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REShow: Bill Shaikin - Hour 2 (7-5-2022)

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July 5, 2022 3:44 pm

REShow: Bill Shaikin - Hour 2 (7-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 5, 2022 3:44 pm

Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen. MLB Talk. Bill Shaikin Los Angeles Times National Baseball Reporter

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Good Dan, how about you? No complaints, no complaints. That's good, we don't want to hear them anyway so... That'll wrap it up for this show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

That's a fact. We don't want to hear the complaints. We don't want to hear it.

We absolutely don't want to hear complaints. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Dan Schwartzman and now sitting in for Rich... Hit the drop. It's Dan Schwartzman. Our two of the Rich Eisen Show.

That's right, I am Dan Schwartzman in three days this week. Rich is off. Talked a lot of NBA in hour number one. Want to get some baseball talk. We're pretty much halfway through the season right now and I'm based out of New York and I got the Yankees here that are just flat out ridiculous.

Right now I'm based to win like 120 games. Doubt it'll happen. Injuries do happen and the Yankees have so far, if you're a Yankee fan, knock on wood, they've been able to kind of beat the injury buck, right? But that's a team that's had injury problems in the past so at some point you say to yourself, who's gonna be hurt?

When's it gonna happen? Can judge keep this toward pace going? He's got 29 home runs. Guy bet on himself right last offseason he turned down a contract offer that was close to like 30 some odd million dollars a year.

It was like 213 million dollars of new money. 230 million dollars total and said no I'm gonna hit free agency in a year and he has gone out there and he has absolutely raked. Right now he is clearly the American League MVP but that's because the Yankees are winning and I say that because of this. Who's the reigning MVP in the American League? That's right Shohei Ohtani. Last year what 46 home runs, 100 RBIs was tremendous with the bat and let's not forget he was also tremendous as a pitcher.

Not a vanity like a Brett Phillips who comes in when the Tampa Bay Rays are down 9-0. Shohei Ohtani is a legitimate ace. Last year he threw 130 in a third innings gave up only 98 hits had 156 strikeouts and won nine games.

Awesome. Here's the amazing thing he's not hitting as well this year. Not to say he's not hitting really well anyway.

Okay when I say he's not hitting as well Shohei Ohtani's average is up this year but his ops is down. He's only hit 18 home runs in 78 games. He's had 51 RBIs. Look he's still putting up phenomenal numbers an ops of 848 is still ridiculously good but he's actually pitching at a higher level this year than he did last year. This year he's thrown 74 innings and 13 starts. He has strike out 101 batters in 74 innings. He's seven and fourth a 268 ERA.

So while he is one of the you know biggest power threats in all of baseball he is also right now it's not a novelty act he is one of the top pitchers in all of baseball as well. So we could talk about Aaron Judge for MVP all we want. I mean Mike Trout has had a terrible slump the last couple weeks and his average is now down. But if Shohei Ohtani hits 30 home runs drives in 100 runs wins you 12 games and strikes out 200 batters this year are you telling me he's not going to be the MVP again? Like take a seat Aaron Judge you can take your 55 home runs and take a seat because you're not throwing any innings. You're not out there every six days striking out 200 batters in a season.

I mean isn't this a no-brainer it's listen I know when people are like yeah but it's about the team winning. Shohei Ohtani the Angels aren't losing games because of Shohei Ohtani right? Shohei Ohtani is not the reason why the Angels stink yet again they stink every year. Mike Trout's won MVPs and he's played for a terrible team right? How many World Series rings does Mike Trout have right now?

