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REShow: Timothy Olyphant - Hour 3

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July 17, 2023 3:13 pm

REShow: Timothy Olyphant - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 17, 2023 3:13 pm

Actor Timothy Olyphant joins Rich in-studio to discuss the reboot of his Raylan Givens character in FX’s ‘Justified: City Primeval,’ reveals that we’ve been mispronouncing his last name all along, professes his love for pickleball, reveals what it was like doing improve on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ and tells a great story about making HBO’s ‘Deadwood’ with acclaimed showrunner David Milch.

Rich lists his top 5 NFL quarterbacks in need of a bounce back season including the Rams Matthew Stafford, the Broncos Russell Wilson, the Saints Derek Carr, the Patriots Mac Jones, and the Browns Deshaun Watson.

Yankees fan Rich reacts to the Pinstripes sinking into last place in the AL East and pleads (commands??) team ownership to trade for Shohei Ohtani.

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This, this, check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. When Odell takes the field, it will have been what?

Yeah, 500 plus days. Since he's played a football game. The Rich Eisen Show. Ravens gave him 15 million bucks. And the Giants are like, yeah, do we give Saquon Barkley 15 million a year?

That's what they're thinking. Earlier on the show, the fire pit collective golf writer, Alan Shipnot, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider, Tom Curren. Coming up from FX's Justified City Primeval, actor Timothy Oliphant. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show live on the air right now here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM and more fun show that we're having. And I could not be more thrilled to kick off this hour with the star of FX's Justified City Primeval. He is back as Raylan Givens, which is a gift to anybody who knows Justified or Leonard Elmore or Elmore Leonard or and all of that stuff. We are so excited to have here on The Rich Eisen Show, Timothy Oliphant back here on the show. How you doing Timothy? It's good to be back. Thanks for having me. I'm telling you something.

As soon as you start talking, I'm reminded just how smooth and easy you make it all look. Well you know what, although I just called one of the greatest authors in the history of authoring, Len Elmore is a great announcer and basketball player. But anyway, long story short. Did you foul it up? Did I miss it? No, you know what, I should have just let it go.

By the way, technically, Oliphant. Did I really? I'm on a run right now where I've decided I'm going to just, I feel like I've years I've let it slide and I've created a problem. Okay. My dad gets upset.

What does your dad get upset about? Well when he hears Oliphant. Oliphant.

Okay. By the way, when I say he hears it, like he hears it from my children when they say their name's Oliphant and he goes, what? And he goes, it's Oliphant. And they looked at me and says, Tim, what are you doing?

I said, let him say it how they want. So you've been on this show, hold on a second. You have been on this show multiple times. You were on our podcast so long ago that that's what predated this show. It's 12 years you've been doing our show.

As a matter of fact, you set the record for most curse words in the history of that broadcast. And I've been mispronouncing your last name the entire time. Well, I only noticed it now.

So it's. Oliphant. Oliphant. Like elephant, but Oliphant.

That's exactly right. Okay. Oliphant. Timothy Oliphant here on The Rich Eisen Show. It's a mouthful. I don't expect you to say it.

No, it's great. And by the way, just drop the Timothy. Just go with Tim and maybe it makes it easier. Tim Oliphant. We're not that close.

Go back to Timothy. It sounded. I just walked right into that. Fantastic. Roy Gibbons is back.

Or is it really Gibbons? Let me correct you. And I've had this mug in my. I've sent you a photograph. Did I not send you a photograph of this mug and on my desk with it pulled pencils? Yeah. No, take this one. We do go way back.

Like a car seat. You know what? Just say buddy. My bud.

Just say Tim Oliphant here on The Rich Eisen Show. Can I ask you something, buddy? Pal. Sport.

Can you get to the show? And by the way. Yes, sir. We're going to talk justified because. Of course. But I also want to say, because this feels right up your alley and forgive me, I'm self-promoting here, please.

But there's a Soderbergh thing coming out. Yeah. That is also and I'm not taking credit for this.

Yes. Certainly not full responsibility, but I feel like I'm going to be two for two on these. I bet you will sweet full circle.

Full circle. How about that? See, that's the name of the show that's coming on Max. And by the way, because I don't know him very well, I would call it HBO Max, but I know it's not Max now.

He can't be expected to keep up. I can't keep up. And Steven Soderbergh is the director of that one.

I just heard there's something called Roku. Sorry. See it on your desk there and I figure it must be a thing. Speaking of insanely popular and successful Academy Award winning directors that you have worked with. Is it true, Tim, that we can because I've been telling you, I'd love to see more railing givens, I'd love to see more railing givens, that we can credit Quentin Tarantino for this or what here?

