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MmHmm/Mm-mm: Should Bucks pursue Jimmy Butler? Eli Manning vs Aaron Rodgers? Brewers outlook

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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June 6, 2024 6:00 am

MmHmm/Mm-mm: Should Bucks pursue Jimmy Butler? Eli Manning vs Aaron Rodgers? Brewers outlook

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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June 6, 2024 6:00 am

Bart, Grant and Paul discuss a hypothetical Milwaukee Bucks trade that would bring them back Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat. The guys also chime in on the Eli Manning career vs Aaron Rodgers career debate, plus, have their expectations on the Milwaukee Brewers changed?

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We took it all. We brought them to our land. An endless night.

Ember hot and icy gold. The rage of the earth. We made this curse. Carved it in the blood on our backs. We did not see.

We could not, but she did. And in the end, what will I become? Senua Saga, Hellblade II. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. Welcome to the program. And we are heading into the Winklerverse. I know.

And Paul Imig. And where I sit in my basement is in a corner tucked away by the water pump. And there are two windows that I can see out of, just a glimmer of light. And just before we set to record this fine program, a UPS man walked to my door carrying a package of which inside contains a brand new router.

No, gentlemen. Nice. A brand new, a brand new router I called AT&T. They are the provider of my internet. And I realized long ago, and I, you know, I've tried to use the chat and whatever it doesn't work, that I have a router that's not capable for the fiber they're trying to give me.

So if they're trying to give me 1000, they're giving me 200. And I can't even plug it in. Okay, well, I can't plug in every fucking device. Like my wife's on a call right now. I hope this works.

Sounds good. But I'm very excited. I knew what the problem was. It took me a long time to address it. Trying to call AT&T was miserable. You ever get in those robotic like, and what do you think you need? And I'm like, I need a new router. And then they they get you to a point where it's like, you're in the other room screaming. For the love of fucking Christ, give me a goddamn router.

That might be my number one understand what you said about you just tell me the name of the router you'd like to buy. That's probably my number one thing that will cause me to just become enraged is like trying to get human customer service. But when you know what you need, and you still have to go through the hoops to get it. Like when I had a bad cough or whatever. I had a steroid that I only got for five days. And then I got out of the steroid. I think I've mentioned this and then I was back again. I go I just I know I need that pill.

One more five I will I need it. And it took me three weeks to get it through the journey that is the American health care system. If anyone's seen the new South Park, I am on an oxy. What is it called? What's this called?

What is what called? Oh, Zempic. Oh, Zempic.

I bet you're trying to like a streaming service. Yeah, that's right. I don't think it's on oxygen if that is that still station by the way is oxygen still around? I think so.

They might have rebranded. I haven't thought about that in a while. I don't know. All right.

Um, good to see you guys. Mm hmm. This is being released. I didn't tell you but Thursday morning. Ah, okay. Off the hoopla that was Chuck and Winkler asked us anything. Mm hmm.

I haven't got a chance to consume it yet. That will be for my drive home tonight. I'm very excited.

Oh, good. There's a great there's a great spot when Tim Shay tries to bring in Alex cordetti, the main anchor from CBS 58 in the morning who he works with and the Wi Fi is worse than anything I've ever had. At a at a broadcasting building. And a broadcasting building which when I did the thing with Tim outside, I got better Wi Fi across the street from the third market all than I do in my basement the routers right there, the old one right got installed a new one at a time to be determined, the soon to be old one. Cheers to your to your new router.

I'm excited for a crisp and clear broadcast today. Well, I didn't install it yet. Right. Oh, well, fuck myself. Nevermind.

We're still on 1.0 here. Just enjoy this. This will be the good old days that we think about one day when we reflect back and say remember when Bart had at the time it was annoying, but I kind of missed that old router. It was endearing.

Yeah, I kind of missed listening to a so called professional radio man who's on a national perspective, set up the equipment is in home is in his own house which he should be knowledgeable of knowledgeable and yet can find knowledgeable entertaining. Great poll. All right, the segment of the show is where Paul asked us questions and we answer yes or no to them with a twist.

Way to sell that that was great. It's a yes or no, with a twist. Yeah. We can we I have Packers brewers and bucks and I will let you choose your own adventure. Can we get the Bucks out of the way with we can we clear the Bucks topic.

So there's two bucks, you're gonna be blessed with two. Well, one is asking this one. I want to be very clear that I'm about to give you a trade scenario that I did not make up, but that I read today.

I've seen a glimpse of this. Alright, so let's be clear. This was not reported by a mainstream. This is one of the blogosphere type of trade ideas, but you have to present it like it's happened. Right, I'm going to but I just want to I just want to preface to say like this was not a Shams report.

Okay, this is not sourced. This is this is a blog idea and I thought it was interesting. So you guys I don't know what you're might be talking about, but I may or may not interject.

