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REShow: Robert Saleh/Darren Waller - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 20, 2022 4:51 pm

REShow: Robert Saleh/Darren Waller - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 20, 2022 4:51 pm

Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh tells Rich his plan to get his young-but-talented team ready to win, what his initial impressions have been with #4 overall pick Sauce Gardner, how New York was able to land Jermaine Johnson II late in the 1st round of the NFL Draft, why he’s expecting a big step forward for 2nd-year QB Zach Wilson, what the expectations are for 1st round WR Garrett Wilson, if he’s expecting a healthy Mekhi Becton for next season, and how he’ll deal with his team’s challenging early-season schedule. 

Las Vegas Raiders TE Darren Waller and Rich discuss his new ‘Comeback Stories’ podcast and his battle with addiction that nearly derailed his NFL career, why he’s been so impressed by his new teammate Davante Adams and the connection he has with QB Derek Carr, and explains why the competitive AFC West will be “gladiator-type wars” week in and week out.

Rich doubles down on his prediction that the Raiders will win the AFC West next season., and the guys break down the latest from Major League Baseball.

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The magic four words. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I told you so. October 19th is when I told you so. The Rich Eisen Show.

I said the Golden State Warriors were going to win the NBA championship this year. Earlier on the show, Raiders tight end Darren Waller. Coming up, Jets head coach Robert Sala. Sports center host Scott Van Pelt.

Plus your phone calls and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Darren Waller of the Las Vegas Raiders slated to join us in 20 minutes and Scott Van Pelt, my buddy from back in the day at the worldwide leader in sports at ESPN where he expertly mans the midnight hour every single night, is going to be joining us at the top of our number three on this program. But we are thrilled and that is you know what that's the Royal Week. I'll say that all of us here but in the Royal Week. Could not be more happy to have the head coach the New York Jets and the Mercedes-Benz vans following line. It's been too long since I've spoken to Robert Sala and that long length of time ends right now. How are you coach Sala? I'm doing great man.

I guess we got to win more games to get on the shoulder. Oh no. That is so not true Robert. That is that is an untruth.

That is an untruth. Look I think I speak for the fan base when I say I'm genuinely jacked. I mean I just I'm trying to remain composed to be quite frank with you. I wonder how you're feeling about what's going on. You know there's a lot of excitement. I feel like this is the youngest team that the Jets have had in a while that's had so much promise and an actual chance to grow together. So it's exciting. It's an exciting time to be a Jet.

It's an exciting time to be a fan in my opinion. So how do you gel that? How do you harness that youth and talent in a league that you know feasts on that if it's not potentially placed on the field in a way or it you could be taken advantage of with that youth and talent coach. You know that inside and out.

How do you harness that? Well yeah for sure like any young person in a field right you're going to have your learning experiences. You're going to go through your bumps your bruises. But the objective of this whole youth movement is to get these guys as much playing time as possible so they get scarred like a veteran while they have youthful legs.

And if you could get them thinking and playing like a veteran while they're still running what they did at the combine then you have a chance to be a very explosive roster. So does it hurt to watch? Is it painful? Is it a roller coaster ride?

Is it stressful? Absolutely. But in our opinion and if you're able to ride it out and you can develop these guys the right way and you've got guys who are made of the right stuff like we feel like we have where they're going to grind and they're going to find ways to get things done. We really do think the potential of this team is pretty cool and it's going to be fun to watch these guys grow. Well I got to be honest with you coach when I ran into Sauce Gardener at the combine it was in the NFL network suite where they were taking still photographs and having them have video videos of them walking through like a confetti machine that we would use that video going to break of our broadcast and the top prospects were brought through. I ran into Sauce Gardener. I saw the sauce chain. I said hello to him. I saw how big and tall and wide he is and I just looked saw the look in his eye of of getting it without you know feeling too big on his own britches and he had me at hello. I said I walked out I'm like that's that's that's the guy the Jets should take it forth overall. I'm wondering what what you thought of Sauce at first sight coach? No all the same stuff you do you just mentioned he's got this I was explaining it to my wife last night believe it or not we're we're watching Flight 2022 the last episode and we're talking and and it was my dad too. My dad was sitting in there and I said you know he's got this uh uh humility to him that comes with a tremendous amount of confidence that allows him to talk a lot of crap you know so it's like it's a it's an amazing balance as I find it fascinating personally like he's the guys love him um he is not afraid to ask questions he is not afraid to not afraid to see bad stuff on tape where he's being corrected he's not afraid to learn he's not afraid to see guidance from veterans he's not afraid of coaching um he's not afraid of getting beat but at the same time if he locks you up you're going to hear about it and um you know he's got he's got such great balance to him and I think uh I think I speak for everyone and that we're really excited to have him in the building. Well I mean I spoke to Luke Fickle about him before the draft and I guess it it's good to not have a fear about uh getting beat