just that new England, but I just, I just like that. I like the chances of engineering that last drive. All right.

A few of the things here that I, that I saw out there. Justin Fields are going to talk on a lot about the bears in the next couple of months. Is he going to be in Chicago or are they going to trade him? Are they going to take Caleb Williams?

Well, look guys, TJ, this is my area. There's odds on Justin Fields' next team. The DraftKings saw this yesterday. The Steelers are your favorite.

As we talked about yesterday. Even money to be the next Steelers quarterback, Justin Fields, the Bears just sticking around plus one fifties. That seems to be a two team race. According to the bookmakers, Falcons plus 550, Patriots plus 650, Raiders long shot 12 to one.

What do you guys think about those spots? Well, we know that Mike Tomlin likes Justin Fields. And as we said yesterday, look, this making a move for a quarterback, whether it be Fields, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, this is not the thing that the Steelers typically do. But after reading all the Steeler fans tweets to Rich over the last few months, maybe what they usually do isn't working to these fans, you know, what the way they want it to work. So why not take a chance?

Why not do as Costanza, as you said, Chris, do something different, like do the opposite of what you normally do and see how that pans out. It'd be pretty fun. I mean, the potential of that offense.

Now Arthur Smith, who, you know, not up and down tenure as Falcons head coach, but really good offensive coordinator wins with the Titans. Yeah, that could be pretty fun. The running game, you know, in Pittsburgh is going to be incredible.

Just imagine if you had fields and you paired them with a Pickens and a Johnson and yeah, Najee and Jaylen Warren and Friar move. Yeah, so that could be a lot of fun. Will he bring the mustache, you think, with him? I think the mustache is here to stay.

I think the mustache is it's definitely a Berg thing. Necessary. Necessary. All right.

Couple of quick things. Anthony Richardson, we got kind of robbed of his rookie season shoulder surgery back in October. His agent posted a video of him throwing the ball.

So it looks like he's on the men back. One of the big expected free agents at wide receiver, Tee Higgins from Cincinnati. The Athletic reporting that Bengals expected to franchise tag him, so maybe they can work out a long term deal for him to stick around with Joe Burrow. And as soon as I know you're all about this, Kaitlin Clark, the Iowa Women's Hoops superstar, she's eight points away from breaking Kelsey Plumb's Division 1 scoring record. She is home tomorrow against Michigan on Peacock, everybody.

That game is on Peacock. If you want to see Kaitlin Clark make history. I do. I am all in. I will be sitting there with my 10 year old at my side. We will watch her break this record. I think it is so sick. It is so awesome. It is so exciting. And I love the fact that we are sitting here on a sports show three days after the Super Bowl and we are talking women's hoops. That is killer.

That's awesome. Can we get her in on the three point shootout with Sabrina and Steph? I mean, let's go. Yeah. Why not?

I mean, think about this. And I know that Howard Beck was saying in the first hour how the All-Star Game's gotten a little stale. But I love the fact that there are little girls out there that are going to be tuning in to watch Sabrina take on Steph Curry. Because they love Steph Curry. I mean, kids love Steph Curry, but that we're going to actually see a woman out there taking him on. Howard said he's not into the battle of the sexes and I said, this isn't about that. This is just about seeing someone that represents you out there on the court.

And I am here for it. TJ, Dame and Kaitlin Clark against Sabrina and Steph. We got two on two in a game.

Not just shooting. Just three point shootout. We can do a game. We can do two. You got to play. You got to put it up to 20 and go two on two. Who you got?

Dame and Kaitlin against Steph and Sabrina. Sick. Sick. That's fun.

Baby. I'm going to have Kaitlin on next time I'm here. No doubt. I love that. That's a legit toss up, right? Now you've got me thinking like I want to have like a round robin tournament of an NBA player and a WNBA player.

I'm going to come up with like fun, maybe a few matchups by the end of the show and maybe talk tomorrow. But yeah, that would be dope. That is the news. Yeah. Call Amy Trask. She knows a little bit about something like that, you know? Oh, yeah. Yeah.