Bart, tell me tell me something. So my friend in lacrosse, there was a Papa John's, and they had the thing on top of the car Papa John's. Yep. So when he was drinking and wanted to drive home drunk, he would strap it on top of his car, because no one's gonna pull over a pizza man. And as irresponsible as that is, there is some ingenuity into it. Actually, the smartest thing I've ever heard of my life. Well, I sorry.

Hey, can you hold that thought? What? What's up, Paul?

I want to hear whether or not this man was arrested or other things that were just got free. Thank you spoil, but this is a big deal. So normally, we would keep that going. We would want to dive in deeper to that. Okay. Yep. But this is this is big. There's a huge box trade right now.

Huge box trade like this is not a fringe box trade. Let's upgrade the bench. This is a we're saying we're gonna spin it up, man.

I'm sorry. I'm, I'm trying to wrap my head around the gravity of this. The bucks have just acquired Jimmy Butler. Marquette's own Jimmy Butler is coming home, the coffee maker. Yeah, he's bringing the whole friend is he's gonna do new franchises here as well, which you could invest in it.

I don't think you can afford a brewer suite and the coffee franchise but heading to Miami. Chris Middleton. No, we're not done yet.

So if you're already saying buckle in, I'm encouraged about. Okay. Bobby Portis.

All right. As well as two of the following three Andre Jackson Jr. margin bow champ and or the draft picks this year. Oh, we don't know yet. So the heat would be able to shoot where they would get Middleton, they will get Bobby.

And then let's just say for. Let's say instead of instead of the choose your own adventure part of that, they're getting Andre Jackson Jr. and margin bow champ. The bucks will retain their draft picks this year they get Jimmy Butler. Middleton's gone Bobby's gone Ajax is gone bow champ is gone. I know this is a big deal that's happened this is real life, this just happened for real in the middle of your conversation. And I know you're reacting to it in real time.

Yeah. Or this is a good deal for the bucks john Horst pulled one off here. Well, I think anytime I mean my initial thought is anytime that you can pair up Jimmy Butler with another superstar or two, like how he worked with Carl Anthony towns and then Joel Embiid, and then this Miami Heat team, and his tenure with the bulls I mean, the championships are going to come to you.

You don't have to chase them they're going to come to you. I would be. If this happened, which of course it just did. I would be excited about the potential. While knowing. It would not work.

Wow. Jimmy would be the clear cut third best player on the box in this scenario right. Yep, at 34. When's the only thing I would counter with as grant deliberates. When's the last time Jimmy Butler has been the third best player on a team. Has he ever been the third, he's always been the first or second best player, never in his opinion has he been the second or third best. Like even good.

Yes, stop. Marquette weren't we all like surprised like oh shit this guy's good. Well yeah he was he didn't play the first two years that's what I covered Marquette it was a very very interesting story.

Oh, you to cover Marquette. It was actually very fun. That was like the year with.

I mean it was it was a pick the great year, but yeah, 2010. I think, I think, I think. I think, where's your so I'm. I'm not sure where I'm going to land yet, but it's not like whoa let's bring it so are you are you more because the Middleton part of it is it more the young guys being gone part of it is it more.

You don't trust. So I think if you're going to trade. If you're going to trade Chris Middleton.

Then that. Yeah, I mean we talked about that the other day. Yeah. But I think like, if you're looking for a return on Chris Middleton if you're trading him. And you have to package it with some of the guys so you're getting rid of the young guys okay the draft pick I don't care about Marjan, whatever.

Junior would be fucking good with the heat, somehow, I don't know, you would be good. Yeah. Do you think there's frustration between Pat Riley and Jimmy Butler, based on comments that have been made he didn't play in the playoffs.

Yes, unquestioned. I mean I don't I don't think these reports of like the Sixers are going to try to reacquire him, give them a max two, three year, you know, offer. That's not a coincidence that that's leaking air quotes leaking out like. No, I mean Jimmy Butler I. It's so far away, the NBA Finals haven't started yet. Four and a half months from now it's a lot can change, such as a max contract extension offer from the heat, but I'm kind of thinking that we've reached the end of the Jimmy Butler heat experiment. Oh, yeah. If Pat Riley takes the angle that he does and then the reports that have come in the week since then, that's not, that's not an accident doesn't mean that it can't be repaired, but that wasn't. Oops, I actually said something I shouldn't have. Oops, I didn't mean to leak that report about the Sixers backs offer like it's all very it would be some bullshit where like people are like Oh Jimmy Butler to the box that's interesting and then Chris Middleton gets traded off the heat and goes to like Boston Lakers or Sixers and then they're like all the books lost the Butler deal.

Like Drew holiday. I don't know, I, I don't think I would. If that trade were to happen, and you were to tell us about it I don't think I would be jumping for joy but I don't think I'd be mad it's like okay, yeah, let's give this a try.

