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REShow: Frank Isola - Hour 1

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July 15, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: Frank Isola - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 15, 2022 3:23 pm

Guest host Ben Lyons and the guys react to what was likely Tiger Woods’ final competitive round at St. Andrews and reflect on how he radically changed the course of golf history during his storied career.

Brooklyn Nets studio analyst Frank Isola tells Ben why rumors of the Miami Heat’s interest in Kyrie Irving “is not the craziest thing,” says why the Knicks shouldn’t give up too much if they decide to trade for Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, explains why Jalen Brunson will vastly improve the Knicks locker room culture, says why the Phoenix Suns were smart to match the record-setting offer sheet the Indiana Pacers presented to Deandre Ayton, and more.

The guys bookend the hour reacting to Tiger Woods’ post-round comments about missing the cut at the Open Championship.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Is this the button that plays The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. It's very intense being at Yankee Stadium. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Somebody in the back green shirt and the only way to appease the mob was to take off your shirt. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests from Sirius XM NBA Radio Frank Isola. Host of The Buster Show, Buster Sher.

Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexi Brown. Plus actor Stephen Bishop. And now here's Ben Lyons. Hey welcome everyone to The Rich Eisen Show.

My name is Ben Lyons. I am honored, humbled, and privileged to be here filling in for Rich on a Friday in the summertime. We've got the whole crew in studio. A big show to close out what's been like a dream come true for me this week. I feel like I've won a contest.

I've said it before. A chance to come out here talk sports with my friends now not just a room of strangers is really a thrill. So I appreciate you guys letting me come into your universe. I had a chance to really experience the culture that is The Rich Eisen Show.

Rich has built something very very special here and I got to really experience the culture that surrounds this program, the brand. Yesterday after the show I hung out with Chris Brockman. We sweated it out out at Rustic Canyon. We walked in the sun which was a strong choice at the time. It was grueling. One I questioned this morning waking up and coming into work. The muscles are tight.

The glutes are not activated. But nice to spend four hours on the golf course. Talk to you about life. You know figure out the world's problems. Couldn't figure out your slice but we could figure out the world's problems. Not a great I didn't putt well yesterday. Ben Lyons is uh swing speed. What did Michael Davies call it? Aggressive cuts.

Aggressive cuts were on full display in Simi Valley. Well I heard that the Knicks were going to give up 19 first round draft picks for Donovan Mitchell so I let it out on my six iron. So that was fun to get to spend some time with Brockman yesterday. Hung out and then I went did a little power change, a little Clark Kent in the phone booth and went down to the Sparks game to link up with TJ Jefferson who was uh holding down the seats when I got there hanging out with uh worldwide Vic, count on Vic.

Shout out to Victoria. So yeah I love uh I love going to the Sparks games when I'm in town. Tough night last night if you're a Sparks fan but a fun vibe down at the crypto. You know the other thing that was weird it was Candace Parker coming back and she didn't score and that was really weird to see. She played great defense had a couple rebounds but the other thing that kind of bothered me was the fans kind of turning on her. Like I was like what are we bash at the beach? Like why are we turning on Candace right now?

Those three women who were sitting behind us every time she touched the ball were screaming. No points. No points.

No points. It's a point where they were hoping she wouldn't score just so she could keep the egg. Wait Candace is getting heckled? She's getting heckled by the Sparks faithful.

Yeah it was it was it was like wow it's like the the audacity of these ingrates to to boo Candace. That's insane. Wow wow how the tables have turned. Yeah times have changed. Doesn't she have her number retired?

She should she should have a statue out there. That's insane. The whole thing. Yeah that was that was fun last night. You don't play here anymore.

Shanae and Eka played well nice to see the Agumikays healthy. So yeah I got a chance to hang out with TJ after the show but all week long I've been waiting for that Del Tufo call up to the marina. I actually was on the boat yesterday.

But you missed the day. Went out in the Pacific took a little cruise came back in. That is my dream.

It's been a dream to host this show but it's my dream to get an invite to the Del Tufo boat. It hasn't happened yet. Just remember something I like to say Ben. What's that? Nightmares or dreams too. Just keep that in real mind. Maybe being out in the high seas with Mike might not be you know it might be a nightmare. I feel like that's something you get in a fortune cookie when you go to Tau. Nightmares or dreams.

Nightmares or dreams true. It was kind of an emotional thing this morning to see Tiger walking up the 18th at St Andrews. He shot a 76 in the first round. Said with so much confidence at the at the presser yesterday that he was going to shoot 66 today and I really believed him.

But then went out and I think shot nine over or something and just didn't have a good open championship and to see him weeping walking up the fairway. Kind of a reminder of our own mortality. Father time undefeated. This guy's been through all of it. We've seen it all. We felt it all.

We have our own feelings and and opinions about his life which is so much for him to carry all of our energy on the on on his existence. But here he is in the birthplace of golf walking up the 18th fairway at St Andrews and he's crying. And I wasn't moved to tears because I was going on a coffee run for the guys here.