She knows a little bit about little three attorneys, big three stuff, outstanding, outstanding news segment. Thanks so much, Christopher. Nicely done. Thanks, Chris. Nice Valentine's Day gift from me to you. Oh, it's better than Tupperware. That's fantastic.

You're not getting your Tupperware back. Nice 12-year-old joke. Whatever. Still plays. Still plays, my friend. Still works. Still plays.

Still works. We've got callers. We've got callers coming up, and I'm taking all of your calls. But before we do, let me tell you about game time, because let's face it, much like the mom flew and the dad flew were different, the moms are the ones that buy the tickets half the time. Guys, I'm going to tell you how game time makes your life easy.

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Head to the DoorDash app to get everything you need delivered. Mike Del Tufo over there. When Justin Hartley of This Is Us was here on Friday, he planks weights on his back. Okay, there he is putting plank after plank, those are 45 pounds. He waves on more weight.

See, come on, let's get some more, right? Del Tufo sees this and he goes, I could do that is what he said. And he said he would do 145. Now we took that, when you say when he can do 145, how much weight do you think that means? Just 145. Right. No.

One plate that weighs 45 pounds. How long do you say you can do that? A minute. Come on. All right, here we go.

Mike. Get off your knees. Go to the right spot in your mind now. Go to the right spot in your mind, buddy. Come on.

Look at her. Always near the finish line, baby. Always near the finish line. Coach him up, Irv.

Coach him up. Let's see. Victory is simple, baby. Right there. Uh-oh.

Uh-oh. Don't worry about the body, baby. Our mind's controlling our body.

Preach, Michael, preach. Our mind, we got this, baby. We got this. We gonna show the world. That's what you about. What do we got?

Show the world, baby. Just a little bit more seconds. Flat now. Flat now, Mike. Don't worry about it. You got two blocks out.

All right. You got two blocks gone. Halfway home. You got two blocks gone. Halfway home.

You got two more to go. All she – just see that finish line. Look at the glory. Look at the chest touching the tape.

Get your chest from that tape. Look at you, baby. 20 seconds to go. You come in here.

You come in here in 20 seconds, baby. You finish this, man. We can do this. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Go. You're going to get it. You're going to get it. You know, I'm going to get it. Be a man.

Be a man. Get it. Get it. Thank you about it. Thank you about it. Thank you about it. Thank you about it. Thank you about it, ladies. We'll talk about it. We'll talk about it.

You better be the best. Thank you. Thank you about it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you about. I do that every day, people.

The gym. I can't tell. I do it.

I do. Rounding the corner here at the Rich Eisen Show. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

got the right product for you, call or just stop by. Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen on this Valentine's Day edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Scott in Virginia, you need some advice on Valentine's Day? Yeah, Scott, what do we got? And Scott, Scotty, Scotty, you got three chicks?

Well, I have a choice between an ex-wife, a woman that's a little older than me that thinks I want something from her and then a younger one that is willing to wear a poo onesie. Wow. Like Winnie the Pooh, right? Yes. Okay, got it.

And she would look cute in it. So Scott, in other words- I think you have your answer. You're like the luckiest guy in the world, in other words, because you got ladies coming from every direction. I know, but I'm thinking about staying home with my cats. Okay.

It's cheaper, for sure. But staying home with your cats involve ordering in pizza. Oh, yes, most certainly.

Babes, babes, you're welcome. I just saved you a lot of money in therapy. Yeah. Just stay home. Football Roku.

Order yourself a nice pizza. Yeah, exactly. Put on Roku. Football Roku. There are movies up the wazoo. That's what I'm talking about. I mean, you can sit in Roku and watch anything and like I binged the bear last week. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You can watch this show on repeat.

I'll put your Valentine. Come on. Oh, that's excellent. I love you as a host. Well, thanks, Scott. I really appreciate it. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Thanks again for calling in, Scott.

Rich and Temecula, dude, are you with me on my Jason Kelsey scoop here? Yeah. Yeah. How you guys doing? Happy Valentine's Day.

And to you, too. What's happening? I missed you guys. I missed you guys in Vegas. I was there all week. I went to a Steinberg event Saturday.

