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Jamahl Mosley: Paolo Banchero Is So Dynamic

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 7, 2024 3:54 pm

Jamahl Mosley: Paolo Banchero Is So Dynamic

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 7, 2024 3:54 pm

3/7/24 - Hour 1

Rich reacts to a report of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ interest in signing Russell Wilson once he’s officially release by the Denver Broncos.

Magic Head Coach Jamahl Mosley and Rich discuss Orlando’s hot streak with rising stars Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, the need for the NBA to expand coaching replay challenges, and how he uses Kobe Bryant as an example when coaching up his young squad. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Welcome back! We're kicking off The Rich Eisen Show. Now! Now!

Now! Players deserve to be paid. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

The issue I have with it is there's no rules. Keeping track of all this was too much for Chip Kelly. I just wanted to be happy. You know, it would have taken a special place for me to leave UCLA because I love those players and I love that coaching staff.

Today's gasps. Orlando Magic head coach Jamal Mosley. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's correct. Can confirm. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel, this terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have a serious XM odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners. We say hello to anybody that wants to consume us and we say thank you. We don't ever take it for granted.

We also let you know there's 844-204-rich number to dial here on this program. Two coaches on this show and do we call them a dirt bag? Is that old school? Is that what we call them still or what, Chris? No, no, no. Was that a different era of Red Sox? Dirt dog. It wasn't a dirt bag. Oh, okay.

Dog, cowboy up, all that fun stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Call them World Series champion, Rich. Well, from 20 years ago and the Red Sox won three more since then. Kevin Millar is on this program. Talk a little bit of baseball in hour number three. But the two head coaches, one is the head coach of the hottest team in the Eastern Conference now that Chris is Celtics blew a 22-point lead with nine minutes to go against a shorthanded Cavalier team the other night.

The Orlando Magic have won five in a row and 13-16 since January 31st and they've put themselves right there in a home court position for the first round in the Eastern Conference. Paolo Banchero and the Wagner brothers and so much more. The head coach Jamal Mosley on this program. That's one of those things where we're like, I'd love to talk to coach Mosley and he's booked and then they just keep winning and that's called stepping in it in the world of booking and being lucky.

And also on the show right in the middle head coach Andy Reid of the back-to-back world champion Kansas City Chiefs. I'm gonna talk with him about, I don't know, does somebody make him aware of what people are tweeting on social media? Xing out Instagram? Hey coach, Chris Jones just put out a photograph of you jumping on top of him in celebration of the Super Bowl with just the words KC and six dots after it. Meaning what? Get going?

Or hey I'm back? Or what? Because as you know that's free agent number one available. They did not franchise tag Chris Jones. They franchised tag Lageria Snead instead. So I hope we get resolution before he joins us in the next hour plus otherwise I know Andy Reid.

He's been around the block. Rich, that's Brett Veach's deal. What else? Next question. Time's yours. We'll see what happens when Andy Reid joins us right in the middle of this program and as we're on the verge of the new league year and free agency there's cuts all over the place, salary cap and then one piece of news that we're going to get to in a second.

But Andy Reid's on this program and we're fired up about it. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you, sir? I'm great, man. What's up? DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts, you're back. Where were you yesterday?

Doing your taxes? I watched my college basketball team make it into the NCAA tournament because they beat Villanova. So you watched? You flew to New Jersey? You flew to New Jersey?

No, I was here and it was in The Rock, the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey and Seton Hall beat Villanova. Oh you were working doing that game. I mixed the sound for the game on Fox Sports 1 which you call Baby Fox. No, you call it Baby Fox. I don't refer to it as Baby Fox. You do and then you walk the halls with people who work at Baby Fox and they must look at you say, excuse me, we think it's pretty big.

I imagine. No. So don't put the Baby Fox on me, sir. Fox is a big company, Mike.

Yes. But it's just, you know, you know what, I'll be straight up. By the way, hello, TJ. Good to see you over there, sir. How are you? Don't worry about me. I'm okay. No, no, it just, I'll be honest with you. When you say that stuff, it makes me jealous that you actually pay attention when you're doing your job. Like you're focused on the game and you're fading and you're watching as opposed to you just fading into your phone half the time sometimes here. Only because it was Seton Hall.

Am I wrong? When it's a Seton Hall game, I'm in. Oh, well then treat me like I'm Seton Hall. Yeah. But you're Michigan. I can't.

Oh, okay. He's your PJ Carlissimo. No, I wish he was my PJ Carlissimo. Excuse me, PJ Carlissimo, coached on Staten Island, Wagner College. Come on now.

I'm as close to PJs you're going to get around here. That's true. All right, Rich. I'll pay attention to that.

As well as a private jet average. Here, I'll put the phone over here. Okay. Very good. Thank you. Don't hurt yourself. I appreciate that. You don't hurt yourself.

You did just pull something moving his phone. So listen, it's a puzzle. We put together pieces of a puzzle every day. And a lot of things that our guests say are then ascribed to us. We appreciate people listening and being out there and then saying they heard it on the show and then writing news stories about it. It's called getting aggregated in the 21st century. We appreciate that. And, uh, and, and, and, and things that are said on this show reports that are made on this show at the time are accurate and then they change and they're like, well, wait a minute.