Everybody was trying to put in their orders. Chris looking for that matcha green tea in the morning to get right. But I did kind of take a moment to be like wow there you know this is not the last time we're going to see Tiger on a golf course. But the last time in an open championship at St Andrews most likely. The reminder that the end is closer than than the beginning obviously but just the idea that these athletes who we grew up with these are big reason why I picked up a golf club in the first place. It's a big reason why I get to enjoy afternoons with my friend Chris Brockman like yesterday's because I was so inspired as a youth by Tiger Woods and now to see him at the end. It's it's an emotional experience for me as a fan and then you look around the landscape of sports and I know Davies talked about it yesterday with Ronaldo but you have you know LeBron James towards the end and Chris Paul and you know D Wade is already a TV analyst and retired and and Melo's you know hanging all he's never seen on the banana boat.

He was part of the banana boat crew and the fact that that crew is is coming to an end. The fruit salad is starting to get spoiled. It's coming to an end. It's kind of sad.

It's a reminder of our own mortality. Albert Pujols doing the victory lap this summer is going to be the home run derby on Monday. Mickey Cabrera probably on his way out. There are any athletes for you guys that when they said goodbye it was not just sad because you didn't get to watch them play the sport you love but it was almost like an introspective look inside your own mortality and place in the universe. Oh man I always say the first athlete whose career I remembered where I was beginning to end was Shaquille O'Neal. You know you're like 11 you 10 11 years old when Shaq enters the league and you remember that how the fanfare in Orlando this larger than life figure never really seen a player like him in my lifetime the the size and the strength and the athleticism that he had and then his career all the way through and then you know playing for four or five random teams kind of at the end and then Shaq said goodbye and you're like wow I am now at a certain age where I saw the entirety of this man's amazing legendary hall of fame career and that makes you think wow I am getting older now. Well yeah when you see Tiger we know when you see Shaq when you see the icons when you see D Wade say goodbye at the Barclays like it's a reminder that you are getting older and and oftentimes we think that's a bad thing but I think that's a good thing like if you look at where you were in your life when an athlete started their career and where you are now there's so much to look back on and be proud of I would hope and so much to say wow I've had so much growth so much life experience so that's something to maybe hold on to and take comfort in as opposed to oh my god I'm getting older I gotta do something with my life what's happening I don't have much time left no it's a reminder that you know you're on the journey and now look at all the things that Shaq's done after basketball right like if that's not inspiration to continue on as you go on your own life as a fan rooting for the next player to come along but the idea that oh for these athletes it's the death of one part of their life in another but it's the birth of something entirely different who knows where you know uh Tiger's career goes after he's done playing competitive golf I mean there's part of me that thinks too when he's walking up that 18th at St Andrews it's not only his own journey but just this idea that golf will forever be changed now and he's kind of been having to carry this for so long and push the game forward and he the Tiger effect and all these things and that now has kind of run its course with the live tour and the PGA putting a real fraction in the game so just a really emotional kind of moment walking up 18 there at St Andrews and what and what otherwise is shaking out to be a great open championship just phenomenal we get some of the scores out there I know we talked to Sali from no laying up the other day and he didn't think the scores were going to be all that crazy but now Cam Smith still has you know five six holes left and he's at 11 under and we're not even through day two it's just it's pretty remarkable you talk about Tiger Woods I love Tiger one of my favorite athletes of all time you know when we were growing up Ben you were either a Tiger guy or a Phil guy not a David Duvall guy you didn't like peak performance no well he had his one moment he shot a 59 won the open but you know you were kind of on either side you either like Tiger or Phil and you just kind of took your your your course and then you rolled with it I was always a Tiger guy I love him like I said I cried on the couch when he won the Masters three years ago because it was just so emotional what he would what he's overcome and his journey and you look at all these young players out there they are his children he birthed all of them and I I think he should take great pride in that like Max Homa played with him today kind of struggled under the weight of playing with Tiger Woods in a major but Max admitted growing up loving Tiger Woods he was his favorite athlete of all time and now he got to play with him in a major championship I don't think you could kind of grasp what that means it was like us TJ it's like you growing up loving Dr. J and suddenly you're his teammate like I don't think you could really grasp the weight of what that means to you as a person like these are all Tiger's children and he's the father figure of golf now and I think it's an awesome place for him and like you said I can't wait to see what the the next few years come. Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show you're talking about the idea of growing up idolizing someone and then getting to play alongside them or getting a chance to I don't know sit in the desk on their television and radio show like what I'm here on the Rich Eisen show to watch this man when I was in high school when I was in college and say that's what I want to do with my life and now I'm sitting here holding his trophy the Rich Eisen show Callaway majors tournament championship trophy I know they're competing for that jug across the pond but this is what the real players come for well it's not his trophy yet I mean it's going to be mine it's up for grabs that trophy so this is uh we just got that in and that's that's going to go to the winner of our Callaway contest it's where we're going to talk to Lexi Brown a little bit later on in the show about she played against Candace Parker last night you know Candace obviously having that kind of presence over the game of women's basketball as being one of the icons and go to inspired so many women to go out there and play I think it's so cool when you get to play with your idols play a lot compete against your heroes and uh as father time continues to march on so an emotional scene across the pond at St Andrews but yesterday as the show was coming to an end you know we've got a super producer mike in our ear saying 30 seconds you know 20 seconds and all of a sudden I know everybody talks about the whoa bomb but the tj bomb just like set off a whole like collective whoa here in the studio because uh and now we have some updates on the tj it was a whoa bomb I was just reading I was just bringing the whoa when the whoa bomb goes off here in the confines of the rich eyes and show studio it's a tj and it was the first time I got to do that so I was excited and it was all for nothing apparently guys because as we were going off air ben you said we saw that DeAndre Aiten had signed a 133 million dollar contract with the Pacers well turns out that that's not going to be the case because and maybe the quickest uh no no no get back in here of all time I think it was like three minutes the Suns matched it and now he's going back to Phoenix so Phoenix matching the offer DeAndre Aiten uh returning for now to the valley of the sun a couple interesting clauses on the contract he cannot be traded until I think something like January mid-season mid-season at least yeah and even then he has to approve the trade um so that's going to put a wrinkle into the Kevin Durant stuff we've got Frank Isola checking in in a few moments he's going to talk to us all about the state of the Brooklyn Nets and how the Aiten signing plays into it uh but like you said tj if Phoenix is going on a run to start the season and by all accounts why wouldn't they they won 64 games last year why are they going to want to rock the boat mid-season and blow this thing up or or move Aiten or try to bring in Durant come January or February I mean they've got a good thing going yeah unless unless things are just going way down south for that team and our adult don't suspect that they will like they had a great season last year they had of course you know the playoffs ended pretty bad for them and that's what we're remembering but that it was a great team all season and I don't see any reason why they won't be in the mix next DeAndre Aiten's really good Chris you asked earlier how good is he do we know if he's any good but you know you look at his draft class is he as dominated as Luca's been or Trae Young no but he did start on a team that went to the NBA Finals just two years ago and he didn't play well throughout those playoffs and I think he saw it I think they got him actually at a good price and it's a contract they'll be able to move in a year if they decide to move off him so I'm happy that he's returning to Phoenix looking forward to catching up with Frank Isola somebody another guy I grew up reading in the daily news I listened to his radio show the starting lineup every morning before this radio show guys don't worry oh for this show all right just catch your show after Frank's I thought you said it was okay Frank's Frank's gonna join the show a really interesting guy we're gonna have on at 10 o'clock here on the west coast one o'clock over on the east coast Buster Cher Buster on Instagram you can follow him he's a sports collector you guys will love this stuff collectibles you know when Jason Tatum hits that game winner in game one against the Brooklyn Nets Buster's Buster's texting his friends I think that jersey's probably worth 200,000 now you know like you're looking at sports through the lens of collectors which I think is really interesting so we'll get into that with Buster I mentioned Lexi Brown former point guard at Duke plays for the Sparks she'll check in at around 11 and then your friend and mine Stephen Bishop he played David Justice and Moneyball he's a great golfer we're gonna get Stephen in here around 11 20 to close out the show plus we've got our top 10 NFL teams we've been doing all the positions all week long I'm gonna pay that off with our top teams plus TJ's goats TJ's gonna round out his greatest players of all time in the NBA so a big show here on a Friday thank you all for rocking out with us Ben Lyons in for rich Frank Isola next on the Rich Eisen show Callaway didn't just create their longest irons ever with the new Rogue ST they made their longest irons ever perform at the highest level for every type of player Rogue ST irons come in four different offerings each model using artificial intelligence on high strength 450 steel the only irons ever to do so by the way their most popular iron of the bunch is Rogue ST Max it's designed for their widest range of players because of its refined game improvement shaping an incredible combination of speed forgiveness and all-around performance but for you load a mid single digit handicappers guys like Brockman Rogue ST Pro will give you that hollow body construction in a sleek compact player shape Callaway's best game improvement model is Max OS which gives mid to high handicappers folks like TJ total forgiveness with high launch wide souls and enhanced offset there's also Max OS Lite their most forgiving high launch iron it comes with wider souls and increased lofts in a lightweight package for players with slower swing speeds guys like Del Tufo no other irons perform like the new Rogue ST irons find your Rogue ST irons at Callaway go Rogue Ben Lyons in for rich Frank Isola next on the Rich Eisen show oh welcome back to the show Ben Lyons in for rich on the Rich Eisen show I learned something new about the guys every day here hanging out in studio did not know that Jeff Garland's mortal enemy was TJ Jefferson did you did not know that you guys were rivals I mean we I think we've made up since that time for sure yeah he took it all back right I believe yeah because I did I did another post and he thought it was really funny and he was like all right you're forgiven so you haven't felt the wrath of I'm no longer looking under my car or around the corner yeah well somebody I thought was once an arch rival who has now become a friend and it's because I'm a fan I listen to his radio show every single morning before this show before this show I listen to the starting lineup on Sirius XM NBA radio hosted by Brian Scalabrini and Frank Isola and I thought he was once a rival but now he's a friend and I can I consider him a a dear friend because I listen to him every single morning so I feel like I really know him Frank have