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REShow: Kyle Hamilton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 27, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: Kyle Hamilton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 27, 2022 3:23 pm

Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton tells Rich what his experience as a rookie has been like so far and why he’s been told explicitly “do not touch” Lamar Jackson during practices, reveals what his NFL Draft night experience was like, what advice he got from Ravens Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed, and agrees to team up with Brockman in a doubles game of pickleball vs Rich.

Rich and the guys react to the Miami Heat drafting Nikola Jovic and have some fun rearranging the names of some other prominent athletes a la ‘Mike Trot’.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says if JJ Watt can bounce back with double-digit sacks next season, if Saquon Barkley and the Giants can win 10 games under new head coach Brian Daboll, if Travis Kelce can lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns, if we’ll see Jimmy Garoppolo or Baker Mayfield in the playoffs next season, why he’s leaning Bills to win the Super Bowl, and if there are unreal expectations being placed on future Texas Longhorns QB Arch Manning. 

Rich updates the latest on Taylor Lewan and Will Compton’s bid to lure him onto their ‘Bussin’ with the Boys’ podcast.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. We'll come on the air and recount your ass kicking. Earlier on the show, Yes Network Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay. Coming up, Raven Safety Kyle Hamilton. Plus, from the Apple Plus Drama Severance, actor Adam Scott.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Pickleball noises. My gosh. Right? Football players play pickleball, right?

As we saw, T.J. Watt make a Fitzpatrick, right? Next hour, I have some information for you. Okay, great.

Next hour, we're already top of hour number two here. Well, Kyle Hamilton's waiting out. I don't want to bother him with our silliness. Unless he wants to be my partner. What if Kyle Hamilton plays pickleball?

Well, if he's in L.A. in a couple weeks and wants to be my partner, then we can work something out. Alright, top of hour number two here, you've got an overreaction Monday segment coming up this hour, right? You've got that coming up on our program since it is Monday and there's lots to overreact to, certainly in the world of the National Football League.

Doesn't matter if there's games being played or not, there's a lot going on in the world. Kyrie Irving says, I want a sign and trade or the Nets are offering him that option. Woj, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeting out about 20, 30 minutes ago, there's only one team with significant interest on that front. Outside of the Lakers, there are currently no known teams planning pursuit of sign and trades for the Nets. Kyrie Irving, no sign and trades can be formally discussed until after 6 p.m. on Thursday. Brooklyn isn't believed to have interest in available Lakers packages. We don't want your... We don't want your trash.

We don't want your stuff. Available Laker packages. If Irving declines his player option, he would be eligible to sign with the Lakers for the $6 million exception.

Deadline is Wednesday to decide on the option. Oh, boy. What do you mean to tell me? It is afoot. $36 million or $6 million?

Does he know he's coming... Play with Durant or don't play with Durant. Play with LeBron. For $30 million less. I mean, I realize the cost of living in New York is high, right? The cost of living here is high, but you got $30 extra million to play with there in Brooklyn.

Yes, you do. $6 million in L.A. is a lot. Certainly, since your shoe deal is no longer as lucrative as it once was based on everything else that's gone on with you. It just wouldn't make sense he'd land it with the Lakers. Oh, my God.

The game is afoot. $844.204 rich. Number to dial here on the program. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is the aforementioned rookie safety chosen right in the middle of the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. I don't believe we've spoken to him since he's been selected by the Ravens in the National Football League.

He is from the University of Notre Dame. None other than Kyle Hamilton back here on the Rich Eyes and Show. How are you doing, Kyle? I'm doing well. How are you all doing? I'm doing fine.

Here's the first question of our interview that I'm sure you did not see coming. Do you play pickleball? Kyle Hamilton, do you play pickleball? Funny you say that.

My friends in high school used to always get together and play on Sundays, so we would all be out there for hours upon hours playing pickleball. So, yeah, I do. And just so I'm aware of this, I kind of know the answer to it since you're a rookie in the National Football League. You're not an aging 50-year-old man, are you, Kyle Hamilton? You are not. Not yet. Not yet?

Not yet. Well, part of the reason why you will have such a long and happy life is because you're already playing pickleball, I think. So how good are you at the game, Kyle? I'm pretty good. Once you get the rules down, it gets a lot more fun. And, I mean, it's not too hard to pick up, but if people are competitive, it gets more fun, for sure. So you have been flagged of illegal use of the kitchen, is what you're saying, Kyle, when it comes down to it on occasion.

I've been flagged for probably every rule break, but you got to do what it takes to win. Okay. Chris, do you want to invite Kyle to be your doubles partner? He's never played before, Kyle.

He's never played before. I've never played, but Rich has been playing, and we've been kind of smack talking, and I think, look, if Rich can do it, then I obviously can do it. So we're going to have a doubles match later on this month, so if you're in Los Angeles, I could use a partner.

Are you going to be in LA? I can make that happen if we do confirm this duo's match. Wow. Chris Brockman and Kyle Hamilton together. This, okay, okay. Now, could you imagine the Ravens getting so pissed at inviting them to play pickleball right now? Right now the Ravens are like, how the hell did he get involved in that?

