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REShow: Hour 3 (7-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 4, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Hour 3 (7-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 4, 2022 3:31 pm

Brian Webber fills in for Rich.

NBA Free Agency & Trade Talk

George Steinbrenner & Al Davis Were Born on July 4th. Does Modern Sports Need More Villains Like Nick Krygios At Wimbledon?

Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest: We Examine The Competitive Eating Circuit!

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JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream. It helps protect your skin trite dove men plus care draws break goes on dry cleaning fee all day. Jeff and shaft goats and home lives to live from the ranch Sheriff ELA life Angela hello Rich Eisen resides in bonuses and shall allow the program. We will do it live, no basketball because there's so much to get you towards great deal to me that have the ability to keep you company going just hanging out on a holiday don't have all Volvo like snow.

Rich Eisen released today.

Tomorrow my pal Dan Schwartzman sent him back with you Wednesday the Danny's got you the rest of the week.

Rich and the fellow enjoy the week off. They return Monday, so the pressure is on live one more hour to hopefully entertain you. Plus I have to maintain the standard that Rich has established goal number one as a filling host do not destroy the brand equity of the program and so much of it AMP Goggin listened frequently on my dear tonight, here in Southern California as a computer more regal studios in Los Angeles. I have to be equal to not only Rich but his crew. The fellows my guy Dell to file on the ones and twos. We were together and have a network brought men teacher Jefferson so I'm under a great deal of pressure, but I draw inspiration from the immortal Joey Chestnut so we wrap up the program in 40 minutes. I have detailed thoughts and analysis as to what went down earlier about an hour ago in the Coney Island, many of you did not see its and I'm in the tennis business on the talk bad boys of sports in 20 minutes. Motivated by the villains that Kevin Durrant's Carrie Irving have become along with George Steinbrenner, Al Davis, both born on 4 July. Certainly, polarizing figures, along with the bad boy of Tennyson and the curio swimming is met today is when the quarterfinals I'm in the tennis business but I am astonished ESPN did not at least use the good old deuce ESPN2 for live coverage of the hot dog eating contest that was parked on ESPN news so many of you probably didn't even have the ability to see in real time. Joey Chestnut limping out on crutches you talk about Willis read all you want to, he came out knocked out a few jumpers and sat down. My guy Joey Chestnut.

I was a Nick fan growing up in the suburbs of New York City get to tell East Coast accent is out today Chestnut despite a ruptured tendon requiring use of crutches and a protester listen to the rest of the show and then go on the Google machine to look this up because I believe TV cutaway don't want to give knuckleheads any airtime, but some do dress like Darth Vader. Apparently an animal rights activist because I'm guessing the good people at pita don't endorse the glow of a hot dog eating contest came out, tried to disrupt the festivities and American hero Joey Chestnut Paul multitude he choked him out did it within 15 seconds. Went back to annihilating and crushing all those dogs that we get into our detailed analysis with a preview while Chestnut defendant. The coveted mustard belt make it his 15th title only. I saying" only came up with 63 hot dogs and buns does skip the buns devoured in 10 minutes well off the pace of 76. A year ago and because it should be well understood by now that I clearly have no life on volunteering to work on a holiday and you'll hear me throughout this week on a variety of platforms and senior TV because look, I love to working on the digging ditches. I have no life. That's one of my selling points.

I last night spent a good portion of time, falling into the rabbit hole of the world of competitive eating. Did you know there is a full-time circuit. This is not just a one off Chestnut now takes his talents elsewhere. It's not just hotdogs all coming up 35 minutes. That's the power of a tease. The NBA has dominated the program as it should. I made a business decision, though not to do three hours exclusively of Kevin Durrant and Kai Rita Irving conversation for a few reasons.

I get a sense of when the audience like Joey Chestnut gets a bit full and even though the free-agent frenzy of the NBA as just a few days old. Technically, going back to the business in the last week we've been talking about the future of Khyber Irving for a long time. The will he or won't he opt in and opt outs conversation and the bombshell that Durrant wants out a Brooklyn and the other reason that work taking our time with this and trying to approach it rationally and efficiently is not close to the yet and when Rich and the guys are back on Monday. This is the enemy out there because there's no urgency for say the Lakers to finalize this deal with the nets.