you found parking spots in the city and thanks for joining us on the show um now I'm starting to think that this is an April Fool's joke as well oh man you're trying to pull a fast one on me I have found good parking spots in the city I told you the one time I pulled into a spot and it was a woman was in the car she rolled down the window said oh I really like you on tv and it turned out to be Kyrie Irving's aunt and the first thing I said was well she's clearly not listening to the radio show in the morning if I'm if she really likes me on tv she would not like me on radio that's for sure I heard you on radio talking about the possibility of Kyrie Irving playing basketball in Miami which would be the unstoppable force versus the immovable object this is culture killer versus heat culture how would this act how would this work in Miami Frank well you know you think all right so Dan LaBertad was on his show yesterday and he mentioned he mentioned it and Dan pretty plugged in with the Miami Heat now is there a chance that Dan is just you know throwing stuff out there maybe something tells me he might have a little intel from the Miami Heat organization doesn't mean that it's going to happen but after I heard that I contacted somebody who would know and they did tell me that is possible so you know I don't think it's the craziest move for either team obviously Miami is only you know you're getting Kyrie for one year he's a dynamic player Kyle Lowry did not have a good year this season but I think a lot of it had to do with stuff that was happening in his uh with his family off the court I think uh you know a family member was dealing with an illness and obviously he wasn't in good shape and didn't play well but I you know to me it's not the craziest thing for for either team I think the Nets would certainly consider it if they felt that Kyle Lowry could help them Frank Isola joining the show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show Frank you've been covering the NBA for a long time you've been around some of the all-time great players what do you make of Kyrie Irving well you hear us talk about all the time the people that love him always say man you see that sick handle he's got he's a great paw look at the talent he has and I did the game on the s network when he scored 60 points against Orlando that's all great but to me he just doesn't play enough so you know the best players they have to be out there playing all the time and playing at a high level I think the thing that really hurt Kyrie the most was when he went to Boston and that first year they went to a conference finals without him and then he didn't really play well for them in year two and they got bounced in the second round and really you know before Lebron didn't do much now granted he was a young player not on a great team but when Lebron was he was very good there's no question about it but when he went to Boston he wasn't great and in Brooklyn he hasn't been great out of it they've only won one playoff series for crying out loud and the you know this year against the Boston shellpicks they got completely outclassed you know they had the four-point lead late in game one and Kyrie I think at 36 points to 39 points up to that time but ever since then or those last three games he did not play well there's no there's no question Ben that he's a talented player but to me it's about relying on can you rely on him for can you give me 60 or 65 games a year can you play well in the playoffs but as you know with Kyrie it's always something this year was the vaccination status I'm of the belief that every player in the NBA said you know I'm not playing with anybody that that doesn't get the vaccination Kyrie would have gotten it and you know and said well I don't know I can't play now because this put it this way there's always something with Kyrie and I think that's what drives his current team crazy and I think that's what drives potential suitors crazy as well might be tough for a team to rely on him but I can rely on your show creating a lot of content because if he creates a lot of content and when you watch him on Twitch or you see him on Instagram I wonder Frank from your perspective again if someone's covered the game for a long time do you think about what some of the players in the 80s and 90s would have done with social media who would you like to have seen on a Twitch live stream well let's say that I think I think Dennis Rodman certainly would have been pretty good and even though Charles Barkley said that he would not have gotten involved in stuff like that I could see him doing something like that then you think about guys like Vernon Maxwell and John Stark so Jeff Van Gundy always used to have a pretty good saying that you know the only two guys that actually did a pretty good job defending Michael Jordan were John Starks and Vernon Maxwell because they were both crazy enough to think that they were just as good as Michael Jordan I think Gary Payton remember how much he used to run his mouth I think would have been good I think Michael Jordan I think he would have stayed out of it I think Michael Jordan liked people coming after him and then he would use it like his motivation Kobe kind of became that same kind of player but it's funny Ben as you know they provide so much content look at a guy like Ben Simmons who came to Brooklyn never played in a game is showing up on the sideline wearing these like crazy outfits so a guy that was hiding on the court in the fourth quarter of games now wants to be noticed just sitting on the bench he ends up showing up in Las Vegas sitting in the front hole the guy has not played a game since last June but like he loves being the center of attention it's just very bizarre yeah but Frank sources are telling me he's in the best shape of his life yes he's ramping up yes he is he's ramping up and we're gonna expect big things from him this season he's ramping up your favorite phrase in sports and now everyone uses it if you watch like the news I've heard the weathermen say it whether women as well I've heard anchors on news programs say that became the new term in the NBA which was a fancy way of saying the guy's not playing you know with the force it was all these different stages it was first you're clear for on-court activities then it's one-on-one two-on-two three-on-three you skip over four-on-four you go back to you go to setback don't forget setback and then you go and then you then you have a setback and now you're ramping back up to on-court activities and doesn't it drive you nuts too that it's always the guys that didn't play during the regular season Kawhi Leonard