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REShow: Luke Fickell - Hour 1

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July 29, 2022 4:18 pm

REShow: Luke Fickell - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 29, 2022 4:18 pm

Rich reacts to the Arizona Cardinals removing the controversial mandatory ‘film study’ clause in Kyler Murray’s contract, and says how the language in the clause can be used for parents worldwide to limit their kids’ screen time.

Cincinnati Bearcats Head Football Coach Luke Fickell and Rich discuss his search for a new QB after losing 4-year starter Desmond Ridder to the NFL, how moving to the Big 12 will impact recruiting, why he sees big changes coming to the College Football landscape and the need for tighter regulation of NIL in college sports, his thoughts on Sauce Gardner and Ridder’s pro prospects, and gets some useful marriage advice from Rich’s wife Suzy Shuster.

Rich, Suzy and TJ debate if MLB teams should trade for the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani or the Nationals’ Juan Soto.  

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. The thing that leaps out at me is this is the Rich Eisen Show. Maybe the Niners hold on to Garoppolo. How can you say it's Trey's team you're moved on. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. There's no real reason to have that person around.

I think you gotta cut bait. Today's guests University of Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickle. Packers running back Aaron Jones.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California.

As we go into our first full weekend of training camps it is the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline weekend. It's August around the corner from us right now here on NBC Sports on Peacock, Sirius XM Channel 85. That's NBC Sports Audio 2 NBC products right there. We say hello to our terrestrial radio audience coast to coast. We say hello to those listening to us on the Odyssey app and then the podcast version of this show through Cumulus Podcast Network. We love our friends at Westwood One to help us distribute this show in a podcast form where all podcasts are acquired and anything that you miss over the next three hours you can check it out on slash Rich Eisen Show.

In other words if you don't consume the show in some way shape or form it's it's a you problem not a me problem. It's a yp not an mp and that's how we start with a Boogie Nights reference here on this Friday program. Chris Brockman decided to do what everybody usually does when it's 115 degrees in the desert in late July which is take a day off and go to Vegas. So he decided to do that which opened the door for him to get Wally pipped once again because sitting in his chair here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show is the lovely and talented and the light of my life the rock of the universe of the household Susie Schuster.

Good to see you Susie. That's a great title. That's a great title. Which one? The Rock of Your Life, The Love of Your Life, The Disruptor of Your... His Moon and Stars. I don't know about Disruptor.

I mean that's a yp. Nicely done. Thank you.

Thank you. Hi Susie. What's up? Hi.

Good to see you. Where's my name plate? Oh yeah.

My best mom ever name plate. I'm sorry I was busy preparing for the show. Here it is. You want me to walk it over? Yeah. Walk it over to your wife Rich. That's your moon and stars. There she goes. I sat down.

I started already. That's not a good look Rich. It's not a good look. Also you just see how she stomps around. She likes stomping. She likes stomping. I'm a stomper.

She's a stomper. All right so now we could start the show. There we go. DJ Mikey D is in Dee's Nuts. Again 12 straight shows.

A Wally, pardon me, a Cal Ripken, a Wally Pip instead of the Lou Gehrig like streak that got broken up yesterday. Good to see you Jason Feller in this spot. TJ Jefferson do you got something to light the candle?

You don't have something to light the candle. Hey Mortimer we're back. We're back. We're back.

All right. We got the new Bic. We had two very good shows without a lit candle so. The Mets didn't beat the Yankees. Did the Mets win last night? We had enough.

Oh okay. What's it like rest and reward ourselves. So let's get things started on this program with a reversal. Going back in time. As many parents know when they try to tie their children's allowance to their study time it's usually sometimes a two steps forward one step back process.

Hey look if you get your iPad time that means that you have to do your work first and thus if you don't do it you don't get an allowance. It's sometimes one step forward two steps back. Well the Cardinals found that out themselves with the independent study clause that we've been talking about all week that came out of absolutely nowhere because the whole conversation that began. I still have it on my desk. With this piece of paper the treatise from the agent of Kyler Murray that was disseminated worldwide but specifically at the folks of the of the Valley. Put it in the Hall of Fame right there. Right there and I don't mean the Valley of the San Fernando Valley.