because you haven't been beat since high school but I mean he he talked about how he and his staff thought that Gardner wasn't ready to get in a game um that he was too young too green to get in a game and then injuries forced him in a game and he had a pick six to win the game and help salt the game away and he looked at his staff going okay I guess I was wrong about that uh but he also refused to call him sauce until he was a pro do you call him sauce coach? You know I know um I think I call him AG I call him whatever comes out of my mouth I'm not uh um but um but to be honest with you you know just just to echo what coach Fickle talked about you know I look at him I'm like god he's got to get some more power uh he's got to get the strength in his lower half uh just so he can absorb what the what could potentially be a 24 game season and it's you know so there's there it's a long season it's different than in college but at the same time you watch him practice and um he's got a lot of similarities to DJ Reid who we just signed in the in the sense that uh he strains in and out of his breaks it's um very similar the way DJ does DJ plays every play like it's the last play of his life and and this kid strains and and plays his butt off and it's uh and it's fun our entire corner room uh that entire room has really turned into something cool uh obviously Bryce Hall last year he he looks fantastic again so it's it's a really cool room it's um it's gone from young to veteran pretty quick and it's uh again I'm just really excited for that that entire room to grow then and I appreciate your your thoughts on humility and and the importance of that and I feel the same way but you mentioned Flight 2022 which is the documentary that the Jets have put together five parts on their YouTube page looking at the last off season in a very hard knock style I I think my favorite part about that is whoever does the voiceover work do you know who does the voiceover work for that uh documentary I don't know he's got he's got an amazing radio voice I thought he did a phenomenal job right here on the Rich Eisen show Robert Sala I'm just I'm sorry I'm fishing I you know it's just I'm weak talent you know I'm just weak weak Finskin talent coach you know but uh it is it is a fun watch and the interesting part about that Robert Sala here on the Rich Eisen show I did not know that Jermaine Johnson told Joe Douglas to trade up for him but you were four and ten at the time when he said that like where do you think you should be trading up for him coach you you know um I think all those guys are always gonna um you know just trade up I have no idea I have no idea but but but it uh it worked out it worked out perfect and it was uh it was supposed to happen the way it was supposed to happen so so what was that moment like for you where you already had a remarkable talent at the corner position that you know what you can do with that with your side of the football in terms of expertise previously being defense um and then Garrett Wilson who we'll get to in a second for your other Wilson if you will but the fact that you're sitting there and you can get Jermaine Johnson at the end of the first round and all it costs you is a second that you already had another second in your back pocket very high for Friday night I mean that had to be something for you coach no it was great because once we took Garrett um I looked over at Joe and I think it was a couple pics later I said hey uh how far does Jermaine Johnson got to go for us to it was this kind of a discussion between Joe and I and um right uh and Joe Joe gave a number and uh I said all right didn't think he'd even get there I think I think he said maybe if he gets to 15 uh we could start picking up the phone and uh and shoot from 15 to 20 26 I forget what picket was Joe was relentless just calling calling calling as it was documented and uh and Joe made it happen I mean Joe Joe on draft day is pretty fun to watch he's he's calm he's collected but he is relentless in pursuit to try to make sure he's getting all the information he needs to make the best selection possible and uh you know it's uh you you have to get lucky sometimes and uh at least from our our view with where we had Jermaine ranked uh in our top 10 we felt like we were pretty lucky so Robert Sala New York Jets head coach here on the Rich Eisen show we all know it's a quarterback driven league you know that better than uh anybody so tell me about your guy year two how different does he look right now Zach Wilson you know he he looks he looks a lot more he looks a lot more comfortable he's uh you know a year ago at this time if you made a mistake he would give this long dissertation about how he saw a certain player doing something and and uh you know in our system it's progression base it's one two one two three let it go and uh um you know this year you could just before Rob or uh Michael Fleur could even talk to him he's like I know and he would point to where he should have went or he points to what he could have done and and the dissertation he's you know there's there's no there's there's a thing in football uh see a little see a lot see a lot see nothing and we're getting him he's getting from seeing a lot to seeing very little and which is what you want him to see because when you see little you actually widen your vision if that makes sense but um he's done a really nice job he's a lot more comfortable in the offense a lot more decisive um he still has that tremendous arm talent I love the fact that he went off schedule some and uh and during OTA's a lot more than he did a year ago uh because off schedule he is a he is an incredible talent when he does go off schedule and um you know he looks he looks good he looks comfortable he's more comfortable around his teammates he's more comfortable in conversation so it's it looks good just now we just got pieced together what does off schedule look like what do you mean by that um it looks like it's pro day okay that throw the throw that you're referring to the throw the throw the side arm off platform uh you know when he's when he's running you know when he when you exit the pocket and um