What do we got? He and I had a conversation about this on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Yes. And yes, it still gives me a little tingle just to talk like that's my part of my life. Yes, it is. It's still just pretty cool. I've had it pretty good.

Stick around long enough, they say. And where I said, hey, let me ask you something. I had this idea because we've been talking about bringing the show back. But we need the something to jumpstart it, you know, something to give us a get it going. And I said, what if we took we took this Elmore Leonard book City Primeval and just stripped it for parts and turned it into a railing story. And he thought that was a great idea. And that's that that helped. So you put some wind in our sails, you had the the seeds of the idea, or you were the one who was coming up with the idea that you had this book, you saw the book.

Let's just say it was your audience is all me. And Quentin Tarantino when he said exactly when Quentin's like the writers that we've been talking to guys from the show, we we've always stayed in touch. We've always talked about wanting to bring it back. Yes. I love those guys. I love that collaboration.

They mean the world. And we were just looking for we were looking for that idea to get it get it started. Yes. And and I brought that idea up to Quentin. I mean, I'm there on the set.

I'm not going to waste an opportunity here to pick his brain. Yes. And I knew he knew the show. He was a fan of the show. And he was huge Elmore Leonard fan. He's adapted him himself. Yes. Amazingly.

So Jackie Brown. And what I didn't know is that he was going to at one point make City Primeval the film. And he's so he loves it. He loves the book. And he was very enthusiastic. And at one point was going to direct two of our episodes. Yeah. And what happened? There was a it was an unfortunate thing where he just well, he went and had a kid and got in the way kids will screw it up. That's what they do. People say they change your life.

And that's really code for they get in the way. Father of the year, Tim. Elephant. Congratulations on you. But the best dad. Best dad ever.

Nine years running. And I have a 14 year old that said right here. I got this. I got this a few years ago working out the kinks. So what was it like for you to put the hat back on for the first time and look in the mirror and see? OK, there's really a cool thing about aging. It doesn't affect hat size. I mean, you know, you got to put the hat back on.

Otherwise, people won't know what the show is. So see, there it is. You put the hat back on and they're like, oh, there it is.

Same old same. Now, is it like an athlete putting on eye black where you'd like to get in a mindset before you walk out on the stage there and you put the hat on exactly like that. Superman's cape. It's got to be something similar. It's felt so similar to my NFL days when I put on the. Well, you won't play tennis.

You don't wear. You know, I will throw on the zinc. It's very similar. Very similar. Throw it on the zinc. So it's similar.

I'm a big fan of the zinc. You know what I mean? Yeah, I know.

And by the way, I'll go with colors. By the way, since you and I have last had a conversation. Yeah.

On this show. And you poked merciless fun at me at the way I mimicked. I don't recall making making, you know, a tennis racket swing motion where I went like this and you said it's not like slamming a door. Well, it's still a little haunted by it. Exactly.

It's not like slamming a door, Rich. You know, you got to put spin on it. I have since taken many.

You inspired me to take many lessons. Good for you. I'm OK at it. I can't take. Probably you'd still probably kick my ass a little. Sure. I think everyone expects that.

But I think still, though, but I know what you mean. You know, I got the brush. I got brush. I got I got brush. You've got you zinc it up. I got brush. I'll brush it up. You think it up. I'll brush it up.

We'll see what's on. Yeah. And what's the backswing look like? Is it. Oh, I see the back. Oh, yeah. Hold on up. Yeah.

One hander. No. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. I do the one hander. I do. I do. I don't do the ball. You're talking about. I am a pickle.

I'm a pickle guy. It's hard not to love it, right? Do you play want to hate it? But it's great. You're into it, right?

I love it. Is it going to take off, though? Is it a spectator sport?

No, no, I don't think so. Although I will on occasion. Sure. Golf is a spectator sport. And yet there it is. I will on occasion see. I will see on occasion a point or two and stop and watch and maybe get a pointer and not actually put it into practice when I actually play. But I do love it.

It's great. So you play. How often do you play pickle? Not as often. No, not as often as as tennis. Still pretending my knees don't hurt.

Okay. And but I do love the pickle. And if it was I do, I'll tell you this. I was for years like a lot of tennis players like, oh, come on. Like if you found out a buddy was playing pickle and that's why he couldn't play tennis. And then I went out there and three hours later, I was in my backyard going, honey, I feel like we could fit a court.

Yeah, it was so much fun. Do you want to tell him what you say then every single time pickle balls brought up? Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Well, say it to my buddy Tim. Well, Tim, I feel like we're friends.

We go way back for a long time coming on our shows. How old are you again? No. He's no year's age.

