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REShow: Adam Rank/Brendan Fitzgerald - Hour 2 (8-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 5, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Adam Rank/Brendan Fitzgerald - Hour 2 (8-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 5, 2022 3:12 pm

NFL Network’s Adam Rank joins guest host Randy Sklar in-studio to discuss the Raiders’ chances to overtake the Chiefs to win the AFC West, if this is Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ year to win the Super Bowl, if the Rams should be worried about Matthew Stafford’s elbow, if Justin Herbert can take the Chargers to the next level this season, why NFL teams are more willing to give young quarterbacks a shot to start earlier in their careers, and what to expect from the Detroit Lions on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’  

UFC announcer Brendan Fitzgerald tells Randy why Paddy Pimblett is the sport’s biggest up-and coming start, reacts to news that Conor McGregor plans to star in a remake of the Patrick Swayze class ‘Road House’ and much more.

TJ breaks out his ‘Big-Ass Grab Bag’ to list his top 5 all-time favorite UFC fighters including Randy Couture, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and others.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show show show. We'll tread water as long as it takes to bury you. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. So everyone's wondering who's going to replace Devonta Adams? Ayahuasca.

I just want some ayahuasca for myself. Sometimes I think you're on it Mike. Earlier on the show the batting stance guy Guy Reines coming up. Host of the sick podcast from the NFL network Adam Rank. UFC play-by-play announcer Brendan Fitzgerald. Plus Big Ten network host Dave Rebsen. And now sitting in for Rich it's Randy Sklar. There we go. There we go.

That's how we do it. Randy Sklar filling in for Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen Show. We trade one beautiful bald bearded man talking about sports for another. These are two of my favorite guys. Oh my gosh.

Adam Rank of the NFL network. You took issue. You came here early.

I was here early. And you took issue with a few. I got a number of things if I can get off my chest. Get into your camera.

Speak down the barrel buddy. The fact that Gar left. Why are you sitting here? We'll do panel. Like the old Tonight Show.

Like that was like one of the greatest. You only have one chair. There's plenty of room here. We could have pulled in a chair. We could have pulled in a chair. We could have built two folks chair.

It doesn't matter. Like some of the greatest moments in television are guys doing panel. Like Norm McDonald, Courtney Thorne-Smith. Like nowadays that would never happen.

No. Jimmy Fallon's out there trying to recreate magic. It's like it's never going to happen unless you have somebody doing panel. I agree. Burt Reynolds and the dude from Win Loser Draw. Oh. That was another classic one. Oh yeah. On the Leno.

Like the old Leno show. It was for uh he was in Double Dare. It was Mark Summers.

Mark Summers. And Burt Reynolds when he tried to throw the water on him and then he threw the water. I mean that was like. He did pies afterwards.

This never happened. I was like Mark Summers don't get into Burt Reynolds marriage history. Like you're in the wrong area. You're out of your depth. The fact that Burt stayed for you and that's where you went.

Like what is wrong with you? Didn't he do Supermarket Sweep too? I believe Mark Summers did Supermarket Sweep. We'll check on that and we'll find that out. And I also by the way I also love that you bring me on to these shows. Like the only time I get to do Rome, the only time I get to do Eisen is when you're there. You're like the backup quarterback who comes into the game but he throws to the second team guy.

That's right. Like you come into the game you're like I'm not I'm not throwing it to Devonta Adams. I'll throw it to my guy.

I'm going at the rank because we practice together. We know. We have a chemistry.

We have a thing. So did you watch any of the game yesterday or were they I think there were two games. I was I was on a flight coming back from Chicago. I was out there for training camp but I did come back and watch a little bit of it. Do we learn anything?

Nothing. But the Raiders are good. The Raiders are going to be good this year.

What do we think? I think a lot of people continue to overlook the fact that the Raiders made the playoffs last season. Yes they did. Like everybody talks about the AFC West. Oh they're loaded up.

They're ready to go. I'm not so sure about the Raiders and you're like I'm sorry the team that made the playoffs that eliminated the Chargers. I know. In a in a what was essentially a playoff game they add Devonta Adams. They add Chandler Jones. Like that's the thing that kind of goes under the radar. Like we're laughing at the TikToks of Hunter Renfro and an Uber but we're like oh yeah they also got Chandler Jones who's one of the best most excellent pass rushers in the game going alongside the other guy they got there.