Well, Rich, you're friends with the highest guy in the Ravens. Oh, yeah, Beshati. Maybe I could clear it with Beshati. Actually, you know what Beshati would say. He would acknowledge me.

He would bring the curtain down on this so fast. All right, Kyle, but I appreciate that you confirm in high school you played this, is what you're saying, yeah? Yeah, I played in high school, played in college a little bit, but yeah, I need to play. It's a good workout, too. It is.

I'm telling you, it's incredible. By the way, so Minka Fitzpatrick plays it. Maybe we can have all the safeties in the AFC North in a little pickleball tournament. This sounds great. I mean, look, tight end U was this past week.

Pickleball U, P-U, we call it P-U. Kyle Hamilton here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, so how has your first few weeks being a professional gone for you? Walk me through what you've been up to with the Ravens so far, Kyle.

Yeah, so obviously got jazzed by the Ravens, and then soon after rookie minicamp, and then into OTAs, and then into mandatory minicamp with all the vets and stuff. But it's been a whirlwind. It's been stressful, but it's been fun, mostly at the end of the day. Kind of surreal, I was talking with one of the other rookies before practice, before one of the minicamp practices, and I was just running out onto the field and just kind of hit me once a day like, dang, I'm really in the NFL. And the time that I'm grateful for, it's been challenging, but I'm just excited. I'm just ready to get to work. What's been the biggest challenge, do you think, so far for you? I would say when they say you're a rookie and you go from the top of the hill back to the bottom, that's the truest thing ever. It's such a shift in culture and way of thought from college, being a captain, being a leader on the team, and becoming a rookie back to being a young guy.

Again, it's humbling, but it's part of the process, and I'm ready to embrace this. So who's making you carry their bags? Is that what we're talking about? Is that what's happening?

I'm getting hazed from all different angles. Everybody's got their hands on me, but it hasn't been too crazy. It's just carrying helmets, going to pick stuff up. It's just the usual stuff. Okay. What have you been asked to pick up, Kyle, and how far away?

How far away was it? Because I've heard rookies have been made to drive like 60 miles sometimes to just get a special cup of coffee somewhere. Oh, wow. I've heard that.

I've heard stories like that. What about you? Well, I have not done that yet.

Don't give them any ideas. Okay. So what have you been asked to pick up? An iPad. I had to go buy an iPad. I was reimbursed for it, if you were wondering. Okay. But I think if I wasn't, I couldn't say anything.

No way. I had to go pick up an iPad. I actually forgot his case for the iPad. I got everything but the case, and that didn't go over well. What do you mean it didn't go over well? Were you sent back to the Apple Store for that?

Were you sent back? I said I would, but it was one of those things. He said, I'll get it. Don't worry about it.

And I'm like, oh, it's like when your parents have to do something after you don't do it right. Yep. So, I mean, that's strike one.

I'll try not to strike out. Okay. And who chose 14?

You? I mean, where did number 14 come from, Tom? It's kind of funny. I've never really been into numbers like that.

Sure. Coming into college, they asked me what number I wanted, and Notre Dame asked me, and I said, I don't really care. Just give me any number. I thought I would make the number, if anything, and I felt like I did at Notre Dame. And I was 14th pick, coincidentally, and 14 was available in Baltimore.

And so I was like, well, this number is kind of following me. So it made sense, and now I'm 14 again. So, Kyle Hamilton here on The Rich Eisen Show. Walk me through draft night for you. There were many folks who thought you could go a lot sooner than 14.

What did you think, and how did that night go for you, Kyle Hamilton? I thought, just in general, it was a blessing. I mean, it's kind of surreal. Like I was saying, running out into the field in the NFL, you're like, wow, I'm really in the NFL. It's kind of the same thing in Vegas, where I'm sitting in the green room.

Like, I've probably watched 15 of these, and now I'm actually sitting here with my family. It's a blessing, no matter where you're picked at. I always say, telling my friends about all the stuff, like, before the draft program saying where I'm going to go, and then I get picked, quote, unquote, later than people thought. And I'm just like, if I sat back and told five-year-old Kyle that you were drafted 14th in the NFL Draft, like, there's nothing more that a young me could have wanted.

So it's a blessing, and I'm just ready to attack the opportunity now. So you're just hanging out in the green room. You look down at your phone, and it's a 410 area code, calling your phone? Is that what happened that night?

It was, I think it was 443. Okay. All right. Yeah, Baltimore.

A little Baltimore? Okay. It was kind of surreal.

Like, I let it rain for a little bit just staring at it, but it would have been bad if I let it go to voicemail. Did you hear that about Kenny Walker, the running back, that the Seahawks wanted to draft him, but his phone was either off or didn't have any reception, and it kept going to voicemail? Oh, wow. Yeah. I did not hear that. That's crazy.

Yeah, I mean, those are the things that happened. So who called? Who was the person to speak to you first, Kyle? Eric DeCosta, our GM, was the first one to speak to me, and then Coach Harbaugh, and then honestly, it was a whirlwind. I pretty much talked to everybody in the organization within like five minutes. But I do know I talked to Coach Harbaugh and DeCosta.