you know he could just he can deliver the ball to certain spots like the the the Tennessee game where he hit Keelan Cole and he hit Corey Davis when he was all scheduled leaving the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield and uh you know he's no one's going to question his talent and his physical traits it's uh it's it's really uh bringing that the physicality the physical traits that he has and combining it with the mental part of the football game which is the hardest part to learn especially at quarterback and um we really we're really hopeful that he takes a um takes a good step forward and and being a a good quality quarter uh starting quarterback and and who knows you know who knows where he can take it but um I think I share the same we all share the same thoughts as he does and that we think his guy's the limit so um you know just taking those steps one day at a time and and seeing how far he can take and the conversation was Garrett Wilson was most pro ready uh receiver with all due respect to Drake London I mean that was part of the conversation throughout the entire talent evaluation portion of our calendar how does he look so far to you coach you know same same thing you know it's um because we're so versatile at receiver and we have our receivers playing all three spots and you know the z the xdf and um all for matchup purposes it is a little bit taxing on receivers in the system because you're you're not just lining up at the x and having to do the same thing over and over and over again now Garrett is very very smart but um it's still mentally it's heavy and he looks good you see all the body control you see all the juiciness with his lower half movement his burst in not a brace the speed the hands the aggressive hands he's a very very talented young man and he's very smart and um same thing with him as he masters the one-on-one aspect of football which is scheme all those physical traits will come out and um and ots was a good step in that direction how's makai beckton uh for him rehabbing uh a knee tendon is similar to somebody rehabbing their quad muscle so I mean how how how is he doing do you think uh big big back is doing good it was great to see him during mini camp um he has no restrictions on his knee anymore which is awesome um so it's just a matter of continuing to get get his body right and get his mind right and getting ready to play a football season and uh you know all the all the things that we know makai he's he's freakishly athletic he's freakishly big um and uh he's got freaking he's got freakish freakish talent you know so he's we're really excited to get him back in the fold and um and so these next 40 days are obviously big for him as they are for everybody else right and then in terms of in terms of getting healthy uh your pass rush is also uh potentially significantly upgraded if people can come back healthy and that's the other aspect of this you gotta you gotta have a quarterback who can win games and you gotta go hunt quarterbacks who can beat you so how does how does your pass rush look right now to you going into the summer well what stinks about the way we structured ota is there really wasn't much o-line d-line play going on um but when you watch those guys through individual and all the different things that we're having them do um we're excited about its potential you know uh jermaine johnson we're adding to the mix but uh people can't forget about jacob martin we picked up from houston carl watson comes back really expecting a nice year from quinn and williams and john franklin meyer so we've got uh on paper what could be a pretty cool group um but uh paper never won a championship and i'm looking at the piece of paper your schedule and i'm i'm like come on man what the hell i mean so so um what's your two cents on that coach your schedule i know i know i'm asking a coach that you can only control you control playing when you play them but i mean you're looking at this right here i'm assuming you you'd like to have a nice easy open but you join the afc north pretty much to start the season well one thing i've learned is there's really never an easy opener in the nfl and that's not coach speak there's right i know the fans it's like oh we should beat that team or well i mean tampa we had tampa on the ropes and they were defending super bowl champs you know and uh sorry i'm standing on the side of the road and i've got all kinds of all good man it's new york city or new jersey either one city okay i like it there that's it i hear you um but there you go i hear you yep all right so so long story short it's uh you know like when we played tampa you know i think we're a double-digit underdogs and we had them on on the brink we beat tennessee uh you just never know when uh when the schedule comes out who which team is going to be great which team is going to struggle but at the end of the day every team in the nfl to me is capable of winning on sunday that's why it's the greatest sport in in the country i mean the parody from top to bottom every team is capable of putting on a show on sunday and that's what makes it great coach i really appreciate the time uh how was father's day for you you you know i we we finally moved into our house so i was grinding on the garage trying to get trying to open up boxes see where everything went and then i spent the afternoon behind the grill so it was a heck of a day okay six kids right is that what you're saying seven seven kids wow and so you just you just moved into your your home i mean didn't didn't your contractor know all gas no brakes didn't you tell that to your contractor coach this one's been all gas he's been phenomenal my guy's company's name is rock style he does a heck of a job okay he does okay very good uh hey coach let's talk during training camp uh really appreciate the time congrats on a huge spring and uh look forward to seeing the fall appreciate it awesome thank you so much you got it that's robert sala head coach of the new york jets right here on the rich isin show i should have used the word autumn not saying i'm looking forward to the fall i don't want to jinx a damn thing okay i am not of