I'm talking about the Valley of the Sun. Specifically saying Kyler wants to be your quarterback and things aren't going very well with the with the Arizona Cardinals. You got to wonder when when Kyler scrubbed his account was that them saying hey I think you know that that whole business with the Rams that where you threw a two-yard pick six and it looked pretty ugly maybe you should study more and he's just like I'll show you all my photographs off of Instagram.

And that's how they knew you spent a lot of time on there. I don't know man who knows all of that but finally he gets the contract he's generationally enriched there's a ton of money that comes and the conversation here is does he deserve it because he hasn't won a playoff game and he's only had three years in the league and what you know he's now getting paid more than than Josh Allen who damn well near made the Super Bowl last year if they could only have defended for 12 more seconds and so on and so forth. Skipping over the fact there was an AFC Championship game and Joe Burrow was standing there but neither here nor there I think you all understand that it was all about him finally getting paid until what came out was an independent study clause where clearly the team felt it needed to place in black and white codify if you will him doing the extra work that every other star quarterback in the NFL we assume just does including him before this stuff came out. Well there was a big to-do on this program other programs that Kyler Murray felt compelled to go out to a microphone and address himself and we thought he did a very good job of that yesterday don't you think? Very much so. Where he's essentially saying hey look if you think I've gotten to this point in my career just winging it without a work ethic at my size and my shape you know and he also threw in there the Oakland A's drafted me top 10 and I'm first overall in the NFL nobody's ever done that if you think that's I've just been winging it just surfing my way through all this then I appreciate the compliment but it's also very insulting.

Well done. Yeah I mean and you know message received clearly in the front office of the Arizona Cardinals because lo and behold right around dinnertime yesterday they took the clause out of the contract ripped it up see ya after seeing this the distraction it created we removed the addendum from the contract it was clearly perceived in ways that were never intended our confidence in Kyler Murray is as high as it's ever been and nothing demonstrates our belief in his ability to lead this team more than the commitment reflected in this contract it's like yeah do you see how much money we're paying him got it but what's the ways in which it was intended what are the ways in which it was intended that scared me the audio executive is not assuming that somebody was going to rip a paper up into a microphone but well done TJ that's that's that's what ended up I don't know if they did rip it up or they you know in this day and age you just remove it from a pdf I'm wondering I'm wondering I bet you he had to sign another version of the contract probably right yeah we're gonna send one over to you can you sign it again and send it back because you can't take something out of something that's already been signed you know what that's that's why you know there are lawyers I'm not one of them you know my brother sometimes is listening right now going to work driving to work so maybe he wants to text in I'm assuming he'd probably look the bottom line is he's just got to win football games and and and if rubber meets road this year next year at any point in time where he's not performing well and we're all in the media talking about this sort of thing and it does bother him and at some point he will sit back and go well look you know Michael Bidwell the owner who had to have been the one who either insisted it gets in there or was somebody who when told about it that it's in there said okay put it in there and somebody had to inform him because I'm assuming he is not in meeting rooms he is not strolling around in film rooms he is not going around the practice field you know locked in on every snap somebody had to tell him hey Kyler's study habits are not up to speed you know and somebody had to tell him that so this thing had to appear in this contract it didn't just come out of thin air and at some point down the road rubber meets the road will this chafe at Kyler Murray will he not sign a second contract I mean this is all for down the road and this is now what's going to be sitting out there forever more the famed independent study clause of the last week of July of 2022 who will never forget that we'll always remember it where we were when we first learned that Kyler Murray signed something in a contract that sounded like a contract sues that you and I come up with for our kids at home honestly I was honestly thinking to myself yes not familiar with a kid who doesn't try hard at all and then gets AIDS and you have to give the iPad back that you took away because the kid's not trying hard at all don't we have to wait and see what happens with Kyler with this contract before we worry about the next contract well it's gonna be more of the first half of this season where this is coming home to roost because there's no DeAndre Hopkins for the for the Arizona Cardinals he's suspended for this first six games and so the success of this team and potentially its viability as a playoff threat in the second half of the season is going to be born out of a lot of Kyler Murray shouldering the burden with this as a a backdrop and clearly if he comes out and he torches the place it'll be well this pissed him off or this lit a fire or what have you and if it doesn't it'll be what's going on with him in Arizona and this will be a question for him and it's not fair and it really is you're you're hearing from everyone whose fault is it well somebody had to tell the owner that his study habits were not up to snuff and somebody had to tell the lawyer of the Arizona Cardinals come up with this and then somebody had to inform the agent of Kyler Murray's that it's in there and then Kyler Murray's agent had to inform Kyler Murray and his response may have been school what do I care I mean it's 46 million bucks I'm going to turn this thing down over this when I do it anyway or I think I can do it anyway or it doesn't matter I'll do it. It was either stupid or brilliant somebody either lit a fire doing this surreptitiously. I do believe that the line that was in the the statement about they didn't intend it they didn't intend it for it to be public and they didn't intend it to embarrass him and they intended it to actually put into the contract something that when they were going to put all of this money into escrow and cut this check significantly they just wanted some sort of a backstop some sort of a safety net something in the language of the contract that can make the owner feel comfortable stroking that check. Yeah I mean clearly there was a there there I mean there was a reason why they did this.