Now I'm like space. Yeah but I've been traveling too much. But yeah they beefed up their team. A team that already made the playoffs.

Yes. I mean so did Denver. So did Denver. Well Denver was already a good team. They were already a good team and then they added a component to me.

But I think Kansas City. I know a lot of people. I know if Stone Street was here you'd be upset with me. Yeah let's hear it. But like I think getting rid of Tyreek Hill is a bigger mistake. It's a bigger deal than a lot of people are talking about. I will say this when you're talking about fantasy production.

Yeah. Patrick Mahomes is going to go out there and put up numbers. He will. Like you look at it and you know he's listen his passer rating without Tyreek Hill was over a hundred. He had seven touchdowns no interceptions. That's fine but if you went back and looked at that game against Buffalo. I mean I don't know what game you're talking about. The greatest game ever played in the history of football.

Yeah I don't know that game. But that was Tyreek Hill. Like a lot of that was. Most of that was Tyreek Hill.

I mean Tyreek Hill was like the guy who just kept on raining threes in like a pickup basketball game at like a YMCA and like he keeps coming down and the other guys are like guard him. They can't. Guard him. They couldn't. They could not. They could not stop him. You knew where it was going.

Yes. And every time it's like and not just a 10 yard over the middle he turns into 15. Like 30 yard across the middle. I'm like no one's seeing this coming. How is this guy dusting everybody? Put four guys on him. You can't stop him. Make someone else beat you. But again you know Travis Kelsey you got some other weapons.

He's got weapons. You have players you'll be fine but there's a difference. Will they be as good as. There's a difference between like are you a playoff team are you a Super Bowl team. I think Tyreek Hill makes them a Super Bowl team. I think they're just they're good. They're a good team. So is this the year that Josh Allen if he doesn't get into fights with everyone on the team during practice. Is this a year that he that the Bills can take it over the top and perhaps go to the Super Bowl win one for the great Jew Marv Levy. I love him.

The great Jew in the sky. I think he's still alive but anyway. He just had a birthday right. He did. 96 or something.

Just turned 97 I was told. Yeah there you go. Don't get ahead of yourself. I know but he's amazing.

I like the Bills. I think everything's been building to this point. Like it is one of those things like if you're watching a movie or if you're in a professional wrestling and you're like this has been the build. Like we all know that when WrestleMania is at SoFi Cody Rhodes is winning the title.

That's right. Like we just know like that's exactly what's going to happen. That's what the Bills feel like.

They feel like Cody Rhodes. Maybe Josh Allen should go out there get a tattoo on his neck. Yes. Like fulfill the whole thing.

Thank you. But I think the biggest thing is getting Von Miller was such a huge deal for them. And again people overlook this and it's probably because of dorks like me who are so into fantasy football. But all we care about is if Gabe Davis is going to have you know 15 touchdowns this year and not be like getting Von Miller significant.

Because last year when he went to the Rams it was a perfect situation for him. It's like listen bro we don't care what you do during the regular season. Show up come playoff time. And I think that that's what Buffalo's trying to do.

They're like do it when it counts. We already have a great defense. We already play in a stadium where and in a in an outdoor stadium that's freezing most of the year that make it hard to just put up video game numbers. So we already kind of have that. We tamp down your offense by coming in here.

Right. You add him on on that sort of hopefully for the postseason run. Do the Rams look obviously they lost Von Miller. Do the Rams look like they can repeat or. Well I'm already starting to get worried. Like Matt Matthew Stafford they're having issues like oh that's the kind of the thing that a baseball player has been dealing with and worried about his arm. Like that's what I don't want to hear. You don't have anything like his shoulder shoulder soreness.

What is happening? Like then shut him down. Like there's another guy like yeah we're good. We know we know what he's got. You know he's going to give Johnny Dubs out there. Let him play some some preseason games. I'm excited about having Allen Robinson out there.

I think a lot of people are sleeping on him. Like what happened last season should just be disregarded. Like that that was a whole that's a Matt Nagy situation.

That was mishandled. Allen Robinson has been one of the best professionals. He's played with some of the worst quarterbacks in NFL history and gone out there put up great numbers. Yeah he's a great receiver. I think if Matthew Stafford is healthy then Allen Robinson puts up top five numbers and I think we're gonna see something special out of him. I'm rooting for him. Anybody from Chicago like we're we're cool. Like Allen Robinson did nothing wrong. Like we're good with him still.