But you said, or your guests said something else. We've reached that crossroads just 15 minutes ago in real time. But it started a couple of weeks ago is the, uh, first week, I believe after there was no football. So there was no football after the Superbowl. And then we're in the middle of that week knowing there's no more football coming that weekend too.

Like it was the first in the middle of the first two weeks that we know that are going to be consecutively without football. And we're like, what are we going to talk about? Or other things? Not like, what are we going to, well, yeah, sure.

Sometimes. But listen, I'll see something on, uh, on the old X machine, or I'll see a story that comes across thanks to the outstanding NFL network assignment slash research desks, and they'll put it out there. And I saw Jerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He's been covering this team forever in a day.

Been reading him. And he, and, and, and, and his report was that the, essentially the Steelers are not interested in getting a big name quarterback outside of their organization that they're, they're going with Kenny Pickett. And if they re-signed Mason Rudolph, they liked what they saw in him for the last three weeks.

That's how they're rolling in. And I said, bring me Jerry Dulac. And he zoomed in and he gave us more meat on the bones while also talking about how he's binge watching suits.

Those are the things that happen on this program. Well, sure enough, smash cut to the present day when Russell Wilson's now free. Cause the Broncos said, you're done.

We're done. And we'll do you the favor. And I'm sure he's like, yeah, thanks for the favor, but, uh, we'll, we'll, we'll do the service of letting you talk to teams before free agency starts.

Give you a little bit of a leg up on everybody else. On everybody else that has to maybe wait technically to hear from a prospective employer when the window in which you're allowed to talk to him opens up two days before the new league year begins that's Monday. And so Jerry Dulac has now taken to his phone and typed in these words and hit send Steelers are interested in signing Russell Wilson and are tentatively planning to meet with the former Broncos quarterback before start of free agency per sources. Wilson has interest in joining Steelers story in PG, meaning post-gazette forthcoming.

Ooh, baby. Now then, as we mentioned the other day and opening the program, the day after the announcement of the release came from the Broncos and then Russ hit send on his own farewell announcement. I said, there's two things you get with Russell Wilson. One is a guy with a huge chip on his shoulder that knows that the first eight years of his nine in Seattle that put him on the footing of a path to the pro football hall of fame needs to have a resurgence needs to have something go his way where he's got weapons. He's got a coaching staff. That's not going to turn over on him, right? He's got an offensive coordinator that knows how to do it for him.

That's one thing that he knows he's got to have all that. And then maybe after the self stock taking over the last three seasons last in Seattle and two in Denver doing things a little differently to help himself, whatever those are, you get that guy. And you also get a guy who can come and be very inexpensive because the Denver Broncos are on the hook for his salary this year. And anything that he signs for with you just gets taken off of the Broncos tab that one assumes the risk there. Russell would like to make sure that the tab gets stuck as high as possible because the Broncos are cap hamstrung and we'll have more on that later on. They released Justin Simmons or they're planning to release one of the best in the business who they love in Denver and Denver loves as well.

So they are cap hamstrung. And if he really wants to keep sticking it to Denver, he would basically say to the Rooney's what's the league minimum. What's the league minimum?

1.25 million. Okay great. And then you pull like a complete contestants row trying to get up to win the car thing of one dollar more.

One dollar more Bob or Drew. That's it. You get that. So but what does it mean because they're going to have a quarterback competition? That's gonna happen. And I thought as I said yesterday, I don't think Russ wants to join a spot where there is a competition. He wants the spot where like the job is yours or the competition is going to be kind of like the Baker Mayfield versus the Kyle Trask competition last year. Like all right, thumb's gonna be on the scale. We gave up enough capital to go get you in draft picks or a pick to go get you and we've already seen what we had in Kyle Trask around the building and we'll give you the leg up.

You'll be the starter week one preseason and you go from there. But the thumb's gonna be kind of on the scale Baker. I thought we'd see that.

I don't think you're gonna get that in Pittsburgh. I think that they will be, they like Kenny Pickett and if they do start Kenny Pickett, Russ is going to be holding the clipboard. Or even worse, cut. Because it's not going to cost them anything to cut them.

And they like Kenny Pickett. I'm just going to keep warning everybody. But enough to give him very little competition? No. Russ is going to come? Interesting. Were they interested in being interested in Russ coming?

Interesting. Has Russ potentially looked over the steering wheel? And Minnesota is like, yeah, we need to see what's happening with Kirk first. Atlanta?

Yeah, we need to see what's happening with Kirk first. Vegas? Yeah, I think we're thinking about a rookie but Denver obviously is out. Who else?

Patriots? You got to look there and say, okay, you've got the staff. Not going to be turning over.

They just turned it to them. But you're looking at the roster? You don't see George Pickens there.

He's not walking through that door to use the Boston phrase, right? Nope. Not a good roster. So who else? We've checkmarked.