sound mind i gotta say that's probably a nice gift haul when you have seven kids on father's day dude what'd you get yesterday what'd you get did you get anything i got a you got a card i got a beautiful meal i got some cards okay great yeah so what do you think he got seven ties lowe's gift card dude look look at this thing on my desk that's what i got four years ago yeah but you got the i still have the price tag on it doesn't matter it really matters who gave it to me and as you could see nice gift this is the crown you best not miss that's all i'm saying he was watching flight 2022 with his wife and his dad after the kids went to sleep all right that's a great show that's a lot of fun i i love the teams it's great and they do a very good job and the jets man you're talking about moving parts and big draft i mean like we could look back years from now on this draft as as all right i'm stopping years from now i'm just gonna shut up look at me i'm gonna look back at years from now on this draft i'm talking about a jets draft negative thoughts get out of here all right let's take a break darren waller is going to join us next on the rich isin show from the las vegas raiders the team that i've chosen to win the afc west yeah baby back in the rich isin show studio here in los angeles california back here on our terrestrial radio network joining us here on the rich isin show in advance of his hit podcast returning with a new season on july 11th called comeback stories because he certainly has all of that plus the biscuit joining us from the las vegas raiders on the mercedes ben's vans phone line is darren waller how you doing darren waller i'm doing great rich how are you doing i'm doing better for talking to you last time i saw you was at the uh was that the uh well i guess the the symposium here the players uh symposium to i guess learn a little bit more about the communication and uh tv world right here in los angeles last time i saw you there correct yeah yeah broadcast boot camp that's a broadcast boot camp right so what'd you pick up there what are you picking up on that front darren waller i really i really saw how much of a craft it is for you guys to go up and do what you do every day it's not just showing up and just talking and you know starting off at the mouth it's a lot of research a lot of practice a lot of repetition that goes into what you guys do and something that needs to be taken seriously so i got a lot of respect for that okay so um uh you know some of us do spout off at the mouth though still darren there's no doubt about that but so um you're doing that in advance of this podcast i mean you're trying to get better at this craft or you have an eye for down the road is what you're thinking um yeah i feel like it's uh a lot of people told me that i have a voice for something like this so i was like why not pursue it and learn something and it definitely helped me as far as the podcast is concerned and yet maybe a potential career down the road but yeah i'm just open to learning any way i can right now and so the stories are about i'll give you the floor i know i know what they're about but uh you know you you can do the best job explaining what your podcast is to to everybody who wants to hear about it and know about your story and others darren yeah yeah so come back stories that's me my co-host donnie starkins actually donnie's idea um donnie he actually reached out to me uh after the hard knocks thing aired and was like he saw me sharing my story on there he's like i have to you know get to know this guy and he had already been working with um like tyra matthew and worked with uh diondre hopkins with like yoga and like coaching and things like that so you know just from the conversations that we had was real raw and vulnerable we became really good friends and he was like we need to make this podcast we need to make a platform out of these conversations and invite you know successful men successful women just just successful people on here so could share about adversity they've overcome that helps them get to where they are today so we have the opportunity to speak to a lot of really cool people that a lot of people know who they are and it's just been an awesome journey so far yeah carson daily uh alex smith we know his comeback story danica patrick tyron matthew uh in previous season michael vic and michael phelps this year what what about you um how how how how are you still writing your story darren waller um for me i feel like i'm still writing my story by continuing to try to be the best version of myself that i can not settle um for the for the progress i have made and for the things that i have accomplished but to continue to you know strive for improvement and strive for more and to strive for you know a platform and an impact that you know impacts as much people as i can through what i've been through and the experiences that i've gained throughout my life so it's just continuing to keep the foot on the gas and to you know try to reach new heights and try to bring people with me what do you tell people darren waller who are battling any addiction regardless of what it may be about finding the willpower what what do you tell folks about that and the struggle to find it the struggle to continue it what's your answer to that darren um so for me i feel like just the disease of addiction itself it isolates you it keeps you away from people it it puts a lot of shame and guilt on you and it makes you not want to tell anyone about what's really going on and you know you think that you're not being a burden on somebody else's life or you're or that you're protecting your image but really you're just harming yourself in private where nobody else can really get to you or see where you're at so for me you know for me in order for me to have the power to change you know it took it took a power higher than me and believe in that and i believe that that's the case for you know anyone that really truly wants freedom from whatever they're addicted to but um but yeah it took therapy it took you know just building community around me of people i could really be honest because a lot of people have