is in this camp uh uh John Wall Zion Williams and famously now is in this camp where they don't play at all the minute the you know the last game of the finals is played every day you got to read or hear something about how those guys look great in their workouts it always happens the minute the season ends guess what guys there are 82 games next season you could prove to us how good you look I don't care about summer workouts and all this other nonsense yeah I'm a big fan of Zion Instagram 360 dunks like the day after the season ends hey Frank this weekend out in Brooklyn Donovan Mitchell Jr will be throwing out the first pitch at the Brooklyn Cyclones game it will it will also be Donovan Mitchell Jr bobblehead night in Brooklyn what does this mean will you be in Brooklyn and will Donovan Mitchell be playing for the Knicks next year great great job by the Cyclones because hey you're gonna get a lot of media people there I think you'll get a lot of fans or you'll get a lot of Nick fans there but it's also funny because as you know Richard Jefferson came out after this story uh after Agent Ward Janowski reported that the Jazz were willing to listen to offers he said was where's the loyalty now as if Donovan Mitchell doesn't want to be traded to New York notice how Kevin Durant it's out there that he wants to be traded he's maintained a low public profile now he's still on social media but you really haven't seen him Donovan Mitchell more than happy to show up at a game in Brooklyn where he knows everyone's going to bow down to him and he's going to get all the cheers and things like that so he wants to come to New York the Knicks have been you know plotting to get him now for two or three years you know the deal that I guess was reported by the athletic the six first-round picks and all those players then the Knicks would be created to do something like that and you have to be careful with Danny H because Danny H doesn't always hit a home run the trade for Kyrie Irving didn't work out but Danny H is pretty shrewd and he he knows what he's doing and he knows that the Knicks really want Donovan Mitchell but you know I like Donovan Mitchell and he's going to be an upgrade but the guy is generously listed at 6-1 you know he's not a big player and if you're Allen Iverson Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas you could be you know there have been guys that could be that size and could be franchise players in the case of Isaiah Thomas who did win two championships but you know you're not getting Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James here so I think I think the Knicks fans are excited and it's a big name but let's remember he did get bounced in the playoffs in the first round this year last year as the best player on the Utah Jazz they lost their final two games to the Clippers and the Clippers did not have Kawhi Leonard so yes he's a good player I think it's going to happen at some point on the Knicks I'm not giving up the farm to get him by any stretch of the imagination but it's it's not the end-all be-all well if he does come to the Knicks and they make the playoffs let's just hope he doesn't punch a fire extinguisher in the middle of a series Frank you've been covering basketball for a long time it's got to be a trip for you to see Jalen Brunson get the bag from the Knicks and be the starting point guard for the Knicks what are your earliest memories of young Jalen Brunson this is a true story 1999 during the NBA playoffs you know his dad Rick was on the Knicks you know probably the last man on the team and he was very close with Marcus Canby and especially Latrell Sprewell the three of them were as thick as thieves and what you know there were a couple of times when Jalen would come into the locker room all the way back I mean he was real small back then and I got to know you know I got to be pretty close with Rick and I became close with Leon Rose even I don't think now that Leon's worked for the Knicks I don't think I've spoken to him in three years but a bunch of years ago my daughter had committed to Villanova and I was driving him from the school and Rick said to stop over at his house I stopped over he's having a barbecue and Leon showed up and Jalen was there remember Tim Perry who played in the NBA like of course who played at Temple I think was famously included in the Charles Barkley trade if I'm not mistaken with the Phoenix Suns he was there with his son who's getting ready to play college basketball so I got to know Jalen really well he's a I mean he's a great person and he's for the Knicks to me I get the money and everything like that everyone's good how can you uh you know all this money giving it to Jalen Brunson he's a low maintenance high production player he's going to make everyone else around him better he's mature you know we Ben you and I always make fun of the Miami Heat and the media with the heat culture heat culture a guy like Jalen Brunson is going to help your culture that's the kind of guy that you want for me I think it's a I think it's a terrific player for the uh for the Knicks to get you need to start somewhere and getting him he's only going to make like look at the way Quinton Grimes has played in summer league he's been very good all these young players Brian Scalabria you heard him say today on radio where he said having Jalen Brunson with all these young guys is a great move for the New York Knicks hearing Frank Isola fired up for the New York Knicks point guard position in July what is happening I keep I keep it real love you know all these other fans every move they make it's the greatest thing ever greatest thing ever you tell people to pump the brakes and then they call you a hater um you know listen my opinion isn't always right but I do believe listen am I someone by the store Jalen Brunson yes I am but I think I think he's a really I could not believe that he went in the second round which tells you that a lot of GMs miss it a lot of times the guy did win two national championships when he was at college and it wasn't and he had good players on his team Mikel Bridges, Eric Pascoe but you know that wasn't he wasn't playing with Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish at Duke you know the guy won two national championships he was a national player of the year he's a really good player who wins and look at how well I think what really cemented it for him was if you go to game one against uh against Utah this year where you don't have uh Luca out there and Jalen had the really big game listen did he have was he great in every playoff game of course he wasn't but he but he's a really good player who's