According to Wikipedia, pickleball is 55. But I still don't think that's right. Okay. Can't confirm.

It's for people of a certain age. Oh, no, you're wrong. You're wrong. No, I was out there playing with professional tennis players.

Guys on the tour. Because it's a fad now. That's why. That's why they're into it.

Well, this is this is what Chris, you're catching up to our conversation. I think it I think it started out with that sort of well, I guess I asked if it was a spectator sport. Right. Which is enough.

That's a different story. So it's not I'm not saying it's a fad. I don't think it's a fad. I think it's sticking around. So you're like it's cooled a little bit. No, it hasn't.

Just because I have stopped talking about it. It's got a lot going for it. It does.

Taking up less space. Everybody can play it. The entry level is good. But the people that are really good are really it's pretty fun. So you played with people on a tour?

Yeah, I played with like, yeah, I've had a chance to play with some really good some some ball players. You're gonna drop a name or what? Big Sam Querrey. I know that's going to be a big Sam Querrey.

By the way, yeah, I was out there playing that my first time ever playing my Sam. Another guy plays on the pickleball tour, former college tennis player, and then my daughter played college tennis. And so I was there with three very good tennis player slash pickleball players. And it was a kick to play. And they were they were tagging the ball and then it was sweet. You had to learn how to dink it.

And they know how to dink. You had to do it. The little Peter Dinklage every now and then. Yeah, it's the sound I could do without. Yeah, but it's pretty fun. OK. There's a sweat involved. It's totally. Yeah. But paying him no attention. You're just you're a downer when it comes to pickle.

Yes, you're not alone, by the way. And then I challenged him and he said, I don't want to hurt my Achilles. Problem is, here's the problem is that I've really dug in on this stance and I would feel like a pretty big hypocrite backpedal. No, you wouldn't stop it.

You can. You wouldn't be alone on that either. You'd be in a line. I was that guy. Yeah, we'd be we'd just be closer. And that is one of my goals in life is to be closer to Tim. That's what we're doing here.

We're all just trying to come together. It'll be a great finish. Figure it out to justified city primeval seeing Raylan Givens step in the kitchen, getting called for being in the kitchen. That'll be fun.

He would not be happy with that. Oh, you know what? If this show goes well and now there's a plea to the viewers and the listeners watch the show because I've always wanted to do another one after this one. And by the way, it's good.

So I'm not I'm not trying to cheat you. But if we bring it back, I feel like Raylan's going to be playing pickle. That alone in the hat, obviously in the hat.

Of course. I mean, you can't you don't have the hat on. No one knows it's the show. They're like, what is the show?

Most important question since we're spitballing here and we're creating the second season of justified city primeval. Just like talking with Quentin on the set premieres tomorrow and me with the pickleball. Exactly.

At 10 p.m. Eastern our sales. Exactly. And I don't allow cell phones on this set either at 10 p.m. Eastern on FX.

And you could watch it on Hulu the next day, which is available here on Roku. So hold on a second. OK, so I just want to turn this off really quick. I don't want to say I had forgotten. I had forgotten.

No, that's OK. I'm very Tarantino like like that. So would Raylan zinc it up is the question. Does Raylan given zinc it up? Well, he's going to when he's playing pickle boy for sure. I just love watching you kick ass and take names like this. Well, and that's what's going to be cool is to see him go from playing pickle to kick an ass. And by the way, it's going to do a lot for pickle. I feel like I think that might bring you around when you see Raylan playing pickle and then kick an ass.

Right. I like that he has shortened it like Tom Cruise like pickle ball. It's pickle. It's what it's. Just stop talking.

You just belie your ignorance on the subject matter with each syllable you utter into the recursion show microphone. I don't get the reference. No, just to shorten his words like, oh, I'm not working on Mission Impossible. Rob Lowe told us that that's he learned from Tom Cruise, the very bad ass way of talking about your filmography. So, for instance, you wouldn't have said, well, I was on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I was on the set of Hollywood. I was on the set. You know what I mean?

That's what I was like. Can we get back to Primeval? Just please. See what I did there?

No, please. Shorten it. Oh, I see. Wow.

By the way, and I also I told you earlier also check out Circle because Circle's circle circle. So tell me what is that about with Soderbergh? What's that about? That is a it's like a botched kidnapping that just exposes everybody's dirty little secrets. It is so intense and so riveting.

The performances are so good. Claire Danes, Dennis Quaid, you. Yeah. And sort of he's the one of the smartest people I've ever come across.

So what they call a genius. I would agree. Yeah.

He just doesn't miss. So it's it's pretty cool. Yeah. Riveting. Okay. Riveting. All right.