I think, I don't know. I don't like getting to the point of contention where you're just like trying shit. And in back to back over there. Yeah, you can do trade, the team trade. You know, we have goldfish brains and our attention span is short but the dame trade was viewed as a perfect fit, and a coup by the bucks when it happened, but it happened really late and then there were coaching. I feel like with a full summer and a full training camp, and a coach. This goes a lot better this year like, oh, yeah, that's why it doesn't mean they'll win a championship, I just, I don't want to get to the point as a franchise where you're just desperately trying stuff. And I think a Jimmy Butler for Chris Middleton and spare change type of move, it's like okay what do we even do it. You start to lose a little bit of yourself when you start like the Lakers probably hiring JJ Redick.

Yeah, yeah, which infuriates me to the core. I look forward to that news becoming official, and then turning in, turn tuning in to the national show to hear you. Oh, I kind of went through it last night already. Okay, well what about like, I mean, are you going to go like, Doug Gottlieb one hour segment. Verily is that how strongly you feel about what about Redick to the Lakers, more strong.

I will root against them both. Like JJ right. I thought you meant go like Doug Gottlieb the broadcaster like no I know you mean preying on his downfall that's why is everyone doing that with Gottlieb, why, why should be as a radio guy, you're looking at the leader. He succeeds he shows you that your jobs meaningless. Kind of meaningless.

It's a little bit. What if, what if Doug Gottlieb was a college coach for 20 years and all of a sudden he's like guys I'm doing a two hour radio show on Fox Sports Radio. Well, I mean draymond and many others have done just that, on the reverse side. So like, it's a podcast it doesn't count.

No, I've got a, I've got a. I mean, how about. Well sure once they're eliminated like or, you know, who cares do whatever you want during the regular season, or like Jamal Crawford becoming a playoff broadcaster, you know, yeah I've got a topic about that in the in the hopper I don't, I don't like that. Like a recent player just going from zero to play analyst, even Greg Olsen guy to start doing games when he was still on the Panthers during bye weeks, you didn't like that from the beginning, I remember that what I don't get is that ESPN and TNT were like having a competition to see who could add the more unlikable player to their studio show it's like we'll get draymond green and ESPN like fuck you will get Chris Paul, and he'll come on here and talk about how much he loves TJ McConnell, because of course he does like that was it.

I would love to know who made that decision from TNT, like, Hey, you know our beloved show that unfortunately has a very near expiration date. Let's fuck it up. Let's ruin the reputation, Barton Barton Horvat were in a similar situation they added producer Todd sometimes you just, you got to go for it. Sometimes good isn't good enough. Yeah, I don't get I in all seriousness I don't really get it either. I don't know that it's needed.

Now, I'm not going to do 20 minutes on my show about how the draymond greed programming ruined it. No, I don't really know. Right. But it is like, hmm, why did it's not or it was just a hmm.

It's a it's a Tim Allen home improvement. That's my reaction. That's perfect.

Yeah, that's well put. I'm going to say, like on a 4951 type of on this particular trade. Jimmy, let me ask you this Jimmy Butler is, but let's just say this would not happen, Jimmy Butler was straight up from Middleton. Is it 100% certain 100% certain that Jimmy Butler. I think the answer is yes. I think it's Jimmy Butler is definitely better than Chris Middleton, or it's not definite or it's closer than I'm saying more. I don't think it's definite. I don't think it's a slam dunk. You could argue.

Yeah, you could. But another thing Jimmy Butler gets hurt a lot, and he misses a ton of time, which Milton. Well, exactly. But my point is, it's like, you're not moving off of Middleton be like, well, he missed games anyways, let's get Jimmy Butler, but he also misses game so that like that's not an edge that goes to layer or not for sure the availability is historically Jimmy Butler has missed more games than Chris Middleton Chris Middleton has had a run of bad luck or age, whatever, but Yeah, I think next year they should like purposely like Middleton should not come on road trips like he should work a bill Schroeder schedule.

Yeah, I really do hope that they take. Okay, well this is gonna lead into my second and final box topic, but before that I want to remind you about our friends at hh HPH. That's code for happy place hemp as Paul looks at his notes on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream.

Carl's place Tupelo honey. Happy place hemp, the promo code is Bart. Now the promo code is Bart so a lot of times I get these emails from these places and they tell me to buy some and I'll get 5% off if I do it quickly and I'm like oh shit better get it what a bargain, and you only get it once. But this is the deal. What if I told you, you could get 25% off every single time you use the code be art at happy place hemp calm. And what if I told you that there were other radio contemporaries that also had a code.

And I went as a way to constantly improve my battleground. The more you order on my code, the bigger my ego gets. What if I told you it was a double sort of thing. So don't don't order for the deals and the savings. Don't order for the incredible product that is handcrafted in Musko and built and passed along to you. The gummies the tinctures the CBD oil the lip balms and more order, because you are on team winkle bot. Happy place amp calm. This advertisement has not been approved by happy place.

25% off though I mean that's that's pretty much the key. We took it all. We brought them to our last. endless night, amber hot and icy cold, the rage of the earth. We made this course.