A grand total of nothing and with like six or seven more years on that contract he's going to end his career probably the grand total of no rings. Or he's going to be a guy that gets traded at 38 years old to a team just so he can win a ring because a guy like Mike Trout as great a player as he is deserves to win a ring. Baseball is the quintessential team sport. It's not like Shohei Ohtani could do even more and the Angels would start winning games right? That's why I'm always like okay yeah I understand the MVP how valuable is it is a guy for a team that's in last place I understand that argument yes that's clearly a valid argument but on the other side the Angels are 37 and 44 and Joe Maddon's gotten fired but again not because of Shohei Ohtani. So am I going to hold it against Shohei Ohtani that this team stinks and as Aaron judged the only reason why the Yankees are 58 and 22 right now the best record in baseball they lead the division by a whopping 13 games think about that right? Them and the Astros have dominated their divisions the Yankees are 13 up on the Red Sox the Astros are 13 and a half up on the Mariners there's one difference the ALS is an is a putrid division. Astros, Mariners, Rangers, Angels, Athletics the only team that's above 500 is Houston. Yankees meanwhile play in probably the toughest division in baseball that or the National League West I would take the AL East right now the Yankees the Red Sox the Blue Jays and the Rays are all over 500 and the Baltimore Orioles are actually playing respectable baseball they are 37 and 44 and somehow the Yankees in a division with four teams over 500 they are up 13 games on Boston it's it's it's it's unbelievable it really is unbelievable they've dominated but Aaron Judge isn't pitching right Aaron Judge is not Garret Cole, Luis Severino, Jamison Tyone, Jordan Montgomery or Nestor Cortez he's not the bullpen where clay you know clay Clay Holmes has been one of the top closures in baseball Aaron Judge just hits and he fields that's all he does not to say that's not impressive it's it's impressive don't get me wrong very impressive but Shohei Ohtani with that whole argument yeah but what's his value if his teams 37 and 44 which be tied for last place in the American League East that doesn't hold water with me what else do you want the guy to do it doesn't mean he's not a great player Mike you are voting for a guy for MVP not because okay he's got a great team he's one of a you know he's a great player on a great team you're voting for a guy for his own personal you know his own personal accomplishments and I still think people don't understand what they're watching here it's because we throw the name Babe Ruth around like you know it's nothing and Shohei Ohtani is Babe Ruth but he's not Shohei Ohtani is not Babe Ruth there's a big difference okay the biggest difference when it comes to Babe Ruth and Shohei Ohtani is Babe Ruth became extensively just a hitter right when they realized that he could hit ridiculously he became just a hitter how many years did Babe Ruth play both okay that's the difference how many years did Babe Ruth play as a hitter and as a pitcher I believe the answer is really one year I think in 1919 Babe Ruth led baseball by 29 home runs a year before that he had 11 home runs and led baseball and you look at that and you say it's great but he also was you know a tremendous pitcher so my whole point is this Ohtani is actually doing it at the same time in the same season in the same game dude's gonna hit a 450 foot home run and strike a guy out with 101 mile an hour fastball so in 1918 Babe Ruth again had 11 home runs to lead baseball and in 1918 he won 13 games in 1919 he won nine games made 17 starts through 133 innings and in that year he hit 29 home runs lead baseball again then he was dealt to the Yankees in 1920 and from that point on Babe Ruth after going nine and five that year he pitched a grand total of three games so he was exclusively a hitter and a pitcher really never because in 1918 when he had 11 home runs he threw 166 in the third innings the the years before that when he was primarily just a pitcher he threw 326 innings and 323 innings 124 and 23 games at an ERA that was ridiculous so he actually transitioned to where he became just a hitter an outfielder that was it Shohei Ohtani when he decided to come play major league baseball part of teams making their pitch to bring him because any team could actually afford him at the time it was the 20 million dollar posting fee to his Japanese ball club and then he was signing like a rookie contract for nothing the pitch was you had to let him do both if you weren't willing to let him do both he was not going to play for you that was the deal so Shohei Ohtani is doing something that even Babe Ruth really didn't do there's a difference so we are literally watching something we've really never seen in baseball think about that a sport that's a hundred like 40 years old right the America's pastime it may not be anymore but baseball is America's pastime it's the number one sport in this country for a century and we're seeing something new how would you ever expect to see something new in a sport that's been around so long that you felt you've seen everything new right but that's what I'm saying what we're watching is so unique and impressive where he wins an MVP last year and you can make a case where he may be even better this year especially on the mound how is he not the front runner for the MVP regardless of the fact his