And that's on Max, the original limited series. I've never asked you this. I'm gonna ask you, how did you get involved with curb your enthusiasm and Larry David and those episodes, which by the way, you are brilliant.

And those are some funny, funny episodes of curb your enthusiasm. Thank you. I appreciate that. I don't I don't know how to do it any other way.

You only know one speed. I like it. I like it. You know, I mean, I'm like you. I just I just win. I just like complimenting you. I just win.

It's my hair. I do appreciate that. You know, I was so fun to be a part of that. Oh, my God. That's one of those jobs where I'd pay to be there. I mean, not really.

But, you know, the spirit of what I'm saying. Yes. I had done I had Jeff Schaefer, who produces that show, you know, runs that show there with Mr. David. I had worked.

I think this is how I got on there. But I had worked with that. He had a show called Sports Show League. There you go.

Yes. And I play I was on the I did an episode of the league. So that was the beginning of that relationship.

And I think that's what might have something to do with it. So you never met Larry David before getting on the set with him? No, never. What was that like? Oh, what a joy.

I had not usually with most people that I am obsessed with. And because that's a show, not a big TV show guy. I actually don't like a lot of TV, but I will watch curb till, you know, till they till they quit. I did not know he was such a generous laugher. I didn't know he was. He just laughs. And it was a ball. And I'm guilty of that, too. OK, I'll crack up in the middle. I'm pretty easy to crack up on a set. Right. So just laughing with him and the way they shoot that is so fun. And they're getting away with murder.

It's just it's so fun. So did you ad lib many of your lines or basically that? I don't want to go too in the weeds, but, you know, they don't have a script per se.

They just have an outline. Right. So for my episode, for example, they would have a scene where it just says, you know, Larry's going to come to your room. He needs a toothbrush. You have an extra toothbrush, but you won't give it to him. Right. And because that's your toothbrush and he's having it, you know, so you you arrive on set and they they kind of just huddle up and we read that. That's the scene. And then they say, OK, let's go. And the first take might be 15 minutes and maybe a minute of it's usable. And you just kind of begin to shape it.

Yes. And, you know, the one piece of advice I had gotten or I tend to listen to is, you know, don't try to be funny. And when in doubt, just repeat what the other person says. So, you know, you know, cut to, you know, seconds after that, you know, here he knocks on the door. Cameras are rolling and he's like, you know, I need to you got an extra toothbrush. And I said, yeah, I got one. He's like, oh, great, I need it. And I was like, oh, you can't have it. You know, I mean, he's like, what are you talking about? And you're just going. And then it slowly is like, OK, next take. Here's what we liked. That's funny.

Let's do more of that. Yeah. You know, all of a sudden it starts becoming a toothbrush emergency. And then I'm talking about that's your toothbrush emergency.

That's not my toothbrush emergency. And all of a sudden you realize, oh, my God, this is the show where we just sort of stumbled in. This is the show. And I said to him, how do you get one of these?

I've been memorizing lines my whole life. What do you say? I mean, what an idiot. Seinfeld? Is that what he said? Is do Seinfeld? Yeah, I just said, yeah.

So, you know, listen, I think my character's not dead if they're listening. I had a ball on there. That was fun.

That was a funny episode with Toblerone and the way it was amazing. You know, I started to slouch, but I didn't want Chris to have to come over and adjust my camera. Understood. Look at you.

Can you get over here? Oh, my gosh. All right. Well, you know, I just finished Daisy Jones in the six.

I love everything you're in, man. Like literally. But I really how was it working on that? I had a ball on that thing. Well, sorry. I went back.

Go back to your seat. He's just you guys really. Well, we're into it.

Guys are really cut down here at the staff. I appreciate that. I had a ball doing that thing. The guys that created that show was Scott Neustadtler. And no one wants to know the director's name, but he's a wonderful director.

But I had known them for a while and they gave me a shout about that about that character. I love that genre. I love those. And we we just had a good time, you know, 70s. What a wonderful cast. What a lovely group of people. It was it was fun to hang out with those those folks. What's your favorite?

James Ponsalt was the director's name. What's your favorite Deadwood story? Give me one favorite Deadwood story. Yes. From the entirety of it all. What do you want? I told you the one about killing the kid.

Can I it's that fair to talk about at this point. What is it again? It's a story. It's the first one that came to mind. You know what?

Let's go for it. I'm not saying this is all I know. I'm having second thoughts, but I'm still going to commit to some part of the story very well. There was a character on the show. Perhaps it was a young character. And there was some brew hog going on that somebody connected to that. That actor was being a pain in the ass and there was some there was some drama behind the scenes. That's odd for David Milch production.