If you believe there is more than just the Army of NBA insiders storing this up. Maybe they're being manipulated by the Brooklyn Nets to try to drum up the trade market and find a different landing spot for Kyra my question would be, who's taken Kari sincerely. I understand he is a marvelous basketball player but with all the baggage and this is Louis Vuitton kind of stuff would you really want as a GM as a coach, Barbara Knab could say whatever he wants to about a Russell Westbrook hasn't lost a step and that's another reason why reminder liquors have a brand-new coaches not been a head coach in the MBA that all of the Laker fan boys who are planning another championship in downtown LA based on the reports that Tyree could be coming to the Lakers with Russell Westbrook going to Brooklyn and how about that Tenorio Westbrook and Ben Simmons together all dust off an old movie, throw it out there on the streaming platform this weekend. The gang that couldn't shoot straight crazy Joey Gallo how much governance do you have a Ben Simmons is going to get healthy coming back from the back surgery be. We have no idea about where he is mentally with a fragile mindset. See last time we saw him, he couldn't buy a bucket you're putting Russell Westbrook on the same team.

You better wear a hard hat if you're sitting courtside in Brooklyn alleges one other fascinating elements of an MBA pool of bays with all of the stuff popping up and percolating but maybe this is the nets playing 12 dimensional chest trying to gin up the market saying okay well Lakers have interest. What say you Dallas and Dallas to me makes sense because certainly when Jayla Brunson deciding to go to the next and I cannot in any way faulting for that. Other then it's the mix dog and villains in 15 minutes.

I'll not even want to waste my breath. I throughout crazy Joey Galarraga crazy Jimmy door when I used to work for the Doran family and cable-television. I will skip the stories because Jimmy has cleaned up his life, to a degree. Let's just say he had a good time all the time. But that's the problem for Brunson, the Knicks are not winning anything so long as James Dolan owns that franchise. I just look at the roster tonight. Got Brunson and Julius Randall and Derrick Rose and Isaac Tom Thibodeau is an excellent coach but he wears his dudes out Brunson did the right thing financially, he's reunited with his dad as an assistant coach go back to what he did at Villanova and wanting to get back to the East Coast. I can't fault them for that.

But the maps have a major dilemma on Brian Weber Ian for Rich Eisen all live holiday addition here on 4 July reminder, you could take us where we go on the Odyssey at be sure to check out the podcast posted just after the program, you can catch up on anything. You might've missed 1844204 Rich my Twitter handle is BW Weber Weber with tubings so Luca can certainly use our running mate for superior to Spencer Dinwiddie, but how about Luca and Kai re-coexisting just from a basketball standpoint because while I love everything Luca does that to me. He's so difficult to come up with the appropriate comp for because he's got some Magic Johnson to him. He's got some pistol Pete Maravich to him. He is just a transcendent, wonderfully skilled player. He dominates the ball everything goes through Luca's and Kai Regan won his touches. The usage rate if you want to get into metrics so I don't know other than Lakers where Kai re-would be going and who else would have interest and the Laker motivation comes down to Lebron being willing to be the big brother once more. Remember, according to reports, it was Kai. Rita wanted out after they came up with that remarkable comeback down three games to one in part because dream on green got suspended because he can't control his emotions more the point he gets up kicking people and everyone forgets major bucket with her for the warriors well but that does not minimize that phenomenal comeback and I'm well aware what Kari mentioned game seven shoe usually important as the cabs stone the warriors, but after that. Tell me a decision that he has made that is made sense and I'm not even getting into the flattered stuff and will leave the vaccination status out of it today because of the holiday.

I want to keep things light.

Although this is not political. This is an observation based on somebody pays attention, whereas a rational mind to lives in Los Angeles County. If you're not aware what's going on in Southern California.

What you know covert cases are going up people I think of been more relaxed, however you want to view it. It's a virus. The virus is going to virus what he thinks could happen after this holiday week more people getting together etc. etc. the leading public health official in LA County's already foreshadowing more stringent restrictions being reinstated. What's to say all vaccine mandate doesn't return to Whatever the: what used to be stable center doesn't Kai re-face the dilemma becomes the Los Angeles with our stringent covert protocols.

Is there a chance that he has the exact same problem he had New York City.