team stinks when people talk about salaries and breaking the bank they're not talking about Aaron Judge Aaron Judge is going to get his 350 million dollars right it's not going to be fun it's not like we're going to be breaking new ground with Aaron Judge he's not going to get more money than Mike Trout's 425 million dollar contract he'll get his and it's going to you know the number is going to start to three and congratulations Aaron Judge he's setting up the Judge dynasty financially for generations and he deserves it good for him but when you want to sit back grab the popcorn and say hey what's going to be fun in terms of breaking the bank for baseball you can say Juan Soto with the Nationals but I think people are peaked interest-wise when it comes to Shohei Ohtani because you're not just paying him as an ace pitcher and that's worth 35 million bucks you're not just paying him as a tremendous hitter and that's worth 35 million bucks you're actually paying him as both you're not going to pay him 70 million dollars by the way a year it's not happening you're not arguing that but the question is what is he worth that's why it's fun to think about it and when he becomes a free agent in a year it's going to be fun to see how much he is going to get on that market because no one knows because no one's ever seen it see Aaron Judge is a lot easier to figure out what he's worth because we know what a slugger's worth right we understand there's a market and we understand where he fits into that market okay Aaron you're great you hit her you're a home run hitter you do strike out a lot but you make good contact that's why you're a 290 300 hitter you're worth x dollars but it's easy to characterize or categoric you know you put him in a category based on the fact of what he does there's nothing unique about what Aaron Judge does we've seen it before a power hitting outfielder in baseball okay we've seen that Juan Soto a young tremendous hitting outfielder in baseball a little bit more rare a little bit more unique so people are going to wonder okay when he hits free agency is he getting 500 million okay cool but here's the other aspect of it and and i want to bring you in here because you you are out there on the west coast okay Juan Soto is not as marketable as Shohei Otani might Juan Soto is a tremendous player but there's a lot of latin players in major league baseball he's not the first he's not going to be the last we've had a lot of talented young latin players in baseball the Miguel Cabrera's of the world right Ronald Acuna jr guys like that with Shohei Otani you're talking about japan which is a country of 150 million people that is the third most powerful economy in the world with massive companies that are global with lots of money Naomi Osaka made the most money in the history of women's sports in a single year because of endorsement deals from japan my whole point is Shohei Otani is even more valuable than just as an ace pitcher and as a tremendous hitter he's also valuable because he may be the most marketable player in all of baseball when you turn the tv on or you drive around in la is there Shohei Otani stuff oh yeah all over the place okay right but he didn't make money on him he doesn't speak english does he have to to smile on a billboard that's a good question right i mean does he have to listen i remember you know my mother's japanese and when i was a kid i used to go to japan every other summer and stay there for a few months with family and i remember they would have tv commercials and remember when george seifert was a head coach of the san francisco 49ers they would have these commercials and like george seifert hold a can of some vitamin drink and just say like three words in japanese like he'd butcher him but he'd say three words in japanese domo arigato right exactly like you don't have to say anything like Shohei Otani can say drink vitamin water right and that's all he has to say vitamin water good for you and that's all he has to say and cha-ching cash registers are going whole point is he doesn't have to speak english to be a marketable guy and i think he's just got a smile he just has to smile good-looking dude tall right tall right great smile doesn't get in trouble tremendous player best player in baseball i think it's hard to argue against that no offense to mike trout but he ain't pitching my whole point is he's got three things going for him that continues to make him so valuable we don't know what he's worth if you're steve cohen right the yankees are not owned by george steinbrenner anymore they're owned by hal steinbrenner george steinbrenner treated the yankees as his passion hal steinbrenner treats the yankees as a business dollars go come in dollars go out they have to be in plus revenue territory george didn't care right george made money elsewhere anyway george just wanted to see his team win and he blew the the doors open when it came to salaries but steve cohen is kind of the new george steinbrenner right the owner of the new york meds he's the richest owner in baseball by a mile new york has a heavy japanese population every major japanese company has offices here in new york my whole point is if you're steve cohen and you've already spent a boatload of money anyway and he's a met fan which is cool it's kind of cool like when you're an actual fan of a team and you buy that team like i don't know if mark cuban grew up being a mavericks fan he just got a team that was for sale and bought him steve cohen grew up on i