I go pretty much every year. Fantastic. Yeah.

Yeah. It was just my birthday. I went to the title fight. I went to the Lane fight.

I went to Wu-Tang Clan concert, a bunch of other events. We had a bunch of meetings, but I ran into some people that are kind of on the inside Kelsey circle. I guess they call them. They are some people, and yeah, I think he's thinking of a two-year player option on the third year. So that's the scoop or one to two years, something like that. We're just talking. In Kansas City or in Philadelphia?

In KC. He's going to go play with Travis, with his brother. I guess that's been their thought process the whole time at the end of their career. I mean, you could be a source, Rich. I don't want to say anything right now. Yeah. I mean, Rich, sources are saying. This is our third source.

Sources are saying. Well, it's kind of like family. I'll put it that way. Friends or family. There was some family members within the scope.

I don't know exactly. I didn't like ideal, but I mean, we're standing around Hall of Famers. I was next to Warren Moon and Maguire and some other guy players, so they're sitting there in a little circle while we're talking. I don't know why they would B.S. us, you know, they're pretty serious, but again, we've been talking about it for three, four years or so since the COVID days, our careers are winding down. Why don't we figure out which team we wanted to play for? This is what it came down to. So Travis could want to go here now, Jason, I guess he's going to go to KC for a year or two. That's that's what I heard now. I mean, Rich, thank you for calling.

I appreciate your time and happy Valentine's Day. But I mean, sources are saying, Chris Brockman. Now we're talking Jason Kelsey is coming for a two year deal. I mean, Rich sounds like he's still got a little bit of the Vegas in him. You know, you heard his voice. He's all right. We don't need another rich situation.

No, no. Rich, rich, rich. This rich had a good time.

This rich really enjoyed himself sound like this is what I'm talking about. Look, and I was basing my speculation on overreaction Monday podcast available where you get your podcast and our YouTube channel. I was just throwing it out there, seeing what's stuck now. This is well, we've had a source confirmed on some legs. We've had the source confirm some speculation and some overreaction, Jason Kelsey. Come on. Of course you do this.

I know you guys aren't giving me credit for being a source as well, but I was the first one to say this guy's not done yet. Why would you want to walk away from this? You're you're having too much fun. Go play with your brother.

Go play with your brother. First of all, shout out to the new heights, the podcast, they had an incredible Super Bowl party that Chris and I went to. We had a great Susie, as we said, you'd be proud to hear this. The entire setup was decorated to look like their home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where they grow.

So starting lineup figures. It's awesome. The DJ booth was their childhood bedroom. Yes. So cool.

It's like, why wouldn't you play boy on the ground like, oh, yeah, there was they had baseball cards, baseball cards, action figures, playboys hidden in drawers. I mean, yeah. Why? I'm going to run with this story. I agree with you, Chris. Let's just go with it. What's wrong with it? Yeah.

One of the one of the linemen got injured in the Super Bowl. He's got a UCL. So they're like, oh, there's just so I'm in spot open. We just need to have a call into Kylie and see whether whether she's willing to relocate to to Casey. Look, Jason can live in an apartment for like five months. He can go back on his off day.

The wife's not in there. It's not happening. It'll work out.

The grandparents are there. They got they got sitting sitters. Taylor Swift can babysit. Come on. What are we doing?

Taylor Swift's not baby. Come on. Come on.

Aaron in Milwaukee. Happy Valentine's Day to you. How are you? Happy Valentine's Day, Susie. And the guys. Thanks for taking the call. I really wanted to get your thoughts, Susie, on the whole luggage debacle leading up to the Vegas trip. Oh, my God. Yeah. Because I personally found it really ironic that Rich was given the guys a hard time for wanting to check in bags when his top five graphic.

He has multiple bags. He checks in every week just to do a top five ranking. You know what? That is so true. And I guess it's that time of the Rich Eisen show to throw rich under the bus.

But, you know, when is it not? Aaron, thanks again for calling in. I will tell you this. I know. Oh, wow. It's a lot of bags.