We did not see, we could not, but she did. And we would have led perfectly into it with the injury question and you had time to do whatever this is going to be, but you waited. I just, I just, I just, I just, I just grant you have read copy in your life for commercials all the time. Yeah. Sometimes it's all shit. I say every script I've ever picked up shit, even if it's good and I wouldn't know if it's good or not. And then when you rewrite it and show it back to the salesperson, they are so fucking stupid that they don't understand you even made changes. I normally read it once and make a mistake because I didn't read it all the way through before starting and I go this copy shit. And then I read it and edit it and it's fine. And, but I say every time I read copy.

Yes. But sometimes the client will want you to be that fast voice. Like, all right, you have 20 seconds to say the product. And then we, you have to do the disclaimer, the disclaimer of this product is up and you have to do that.

That's the person who is doing the copy should not be doing the disclaimer. That should be a different voice. Oh, well, you just speed it up.

There are. Yeah, I have the technology. Yeah. You're just saying it's me the kind of those genuine spokesperson me the voice of the product should not be the legal ease.

That should be some voice. Okay, now I get what you're saying. Sure. Yeah. And I've been like, I don't want to read this and there's like, you have to.

Yeah, I suppose. The radio reader of script and salesperson relationship should be collaborative. Yes, but for some reason, they all think they are on this mountain over you. That you work for them. And you're a part of you don't get a commission off this shit.

You're not you're not out there grinding. You're just a fucking monkey doing their bidding. Sometimes I like being a monkey is less responsible. I didn't realize I was that still upset all these years later. It's good to let these things out.

It's cheaper than therapy. All right, Paul, I promise that'll be my one interruption. It's all good. Is it?

I don't mind. Giannis has missed the past two post seasons. Now he's playing for Greece in the Olympics. Giannis do what you want, but this is a bad look.

Or bad optics. I'm gonna say because I understand why Bucks fan would be frustrated. Same with Kawhi and the Clippers. Now it is the Olympics. And I don't know, guys, I grew up in a time where the Olympics were like the thing. I mean, it didn't matter.

You know, we have all of our leagues and we care. But these are the motherfucking Space Olympics. Okay. Great reference. Reach for the stars.

Brace yourself because there's no gravity. I mean, go ahead, do it. But if I'm a Bucks fan and I'm going to be upset about it, I'm not going to make it like a thing, a hill I die on. But I'm excited. I'm excited to watch. I'm excited to see that.

It is bad optics, though, but I think it's one of those like, what are you going to do about it? You're going to tell him not to play for his country because he got hurt at a different time of the year. I don't think that we have the right to say that. Now do the Bucks. You would have to work that into your contract, which I don't think he would want to. Yeah, you're kind of probably stuck as the Bucks to be like. And if you forbid these guys to do what they want, then they're like, well, 29 other teams would let me. Totally.

I mean, I get the initial like, what the fuck? But I think those same people come a month's time or whatever. Are going to be like, oh, yeah, I want to watch Giannis today. I got to do that. And before I kick it to Grant, I would just briefly say.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I know where to cut it. How long do I get? You get a few seconds. You do? Yeah. You're OK. Guys, the four dollars to five dollars that I make on these videos.

Worst case scenario, you can give a little bit of that revenue sharing to the Lonely Island. Grant. Yes. You're not bothered by it, but bad optics. Mm hmm. I don't think it's bad optics. Mm hmm. I am bothered by it.

Oh, interesting. But Giannis gets to do what he wants. And if he wants to play for Greece, he can play for Greece. But then fans get to have an opinion because that's what fans do. So fans get to be like, I wish he wasn't doing that.

Kind of sucks. He's doing that. I wish he would rest.

Take the summer off. It's OK for fans to. It's OK for fans to be annoyed. And it's also OK for Giannis to play in the Olympics. That's how sports work. Right. Players, these guys can do what they want. And then fans.

It's up to us to react however we want to react. And I would prefer he just takes the summer off. But he only gets so many opportunities to play basketball. He's a basketball player. Basketball players play basketball. So if I'm going to apply that standard in the regular season, I don't understand why that shouldn't be fair.

Even in the summer, in the off season. And he gets to play with his brothers. I think I'm more upset that Embiid's metal chasing. Metal chasing?

Oh, now he's playing. It's the international form of ring chasing. Metal chasing. Podium pursuing. Your airport buddy, Ryan Rossello, went off on Joel Embiid today.

Pardon my take. I haven't had a chance to. I've seen some clips. I don't know.

Should I listen to the whole thing? Ryan Rossello, who I recently bought some RSLO merch from. Did you buy the drip? Oh, my God.

I spent way too much money on. I mean, what do you call it? Is it Rossello? Like, what is like the name of the. It's this trend where, like every sports market has that, too, where it's like C.H.G.O.

And it's like their little mini sports block. You guys know what I'm talking about, right? Yeah. Bad, but with Rossello clothing.

But anyway, he dumped on Envy today. Only in the sense of like, well, he's not I'm not going to definitely put him in my top five. Oh, God. Are we doing top? I didn't know we were doing this. We're doing top five. Listen, this is a long week of no NBA content. We'll do what we need to do, Grant.