think long island and he was a met fan and actually got to buy his favorite team which is cool if you're steve cohen you know how valuable show a otani is in the marketability department what's to say you don't say okay show hey you're gonna be what 27 28 years old here is you'll be 29 when he hits free agency right i mean right i mean okay i'll give you an eight-year contract for 400 million dollars five you know 50 million dollars a year what's to say you wouldn't do that is already gonna match 50 million dollars a year not as long as he's paying anthony rendon to not play i'm just saying it's going to be crazy to think about what that money is going to be like because we don't know what his value is because we've never seen a player with his unique skill set that's what it comes down to dan schwartzman in for rich isin the rich isin show don't forget when calloway engineered chrome soft to be the best tour ball it didn't just make the best players better it made everyone better men women first-time major winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers the chrome soft family has the best tour performance 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show on a tuesday dan schwartzman filling in for rich i'll also be there on thursday and friday this week brian weber in tomorrow for rich baseball season rolling along we are at the halfway point teams have played right there about 83 games about 83 games playing that range 80 81 82 83 and i'll tell you something it's been a fun baseball season you have some decent races going on but it's such a long season you know i've always baseball is my number one sport you know it's it's my favorite sport and i've always been against shortening the season but as i get older i think my patience runs thinner right like as a kid i could sit there and watch an entire movie no problem sit down two and a half hour movie whatever i could sit there put on lawrence of arabia for like three hours and 30 minutes with the intro you know the intermission or like the longest day movies like that i'll sit there and watch for four hours i don't care if i'm having a good time watching it i'll sit there now as i get older maybe i'm getting more of a becoming more of a curmudgeon it's harder to sit there and watch like how many times in the middle of a movie will i pause the movie do you know do something else come back unpause you know 30 minutes later pause the movie again then come back and a two-hour movie becomes like three and a half hours because i can't sit there and watch the whole thing i have to go do something else and that's why when i think of baseball now 162 games and they've literally just played half of the season and the seasons are going on since the end of march right early april i mean that's three months in and we are halfway done maybe i wouldn't be against baseball going back to 154 games 144 games i hate seeing a world series where it's cold outside the outside i remember when the phillies in the tampa bay rays playing the world series was that 2008 i believe they had the wool hats with the the ear covers that came out from the hat and there was a game that actually got delayed or postponed for a day because of snow and i'm thinking that's not baseball right spring training in florida and arizona warm weather palm trees you play the season during the summer warm weather humidity the last thing you want is players playing in 40 degrees 30 degrees the chance of snow because they're playing world series games into november so all i'm saying is like it just feels like a grind or you're a baseball guy we're about the same age we're the same generation where baseball was the number one sport for most of us do you find yourself thinking at some point man you know i love the dodgers and all but man this season just is dragging on uh no really you're a baseball fan i love every second of it you don't ever feel like man that's a lie no i can i could sit through a four-hour game no i can sit through a four-hour game don't get me wrong i can go to a stadium and sit there for four hours right i can do that i'm just saying the whole season in general now maybe it's different for you because if the dodgers are in the world series the weather in southern cal is still going to be you know 75 and warm in november right so you don't actually like okay whatever okay they go on the road and play the yankees oh man it looks cold in new york but all right my palm trees are swaying right it's fine i i think maybe that's the difference like yeah and the team that i root for is always competitive so you know it makes me you know uh stay on the edge of my seat no but doesn't that make notes but that's the thing i'm a yankee fan right and the yankees are always competitive so the fact is it's like all right let's get to the playoffs now right the chance of the yankees the dodgers not making the playoffs you know honestly it's about 10 in a 10-year cycle they're most likely going to make the playoffs eight or nine times right that's probably realistic these teams don't go through rebuilds they will retool but not rebuild because they will spend the money to make sure they're competitive so when the show aotanis of the world hit the open market where a mookie bets is available during open market they're going to worry mookie bets is available during you know due to a trade these teams can compete to bring in that talent which will change your fortunes from being an 82 win team to being a 90 win team and then you add some more