So good. So there's this kid and there's some brew hog going on that didn't sit well with Milch. And yeah, I tend to stay out of those things. I didn't know much about what was going on. But within just an hour or two, there was a knock on my trailer door and Milch is there. And unusually, we tend to just talk it on the set or talk at lunch. So the fact he's at my trailer, I said, you know, what's going on? He said, we're going to kill the kid. That was a solve to whatever was happening behind the scenes.

I'm not sure it wasn't the first time that was a solve, by the way. There was some other there was we had we had others. There was another character at one point that was a bit of an issue with scheduling and he didn't live.

He didn't live long either. But what's amazing about that this story is, if I may, the creativity of that man, because that happened. He said to me, he goes, look, he's no dummy.

He knows that underneath just a neurotic actor. He said, right after he said, I'm gonna kill the kid. He said, it's gonna be wonderful for you. It's gonna it's a wonderful storyline.

Like, it's gonna be great. And he we had this whole you know, the show. There was a kid that died and it was a tragic event.

The whole town witnessed it. Yeah. Me sitting over the kids while he's still with us and he his his real father was my character's brother. I was raising my older brother's child.

Yes. He's talking to me as if I'm he thinks I'm his real father. It was going to crushing watching this go into mourning and the town is in disarray needs and they don't know when it's right to go get Bullock and swearing just got to come to our house. And he comes through the front door for the first time and we sit in my home.

All these amazing he so much. He wasn't wrong. It was incredible drama. It took up the bulk of that season.

And it was born out of and I was like, what was it? I mean, they're historical figures. She has no problem taking creative license.

Sure. I mean, it's it's we never I mean, the season we were gonna do that guy was amazing. You know, you know, that Mrs. Bullock Yes, when I got the job, I was told she her character would arrive that, like, at the sometime in the first season, and she would show up with the kids and you'd be and then it was like, well, it's gonna be the final episode. Then he came up to me said at the final episode, your wife shows up. And then and then he said, next year. And so, you know, he was just he was so willing to just go with like, no, that what's happening here is really interesting.

There's more here to dig into and just a willingness to zig and zag and know that he still had history on his side. We had a self contained set. It was a perfect storm of madness and creative genius and somehow it all worked. It was amazing.

Well, I mean, it was something to be around. Yeah, played by unbelievable played by Anna Gunn, who many people know is Mrs. Walter White. Anna Gunn.

Yes, the lovely, the talented, just a wonderful woman. She thought she was showing up season early season one, then not till end of season one. And then, you know, hang on.

We'll have you next year. And then, you know, you'll be part of an incredible plot twist based on the fact that somebody was was pain in the ass off camera. And David Welch is like, somebody connected.

I'm not naming who was a connect, whatever. And look, now, keep in mind, that may not have even been the real truth. No, I mean, even for David, like, I don't know if that's what's real. That's true.

I got you. You know what I mean? Like he is. He was. I don't know what's real.

He might have had that plan all along, and he was looking for the nudge. I don't know. He might have had it. You don't know. I just know that that's my experience.

And that was weekly. Kids should never have given him that bad tip of the fifth race. It's amazing.

Should never happen. Amazing. Tim, thank you for coming on. It is always great having you here. It's a pleasure. It's always a pleasure to be here. And I appreciate you. Thank you very much. Watch Justified City Primeval on FX. It premieres tomorrow 10 p.m. Eastern on on Hulu the next day, available right here on the Roku platform.

And everyone should watch it so we can watch Raylan Givens play pickleball in the second season of this terrific show. Tim, Oliphant. Oliphant? No, that's an all.

Did I say it's N-A-L-L? Oliphant. I don't want to drag out the ant clothes here. That was such a lovely clothes. Oliphant.

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Call click or just stop by. I love that guy. He definitely makes me feel less of a man whenever I talk to him. Because he's just so he's just awesome. He doesn't try to be cool. He does not. But he is cool.

And he's always been great to us back in the day on our podcast days and showing up here and everything he's in is great. I can't wait to have that that interview clank around for quite a bit. Um, okay.

I need NFL films music, please. I have a top five list. As always, these are born out of Brockman saying, Why don't you do it? I'm like, Okay, all right, here we go. Uh, it is my top five list of quarterbacks in need of a bounce back season. Okay, I like this. Okay. Number five on this list is the only one that's on this list due to injury.

Okay. This is the only one on this list due to injury and he needs a bounce back season because you're hearing rumors here in Los Angeles that they were trying to trade him and you're hearing talk that maybe he's not all that anymore. You know, he they're tanking for Caleb Williams.

