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REShow: Bust Olney - Hour 3 (8-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 1, 2022 3:20 pm

REShow: Bust Olney - Hour 3 (8-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 1, 2022 3:20 pm

ESPN MLB reporter Buster Olney tells Rich why the Brewers surprisingly traded closer Josh Hader to the Padres and if San Diego has a chance to land Juan Soto from the Nationals, if Soto’s possibly leaving in free agency after two years could deter teams like the Padres, Dodgers or Cardinals from giving up a bevy of prospects for the Nats’ slugger, says that the Angels never had any intention of trading Shohei Ohtani this summer but that could change once his free agency approaches, and why the Seattle Mariners could be the most surprising team once the MLB playoffs roll around in October.

Rich reacts to Jerry Jones addressing Jimmy Johnson’s absence from the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor by referring to the 2-time Super Bowl-winning head coach as “sniveling.” 

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says if the 49ers must win a Super Bowl soon to justify their investment in Deebo Samuel and Trey Lance, if Ezekiel Elliott can be a top 5 rusher this season, if the return of Travis Etienne can translated in to 8 or more wins for the Jaguars this season, what Allen Robinson’s and Russell Gage’s addition means to the Rams’ and Buccaneers’ offenses. 

Rich’s son Xander joins the show in-studio and outlines how TJ can revamp the RES Tik Tok page and says why he’s not down with applying the Kyler Murray ‘Study’ clause to his weekly screen time.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Let's jump into Deshaun Watson. This is the Rich Eisen Show. How transparent has Deshaun Watson been with the NFL? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We've seen the NFL come down harder on players in the past that weren't transparent with them.

Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Still to come, Hall of Fame sports columnist Bob Ryan.

Plus ESPN MLB columnist Buster Olney. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We already chatted with Bob Ryan about the late Bill Russell and his greatness and we spoke to Albert Breer about the story of the day in the NFL that Deshaun Watson has been suspended six games for the 2022 season and all the news surrounding that.

My opinion of it, I say it's not enough. And all of that sitting on our YouTube feed Rich Eisen Show for all of that. Chris Brockman sitting in his spot. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts sitting in his spot. Good to see both of you guys over there. What's up Rich?

Good to see you. TJ Jefferson sitting in his spot over there. TJ Woods you can call me now. TJ Woods he played golf this weekend. TJ Moricala. There you go.

TJ Moricala. Very good. Good to see you over there sir.

Great to see you over there. Fantastic. In this hour we're about to get to Buster Olney from the worldwide leader in sports. What's going on with the baseball trading deadline is tomorrow. The coach of the San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan talking about Deebo Samuel being in the fold now.

Deebo. He's back. We'll do our best to get that sound bite turned around as we say in the business. Also in this hour your overreaction Monday correct? That's correct. Okay. Coming up and TJ Jefferson I hope you'll be fine with this but there's you know a conversation to be had on this program about our TikTok feed and we will have an in-studio guest on that subject matter. Okay. So you're bringing in a specialist is what you're saying. My boy.

I told you I could hand I was willing to hand the reins over months ago. Xander kept eyes and physically here. In the in the building? He's here.

What? You can see him he's sitting right there on the couch. I was trying to play Rich.

I'm sorry. Anyway he will be joining us on this program so I wouldn't miss that if I were you. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial but the baseball trading deadline is coming up fast and the man who's got all the information that I'm keen to know from the worldwide leader in sports love listening to him on the broadcast of Sunday night and all the other major league games of note on ESPN. The great Buster Olney is back here on the Rich Eisen show on the Mercedes Benz Vans phone line. How you doing Buster? I'm doing great Rich. How are you?

I'm doing fine. Let's talk about the trade that just went down about an hour ago. Why was Josh Hader traded away and available? Why and they trade him to a a team that they could easily see in the first round in October?

What's up with that? Yeah this is a mid-market slash small market team managing its resources. Josh Hader's been one of the most dominant relievers in baseball but through arbitration he was going to climb to 15 million dollars probably in that range for next year and that's really high for a reliever for a team like the Brewers.