I just love when Rossello does that with Simmons, where he asked him a question. I didn't know we were doing this. You didn't tell me we were doing this.

Look, Giannis can do it. It's fine. But fans, myself included, can also be like kind of. It kind of sucks.

You know what I mean? And it's a little frustrating. And that's fine. That's fine. It's not the kind of thing I get too fired up about, but I definitely read it and said, oh, that's dumb. Yeah.

How about you try stepping out of your comfort zone? That's so easy. I'm going to make Winkler branded gear. Is it going to be Winkler? W-N-K-L-R? What vowels are we taking out?

It'll be W and that's going to be five. W-N-K-L-R. Or W-Y-N-X I could do for Winx. I got a buddy that calls me that.

W-Y-N-X. I got one buddy that calls me Moose for some fucking reason. He's the only one. He's just like, what's up, Moose? I'm like, hey. How long has that been the nickname? 20 years he's called me this.

Okay. So even when you were a more slender version of yourself, you were still Moose. It's a nickname you grow into over the years.

Literally. Also, speaking of style, did you go to Ron John surf shop this morning and pick out your clothes? What am I looking? Oh, it's gradient.

The T-shirt is gradient as he stands up. What do you mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? Look at what you're wearing. You look like you're going surfing. The pink color and the hat, which by the way, I'm pissed. I have a wedding and can't go to the Brewers yacht rock night.

Oh, I'd be there in a heartbeat. He got me for his wedding. He got me this like barrel. It says Moose on it.

It's not just a casual nickname. So in case you thought Bart, Bart made up the story about being called Moose. No, look at.

Oh, I would never have accused you of such a thing. But no, I thought I thought it's summer, man. It does look like, though, that you put a white T-shirt into like in hot water with other clothing that was red. And then this kind of got like a pinkish stain on it, which I like. I like the color. Yeah.

Kyle Brandt is going to be in the L.A. Good morning, football. Do you see this news? That's big. That's big. I had a topic about it. And remember, they like made a big deal about, will they or won't they?

Oh, I remember. And so I tweeted this summer's greatest mystery has been solved. And somebody that doesn't follow me that I don't follow that has like twenty three followers and is very. He goes, why would you say that when it's not even the official start of summer? And that has to be a bot, right? Or an extraordinarily dumb individual.

Even so, like if you're going to shit on me for something, I say my brother, there are 13 years of tweets. Don't pick out what I call summer. But for real, what is that shirt? What brand is that?

And that was presumably on purpose. It's from Rosillo's Vineyard Vines collection. It's it's from Punta Gorda.

I think it's Punta Gorda. No. Oh, I was for sure. Ron John adjacent. OK, sure. Yeah.

And the hat I just got delivered today. So you're telling me that the locals would say Punta Gorda? Yes. Punta. And then people are always like, don't you mean Punta? What? Or Punta?

I've never heard it. Punta. Look, I question this. First thing I did is question it. We'll wait for like new scenes of Veep.

It'll be the new Nevada. It's like, I don't know. There's examples of it where you have to you have to say a certain phrase a certain way. Like it's not I'm very cautious of this. It's not Toronto. It's Toronto. That's just about where you hit the T. Like either way, you're not changing the Toronto. When I bring on someone from Toronto, I say Toronto. Yeah. So you're saying you need to defer to the way the local would say it or otherwise you're not saying it correctly?

Is that what you're implying? I'd feel like if you call a radio show and the guy goes, all right, let's take Jeff from Toronto. When you call it Toronto. Well, people in Tennessee call it all instead of oil.

So like, would you have to refer like if there's some ridiculous. That's an accent thing. No, it's not. It's a no, that's not. That's a completely different pronunciation of a word. Oral. Oh, I say jaguars.

Well, that's just because you're dumb. Here's how. Ready? Hold on. Punta Gorda. Well, sounded like Punta to me. Punta Gorda. She's wrong, dumb bitch.

Look at the pronunciation guide. Punta Gorda. Oh, Poon. Oh, Poon. Next question.

You want Packers or Brewers? I also want to say something now that I'm 40. This is not an interruption.

I was. Being outside to me. Used to be like. An important thing to do.

Now. It's the only place I want to be. I fucking love outside. I fucking love when it's sunny. I don't know. It's a complete change. Did it look like like rainstorms and 50 degrees.

Brother, give me 70 and beautiful, beautiful skies. Have you, honestly, have you mentioned this to your parents? Is that this happened to them? Is that why they. WTF.

I think I would WTF. No, I'm saying, but like. I get it. There's something in your body that makes you want to be warm more. I'll let you know if that happens for me in 10 months, because I don't like being warm currently, but.

You probably didn't either 10 months ago. It hasn't even been warm yet this year because it actually felt like a summer day yet this year. Absolutely. It has.

No, no, it hasn't. It's been thunderstorming and pissing rain or like that. Yeah. And it's pissing me off. Me too. Killing the outdoors.

I have to drive home in another monsoon. I'm going to be pissed. I think I saw Will Blackman. He's going to turn 40. And I was going to respond to him, but it was too late at night.