He no look to pass the Cooper Cup in the Super Bowl to thread a needle. So but we all know last year was a disaster for Matthew Stafford. And I want to see a bounce back season from him. I want to see him stay here in Los Angeles as long as he and his wife want I want him to be staring at these Pacific Coast sunsets and having the sunset glint off of a trophy, you know, but and this year is kind of big. I think I think this year is kind of big. We will see what Matthew Stafford looks like in a bounce back season.

I hope he is as healthy as everyone thinks he is, as everyone is hearing from the Rams that he is. Let's go. Let's get Cooper Cup back out there. Let's get the Rams back out there and having a bounce back season. And they're one of the sleeper teams maybe of twenty twenty three. I'm throwing that all out there. I'm throwing it all against the wall. Because they're going to be sleeping all season?

No, because they're they still have they've got a very young team with enough of the talent from the Super Bowl season to maybe catch some fire with a terrific coach. Number four on this list. Got to get it. Got to have it.

Need to see it. Is the first year the guy or is the second year the guy? Is the second year because the guys who are coaching him up weren't at all adequate to do so because they'd never done it before? I want to see Matt Jones have a bounce back season.

I agree with that. He's number four on this list. He is in need of a bounce back season. OK, because he's got a coach there who'll be ready to go to Bailey Zappi in a heartbeat if he thinks that's the way to go. And there's no sacred cows in Bill Belichick's world.

And even though, you know, at what AKK loves him, and everybody's wearing everyone's wearing their jerseys, they're wearing their 10 gamers to the stadium. But not if he's struggling in the first half of this season. And Bill O'Brien sitting there and he's got getting paid. He and the two bills have a little heart to heart. That's the way Bailey Zappi showing up. I need to see Matt Jones have a bounce back season.

Number three on this list. It's been a while since this guy's had a Pro Bowl season. We're all assuming he's the same Pro Bowl guy. And you can cut him if you want a little bit of slack because he had a self-imposed and then NFL imposed sabbatical that kept Deshaun Watson out of the National Football League for quite some time.

His own doing. And then he comes back last year and he finishes up the season for the Browns and he looked mediocre, is the only way to put it. And you could sit here and say, well, that is not fair because he hadn't played in a while. And then he had to pick things up in the middle of the season. I need to see Deshaun Watson have a bounce back season. The Cleveland Browns put a ton of eggs in this man's basket and they also put a lot of their capital with their fans in that basket.

So not just the capital out of their bank account, but some of the capital with their fans figuratively in Deshaun Watson's basket. Gotta see him have a bounce back season and look like the guy who was taking the Texans to the playoffs. If that guy shows up in Cleveland, then we can kind of rearrange potentially some of the AFC North furniture, maybe even in the state of Ohio.

How about them apples? Because as you know, Burroughs had a problem beating this team. So I need to see a bounce back season from him. Number two, new address for this guy after the one team that he's only known coughed him up. Actually, they sent him home for Christmas. They sent him home for Christmas and he went on a free agency tour and he chose the New Orleans Saints. How about Derek Carr having a bounce back season?

Interesting. How about him taking the Raiders to the playoffs a couple of years ago? Last year could not close a double digit deal for his life.

Couldn't put points on the board after crushing the scoreboard in the first quarter and a half first half of football games and then went to sleep in the second half as the defense started to give up points. We all know what was the problem with the Raiders last year and I called his last game as a Raider Christmas Eve night in Pittsburgh and he threw interception after interception to close that game and Josh McDaniels basically said you are quichonned for the rest of the season and he said that this was something that made his wife cry. Now he's going to New Orleans where they hope he is the guy that's after the guy with the guy being Drew Brees being the first one. Derek Carr got to get a bounce back season from him and I think the number one on quarterback on this list is the ultimate no brainer. This one is 1000% I think the quarterback on your list if you're making up a top five quarterbacks list in need of a bounce back season and it is Russell Wilson in Denver.

Let's go. Let's get him cooking again. Let's get him out of the pocket and throwing. Let's get him being Russell Wilson again. Last year was an unmitigated disaster for the heart and soul of so many of those Seattle Seahawk Championship teams in the NFC West and of course the the kid that was as good as they come for the first 10 years of his career regressed to the point where people don't even know if he's good anymore. Here comes Sean Payton in his first foray as the coach of the Denver Broncos and they closed up his office on the second floor apparently and things have changed there and he looks healthy and he looks ready to roll and Broncos country. Let's ride.

Let's see how that works. He is number one on the list of quarterbacks in need of a bounce back season in action. One more. All right, we'll get one. Okay, we got one more.