talent you're a hundred win team so the fact is because of the fact we root for teams that are perennially gonna be in playoff and world series contention it's like all right let's get this regular season over let's get to the postseason this isn't the nfl where it's like okay anything can happen in you know 18 weeks 17 games it's like all right dodge is going to win 95 100 games yankees on pace 120 games all right let's get to the let's get to the you know let's get to the meat and potatoes here let's let's stop with the appetizers you know there's like a brazilian steak houses right like they hit you up on the salad bar because they want you to eat a lot more of that because they don't want you to fill up on the meat but for like 70 bucks to pop you want to fill up on the meat you want to get to that portion forget the salad bar the same thing why wait 162 games for the inevitable which is the dodgers are going to be in the postseason as the national league favorite and the yankees are going to be in the postseason and there'll be the american league favorite if you're rooting for a team that every year doesn't get there it's kind of like a magical experience right like oh i'm a padre fan and they're playing great baseball i'm going to enjoy this i'm going to savor every moment because i'm not sure if this is going to happen again yeah they spend money now so it's different you know you know i'm talking about it's like when teams that aren't aren't always in playoff contention having a great season you kind of want it to continue because you love the feeling of it you get what i'm saying art like if you're a fan of that team you're like man i don't want this to end every game they're just so competitive they're playing great pitching's been awesome look at that guy man what a career he's having that kind of stuff right you savor it as a dodger fan are you savoring every win because they're going to win 100 games as the yankee fan it's like okay they won again okay they won again okay why wouldn't that they they've once for so many so many years now it's just another win so right we want you know playoffs we want world series at this point they can win 120 games but if they bomb in the postseason it's a disappointing year it's not a good season yes but if you're the kansas city royals or you're the texas rangers of the pittsburgh pirates and you win 100 games you make the playoffs and you get swept out okay it's been a great season right like man that was a great year for six months we played great baseball and uh you know the ballpark was hopping and uh the guys played well and uh yeah sure we got the swept out of the postseason but man we got to the postseason that's a successful year no those fans aren't spoiled because there's nothing to be spoiled about because they don't see a ton of winning like remember the royals won a world series not that long ago and now they're uh you know the joke they're joking baseball right i mean the kansas city royals are a joke they're back to being a team that uh sells they're not a fun team they're 20 games under 500 they're gonna get blown out by houston tonight my whole point is there's no sustainability with winning to where you get used to it as a fan but as a dodger or a yankee fan or a red sock fan you kind of get used to where it's like all right come on let's get the show on the road these wins be nothing it's a spoiled mentality of entitlement right you are entitled to watch playoff baseball because you don't you know your team's gonna be there so every year you kind of expect playoff baseball to be the end result but you have to get through 162 regular season games to get to the postseason and regardless of the win total of those 162 games okay if you win 100 or 98 or 120 it really doesn't matter your success is not determined by regular season wins your success is determined by how many wins you end up having in the postseason and if you don't have enough to win a world series it's a disappointing year if the dodgers don't win the world series this year the yankees don't win the world series this year a true fan isn't gonna say yeah but man we got to the nlcs or the alcs or we got to the world series we lost in six games i'm happy with that no and art this is how spoiled i am as a sports fan okay you know some teams will put up banners in their stadium for like having you know gotten to the wild card game right like maybe they won the wild card round and they moved on to the divisional round and they'll actually put up a banner for that as if it was a successful season right because they made the postseason they recognize that year but as a dodger fan if they lose in the second round of the playoffs or the nlcs and then the next year they unveil a banner for it aren't you like what why you that's not a success why are you gonna even put up a banner for that yeah i see it yeah absolutely but teams do that like i sometimes see that like teams will you know they'll show the banners hanging in the rafters in the nhl the nba or you know out in the outfield and it's like uh you know the the american league divisional series champions 2019 i'm like who cares like what's the big deal in the end did you get a ring no you got a playoff participation trophy you got to share the postseason money but you didn't win anything you're not a world series winner the only people that should celebrate at the end of the year that people hoisting the world series trophy and having a ticker tape parade in their city that success