No need to go after him. So I mean it's funny I don't know if we said this to you on our when you came and did our podcast. I feel like Justin Herbert is like west coast Josh Allen. They're very similar. They can run big. Both guys are 6'6", 6'5", 6'6".

Great arms. Doesn't get credit for his athletic ability. Right and I think like he can run.

I think Herbert I don't know why I feel like this could be a breakthrough year for the Chargers this year. Oh my gosh I hope so because you know you you had Gar out here and you're talking about Mike Trout which by the way I love Fernando Tatis. Yeah amazing player.

But when you guys are sitting like stop it. If it's not Shohei Ohtani it's nobody. Ohtani is the guy.

I'm a Showtime guy. He's the face of baseball. Why is he in the witness protection program down in the Angels? He's fine. He's not in Whit. No you can come see him any time. He hit two home runs yesterday.

My kids were there watching the game. I'm saying he's lost. Where do you go? It doesn't. Who cares? What do you mean who cares?

I have a set. What does it matter? Mike Trout has 12 career post-season at bats. I know. Spoken like a true angel fan.

Listen what does it matter? Would I have liked them to be in the playoffs? Yes.

Yes. But you guys don't care. You're a Boston fan. You don't care.

Like if Dustin Pedroia never played in a playoff game I would have never cared. Wow. And it's like one of those things. Wow.

Exactly. He has three rings and MVPs. Listen I also didn't like him because you know Cal State Fullerton we had a rivalry with ASU. David Extine had to come to the Cardinals to win a world series MVP. Yeah but he won his second title.

That's right because he did win one with the Angels. Scott Spezio is running over a highway somewhere you know in a crack bender. We're the 2002 reunion this season and they all came out and it was amazing to see people like Spezio.

I'm like Spezio. He made it there. John Mackey came back.

Spezio came out on the field with just one shoe on. You're like what's going on right now? Yeah he was an amazing player. So I don't even know what my point was. Oh but what I hope though to your point.

Yeah. I hope that Herbert doesn't become like when we did that when we when the Angels didn't forget it I go to enough games I spend enough money there. When we debuted the City Connect jerseys and they had Justin Herbert as part of it and you're like oh don't don't do this to this guy because if you're if you're talking about somebody who could be the Mike Trout of football you're like oh wait like because like everybody's just already assuming the Chargers are going to the playoffs and you're like I've seen this movie before yeah absolutely I don't want to say and you're like they're like well they brought in Khalil Mack you're like yeah that guy played seven games last year right like there's J.C. Jackson you're like yeah like you know when when Tennessee brought in Butler, Malcolm Butler they thought they were getting the guy who won the Super Bowl and it did not work out like these things don't always work. I'm rooting for Justin Herbert. I'm a huge fan. I love Austin Eckler. I love the Chargers.

I want them to get over the hump. Me too and I think it's it's good for the game if they do it's nice I think the NFL as far as star power specifically in the quarterback rooms is in the best shape of any league because you've got old time great veterans that are the Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, old time then you got mid-level guys who've been around the Russell Wilsons of this world who've been around those guys are great and can still put up crazy numbers and still really good and then you have a lot of young dudes. I would put Mahomes, I would put Josh Allen, I would put Justin Herbert and a handful of others that I'd put Tua in there you never know what that kid's gonna do so it's like they are so there are so many franchises you know the quarterback for the Jets if he ever stops hanging out with his mom's friends.

The second year the second year guys you know like you look at Trevor Lawrence last year Trey Lance is gonna start, Zach Wilson. So where does Jimmy Garoppolo go? I don't know I think he got to hold out and just kind of figure out because unfortunately.

Who would he help the most? I don't see I don't know like if he went to Seattle I think he was probably better than the guys that they have there right now but there's there's not a lot of but also you know the the bad part of training camp is that sometimes these jobs come open. Sam Bradford was traded to Philadelphia a couple of years ago because an injury opened up a spot like honestly if I'm the the commanders like why did you spend all that money for Carson Wentz?