Got a limited payroll. You know it's interesting there have been stories that the the Brewers have been listing on Hader the last few days. They've been listing on Hader for three years like they've told teams all along. Look if you want to make us an offer we're open to it because we know at some point we're going to be dealing the guy and it just got to that tipping point. He had really struggled in the last month you know 13 runs in his last eight and a third innings five homers allowed. So you get the sense of the Brewers kind of you know got out while the getting was good. You know before before Hader's salary began declining for the Padres they they are going for it. There's no doubt about it. You know a lot of talk about A.G. Crowler the general manager being aggressive but their owner is to me one of that Peter Seidler's is probably the closest thing we've seen to the Tigers Mike Ilitch and that it's cost be damned. He's trying to win a championship for his city.

No kidding. So isn't it amazing we now live in a world in which the Padres are the San Diego Padres are taking advantage of a mid-market small market team that wants to mind its p's and q's for not just now but down the road and the Padres are are one of those teams as a have and the question is is can they have Juan Soto? What's the scoop there Buster? Yeah they are down to one of three teams that are involved in this conversation with the Nationals. The Cardinals are also in and I think that you know all things being equal the Cardinals might have the best position prospects major league ready players to offer for Soto. Some of the other general managers doubt whether or not the Cardinals have the stomach to give up the the sort of massive prospect deal that would be required for it. You can't ever rule out the Dodgers are one of the final three teams you know they got Hugh Darvish they got Manny Machado last summer they got Trey Turner and Max Scherzer and you know they've done a phenomenal job of developing players so they have the players to make it happen.

I don't think there's any question the Padres are the most motivated team and they could theoretically make it happen. I think Rich the big question at the moment is you know are the Nationals under ownership mandate to move Soto? Mike Rizzo the general manager has said no that's not the case the team is in the you know in the midst of being transferred in ownership and folks with other teams have wondered you know do the incoming owners want that first big move to be destined force to trade want Soto or are they telling the outgoing owners the Lerner family look you guys have to make that trade we're not going to do that and come on board and immediately trade the best player in the organization.

I do think he's going to get traded most executives who I speak with believe he's going to get traded before the deadline as well. So then what about the idea that you rent Soto for two years right like so what's his contract situation and how that might affect the prospect hall that the Nationals are asking for or eventually might have to settle for Buster? Yeah and look he's under team control for the rest of this year and for the next two years before he come becomes a free agent and that actually makes him attractive to just about every team you know it's not like he's already locked into some 500 million dollar contract now and that makes him accessible if you're the Padres. I don't think they would be acquiring him even worrying about the next contract. I don't think the Cardinals would be worrying about that you know typically St. Louis when they are acquire a player you know Matt Holliday, Mark McGuire, Paul Goldschmidt you know they like the player to come into St. Louis get comfortable and then they work out some sort of an extension. Here's the thing too is that when you're talking about a player like Juan Soto if and when he does get traded it'll be the most significant young player traded since Babe Ruth. He's 23 years old he's on a trajectory to be an inner circle Hall of Famer. This is like trading for Willie Mays in 1955 like trading for Henry Aaron in 1958 like trading for Mike Trout in 2014.

That's how good this guy is and if you look at and if you look at the history of these massive you know prospect young player for superstar type deals whether it's baseball or basketball you can call it Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers. You know it deals in baseball you know Vida Blue, Tom Seaver they always work out to the team that acquires the superstar because you can't replicate the type of production a guy like Juan Soto is going to give you. But if you're a team that's like you said the Padres and Cardinals or whomever that acquires Soto with the the sense of well we have two plus years of contractual control and that's all we're going to basically get them for so hey Nationals we're not going to give you 15 of our top prospects based on that concept. When do we check in with Scott Boris to see if that's okay with him you know like honestly. Yeah and that's a great question. He of course represents Soto.