And then I get off the phone and celebrate with your family and stuff like that. It's a great moment and something I'll never forget for sure. So I don't know if it's irony. It could be irony, coincidence, or fate.

I don't know what it is, but do you find in any of those three, which one would you choose that your head coach in the NFL is a Michigan guy? What about that, Kyle? What do you think about that? I would say it's fate. Maybe a little irony. Maybe a little irony. I respect Michigan, and I know you're a Michigan guy.

I am. Michigan Notre Dame is like the cousins that don't really like each other but love each other at the end of the day. And I feel like it's kind of that kind of relationship between Notre Dame and Michigan because similar schools near each other. Just when it comes to sports, don't really get along.

Well, I would choose a cousin that's afraid to go to the other cousin's house, Kyle. That's the way I would kind of term it. That's the way I look at it. I respect that. Both schools have been on the worse side of that.

I'm saying Michigan probably more than Notre Dame, but I'll leave it at that. Okay, very good. Kyle Hamilton here on the Rich Eisen Show. Have you heard from Ed Reed? Has Ed reached out? Have you heard from any old school Ravens at all so far?

Kyle? I actually did talk to Ed when I was training out in LA before the draft, and Ed was out there for the Super Bowl. And so I met him, and we talked for a little bit.

He had a cigar like he always does. He's a cool dude, great guy. Just trying to soak up all the knowledge that I could, and then I talked to him after the draft because coincidentally I go to the Ravens.

And being an highly drafted safety in Baltimore, obviously the question's going to arise every single time. And I was talking to him about that, and he was like, at the end of the day, just be Kyle. You're not going to be Ed Reed because there's one Ed Reed, so just make one Kyle Hamilton. And I appreciated that.

It kind of put things in perspective and slowed everything down. Have you ever picked off a pass, Kyle Hamilton, and attempted to lateral it just because you refused to have the play get over? Has that ever happened to you at all? I have not. Okay, so then you don't have the Ed Reed in you. Yeah, you don't have the Ed Reed in you.

Maybe not yet. Ed was the king of like, okay, this play's over, I'm just going to lateral it and see what happens. He was the king of that. He is one of my favorite people.

I truly love him, and I love the fact that he's reached out to you because he's like that. He's a sharer, he's a giver, and I know that obviously the secondary in Baltimore is some hallowed ground, and there's a lot of high hopes for you. What are your goals, Kyle Hamilton, for your rookie year? What are you hoping to achieve in your rookie year for Baltimore? I think it may sound cliché, but at the end of the day, one of my main goals is just getting everybody on the team's respect because hopefully I'll be in Baltimore for a long time, and at this level, respect is a big thing. I'm a younger guy drafted highly, coming to a room, a facility with a bunch of people and vets who have been doing it a long time, and I want to be able to establish myself within the organization, be comfortable making calls on the field, and people being comfortable with me making calls and stuff like that. Establishing respect, I feel like, is a big thing for me. Football-wise, just starting every game, performing to the best of my abilities, obviously winning a Super Bowl, all that, I feel like we have a great team that's capable of doing that year in, year out.

This year's no different. I'm just trying to add on to that. Well, I mean, if you want to earn respect, Kyle, I would make sure I get Lamar his iPad case when getting his iPad. That would be helpful to give Lamar his iPad case.

Next time, I'll probably just get to, just to make up for it. Okay, so does that confirm that it was Lamar who asked you to get the iPad and the iPad case? Kyle? I can confirm that it was not Lamar. Okay, it was not Lamar. Have you attempted to track him down in any practice yet, Kyle?

Has that happened for you yet? They told us very explicitly, stay away from eight. I'm going to abide by that.

I mean, I know at the end of the day, he wins us a lot of games, so I'm going to just have to imagine that. Stay away from eight is definitely a good mantra to have. Hey, Kyle, great chatting with you.

Let's do this again, training camp and beyond. Congrats on landing in an incredible spot, and best of luck to you. Thank you, Rich. Thank you, guys. I appreciate it. It's Kyle Hamilton, Chris Brockman's would-be pickleball teammate right here on The Rich Onsen Show. It's nice that I found someone.

I don't think that Kyle should be Chris's teammate. What is that? What are you talking about? Well, because basically you were dismissing pickleball. You were disrespecting pickleball. You were saying that it wasn't a real thing. High school kids.

Yeah, and he was making fun of you. Kyle Hamilton, future All-American at Notre Dame. Kyle Hamilton, maybe future Pro Football Hall of Famer.

I know we're a little ahead of ourselves, but I think Daniel Jeremiah would agree. And now he is going to be Chris's partner after Chris was shunning pickleball, after Chris was disrespecting pickleball, as Chris was putting pickleball down. And now he's going to get Kyle Hamilton on this team. That's not fair. I asked, and he said yes. Well, I brought it up first.

I was the one who told you you should ask him, but I'm just saying. I just like the fact that you pickleball as a man for a certain age, a woman for a certain age. Yeah, and now he's going to get the number 14 pick in the draft. It's old people sports. Old people sports. Well, Rich, I wasn't going to do this now, but since we're talking about pickleball. So I was in Kansas City this week. Did you play?

I did not play. He ate too much barbecue to play pickleball. He was too pickled? He had too much of the pickle.