Nobody else. Those are the ones we've checkmarked to be interested in a quarterback. Tampa's got a question mark. Jason Light, the general manager, is slated to join our program tomorrow. They're having a press conference to reintroduce Mike Evans as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know him, you love him.

Put your hands together. So I think they're, like I said, I think they're going to stick with Baker. He probably looked over the steering wheel and goes, Steelers? Quarterback competition? Can he pick it? Mike Tomlin's not going anywhere, despite the Steeler fans warning.

Potentially some out. Arthur Smith's there. Good running game. TJ Watt, defensive player of the year material. Cam Hayward, man of the year.

Oh yeah, Walter Payton, man of the year. You got to have a couple guys with a patch on the team? OK. Rich, do you think this is a situation, or shouldn't the Steelers look at this like Kenny Peggy came in in 22, got thrown right into the fire, didn't really have a vet to learn from and back up? I would look at this as a learning experience, have Russ come in, maybe sit Kenny for a year, maybe have him work on some things.

Oh, he's really your guy. No, no. Put him back up. Sit him? No.

No? Well, I don't think he's better. No, because you need to know what he is.

You've got, after this year, entering year four, you've got to make a decision about picking up year five. And last year was kind of a lost year for him. You know, I mean, sitting him is just for Russ? No, if they bring in Russ, there's going to be a competition between Kenny and Russell Wilson, and they might even add a third. But Russ is going to come dirt cheap for somebody with his resume, and his chip on his shoulder, and his abilities. And I'll tell you what, man, tell you what, man, when you're going against Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow, and your fan base is kind of like, you know, I'm sure the Rooney's, when they're walking around or having their dinner parties or whatever, I'm sure they're hearing like, really?

What's going on over there? So this is interesting, because three weeks ago, they were supposedly not interested in this sort of thing. And now Russ is free, and that's the one they're interested in. I bet it's because he doesn't cost them a single draft choice, and not very much on the cap.

There's very little risk. The only risk is you're going to have Kenny Pickett looking over his shoulder. But if Russ cooks, like the Seattle Russ, if he still exists, now you're talking.

And the fact that they're actually kicking the tires on that, I think many Steelos fans will kind of dig. Thank you, Jerry Dulak. I think he's earned himself another up, you know, return to the Rich Eisen Show, right? And we'll find out what season he is on Suits.

What's going on on Suits, Jerry? Keep us abreast. We might have to get him back.

Love it. All right, let's take a break, so we're on time for the head coach of the red hot Orlando Magic, Jamal Moseley. Formerly of Colorado Buffalo's basketball back in the day. He's going to join us.

Andy Reid, Kevin Millar. I've got a top five list of top five destinations for Saquon Barkley. You've got a news update. We've got a phone line. So much happening.

And a dream. Jamal Moseley, next on the Rich Eisen Show. Named one of the best personal finance podcasts, the Stagging Benjamin Show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun. I got an email today from the HR department. I find it really interesting. I'm an employee of one at this company, but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise by just open the attachment.

I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh, absolutely. I can't wait.

I'm excited. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville rewatch podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slapkin, Darren Swimmer. I really liked this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204 Rich, number to dial. We'll get your phone calls in a matter of moments, but, and our radio audience returns in a second and we'll get Jamal Mosley, the head coach of Orlando Magic Basketball. It's one of these moments where I'm going in my head here. I wouldn't remember. Um, but you know, I was on sports center when he was playing college basketball with Colorado.

It's entirely possible. I have called it Jamal Mosley highlight back in my day. You know, might've gotten one of those shot sheet with Jamal Mosley scoring on it. I had a good chance of doing it because Stuart didn't have a, uh, you know, he had to get all the North Carolina highlights and have a connection.

I don't think so. I can ask Jamal if he has a Stuart Scott connection back in the day, but might've, might've been on one of those big Mondays, right? Oh, big Monday, big 12, right? Big Monday, big, big Monday highlights after the big East.

Sometimes it'd be big 12 missed those days, right? The big Mondays, miss big Monday, dude, man. Those are the days. Those are the days. Big Monday. Yeah.

Raftery on the call by towel. Those are the days, man. Awesome. Those are the days. Big Mondays, Wednesday night baseball.

Don't make them like these dude, man. I had a lot of hair, a lot update. Not anymore. All gone.

Not anymore. All right. Our radio audience is going to return in a second. Andy Reed's joining us in the middle of this program. You're working on a caper over there. You're working on your news update. So we're going to work on a news update on the latest on this wild.

I did a rod story. Yes. Okay.

And I'm trying to find, I did a rod update on this program. Fantastic. Well, I heard about it a couple of days ago and it's nuts.

You got to hear it. Okay. I heard a little bit about it when a coop read off the headline last night.

It was what? All right. So that's later on in this program. Kevin Millar will also join us on the rich eyes and show back on the rich eyes and show radio network. I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call click or just stop by his team has been on fire winners of five in a row, 13 of 16, one of the best records in the NBA over the last couple of months. Now, right there in the middle of the playoff hunt in the Eastern conference, the Orlando magic head coach Jamal Mosley here on the rich eyes and show. How are you doing coach? Great.