secrets and things that they're like i would never tell anybody this but until you tell those people that you'll never be as free as you want to be so is that still a road that you're on darren yeah yeah absolutely i still see i talk to my therapist once a week uh i have a sponsor that i sit down and read with and talk with once a week um i got young dudes that i mentor now um and just guys that i get with and we just keep it real when we talk because it's like if you're not those things start to weigh on you and you know you just you get more anxious you get you feel more bogged down when it's like you don't share what may be going on in your day-to-day but when you share you just feel free or you can go back into whatever you do with a better mindset a better attitude and just a better perspective well i mean with it just seems to me and again this may be a generalization a generalization um living in vegas where there's you know trappings trappings all around must be significantly difficult is that is that true unfair fair what do you say to that darren i feel like that is a fair assumption for sure uh but for me you know i've had to you know that this is where i feel like god has a sense of humor you know just because i've been here and you know i feel at peace more than i ever have been and i've had my relationships with you know the men in my life that i lean on and i you know commune with on a week-to-week basis like are stronger than ever and i can just be honest with them and i just feel protected here i feel safe here i feel welcomed here it's crazy thing like in a city like vegas like how could you possibly you know stay sober or thrive being sober but it's like you know i couldn't imagine being in a better place for my recovery and for me to continue writing my story i mean do you have a feeling of success every day you you you don't go in that direction right i mean does that does that empower as well darren yeah i feel yeah i feel like success is a lot different for me these days it's waking up and not having an attitude of self-centeredness because that's what addiction created in me you know it's like you know how do i get mine how do i get high whenever i want and whatever the consequences or commitments or accountability i have just got thrown out the window so today it's like if i wake up with an attitude of selflessness and i try to give to wherever you know whether i'm in the building with the team or if i'm in the community or in relationships i have like if i'm trying to give rather than just get something out of it that's success for me you know if my attitude's where it needs to be what i whatever i'm preparing for and the effort that i put into whatever i do if those things are there that's success for me and i feel like i will handle the results of things as long as you know i make things bigger than just me darren waller right here on the rich eyes and show again comeback stories a podcast that he is conducting along with international yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher um what's his name again what's his uh your man donnie starken donnie very much so donnie starken's comeback stories newest season july 11th where all podcasts are available here on the rich eyes and show let's talk a little bit of football darren waller uh what does davante adams look like up close and personal working out to you davante adams is probably the smoothest mover on the football field i've ever seen in my life you know it's just i don't even know how to describe it you know it's not like over the top like freakiness where he does have explosion and quickness but it's just like i don't know man it's like nobody can really dictate the pace at which he moves he moves out he moves and everybody else just has to you know get with the program but yeah just watching him release and move through his route so fluidly i've never seen anything like well i mean you know it's so rare for somebody of his talent to be moved or or want to move and um his relationship with derek carr though uh is something that makes his movement to vegas and this team unique and normally somebody of his talent coming in there still would be a period of trying to get on the same page of the quarterback i'm wondering if you've already witnessed the sixth sense these two kids if you will have those crazy fresno kids have on this field right now for you and your team you seen it you seen it yeah i mean i've i've seen a large number of touchdown connections between the two over a matter of the last month and a half um but yeah you can just tell like they if something isn't like particularly precise like how quick they adjust and fix it and then now it's just money like so it's you can tell that that connection that's been there for years is already taking place and it's already like paying off for them as far as how they adjust and just you know how they step out there and dominate like you expect like okay like this is going to be a money connection and it's been that it's been that way from the jump it's very entertaining to watch now i know there's no iron waller but have you gone up to derek and say don't forget your buddy at the tight end position from the last several years we have a sixth sense too have you had a conversation similar to that to derek carnal i mean i haven't even had to do it because he's putting it up there to everybody man like you know fontaine is getting his and then it's like you see the defense will you know kind of shift who they're focusing on from day to day and it's like all right well focus on me put it up today they're focusing on today those me or hunters over the middle just wiggling around making people look stupid so it's it's been very fun so far and i'm excited to see you know how it continues to take place over time and how does josh mcdaniel's offense move you around like the chess pieces you can be what do you think what are you seeing um yeah i mean it's really everywhere you know i gotta be on the p's and q's uh as far as the book is concerned because it's inside outside single by yourself you know in a trip formation so it's like pretty much everywhere i'm excited about the challenge