This is me postulating and try to figure out real time just one other thing to think about and then there's the basketball fit certainly he would be an upgrade over Russell Westbrook and if I can self-report your never supposed to admit especially as a fillet hack that you were wrong but the old twitter machine doesn't lie as the kids say there are receipts I could not of been more wrong in my analysis of Russell Westbrook to the Lakers.

I believe I said things like, what a great fits. I was misguided and thinking that he might be willing to come off the bench but that was me giving a egomaniac that takes one to know one. The benefit of the doubts I did not think that he would fall apart as much as he did last year and we sought in real time and it was tough to watch and Westbrook is a proud person tired of being called West brick.

Each juvenile, but it does seem appropriate and when it goes it's hard to get it back. So yes, strictly from the standpoint of exes and nose. Kai re-Irving would be a positive addition to Lakers. Now the problem is because they have all this Joe can be locked up in whatever their cortical big three is gonna be member Russ opted in for 40+ million Kai Regan won a contract extension that leaves the Lakers very shaky on the margins, with no margin for error. Knowing that Lebron after being a cyborg. The guy was superhuman throughout the majority of his career will finally tick tick tick tick tick. Here comes father taught breaking down more frequently if I can just again play psychologist on the radio. I think Lebron also once he won the championship. You could hang in*audit all you want to in the Bible still counts other banner for the Lakers to stare up in the rafters and appreciate he had achieved his goal anything beyond the title they won in Orlando is a bonus and clearly Lebron is just as consumed with his business pursuits. All of them.

Is there any project he's not involved with my goodness, you get my semblance of agent to get Rich Paul on the phone. Lebron is very good at making money and I'm not trying to claim he's not committed. He still all in. You see the videos of him looking like he's in terrific shape working out with Kevin love, but at this stage of his career he's more apt to take a game off your and their number. Lebron never did that. I give the world of credit no load management for the King believing the traditional notion that if I go to Denver.

Let's pick up spot that he goes to want to hear about going to Indiana at some kid pleaded with mom and dad to spend big money to see me. I owe them to show up and I admire that, because were seen less and less of that in professional sports, but with a aging Lebron and unfortunately a injury prone on being nice for Anthony Davis but you still like it is he cannot stay healthy and it's terrible at and you might've seen Kevin Garnet call about saying we talked about you and I covered Anthony Davis, the final four in New Orleans and remember he grew late. He was a Gordon high school. That's why he can handle when healthy conventional wisdom said he was gonna win multiple MVP awards.

As an individual. Just can't stay healthy so I don't know how the arrival of Kai re-Irving changes those facts which you can't debate over Lebron's older and A.D. at the Davis is always hurt and then there's the Kai Regan knucklehead factor and let me ask you this. If he is rewarded with a contract extension and you have to lock them up just to make sure he has the possibility of being happy. Do you think he's going to be more or less erratic.

He'll be on his best behavior. Although I haven't seen that in a long time, but human nature says will do the right things to get paid and then will be Kai Regan because he just strikes me as someone who enjoys being a contrarian. I'm not going to take cheap shots.

I don't know if he has mental illness. I don't know what's going on with. I am not qualified to come up analysis nor without the appropriate but I can say he's flaky and just strikes most reasonable people as a strange dude.

That's why Kevin Durrant doesn't want to deal with them anymore and who looks like the genius here.

James Harden because he stepped out out quickly.

James Harden is good if you things eating always working on that hang out the club recognizing situations. He does not want to be a part of. Get me out of Houston now get me out of Brooklyn.

I think it's good to work to degree in Philadelphia, not because of Harden but because of his flexibility financially. So here's Durrant and where's he going I don't know where do I want them to go just from a basketball standpoint I love to see them go to Miami because I think the East needs more star power. I don't want to see Durrant gravitate back towards the west. Durrant staying in the East now gives us a Miami team that almost beat Boston, my goodness, I filled in for rich Memorial day. I'm working the night before coming up with our Boston looks like it's a done deal to go to the NBA finals and they nearly gave the game away 11 to run late to get by Miami Butler made the decision holding was right decision, but he knew we was spent goes for three of the women you know the rest of the story that states Butler to Brooklyn you still have Durrant's been on a bio Tyler hero six man of the year in the NBA wants to be a starter, you force Lowry to get in better shape is still at pieces like Victor old depot you does hasn't been a play until he's ordered 40 years old, I would have the Miami Heat second only to the box ahead of the Celtics right there with the Sixers making the Eastern conference much more fascinating but if you're going up summarize things even if Durrant goes to Phoenix warriors are superior team and I just don't want to entertain the notion that I think we all know all of us by email on warrior fans.