coming in second was a great line from the original top gun there's no points for second place right that's exactly right that's my attitude with this there's no points for second place you don't honor second place being second best i remember talking to a former new york giant all right you're gonna you don't like this story it's talking to the next new york giant and when they lost the 2000 super bowl to the baltimore ravens they uh got their nfc you know winner rings and they did it at a movie theater in new jersey they had like the highlight reel of the season but they got their rings at uh this movie theater the players and their families got there they got their ring and whatever small festivities right and then when the giants beat the patriots in that magical super bowl they got their rings at tiffany's right there in midtown manhattan and it was a whole red carpet event so while one year they win the nfc and they celebrate in a movie theater in new jersey the year they actually win the super bowl they celebrate on a red carpet event at tiffany's with humongous rings and uh ticker tape parade and all this and that but that's how it should be right like success is not being close success is actually winning your respective sport but again maybe i'm the spoiled sports fan talking here am i all right am i being a am i all right am i being a spoiled sports fan or is that being a sports fan well growing up with your teams yeah did they they make us spoiled because they win so much yeah but i'm a nick fan oh okay i'm a jet fan right if the jets i never celebrated the jets getting to the afc championship game two years in a row losing to i think it was what uh one year they lost to rothlisberger and the steelers and the other year i think they may have lost to probably paint manning maybe i don't remember but like i don't it's not success they don't win a super bowl trophy right like i don't celebrate that i'm a jet fan and heck i probably should because it's not as if they make the playoffs all the time in fact they haven't made the playoffs in 11 years i think it's the longest drought in the uh in the nfl right now but if they go next year they win uh they go nine and eight and somehow sneak into the wild card and they lose the first round of the playoffs i'm not going to sit here and tell you that success well i'll tell you is they're building that's progress okay that's a good step but i'm not going to get on here and tell you oh man what a great season woohoo let me go hang up a wild card game banner on my house no but being a dodger fan as you are being a yangy fan as i am that's the problem we get spoiled with the success to where the 162 regular season games kind of become boring because they don't mean anything dodgers are 50 and 29 all right they're 21 games over 500 the yankees are 58 and 22 to 36 games over 500 and again if the yankees lose in the alcs to the houston astros it's a disappointing season you know the seattle mariners in 1998 won what 116 games right that's right yeah and then they lost the new york yankees in the alcs so is that a successful season no it's a successful regular season but overall you didn't win a world series there's no banner hanging in seattle or the money ball year when they won the oakland a's 120 games in a row yeah in a row and then they got bounced by the yankees brad pitt built a hell of a team didn't he yeah yeah he didn't tell you man he built a hell of a team i like that i gotta tell you i like that movie i am a fan of that movie i actually did not read the i have to read that's one of those books it's like yeah i gotta read it and i always forget and then whenever it comes back up i'm like oh yeah i should read that book michael lewis wrote some great book great books and money balls obviously one of them may be the top one and i love that movie that's one of those movies where if it's on i'm gonna watch it because it is like a feel-good story right and i like brad pitt i actually think he's a good actor like i think like world wars z's great getting money balls great he's not just like a pretty face i think he's actually a really good actor fury fury was great yeah big fan of that movie i did like uh shia labeouf i know he's got all these problems but that was a great cast well done fury is a good one do like that one that's the one the world war two tank for those who have not seen it but uh yeah moneyball is a good movie man i could sit i could sit there and watch moneyball every time it's on and it's a great story and it's funny like i i just love the scene where he and uh i think it's the first base coach or they go to hattaburg's house scott hattaburg's house and they call hey scott wash yeah they call him wash yeah you want to but right wash ron washington right yeah you want to uh you want to let us in what yeah we're right outside and he's like you're gonna play first base you ever play first base he goes no and pick goes yeah it's easy and watch goes it's hard man that's a great part man i love that movie even the wife who does not like sports you know the wife does not like sports and by the way chris pratt i think plays is that pratt yeah yeah right because chris evans is the prettier one of the chris's chris pratt is the guy that plays uh hattaburg right yeah that's right yes chris right was he like a nobody at that time yes that's right is that like johnny day is is that like matt not johnny damon is that like matt damon in uh saving private ryan where like at the time you know you know the