How are you doing? I was just wondering, I don't know if you were listening in to the TV audience. If I ever called any of your Colorado Buffalo highlights when you were playing back in the day, I just, I heard that. I don't, I don't think you did. We didn't get that. We didn't get the Monday games. I think we had maybe one or two Monday games versus Kansas, and those didn't end up well. When you were playing college hoops, who was the best player you played against?

Jamal? My first year when I got there, we were, I would play against Marcus Pfizer. Then got a chance to play against Paul Pierce. My freshman year, when we were at Colorado, we went to Kansas. That was, those were some of the first days playing. And then, so when did you know coaching was your path?

When did you realize that? It took a while. I had played overseas for about four or five years after, after college.

Then my mom had gotten sick and that was the decision, you know, just come back stateside, be closer to family, be closer to friends. And, you know, when George and his staff took over in Denver, you know, coach Tim Gerger, my mentor, kind of put me to decide what I wanted to do. He and John Welch, you know, had a talk with me deciding, you know, do you want to keep playing, going overseas, make money, or you can start your journey now.

And through their mentorship and their knowledge of the game and players and the way they did it, it just kind of started to work its way out then. It's when you were referring to George, you mean Carl? Is that who you're referring to?

Okay. So what'd you learn from him, Jamal? There's so many things taken away from him. I mean, he had a poise. We were, I just actually was, went back and watched our 2009 playoff series versus the Lakers and just watching the poise that he had through games, allowing players to play, finding ways to put different wrinkles in the offense, but also defensively helping guys understand, you know, big moments, big timely stops, what that means within a game.

But he just allowed the players just to kind of control what they did on the court. So, okay. So you're in the middle of, obviously, the crucible of a playing season and you're taking time out to pop a 2009 playoff game in? Like, why?

Why are you doing that? Well, a friend of mine, one of our old coaches that was there is scouting now. And he, and he had some looks from the Denver years and then, you know, watching Carmelo play, there's so many, there's some similarities to Paulo and what he does and how he plays the game. And so just some looking back at some of those clips of how he was finding different ways to get, get options on the floor with how teams are playing them and just finding open space or where double teams couldn't come, just looking at little situations like that. But I also used reference to our group about, you know, inbounds plays and the difference of what Kobe did in that series against us and the mindset and the mentality that you have to have.

Okay. I love this sort of stuff, by the way, Jamal. I love this sort of stuff because I can't get enough of it. So you're, would your comp for Paulo Bancaro be Carmelo Anthony? Is that what you're kind of intimating in a way right now?

There's so many. The thing about Paulo is like, he's so dynamic. Uh, to put, you know, him in line with just one player is to do, because he has the passing ability of, of a LeBron, the scoring ability of a mellow. Um, you know, the, the basketball IQ he has is just something incredible. Uh, then the other side of it is just his poise and his demeanor in game, uh, for a 21 year old to have that is very rare and very special. So he's got so many combinations that it's hard to just say, he's like this one person. I think he's going to be his own when, when it's all said and done, like his, his uniqueness is, is special to what we, what we're doing. So then how does he download that information that you give him?

Hey, I just saw this, or I saw that, or this, uh, wrinkle. How does he assimilate what you're coaching him? Well, he and I have just tried to continue to do a great job of communicating. I lean into him and what he sees on the floor, uh, how he's getting guys involved, um, how he's looking at opportunities to score, uh, and he sees the game, it slows down for him and he's seeing different coverages and how guys are guarding them. And he's recognizing that from the beginning of the game to the end. And so he communicates it, you know, I constantly am calling him over throughout the game. Cause I, you know, you want to get these guys feel because they're feeling it. I can see certain things on the sideline, but for me, it's their ability to recognize it with one another and communicate that to each other. Jamal Moseley, the head coach of the Orlando magic five game win streak and, uh, the 11 games over 500 right now here on the Rich Eisen show.

Uh, I'm, I'm also biased Jamal. Um, I'm a Wolverine. Um, so, uh, clearly, what does that mean?

Oh man, what does that mean? It's okay. We, we, we constantly have them coming through our, our program.

It's, it's a mole. We have France, we had, but I was deekest. We have Houston. We just, we'll keep the Wolverine coming through the pipeline. Well, Mo is one of my favorite players from the run, uh, the beeline run for sure.

Uh, I absolutely adore him and obviously Franz, um, as well. Um, what's it like? Sure.

Yeah. Well, what's it like coaching the broad, the brothers? Like what's it like coaching brothers?

It really is awesome. I think that plays such a big part into the dynamic we have as a team. Uh, we talk about being together and guys rooting and pulling for each other. They're competitive. They're energetic. They care about the game. They're smart. Um, and they really do just love the way in which this team plays, but they also know it's about the guys around them.