The majority basketball fans would say come on Durrant going back to the warriors and I understand the logic warriors have the best potential packaged offer you thought about pool Wiggins commingle Wiseman. All the pics but I don't think I'm speaking as someone who spent a lot of time working in the San Francisco Bay Area and I used to be a broadcast team member of the Golden State Warriors. I think the majority warrior fans would say thanks no thanks.

Certainly the big three welcome back because that just guarantees them even more titles.

Can you believe that Durrant would be happy in that situation with the sensitivity. II just don't think anybody wants to see it. Here is the positive were not plenty of time to run through all of the combinations because this thing and close to done on Brian Weber in for rich Eisen 1844204 Rich is no medical conversation never stops on twitter. Let's PW Weber Weber would to be some 20 minutes.

We focus on an American hero, Joey Chestnut what you want to talk about inhaling oysters. How about Bill Reed so it's out of world eating straightahead Kai re-and Katie is a catalyst talking villain because a Fourth of July has been connected Wimbledon for decades that have weight status. The curios out there like he was Johnny Mac years ago. The sports need more villains. Is it better to have folks to root against.

Does it give you more compassion and energy for what will Brian Weber in for rich. It's the rich Eisen ship Brian Weber Ian for rich Eisen power way through the final hour of the program. Thank you for spending part of your independence day with us.

Hope you take time to enjoy yourself.

However that may be working. I understand now that really working. I think the best part of what I've been able to do for career is. I probably would be having a conversation like this at someplace and there is actual compensation. Although it really has been a expanded internship over the years working towards that college degree was unable to finalize many decades ago. Jot the number down. Dan Schwartzman open your calls tomorrow I'm back with you on Wednesday 844204. Rich, you can hit me up on twitter for the remainder the programmer after the show. It's PW Weber Weber to B's in 15 minutes we wrap it up with the same ferocity and gusto displayed by Joey Chestnut winning another mustard belt yeah I didn't set another record but he did it despite having to come out to the stage yesterday for the press conference on crutches. One bad lesson hundred percent will give you the details and in see only ESPN because the director was wise enough and I'm sure the producer got heavily involved.

They cut away when a protester came out the other person not thrilled with the vast resources of processed food Africans in New York City.

So somebody connected to the animal-rights movement came out Chestnut as he was still eating the hotdogs and the buns just did a quick number on this dude pushed him off the stage will talk about the exciting world of competitive eating coming up now that guy. The protester was a villain in fact is I did more research and I looted to couple minutes ago he came out in a Darth Vader outfit you talk about the dark side protesting the Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

Would Yoda say about that. These are not the droids you're looking for.

So as I was thing about the program today and I knew that we are to spend the majority of our time together talking about Kari Irving and Kevin Durrant both to me seem very comfortable with being quote" the villain in the sports context and as somebody who embraces sports history and likes statistical oddities.

I don't read you my tax return on the year Yorty have that information it's floating around on the Internet, but I don't do numbers driven talk radio, but I remember certain facts and I've known for a long time specially because when I was a kid. Dave Righetti threw a no-hitter for the New York Yankees, 1983. If memory serves, that was George Steinbrenner's birthday and they kept talking about it on the broadcast. The immortal scooter Phil Rizzuto happy birthday George Steinbrenner and since I spent a few years covering the Oakland Raiders the second time they were in the Bay Area as a TV reporter on a daily basis. I was aware that Al Davis was born on 4 July. I'm sure did a feature story on a slow Independence Day 20 years ago most of local TV in San Francisco, so put it all together. Kd and Kai re-embrace the resentment out there. It seems to use the professional wrestling vernacular. They have no problem being a heel George Steinbrenner Al Davis certainly relished being polarizing and then I'm not gonna force you to be aware Wimbledon lobby lucky to be a part of tennis shells broadcasting since 2003 Ogoni U.S. Open's 1977 I love tennis big part of what I do when I'm not on the radio in part because we also play tennis 11 months of the year when you work every day. You might be able to pay the rent in Southern California, but there's a name you should be aware of because he is reminiscent of the personalities.