Yes. I don't think the Padres are worried about that. I think that they're only at the moment concerned about acquiring for this year for the next two years. I think the Cardinals have an eye on that. I think the Dodgers would be the one team among the three that might be concerned and I don't know you know how earnest the Dodgers are in their pursuit. Part of me wonders if they're you know driving the price up for the Padres that they can rival because I you know knowing Andy Friedman Friedman through the years the head of baseball operations for the Dodgers I don't think he likes the idea of paying twice for a superstar level player. The deal that he made for Mookie Betts he basically Alex Verdugo that turned out is the only major league regular that he gave up and then he signed Mookie to that deal that had a lot of deferred money. If you're taking on Juan Soto not only is it going to cost you you know the four or five big-time young player prospects but it also is going to cost you eventually a contract that starts with the number five. Juan Soto is likely to be the first player to get a 500 million dollar contract. Buster Olney here on the Rich Eisen show.

Senior writer from ESPN and a reporter as well during Sunday Night Baseball. So was there a moment over the last three days that Shohei Otani was really open on the market? The Angels put him out there? Did that happen Buster for real? No. In the last two hours I've seen you know a headline breaking Otani's off the mark.

He was never really on the mark. A lot of teams this time of year will tell other teams look if you guys want to you know give us an offer let us know. So much of that is about gathering information for the winter time. You know Artie Moreno the owner of the Angels is hyper aggressive. He's absolutely attracted to stardom which is why he you know went over the head of his general manager and signed Josh Hamilton. Did the same thing with Albert Pujols. Did the same thing with Anthony Rendon. The idea that he's going to give up the shiniest object in baseball a year and a half from free agency.