that it presents because you know it makes it harder for people to really know where you're going to be at so he's diversifying your game in a way that it has not been in in your in your tenure there in vegas is that what you're saying uh yeah they're bringing new things to the table for sure um i've done a lot of things under under coach gruden i feel like that's been very helpful and they're asking us to do even more things so it's just just adding more to the bag and uh gives us more opportunities to get open when you know defenses are going to be looking for you um so let's talk a little bit of the defense a mac a max crosby now having chandler jones on the other side how's that looked to you so far darren uh i mean they're they're flying around you know it'll look even more impressive once you know pads you put on pretty soon uh because they don't allow them to really just wreck practice like they really can but um yeah i mean it looks impressive so far just from them running through their drills and working against the whole line it's her drill so i'm excited to see them rehabbing okay so what's the general sense uh that you guys have on the conversation of how deep of a pool the afc west now is and that russ wilson is now in denver and it's another year for herbert to get better and mahomes is still mahomes and thus you guys are are going to have your hands full with no true shot to win it all that's the that's a general sense out there wonder how you respond to that darren waller oh yeah that's that's common knowledge i mean i've been watching football for a long time you just look at talent you know in one particular division i don't think i've i've seen one so you know we on a week-to-week basis multiple times in a season that you know it's just going to be gladiator type wars and i don't know i mean i just as as my opinion on i feel like that's what's most fun about football when you line up against guys that are the most talented and you know that have the opportunity to uh win a championship like they have those quality rosters like i don't know i feel like that brings the best out of me i feel like it'll bring the best out of the team well do you do you know of any let's just say uh nationally televised um sports talk hosts and just general hosts who have already put their marker on the raiders to win the division do you know of any of them darren waller do you know of any of them i heard a guy i mean i think it's i think his voice kind of sounds similar yeah darren i am caping i've got a silver and black cape on and i've been i've been chris tell them i've been in since when when have i since since when have i been in march the day well the day that friday when uh davante adams got traded yeah that's that's me so i'm in you already you had me at hello i i'm i'm i'm big on i'm big on the raiders this year darren he says he reads no no i'm not just doing that just to get alive sure i am i am doing that to try and get your your approval but just to let you know i just don't throw this around uh i don't spout to use a phrase that you used earlier um i chose the golden state warriors to win the championship uh from day one and look what happened there's a parade going on as we speak right now darren let's see if you can go through for two okay what would that mean not not to you know say that it means to to make me look good but what what would it mean for you to to get the championship to win it in las vegas based on everything that you said earlier on in your career path what would that mean for you um i mean that that would be amazing you know just to connect um you know with the city the city has never experienced uh anything like that um it has experienced ups and downs over the past few years and to bring that here would be uh amazing and then you the guys like derek um myself um other guys that have you know been on some teams have been here with the raiders where it wasn't looking so great and you know just staying the course staying you know staying with the process and seeing us to be in a position like we are now and to you know achieve the goals that we have would i mean just be you know you can't make you just can't make this kind of stuff up especially from you know the way that my life story has transpired are you gonna get max cross me on your pod i think you guys would have a great conversation i'd like to be on the fly in a while he's on there for uh we already we already got episode with him okay he'll be on there uh so you guys are sharing stories of recovery and addiction and and comebacks that's what you're doing on that pod i imagine every conversation on there is uh it's real you know we got we got steve smith senior coming up too as well did you ice up for that prior to the that conversation i feel like i needed to ice up after because that was a real like a real deal conversation special moment well i look forward to that july 11th is when the new uh season of comeback stories hits where all podcasts are acquired darren waller let me know when you're in los angeles i'd love to have you in person and it was great to see you at the broadcast boot camp and and let's chat uh as you go about your your business for the football season yes sir thanks very small pleasure right back at you that is darren waller uh at rack with 2k's wall 83 on twitter and it's the same spelling without the 83 on instagram right here on the rich isin show big fan dude man he said i'm telling you if you're paying attention to devante there's him and then he said hunter as in renfro spinning people around making them look stupid in the middle of the field and we didn't even talk about the run game no people are sleeping on josh jacobs i feel like well he's well they didn't pick up his options so people are kind of wondering what's up i think how about this the next running back option fifth year that gets picked up will be jonathan taylor's how does that sound you're saying that's gonna be just yeah i mean who's who's who's paying running backs 50-year option money unless they're already showing you what they can do and they're incredibly special if jacobs runs like crazy this year let him run with light