It didn't just appear out of thin air. You don't just write a a clause like this now if you're not concerned about it. Now what comes next is for toe meeting ball and we're excited to see that but in the meantime Suze I think you and I could agree on behalf of all parents everywhere that we appreciate the lawyers and legal staff of the Arizona Cardinals to come up with language that I think we can use. Could you put up the third part of the the famed independent study clause language? Independent study means just substitute player with a child studies the material provided him to him by instead of you take out club put parents so independent study means child studies the materials provided to him by mom and dad in order to prepare for the child's next upcoming instead of game test including without limitation any such material provided via an ipad or electronic device. Yeah time spent in mandatory meetings uh room shall not constitute independent study that's a mandatory school right where the kid goes to school I think you see what I'm saying child shall receive no credit for independent study for any period during which child does not personally study the provided material in good faith.

I think we need to start a website let's start selling. We're here for the avoidance of doubt child shall not receive any credit for independent study with respect to any time periods during which any material is displayed or played on an ipad or other electronic device meaning no iCarly while you're trying to do humanities. That's right. For instance I'm not pegging anyone in particular this child is not personally studying or watching the material while it is being displayed or played or child is engaged in any other activity they may distract his or her attention.

I mean we have a daughter in our house for example watching television play vacations or browsing the internet aka youtube while such material is being displayed or played Suze we're made in the shade. I'm printing this out it's genius. I mean who needs to win mega now there's a billion dollar idea it's right in front of us. We are made in the shape and and their guaranteed money is allowance so we can tie it to so many different like I I want to thank this episode on behalf of all parents everywhere. TJ let's start a company in the commercial break let's get a website think of the name.

Go ahead and llc this real quick because I'm already making the website as we go don't worry. Dave Felly's gonna start it it's gonna be like um he's gonna have a second Maserati by the end of the day. Arias. Can you believe that car? That's the that later. That's the Rich Eisen Maserati. Okay is that what it is? It's just a branch of Arias Consulting really. I think we're in right? Well TJ and I are in you're you're busy just do the show do the show.

I mean he's got a good point. TJ this is a great idea like what are we going to call it um something Cardinals related let's let's really capitalize on it. Cards for kids. No C-A-R-D-S for cards for cards. Nothing makes me more insane than cards for kids. I can't take it. It's cards for kids.

You're welcome. Parents everywhere. So while we're watching the Cardinals season play out all parents and children have a new contract with each other and watch the study time and watch the grades of America's youth go straight up. Yeah guess what happens in our house? Nothing. Nothing. We have contracts, charts, stars.

What do you want from me? I don't want to close the book on this story this thing's been all week. All right uh we'll talk about it with Kurt Warner speaking of Arizona quarterbacks in hour number three of this program Aaron Jones one of our favorites on this show will join us from Packers training camp. We'll ask if his role has changed now that Davante Adams has moved on to another hall of fame quarterback in Las Vegas and will they run the ball more? Is he going to give us any information on that? I'm going to try.

I'm going to try. Luke Fickle from the University of Cincinnati program. He's going to be joining us in just a couple of minutes time here on this program. We'll talk a little college football with a guy who's going to move by this point next year. He'll be a Big 12 coach so there's a lot of movement going around in college football as we know.

We'll hit on that. Keep an eye on any of the moving parts with the San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo if that happens or DeSean Watson with Sue L Robinson who is just chilling on her decision-making skills right now on Watson's suspension. Chris Brockman before leaving to Vegas. Sue's left on his desk a what's more likely list of scenarios for you to to toss my direction. Was he worried that I didn't sign my contract so I wouldn't come correct? Is that what happened?