There was no way that was going to happen. Folks within the Angels organization acknowledge that. Now the reason why you gather information now is they are barrowing toward that moment when they will seriously have to consider trading them because there's a lot of indication that Otani might be ready to move on. Like he you know I mean the Angels have obviously been an incredible disappointment this year. Last year every other year Otani's been there almost every year that Mike Trout has been there and and the conversation within baseball circles is you know what Otani's going to be ready to jump to another team and if that's the case if the Angels I assume early in the off season will make them a big offer if he says no then yeah then you do have to begin to in earnest talk about trading them. Well where might Otani be interested Buster and there's a city so nice they named it twice that I'm thinking of you know but so what are you what are you what are you thinking because he did sign with the Angels when the rest of the free world was trying to get him and the concept was he kind of likes how there's no 24 7 365 sports talk radio and 15 newspapers coming at him what's his what's his his wants do you think on that? That's exactly right I was talking with the general manager yesterday who was going back over his notes from the time that Otani was available and the message that the teams got after pick the Angels was look he just doesn't want to have all the hoopla and be the number one guy he can go to the Angels he could just focus on baseball Mike Trout can be the headliner and and he can just do his thing well you know that clearly has changed now because he is the brightest object in baseball you know he's the one of a kind no one's ever done what he's done as a two-way player and you wonder if he's moved that beyond that part of his career where he is ready to be the headliner I've wondered about the Mets because Billy Epler was the most important person the former general manager the Angels to lure Otani he had developed a really great relationship with him to lure Otani to the Angels well Billy Epler's moved on to the Mets who are now owned by the richest owner in baseball and you would assume that when Otani becomes a free agent after the 2023 season that Steve Cohen and the Mets may take a run at him you wonder about the Mariners who you know they they signed each row in the past if Otani wants to stay on the west coast that would be an interesting place and of course the Dodgers even though you know there would be a lot more attention in theory media attention playing with the Dodgers he'd be surrounded by Mookie Betts and other star players you wouldn't have to shoulder that entire burden so it's going to be interesting to see uh what what he decides uh how he begins to steer this process if he begins to steer this process process and what Artie um you know decides to do in terms of when to pull the plug I don't know if the Mets go and get him or he's interested in the Mets George Steinbrenner might come back from the dead just to stay over my dead body and then go back to the grave buster I gotta tell you it's one of my great things that I'm really excited about you and I have never seen in our lifetimes that moment when the Mets its full superpower strength and the Yankees its full superpower strength have gone after the same guy it's almost like they politely have deferred to the other team in various moments in their respective histories but at some point whether it's uh Tani whether it's Soto and free agency we are destined to have a full-blown uh Mets versus Yankees showdown for player heck maybe it'll happen this winter for Aaron Judge oh gosh he's so awesome and so locked in buster there's no question about that uh in the couple minutes I have left with you here you know here on the program with all due respect to Soto you know um and and everyone else we on this program you know talk so much about um so many star players in baseball nothing moves the needle like Oh Tani nothing nothing comes close to moving the needle like Oh Tani and I'm just wondering if his decision might be affected by trout's health what's going on with trout what is going on with him buster so when the athletic trainer spoke to the reporters the other day and talked about the condition that he said that trout would have to manage uh you know I got mutual friends with trout I didn't speak to him directly but they were all right away like no that you know that's not that serious like yeah it's a concern and he's gonna have to get treatment he got a shot last week and but the full expectation uh is that he's going to to play again this year and they assume he's gonna play next year you know the messaging I got back from the folks I talked to was this is not as big of a deal as that long sounding name of the condition that he has um you know we'll see uh he's certainly you know he's over 30 now you hope he continues um it's a fair question and if you're Oh Tani you're right you're looking at the Angels they just can't put together enough pitching they seem to step on their themselves all the time and now you've got this situation with trout if you're Oh Tani you're going to want a chance to win that's what I've heard time and time again about him is that he just wants to win now uh as he moves forward and if you look at how the Angels have done in recent years they would not be candidate number one for that last one for you buster only uh every other year it seems you know there could be uh let's just say the Cardinals from a few years from a few years ago team that's out of it or you know average moribund sleeping right around august first today's date and then in october it's like wow that was when things turned and they made a run and look how deep they're going into october which team do you think has the best chance to be that team this time around buster only and you could include the 2019 