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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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April 29, 2024 9:17 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 29, 2024 9:17 pm

Suns are screwed moving forward l Emory Hunt, CBS Sports HQ CFB / NFL Draft analyst l Calls on the future of the Suns


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Odyssey app. PM Eastern, three Pacific. We've talked about the NFL draft, talked about some NBA action.

We talked about some switch ups and some changes. NFL Today, the pregame show, CBS, Boomer Sison out, Phil Simms out. JJ Watt in, Matt Ryan in. Phoenix Suns, they're out. Swept.

Done. No more playoffs from them. Minnesota Timberwolves got them the hell up on out of here. Let's talk about the Suns in a minute. Speaking of in, we discussed Ezekiel Elliott being back in with the Dallas Cowboys.

And how about this? Today we learned that Travis Kelce, he is still going to be in with the Kansas City Chiefs. Got himself a new contract that'll last him until 2027.

Man, the winners keep on winning. Thank you so much to Michigan State Spartan Malik Spencer for joining us in the last break as we took a look at the NFL draft from the weekend. Said, Hey, you know what? Why don't we bring in a prospect for next season? Oh yeah. Ahead of the game, jumping a gun.

Why not? Thank you so much Malik for coming through and to talk more about the NFL draft and who did a great job, who did a poor job, what we can look forward to this upcoming season. My main man Emory Hunt is going to join us from CBS Sports HQ.

So we'll have a conversation with him and about 20 minutes from now, before I get into to how terrible and awful of the Phoenix Suns are and how they've been and how the hell they may not look good into the future. Let's talk about the man who did get a contract extension. It is going to look good for him into the future. It is Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce. This man signed a new contract extension, tacked on two more years to his current deal that will ensure he will be a member of the Kansas City Chiefs through at least 2027.

Two years, $34 million. This now makes him the highest paid tight end in the game, a little more than 17 per. It's Travis Kelce. And of course, where else did we get the announcement and the word and the fanciness from no one other than Travis Kelce himself?

Because the Chiefs posted on their social media too and nobody gets as hyped as Travis Kelce. Take a listen to this. Back at it again, baby. Whoo. Have to see a little Super Bowl right there, man. Feels good to be in KC. I remember coming here 12 years ago, man.

It's an honor and a pleasure. And I can't wait to get after it these next two years, but no better than right now. Getting fired up for this year. Just got out on the field with the boys.

We're back at it, baby. Chiefs forever. Yeah, he is. He's going to be 35 years old this upcoming season. He's going to be 35 years old this upcoming season. He's going to be playing until 2027.

By the time this is done, this guy, this guy's going to be about 38 years old. Hickey, that's I think he'll still go. They will probably have his replacement at that time. He's not going to be pass catch an option number one, but he ain't no bum. So I think he'll age gracefully. This is not like Gronk, who was always in and out. Travis Kelce, all things considered, he's been he's been ridiculously durable throughout the course of his career. He has been. He's been healthy. Now, I would say he lost a step and slow down a little bit this year.

And I mean, I don't think he's going to get better with age going forward. But if it's only a slight dip going forward, you got to feel pretty good if you're the Chiefs that it's not just like for nostalgia or keeping the gang together and not having Travis Kelce play for another team. You got to feel pretty good that for the most part of now, this extension, you'll still get pretty good play from Travis Kelce. Yeah, this past season only finished with nine hundred and eighty four yards and five touchdowns, a little low on a totem pole for him the season before more than thirteen hundred yards to go along with 12 TVs. He played in every game.

He missed two games from this past season. I would assume his numbers will stay the same. He's going to be at or around one thousand yards and give or take five to ten touchdowns, I think next season.

And at least now with Xavier Worthy, they have somebody else to throw the ball to and spread things out. And for Travis Kelce, this news is so big that his contract extension wasn't just NFL news. OK, People magazine picked up the news about Kelce's new two year extension. This is this is where he is. And this is what happens when you're dating Taylor Swift.

Even People magazine gets in on the action. So the Kansas City Chiefs not slowing down, not going anywhere. And when you think about a legendary player in the organization like Kelce, he might go down as the top tight end ever. When you think about his longevity, his accolades, the stats, the numbers, the championships, do we think that they're done?

I don't think so. Would I be shocked if the Chiefs picked up at least one more Super Bowl victory over the next three years? Hell no.