There's four suitcases right there. It looks like dealer. No deal. Is not the one they give away. No deal. Yes.

He looks like the models on dealer. No. Well, not really, Mike. By the way, just not really breaking news.

That doesn't that doesn't look like Rich's legs, but I don't know, somebody may maybe have put that together. OK. So, Aaron. So here's how I fall on unchecked bags. Now, one of my best friends, Blair, will go for two weeks on vacation and she refuses to check a bag. She will zip like what to call and take the air out. So the vacuum seal seals her bags.

Blair Cohen is a packing genius. Now, if I'm going on like a two week vacation, no chance. That said, I decided to test it out when we went to we went to Israel in June in London first. We we I challenge my kids and my husband. I said, we're going for two weeks and we're not checking bags.

The best thing we ever did. Amazing. Yes. And you think that if you're going to Vegas for three days, possible, it's ridiculous to check.

A hundred percent. Now, TJ, I know that your feet are large and I heard your conversation. I think it was day one or two and you were talking. Was it Dionne? It was Nate Burleson.

Nate Burleson and then Dionne. And I get it. But, you know, I am related to Jack Schuster of Schuchat. Yeah, Jack. OK. Jack is 1000 percent on our side.

You're there. Jack. Jack went for three days and he had a honestly, the only person not Antonio Pierce. Yeah. But Jack was like a size nine to well, I don't know what you can do is you can put a couple pairs in a carry on over your shoulder because it's a flexible bag.

I get that. But here's here's the question I keep going back to. How did my bag affect anybody else? Did it? No, it actually didn't on the way back because I drove it back with me. Oh, Mikey, that's nice of you. But I did it because T.J. came and helped me unload my truck.

So it was reciprocal. But you know, it sucks. My point, Susie, is we weren't in some little podunk town where the airport was an hour drive from from the hotel.

I got my own transportation. True. So I could have just Chris and I, we could have just waited and got around.

As long as you're willing to forego the free transportation to wherever you're going, because if your bag's taking forever and someone's waiting, what if they're like tired of a meeting? I mean, 14 minutes is how long it took for the time we spent longer time looking for a driver. E.W.R. hours. We couldn't find our driver.

We couldn't find our driver. That took longer than the bag coming out. It was more like eight. It was fast.

They are so efficient at the new Harry Reid Airport. No, Chris. I mean, like we got the bags, but then we couldn't find the driver because he had the wrong name. He had the wrong name.

Yeah. What name did he have? It wasn't even close to Mike Hoskins. I can tell you.

He's not close to Mike Hoskins. How did you guys think Vegas did with the Super Bowl? Crushed it. Crushed it. It should be in Vegas every year. No, stop. You didn't like it, Mikey?

What are you, nuts? I'd rather have it in L.A. Even though the stadium's far away, Miami's phenomenal. Everything you want in Vegas you can walk to, or you have easy transportation. I give it hotel rooms. Restaurants, hotels, things to do.

But it's not. Concerts, comedy. L.A. is fun, too. You know, the only thing with Vegas is you don't want to know what happened in those hotel rooms. Don't care. And guess what? You can gamble.

Everywhere. Let's go. I kept thinking that.

I'm like, what's gone down here? We need a craps table on our set next year. You want to do that?

Take note. I don't think Rich is going to say okay to that, but sure, why not? We won't tell him. He meant, I mean, I'm not an NFL employee. I can go there and host the draft game segment, right?

That's what I'm saying. We're on heaters. Chris, let's go. This is legal in down. Oh, there is a casino in the downtown in New Orleans.

Can't wait. Would you rather go to New Orleans? Would you rather go to like stay home? Vegas cold weather city eliminates sea of cold weather is out.

I did it. Detroit Super Bowl. No fun. Remember in New York when it snowed and it was freezing.

But it was beautiful. The day of the game. In Minneapolis it was freezing. Minus five the whole week over there. Can't do it. Can't do it.

Indianapolis was nice up until the day. That's inhumane right there. That's inhumane.

Either stay here in the crib or go to go to Vegas. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I have to say that food was good. What I like about Vegas is how easy it is.