gonna make the Knicks better and you know what's gonna happen Ben you and I both like him in five years from now everyone's gonna say I knew that he'd be great they're not gonna give us any credit so we're already we're already ready we're already ready not to get credit for this I feel like you're in it for the credit and you never get it Frank like even DeAndre Ayton signing you've been banging this drum for a long time you know you well explain explain to me Ben how in a league where everyone gets paid including Michael Porter who misses a ton of games and was in the same draft he got a huge contract but poor DeAndre Ayton who went to an NBA finals two seasons ago was the starting center 64 team somehow couldn't get paid up until uh last night it to me it made no sense I mean I I think Phoenix made the right move they actually got him maybe it's a little bit cheaper the only thing now if they had signed him think about this Pat if they had signed him before the start of last season now they could use him in a potential Kevin Durant trade so waiting waiting they got him actually cheaper than giving him the five-year contract but now they can't move him until January and obviously that first year which I didn't I never know the salary cap rules so please do not come to me the salary cap rules but I did not know that he can veto uh any trade the first year under this contract so he actually has a little leverage his first year with the Phoenix shots Frank Isola joining the show one half of the starting lineup on Sirius XM NBA radio my favorite radio show when I'm not listening to this radio show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show um getting back to Jalen Brunson Frank I'm not worried about Jalen Brunson I know he comes from an NBA family I know he's got a good head on his shoulders but he's playing point guard in New York City we got yeah fashion weeks coming up in the fall we got the meat packing district I saw last year Evan Fournier after he has the big opening night he tweets out I love the lower east side what happens his production goes right in the tank if you're Jalen Brunson what do you where do you live in the city Frank what do you tell him about going out in New York City and how tight are the leather pants where we start to get worried I think you know what I think you hit on something with which is legitimate and I even think for like some of the best players you know uh John Stark was brilliant when he played for the Knicks and he was a fighter and everything then all of a sudden very slowly but surely he got into golf and he got into fashion and then the next thing you know is basketball you know your top priority and sometimes it changes a little bit and I think that has happened to players I think for him he is all about basketball I think the fact that the Knicks practice up in Westchester will help I know his dad is living near the practice and so I'm not saying they're going to live together I know that he has a pretty steady girlfriend which is actually a good thing maybe at some point Jalen will get engaged but I just don't think he's that kind of guy I think he's all about basketball and I do think he's the kind of guy that knows there's going to be a lot of pressure and you and you're 100 right about this you know it's one thing to be the second round pick who goes to Dallas and anything that you do everyone looks at it like it's great yeah we're playing with house money now it's different you do have the big contract and now it's going to be based on performance it's not you know you have to play well all the time but I do think he's up for something like that I don't think the money and the you know probably the power in some ways will go to his head I think I think he'll stay pretty well grounded Frank what I love about doing this show when Rich is out on vacation is that I've got a support staff here a team of producers who will jump at a moment's notice to help me tell the best sports stories I can possibly tell after several weeks apart because of summer league and vacation you and Brian Scalabrini are finally back together and how does your support team and how do your producers treat you oh my god they they they sometimes I don't think they like me which is a which is a little bit of an issue my girl Victoria and Marcos who work behind the scenes are really good but Brian's unbelievable like the so the big he does the big three why I have no idea so I text him when the story comes out that maybe the big three could be folded I get no response from him but he's also heavily heavily involved in AAU he coaches his daughter's AAU team and he said he was at an AAU tournament I think it was in Cincinnati and he said all these like AAU coaches and high school coaches and college coaches all tell him how much they like the show he said that nobody talked about his playing career I didn't have the heart to tell him your playing career wasn't that memorable where they would talk about he said all they want to talk about was the radio show which actually made me feel uh pretty good believe it or not greatest player I've ever played with in an organized basketball game I played with him in a charity game I think he went for 35 and 15 was shooting that yeah was shooting from talk about this yeah I don't think I've ever talked to him about I don't think I've ever talked to him after that day but it was unbelievable display of basketball he dominated Keenan Allen, Sal Masekela and the third vampire from twilight it was a tremendous performance hey Ben when he uh you know so he still does that when he's working at a gym a high school kid would say I'll beat you and Brian says well we have to bet and the last time he did it was only a couple weeks ago he said if you win I'll give you my truck and somehow this truck is eighty thousand dollars you're spending eighty thousand dollars on a truck I have no idea but the kid said okay what do I have to put up and Brian said put up your phone because again no problem so Brian destroys the kid I think it's like six nothing whatever they played a six or ten or eleven whatever the case may be but he shuts him out and Brian takes the kid's phone and the kid is getting upset to the point where he's almost crying and he never actually he eventually gives it back to the person but he says you know you have to play we have to play for something and the kid was getting all excited like oh I'm going to take on this truck the kid didn't take a point on he's six foot nine and he played in the NBA I think sometimes people are a little misled for how good you have to be to play in the NBA even the guys that don't play a lot are