Nationals in that category some raids last year uh you know below 500 in the trade deadline I'm going to pick the Seattle Mariners who made that really aggressive trade for Luis Castillo the other day other teams are shocked how much they gave up but this is a team that has made the playoffs in 21 years they have uh baseball's you know brightest rookie superstar in Julia Rodriguez they now have a the sort of rotation that you can win a short series with I wouldn't be surprised if they do more before the trade deadline they've been playing great that to me is the team to watch Buster Olney thanks so much greatly appreciate it let's chat again soon look for more of my texts and and calls thank you sir enjoy tonight thanks red you got a Buster Olney part of Red Sox and Astros tonight on the worldwide leader right here on the Rich Eisen Show I follow him on twitter you should as well the great Buster Olney he as you know uh oh you may not know Buster Olney has been you know he worked for the New York Times before the worldwide leader and the folks in Bristol hired him so he knows New York baseball he's not wrong T.J. Jefferson when the Yankees were the Yankees of the 70s and George Steinbrenner was paying all that money the Mets were in the toilet yeah after having that magical run in 69 and 73 then it just went after you know coming into being in 1962 and then the Yankees went south after Reggie leaves and Winfield becomes Mr. May and right in the thick of the my baseball people said Ken Phelps for Jay Buhner era the Howie Spira era the Mets win the World Series in 86 and but they go into the best team money can buy spiral and that was kind of the only time best team that money can buy when the Mets were trying to spend and give Bobby Bonilla an annu and uh an annuity all the way to this day and passed and then the Wilpons come in and we all know that they became financially strapped in the Yankees or the Yankees the Yankees and Mets have never had the same spending power and desire at the same time for the same all-time potentially great free agent that's never happened Mets weren't in on Reggie they weren't in on Reggie they weren't in on Winfield they weren't on any of that interesting oh Tani's free and the Mets and the Yankees start spending together Billy Epler he's the key yeah right I'm telling you they will have a seance George Steinbrenner will come back from the dead and say over my dead body is this happening and then he'll go back to the grave and Oh Tani will be in Yankee Stadium it's not happening it's a new day okay let's put a pin in that one put a pin in that one baby this is great because a pin in that George is gone and uncle Stevie's here and he wants his own type of legacy they should absolutely have another episode of billions on that not to wait let's take a break here overreaction monday monday jerry jones has also chimed in on why jimmy johnson's not on the ring of honor you mean we almost made it through a whole show without a dallas that's right that's sniveling story when we return as well our friends at calloway want to remind you we've been talking about what their driver their irons their putters and their wedges around the greens just a reminder there's a golf ball you need to play with and it's the calloway chrome soft family there is just like the driver and the irons the wedges and the putters a version of it that fits your game to perfection that is why calloway has made everyone better by taking the chrome soft and giving you every type of performance that you can have by using the right version of chrome soft i use the regular chrome soft that's for the widest range of golfers you do feel a difference you do get more distance you can have more and forgiveness when you you miss just like i do if you're a player looking for more workability there's the chrome soft x there's tour level short game control there the chrome soft x ls gives you a lower spin golf ball on longer shots a firmer feel still with high spin and a little bit more of a firmer feel still with high spin around the greens every chrome soft is enhanced with precision technology which uses design techniques and manufacturing specifications up to one one thousandth of an inch that's what ensures that they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf ball possible add it all up so simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft so when jimmy johnson went into the pro football hall of fame jerry was there you know and they seemed to have a a great admiration and respect for each other and it did appear that that helped build a bridge between the two men that as we all know won a super bowl together and then won another super bowl together only to have jerry fire him summarily and replace him with barry switzer fascinatingly enough uh troy's uh college coach before he went to ucla right if i'm not mistaken he told jimmy no at oklahoma state and said yes to switzer at oklahoma right i believe that then went to ucla yeah just interesting fascinating stuff about the dallas cowboys because they're just fascinating every single thing that happens with them certainly when jerry jones addresses matters publicly so newy scrubs who has been covering the cowboys locally there for channel five the channel five nbc affiliate there in uh in dallas had a sit down with jerry in oxnard just up the road here and uh asked him various questions and got to the one about jimmy johnson not in the ring of honor you know which is inside the stadium itself and when is jimmy going to get in the ring of honor he's now in the hall and the idea that he's not in the ring of honor apparently is because jerry doesn't want it yet or he just can't seem to put jimmy there yet meaning whatever water that seemingly went underneath the canton bridge still exists and is roaring that river is running through it so newy asked jerry about jimmy being in the ring of honor and pointed out to him that to some the