I mean, I literally I went in for a solid 18 hours. We went to U2, which was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so cool. And we've done a lot of cool things.

But I love U2 and being in the sphere was pretty special, but I took a 430 flight from Burbank and I got back the next day by one o'clock and was in a 130 meeting. This is like... It's a beautiful thing, right?

This is great. That's exactly it. That's my kind of commute. Yeah.

And there's a deal. I literally, I saw you from a distance on set, you know, you ran up, you kissed Deon. And then I... I crashed the set. You crashed the set and then I didn't see you the rest of the time we were here until yesterday. So I told Matt I'm not saying hi. Did any of you guys, throughout any Midnight Run references, did any of you say to my nephew Jax, you and L.A., Jack?

No? I'm not really into that movie. We didn't see Jack. I think Serrano's got the discs. We didn't see Jack. We didn't see Jack. He's coming next week.

Great. He texted us, but we didn't see him. Serrano's got the discs.

Serrano's got the discs. By the way, I just want to put this out now, I'm probably going to check a bag going to New Orleans next year. Well, I think we're going to be there the whole week. So yeah. Check bag as necessary. Want to throw that out there. I mean, you got to check a bag.

You know why? You're going to gain five pounds that one week. Oh my goodness. So many bags. Cafe Dumas. So many red beans and rice if we get there on a Monday. So much opportunity to eat carbohydrates. You get a B.A.

So people have a full year to get upset about it, you know. I did the Sugar Bowl on ABC one year, and they took us through the back door into Mother's. And I was with Tariqo, Mike Tariqo and Tim Brandt. And the woman behind the counter looks at me and she goes, girl, I got to give you a double tray. Is there a green salad here?

Maybe not the right thing to ask of mothers. What do you got, Chris? Let's take a break. Take a break? Take a break. Let's wrap up this baby. Let's take some more phone calls. Advice. People out there, it's Valentine's Day. What are you doing?

The doctor is in. Let us help you. How can I help you?

How can I help you have the best Valentine's Day possible? I'm here for free advice when we come back. America starts the day with America in the morning. Hi, I'm John Trout, your host for the latest news, politics, entertainment, business and weather.

The staff of correspondence provide a fast paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens in New York. I'm Sue Allard. I'm Charles.

So that's my saga. Meghani. Washington. I'm Jennifer King. I'm Clayton. I'm Kevin Carr. I'm Archie Zaraleta. Concise, accurate and fresh each day.

America in the morning. The podcast available wherever you listen on the Bigger Pockets real estate podcast. Co-host David Green and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about losses, failures and hard earned lessons. Joined by author Dave Meyer, who wrote a book, I did write a book. It seems like you're coming out with a book every four minutes. You're one to talk. You've released two books this year. I've done half as many as you. It is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be.

Bigger Pockets real estate podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen. This is a little early. I don't do a lunch martinis. You're pouring a martini now into the martini shaker. I poured just a little in.

It looked like there may have been some ice. You won't complain. Don't send the drink back.

We just need to be old. The olives are already in the glasses. Don't bruise it.

Don't bruise it. Some people at home. What about stirring?

There's a great bar called the Edmond over on Melrose. They like to stir. I like that. I like to shake a little bit. So are you more like Bond, shake and not stirred or your first? I prefer actually bruising the vodka, make it ice cold. Okay.

You know what I'm saying? Sure. These are vermouth washed glasses. We have a little vermouth in there earlier. Okay.

And then. Worn it out. Why don't you take that one? This is my friend, Rich Eisen. Are we toasting? I just want to toast seeing you again. You want to toast the Espen, correct? We're toasting to ESPN's 40th anniversary. There is a big event going on this weekend.

My invitation is probably where yours is right now. Yeah. So we just figured, why not just do it ourselves? What a nice thought. You know what I mean? I haven't seen you in a very long time. My arm's getting sweaty.

I know. Here it goes. I like to toast. I haven't seen you in a long time, Craig, and I've been cultivating this caper to try and get you to come on this show. What if I only do your show? I'd love to just do that because I like.