He put on 10 pounds. Correct. When I was in there, I was recruiting. I was asking before one of the events if people played, because I know a lot of people who live in Los Angeles are there.

Did you try to get Baron Corbin on your team? Well, he lives in Florida, so no. So I asked Eric Stonestreet, one of the hosts of Big Slick.

Eric no longer lives in L.A. So I was like, Eric, you know, what's the deal? Do you play pickleball? I got this thing going with Rich.

Would you like to be my partner? He goes, I've never played. However, and I don't know if you should tell this to Rich, but I'm about to. There's been a local story going on about people playing pickleball in Kansas City. And they've been advising these people to don't go backwards too fast because we've had a lot of hip injuries in Kansas City. There's also, let me just cut you off for the past.

Let me cut you and Stonestreet off at the past. There are some places, excuse me, there are some places that, hold on a minute, I'm fully aware. There are some places that will not allow lobbing over the heads because of exactly that problem. I don't play that game. I play. Which game do you play?

A young man's pickleball game. Which is? Which means backpedaling might be required because lobbing over the head is allowed.

And as a matter of fact, that's the best way to win a point sometimes because the two guys are right up at the net. Not going into the kitchen. Look it up.

Not in the kitchen zone. Just telling you. So I appreciate Eric Stonestreet giving fuel to your ignorance of the spirit and those who play it. All I know is the number 14 overall pick in the draft said he played it with his teammates in high school.

And unfortunately, now you're going to have to go against that. High school. Teenagers.

High school. They're just trying to pass time. And it's one of those, and it's a great workout. Kyle Hamilton just shut the book that you can bring up one of my favorite people in the world on Eric Stonestreet talking about Kansas City's pickleball circuit doesn't allow lobs or backpedaling because hip injuries may occur. Did he use the word 75 years old or that's your embellishment? No, he specifically said there's been an uptick in over 75. But he doesn't play it.

He doesn't play it. Okay, great. Did you find any big slick takers? I did not find any big slick takers for pickleball. Also, Rich, think about this. Someone throws some names at you.

That's too bad for you. But I got Kyle Hamilton. Ed Reed. Rod Woodson. Deion Sanders. Three very good friends of yours, right?

And from the Ravens secondary, yes. Okay, so you want to talk about people who play D back who could teach you how to open your hips when necessary? So you can go back because all you got to do is call Deion, call Rod, call Dave. I don't need their help. I'm already moving back just fine. I'm just saying if you do need help. I limp around here on occasion.

I am sore after because it's a workout and I play it for three hours and it's great. And you, sir, are a moron. With all due respect. I don't know why. Well, you could have said that first.

Just let off with the moron? Respect. Oh, I'm sorry.

That's true. We'll take a break here on the program. And when we come back, your phone calls.

844-204-RICH. Number denial and overreaction Monday. Monday, Monday. That's coming up.

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Clean feel all day. We're back here in our terrestrial radio outfit, along with Peacock and Sirius XM Channel 85. Let's go to the phone lines.

Our friend Jeff in Detroit's been hanging on for quite some time. What's up, Jeffrey? Uh oh. All right.

Put him back on hold. By the way, I have to raise my hand and say my bad. I as you know, you know, this is going to bother me for the rest of the day and you know, it's going to bother me for a long time to come. When people come on and agree to come on this show and they're like, just ask me this one question about this or something they're trying to promote. I make it a specific point to give them their due. That's what we all do as professionals. And if I whiff on it, I'm going to be hard on myself. Kyle Hamilton was calling in moments ago courtesy of Proactive, fueled by Herbalife Nutrition.

He just completed his pre draft training there, located right here in the great state of California, and recently signed a sports nutrition partnership with Herbalife Nutrition, which he swears by. And so I needed to mention that and send my sincere apologies to the folks who helped make Kyle available that I didn't ask him about that, which means next time he comes on, I'll ask him two questions about it. I'll do my best to make it up. So my sincere apologies on that front.

The pickleball convo just came out of left field. Well, no, it's just I need I still could have asked him that question before I said goodbye to him. And you did provide me that information on the card.

It's part of your game every day. My bad. My bad.

It's just it's my bad. I take full responsibility having blown it. Jeff in Detroit. Let's see if he's back. Are you there, Jeffrey? Yeah, what's going on?

All right. What's happening? What's up, Jeff? Nothing much, nothing much. Now, before I get started, Chris, I'm getting ready to talk about the Celtics. Don't beat me up.

No, I'm just kidding, man. Listen, first of all, listen, this Boston Celtics. Boston Celtics with Jason Tatum, dude, that situation from him right now, he's on course to be the MVP for next year.

And I would actually stake my money much on that. My question, though, is this with the Celtics with their success. Does it make it easier for Brooklyn to do what they're doing? Because in the past, we wouldn't do that with, I guess, character Tyrese Tyler, although he's not there as much as he should be.

But does it make it easier for them to do so? Because it's almost like once you cut off the poison hand, you know, you see what happened with Boston. Like, we want some of that right there. Thank you for the call, Jeff.

I appreciate that. What's Tatum's? Is there a certain place that Mo Green does not have a plaque or signpost or anything to remember is greatness that does already have this conversation for the MVP?