Um, they're, they're, their energy is different. Uh, but the way in which they think and process the game is very similar. And you also, it's like a United nations on your, your roster, which is kind of fitting, you, you know, obviously with your international, uh, history. Um, so how, how does the, the international game that you would obviously know so well, um, translate to what you're attempting to do every single night and obviously quite successfully right now? Well, I think it's just being able to buy into the bigger picture, um, that it's something bigger than you and doing it as a team. I mean, you have Goga, you have Franz, you have Mo, you just have different guys from different areas, but every, and Joe Ingles and guys that have been part of different, um, organizations, but it's about winning. Uh, it's about the bigger picture and these guys can, they buy into that. They believe that. And they, they understand that the success of the, you know, the team, um, will help out each individual. And that's what we're trying to do is help them reach their highest potential. Jamal Mosley here on the Rich Eisen show.

How do you keep it going? I know that's a very esoteric question, but seriously, you know, and, and in a world where, um, you know, players are plugged into, uh, to what everyone else is talking about, I think more than ever. And you, you flip on any, any screen talking about the NBA, certainly in your conference, uh, Celtics bucks hiring, you know, doc middle of the season, the Cavaliers are, are taken off. The Knicks are feeling good.

And then, you know, um, eventually they'll get, get around you, Jamal. So how do you, how do you, how do you keep that fire burning for your team? Well, this group has, has been special from the summer and we've had discussions and conversations.

And I think the best thing that happened to us was that early nine game run, um, when we ran nine straight off, I thought that was a good thing because, you know, you're not going to win all of them. And so when we hit a patch of a couple of losses, some injuries, you go back and you're not the main story. And so trying to help them understand that we have to do what we do.

Um, and you can't control outside voices or sources. You just have to focus on your body of work every single day, uh, through the highs and lows. Um, and so I think that's the, been the message that the people in our organization and our locker room, those are the ones that are pouring into you, the things that are going to help you be successful. And then the other side is take it one game at a time. Do you play the nobody believes in this card?

Do you do that? Uh, not as no, not as much. I really do believe it's just, if you can just focus on what we do, um, and that will take care of itself. Cause there's so many things that you can't control, uh, other than, you know, how hard you play each and every single night and how you're pouring into each other on a regular basis.

Jamal Moseley, Orlando Magic head coach, few minutes left with him right here on the Rich Eisen show. Would you want more challenges in your back pocket for games? Uh, yes. I'm with you.

So, um, why, why? I think when you, when you have the option to use it early, uh, getting it back later is always good. Cause you're not always going to, you know, sometimes they're going to overturn them.

Sometimes they're not. And so I think the ability to, um, have those have a couple more would be good. Um, just for the sake of the game, a timeout, uh, out of bounds play out of bounds call that you may not, that they may have missed that they can't review. Uh, and I think those are opportunities for us to, you know, to gain another possession. So how many, so would you want it like the NFL where you get two and you get both of them, right? You get a third, you get one, right? Then you get a second. Like what, what's the right number? Like what would you, if you could wave a wand and you, and you make it happen, what would it be for you? I'd probably go the two plus one.

I think getting that third back is it would be good. Okay. Cause right now I imagine, have you ever used a challenge in the first half of the game?

I have and lost, but yes. Do you remember, you must remember the circumstance. What was it, uh, to avoid a third foul on somebody important? What, what, what were, I think it might've been a possession of out of bounds and low clock. And we wanted to use a, I think we had a two for one scenario, uh, and I wanted to get the ball back. So I think that's when we used it.

All right. I'm fascinated by this sort of stuff as well. How does it work? You have somebody behind the bench who's like, what's the mechanism for you to figure this out? If you notice any NBA game, when, when something happens that a player doesn't like the first thing they're doing is going here instead of all the coaches. So they're looking at me.

We have someone behind our bench, Amir, who does a very, a very good job. He's looking at the iPad to see it real time to see if it actually is a call the right call, no call, or if we could get away with it. And they study the rules just the same way that the referees do. So trying to make sure that it's the right thing by the exact call of the book.

And what about maybe having it like the NFL as well, last two minutes, all replays come from New Jersey, for instance. I like that. You do like that. Yeah, I actually do. So then why do you, does, um, let me just ask this question. Uh, do most of your colleagues in your position share this belief? Do you believe?

I think it goes back and forth. I think everybody has their own way of wanting to do it. I mean, I think the challenge does help. Um, uh, and again, you know, you just want to make sure it's, it's, it's always going to be the fair call.

I think that's the biggest piece for me. Yeah. But I understand that there's a back, you know, uh, and forth about, well, let's not stop the game as much as, cause you could stop the game pretty much every possession to review something I imagine in the last two minutes of a game. And then you, you, you might have a leg up on your opponent because your opponent doesn't have many timeouts left and suddenly they're stealing timeouts that for resting and things of that nature. I understand that, but wouldn't you think getting everything right, as opposed to learning in the two minute report afterwards, that it wasn't gotten right. I mean, wouldn't you rather it that way, right?

I think every coach has been hit with that. Um, and being able to have the timeouts and the challenges towards the end is important. Um, and it's not an exact science.

And I think just as we're going to, you know, continue to build and move forward, we'll have to figure out different ways to make it right for everybody can find a way to be happy in it. All right. Last one for you, Jamal Mosley. I got to go back to what you told me before that you were looking at, what was it? A 2009 playoff game and you were on staff of Denver taking on the Lakers, right? Um, eight, nine. Yep.