still pretty good players oh of course some guys that you and I sit up here and give our opinions of I mean it's ridiculous they they are the greatest athletes uh in the world except for Evan Turner who I think I'm better than but I digress uh Frank thank you so much for uh taking some time man and I truly I mean it when I say it your radio show is terrific it's my favorite listen every morning before this show keep up the great work man Ben thanks a lot by the way you did a great job uh hosting that little uh Manchester United Tottenham thing that they did in uh Brooklyn a few months back you're like a big shot see I appreciate that Frank because in a pri in a previous life that would have been like a passive aggressive comment from Frank because he wanted to host that show because he's a big familiarly guy but now that we're friends and we're no longer rivals I appreciate the the kind words with knocking it out of the park thanks buddy good luck with the parking talk to you soon see you guys bye Frank Isola prides himself on the parking in midtown Manhattan it was a very funny bumper on his show where you know he's talking about how young coaches will tell you know players they say hey you know do the little things right Chris like set screens you know right block out you know play defense and it's like no just shoot the basketball like go get buckets the rest will figure itself out Frank he's doing eight jobs to try to make ends meet no just go shoot the but shoot the basketball everyone everyone's got a role Ben hey what would Kyrie Irving's role be down in Miami huh it wouldn't be to necessarily be the leader of the team the center of that team is obviously Jimmy Butler he is the emotional heartbeat of the current Miami Heat group I think Frank's onto something if Kyrie goes down there you just got to go out there and play basketball we don't need you to be this leader and to take on more responsive just go out there play basketball I'm starting to like the idea of Miami for Kyrie Irving if he's not going to stay in Brooklyn wow if he's not gonna if he's not gonna continue to play with Kevin Durant if this thing really is going to end the idea of him going down to heat culture playing with Pat Riley it'd be kind of cool I feel like that's a personality clash with Jimmy Butler right oh yeah that's why I like you I think it'd be good friction how many personalities link match up perfectly with Butler so like Mark Wahlberg they got a good friendship he tried to fight his head coach and N.U.D. at one point during the regular season in the middle of a game they got them to a jump shot away from from the NBA finals again we never actually talked about that but I love that shot from Jimmy Butler I when he shot it I thought it was going in you genuinely thought in that moment was it like when you drop a cell phone and it's falling and it feels like time is standing still yeah it was in slow motion the meltdown had started I had to leave there were people over my house I had to go outside into the backyard and like walk around so I so I could scream in peace but Gwyneth Paltrow sliding doors it was for another universe another timeline and here you are having gone to the NBA finals so such as the life of Brockman um top 10 NFL teams let's see where the Patriots rank on Brockman's list we'll get into that coming up next Ben Lyons in for rich on the Rich Eisen show welcome back to the show Ben Lyons in for rich the Rich Eisen show read a really inspiring stat that uh WNBA merchandise sales at all star weekend up 50% love to see that nice nice going in the right direction we had a blast last night despite the outcome Sparks kind of kind of got worked last night by the defending champs but Aaron Donald sitting court side got a nice ovation from the crowd also here's the deal though right if you're going to have Aaron Donald one of the greatest football players of all time at the game and you're trying to like you know boost the recognition of the women in the sport but they waited until like there was like a minute and a half left to go oh by the way uh Aaron Donald you know him he's good at football he's sitting here like this NFL greats in the house until like end of the game like two minutes left in the game and it was already like kind of a well it was like a third point that like between the first and second quarter just kind of like jumbotron Aaron Donald unless unless of course he showed up late that could very well have been the case so you know I didn't think about that good to see him good to see him in the building uh a couple other characters there last night um but we had a blast and and it's fun to watch Shanae and Nneka go out it's fun to watch Shanae because you see her on tv all the time and you go watch her play and she has a nose for the basketball just find the ball also the fact that you know we're very big on siblings and and sports you know because you always hear about the Mannings when they play them blah blah there's so many sets of siblings that never get mentioned and just for those two two sisters on the same squad like like leaders in the players association one of them the dynamic star on television the other is a former MVP of the league like that is definitely and then they have there's a third sister I know who played d1 ball and was drafted and I don't know if she hung on in the w I think she's been in and out of out of the league but uh yeah definitely I mean think about the the Bosa family you know I mean we got obviously the Kelseys and we can go through all the brothers and sisters who are playing sports and there's so many you know um yeah had a blast out there we were gonna do our top 10 NFL teams however I feel like we might be up against it we gotta let that breathe a little bit you know because there are definitely hot debate 12 or 13 teams I was looking at but I only made a list of 10 because it's a top 10 list like two more sometimes there are top 10 lists I know on this show right that often feature 12 or 13 entries on the list yeah this is a true top 10 it was tough though to narrow down the top it was tough it was tough I'm excited to see what the youtube commenters have to say always always always the right city where gene plays real real nice people you know what's funny I'm looking at this hey everyone I'm aware that the Raiders play in Las Vegas okay I said the Chargers still played in San Diego two years after the move to LA it's really not a big deal that doesn't mean I don't know anything about football calm down if you walk around LA and you ask people on Hollywood Boulevard where the Chargers play I say 30 say sandy I say more more 70 percent