No, I wouldn't. So he has a chance to go down as the best of the best of the best. Congratulations, Travis Kelce. Two year contract extension that takes him through twenty twenty seven is now making 17 million dollars per year, the highest paid tight end in the game. So everybody with the Chiefs is getting that bread. You know, just last week it was the GM and Coach Reed, the president, everybody got a contract extension.

And come on now, let the dust settle. Maybe one more season. Wait until Patrick Mahomes gets his extension.

And no rush on that guy. More money than anybody in the NFL. Especially when you think about what's committed. Ten years, four hundred and fifty mil.

He'll get his day where things get adjusted. Good contract stuff for the Kansas City Chiefs. Now I got to tell you about bad contract stuff. Terrible, awful contract stuff.

Before we talk to Emory Hunt and get back to football. The Phoenix Suns. Those contracts? Garbage. Trash.

Basuta. They are in hell. The Phoenix Suns just got swept by the young Minnesota Timberwolves. Season done. Over. And so the Phoenix Suns, the team that featured Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, got swept in the first round of the playoffs.

And why is this a disaster? Because how the hell would you expect anything to be different going into the future? By the time Kevin Durant comes back next season, sure, he's still one of the best offensive players in the league. He's going to be 36 years old. He's had a history of foot and ankle and leg problems. And yes, he was able to play 75 games this year. He's not as explosive as he used to be. He can still go out there and score with the best of them.

But he's older, man. He's had leg troubles. What are you going to expect from him going forward? Devin Booker, still one of the best two guards in the league. Bradley Beal has been injured. Actually, he's been pretty hurt and bad for Washington for the past several seasons. And none of these guys are point guard.

And so, of course, after they are swept, we get all of the the normal words. Kevin Durant wasn't comfortable in the offense. Neither Devin Booker or Bradley Beal were comfortable running the show as point guards. And then, of course, now everyone wants to blame Frank Vogel. How about you blame Matt Ishbia?

Because Matt Ishbia wanted to make this big splash. Brand new owner of the Suns. First thing he does is say, oh, no, let's bring in Durant. Oh, yeah, let's bring in Bradley Beal, who's 30 years old, has had a history of injuries. And Bradley Beal just crapped the bed on the way out of the postseason. Bradley Beal sat around and said, oh, I've never been swept. I'll be damned if I get swept. Well, they lost yesterday 122 to 116. You want to know what Bradley Beal did in a deciding finishing game last game of the season, nine points, four or 13 from the field, one of five from deep. This is this is the guy who's saying that, oh, we wasn't going to be we weren't going to get swept. Crap.

And you want to know something? They're stuck with this man because Bradley Beal has a no trade clause in his contract. OK, he is under contract until twenty twenty seven.

The twenty twenty six twenty twenty seven season. He has a player option where he's owed almost 60 million dollars for what? To be four years older and be worse. Kevin Durant is about to be 36. Booker is still 27, but it doesn't look like he can be a leader on a team. He can put up all the points and shots in the world.

Doesn't look like he's going to be the best player on a championship squad. And it looks like the Suns had their best chance when they were in the finals a couple of seasons ago against the Bucks. Chris Paul is gone, Durant is in, Bradley Beal is in and they're stuck with aging players, guys who have been hurt dealing with injuries. And oh, yeah, by the way, to acquire these guys, the Phoenix Suns don't have no draft picks staring them in the face. They're cooked, but somehow, some way after the game last night, they were full of spin.

Kevin Durant, he says next year. Oh, yeah, we can get better. We can do better.

Listen to this. We could be better in all areas. It's hard to pinpoint just one thing right now. I mean, you reflect back on the season.

I think that, like I've been saying, we just were inconsistent with our play and in the style of play that we wanted. But that's as far as I'll go. Oh, that's as far as he'll go.

Well, I know Kevin Durant. And if things aren't going his way, I mean, typically he will leave. OK, we saw him leave Oklahoma City.

God bless him. Free agent, do what you want, right? We saw him go to Golden State. We saw Kevin Durant leave Golden State. We saw Kevin Durant go to Brooklyn. And I can't blame him because Kyrie Irving, he was a whole he was a whole lot more talkative than he is now.

And also, you got to think about Harden. Kevin Durant wanted to leave and then they kept him there and then he wanted to leave and then they finally let him go. And now he's in Phoenix. Am I supposed to believe that a 36 year old future Hall of Famer who's had a propensity of waking up and saying, hey, it's time for me to go. The Phoenix Suns, their best bet, if they want to fill out a roster and maybe get something in return, they better hope Kevin Durant is angry and that they can dump him.