And now now I'm conscious of if I'm even tweeting at night on my way home from work, it's like, oh, barge truck. But he's like, what time that your battlefield is over. He's like, I'm turning 40 in a few months.

What should I know? And I think the thing about 40 that I've realized is that I will either throughout the day be the very best, most complete version of myself. Or be the absolute version of myself that I hate. I'll flip flop. There's no middle. Which are we getting currently? The good one. Okay. Believe it or not. The good, the good, the good one. The good one. Okay. I believe it.

That's fine. I would love to do Packers next and end with Brewers. Bart, this one teamed this shit up for you, but I also don't know what you're going to say. No, but your Tuesday night Rogers versus Eli stuff.

You were born for it. Let's see where this goes. I think I know the answer, but let's see if Jordan Love leads the Packers to two Super Bowl victories, but wins zero MVPs and is never considered a top three NFL quarterback at any point in his career. That would top the achievements of what Aaron Rogers accomplished in Green Bay or. Yeah, I don't, I don't know why Packer fans get so like, like in arguing with Packer fans, like, but he gave you four MVPs. Don't ever say that. He didn't give me that.

In the beginning, yeah, I wanted Rogers to get an MVP and I wanted Farve to get the MVPs and I want Giannis to get MVPs and I wanted Ryan Braun to get the MVPs. But it doesn't, it doesn't stick with you. It's like a, it's like a nice thing. Remember Corbin Burns on the Cy Young and that was really cool. The next day that is gone.

There's buildup. He wins it. I don't, I don't, I don't like tell my kids, kid. I don't be like, I, I rooted for a Cy Young pitcher once. What a fucking season that was.

Hey, hey, son. I got the honor to root for seven MVP seasons between Brett Farve and Aaron Rogers. And in those four MVP seasons. Oh, let me tell you about 2011. They went 15 and one and then lost in the division round at home.

The next time I believe was 2014. They won. They won. They, they, they lost.

Oh my God. The game I never show you. That was that game. 2020, they won an MVP. They lost to at home in the playoffs. 2021, they won an MVP. They lost at home in the playoffs.

I mean that that's a stick with me. And then I think what sucks is then they lose, then they give out the MVP. At least in football. So then it's almost like to see Rogers be happy about it. It's like we're all still fucking dealing with a loss from our favorite team. And meanwhile, this guy is celebrating the fact that he won an individual award. And while that's a great achievement and one that probably throughout the year, I'm like, yeah, Roger should be the MVP.

It does nothing for me. In fact, it makes me madder. I brought this up with Jokic. Jokic getting bounced after winning his third MVP opens him up for more shit. Yeah.

Yeah. And if he keeps winning MVPs but doesn't win titles, then it's like, well, what the fuck's going on here? So the more MVPs you win, if you don't chase titles with them, like Manning Manning's won five MVPs.

Peyton and his two Super Bowls. That is a much better than four and one. Like, yeah, it's one each more, but it's not. It's like way fucking more. It makes it just MVPs do nothing to me as a sports fan after the day they're presented.

So I forgot what your question was, but. Well, we have Jordan, Jordan Love. I mean, so he has the year that he had last year. OK. Or a little worse.

But he takes my team to Super Bowls and they win twice. Give me that. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Grand bills. Jordan Love leads the Packers to two Super Bowl victories in his career, but is never considered a top three quarterback at any point in his career. Does it win any MVPs?

That hypothetical Jordan Love career would surpass what Rogers accomplished in Green Bay. Mm hmm. Or so I'll say, mm hmm. This all stems from the CJ Stroud thing, which thank God that CJ Stroud did that podcast. Thank God. As someone who accounts for six hours of radio, Bart, you account for four.

And our local teams are mostly off the table for you. Like what a godsend that he did this. And and because because he was asked like he wasn't just asked, he was asked a really like Eli is a really good one to have that comparison with because he won two Super Bowls. He beat Tom Brady twice. So there's legacy with that.

Those like the one point I brought up on Tuesday was. What's memorable to an average NFL fan about the Rogers Super Bowl win? We can name 17 plays. What's memorable, like Eli sticks out in history and the more Tom Brady won, the better it looked for Eli. So those two careers, it's Eli running away.

So, mm hmm. That career for Jordan Love for me as a fan would surpass Aaron Rodgers career. There's two.

There's two conversations here, though, and they're very different, right? CJ Stroud was asked which career he'd rather have. And he should say Aaron Rodgers. I don't even really believe that he thinks Eli Manning. I bet if you were to ask every starting quarterback in the NFL, would you rather have the career of Rodgers, the career of Manning? Most of them close to all of them would, I would imagine.

Let me let me let me let me interject. If I wasn't this is this is I love what you just said, because if I was an NFL general manager, I think I was drafting a quarterback or considering drafting a quarterback. That is absolutely one of the questions I'm asking during the draft interview process. And if the answer is I would rather have Rodgers career again, I'm NFL GM. I'm interviewing quarterbacks coming out of college, potentially making them the leader of my franchise for hopefully the next 15 years. And their answer is Aaron Rodgers instead of Eli off the board, off the board. I don't know if they'd be off the board. You I am telling you, you want to kick off CJ Stroud off the board because of a test you don't even know the questions to.