What are the words for it? Odds? Is that what they say? Not evens. Odds.

The opposite of evens? Yes. What's the likelihood? The probability? Yes.

Of somebody attaining such a status as most valuable player? If you were to make a guess, educated. Let me guess. You want to guess? Go ahead. I'll say number one on that list right now is...

I know how my number one is. I'll go Luca. Is Luca number one on that list for next year? Most valuable player?

Because it's not going to be Jokic again. Can't be. Right? I'm going to say it's MB. Luca's plus six to one right now. Six to one. Right. So who's got the... And MB is six to one actually.

So Luca and MB are both six to one. Okay. There you go.

So we're both correct. Giannis, seven to one. Yes. Let's see. Looks like Joker and Durant are tied nine to one.

Tatum's kind of 14 to one. Okay. So he's down there. He's after Ja. Yeah. Because again, it's just like, okay, you've won it two years in a row.

We're not going to give it to you for... He's like, he literally will have to go 82 and 0. Yeah. Right. That would put him up there with Larry's bird, bro. With similar numbers. Come on.

But three straight ones. Kawhi, 24 to one. The clone.

Oh. Only problem is, you know, Kawhi... That's going to be if I was somebody allowed to traffic in such things. 24 to one for Kawhi. Leonard seems like a juicy number. The only problem is... Value.

Is that what the word is? Value? Kawhi probably... He'll play in enough games, but that will cost him votes, I believe, at the end, because he won't have played 87. He'll probably end up playing about 65 games this year, so 70. So I don't think he'll get enough votes. Okay.

I'd love to say Kawhi would play 82, but we know that's probably not going to happen. Did you see the Heat drafted, because we weren't on the air in front of the Heat, drafted somebody named Nikola Jovic? Yes. Did you see that? No, I didn't.

It was awesome. One letter off, you know? That'd be like drafting a baseball player named Baron Judge.

Who'd you get? Oh, you got Baron Judge. Jose Altuve? What? You know? No, Jose Altuche. Yeah, yeah. You know, that's what he... Just got to change one letter.

Change one. Oh, you got Mike Trott. Oh, you got Mike Trott. Oh, yes.

This is a fun game. Make a star player worse by removing one man. Honestly, when I heard he got drafted, I'm like, oh, that's what it sounds like.

Just change an MVP by just changing one letter. You notice that the OKC founder took two Jalen Williams in the first round? Oh, yeah, I saw that. And then they got Chet Homer to go.

They got a nice draft class, man. Don't they already have a player who's the tallest and skinniest? Yeah, Poku. Right?

Yeah. So they had the two of them, and I tweeted out a GIF of those sock puppets that you see in front of... Oh, those guys. Those guys' sock puppets. Those tall guys' sock puppets you see in front of car dealerships.

And tax places. And I'm like, that's your Oklahoma City Thunder right there. Well, they could do that with the two Jalen Williams. Dude, the Spider-Man thing, they took pictures where they're just pointing at each other. They're pointing at each other, yeah. That's very funny.

That's very funny, too. How about those number ones? What'd you got? You got Nikola Jovitch? No. No. No, we got Nikola Jovitch.

Nikola Jovitch. Shame country. Yeah. So we're changing a letter or dropping a letter? Sorry. It's just changing a letter. It's spelled the same way.

Instead of the K, it's a V. So funny. You know? Baron Judge. Mike Trott. Mike Trott.

Mike Trott is really funny. Tim Brady. Nope. Nope.

Nope. Not the same. Oh, you got Roy Lewis. Roy Lewis is the newest Raven. We could literally fill the rest of this show doing this over and over again.

Congratulations. You got Ted Reed. Ted Reed. Ted Reed.

I find that so funny. Ted Reed. Ted Reed. Ted Reed. Ted Reed. Ted Reed.

Sorry. John Kelly. Wayne Fetsky. I went to camp with a Wayne Fetsky. Camp La Conda.

Camp La Conda. We finished last in Intercamp Games because Wayne Fetsky struck out. He was playing the wrong sport. Wrong sport. Brett Hall. What do you know what Wayne Fetsky said?

Brett Hall. You miss 50% of the shots you don't take. Yeah.

Like what? All of them. Wait a minute. What's his nickname? The Goodwin?

You only miss half of them. This Fetsky guy? If Wayne Fetsky's out there somewhere on earth, please call into the show. Like Wario. Wario. Wario.

Wario. Okay. Keep going. I feel like I'm in the back of a class and the substitute teacher's in the front now. Because I feel like that was all of us in class sitting in the back making dumb jokes. Oh my gosh.

All right. Over Reaction Monday, people. We might be, I mean, this could be the sleepiest year, week in the NFL, right? In the month of June. Right now, next two weeks, July, in the first two weeks of July is exactly when everybody takes a vacation just in advance of training camp opening up. That does not mean we don't have Over Reaction Monday.

As a matter of fact, we definitely do. Over Reaction Monday here in the Rich Eisen Show. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Mondays Monday.

Ah, Christopher, how about it, sir? Okay, guys. Now, J.J. Watt has not had multiple double digit sacks in a year in a long time.