pockets for you and if he wants to get paid and you don't want to pay him then make that decision then i know that's an unfortunate fact of life for running backs though you know like which running back a first rounder or gets well he doesn't actually jonathan taylor doesn't have a 50-year option he got chosen in the second round so i don't even name me the next first name me the next first round running back that's going to get a fifth option 50-year option picked up i mean jonathan taylor's gonna get paid very soon i mean he could hold out right now if he really felt like it let's not put it in there in his mind's eye that doesn't sound like jonathan taylor right yeah but as we all know it's not jonathan taylor that's three going into year three going into year three uh running backs that doesn't work that's what i'm saying it's just so don't hold that against joss jacobs there aren't many first round running backs that are going to be around anyway and then who's going to get a fifth year option picked up as a first round running back that's just going to be a rarity nazi nazi harris that's just thinking yeah yeah there you go so there you have it he might he might be the next guy to have a fifth year option picked up it's also funny too rich you're you're obviously working the draft so you're not picking up on this but i heard that term more this draft than i've ever heard it which is what the fifth year option so to me it was just like this whole draft that was sitting there thinking man this really is a business and i mean we all know it's a business but i think it was very evident this year's draft because what you said was said so many times throughout the course well because we're talking about baker mayfield having a fifth year option picked up and sam dot all those quarterbacks are now on their fifth year option you know that's the business of it and that's why teams trade into the first round to get that fifth year option on the player that's the benefit of moving up to go get him that's why the jets at the end of the first round like jermaine johnson still there we can get a 50-year option on them all it costs us is a two and we already have another one that one still doesn't make sense so you know clyde edwards aware he's not gonna get his no and but but what he's so he's trash he's not somebody to be circled sometimes on film of the film of course he is definitely yeah you know so what about nick chubb where's he at brockley i was a second rounder he wasn't a first round he wasn't a first round pick the last couple of drafts have really only had one running back that's what i'm saying so don't don't count this against josh jacobs he's really good mcdaniels is putting the pieces together you gotta have a pass rush max crosby is all pro quality and now you're putting a potential hall of famer and chandler jones on the other side with a chip on his shoulder i'm telling you man that's part of the reason why i like the raiders also i like zagging when everyone else zigs i appreciate that about you and so i'm gonna be on that silver and black i've fully talked myself into that one i'm not i'm not uh i'm not going elsewhere unless something horrible happens in training camp and i hope about how awesome a super bowl parade down the las vegas boulevard could be unbelievable you're laughing about it already mike we're going the autumn wind is a hangover raiders fans were found on mattresses on rooftops everywhere the autumn wind doubles down on everybody went to mike tyson's house and saw his zoo the autumn wind split seven damn straight damn straight well i mean not against the three do not sit at my third base sir what are we doing all right let's take a break here i just knew brockman would flip take your phone calls when we come back eight four four two oh four rich number to dial back here on our terrestrial radio outfit with one big happy family all right let's take some phone calls uh craig in toronto this phone call potentially intrigues me what's up craig how are you sir well dear diary today i've made my first guest appearance on the rich isin show and i hope your professional ears picked up a few things there rich first of all guest appearance yes as i make blue jays and fantasy baseball content so yes in my mind yes i'm gonna go ahead and treat this as a guest appearance sure well done and first thank you sir and first rich you're gonna love this first guest appearance there's my george castanza i've already taken my hat off and stuffed it behind the pillow cushion on the rich isin show i've already sat at my leave behind very good i like it i like craig already what's on your mind correct what's on your mind well rich first of all i mean uh in all seriousness just a tip of the hat for everything you do with the run rich run so i just want to commend you on that it's supported and respected up here in canada rich i always wanted to know from a from a big time yankee fan like yourself i say that all the big well really what do you remember what how did it resonate in the yankee fan base back in the day when dave winfield killed that seagull up here in toronto what do you remember about that and exhibition stadium and the old exhibition stadium yeah with ernie whit behind home plate i'm sure you know yeah dave steve and all those old toronto blue jays back in the day i was thinking you were calling a crow in about the the comeback the the blue jays threw on the yankees yesterday to avoid being swept i thought that's what you were calling in about craig that's not what it is you guys were well you guys were this close to being downright rude uh guests this past weekend that's for darn sure yes i know the blue jays were almost the bird that we splattered this time around that almost was it oh my goodness and a real tough weekend for the whole well the yankees haven't played anybody crowd the yankees are like what 21 and seven against winning teams that's by a mile the best in baseball they're like uh what is that seven and three now or seven and four eight and four maybe even against the jays this season yeah they're eating four this yankee team is for eight and four there you go and rich i would