Could be. He did his independent study last night before going to Vegas and your big ass grab bag teacher Jefferson. Look forward to that and you at 8-4-4-2-0-4 Rich. You want to talk to any of us that would be great. We love to hear from you and on top of it Luke Fickle from Cincinnati football will be joining us next on the Rich Eisen Show. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit. Kurt Warner is going to join us in hour number three and Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers in hour number two. This is one of our favorite guests that we we chatted with during the draft season with Cincinnati having so many top draft choices available for NFL teams and Sauce Gardner went off the board to the New York Jets just like I had hoped.

My goodness gracious. Now it's time to find out who's going to be next up in that spot where Desmond Ritter has now vacated a spot after some excellent years there. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line on the outset of a Cincinnati Bearcat football season is the head coach there Luke Fickle back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing coach? I'm doing well Rich thanks for having me. You got it. What's going on in your world?

I'll just open it up macro wise. What's going on right now? Yeah well it's the what I call the calm before the storm.

Okay. We we were back in for like two weeks with our guys and then this week I kind of kind of give the coaches off before we we really get rolling on on Monday so we kind of report and our start day will be August 2nd and so be crazy enough you know the coaches are all gone so you know the head coach you know not as bright as the rest of them he's in town all the time he's uh he's in the office he's in the office way too much and then all of a sudden my wife comes into me and says hey I got a flight for you and me we're leaving Thursday as soon as you get done with media day and we're not coming back till Saturday afternoon I'm like okay I guess if uh if I'm gonna stay married and this is gonna work I better get on that flight and uh it's been a day and a half with two days with my wife. Where'd you go? We are in Marco Island. Right now?

Like literally? Right now. You call oh my god I mean I wanted you on the show I wanted to talk to you but I mean we could have waited till you were back off of it I mean your wife wants your undivided attention I'm barging in here. This this is the this is the best that uh this is the best that I could be you know I uh if I'm in if I'm in Cincinnati and I'm in the office I'm not nearly as relaxed so you know what I'd be a heck of a lot better interview probably if I'm uh if I'm in Marco Island with a little with a little relaxation um well my wife takes a takes a 20-minute jog or walk away from me. Well here's what you need to do coach you need to do what I'm doing which is have your wife sit on your television and radio show like she's doing right now.

Suze you want to say hello to coach Luke Fickle of Cincinnati football. Hey coach just make sure that her drink is filled at all times. You know what I'm learning that it's been it's been 20 years now I've figured some of these things out like I know I've needed a lot of time to try to figure them out but uh I think I think she's not gonna be able to excuse I think I'm getting better at that. We're all just trying to make you better that's all just carry her stuff carry her stuff walk three steps behind her at all times and make sure that you take a lot of pictures of her multiple different angles so that she can improve.

Yes which is really good at that like you need to become her official Instagram photographer. That's what you gotta do because that's why you're there. I'm gonna I'm gonna take your advice that that's gonna be the best thing she's gonna know something happened and you're like what happened. Aren't you so glad that you came on the show what else can I help you with?