fact that jimmy's not there is because jerry's still being petty about it hey okay that was the way jerry was uh asked about this and here's his response tamping down apparently pushing back on the notion that jerry's being petty about it but listen for the one word that stands out among the rest you tell me which word it is after we finish the soundbite hit it it's bs for anybody to be making anything i've said i'm going to put him in now when i put him in and the circumstances and what i do with that uh there's a lot more than jimmy to think about here and i've got a lot of other lives out here that have laid a lot on the line on the field that uh need to be in that ring of honor as well and so uh how i do that what i do it with uh uh uh i get to make that decision and it isn't at the end of the day all tailored around uh whether uh jimmy's sniveling or not which word stands out to you i have two there's just one mike i don't need you to confuse the situation there's one word that stands out circumstances no no sniveling sniveling that was uh that was too sniveling that was my second let me give you the definition of sniveling in case you need it okay the noun the action of crying and sniffing in a feeble or fretful way whoo you sniveling sniveling jimmy johnson write it down as a possibility of our fantasy team name please sniveling jimmy johnson what a way to tamp down the notion that you're being petty about putting him in the ring of honor wow wow how about them apples it's it's the most disappointing breakup in sports history in my opinion jimmy johnson who knows what could have happened if those two could have put the ego aside and just worked for the collective great you saw one three out of four it had never been done before it's just ridiculous let me rephrase what i said it had never been done before is what i said no i'm saying you're the patriots of the 90s that's what you're saying the patriots no you are the patriots of the 90s they've done three out of four could have been four in a row could have been four in a row it was an epic nfc championship game and candlestick i was there we're dealing with but we won't talk about it i was a member of the the media for reading california's abc affiliate fox went krc our television spirit of the north state i was there it was all muddy that day a lot of cowboys fans were sniveling over that non-pass interference call see how i used it yeah in the way that it's normally used to use sniveling jimmy your thoughts can't wait that's got to be the first order of business when fox gets him on a set jimmy care to answer sniveling but he's sniveling over but he said he's putting him in i don't know what yeah exactly once again before we get to your overreaction wonder what you're about to get to we have to on the rich isin show come up with a petty ranking things that are where it depends because there's different grades of scale the petty scale petty scale richard petty the king is the king right so that's the that's the highest level of pet number one lori petty that's that's lower you gotta put tom petty tom might be so it goes richard tom yep lori kyle no it goes richard tom kyle lori bryce that's a whole lot of levels we only need five levels it's five levels it's like a five level it's too many you need three levels it's a threat chart it's too many it's like defcon it's like the defcon yeah yeah yeah richard tom remembers kyle no it gets easy we'll make a graphic richard tom kyle lori bryce bryce and so we're saying you know it seems like it was uh kyle level of petty that he's not in the ring of honor yet yeah when you say sniveling that puts it up to tom if not richard and jerry's saying we're talking price come on i'm gonna put them in i've got other people to consider those who are not one would assume sniveling about it sniveling wow oh baby this has nothing to do with this year obviously why oh because this has got nothing to do with this year i'm just saying unless mike mccarthy starts sniveling for his job oh yeah i'll just leave that where it is shut out rich okay everybody it's a monday let's do it time for overreaction monday here in the rich has a show hit it hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks overreaction mondays monday all righty everybody go for it christopher hey rich who's one of the teams that you love the most raiders how about the other one niners yes debo samuel's back signed he's on the practice field today he's never gone he was holding in even he was hypothetically gone yes how about this the 49ers need to reach the super bowl in the next three years for the lance debo moves to be worth it i'll agree with that i'll agree with that yeah although uh the reason why it's three years is because of debo lance is going to be there for quite some time right debo thing is three years you got a three-year window yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay justify the picks justify all the money i see it i don't think that's overreaction we gotta have it while debo's in this window right now and you never know and receivers hit 30 as you know right i mean we gotta go and trace and trade the trey lance move is much longer term than three years oh sure yeah that's like if trey lance and the niners don't make the super bowl in the next three years we could still get that one down the road yeah but you got the debo window okay i'll say that's uh i'll say that's not overreaction over and around what about chant niner championships in the next three years 0.5 they win a super bowl in the next three years come on man what do you want me to say yes no i'm not gonna sit here and say no that's wilson one and his rookie you know what i'm not gonna say no they will not win a super bowl over the next three years and then have me look like max kellerman three years from now saying they're gonna be a bum and trey lance tweeting at me about his new swimwear deal uh no i'm not gonna say they're saying