The rash cortical bad boys of tennis. Years ago when I grew up you had guys like Jan Syriac Iliana Stasi John macro Jimmy Connors well Nick curios from Australia is a tremendously talented player but he has been also the most unpredictable player on tour. There are days when it's clear he just does not want to be on the court doesn't try. There are days when he goes out and clearly is a bad mood and his focus is yelling at the chair on fire and there are days when he wants to play and he can beat anybody in the world, including cadet victories over though that joke of it to Roger Fetter and the other immortal 12 it's been a nice run of Wimbledon and it continues that as curios was able to win today. Beating a talented young American player Brenda Nakashima so cures curios in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon and the disparity of their is stark because Wimbledon is all about tradition, strawberries and cream got aware of the whites outfits look at the Royal box. Can you imagine the Royal box having to endure.

I don't think necessarily do it in a championship match but with curious who knows and by his own admission he is been transparent that he is dealt with some psychological dilemmas.

He is the most enigmatic player in tennis and one of the strangest cats in all professional sports, but he's another guy who does not mind being a villain so got me thinking. In an era which now athletes can make as much money away from sports as they can on the field on the courts, whatever their pursuit may be, is it a good business decision to be the bad boy to embraced being a villain because back to my youth. Pete Rose was not to make a lot more money and yet he had the Aqua Velva commercial talk a beat, he probably needed the cash to fund his lifestyle. We know the Pete like to play the ponies and other things but Pete was a bad boy because that was who he was. Charlie also was not a compliment.

He was mocked by the veterans for sprinting down the first base and he seemed to relish in ending the career effectively of Ray Fosse taking him out at the plate in an exhibition game All-Star game and Ray was never the same and we lost Ray and I work with Ray when he was a member of the Oakland A's broadcasting he would talk about it but how would it feel to be a promising young catcher get your shoulder blown out in a exhibition by Pete Rosa Pete really never apologized that strikes me as being more of a bad dude than a villain or a bad boy Reggie Jackson, Reginald Martinez Jackson embraced the quote unquote hate. He lived to be booed on the road and any stick it to you by going deep twice any take out your girlfriend as well because he was just that cool. So as we go from and I don't want to do nostalgic radio.

We know that nostalgia as we learn on the Sopranos is the lowest form of conversation, but it just strikes me with all the money out there now in social media and other ways in athletes can monetize their brand is a good business decision to try to embrace the dark side to degree because love me or hate me just know who I am and you don't have to be Mr. likable. You don't have to go to the Rotary club.

I'm sure Kevin Durrant those marvelous things when it comes to charity. I know Kai re-Irving is very involved with the community, but the need to be universally love seems to have gone away. That was the difference with the villains. They stood out because everybody else was focused on "having a commercial brand that you could go to Madison Avenue and come up with a way to make a few bucks selling soap so where are we now in terms of real villain side posting about this driving into the studio today. Dan Snyder is a villain but he just strikes me as beyond even that just the truly bad individual and what's taking the league so long to strip him of his control the washing of football team. Don't tell me that cortical suspension had any validity when his wife is running the team, so whether on their super yachts in the south of France that previous engagement that kept him from showing up on Capitol Hill and poor Roger Caddell earning his 50 million bucks via zoom taking all those slings and arrows. The league has to arrive at a point will it have to do anything because they control the most powerful branded sports if they had and any semblance of caring about perception. How in the world can Dan Snyder still on the team but as I said, he moved into a different room ever just talking straight villains. Let's go to Bill Belichick and edits connected to what went down at the hot dog eating contest in Coney out when the protester who jumped up onto the stage and was wrestled away by Joey Chestnut was dressed as Darth Vader, that's Belichick, right, with the hoodie and the mumbling of the press conferences, but don't you know you take him in a minute if he was available to coach your team.

As I was talking baseball villains Pete Rose and Reggie Jackson. I think Bryce Harper I know is hurt, but he seems to embrace the role of being polarizing anybody who can come up with the gemlike, that's a clown question bro is good in my book. I throughout the name of Trevor Bauer. He was a contrary. In the past. He just seems like a repulsive human being.