It goes back to you like somebody flips up in your drink this is not who I've been married to. I'll slowly kind of work those things in. Luke Fickle of Cincinnati football here on the Rich Eisen show fantastic so when you get off of vacation um is do you still have a quarterback battle going on how are how are things sussing out for the the next Desmond Ritter if you will coach? Yeah I call it life without Desmond Ritter is now begun so um you know what it's really it's exciting it's interesting you know we've got a unique situation and we've got a guy that uh that obviously has been behind him for a couple years um and Evan Prater and kind of the Cincinnati kid you know in a lot of ways has done a great job the last two years uh but there's another kid that that uh was actually tested back up for three years who left last year um went to eastern Michigan started and threw for three thousand yards or something like that and then came back and I know it's crazy the landscape of college football but then Brian and uh and Evan Prater really I mean they've got the respect of the entire team and uh for for the first time in a long time we're going to go into camp with a legitimate like hey this is this is going to be really interesting and we got to figure some things out but uh but it's gonna be a battle. And then how do you how do you adjudicate this battle I mean do you talk to the I mean honestly you said it's been a bit so what are what are the telltale signs here? Yeah no I mean like we we had the battle I was hoping maybe something would you know kind of you know show itself in spring ball because they both were in spring ball um and it didn't I think both of them got better uh but you know how that goes a lot of it is how the how the team you know how the team form and what because they're both they both can do everything but they do have different skill sets and I think Ben is more by nature a natural passer um where Evan you know is by nature a natural athlete to start with and both can do you know what we do but I think you know there's some differences with with that position the same okay now what what best fits the team as the team continues to become us. Luke Fickel of Cincinnati Bearcats football the head coach joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show your program kind of in the middle of a lot of chess pieces moving at this point next year when we talk I'm going to say if I said when we talk and hopefully not on while you're on vacation um you're going to be a big 12 coach coach Fickel so how does that uh rearrange your recruiting how did that maybe aid your recruiting what what is the future of Cincinnati now that you know you're in the big 12 with all the moving pieces yeah you know that's a great question because you know we've we've addressed it um with our staff and and I thought it out and and for us it doesn't change really we're going to recruit the same areas we're going to recruit the same kids and and some people would ask that like well you're going to be more you know in the middle middle west and and you know maybe even down into into Texas with some of the schools does that mean you're going to change and maybe recruit a little bit different and no no we're we're going to stick in our 300 mile radius we're going to you know we're going to still do the you know I think 80 percent of our team 81 percent of our teams from that 300 mile radius um we've always recruited those kids that maybe maybe we didn't end up getting um whether for whatever reason um you know but we felt like those guys were what we were shooting for and whether we you know lost into somebody in the big 10 or somebody in the big 12 um we've always recruited that that way so I think that we'll we'll in our minds stay the same way we love the kind of kids that we got we love the core crux of you know what our program is built around I just think that what has happened last year obviously with the success we've had on the football field going into a new league I kind of use the example that like the doors we used to have to kick down to get in to talk to them they open them now we still got to go in and seal the deal and you know we'll have a few other you know a few other bells and whistles to be able to do that with but I don't think it changes how we go about our business well it also helps though to make sure ensure you get a seat at a college football playoff table even though you kind of kicked that door down yourself this past year right wouldn't you agree with that no it does those are all those are all the kind of the stigmas that they sometimes can hurt you in recruiting you know the league and the you know non-power I don't say those words and I still will never say 12 you know those things are always you know some of that stuff that would be you know negative recruiting but the things that kind of get held over top of your head and so we're we're kind of using that there's some of those things are going to be taken away and I like to probably apply the pressure to us now like okay there's no there's no excuses now right I mean you're you're in battles in our own state head to head with Ohio State and you know what's going to be the difference and it's going to be about relationships and you can't use the fact that well they keep you know throwing the big 10 the AAC things at us and you know that's the reason they make the choices so it's a great it's great I think our kids will be they're not they're not talking about now but will be just so excited about some new venues and some some grit some different competition I should say do you think that we're we're heading towards one two super leagues do you think we're headed towards that I mean I'm sitting Luca I'm sitting here in Los Angeles big 10 country you know what I'm saying so it's now nationalized at least in one conference do you think we're headed towards that yeah we're not staying and well my opinion we're not staying where we are but then again think about it the evolution of the game of football has it's not everybody says the game's changed no it's not it's just evolving you know well the game's changing now that you got USC and UCLA no it's just evolving are there some things that are you know going to be taken away with right yeah but I think we're still