story about that right so matt damon is in saving private ryan but when he got the role and was in it he was really a nobody he had done i think that movie with meg ryan and lou diamond phillips um courage under fire with denzel washington oh that's right that's right he plays the medic on that chopper and he's got the drug problem he's really skinny in that movie he's also in um that movie with sean connery uh where he's the uh finding forester you remember finding forester i don't think i've seen that one so he's the guy that he's like the lawyer at the end who comes and tells the kid that uh the sean connery character is is gone and he's you know in the will and he's got like a three-minute rule in that movie so he's in saving private ryan and when they filmed it with spielberg matt damon wasn't a big name the thing was they had also filmed goodwill hunting and goodwill hunting had come out first and him and ben affleck exploded and became superstars because of goodwill hunting so when saving private ryan came out matt damon was already a star but when they were actually filming the movie he was not crazy story right crazy all right so i think like with chris evans like i don't know if chris evans was a known guy when he played scott hattaburg in moneyball because i don't know if like a known guy like him would take that role if he's a star already because it's not a major role i don't know maybe and we always forget the great late philip c more hoffman is and he plays art how oh that's right yeah right yeah like you look at that cash like wow that's an amazing catch him philip c more hoffman or you know uh brad pitt knew anything about baseball yeah that's a funny thing it is yeah and yet brad pitt was doing interviews all around the media world with billy bean that's great but yeah and then robin wright pen plays his ex-wife and then the daughter is the girl that's in ray donovan the the great showtime show as ray donovan's daughter maybe i watch too much tv and movies that's kind of what i'm figuring out you know as i talk through this art i figure out maybe i watch too much tv yeah i think i do this is not good yeah don't tell the wife about this one she might because i think she says that i watch too much tv this might actually be uh making an argument for her not good man not good making the argument for all right i want to get into some college football talk big 10 about to get even stronger little west coast influence there sec and is there room for anybody else and boy oh boy what a what a slap to order in washington coming out of the big 10 that's next dance sportsman in for rich isin on a tuesday it's the rich isin show rich isin show on a tuesday dance sportsman in for rich we're gonna talk college football start now with three in about 15 minutes the shaking of that landscape has been unbelievable with the news of usc and ucla both moving on to the big 10 what does it mean for other conferences outside of the big 10 and the sec but we talked a lot of baseball this hour and the big topic is show aotani the value the guy is possibly even better this year than he was last year especially on the mound so what is his value what is his future potentially we're gonna head out to the west coast bill shakin los angeles times national baseball reporter joining us and listen bill you get to do something that i envy you for and that is you get to watch show aotani pretty much on a daily basis because you're out on the west coast in los angeles i'm on the east coast and i try to get the bed because i'm getting older compare this year to last year when he was the mvp is he better this year probably more on the mound right well just as a consumer heads up for you uh the angels are in miami this week otonnie is hitting tonight and pitching tomorrow so you don't have to stay up too late to see him but he is definitely pitching better and his era plus is better as era itself is down and although he's not hitting as well as he did last year that was an unprecedented season not even babe ruth had put up the kind of numbers you know hitting and pitching that otonnie did last year so if you say the overall performance is a little bit down that means it's gone down from unprecedented to truly excellent so mvp to mvp kind of thing in terms of performance because how do you gauge it all right because i'm out here on the east coast and yeah erin judge has been amazing and he's possibly going to hit 60 home runs this year and you know people talk about him being the front runner and my argument is yes the yankees win more games but baseball is more of an individualized sport if you think about each performance and it's not like the angels stink because of showy otonnie right so the fact is if he was the mvp last year and the team wasn't great and he's putting up great numbers again this year shouldn't he be considered the favorite right now yeah and the angels don't stink because of mike trout either but there's a thought you know among some voters that may be valuable should correlate to team success because how valuable can you be if like the angels you're on pace for your seventh straight losing season so that's every voter's individual decision there is no definition on the ballot for most valuable player i think in the past few years it's sort of tilted from valuable being an individual definition to sort of a group think that valuable is simply the best thing think that valuable is simply the best player in the same way that sy young is the best pitcher and again