no they will not of course they can what's next chris you're not gonna trap me in that window i tried i tried all right jerry jones uh in addition to talking about the ring of honor he also said that zeke elliott has to be the focus of the cowboys run game this season he does not how about this zeke elliott's gonna finish top five rushing this year on on uh i i i look at the numbers before you this stammer and stutter why not sure that's not let's put it this way that's not an overreaction of course that's not no being in top five even though you've said all that long about tony pollard just because i think tony pollard makes it a smarter move for them and zeke shouldn't be in top five of running this year they should save him to start hitting people and you know eating in january like let pollard take the hits in between september and december and then start tenderizing people in the playoffs with zeke that's the way it should go in my mind last year number fifth was uh number five was 1159 delvin cook okay he can do it 1200 for zeke i think it should be split even tj i mean rich has really talked me into using pollard to save zeke so if he doesn't finish top five i'm not good i mean he was seven last year he had a thousand and two so i i'm okay with him not being in top five and that saves him and we're winning football games obviously why not hit you with a home run if you'd have to instead of i don't know obviously it games dictate and what you should do to try and take time off the clock or what have you but to me zeke is you know longer in the tooth than before let him and pollard split it you want to give it 60 40 to zeke fine but save him for december and january and february that's the zeke i want to see from a dallas cowboy fan what else you got over there christopher reports down in jacksonville the travis atn has been the star of the jags cam let's go all right i'm ready to go i knew that last year trevor lawrence travis atn they're gonna have the jags winning at least eight games this year sniffing 500 come on well there's one way to find that out chris sniffing 500 pull the schedule sniffing 500 for jacksonville all right they have not urban not urban meyer i think that's an overreaction i can't say that they won't atn christian kirk yeah i mean every everybody's schedule is difficult and obviously they've got a last place schedule in the afc south so um i i will say that that is an overreaction as you know i think doug peterson might be worth two wins and then you give him two more wins because he's not urban meyer that'll give him six or give him what that'll give him seven uh you're in their realm you're you're entering the rose that's just to me right now an overreaction i will say that i got them four four and five in the first night okay i'll take that that gives you hat that gives you halfway to uh halfway to eight what else christopher uh we you know you said last week we don't talking about the rams i want to talk about the rams right now so van jefferson is having another knee surgery coming up yes sir but you know he's having a great camp at wide receiver alan robinson i'm gonna say this edition he is the most important piece of the rams offense this season no just his addition overreaction what he's gonna add to the offense mostly because we already know all the important parts of the oven but adding this the most important piece to like really get them back to the super uh i i i hear you that would obviously be stafford and how his arm is doing and then next up is can cooper cup do it again because if he can't then yeah robinson becomes that much more important but i this is cooper cup's world and we're all living in it right now i i appreciate what you're saying but you know they they got to the position last year that they were in without robert woods you know towards the end of the season yep and and then o'dell stepped in and he didn't really take command of things until late in december anyway so i i i'm i i i'd be more concerned about stafford's arm how it's going to hold up and then cup but just a reminder they got alan robinson and they got bobby wagner end of story now athletics and coaches are in love with alan robin why not why wouldn't they be and robinson must be like is this the way it goes in the nfl i didn't know that i love this music all right well this music right here all right last one last one we know the julio jones went to the bucks right it looks good so far but i'm gonna say russell gauge rich 10 plus touchdowns you know how i feel about him 10 plus touchdowns still in overreaction because there's still so much going on there with evans and you know how i feel about russell gauge i i'm telling you i've told you i'm telling you again russell is the number one under the radar acquisition this year period end of story todd moles has said his defense has been unable to cover russell gauge and training gauge in tampa with evans and godwin coming back and then you've got julio jones is just a nice little added attraction with scotty miller the tight end that they brought in and kyle rudolph russell gauge is going to be significant for tom brady and he's going to find him a lot 10 plus is saying a lot though so i'll say that's an overreaction but he's actually he's that good okay christopher thank you you're welcome greatly appreciate it um let's uh let's uh take this phone call real quick here on the rich eisen show john in louisville kentucky's been hanging on for a while what's up john hey rich how you doing today sir what's going on hey first i want to thank you for taking my call and i also want to thank you for the character that you've shown in uh talking about the deshawn watson case i mean as someone that works for the nfl it'd be very easy for you to you know go the other way and just say what you think would be you know what people want to hear and you know go go along that line so i appreciate you talking you know showing character