really love to know from you is there honestly if there is a team in the al east where you're saying you know what craig i'll just be honest with you a team that could catch us a team that i still have my eyes on is x does that team even exist and if so rich i'd love to know who it is well the team that concerns me is the one that the yankees are playing later on this week the houston astros the only other 40 win team in the american league you know with verlander pitching the way that he's pitching and they they can hit out of their shoes um and i i just love the and thanks for the call craig i appreciate it did you see the uh the responses to buster only who's one of our favorites he tweeted out last night that on the sunday night game that um jose altuve was going to wear the wire for them last night oh the mentions got trashy trashy yes he was wearing a wire because it's the truth that they they as you know sunday night baseball puts microphones on players and it's it's outstanding in sight but buster buster had to know when he gets sent on on that to avoid his mentions about oh there's lots of chime in lots of chime in about what jose altuve had under his jersey any new tattoos it was not pretty but i was there with my popcorn uh yankees went up yankees went up eight three yesterday and i thought and i thought that was it but they uh the bullpen blew it and the jays reminded everybody that they have a considerable offense considerable offense but you still have won 16 of 18 i wouldn't be worried yeah there's 16 of 16 and 2 in june 16 and 2 in june and they sent garrett call out there to stop it they could have won their 50th game yesterday but instead the jays moved within 11. nick pavetta was pitching much better in the last six weeks than he did in the first month but you could say that about the entire red sox team that has been awesome he's been terrific he has been and the rays have slipped up a bit and uh red sox are on the verge of moving into third place trying to get themselves in that wildcard spot wouldn't that be ironic if tito is the one to keep the red sox out of that third wildcard spot because the indians playing very well guardians guardians pardon me because i'm gonna have to do that oh the white sox are now in that uh in the race too look at that the angels are in the mix the white sox right behind the red sox but it's the jays guardians and a wildcard will be a really fun race it's gonna be a really fun race and that's and that's the beauty of what the yankees are doing right now is they can just sit back and watch the other teams play each other in a best of three and not have their pitching set for the second round of the playoffs i mean you can play 500 ball the rest of the year and probably win the division i'm guessing dude they're they're yankees have lost just 17 games this year that's i mean they're as good as a 98 team in the pace well they're they're they're ahead of the 98 team they're they're they're in front and they've been pitching really well just yesterday they just couldn't uh they couldn't judge go yard over the weekend um i don't believe he did everybody else did yeah they're like it's a fun watch they are i bet yeah it's been great killing it's been great but they lost on father's day which is you know odd because they have been everybody's daddy since the first pitch it's very uh ironic they lost yesterday now judge is stuck on 25 home runs hey the metropolitans are up one nothing as we speak right now you know he can keep forgetting about it that's fine you know i just i realized it about two minutes ago as you were just you know piling on top of the yankees i'm like you know don't mention the mets we'll just do our no it's all right you know we'll do our business not a pitch thrown by de grom not a pitch thrown by uh sherzer in over a month getting ready to come back i know they're looking good buddy and um pete alonzo hit a home run this week he's so good man i love him what a dream come true for mets fans he's one of my favorite new york athletes as brockman usually like mets week two of his rookie season you were on it man i was like this guy p the lonzo this guy so great yeah dodgers uh didn't expect middle of june to be looking around and seeing the padres minus machado and minus tatis jr yeah they're winning a bunch of games well you darvish has been amazing dodgers are like you know can't can we just win 110 games in peace last year we couldn't because of the giants this year it's the padres can we just spend a half billion dollars winning and win 105 games in peace well they might not get to that look he's gonna be out for a little bit he's got a cracked rib right dude dodgers got more wins and walker buehler's gonna be out for a while dodgers might have to wildcard their way into the mix that's a shame is daniel jeremiah losing his mind right now oh we can get him on you want to get him on this week i think we should go talk baseball you know by the way coupe watches non-stop highlights on the mlb app non-stop the mlb app is one of the best apps he loves he's watching highlights of everybody he's learning who does play-by-play for everybody oh he loves our silo loves don or silo i don't want to like my son cooper loves don or silo loves him and you know what so we were talking about home run calls and announcers i don't know how he caught wind of this i might have mentioned it too at some point we went through a five minute youtube video of hawk harrelson's calls and you could put it on the board he's he used that against his sister when he homered off her in uh wiffle ball yesterday he said put it on the board as he hit a wiffle ball into sorry our neighbor's uh backyard said that to his sister rich has koopa caught on to the baseball card bug yet uh no he's still locked in on pokemon cards oh okay well i mean big money there too it's it's probably coming and when it does he's gonna have a lot of fun with it you might not have fun because you know you have to new york yankees going for their 50th win with garrett cull tonight in tampa scott van pelt coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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