You can go in so many different directions here. Certainly since the guy came on strong in the last month plus of the NFL season. So how could somebody come on strong in the last month of an NFL season and I'm sitting here saying he's in need of a bounce back season because you don't think he's going to be there anymore and he's actually, you know, more of a signal caller than a quarterback and it's Einstein.

Yeah, it's Einstein. He's a signal caller. As you know, he's trying to call with a bad signal.

That's the last time we saw him, you know, on his bicycle of trying to trying to get better reception on his cell phone. And I'm wondering if he's going to have a season, let alone a bounce back season as one of the top signal callers of December and January in the National Football League. And that's man, I got totally. I thought you were going to maybe do Brock Purdy. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don't think Rogers needs a bounce back season?

Come on, man. I don't think he's above any of these people on this list here. I mean, Stafford could be toast, toast, right? You need Matt Jones to have a bounce back season. I was thinking of putting him on that list. Rogers, you know, Rogers definitely regressed from back to back MVP seasons. He shouldn't have won one of those.

He's going to win three in a row. Well, one of them was COVID, right? And he said it was a COVID season. That should have been Tom Brady's. Let's be honest. Well, you know, he's a signal caller, that Einstein. I can't believe I got that.

I thought we were done with the Einstein crap. That's a bounce back. Thank you. Nobody wants that bounce back. I do.

That's a good dude. All those other things. Sometimes we say things into these microphones without understanding completely what it would be like. Put yourself in your shoes if you're sitting at home next November. Yes, next November, next December.

And you see him on his, you see Paul Giamatti back on his bike. I'll change the channel. No, you won't. I'm going to. Actually, you will. And you know what you'll see when you change the channel?

Same commercial. I'm going to throw something at my TV. You can't avoid it. Brilliant. You can't avoid it. My TV will be kaput because I've broken it. You got to like it.

He's a signal caller more than a quarterback. I don't like being fooled like that. I don't think anyone on the planet Earth loves those commercials more than you. No, I think Rudd does. Next time we have Paul Rudd on. Not even Paul Giamatti. When I saw Paul Rudd at the draft, when I saw Paul Rudd at the draft, I don't know why this came up, but he said Paul Giamatti as Einstein was a screensaver on his cell phone for that's preposterous.

Not Paul's beautiful kids or his wife, Paul, maybe himself as Ant-Man. Nope. Had that. That's ridiculous.

Character as his screensaver on his cell phone for weeks. You know why? Because he knows that's a signal caller. Preposterous. Of note.

I'm going to put this up as a poll. Shouldn't the header be signal callers and not QBs? Both the same.

Just like pass catchers and receivers. You know, we got duped again, bro. We'll take a break. I hate it. I knew that.

That's why I kind of stopped paying attention. Big series for the Yankees and the Angels coming up starting tonight. I'm going to hit it guys. Let's take a trip to Anaheim. I'm going to hit it hard, dude. You have to leave your house.

I'll do it for that. No, you won't. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep. Going away as in Kaput gone dead. Rest in peace Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. We just mentioned our friend, Jeff Passan, who is one of our favorites calling into the show appearing on this program. Um, because we were referring to him calling in from an ice machine room in a hotel on the day of the home run Derby. Um, he tweeted this out about 40 minutes ago that, um, during a cleanup after a big storm in Kansas city, a large tree limb decided to fall and crush me. The good news. I still have use of my arms, legs and Twitter fingers.

The bad news. I have a broken back. The vertebra fracture will heal.

I'll be better. I hope in the pain subsides between now and the trade deadline though painkiller fueled tweets could be a fun time. He thanks his family, friends, ESPN, and then the nurses and doctors and support staff at KU med. I so appreciate your care and diligence and to those who are so vital helping me deliver news this time of year, especially my back may be shot, but my phone still works in a tweet breaking my back. So he's got a sense of humor intact.

He's laughing because of his tweet breaking my back. I know. So I'm glad that he's able to joke. And, um, Hey, Jeff are our best to you. No doubt.

So sending all of our, um, our well wishes your way. One of my favorites. So kind of the back of it broke his back. Yeah.

Your head on a swivel. She's so sending our best to a one of our favorites out there. No doubt. I don't know. There's that much to follow up on that one other than, uh, we will be having our eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks. His phone works.

His hands work. We have to get him to call in soon and tell us how he sure that's exactly what he wants to do. Hopped up on painkillers. That would be great.

Elmo on painkillers. Oh, my God. I do love Jeff passing, sending our best to you, sir. I appreciate you sharing and being able to have your sense of humor intact back here on our program.