But at the same time, at this stage of his career, at 36, what are you trading for and what are you getting back? The Phoenix Suns appear screwed and everybody always wants to get rid of the head coach, right? Frank Vogel just got there. Frank Vogel is in the first year of his contract.

It's going to be difficult to get rid of him or it's going to be a tough pill to swallow. Hey, Frank, head coach, how does it feel to get swept with these superstars? There's no no worse professional feeling in the world than getting swept in ambient playoffs.

I've never been a part of it. I feel pretty low right now. I want to speak to our fans directly and say I share your passion. I'm as disappointed as you all are. OK, I want to share that with you and I'll share that with you all. But, you know, we got beat by a better team.

Oh, man, damn. We got beat by a better team. At one point in time, at the end of the game, Bradley Beal was being subbed out of the game. Head Coach Vogel tried to give him a high five and Bradley Beal kind of just brushed them off.

It seems good, right? You feel the pain of the fans? Don't ever say that.

The fans are paying your salary. I think they feel a little bit different. Well, thank you for that one, Frank.

How does it feel to get swept? Well, how the hell are you going to fix this, Frank? Like, these guys are getting older. What you think about that? You know, we put this team together with the mindset that we have a three to five year window. You know that every year we're going to have a chance to have a team that has the firepower to compete for it.

How? How old, busted up, broken down players, max contracts, can't trade one. Bad contracts, injury prone, no depth. How the hell are you going to round out this roster? Like, who's the fourth best player on the team? Nurkic? Grayson Allen?

Like, what are we doing here? Man, everybody wants to get hyped about big threes. This big three didn't work. It tanked and it can't work because they can't put anybody around this squad. This is a bad case of the Phoenix Suns owner, Matt Ishbia, basically ending up with a brand new toy and then running it into the ground too fast, trying to make too big of a splash. I thought that they'd be more competitive.

I was wrong. I thought at least this would be a team that could make it to a Western Finals. And the only problem that would be in their way was depth.

Well, it is. They lacked all of it. All of it. And then Bradley Beal, he ain't ready for showtime. Bradley Beal, he's not ready for nothing.

Played all of 53 games, has a no trade clause, cost you a million picks. So these Suns can't even suck for a season and end up with a high pick because it ended up in Washington somewhere. The Suns are screwed. They better hope Kevin Durant wakes up and says, move me. But then if they move Durant, who the hell would want him?

Well, who the hell would want to give up a prize pick for him? The Suns need depth and the Suns, they look screwed. Man, there should be a fix-it.

Throwing money at this won't make it feel better. It's the J.R. Sport Reef Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to take a break. And when we come back on the other side, speaking of futures, we're going to talk to Emry Hunt. This man covers all things college football, NFL football for CBS, sports HQ, football game plan. He knows the ins and outs of the game. We're going to ask him about the draft because these are teams.

They tried to build themselves up for the future. Emry Hunt is here with us on the other side to talk the draft. It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Battle Creek, Michigan, 1963 Kellogg's and Post sworn serial rivals race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast forever. A wildly imaginative tale of ambition, betrayal, and menacing milkmen sweetened with artificial ingredients. Unfrosted stars Jerry Sonnfeldt in his directorial film debut. It features a supporting cast of comedy greats including Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, Max Greenfield, Christian Slater, Sara Cooper, Bill Burr, and many more. Friday, May 3rd.

Unfrosted stars only on Netflix. Takes on the current state of your squad. It's always football season right here on the free Odyssey app. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief.

It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Oh yeah, we're talking to everybody coast to coast. Right before we went to break, we talked about these Phoenix Suns. The future is looking bleak. Somebody got to go.

You can't have Booker and Durant and Beal and they each come with their own challenges. It's tough. We do know the NFL draft was this past weekend and we got a bunch of teams trying to build up their futures and some just kind of look like they're running in place to talk about it.

Joining us on the line right now. This is an analyst for CBS Sports HQ. Creator, founder of football game plan.

He covers football from high school to college to the pros and everything in between. It's my main man Emry Hunt. Emry, how are you man? What's up DRB? How you doing, man? I'm great.

Good to have you here. Busy weekend for you, huh? Keeping up with all the picks? Yeah, a little bit. Like work, you know what I'm saying?