That's right. You could have gotten Jimmy Garoppolo and said I know that Garoppolo is coming off an injury and that kind of you know hurt things a little bit. But Wentz isn't Wentz had like the most gruesome injury ever a couple of years ago. I you know what about Garoppolo to a team like the Bears now I know you don't want to curb what Justin Fields is doing that's not going to do that but like he's a guy that if things aren't working he's a kind of a insurance policy almost if you well I mean that's why they brought in Trevor Simeon they brought in the guy from Northwestern he comes in he's the guy he's not going to push him you want to commit to your number one quarterback. You want Justin Fields to work out. That's the biggest issue what happened last year is they brought in they drafted Justin Fields. When has an Ohio State uh quarterback worked out I mean no unbelievable prospects. But these guys are not being drafted as number one quarterbacks like there have been since Art Schleister there's been one other first round quarterback who was Dwayne Haskins and then it was Justin Fields they were not producing it's not like they were turning out these quarterbacks who were first round draft picks who went on to be busts they were like guys who were good college quarterbacks who weren't specifically going to play well in the NFL. They had NFL running backs they had defensive guys that they and they had wide receivers Ohio State. But now that'll probably start changing with Ryan Day and then we'll start seeing more Ohio State quarterbacks and it's just a narrative that's hopefully going to go away but like a lot of teams like when you draft a quarterback in the first round you should like use him like let him take first team reps like it's insane. I mean you should give it a try you absolutely should give it a try and I feel like people are more willing teams are more willing to do that because yeah well everybody was doing it last year like Mac Jones they got like the Patriots got rid of Cam Newton who Cam Newton could obviously still play but they're like we don't want any distractions but the Bears like the Patriots get rid of a Hall of Famer right but the Bears are like oh we got Andy Dalton oh we can't insult this guy like we promised Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton's your friend that you barely see that you flake on at the last second that's fine. Sorry Andy. I remember I told you I was gonna go to the movies with you.