going to evolve I think the next three years is going to be really really unique and some way somehow I think that there's going to be two or three you know groups or leagues or whatever it is that that may be just a little bit different whether they're you know some way somehow not say on their own but I think we're headed that direction I just think that there's no way of stopping some of these things that are continued to evolve what's your stance on name image and likeness needing some sort of I guess big 10 commissioner Kevin Warren and Greg Sankey of the SEC have been talking about federal legislation what's your stance on NIL needing more guardrails to it I would agree 100 I think we all thought when when the thing you know opened up when NIL opened up that it was you know it was great it was a great opportunity for all of our kids and I still think it is it just I don't know that it's you know kind of being used in in the way that which we all envisioned where you know a guy like Desmond Ritter who has incredible success on the football field as a leader of your team you know he's he's able to do some ads and and you know obviously you know endorse some things based on his you know the things that he's done and uh you know I think it's gone another direction so some way somehow whoever's going to come in whether you know it's into the NCAA or or whatever is going to have to I think really kind of figure out what direction we want to go as a uh not just college football but I think college athletics in general have have you gotten uh a player say you know uh I'd love to come here but uh you need to match another NIL deal from somewhere else has that happened to you coach you know what I think we're a little bit still in the sweet spot it's happened maybe a little bit I think we've we've definitely um in the last month lost a kid that was committed to us because you know he was told that hey you're gonna you're gonna make you know a hundred thousand dollars when you come by coming here and we can do that because we're in the SEC and this is what you're gonna get and to be honest with you I think the issue we've got right now is what's real you know I mean if we can if people are and have these deals for these kids like for the kid to actually see it in writing I think we need to do just so that you know you get them there then they're you know disgruntled because they don't get what they're promised so that's why I think that it's all good I just think we got to find ways to make sure we're not teaching kids to say one thing do another and you know to make a decision because money's gonna help make decision but make a decision on the things that are real and that's where I think the guardrails and all that we're doing for all of us I think we just need to need to find a way to be able to do that before I let you go on with the rest of your day on your little vacation time remaining Luke fickle last we spoke was before the draft you were telling us some terrific stories about getting to know Ahmad sauce Gardner when he first arrived at your program and if I'm not mistaken you said you had told him you would not call him sauce until he made it to the NFL have you called him sauce now so I was fortunate enough to be at the draft night yes and and I was actually standing back there with with those guys so after he you know after he got trapped fourth by the jets he you know stands with his mom hugs a couple other people and then he walks over here he's gonna walk out and you know obviously give him a hug and I say congratulations sauce that was the first time that I had ever referred to him maybe on a flip but pretty much the first time I'd ever referred to him as sauce and uh you know it was it was a nice little moment but uh you know it's it's great now for when guys come in with nicknames and I can I can use that as the example yes all you gotta do is be the fourth player take it to the draft and I'll play whatever you want there's precedence there is precedence now for you no question about it and he is a terrific player um and and so is desmond ritter just to obviously you had more uh players taken but I just I'm kind of highlighting those two because you've got the first player taken he's going he's in new york city and then the other one's a quarterback have you connected with desmond at all during his process of getting set to be in atlanta falcon uh a little bit I've obviously just got married I think last week I think a bunch of our guys were down there with him um he's been back and forth he hasn't been back as much like sauce was was back about every weekend so really would have camp on we would have high school camps on the field on saturday and look up and there's there's sauce coaching up the kids and out there with them and you know then you got a recruiting weekend and all of a sudden you say hey uh sauce is in town and it's like you know it was he just he was around much more I think des maybe obviously with the quarterback situation and and you know taking his family down there I think he was you know a little bit more ingrained and and and stayed down in atlanta um but I think all of those guys are are uh they do they do a great job at standing communication and they're really proud of what they've created here so so they enjoy the to reach out and come back as much as they can already coach appreciate the time what's on tap today snorkeling what do we got a spa spa treatment or two what do we got what do we got I don't know let me let me ask your wife what how am I supposed to say this whatever whatever she wants to do I think that's is that the way I should put it phrase it whatever you want to do honey whatever you want to do honey so whatever she wants to do is what's on tap okay that's nothing but uh I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna try my best to to take the advice that I just got okay and uh see how it works for me I'll let you know yeah yeah let us know fill us in we want to hear after the trip was it successful I have a feeling we've and why coach I have a feeling we've set you up for success I have a feeling we've given you what you need we've given you what you know I do take coaching well and I do need coaching so I appreciate that we're team players despite there being an eye and