Day two and three, I was all over HQ, but yeah, it's been nonstop, man. Once, you know, draft season starts, let's say really at the combine, it's nonstop all day, every day. So before we get into what surprised you, I think let's talk about what surprised most folks. What are your thoughts on what took place with Michael Pennix joining the Atlanta Falcons? It's funny because a lot of people had Pennix or a quarterback take to Atlanta all throughout the pre-draft process up until they signed Kirk Cousins to that monstrous deal, which they shouldn't have done anyway, because he's a 36-year-old quarterback coming off of an injury, an Achilles injury at that.

He never was really mobile anyway, so it didn't make sense to rush to give him that money because he tore his Achilles nine weeks after Aaron Rodgers tore his. So for me, it's like make drafting Pennix makes a lot of sense because Pennix may actually start the season if we're being completely honest. You think he's going to be out there game one, week one? Listen, we don't know what Kirk Cousins looked like dropping back. We saw him do a little minor exercise, so we know once live bullets started flying, and now he has the added pressure of having to perform because he has a first round talent behind him in Michael Pennix, and everyone wants to see Pennix play. The last time they saw Pennix play was in the postseason, so they didn't know he could play really well, and last time we saw Kirk Cousins play was playing mediocre ball for the Minnesota Vikings, so he has the pressure of the situation and the pressure of trying to come back from an injury that, you know, it does take a little bit getting back to in terms of at that position no less.

So yeah, I could definitely see a pathway for Pennix to start the season. Now Emory Hunt is here with us from CBS Sports HQ. What's the next biggest storyline? What else took place over the weekend that caught your attention? Is it a player?

Is it a team? Somebody's behavior? What caught your attention? Well, it was the, I mean, going into the draft, it was the the over-under of offensive players taken in the first round was set at 21 and a half, and they shattered that by 23 players, I think, taken offensively in round one, which just blows my mind, and even more so that the first defensive player was a pass rusher that wasn't taken until pick 15. So that just, again, just like, wow, usually you hear quarterbacks, pass rushers, offensive linemen, you know, offensive tackles specifically go high in the draft regardless of year, but this year we saw 14 straight offensive players go and the first defensive player taken at pick 15.

That just blew my mind. That was one of the bigger storylines of the entire weekend. When, when you think about teams that won, who walked away as a better squad based on what they did in the draft? I thought Washington did, getting the franchise quarterback in Jake Daniels would also pollen talent around him. Ben Sennett out of Kansas State, the tight end, very good player.

She hit the ground running. I also thought Arizona did a really good job throughout the draft getting good football players. Seems like a lot of teams took the model that Detroit has laid out, like, hey, man, don't worry about the combine.

Don't worry about all these junior Olympic tests. Just get good football players and you're going to be, you're going to be fine. And I think teams like Washington, Arizona, Pittsburgh, just building on the line of scrimmage.

I thought those three teams outside of like Chicago as well, because of the nature of what they did with two top 10 picks, stood out the most. It seems that failed. Emory, what say you?

Well, it's hard to really fail because optimism is truly high right now. But if I'm thinking about a team that just really didn't do as much, I felt like Tennessee could have used a, we saw the Falcons take a quarterback. I felt like Tennessee could have been in line for a quarterback.

But I thought they did a solid job on the back end. And Minnesota to me, because they took J.J. McCarthy in the top 10. And again, I've said this before, even with what we have seen and currently know from Brock Purdie, you are not taking Brock Purdie in the top 10 and no NFL draft, even with all the information that we got about Brock Purdie. Unless you have elite level talent across the board on both sides of the ball, to where he can just be a piece of the puzzle, you have to juggle. And now you're putting J.J. McCarthy to no fault of his own in a situation where you're asking him to be Tom Brady. And we know that's not the case.

We know that's not a skill set. So right now, and if we're keeping it a buck, they have the fourth quarterback, fourth best quarterback in that division. Caleb Williams, Jared Goff, and also Jordan Love are all better today than J.J. McCarthy. Yeah, without a, without a shadow of a doubt, they better hope that that he can develop into something much better than Sam Darnold.

Emory Hunt is here with us, covers football for CBS Sports HQ. We had two signings today, Ezekiel Elliott, back to the Dallas Cowboys, jumping into the time machine a little bit. And then also Travis Kelce, he got a two year extension.