2018 a big time. But did you see his Instagram over the weekend? Yes. Yeah.

It looked like... Oh my... Is he the next Captain America? I don't know. That's been decided yet.

I'm not down with the Marvel. Oh my God. Yes. He is yoked. Yes.

J.J. Watt, 10 sacks this year. Yeah, man. He does look ready to roll. Holy smokes. He is, as they say, swole. Well, when he worked the match, he didn't hit craft services, it looks like.

He looks like he should be ready to take on Roman Reigns at SummerSlam right now. How many sacks you say? I'm gonna say 10. When was the last time he had 10 sacks? Double digits. He had 16 in 2018. So it's been five years, huh?

It's been four, so the fourth removed. He's only had 10 the last three years combined. I would... Well, he's been hurt. He's been banged up. He's been banged up.

He's only played in 31 games the last three years. Okay. 10 for J.J. Watt. That's a large number.

It's a whopping fine number. But you know what? I believe in J.J. Watt, it's time to play some tag.

It is time to play some tag. And yes, I'll say that that's... You can't sit here in this... You never know, Lee, and say that that guy who looks like that right now is getting ready to go. But as we all know, I think the news broke, right? That he and his lovely wife are expecting, right? Correct. So the dad bod's coming and just enjoy what you got. That was the caption.

Is it what it was? It was the jacket, I think. Okay. Got it. Yeah. All right.

Screw you, J.J. Let's call that a dad bod. Raising the bar for the rest of us. All right. I'll say that's... I'll go for it and say that's good. All right. How about this one? I also saw this on Instagram over the weekend.

Saquon Barkley. Yes. I don't know why. I don't know why guys do all the... No shirt.

I guess if I looked like that, I would never wear a charina. Quadzilla. Absolutely.

Shredded as well. Saquon eight pack, quads were going, calves are the size of my head. Yeah. Gonna lead the Giants to 10 wins this year. You know what? I'm gonna say that's an overreaction.

Although Saquon looks terrific. How do you get those super high abs, like right up below the... Look at those. I thought you were really supposed to have six abs. I know how you can get them. You know how you get them?

Not eating barbecue like I do? No, it's easy. One word. Photoshop.

Oh, that's true. Photoshop. Please. 10 wins for the Giants. 10 wins.

I just can't buy it right now. I think they're gonna be improved. Didn't you say that it was Jets-Giants who has the most... Wines up with a more improved record, and I chose the Jets over the Giants?

And I'll still stand by that. Ten wins is a huge turnaround. I do like the coach, and I do like what they've got set up, but I gotta see what they got in the trigger, man. I gotta see what's happening with Daniel Jones, and if he does get hurt again, what's next? I guess it's Terod Taylor there, if I'm not mistaken. He can win you some football games. Is it Terod?

I think it's Terod Taylor. Yeah, I'll say that's an overreaction. Giants aren't gonna win 10 games in my estimation. All right, how about this one? Gronk retired. Sorry, G-Man. Last week. Yeah. Tight End, you went down over the weekend.

Yes. In Nashville. I kind of feel that 85 Tight Ends there, I think.

I saw a lot of good guest speakers. Greg Olson was there. Tight End's gonna lead the NFL in touchdown catches this year.

That's a good one right there. I know, we've been feeling all the kind of wide receiver moves, and Devante Adams now is an OK. Do we know the last time that happened? I feel like it was Gronk, actually. Or is it Kelsey?

It could've been Kelsey. Let me double check. Two years ago. Ah, OK. There you go. Yeah. How about this?

I'll say that will happen, and I'll name Kelsey. How about that? Oh.

Yeah. Because the wide receivers still spread the ball around to them. Now the Tyrekes down in Miami.

That's the guy right there. Watch. He'll be doubled, and then he'll just lead Juju Smith-Shuster to lead the league in touchdowns. But I'll say that's not an overreaction. That's entirely possible.

And if that happens, I'll choose Kelsey. Or John O'Smith, since apparently Matt Jones has the dog in him. I heard that. John O'Smith says Matt Jones has the dog in him.

Which is fantastic. Hunter Henry, I think. Hunter Henry got it. Didn't he have like a stretch where he had one in a row?

He had like eight games or seven games in a row. What else? OK. We've been talking a lot about these two guys. So we're going to go after it. So Jimmy G is close to throwing soon. Close to throwing soon. Baker, Seattle rumors, Carolina rumors.

I'm going to say either Jimmy G or Baker, one of these guys, will be in the playoffs this season. That's a ridiculous notion. I'll pass on that one.

That's an overreaction. What? How? Come on, man. How?

How? Yeah. I don't think so at all, because you're talking about Seattle. You're talking about Carolina. You're talking about, you know, where maybe that's what you're talking about.

If he's a backup somewhere. No, no. I'll just I'll pass on that. All right. I'll say that's an overreaction.

I think it's a good it's a it's a it's a good piece of chum you just put in the water right there. But I'm not biting on it. No, I don't think they're making the playoffs with either. I think unless you think Jimmy G sticks around and starts for the forty niners, which, you know, I don't think that's possible at all. Unlikely. What else? What else?