eyes and so thank you for the time coach you be well enjoy the rest of your respite before getting into it let's do this again I appreciate it you got it you got it the great Luke fickle love chatting with the Cincinnati Bearcat head coach right here on the Rich Eisen show as soon as I think we have helped I feel like I can go now I've done my job no no it's two more hours Kurt Kurt would be so upset if you were not part of that conversation in hour three um I'm telling you the wives of the coaches that is a heavy lifting job how many times heavy lift how many times did Mooch say he moved the team his family Gail Mariucci like 20 didn't he say like 20 times they moved yeah with 75 kids they moved so successfully he could just keep coaching she just keeps looking perfect and keeping up the house I know that that job of being a coach's wife nobody talks about it it is heavy heavy lifting and also um you know I appreciate you saying that I take great photographs of you I'm your official Instagram photographer on vacation you're the one who gave the check mark to the hat that has gotten so much conversation here on this program yeah for quite some time I think it would look good with this shirt and the shirt that he's wearing tj don't you think this is a good look today he stepped his game up because you were coming in I guess I guess he knew it's a shirt yeah it's a shirt what's it stepping a game up it's a shirt your game up a little bit sure don't wear the stuffy blazer he's got the deadwood hat oh the deadwood hat that's a tough look yeah it's tough yeah look out well there you go I like that and you're the one who took the photograph of me holding up the the drink you got me the drink I did get you stopped I mean this entire photograph is your styling deep thoughts by rich eyes okay very good I may have gotten him the drink because I was about to buy something from the gift shop I mean okay so you got him the drink why don't you tell that to coach look out for the drink I'm just looking out I should have told him that you know I'm just looking out how would you handle that if you're like we're going away and I'm like I gotta make a call to promote something is there a gift shop that's right those are the five most dangerous words in a question is there a gift shop do you guys drive to work together today by the way no actually there's a story on that we'll tell that over the next three hours I'm getting the seat just by the answer I know you like those commute stories there's a story about it hold on one of us got here first one of us left the house last okay there's a story behind that 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on this program we'll take your phone calls and so much more as we get set for hour number two on the program with our Aaron Jones of the Packers 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program this weekend a lot of a lot of baseball intrigue who's getting traded who's not yeah man I was watching Shohei Ohtani last night while I was playing poker with poker buddies sixth straight game double-digit strikeouts he loses to nothing and you're seeing all these rumors out there that the Angels are willing to talk about him and this is after trout we find out he's got some rare back condition you want to look into that uh Jason Feller I I looked you know yesterday did you I didn't even understand because you're a back expert that's how rare it is doctor said I need a back out of me that's what I was gonna say what a backyard doctor said I need a back out of me uh and so trout is says it's not career threatening but okay when you hear rare back condition how do you not think that that could make things a little more difficult to finish out your contract when you're in your entering your 30s I don't know man so what this is the backdrop word is the Angels are willing to listen to Shohei Ohtani uh offers on Shohei and all I'll say is this I guess it's your top four prospects they want take them yeah you want some hall of famers too and if I'm if I'm the Washington Nationals I'm like that uh that gif from Jonah Hill like we're trying to sell Soto right now for the your top four draft picks or your top top three or four prospects and I'm thinking to myself okay you know Juan Soto and I heard Buster Olney say over and over again during the Mets Yankees game that was uh aired on ESPN the other night TJ saying um just think think about Willie Mays in his prime think about Hank Aaron in his prime thinking about all that I'm like okay it's crazy to think yeah that's absolutely and why wouldn't you want to trade your top prospects except for the fact that you know he he might leave you in two plus years when his contract's up and Scott Boris is saying I want all the money in the world Ohtani can do what Soto does with the bat in a way right if if Soto can't do what Ohtani does on the mound no I'd be like okay you want my top four prospects for him sure yes like I said I'll throw some old hall of famers in if you want oh yeah could you imagine this guy in Yankee Stadium why would you say that how about this imagine him playing for the Mets New York City because he's greedy he's very greedy when it comes to this could you imagine him and Fenway pack no I could not imagine I don't think he would enjoy Boston but how do you guys not think about Babe Ruth here you don't want to this is like this is the beginning of the curse of course you don't want to trade away Ohtani but what you're going to do with them Susie the Angels have pretty much my trout should be the most one of the most recognizable and famous athletes on this planet for as great as he is nobody knows who Mike Trout is which is a shame it's a nightmare it's almost like they're wasting some of the greatest baseball that we've never seen because no one's watching it so they lost two nothing to the Rangers last night Ohtani Ohtani struck out double digits for the sixth straight time last guy who did that in Major League Baseball was 2019 Garrett Cole it's and so Ohtani is the guy who's and so Ohtani you can't even quantify what his contract should be or you can't even quantify because there's no how many prospects you can get because you can't compare a guy who can I thought I think I saw I'm gonna botch it but I'll uh you know whatever which is by the