yeah I think I'm up with Brock well if we're going to talk about this I want to bring this up you know I've been doing I've been doing obviously I've been doing the goats for my goat thing but then we were doing our top 10 list right and you know I are supposed to be fun by the way that's why they call this I I'm sorry like all of a sudden I'm crazy because I don't have Alvin Kamara and it's one guy told me I'm crazy I don't know anything about football because I don't have Alvin Kamara my top 10 even though he fell outside of the top 10 in rushing last year but the weird thing is right I'm weird and I don't know football because I put my favorite running back from my favorite team on and it's a comment written to me by someone who wants me to put their favorite running back from their favorite team on so I guess if I had done that I wouldn't be crazy and I wouldn't know what I was talking maybe somebody helped me to make it make sense welcome to sports talk I'm so confused three minutes 53 minutes is how long it went for TJ to say that he was done and getting worried about the comments and now here we are 53 minutes later I didn't bring it up though it's part of the conversation it's part of the conversation what better setting for the 150th open than the old course at St Andrews the birthplace of golf where the hope of today is inspired by the legends already written here the open championship Saturday seven eastern on NBC and Peacock we have some sound from Tiger Woods talking about walking off the 18th at St Andrews take a listen again anytime you get the chance to come back and play the old course and in the open um it's just it's a special it really is and as has said to Tim I've been lucky enough I've been doing this since 1995 and uh um I don't know if I'll be physically able to play another birch open here at St Andrews I still certainly feel like I'll be able to play more birch opens but I don't know if I'll be around you know when it comes back around here so um the warmth and the ovation on at 18 it got to me um and just to walk you know I felt the guys stop there off the tee on 18 and I it uh it was just incredible the dis amount of understanding and respect um from all all the people that are involved in this event that come out and support it uh the players uh the nods I was getting as a player for going out um I looked over there and you know Rory gave me a tip of the cap JT did the same um it's just it's just there's something to it that's just different oh love it love it emotional scene over there at the old course at St Andrews Tiger Woods uh probably playing in his last British open at the old course very very cool moment there yeah Tiger and I think Jon Rom we're talking about how it doesn't appear that the open will go back to St Andrews until maybe 2030 you know maybe eight years usually it's kind of a five six year thing but it it looks like it might be a little bit longer than that and so that would put Tiger at maybe what 54. So we look at sports through this lens right as fans putting in its historical context who the greatest of all time are we're going to get to TJ's Goats for the NBA a little bit later on in the show but coming up next my friend Buster's calling in because I look at that photo of Tiger watch walking across the bridge that last time on 18 at St Andrews and he's holding up his hat how much is that hat worth oh wow a lot how much is that sweater vest his last sweater vest that he wore all these little things are are up for sale in the world of sports collectibles you guys love the world of trading cards you guys love the world of bobbleheads just look at TJ's office I mean right there alone has a hundred thousand dollars you know what the items over there are priceless you can't even put up put a price on those items but they are for sale maybe you could ask Buster like Ted DiBiase said yeah exactly so we'll catch up with my man Buster you can follow him on instagram at buster we'll talk some sports collectibles next it's Ben Lyons infrared the Rich Eisen show yeah TJ you got a lot of great stuff over here I have a hall of fame running back helmet that I've been working on I've got Jerome Bettis and Barry Sanders Marshall Falk and Terrell Davis so as you guys wear your goat chains this is the goat in the studio that is an old school cell phone that's my brick phone uh-huh signed by all my idea Zach Morris you didn't have the brick phone my brick phone Michael Douglas that I actually sound like Michael Douglas draw aka Gordon which he actually Gordon Gekko and he spelled it wrong which makes even more more there is no better collectible moment on this show than when the late great Ray Liotta sat on this couch I was that's I mean that is the greatest moment in the history of the Rich Eisen show by the way you spent how much on that yeah it's so good Fugazi it's like and pretty much probably all the other autographs are calling up in a moment we can talk to him about you know autograph authentic authentication we can talk about how now kids are wanting selfies or a snap instead of an autograph exactly um and just the idea of sports collectibles I mean I was just going through the basement in my parents house and I discovered that I have 450 Jose Canseco cards what do I do with it they're probably not worth that much yeah no I was trying to track them down by the way I was trying to I was trying to track them down for the show this meeting right now open VHS Jose on open VHS car wash signing cassettes are big oh open on opened VHS cassettes are you serious are now big huge yeah you might have on open video games what am I doing flying out here and working with you guys I should just be selling your video tapes you have to have really on open videos back in the future right when for how much were we talking about just ridiculous I'm like how much 600 bucks no no and a couple zeros five figures yeah yeah it's insane okay someone found out dad if you're watching right now on peacock I need you to go to the basement I need you to take all of the unopened video tapes I need you to book two plane tickets to Fiji and let you and mom get out of here sell the tapes and just go come on what are you doing all those stuff's worth even more and that's what your father that's true right Zelda went for 250 there you go yeah yeah all right I got some uh I recall my mother during the commercial break and uh we'll talk to buster share about collectibles coming up next is that line is in for rich the rich eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you I've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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