Both of these guys are getting older. Hey, how much more do you think Travis Kelce has left in the tank now going through, I believe 2027? And for the Cowboys, it seems like they just running in place, no?

Well, I'll start with the Cowboys first. I felt like they shouldn't have let go Zeke last year. And what was missed by a lot of people is the fact that Zeke was more than just an on field presence. He was a big factor in that locker room. And we saw what happened toward the back end that season.

They just kind of fell apart a little bit. They didn't really have that one person that they can lean on to galvanize. And in terms of the run game, he was the pace setter. Yeah, he wasn't as explosive or as fast as he was as a rookie or earlier in his career, but he was someone that defense had to respect. They lost that when they let him go because no one respected Pollard's ability to run the ball. Pollard was best as a compliment and he didn't have that guy that could set the pace for him.

So that's why that run game just struggled. Now on the other side, Kelsey to me probably has about two years left and you saw that she's doing a great job of getting the guy that's very, you know, Travis Kelsey-like and Darryl Wiley out of TCU, a fantastic tight end. He's a flex tight end. He was my number one flex tight end when he was like a big body wide receiver.

And that's what he is. He's great after the catch. So he's going to get great mentorship and they're going to give him a nice little two year runway to become the guy.

And that way you can see Kelsey right off into the sunset. Emory Hunt is here with us CBS Sports HQ. You know a team that I think also did an excellent job of improving is the Philadelphia Eagles, man. You think about the defensive backs that they were able to pick up.

Would you be shocked if they had a bounce back this season? Not at all because they improved defensively. We know that defense was the major problem for them last season. They couldn't really get stops and keep parts of the game. They couldn't get pressure on the quarterback. They couldn't turn the ball over.

They were very old. It seemed like a cornerback into your points. They got two of the top 10 corners in the draft class and that's an influx of talent on the back end.

But also they improved the third element of the game. Special teams because Cooper DeGene, excellent punt returner and a guy with the ball in his hands. Will Shipley can return kickoffs.

Anaya Smith, the receiver slash running back out of Texas A&M, another one that can return kick. So their special teams improved. Their defense got better. So overall this team should be significantly better in 2024.

Emery there's another team I want to ask about. Seems like they might be kind of running in place just a little bit and they've struggled in the postseason. That's the Buffalo Bills. We know Diggs is now out. They've had some of their own cornerbacks, although maybe a little older and hurt Conda Gautre, Devious White and Poirier as well.

There's really no excitement. I mean the Chiefs get a wide receiver and Xavier Worthy running a 4-2. They bring on a great quote and he's pretty awesome and we hope that he can bring the same thing he had in Tallahassee up the Buffalo and Keyon Coleman. What do you think about the Buffalo Bills?

It doesn't seem like they've gotten all that much better to try to win the AFC. Well, Coleman I have a high grade on. I was a big fan of his game coming out of Florida City. He has that dog mentality. Reminds me a lot of what the Steelers have in George Pickens, a guy that is hate.

You know what I'm saying? You may question whether he's the fastest or the more explosive, but one thing you can't question is his heart and his ability to catch the football. Everything else is going to fall in line because he has those two requirements that are needed to be successful, number one. And also I like the Ray Davis selection. They're running back out of Kentucky. Now you pair him up with another good back already and so in James Cookton we saw Buffalo sort of lean into their run game last year which kind of helped them close out some games and that was the issue the years prior previous where they couldn't really run the ball. They didn't really run the ball and we saw that change last season. They were able to close out some games and become a significant factor. I think that's going to be even more so this year and we're going to see them kind of rain Josh Allen in a little bit like they did last season.

It's going to allow him to take those shot plays but that run game I think is going to be prominent once again in Buffalo. Do you think the Buffalo Bills, have they done enough though to punch the Chiefs back in the mouth? I mean it's not the Chiefs. They're going to have to worry about the entire AFC North. They're going to have to worry about the AFC South with Houston and Indianapolis and then also you have to worry about the Chiefs.

So it's and you got to worry about the Dalton. The entire AFC is a gauntlet week in week out. So I mean it's not can they beat the Chiefs. It's man can they beat all those other teams in the AFC.