All right. Headline. Yankees stink. They are in last place. Now they're above 500, which is kind of tough to say that they stink, but when you're in last place and this is the latest they have been in last place, a piece of it or alone this late in the season since 1992. And if they're alone in it, the last time they were in last place in the least this late season was 1990.

It's the stump Merrill year. Yankees. This is brutal.

Okay. It's tough to watch. Judges been out.

Totally get it. But they're in that mode right now of if they're hitting the pitching's not working. And if the pitching's working, the hitting's not working. They lost two of three to the Rockies, one of the worst teams in baseball. And it's not I mean, it's it's not even working great in their booth. Did you hear what happened yesterday?

This is no. Yeah. The Yankees, they they gave up a grand slam home run to C.J.

Crone. They're up three one. Now they're down five three.

They tie the game five five. They go into extras. They go up seven five and, you know, base running. They got thrown out a third to end the ninth and the tenth.

How about that? How about making how about making outs to end innings at third base in consecutive innings? It just was bad baseball all around.

Like Dion, you cut. And then John Flatt. And then they go up seven five. Then, you know, goes runner on second first batter home run to tie the game. And then two outs later, this happens. One of the one of the worst announcer jinxes of all time.

Yeah, I've heard this one. Treyo, one hundred and twenty at bats, does not have a home run this year. And the Rockies win this one eight to seven.

That's John Flaherty, who doesn't do a great job on yes, by the way. Normally, he does the analysis, but they had him in the role of play by play as they're making their way here to Anaheim. Yankees, again, they're above five hundred. They're only two games out of the wildcard.

That's it. And they come here to Southern California to take on an Angels team that is two under five hundred, six games out of the wildcard race and four behind the Yankees in Red Sox. Who are both two games out.

So the Angels are on the periphery of hailing distance. And last night, Shohei Otani, homers hits a thirty fourth home run of the season to put him up eight to three. And then the Astros score six to win the game. And that's the way the Angels fall to the Astros.

So once again, Otani does his job. And then when the rest of the team does pitch in to do their job, they still can't win. So you got two teams that can't get it right. The Yankees MVP is out and judge.

And, you know, the Yankees treat injuries with their fans like it's the Patriots. They don't tell you much. Yeah. I thought he was gonna be back by now. Well, who the hell? He just let it slip. Oh, by the way, I'm just I'm fine.

I ran through this bullpen door. I'm fine. Oh, yeah. Oh, he's not in the lineup tonight. Oh, he's not in the lineup the next night. Oh, yeah. He's on the injured list.

Oh, yeah. He's on the injured list and he just lets it slip. He's got a torn ligament in his toe. He's out. Otani is in, and both teams can't get it together.

And I'll just say this. Hal Steinbrenner, who said if the team just gets healthy, right? Rodone comes back.

He lost in Colorado. And they get healthy and all they got to do is play like they did in early May and they'll be fine. Well, it's getting late. It's now late July, mid to late July.

It's almost early August. How about that? I'm rounding in a certain direction to make my point, which my dad always did.

May he rest in peace, Joel Eisen. Whenever I was acting up, he wanted to say, you know, if I was like, say, 13 and a half years, you're 13. Act, you know, you should act after age, right? Yeah. And then, you know, you can't stay out late. You're 13. Exactly. Time goes by so he went around and around to make his point. So I'm I'm I'm my father's son.

All right. So it's almost August. The Yankees need Otani right now. They need Otani right now, and they're gonna see him. And the next three games, it is crucial for the Yankees to win these next three games, not just for their season, but to make sure Otani's Angels leave this series in a big pile of ash, nine out of the wild card, totally, completely and utterly gutted. So they have no choice but to answer a phone call from Brian Cashman, who will absolutely turn around the way that everybody feels about him in the New York Yankee fandom right now by getting Otani and I don't care.

Oswald, Peraza, Oswaldo, Cabrera, Volpe. I don't care. Honestly, I'm seeing the Reds and the Orioles keep calling up these kids who just rake and then they call up another one. And you're like, oh, gosh, they got they're so young and so good. And then they call up another, you know, like, what are they coming from? And I know the Yankees didn't choose first overall as much as these guys did.

I don't care. You get Otani. First things first, you ruin the Angels season in the next three days and you get Otani now. And then you show them what it's like to be a Yankee as you're making a playoff run and go beat the Astros like a rented mule and go ahead and do things you haven't done in the last couple of years or decades. And roll the dice and get it done. That's what George M. would do.

We need a little more George M. than how. Let's take a look at the slide rules and the projections and the PowerPoints. PowerPoint my ass. It starts tonight in the Big A. The Chat Tuesday. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales and a little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star, CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history. And I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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