So let's keep moving, and since were talking basketball Kai re-add Kd embracing your criticisms are especially Durrant. So go back and forth with you on twitter. Even if you have an egg as an avatar, and 17 followers try my greens gotta be the best villain of all sports now right. I know he's beloved in the Bay Area. He could run for mayor in San Francisco and win, but around the league. He's effectively despised the crisp, always an MBA villain with all the shots that he has taken over the years towards the nether regions. I'll be kind of a holiday of the opposition and flopping them whining, but he won't embrace that rule because he's trying to sell you insurance. He loves the commercial go out their drama on is a classic villain because he rebels it listen to his podcast. I got keeps at 100+ podcast is terrific, but I think as we wrap it up. We need villains because there's gotta be a degree of balance. If everybody shows up and says, as we learned in bull Durham Kevin Geiser tried to impart lessons to a young Tim Robbins. Well, the good Lord will and will have a good day and I just take it one game at a time.

What would we be talking about villains move the needle. I've mentioned as a kid I watch the current product that I love professional wrestling when I was nine, 12, even 15 years old who was better than Ric flair, dirtiest player in the game.

I can't believe Rick is good to get back in the ring at the age of 73. Despite almost health concerns.

I know he owes a lot of people a lot of money and I hope he just goes out there and struts a little bitty if he has any physical contact.

This could be a major issue, but as sports gets bigger and bigger.

Remember there's a lot of ways to make a buck and embracing your inner villain could be a good way to get paid as well.

I am Brian Weber, Ian, for Rich Eisen final segment coming up. I talked about the protester trying to wreak havoc in Coney Island Joey Chestnut would not be deterred because he's an American hero. In addition to having to wrestle that knucklehead away Chestnut had a ruptured tendon to deal with. So since nothing says independence like scarfing down hotdogs in Coney Island will expand our focus. How about inhaling Buffalo wearing Tom Molly issues were taking you inside the world of competitive eating something. Of course I know nothing about because I am the Jack Lane, of all filling hosts Brian Weber. We appreciate your company on 4 July in for Rich Eisen. It's the Rich Eisen trip right Weber, Rich Johnson live fourth edition of Rich Eisen show final segment we are winding down that needs market printing warming up Dan with you tomorrow am back on Wednesday and Rich and the fellows return on Monday 18442 will Rich is the phone number continue our conversation on Twitter after the program that's BW Weber Weber would to be use. I suspect as a veteran of militant during this week on the radio for several years that when I back on Wednesday. We will still be Kevin Durant will end.

Kai re-Irving will still be available will still have plenty of rumor and innuendo about where they're both going all the speculation about Kai re-to the Lakers so I'll make sure that I spend the intervening hours. Try to be creative and come up with other perspectives, but I did my best to make sure that we meandered around want to thank our guests with Joey Chestnut and hot dog eating thoughts coming up whenever arm of the chair will not overwhelm you with outside voices because I'm just at fastening plus its July 4 item 1 a bug too many friends but I appreciate the availability and the insights of our two guests today. Our number one had a terrific baseball conversation with Keith law of the athletic last hour talk about live golf making their debut here in United States over the weekend in Portland got you set for Tiger Woods returning next week at the open championship at St. Andrews with my good friend Robert was set edge.

The noted golf writer. Let's talk about the event that captivates the attention of many of you out there because I think we can all identify with certain things in life you and I will never dunk a basketball. I'm 6 feet tall, will guide sports media is not 54 by can be more self-promotional is probably why have the back issues with my strapping physique. Although talking about the pursuit of dunking a basketball if you're certain age to remember the shoes you could buy in the back of C Street in Smith, the college football preview ward MBA magazine that were supposed to develop your cabs so you can get two or three more inches on your vertical leap.

I bought those shoes. Maybe that's when I first tore my Achilles includes, but I will never dunk a basketball. I will never hit a homerun.

I could probably a fair share of hot dogs if were talking shrimp cocktail with details. I'll put my prowess up against anybody and you throw in as much horseradish in the cocktail sauce as you want. I'm talking about our love of eating because what says independence. What reflects the American sensibility more than stuffing your face so that's why the hot dog eating contest which is been around for long time keeps getting bigger and bigger analog. This hinges on an American hero and Joey Chestnut.

Now I realize it's not the same as the peak competition would Kobayashi came along, but just like in boxing. When we wait for the super fights they don't happen and they were never going to see Kobayashi Chestnut again. Never say never.