That's going to be a bigger question. Yeah that doesn't that doesn't bode well for them at all. Last question for you Emery. We know that we're going to have a lot more roster shake-ups and guys getting cut and injuries and it's impossible to predict but as we we start moving through OTAs and rookie camps and moving into July and preseason what teams do you think have set themselves up to have some damn good season later this year? It's weird to say this about a rookie starting quarterback but both Washington and Chicago could potentially be playoff teams in the NFC. We know the NFC is weak weaker than the AFC but man Chicago has a lot of talent and this is the part I want people to understand. Justin Fields led Chicago to seven wins last year and the ninth overall pick. The first pick came from Carolina so the Bears were on the cusp last year. They just didn't have enough firepower in the in the offense and now they got that defense got better and Caleb Williams is going to help them improve a little bit.

You know he's going to do what Justin Fields was doing towards the back end of the season so they should at least win nine or ten games this year. Washington significantly improved coaching staff if new coaching staff is in. Dan Quinn defensive minded head coach they improved a lot defensively via free agency. We'll see how that all plays together fits in but adding to Jayden Daniels changes the maps offensively and how teams are going to play them. They have some talent that receiver.

He aids the run game with his ability and that threat to take off which opens things up even more so in the passing game. I think their offensive line was improved as well. This is a team that could end up with a playoff spot. Look for Chicago and Washington to you know fight for that sixth or seventh spot in the postseason and surprise some people this year with rookie quarterbacks.

Wow I mean listen I think both fan bases would love it if they got a little bit of the taste of what the Texans were able to do of this past season. Emory Hunt thank you so much for joining us here on the JR sport reshow on the infinity sports network. Where can people follow you on CBS sports HQ football game plan?

Where can we keep up with you? Follow me on twitter at a fall game plan and be sure to pick up your copy of football game plan's 2024 draft guide. The largest draft guide in existence over 900 individual scouting reports. The reason why I'm bringing this up post draft because we've seen so many undrafted free eatings get signed and we will see more undrafted free eatings get signed as we approach rookie minicamp. We have scout reports on these guys that you may not have heard of may not know about. We got a full scout report on these guys so it's still a valuable asset to pick up the draft guide.

You can find that at slash 2024 draft guide. Emory always a pleasure my man. We'll talk to you down the line and catch you soon brother okay. Appreciate it JR. Always a pleasure man.

No problem. Certainly is that Emory Hunt from CBS sports HQ. You also heard him talk about football game plan. He really knows football from beginning to end.

It played as well. He is he's a wealth of information. Thank you again to Emory Hunt. It's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network. The phone lines are open 855 212 42 27.

That's 855 212 42 27. I'm going to tell you about some familiar names that ended up being drafted. Some didn't get drafted. Some of them have famous dads.

I'm going to tell you some of those names on the other side of the break. I'm going to get to some of your calls and then yeah we might have had Travis Kelce get himself a new contract. We got a legend in basketball who decided to retire.

She decided to retire. You're listening to the JR sport brief. It's the JR sport brief show here on the infinity sports network. Thank you so much to Emory Hunt for joining us in the last break from football game plan and also CBS sports HQ. Covers all things football high school to college to the pros and if you're a fan of the Washington commanders or the bears he says don't be surprised if they take steps to get into the postseason this upcoming season. Yeah that would be a that'd be like the Texans part two. Let's see what happens. I don't think that'll be the case but hey Emory knows more football than me.

Let's see if he turns out to be right. 855 212 42 27. That's 855 212 42 27. I want you to thank O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. I'm gonna get to your calls and then I have to discuss with you someone who just recently retired.

She retired. Let's go ahead and hit the phone lines. Let's go to Birmingham Alabama and let's hear from Chris. Hey Chris you're on the JR sport brief show on the infinity sports network. What's up? What's good JR? How you doing man?