I know you bought the tickets but exactly you can find someone else to go with you it's five minutes before the movie Andy Dalton's sitting there with an extra ticket. Surprises this year teams that you feel like will surprise you who do you think is like gonna come out of nowhere and have a season that will be memorable? I would say you know who a team I don't want it to be I don't want it to be Detroit because people are already hard knocks maybe that's the thing. Hard knocks is the curse of hard knocks? I'm tired of Detroit already like everybody acting hard knocks hasn't even started yet. I know but it's like every Dan Campbell every Dan Campbell interview you're just saying ridiculous things Kyle Brandt was on Good Morning Football talking about what was this saying like unfragile he had something about drowning the other day like oh we're gonna keep churning we're gonna keep churning until we we bury you like that's not the metaphor that's not even a metaphor churning and everybody they want to act like you know like hey they were three and three at the end of last year like they were three and 14 like that's three and that's not a good thing you want to be three and three at the end of the year not three wins and you know oh my gosh is Jared Goff still the quarterback did I miss a memo I feel like Jared Goff was replaced by somebody he's still there exactly okay so why are we like Aiden Hutchinson program changing player and he might be I think he has in him yeah JJ Watt DNA and you watch the hard knocks of the Houston and he was the guy in Houston he was the guy who stayed after and signed every autograph he was the guy that the kids were really excited to see if Aiden Hutchinson can be that and I'm saying look he may be more TJ Watt than JJ Watt but like you never know whatever like that even that would be amazing I think I would take TJ Watt especially at this point maybe that's the beginning of the turning around I like it and he's a hometown guy and it's a great story so I don't want to besmirch I don't want to besmirch Detroit like they're fine yeah like again you talk about wrestling you need the you need the jobber you need the jobber that you think is gonna win you're like is is the guy who shows up in the ring is Taka gonna beat Triple H like I don't know he's the guy who shows up in the ring he's already in the ring he doesn't have a sweat coat or anything he just has like a one like kind of a not that glittery jacket yeah like he's kind of comes in Smith is he's gonna get over like when you first time you saw Orange Cassidy you thought like that gimmick wouldn't work and then you're like oh my god this guy is amazing I don't want that for the line Orange Cassidy Orange Cassidy is the vanilla sky of wrestlers there you go how about that people can follow you at Adam Rank yep on Twitter I had on Twitter and on Instagram it's Adam Rank NFL because there's some kid in the in the in the UK who's this kid Adam Rankin like he's not like use your full name your full name what is happening use your full name that's all I'm asking there's an English Premier League pundit named Adam Rankin and he had to switch data I don't know I'm just guessing something crazy give him back his thing but Adam Rank NFL on Instagram and people can see you're about to go run over there I'm like I'll do total access today I've been doing the gamut I did GMFB this morning love it came here to do everywhere you know that's what I was in Chicago Cincinnati you're a fun man and your fantasy stuff is just I love it so much thank you keep doing what you 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hiring now with a 75 dollar sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at slash rich podcast offer good for a limited time claim your 75 credit right now at slash rich podcast you will not regret it slash rich podcast terms and conditions apply need to hire you need indeed all right welcome back it's Randy Sklar filling in for Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen show uh we've got a brand new show Jason and I do on uh UFC fight pass it's called the nosebleeds it's it's basically cheap seats rebooted everyone has asked us when you that's the thing we go Brockman wherever we go uh and doing stand up or even on twitter Jay and I have done a number of shows over the years since cheap seats went off the air basically around 2010 and uh this is the one that even like up until like a couple months ago people like when is cheap seats coming back and so now we can actually say it's coming back love it and there's billboards all around LA we're so excited about it the nosebleeds it's on the first episode you can see for free uh on UFC uh on their official uh YouTube page but the link is on our Instagram at Sklar brothers in our bio go watch it leave a comment we'd love to hear from you let them know and and we were trying to spread the word out as much as we can uh we tried to use a lot of UFC uh talent and people we used a bunch of fighters and then I showed Brockman this bit I don't want to give it away but it was uh we were like who can we use from the UFC announcing stable who will understand what we want to do with this bit we had we had a baby fight club that's all I'm gonna say and we asked this gentleman to run a round table uh of talking about you know sort of breaking down the baby fight club uh I don't know if he's on right now if he's with us he he joins us by way of the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line he is fantastic came came from ESPNU uh we just had him on our podcast we just did his amazing podcast and now he does on the line as a show for uh UFC fight pass he calls events and he's just one of our favorite people in the entire universe there Brendan Fitzgerald what's up buddy how are you Randy we meet again my friend I love it I love it I'm great how are you coming off of a crazy UFC 277 last week uh make some sense of it for us how do we this is my first question the biggest fight of there was of course Nunez Pena too how do we make sense of the first fight after watching this second fight well Amanda Nunez I don't want to say she was making excuses but those in the know knew that there were some circumstances behind the scenes I think she had a knee injury yeah I think she was just getting over COVID like this all kind of came out after the fact where things started to make sense as to why she looked so spent so early in that fight after dominating the first round and I think that she you know maybe was a bit overconfident just thought she could show up and win because that's what she's done so many times and uh obviously Juliana Pena is one tough cookie as she showed last week despite not you know winning so now Amanda Nunez at full capacity showed that she outclassed her quite a bit the big question now is what's next do we get the trilogy in the fight does Amanda Nunez still want to fight does she want to go out on top