Maybe the Saudis will come up with their own competition and throw millions of dollars at the competitive eating circuit. But if you did not see it and a venturing to guess many of you didn't because it was not on ESPN nor ESPN choose strange content decision there. I realize they have obligations to Wimbledon. I told him of the tennis business are not second-guessing the move but given the popularity of the hot dog eating contest which will be replayed later today. A big ESPN if you want to see a live, it was relegated to ESPN news there was a degree of healthy speculation about the ability of Joey Chestnut to get it done again because yesterday we had the bomb show what a bombshell here comes Greg Hammer, Valentine, that the reigning ship going after his 15th title was dealing with physical ailments ruptured tendon hobbling around on crutches and rocking all leg cast. Now you would say that when fairness how does that impact is God's. You're right, but it's all interconnected, is on learning with the sciatica of my bad Spanish couldn't be lit but around like Orson Welles but once you get your frame out of sync. It's hard to get it back and one other obstacle. The great Joey Chestnut had overcome today and this just fell in my lap. Sometimes you get lucky and I was in a talk about the competition that's a fun at the end of the program of Fela dressed like Darth Vader invaded the stage at Tony out of the protester apparently part of the animal rights movement. Not thrilled with the gluttony. And here came Chestnut. You gotta find the videos available out there on the Internet because ESP had cut away Chestnut mid bite, maintaining his focus effectively choke this dude out so Chestnut eating the hot dogs and buns and forget about the buns. That's a key element in mid-bite has the awareness of the peripheral vision to see Doris for your company is located. As word picture protesting the best and annihilates the student takes care of pushes him aside. It gets back to his pile of dog now unfortunately no record today 76 with the Markey set last year, shattering his previous eye every year there's been incremental growth, how to settle for 63 dogs and buns, but one yet another mustard belt make it 15 championships for the goats, but I have good news for you. If you missed it live as much of the will be replaced and if you want to see more of competitive eating and don't tell me it's not a sports. As I looked up the definition.

Although sports we had help from Mr. dictionary this morning. I printed out quote an activity involving physical exertion and skill which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment.

Why have to break that down word by word. Are you not entertained by Joey Chestnut, how much physical exertion.

Do you think there is an scarfing down 63 hot dogs and the buns.

But wait there's more. Were you aware that something exists, known as major league eating. I am not making it up. It's a competitive circuit and give it all of the different things I have done in my career were talk about mercenaries and golf with Robert who said it might apply to. Yours truly I have called just about every lip export. You can think of water polo. Sure, I called mixed martial arts.

I've called horse jumping. I've called arm wrestling for Fox sports net I get a crew cuts because the promoter thought I was too suburban to do the get okay so I've done it all. I need to fire my agent wears Jerry to help me out with this one. With the eating is a year-round competition. Let me give you some of the highlights of the remaining moments coming up.

These are sanctioned events, the world pretzel eating championships as we learn on Seinfeld. These pretzels are making me thirsty. The oyster eating world championship. The pepper Roni roll to see your pepperoni roll eating championship strawberry shortcake and now getting sick to my stomach. It continues the tamale eating championship rib eating championship, not the Mick rib. If your Army during the holidays. I have an issue with the cribs. The marketing is brilliant.

Remember, scarcity motivates people. If you don't think it's good to be there more to grab it today. Mick ribs are only around for a limited time. I put them away like Joey Chestnut did today so if you feel badly about your physical condition and I'm not endorsing obesity.

We have a lot of issues in this country. However, why not turn a negative into a positive.

If you enjoy eating and you want to try to make a few bucks.

Take your talent to major league eating try to Darth Vader that'll wrap up on another entertaining addition all the rich eyes and show hope you had as much fun as I did as much in a back on Wednesday and I won't have the frivolity of hotdogs. The focus on so much more. The rants Irving, the latest NBA moves plus have some really going on.

That's always a catalyst for conversation across the Association want to think Rich for letting me fill want to get all the great people at Westwood One led by Bruce Gilbert, our technical producer Mark Martinez, my friend Dan Schwartzman is here tomorrow back with you on Wednesday.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday. It's the rich eyes and show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all compote opponents matzoh Ms. Natalie in a conversation where Andrea Amo's and Audrey was number one is not even going back before you know Holcombe was a Babyface ultimo Andres were able to go in headline the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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