way words that should never be said by somebody who's a professional uh a factsayer but I saw a statistic that I think Ohtani leads the league in batting average with runners in scoring position and leads the league with best batting average against as a pitcher with runners in scoring position so in other words he's got the best at knocking in a run when you can and the best at preventing you from getting on base with runners in scoring position as a pitcher when you can get out of here with that I mean how do you put a price tag on that so for Yankees top four prospects whoever whatever they are whoever they are the answer is you bet what else do you want and if you are the Yankees and you mentioned Ruth call somebody on on Broadway uh and say can I sell your production as well because let's do that he is the modern day Babe Ruth let's figure out what do you you know I don't I don't know you is is Wicked still on Broadway I don't know you've been I don't know you've been on Broadway more recently than I am somebody ought to get Phil Nevin on the line and if he doesn't get on the line soon I'm going to start telling Phil Nevin story careful there's a threat there well Phil is you know the inner he's the interim manager and so I I think everything is completely up in the air the whole thing the whole damn thing is interim and and to your point like if you're going to trade away Shoei Ohtani just close up shop like just close it up just just figure it out close up shop why would you why would you want anybody to come to your stadium if you're like we have easily the the most unicorny of unicorns in maybe all of sports wait hold on a minute if we're talking international all of sport sport and we're we're so bereft of opportunity and a plan or whatever and yeah we've shown you we'll pay the money to trout don't forget before Soto and at the same time I think as Harper Anthony Rendon was sent away by Washington or he left Washington and he's now here as well those are three guys that if they're healthy and they can't damn it stay healthy for them you know that kid Walsh they have some pieces around there what the hell like why would you concentrate him he's going to be a free agent at the end of next season he's probably going to leave so I don't know I don't know about that he apparently loves it out here I'm just going to say this Billy Epler the Mets GM is the one who was responsible for Ohtani being with the Angels he was with the team when Ohtani came over he was the one who made the call he helped sign them now he's the Mets GM I'm just saying you want to get used to life TJ the way Rich is used to life as a Jets fan oh boy you're not going to win it's cute your little Mets relationship but it's okay you're not going to get Ohtani even though you like the GM I thought you and I had this type of bond but this is like I do love you like the second time you kind of like you know kind of tried to take a swipe at me it's okay I thought why I'm your biggest fan I love the candle I thought we were here here's the deal this weekend I'm still upset about Buckner what do you want from me I forgot we're still with a Red Sox fan over this weekend if Shoei Ohtani is available are you kidding me is number one and number two in the I would absolutely the Yankees probably just like okay we got Ben attendee we're not going to go for Soto we're going to figure out how we can figure out with pitching whatever but you can get if you can get a left-handed bat with immense pop for Yankee Stadium and fill the spot in the rotation for your playoff run and also for your World Series run and put fannies in the seats like George M Steinbrenner III once said this is a no-brainer and then also for the Angels and their fans a freaking lobotomy one's a no-brainer and the other one is like what really it's insane do you want to win do you want to be a competitor do you want to be a part of a major league baseball I can't stand this give up mentality you have two years left figure it out where's Neven manage manage why manage why do you want Neven's got no juice there right now he's lucky to have this gig right joe madden this team this fact that they couldn't win with joe madden this team was ready to go this team was locked in for the playoff we were we were in middle of may talking about this team finally we're gonna get to see trout in the playoffs and we're gonna see Ohtani in the playoffs and everything just fell off a cliff I don't know what's going on they they need to you know have some sort of a seance there right and and if they trade away Ohtani you've got you've got to be kidding me and I would fall all over myself name it Dodgers they by the way the price would have to go through the roof for the Dodgers to go get him any team any team would want him and certainly any team you can't sit with Soto you'd even be saying great pop but we're taking away all these prospects and kind of need pitching like you could even say that you could even say that about Soto who is incredibly talented and you normally would want to just trip all over yourself to go get but you do even if you're the Dodgers and the Yankees it'd be like really all those prospects I don't know when we could use a couple of prospects here and there and fill the holes that we need and win right now and still have some prospects in our back pocket moving forward we could we could do that but with Ohtani it's like he fills your lineup he fills your rotation and he fills your stadium like I said you can't put a price on like just from the Japanese market this you're talking about a guy who should probably become another billion dollar athlete but he's not going to happen playing for the angels so he's gonna if that for that to happen it's gonna have to go to a New York or come to the Dodgers popcorn ready over the weekend this is all gonna play out over the next 48 hours as the trade deadline is fast approaching in major league baseball as is the end of this first hour call it a heart out in the business uh and our number two Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers will join us Suze's got the what's more likely scenarios that Brockman left behind before he went to Vegas in July coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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