yeah there's still some questions to be answered so what is it so now let's reverse that question what about you said Juliana Pena fantastic gave a you know she she fought hard she was dominated by Nunez I mean it was not even I watched there was not even close in certain moments I mean that was just a domination from beginning and it wasn't a 15 second submission but like you were saying in the first fight it looked like it looked like Nunez was tired or fighting something other in that there are people who said that that submission hold would not have held her in in other times like she just seemed more tired and like couldn't go on is that what you saw in the first fight yeah I mean I mean every coach that I talked to they said the arm wasn't under the chin like she was just ready to be out right gave it her best shot she was completely you know broken at that point she was ready to be out she tapped and you know Juliana is as tough as it gets as she showed last week and her confidence is never going to be in question so she wants another crack at it to say you know let's let's do this for the rubber match I mean anytime you send someone to plastic surgery right after the fight you dominated them and that's exactly she split her head open and and that was it it's one of the things I love about UFC is that you know a fight like that it's a women's fight but that's the head of the card it's it's very egalitarian in that way well there's no other sport that I can think of that is as equal I guess you could say tennis not really a big Wimbledon final or or uh you know us open or any of the tennis made right right gonna get bumped for both you know male and female athletes but there's no there's no event that's like the UFC where it can be as big and you know it's a men's fight it's a woman's fight they'll alternate you know it's all mixed in and uh yeah I mean it's you know it's one of the unique things about our sport we're on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line with the great Brendan Fitzgerald if you don't follow him at Brendan Brendan Fitz TV is that correct that's it Brendan Fitz TV on Instagram and whatnot he's great and he's got a new podcast that it on which is a new initiative from UFC Fight Pass our buddy Crowley Sullivan the great Crowley Sullivan we talked about him yesterday giving us an opportunity to redo cheap seats basically the nosebleeds there but also started you know along with that company and it's great people who work there and along with the blessing of Dana White to start a bunch of podcasts and yours is one of the great ones there where you really talk to people about their process and how athletes and other people we got to do it and how they get to where they are you study it a lot because you see these fighters doing what they do we talked about on our podcast but a guy like Paddy Pimlet is he the is he the next kind of big star he wins his fight and then shakes his butt in front of the guys I'm not going to say what he did he promised to do it it has to do with tea but that's all I'm going to say he promised to do it and then he did do it this guy is kind of he's exciting and fun to watch I love that he doesn't mind if he's fat during the off season or when he's not training tell me about where he is now in the fight world where are they viewing him well and it's funny because when I came on your podcast Randy and it was a week before he fought that's right like who's the next big you know up and coming and I said well I don't know the result but when this thing comes out a week later Paddy Pimlet is either going to have become an even bigger star right and sure enough he went out and did just that in the first round he has um the Connor McGregor type quality that he's very magnetic people want to hear him talk he's very funny yeah witty he is also has no filter people love the no filter thing and then on top of it at least so far he's backed up all the trash talk he said I'm going to go out there and I'm going to finish you in the first round and he's done that and that is the key factor and what set McGregor apart he said I'm going to knock you out in the first round and sure enough he went out and knocked all these guys out in the first round all the way to a championship so there's a lot of fighters that are funny and that are uh you know quirky personalities and get a fan base they don't always back it up and do what they said they would do in the fight so far paddy's done that that's what set him apart in addition to the fact that looks like a beetle yes you know bull cut he had tea time with somebody after he said like he's just he's just like he's such a such a fun guy so next I think you'll see him on a major pay-per-view card you'll see him not like headlining he's not going to fight for a championship anytime soon right but he will be on a pay-per-view um I think it'll be in New York I would if I had to guess it would be in New York November that's a big one Madison Square Garden baby yep you know but at the very least maybe Vegas will be the next one but yeah I mean it'll be um you think he's there yeah big headlines he's he's people will pay yep people will pay to see him I mean there I love that you mentioned Conor McGregor because he kind of he has the he has the swag of Conor McGregor he's a little goofier than Conor is I mean although although I'll say this about Conor McGregor Brockman here was telling me that Conor McGregor may be in Roadhouse 2 is that really are you hearing that as well there's why remake that movie Conor McGregor he's going to be in Roadhouse 2 and then the other thing is uh McGregor yesterday I think sent out some cryptic tweets like hey MMA it's been real I'll see you later now he's retired like 10 times all yeah he's like kissed the band kiss something to the effect of that he's done then you know the MMA fans get set on fire but yeah I don't mean patty as he's a carbon copy of McGregor but since Connor has come to superstardom we haven't yet had the crossover uh household name star the new one right patty is the new one he's the new one I mean a lot of a lot of MMA stars on the women's side too coming from England that's a good thing because the sport itself is very international and to get that fan base locked in is kind of great well it's it's so big over there yeah and it's growing over there and you have to keep in mind it would be much bigger if they didn't have to wait till four in the morning to watch the big height no difference I mean I feel for the fans over there really do they basically have to pull an all-nighter for every UFC event but obviously they get crazy support at home they kind of get that major loyalty like the the arena in Las Vegas is filled up with Irish people that's from Ireland to see Connor McGregor so you get that kind of chip on the shoulder us against the world thing when you come from a place that's that small the British Isles are not that