How about this? Super Bowl? OK, it's going to be in Arizona this year. That's still coming up. You've heard that. How about this season is going to end with a first time Super Bowl winner.

Team that's never won is going to win this year for the first like that, Christopher. I like it. I like it a lot. We're going to have the three big ones. You kind of highlight it. You put the Bills, Bengals and Chargers up on the screen chargers are kind of a big one.

Interesting. Who else could be? Could be Arizona for three years in a row of of of home team wins in their state. Obviously, it's going to be Arizona. Browns.

It's already been written. Browns. Just saying they've never won a Super Bowl.

I know they've never won a Super Bowl. I like that. I like that. I think I'll just say right now I'm leaning towards the choosing the Bills to win the Super Bowl.

Yeah. Against. I haven't figured that one out yet, but probably, as you know, I'm always I'm until Tom Brady's in the Fox booth.

I'm not taking I'm not going against him and but the Bills might just be too damn stout, dude. So, Brockman, you're saying someone's going to get out of line to get into the club. I have six weeks. That's right. Someone's going to get into the club this year. Oh, OK. Get out of the line and into your club.

It's sort of similar to the it was the original title of Billy Ocean said, Get out of my dreams and into my car. Get off the get off of the line and into my club. All right. Last one from the big college news from last week. Arch Manning has decided on Texas, U.T. Now this is preposterous.

I'm going to say it anyway. Anything less than a Natty and a Heisman disappointment. By the way, come on, man, at this picture, Arch Manning does not skip leg day. That dude's got Saquon quads, Natty Heisman at Texas for Arch Manning, who's only going to be there three years, obviously.

Remember, this is the expectation with you. He's a Manning. Well, I mean, that's going to be the expectation for Texas.

I feel bad for this kid. Not a Natty, a Natty and a Heisman and that he's a total bust. Yeah. So does that make Peyton Manning a bust?

No, Natty. No, Heisman. He did still go number one overall.

Yeah. Peyton Manning bust. Peyton Manning bust. Peyton Manning bust. By these. He has a bust now, Chris.

Peyton Manning college career bust. No? Yeah. No. No.

Yeah. Because Team Martin had to come in and clean up that mess. Team Martin had to clean up on aisle Peyton Manning. They had to come in and clean up that mess.

The next year. Come on. Team Martin won a Natty. Yeah. Ridiculous.

You guys are just... I mean... That's what overreaction Monday's for. June 27th. June 27th overreaction Monday. Way to go, baby. All right. Let's take a break and clear up some phone lines. Get ready for TJ Jefferson's best players in the history of all franchises in the AFC North. Oh, boy.

You're going to have to name the number one stealer of all time. Very easy. That's going to be great. Easy. Yeah.

Okay. 844-204-Rich. Number to dial back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's go.

All rise. Terzo and Iowas here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Terzo? What's up, guys? Man, you guys have been cracking me up all day. I was thinking about Rose Stackett. That might be a good one. Okay. I like it.

I like it. Happy that the AFC had pulled it off last night. That was an incredible series.

They've had a great team for the past few years. I was kind of curious, and I wish they would have asked Joe this question last night when they're interviewing him, what was more hard for him to win one as a player or as the GM? Because if you're on the ice, you at least have a little bit of control. When you're the GM, you're just up in the sweep.

What do you think? I would almost think being at the GM, just not having that control, because I think as a player, you just have your confidence in yourself. You put in the work.

You go out there and execute, whereas the GM, you're hoping that the players that you put on the ice are going to be able to do what you think they can. I appreciate the call, Terzo. Thank you very much. Again, I was just sitting watching some baseball this weekend too, being there in New England, Red Sox and Indians, and I thought to myself, I'd love to get Frank Kona on just to chat with him. Red Sox and who?

Pardon me. Guardians. Guardians.

I've been doing that a lot this year. Red Sox and Guardians. Tito. It's like baseball managers just put somebody in play and then they sit back and they spit, you know?

Well, they used to rock back in the day. I know. Well, that's Leo Mazzoni, the pitching coach.

I mean, of any coach or manager, who's got the least amount of power in making something happen? I guess every pitch you could put a hit and run on, but it's nobody on base. It's like, okay, here's my hitter.

I put out that lineup four hours ago. You're going away. You know what I mean? I don't know. So I guess being a player, you make the most money, right? How about Tim Tebowle? Tim Tebowle?

Yeah. Famous goalie... Hold on a minute.

Famous goalie, Patrick Ray. I thought you were going to do a Ron Tugnut joke. Don Tugnut? Yeah, there you go. Can't change Tugnut. 6'6 shooting guard out of North Carolina, Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon. I said, totally, all right. We're through it.

I mean, Tugnut. Update time, guys. Update. Update time on our friends in Nashville. Taylor Lewine.

Ah, shoot. Bill Compton. Englewood.

He's up to no good. Will Compton, the rising with a bullet from the podcast. I think I saw Bussin with the Boyz was ranked two in terms of all podcasts being acquired in the sports market. They're killing it. Congrats. They are killing it.

They're doing fantastically well. They just brought the bus to a race, yeah, to a motor speedway. Was it towed there?