Amazing please. Oh lordy uh first I want to talk about those Birmingham Stallions. You said people don't really I mean I really have any ufl fans man look here come next week you might want to tune in to those stallions that's the battle hall so that game's going to be the story lines alone that game's going to be money okay but second but second I want to call it is because I want to talk about Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant his issue is this at some point dude you got to stop you got to stop being so offensively focused you're gonna have to finally step up your defensive game because I'm pretty sure at some point you're not going to be able to able to even cost off for just um what unless you're getting up in age off your offensive game because if you want if you if you actually want to get a make it win a championship of your own merit not not riding off a big three coattails you're gonna have to either bear down. Well I gotta disagree with that uh Chris because ultimately Kevin Durant and yes he's getting older nobody's getting younger he's gonna be 36 years old and in a couple of months by the time next season starts he is an underrated defender and he is a willing defender he is someone who's almost seven feet he's almost seven feet tall he's long as hell he will go out there and contest shots he puts his arm hey Chris stop and listen please thank you I let you talk let me respond before you keep going on and on and on I disagree okay first this a couple of points there's nothing wrong with Kevin Durant as an aging defender he goes out there and he plays defense second of all if you want to take a look at the Phoenix Suns they are not failing as a team because Kevin Kevin Durant is not playing defense they're failing as a team because they don't have depth and they put too many of the carts or too many of their eggs in the cart over Bradley Beal who was wholly unnecessary someone who was injured someone who's also getting older he has a history of not playing in games like that's where the issue is it's not about Kevin Durant trying to find success by playing defense it's the assets and people that are around them here's my thing to counteract that JR for example in the game like mostly all you really saw is that um like so the temples constantly ran on them was it was a pick and roll how many times did those players get watched in in the pick and roll pick and roll maneuvers it was honestly disgusting and for that matter your biggest fan and there was really poster out of you at some point it's clear okay Chris Chris Chris Chris there's more and thank you for calling from Birmingham we could disagree forever but there's more than Kevin Durant on the team if anything he was the best player on the team the most consistent player on the team he's the oldest player on the team and the team is five guys on the floor plus another eight on the bench and they all suck and that has nothing to do with Mr Durant if you want to complain about Kevin Durant and his attitude and being a leader and being a front runner and not speaking up or just wanting to fit in you are certainly well within your right to do so and I wouldn't disagree on any of that but this really boils down to brass tacks when you boil things down and you look at the failure of the Phoenix Suns it's not because the Minnesota Timberwolves ran into a pick and roll and Kevin Durant got dunked on and you want to know what he was doing he came over to help on defense like what are we talking about and so that's a small portion of why they sucked they sucked because they have no depth one they suck two because they have no structure they suck because Bradley Beal and Booker are not facilitators they don't know what they're doing that's it but throw Durant out the window the whole organization and how the squad is put together is flawed it's like a kid who runs into the store and says hey I got the money to spend let me just get the the flashiest things they don't all fit together it doesn't work eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven Chris is here from Baltimore go ahead Chris oh JR how you doing tonight I'm good you gotta go ahead it's a pleasure talking to you again and pissed you but you done took my glory away because I was ready to talk about the Phoenix Suns but Kevin Durant didn't do anything wrong he played his butt off not only did he do that like you said he was the best scorer consistently he played defense but the main part that was wrong with that team you had the wrong coach from start that's not a coach that's he don't know anything about coaching and not only that the rest of the team doesn't play defense and they played better when they picked up bowl in the middle of the season to have somebody in the middle and they did not have a true guard that pick up Tom Thomas Thompson and he never got in the game they needed to find a guard throughout the season and that was one of the main problem bill should have been a six man on the bench well that's that's debatable but I'm glad you brought up some of the other ancillary pieces you think about defense to look at Kevin Durant is faulty because Nurkic he he does not defend a lamppost and he can't and then you think about the fact that this is a team and thank you so much Chris for calling from Baltimore you brought up some excellent points they didn't have a point guard that's number one and then Nurkic the last line of defense what is he defending the answer is nothing nothing the team is is flawed in an ideal world yeah Bradley Beal would be coming off of the bench but then they still need somebody who could have gone out there and initiate the offense and Bradley Beal paying this man 50 55 60 million dollars a year to come off the bench and again he got a no trade clause how is that going to go over I mean the team would actually have to be good to push this man onto the bench and at the same time who the hell wants to pay a guy almost 60 million dollars to come off the bench that's probably not even a a road or a path worth going down but if we strip things down yeah he should be coming off the bench this is tough and then Vogel yeah Vogel's known more so as a defensive coach I'm not gonna say he doesn't have success he had his stretch back with the Indiana Pacers he won a championship with the Lakers I know it was in the bubble Frank Vogel isn't even the one to blame it's the owner like I don't know how much more you wanted Frank Vogel to get out of this besides saying hey Kevin Durant let's do whatever the hell you want to do Kevin Durant allegedly felt he was utilized in the corner too much come on this team didn't have depth nothing like three on five let's go didn't work it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network I'm going to tell you about who's retiring on the other side of the break we'll talk more basketball and NFL and at all here on the infinity sports network the jr sport reshow hey everyone Boomer Esiason here the NFL draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app you
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