You're smooth and natural that I compliment you. I like Rich. There you go.

I like Rich. Okay. Let me just see what this is. It's water.

The ice was sitting there. Cheers to you. Nice to see you. Cheers to you. Nice to finally meet you.

Cheers. It's watered down. Don't say anything.

It's watered down, but let's pretend it's not. This is what I say at a bar or restaurant, the Big Four up in San Francisco in Knob Hill. I take a sip, I go like this, I go, this is the greatest moment of my life. Wrapping up this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there. Of course, Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen. I was so lucky to have Jim Nantz on as the final guest of the season with Amy Trask for What the Football, the podcast that she and I started together this year. We've had a great time doing it, and I was just so thrilled that Jim agreed to come on two days after calling this his seventh Super Bowl, and here's what he had to say about the last play of the game. First and goal. Jackpot, did you know what you would say?

I'm always fascinated when people like you just nail it. I was trying to think of something as they were going down the field. I just had this sense that they were going to score a touchdown after San Francisco kept the football for a half a quarter, basically, in the overtime and ended up with a field goal. I could just feel the home's magic on the way they were going to go down the field and score. I was starting to play in my head. I thought it would be a good way to address this, and the word jackpot was kind of what came to mind. I hope it makes sense to people.

That's what felt right for me in the moment. After you just delivered a magnificent broadcast of more people than have ever watched anything anywhere in the entire galaxy, you have joined us today and to thank you and celebrate that, but you can't really celebrate with us because you're not here. This is a bottle of your wine that I picked up on the way in, so please provide us more scintillating analysis while Susie and I have a glass. There was a full week in Las Vegas. I come from Pebble Beach on Monday. We have meetings. We have media day, all this and that.

By about Wednesday or Thursday, you start to think, I need to pace myself a little bit better because it's all about Sunday. I spent a lot of time in my room reading because there's just so much material out there to read about the game and watching you from in front of the Bellagio Fountains. Thank you for doing a great job of keeping me entertained and informed.

That's what it's all about. This is the first time I've talked publicly about the broadcast since it ended almost two days ago. Check out what the football, wherever you find your podcasts are on the Rich Eisen Show YouTube page. We are thrilled to have brought you a full season and Jim Nance confirmed that he will be our first guest for the football season next year.

Pretty cool. I mean, you can't get jaded by things like that. I think it's pretty fun to have him on, so check out that conversation and so many others. Looks like we've heard from Patrick Mahomes on the podium there at the Chief's Parade.

Let's hear from him now. Kansas City, let me hear you one time! Man, what a year to battle through the adversity, to continue to go, to go for that championship. They all doubted us. I don't want to hear any different.

But you know who came through in the end, that's the Kansas City Chiefs. Wow, he's preaching up there, huh? Patrick's having a good time up there.

He's letting loose. I mean, literally like the three quarters of the, everybody picked them every step of the way. That's fine. I mean, whatever it takes.

Everybody doubted us. Whatever fuels you, man. I think it's liquid energy up there. Whatever fuels you.

A little liquid courage. I don't care who wins, honestly, parades are the best. This is what it's all about. It's the culmination of, I mean, the football season is really long.

It's arduous, it's grueling, it's painful, and it's you won. You're the last team standing and you get to celebrate. I love it when guys go absolutely nuts, shirtless, run around the streets.

Apparently Travis Kelsey just went epic, I haven't heard it yet, but everyone's just like tweeting about it. Everybody, yeah. These guys are hammered.

That's what you're supposed to do. It's a celebration. Millions and millions of fans are coming out to see you.

This is what it's all about, man. I didn't think they would win, but who cares? They won and the parade is amazing and that's as it should be. You're like the first person I've heard admit to saying that you didn't think that they would win. I didn't think they would. I felt like everybody thought that. I mean, look, I guess if Patrick Mahomes is talking about the doubters, he's talking about me. I mean, I thought Buffalo would win. I thought the Ravens would beat them and I thought the 49ers would beat them.