Okay. Uh, and at one point during that part of the conversation, you said, um, it was something about defending Kobe on inbounds passes or something like that, or what did you learn? What do you learn from watching Kobe back in the day that you can download to your team right now?

I mean, his poise, his, his, I mean, you talk about the mentality. He just wasn't going to let that team, that team lose. Um, and I, what I had originally showed the guys was his mentality of when the reporter asked him, when they actually played Orlando, they said, why aren't you smiling? You're up two Oh, and he said, the job's not done.

And more than anything, it was the mentality of like, you haven't accomplished anything yet. And I think that's what tries, what resonates with our guys is that yes, everyone's saying where we are and what we're doing and the streak is good, but what have we done? And I think trying to make that help our guys understand that is very important and it keeps you humble enough to know that there's still room to grow, to get better. And we still have things that we want to achieve to help each one of these guys become successful. So you tell people in your video department, cut me that soundbite and, and then play it for the, play for the guys.

Yep. When, when do you play for him after practice or something like that? No, I mean, we will do some before practice.

We did one the other day before, before a Detroit game. I think just little things, little snippets that you can take from, from anyone that has done it at a high level. And it's the mindset that you have to take going into these games. And part of it is as you make a playoff push, you realize guys are going to be sore.

You're going to be beat up. And, and how do you respond to that? Especially with a young group, continue to learn how to win, taking advice and, and, you know, the lead of guys who have been there and that have done it at a high level, you can learn so much from that. Now, do you watch their faces when you hit play on the Kobe soundbite or do you watch the soundbite? What do you do? I watch their faces. I watch their faces.

And what did you see? You recognize that when, when they see him on the screen, eyes light up, you know, there's an automatic respect factor and a care factor and just knowing what he has meant for this game. And each one of these young guys is you can't put it into words.

So when they see him on the screen, it's like automatic, you know, just knowing who he is and how much he's impacted their lives. I really enjoyed this chat. I hope you did as well, coach.

Thank you for the time. Congrats on the nice run here. Um, and I would have said, you know, tell Mo and Franz go blue for me, but you said, Oh man, when I mentioned Michigan. So I don't know if you're really, No, I love the guys. It's just, we have, we've had a lot of them come through with the Orlando magic.

It's a good thing though. Okay, good. We had Mo, Franz, Caleb, Jed.

We had Bratikas. We've had a Wolverine run. It's a, it's a, it's a nice run.

Uh, I, I feel, but I'm biased and congrats on the current run that you're on and best of luck continuing it. And I hope we get to chat again shortly. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Great. Thank you.

You bet. That's Jamal Moseley, head coach of the Orlando magic right here on the Rich Johnson show. I love talking process with head coaches and how they handle things because obviously, you know, baseball calls the coach a manager and we'll talk about this sort of stuff. I imagine with Kevin Millar later on, you manage things. He's coaching, he's coaching and he's managing, but he's managing. I love like, Hey, you know, Hey, video village or whatever they might call it in the NBA, cut me that soundbite of Kobe Bryant, staring somebody in the face. You're not smiling up to, Oh, you mentioned somebody asked him a question.

Did they not know him or have they never met him before? Hey, Kobe, you're up to a, why aren't you smiling? Cause the job's not done. And he's showing these young kids who are on this heater right now, that soundbite now that's managing that's coaching. That's and he's popping in it. As soon as he says, I'm popping in a tape of 2009 playoffs. I'm like, Oh, okay. Cause wouldn't you think coaches be grinding tape from last night or their next opponent or something like that.

And instead he's looking at that tape because he wants to pick up something for Paula Bancaro because Carmelo can do certain things or did certain things that he's seen in his player. I love stuff like that. It's real.

That's, it shows you how on it and how, if you get the right talent in the hands of somebody like him, that that's, I love it. Plus, you know, what do I like being more than anything else? Rich. Right.

Thank you both. Well, rich is my name. I don't know if that's what you were referring to. That is boring too. Yeah. I'm telling y'all these coaches need more challenges in their quiver.

I agree with you on that. And why not two plus one? You get two. So you can use one in the first half, one of the second half with impunity, get them right.

You got a third in your back pocket. Why not? What's wrong with that? Cause the game's already too long. No, it's not. The NBA game is not too long. I mean, it's not like a college football game. Excuse me.

If let's, let's for the sake of argument, place that aside and say, you're right. Would you rather the game be a little bit longer or more correctly called? What would you prefer if you sacrificed another five minutes?

You love watching the NBA brother five minutes, another five minutes of the game is 30. No, I don't want to see that. You can figure stuff out to make sure that that doesn't happen. There's there's enough smart people in the association to figure this out.

Two plus one, two plus one. I mean, I don't think any sports should have challenges. It should just be Skycamp.

Skycamp takes care of everything. We constantly complain about officials, but you don't want them to be able to be challenged. And that's my point as well. Certainly if I'm in the front office of an NBA team or if I'm in the league office, and again, I should be like, you know, how there's somebody who's in charge of the intelligence community writ large for our great large for our great country.