It was. It had to be towed. Because they're like, hey, look for the bus in the infield. And I tweeted back, you know, like, how did it get there? They towed it because it doesn't have a motor, as we all know. And I told Taylor Lewine at the very outset, until that thing has a motor, I'm not coming on.

But they have been very persuasive, saying they're going to tweet out a photo of me every day until I come on the podcast, and that fella Jack, who I guess has been tweeting all this stuff out. If I come on and he's successful in posting a photograph every day, he gets a, what, a Chevy Silverado? Is that what it is? A Chevy Silverado, yeah. From the Boyz.

That's right. And he has been spot on. So let's take a look at the photographs way back to day 22. There's a lot of them here. Because today's 33.

We have not, we haven't updated in a while. But there is one last thing to update you on after we look at all these photographs here, and we'll describe them. Here's day 22, me in the Ohio State hat and jersey here, paying off a bet to Graham Rahal.

This did actually elicit a tweet from Taylor Lewine saying, explain yourself. And I'm like, this is a foul on the play photograph of me and my lovely wife, Susie Schuster. There I am holding up the fake money in a promo shot for The Great Escape.

I was shooting that in a boat out in San Francisco Bay in the middle of the night. That's me there holding up the championship Super Bowl rings of all the NFL network analysts that were there on that day for the playoffs. There I am, that's a very nice shot of me, I think back in the day when I wasn't shaved.

I was shaving every day. There's me. Oh gosh.

I mean, that's unfortunate. Poor you in that photo. Superman. Me and Superman.

A bad two shot there. That's a publicity photo for the Rich Eisen Show. Did I take that picture? That's me running with a great kid from St. Jude back in the day.

That's me in my, that's my Pi Kappa Phi photograph on the wall of the fraternity house in Michigan. And that is a foul. That was a personal foul on the play to tweet that one out. Why?

What's wrong with that? This is me prior to a Wheels Up party, I believe. Day 32, that's me just, I don't know where the hell that was years ago, freezing my ass off on Thursday Night Football. And then today they just tweeted one out today, me and Ray Liotta. And boy, they're just sticking with it. They're staying with it. So here's the update is I have potentially in my crazy mixed up world with three kids and two dogs and two jobs, I have identified a possible date for me to be in Nashville, Tennessee and go do this thing.

No way. I have circled the date, the one day on my calendar where I can actually do this, show up on the bus, get Jack his Chevy Silverado. And I called Taylor Lewan today to converse and his voicemail box is full. So they don't have an engine and they have a full voicemail box. Taylor's one of those guys that doesn't clean out his voicemail box.

I got yelled at the other day for that too. So I'm trying, but Taylor's one of those guys. Wow. You're that busy Taylor, you can't just swipe and delete.

Too busy, too busy arranging for a tow truck for your bus that doesn't have a motor to appear at events. Apparently so. So I'm doing my part. I'm working behind the scenes.

If I could only get through Taylor Lewan headline, one of those guys, that's all I'm saying. Wow. Okay. Come on.

Are we going to reveal what the date could be? No, no, no. These are, these are high level negotiations that I'm bringing public just because I'm, you know, if they're going to be tweeting out photos of me in Ohio state gear and I mean that photograph of me on my, uh, my fraternity photo, uh, it's just like, I don't remember my hair. Like I had a flock of Seagulls haircut. I had a lot going on up there, but that's the worst haircut I maybe have ever had in my life to be photographed. Also looked like you had been out late the night before, like you looked very sleepy. I don't know what the hell was happening there. I don't know what's going on in that photograph at all. Who's next to you in those pics? Troy Simons above, uh, Troy Simons above, you know, Russ, I think it was Russ Rosenbaum, one of the only few other Jews in my fraternity.

I believe his, his, I'll say this, it was one of those in the middle of the night. I shouldn't tell these stories, but middle of the night they wake you up as a pledge and they put a pillowcase in your head and they, you know, and you're, you're asked questions in front of the entire fraternity house and you got to get them right. And you do so, you know, you, you ask, you're supposed to know, you're supposed to interview all your only active members and know all their information, where they're from, what their age is, who they're, you know, what the name of their favorite pet was, their favorite song.

Like you have to go through it and you have to know this stuff. And so I'd prepared for it. And poor Russ told me his favorite song was Walking on Sunshine by Katrina in the Waves. So me too, I'll never forget this. I remember underneath my pillowcase hearing the snickering of all the members of the fraternity who were gathered there for a very solemn, serious occasion.

When I said Katrina in the Waves, Walking on Sunshine, the whole room just like burst out laughing. That's my memory of Russ, poor Russ, getting thrown under the bus, but I'm throwing myself under the bus and I'm trying to get on the bus is what I'm saying. I'm willing to get on the bus. I'm willing to get on a plane to get on the bus.

Now is this a plus situation? Are we taking the show on the road? I don't plan on that. No. Okay. I don't plan on that. Now. I don't care when you're going, you want to go, you want to see, I know you want to be on the bus is it, it is something that looks like a lot of fun. Yeah. And I'm willing to do it. If Taylor the one only had the space on his voicemail for just one more message being left.

Technically, this is my message that I'm leaving for Taylor. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan, wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts.
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