that's for everybody to decide what they think but i think your your foundational argument is right if showy otonnie was the most valuable player in the american league last year and this performance is pretty similar to what it was last year it's certainly going to be a hard case to say somebody who only plays on one side of the ball is more valuable when he does both and does both exceptionally well l.a times national baseball reporter bill shakin joining us here on the rich eisen show dan schwartzman in for rich on this tuesday he's got three things going for him if he decides i just want to be a pitcher he as a free agent is worth 30 million dollars a year he's a true ace if he decides i just want to play the outfield in dh he is a 30 million dollar 45 home run guy he's also incredibly marketable obviously right considering you know these japanese and japanese love baseball and a lot of big companies are japanese that will spend money so in a year from now when he hits free agency bill if you are arty moreno or steve cohen who has more money than anybody else in the game literally what are you paying this guy it's a great question because something that always comes up when you talk about long-term contracts for pitchers and again as you mentioned show has been a little bit better pitching this year than hitting but here's a guy you want to sign for a lot of years and you always think well okay but if i sign a pitcher for six or seven years i gotta assume that i'm gonna lose one or two of them to entry there's probably going to be a tommy john surgery somewhere uh if not there's going to be some sort of injury and then i lose that player's performance and then you say well with otani because this is what's already happened with the angels if you lose him to surgery as a pitcher he can stay in the lineup and still head every day right and do it very well and as you pointed out that in itself is something that's worth a lot of money so you know whether it's the angels or the yankees or certainly the dodgers would have some interest it's going to cost somebody a lot of money and you can't say okay here's who the comparable players are which is the normal measuring stick because of course there aren't any comparable players exactly that's why i said you know the erin judge sweepstakes next off season okay there's a measuring stick as to how much he's worth because there have been other guys like erin judge right big strong powerful guy hits a lot of home runs will strike out but still hit 280 290 that's worth x dollars because these eight other guys got this much money one soto same thing yeah he's younger so he's gonna get this much money but frankly otani can get 50 million dollars a year and if you're steve cohen who has 14 billion dollars and money doesn't seem to be an issue and they actually have a luxury tax category just for him the fact is in new york with a heavy japanese population showing otani at 50 million dollars a year you're still gonna make money on the guy i mean in los angeles is there a worry that they're gonna lose him because at some point they have to start winning games or else he's going to be turned off correct yeah and he said as much i mean he's very polite about it but he's made clear that he wants to win and he has never been on an angels team that produced a winning record let alone got to the playoffs so my suspicion is if the angels do not get to the playoffs that he will go somewhere he will go somewhere else i could be surprised the angels have treated him very well and he seems to like the area and like the clubhouse i wouldn't assume that new york is the only place that he would go sure he does have a great relationship with dilly eppler the met's general manager who was the man who recruited him to the angels when eppler ran the angels but there's a lot of teams a lot of money and a lot of the asian players not a hundred percent but you know more often than not tend to prefer the west coast just because it's you know that many hours closer to home on a long flight yeah so yeah i i know everybody thinks steve cohen has a lot of money but remember he was out bid for the dodgers so certainly at least the dodgers have a lot of money and they're on the west coast all we can agree on bill is that wherever the situation is showy otani will be making a heck of a lot of money bill shakin la times national baseball reporter bill appreciate you hopping on the show all right take care there you have it i mean yeah the west coast thing plays a role you're right you want to fly another five and a half six hours on a flight to get to the east coast new york to japan new york to tokyo is a 14-hour flight la to japan it's about eight hours big difference didn't turn off guys like masahiro tanaka guys like that but you know listen ichiro went to seattle right ended up with the yankees at some point but still it's a long flight all right college football the landscape clearly has been shifting it's been ridiculously shifting when you think about the fact of usc and ucla heading to the big 10 what happened to geography when it comes to conferences apparently that is now out the window no question about that all right so what's the latest with the big 10 and the sec how about the remaining teams in the pack 12 what are they going to do i mean seriously what is the pack 12 gonna do big 12 dance horseman for rich eisen hour three next for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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