I should be in charge of all competition committees of all major sports. Correct. I can feel it. I can feel it. People try to tell you, I should be.

Yes. You know why I have ideas. You're a basketball guy too.

Thank you. Baseball guy. Listen, you can't, you can't just pigeonhole me. But my point is this.

If I'm in the front office of an NBA team or the NBA itself, and I hear you all the time, tinfoil hatting, because Tim Donaghy used to be on the take, and there's got to be more people on the take, and the over unders are hit directly on the head. And it's really weird the way that finished and all of that. Then let's get the eye in the sky involved a little bit more. Right. And take some of that out of the arsenal. Just do it. No challenges. But you want the game to go quickly. You can't just do it.

Then you have to figure out when they can chime in on what. And if it's then unlimited, now the game's longer. But if you keep it just down to two challenges for a coach as opposed to one, you get both of them right.

You get a third. It doesn't extend things that long. That's what I'm saying. And I would prefer, I would sacrifice game length on that altar to get it right and keep all the constant chatter about my officials are on the take or something's up or look who's officiating this game seven. And you take that and you remove a little bit of that because there's an eye in the sky sitting in New Jersey that the coaches can call upon a little bit more often. Take a break right here in the Rich Eisen Show. Andy Reid's going to join us, folks.

That's in about 40 minutes. Is Chris Jones added any more to the dots on his tweet? Not yet? All right.

Hi there. Sorry for the interruption, but are you enjoying the show on Google podcasts? You should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring.

That's right. Going away gone as in no longer available. You can still enjoy the show elsewhere though. Try out Spotify or Amazon Music, or maybe TuneIn is more your style.

Whatever app you switch to, be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode. And thanks for listening wherever you listen. We'd like to play a game with Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo over there, where I will read out the facts. They will guess whether it's true meta or false meta, and then you will confirm. Okay, let's do it. Here we go. The Rich Eisen Show presents real meta or fake meta.

I wore number 37 for the Lakers because Michael Jackson's album Thriller was number one on the billboard charts for 37 consecutive weeks. True meta? No way. No way. Fake meta? That is 100% true.

That's true. Next one right before his comeback with the Wizards. I broke two of Michael Jordan's ribs in a pickup game and delayed his comeback by three months. I was so upset about it.

I didn't leave my house for days. True meta or fake meta? I think that's true. I'm saying true.

That's true. I love Michael Jordan. Probably my favorite player. You broke his ribs? It was on action. It was a summertime pickup game and it was an intense game.

In 2010, an art show honoring me was held in Toronto, Canada entitled Lovable Badass. False. True. That's true. Last one.

In 2010, I was cited for driving a race car with an expired registration down a city street. True meta or fake meta? Based on his reaction, I'm going to say true. I got to go true too.

That's true. It was an Indy 500 car. It was fun. How did you fit in that thing? I didn't really fit. I was real like this and hitting the gas with my one little pinky toes.

It was tough. All right. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we are talking about Game Time Tickets. There is an app out there for you to buy tickets to any big event in your area.

Sports, music, comedy, theater, and it's called Game Time. We love our relationship with Game Time Tickets over Reaction Monday. What the Football are brought to you by Game Time Tickets. And we love telling you on this show, on this platform as well about how easy it is in two taps you can buy tickets. Susie got tickets to take Cooper to a hoops game on Monday night. Great seats, awesome experience.

And all they had to do, all she had to do is basically go on, look for the seat, see the view from the seat, check on the price, do that multiple times, find what you wanted. Boom. Bought the tickets.

Done. So simple. And she used a promo code because we got a lot of them here.

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Oh, I think she used the promo code WTF. Oh no, that's what you just texted me the other day. Rich, I'm checking Game Time right now for some WrestleMania. Hey, let's see what they got. It's coming here, right? It's coming here? Philly. Philly. Lincoln Financial Field. When are you going there?

It's April the 6th and the 7th. Oh man, you're going to leave town? You're assuming I'm going? I mean, you're going to check out the price. I'm like playing ticket, yeah, I'm going to go.

That's what I'm saying. It's just like, that requires leaving the house. Look, I'd leave the crib with a pack and a bag. Not behind the airport. To the airport. Well, behind gets you around and in the airport. And then you have to park. Park.

And then take some conveyance potentially to the actual terminal. Yeah, you guys act like I've never left the crib before. Not before, just lately? I went to Arizona. You don't know, you were here. I went to Arizona this weekend.

You didn't even know about that. What was in Arizona? I went to go watch a rugby game, believe it or not. Really? Yeah, man. Do one of your famous friends have a rugby team?

No. Okay, so what's with rugby? My nephew Jackson, he plays for Arizona, the rugby team. So a few of us flew down there. They played UCLA.

I went down there, I caught my first rugby game. So hold on a second, your nephew is an Arizona Wildcat rugby player? Yes. Okay, very good. Did you take notes for a brotherly shove or anything like that?

I mean, let me tell you something, I saw a few cats, a couple of those boys are big, man. They should be, if I'm the football coach, I saw a few pulling guards on that rugby team. So by the way, just watch, the first time the brotherly shove is run next year and they don't get a first down, it'll be like, where's Jason Kelsey?