and talking about the way you feel thank you appreciate that well i might my thing is as a brown fan for a long time like what what message does this send to other players in the league there's a lot of good guys in this league but what message is this going to send to the league about how they can treat women like because even if you believe deshawn watson did you know didn't sexually assault these women he obviously has a problem he was still predatory like 60 some cases of you know setting up massages with people that aren't even masseuses and things like that i just kind of wanted to hear your opinion on what you thought what kind of message does a six game suspension something that light send to the rest of the league well uh i appreciate you saying that and uh that's what i said at the top of this program and why i think you know i i do want to read the entire opinion tonight before i chime on on it uh any longer so i'll have a better i think and thanks for the call i'll have a better formulated uh answer as to what i've read and why sue robinson decided to give the six games and what i think the league should do from here on out but if you miss what i had said at the top of the show slash rich isin show for all of that and in terms of saying what i say you know uh i'm i'm fortunate again to work uh at the nfl network and have uh the commissioner tell me before when he was the co of the league and what he's told me is the commissioner of the league is just say what you want to say say what's in your heart and your gut that's what we hired you for that's why i'm sitting here on this show so i'm appreciative of that all right we will take a break and uh when we come back um we're gonna up our uh our game tj i don't know what you are you working on your tick the latest tick tock video right there at the very second no i was just looking at twitter what were you doing just looking at twitter okay that's your job well yeah in part in part okay the rich isin show resident tick tock expert my son zander is here in studio uh and we're gonna take advantage of his summer break by having him right here in studio this is gonna i have no idea how this is gonna go but he's gonna join us next right here on the program i wouldn't miss it if i were you my son zander isin resident tick tock expert is here on the program where utilizing your remaining days off before your eighth grade season begins it's three weeks my birthday's on friday well i know that by the way you turn you turn 14 on friday ladies and gentlemen my son's yeah okay so you're saying our tick tock page looks too much like a fan page like i feel like the reason why you guys aren't aren't getting that many followers they don't feel like people want to see they want to follow i guess the actual show yes and what you should do is actually like i've seen there's videos with brockman in it i've seen a video about a minute that looks like it's a part of the show like i was like oh maybe that will go we'll get views and it did and i just feel like more of those videos are more of just uploads from youtube and when you reach a thousand followers i've said you can really just put a phone there and you can just you can just uh have the show go on live no and i know you guys do that for youtube i'm pretty sure you guys like we're not live on youtube we're just like still like if you're on you know if you're on peacock right like you also can do tick tock at the same time too and it will get the more fan basis because i know a lot of my friends at camp yes really really really like your show and they are all talking about how like sometimes while they're in the car they listen to it on the radio but at school they can't really listen to it and that like so tick tock is the way to sometimes the reason to reach kids are you telling me that kids are watching tick tocks at school a lot of the time kids are at my school no i'm just kidding no you can't take that back good follow up there you know what zan um i appreciate the tips um i've got something for you okay you may have missed this over the last several days because you were in fashion camp and you were doing your own thing right yeah that kylar murray of the arizona cardinals they put in his contract which they paid him handsomely that he gets guaranteed money in his contract that's money's guaranteed sort of like say your allowance if you do your if you don't mind you might be picking up my dog's poop that's correct and they told me when dylan took a nice oh careful whoa whoa easy just like go pick it up it was like warm i was like mom okay thank you for that information but so here's the deal that there is a clause in his contract zander that he's got to do his study work outside of work sort of like say homework there it is on the screen right there where there's a clause where he's got to do his homework and if he doesn't he doesn't get his guaranteed money and wait a minute can we put the relevant clause up here that you tell me if this sounds familiar not not the fact that he's doing this study but his independent study that if you take a look at the bottom of it it says the he cannot he must take his ipad okay with the information on it and view it and he cannot as you look at player if you look at b player cannot be engaged in any other activity that may distract his attention for example watching television playing video games or browsing the internet what do you think of that clause then what do you think if we struck a deal for you with your homework it's already happening i thought so i thought it's already happening because you guys blocked all of the like all of like the you guys block like youtube and all that stuff in my computer so i can't fake doing my homework on the gun wait a minute oh is that what you're doing no chris it sounds like that's what he's doing for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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