There's nuance there but I'll keep it. I'll keep us on topic, I would, I would, it would be a huge demerit relative to that quarterback standing for me, because I don't think I would be, I would be a character quite be a character flaw. So I don't know, that'd be how I would view it.

So I don't know that CJ or that to your point grant that most quarterbacks would answer Rodgers, if they would. I think that's extremely problematic. And I would take it as a major red flag, the, the use of that example like a pre draft interview. That's interesting to me because that that would imply that it's like a pre meditated thing like there are players wired quarterbacks wired for personal success.

Less priority on it. I don't know, I don't think you can pre meditate. I don't think you can pre meditate a career.

No, I think, I think, I think you can determine a mindset, sure, sure, sure, sure, but I, but I don't know if there's so many chips that have to fall in so many other moving pieces, it's an interesting question, for sure. If you were a GM and you got to interview prospects Yeah, that that might totally be worth asking. I think a player should way rather want to have the Aaron Rodgers career. Now for Rogers one no rings. If Rogers one zero rings in for a piece.

Okay, well that's completely and totally different which is why this comparison is so good. Right one ring, you get the champion. Eli was asked for like six years. Mm hmm.

Yeah, and you didn't I think you didn't it was a New York caller on Tuesday night, or was it an email but you heard some kind of commentary was like, he got you know he this is the same guy that couldn't beat out Daniel Jones. Yeah, like, that's the ups and downs and Stafford was also mentioned in this podcast which is another interesting one like hey if you put Stafford in Green Bay for all those years. What kind of difference. I think there are more ups and downs, which again from a fan perspective, and Bart you've talked about this I think I've talked about this too like maybe that's not a bad thing for the health of a fan base and the health of a franchise to have the ebbs and flows as a fan. I mean two Super Bowls are just better than one. And yeah, it's nice to watch high level quarterback play but if you can guarantee me two Super Bowls from a quarterback, I'm taking that, and that's not even a slight to Rogers, like I don't have any angst towards him winning MVP is. It's just, it's another Lombardi in your trophy room that's that's massive their teams that haven't even won one, you're telling me I can guarantee two in a matter of like a decade, 10 or 12 years like you got it, but players in my opinion quarterback should want it, they should prefer the career very Rogers because they disagree with you on that Paul and that's fine. I just, you can have multiple MVP is you have a Hall of Fame resume, or you can be mid with two Super Bowls you're getting a ring either way. You're getting a ring, a lot of people have one right, a lot of quarterbacks have one right. A much, much smaller, much, much smaller group have more than one. Yeah, and a microscopic group of quarterbacks have three or more MVP is four or five MVP is. I think to Bart's point. It's a for yoga, I'll use like the yoga example.

You can't unless you are very clearly like I actually will excuse. So like the NFC Championship loss against the Falcons. Was that 2014 no no that was 2016 sorry, like, he was dog shit, like, shout out to Rogers, like, carry that shit, right.

That was a bad football the bad Packers team. But with yoga, the nuggets are really good. Take yoga shop that team are they as championship candidate No, but that's a very good roster built around him. At this point yet. Don't make it sound like a super team but I think it's a good roster. I mean, in terms of like a second through fourth best player I think that's as good as it gets, like, we have we talked about this was this on the show or did we just text about it. But like if you were to remove the best player from every NBA team, who has the best two through four and I think the nuggets with Jamal Murray. Michael Porter Jr and Aaron Gordon like that two through four is top three for me of two through fours. Boston would be above them. You know we were doing this today I didn't prepare. Regardless, I would.

But anyway, I guess all I would say LSE clothing. It's interesting it's interesting how our opinions on this very Paul, because again, if you're asking for MVP and no rings. Yeah, then I think that's totally up for debate I think that's a great debate, Rogers has a ring and was unbelievable and when it's not a Dilfer or a Flacco ring he was the driving force, not a really good team, but he played unbelievable in that run and in that. Well, on a really good team that almost didn't make the playoffs at all.

Yeah, but it's for sure. Okay, I mean I don't like relitigating 2010 that team was good. He missed some games with injuries, they lost back to back over. Do you remember they lost back to back overtime games to the Dolphins and the Redskins that year no one ever brings that up.

I just, I don't know. At the time though they set like a record for number of guys on. On injured like was it. Make it in at seven and nine like some teams historically have done they were 10 and six that year, right.

Yeah, I believe. But it wasn't was it to Sean Jackson part is that who the kicker. Yeah, but there's there's felt like it did at the time.