We need him, bring him back. What if they never attempt it again? That won't happen. I would be shocked.

That won't happen at all. So you all right over there, Mike? It was good. You're clicking and then I looked up and I saw you. I didn't do anything. I did nothing.

You heard a click, click, click. We were all good. We were all good. By the way, I think we got a new segment, I think.

You guys weren't here. Mike Del Tufo was revealing some of his blood level content on like, you know, LDL and HDL before the show. He was revealing it to me and Sarah, our makeup artist. He's talking about, by the way, you look great. You're healthy. I'm healthy. I think Mike Del Tufo reads his blood work, is a new segment on the Rich Eisen Show.

What do you think? What is Mike Del Tufo's LDL? We can have people guess it, give away a mug if you're the closest without going over. So what's good? What is a good number for LDL? The numbers he was reading off. I mean, like, am I sacrificing HIPAA law stuff here?

But if you want to do that, it would be great. Mike Del Tufo. Are you 60 yet, Mike? I'm 58 in about a week and a half. He's pushing.

All right, pushing 58. Dustin in Indiana. We'll take his phone call. What's up, Dustin?

Hey, this one's probably a little far fetched, but what do you think about Wilson to Chicago, draft Williams, let him sit underneath him for a season, reunites with Waldron. It was OC in 21 in Seattle. So, Dustin, what are you drinking, Dustin? What are you drinking?

Did you put some of that? It's early in the morning. It's early in the afternoon in Indiana. Come on now. Really? You think that, honestly, what do you say to Bears fans the minute Russell perhaps throws an interception in week one, week two? You already know how that's going to go. I know that's what I'm saying. It's just, I don't think it's workable. Do you remember, I don't know, Justin, how new you are to the program, but we had Matt Nagy on and he thought he was going to sit Justin Fields for a year or two.

Remember that one? And I basically told him, good luck with that in the middle of an interview. I told him that. Yeah, no dice.

So I just, I don't think that's workable. And Caleb Williams is ready. Thanks for the call, Dustin.

Thank you for chiming in and hanging out. Yeah. Bears draft Caleb Williams. You know, it's the week one starter for the Chicago Bears.

Caleb Williams. Correct. And maybe they throw them against the Packers right away. Maybe they put week one Packers just like last year. Did you see who was at the game in a UConn Marquette game last night?

I did. Sitting courtside together? Together. Packers fans are freaking out. The two Mats, Lafleur and Eberfluse. I thought you said Mallory Heaton was there with something.

This is a college game. Oh, whoa. What?

What? Nope. Yeah. Is that cool? Are you okay with that? Of course. Yeah. Rival head coaches. Two guys named Matt with very manicured beards.

Both of them now. Eberfluse has got a nice look going, man. I actually told him that at the combine. I haven't seen a picture of him in a while. Dude, Eberfluse has got it working right now. The beard is not loose. He's got it working.

He's got to be sitting there going, we're going to draft Caleb Williams. Did he say who he was kicking? No, he didn't.

Nor did Ryan Pols. You said Pols was very tight-lipped, right? Very tight-lipped whenever I was around him. I don't think he even made eye contact with me.

Before eating pot-to-pot corn. For fear that he's going to give something away. He just didn't trust himself?

I don't believe so. I think he can trust himself. Well, he knows you can break people down, Rich. Oh, a man who knows about sitting his quarterback and getting results.

Andy Reed in hour number two, coming up. Looks like Eberfluse had either a GT or a vodka soda under the chair. Woof. You think so? Well, there's a lime in it, so.

There could be, there could be a water. Who's drinking water with lime? Rich, we kind of dismissed the color when you had that idea, but you just said yourself. Andy Reed sat in my homes for a year. They traded up to get my homes right around, what was it, pick 10, and they had Alex Smith. And don't forget who Alex Smith was. We keep showing that soundbite of Travis Kelce on the Super Bowl, Thursday or Friday in Minnesota, prior to the Eagles and the Patriots, him lamenting his guy, Alex Smith, being traded away.

And that doesn't mean he didn't think anything of my homes. My homes was just the kid who sat and looked pretty good in week 17 in Denver. And his guy, Alex Smith, is gone. And now he's going to put his hands in the end of a second year starter who he hadn't seen much yet of?

Participle's dangling? Listen, that's a different situation. This one, they're going to trade away the guy, and they're going to draft the guy, and they're going to play the guy. That's it.

Look, I don't know why I care. I got my own quarterback problems. Yeah, you do. We're all in on that story.

Last year with him, you better enjoy it. Shut your mouth, Brock. There they are.

We're all in. Look at those beards. Look at the game. I'm recognizing game. Game. Oh, baby.

Hey, everybody. This is Dan Bespris, host of Fantasy NBA Today, a daily fantasy basketball podcast. We cover every box score from every game, every day, every game, every day. Plus bonus shows on by low opportunities, players to stash, schedule analysis, and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces. Catch the Fantasy NBA Today podcast, part of the Believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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