So 0-3. It's like I kept saying, as long as Rich would ask this question throughout the year. And I was always like, as long as Patrick Mahomes is alive and healthy, they're always going to be standing one of the last few teams standing. So yeah, why not, man?

I'm not going to bet against this guy and this team anymore. Have you been to a parade? I never went to any of the parades. We were out here for most of them. There was a lot of them.

I almost went in 0-4 when the Sox finally won, but it was like a torrential rain that day. When was that? Like 50 years ago? Feels like it was long ago. It feels like a long time. 20th anniversary of the 0-4 Sox. Wow.

Very long time. I never went to any of them. Mike, did you go to any?

I worked the Lakers with Suzy. Oh. Yes. Nice. That is so cool. It's amazing. I mean, I'm not a Lakers fan, but just to be part of that and that team back then, and you know, because you were right there. It was amazing. Those parades were still fun, Mike. They were insane.

Yes. They were great. The closest I came to going to a parade was, I think it was like 92 when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup and they had something at Three Rivers Stadium. So we got to go there and we sat in the stadium and watched them kind of go around, but I wasn't in the actual, like, I don't even remember a parade around Pittsburgh. I remember, though, them winning and there was a parade down South Side, and South Side and Pittsburgh, South Side is where all the bars are, and that was a night I'll never forget. But yeah, I don't remember ever like being in just like a parade like this.

No, that's crazy. By the third parade with the Lakers, it was like, yeah, another parade. God, God, we have to go to another parade. What a total bummer. Nah. That was like the Sox at the back.

Yeah, please. There were so many parades. It was nuts.

I mean, that's the truth. There was a moment in time in New England where it was so great. There were so many parades. Another parade. They didn't even move them. They just kept them ready. They just kept the duck boats ready. They just kept the duck boats ready.

They kept the duck boats ready. That's it. They got the championship thing. Now what do we got?

We got Dunn Kings. That's what we got. We got a Ben Affleck commercial. I mean, my God.

That's what we got. I can't talk enough about that commercial. That commercial. It's so good.

It's so fantastic. And I read today that apparently the Matt Damon comment about, now you asked me to do things for you. Like, this is that thing. Apparently that was ad-libbed and he left it in there. Like he really meant it. Like, hey Ben, don't ask me for another thing. Stop asking me to do this stuff.

By the way, like, hey Ben, don't ask me for another thing. Mike, did you say you know somebody who can get us a tracksuit? My friend's working on getting an avatar. We need the tracksuits. Trying to get a tracksuit for me. We need them. I want one of those tracksuits. You got to wear it on the air here. By the way, I'm a dunking guy, people. Yeah, you are.

Big time. Don't. They're not paying. I'm sorry. They're not paying Chris. They gave me trash.

I'm sorry. They're very pissy. If they're not paying, you're not saying. That's true. How are they not selling these tracksuits on Dunkin' Donuts? They will be.

In 35 seconds. Like, what are you asking? Are you kidding me? Come on. There's probably already one on Etsy. Etsy.

Right? I'm so bad. Somebody in Shenandoah, Virginia is making a Dunkin's outfit.

You too can buy it for $29.95. TJ, you want a Dunkin's onesie? I'm kind of looking it up right now. Yeah, you are.

His brain's going, wait a minute, let me get on this. They do. On Etsy. Yeah. Pretty soon on Roku, you'll be able to watch it and click on the bottom and get yourself a Dunkin' onesie. Brought to you by Rich Eyes in production. That may be the best commercial. I think that might be the best commercial.

I found one for a yard and a half here on some website. Yeah, you do. Is it made by Jabronis R Us or something? It looks. It looks. I got scared.

I want the original. So Andrew will be with you the next couple days, guys. Try to not miss me too much. I will be back. It's always fun when you're here. I'll be back.

Thanks, TJ. I'm going to bring like breakfast burritos or something. What has he brought you? Does he bring you breakfast?

Nobody brings anything but you, Susie. Well, he did one time because I think we guilted him a little bit. One time.

We shamed him a little bit. When do I show up empty handed? Never. You're the best. No, Susie. Happy Valentine's Day. Did you hear that? Right here, guys. See you guys.
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