So, let me, let me just ask you this, and I will do a quick brewers one, but the, my only asterisk on the point about. So, the caller on Tuesday night Bart said, you know, you know this is the same Eli that got benched for Daniel Jones. Doesn't it discredit the Rogers career. Because it's been 14 years since that Super Bowl, like if that was maybe like midway through his career, but this is an extent, this is a most, most players don't have a 14 year career Are you kidding me, and it's been 14 years since that one so I'm just wondering if that lessons, because that would happen, kind of more flukey without expectations of like that, like the 15 and one year would have been a much different Super Bowl victory right because it was like, Oh, this team was amazing.

Also Eli Super Bowls both came through Lambeau, by the way, including that 15 and one year. Yeah. All right.

Just because I know we got to go I would love to keep talking about this and maybe we can circle back. I also just to defend Rogers like 14 years, yeah, he's really good so his career is really. I don't like making Rogers a victim of his own success, and that seems like kind of, I would say, you say of his own success, I would say, of his own longevity, which which is part of it, it's, it's a major could happen to Russell Wilson. Sure, you know like quarterbacks don't we worse we are warped is Green Bay fans just assuming Oh 15 to 20 years yeah that's normal, but it's not a lot of guys, for sure. Anyways, brewers we got to get this one in. From the start of the season, until now. Your Brewers expectations in 2024 have changed to the point that now anything short of an NLCS appearance would be a letdown. So, no.

So they have to. So, can you just put parade chairs out for Christ's sake, no but I couldn't go through that didn't you see what I put out. I don't, unlike Paul I'm a little behind on every single hour of every show that you've done.

Don't, don't tell him this grant but I'm behind. So I thought I had a parade chair you didn't see it. I saw the gist of what happened I think I didn't I didn't know I was responsible for this material today can we have an email changes I didn't know we were doing this. No, I'll show it to you, I, I thought it was a parade chair because there were four legs at the bottom. And it was wrapped up like I call lawn chairs, pray chairs, and it looked exactly like a chair would.

And then on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream when I opened it up. It was not a chair at all, but rather some sort of Twizzlers branded cooler. Oh, okay, this is a plot twist okay great so I think the fact that I came down to Wisconsin Avenue, thinking that I had a parade chair. And then as I unveiled it it was not a chair that hurts, that's karma, I think that that was a sign that it isn't, it isn't right.

So less of a baseball analysis more of just like, you know, the way the gods telling me. Yeah, because I never opened it this has been in my garage for seven months. I absolutely would have thought this was a chair.

And I left it there so I don't know who has it but I left it there. Grant, do you have a non share related Twizzlers branded I think is my expectation has not changed. No, my expectation was to compete for the division and chase a playoff spot. And I think even with injuries to their pitchers we got news that Robert Gasser and deal Hall are both going to get. I don't know if this is the third or fourth opinion, whatever they're getting that Gasser on his elbow hall on his knee.

So, that's not Tommy john adjacent like it is for Robert Gasser. But no, I think the Cubs stink. And the pirates and the Reds are childish organizations that will never do the things required to sustain a good season for 162 games, the Cardinals actually look okay, they're slugging a little bit today and Lance Lynn or Michael has looked okay actually today but no my expectation doesn't change. I think this is the year this isn't enjoy the ride here for me. And just add it just just to tack on a point to your question. This year isn't enjoy the ride here to me because this is a, this is a proving ground for the Brewers and that their manager left, they lost the races, and this is a little bit of a showcase to say, No, we have a good operation and we can keep this thing going even when we lose pieces so this regular season means a little bit more to me than most.

So I know I usually set these questions up and I'll ask them the way that like tells you that I'm probably would have said to my own topic. I'm totally with you, Grant. I agree this isn't enjoy the ride here.

I just wondered on the same week that Bart had the parade chair thing coming off the Cubs and White Sox series. If, if it became more than like, you know what I'm just happy regardless at this point I would like for them to beat the Cubs to win to the win of the vision. And then anything we need to follow through with that now that will get me 80% of the way their satisfaction speaking for the season.

So when the window. Yeah, maybe it's the team for the first time in four or five years maybe it's this shit team that sneaks into the playoffs and I say shit endearingly because you know they don't really have many starters but I gotta go, you guys keep talking now we're going to test your theory if you're actually going to keep talking about but we're probably not. Okay. Bye guys.

Ouch. Bye Paul. It's Paul and me and grant bills.

Grant. Anything else you want to say lacrosse. No, I am interested to see the, the weapon, a prison warden Did you see that story though I am following that via Dan Schafer's reporting, nothing with lacrosse but I am in on the weapon news today I am fascinated by that. I don't know there's something going on with Milwaukee schools that I'm not really following either. I met my, I met my neighbor in my new apartment building, and he has to be 80s old first question he asked I'm carrying boxes like you guys got kids, I'm like no, he's like, I could he thought Thank God he didn't say it. And then he told me that the Waukesha Freeman can be delivered to the building for only 2499 a month and I said, that's good to know I appreciate the information that seems like a lot. So I don't get Milwaukee news but maybe I'll subscribe it's just 25 bucks a month, just a low cost of 25 bucks a month. A lot. All right, thanks for stopping into the Winklerverse this has been.
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