big of a place so you get the crazy loyalty back home Europe kind of pulls for European stars no matter the country and then over here we like the accents yeah they sound cool they do funny they are funny and they're great people so they get this like worldwide fan base because of you know the small places that they're from and you know in a world where social media is a huge part of it you can build quote unquote your brand on a global level Instagram TikTok what have you if you can just get that recognition which again UFC provides that platform for those fighters to have that recognition we're talking to Brendan Fitzgerald Fitz Nation is the name of the podcast I want to get that out there it's a fantastic podcast and of course you play by play announce these fights uh you're sitting ringside at these fights what's the thing that's you know I saw a fight at the apex which is was designed during the pandemic as a place for fights to happen in Las Vegas right next to UFC and I was up close it's fascinating to see it no other there's no other way at the apex everybody's up everyone's up close there like what was the first time when you called because you didn't come from up through the sort of the underbelly of UFC you came from other sports the first time you called a UFC fight and you're sitting there ringside you're watching it closer than everybody else or octagon side what what was the thing that kind of shocked you the most or was it sort of grabbed you at the very first time if you can think back do you remember what the match was and and well so it wasn't one one that I called um it was like the month before I first called the UFC event in arena but I was watching it at MSG at Madison Square Garden and I hadn't been to a UFC event before number one number two I hadn't been that close yeah um I had called a few fights on the contender series but that's like a different setup you're kind of calling it off the screen right so I'm at MSG I'm like in the first row I'm kind of shadowing to like get a sense of yeah it's gonna go when I start doing it and uh Ovin St. Prue was fighting Corey Anderson and MSG and the fight you know Corey Anderson's kind of controlling it looking really good or whatever and Ovin St. Prue just throws up this head kick and I'm looking up and I didn't really see he was kind of blocked because we call fights off the monitors a lot because you know if a big guy has his back to me and he eats an uppercut hard to see happen hard to see is that right so so anyways I'm looking up and I'm kind of like blocked and all of a sudden I see the guy kind of stand up straight knees block out and then collapses head slams on the canvas wow right in front of me wow it's one of those I'm looking up and so the lights are kind of above so it looked like a movie like yes sweat you know the sweat kind of glistens off and it tastes like a dog off the guy's head is collapsed I mean it really kind of looked like a movie it seemed like a slow motion yeah and then all of a sudden you have a guy that's knocked out in front of you and I was just like holy smokes like this sport has real consequences uh and and you never know when stuff like that is going to happen and it's wild that's right and you talk about that like one guy controlling a fight one woman controlling a fight the entire time but if you just make one mistake or let your guard down or walk into something or don't see you know a turnaround backhanded punch or elbow that that's thrown you're out you're done and that and the tide can turn so quickly which is why I think it's so exciting for fans to watch these fights and we've been to some I've seen it in arenas before I went to key arena with my buddy Tom Segura great comic and we were watching Rogan got us tickets and we went and saw it and I was like just amazed at how like you said it can turn on a dime and I think that's what makes this this sport so exciting the other thing that's great about this sport and you can speak to this too is I feel like and how it took over boxing is in terms of popularity they make the fights you want to see like you know the first Pena Nunez fight was what eight nine months ago we're looking at the second one now how long did it take to make Pacquiao Mayweather five years and it was five years too late yeah you know well in boxing it's very splintered in terms of the power in terms of who makes decisions you got each boxer each camp each promoter right everybody's got you know everybody's got to get their slice of the pie that's like very different in the UFC there's a governing body yeah yeah the big plus is that the UFC is known as kind of the NFL of mixed martial arts basically there's no question that we're the top promotion and so all the biggest fighters want to fight here yep and then they all want the championship so they get the championship you got to beat these guys and the UFC it's just it's the most uh it's the closest thing to a league yeah it's not a league it's very tough to kind of explain exactly what it is but there's a reason why they call it a promotion because you promote big fights that fans want to see and boxing just got so splintered with power in different directions for so long it finally came to a point where now it's really tough to make the big fights you want to see it's so rare and the UFC did the opposite they grew the sport from the inside out under this one promotion that was kind of controlling things and now all of the best fighters want to be in the UFC and they want to test themselves against all the other best guys in the UFC and girls that's amazing so look with our show the nose bleeds you you participated in it you were phenomenal in it i love how like we pitched it to you on a conference call we talked about this with you on our podcast and this like as we're pitching you the concept of what we're asking you to do you start cracking up and i was like he gets it he totally gets what we want him to do he's gonna do and he's gonna crush it and you did you're amazing added like flair but it more importantly gave the the bit that we were trying to do credibility by the way you pulled it off because you understood what we were trying to do we're trying to bring our show and and create new fans of ufc through comedy that's the way in for people who maybe don't know a ton about ufc who are maybe watching this or listening to this on serious xm85 uh please like tell them a couple of fighters that that you might be like all right check out this guy check out this woman check out you know like a tie to evasa or uh israel out of sanya like tell me a couple of fighters for the for the uh sort of uninformed to try and get in on it so to me i would say one of the most entertaining athletes on the planet no matter the sport is justin gaethje uh his last name is g a e p h j e so it's like this weird kind of looking name phenomenal spelling yeah i'm telling you if you google this guy youtube them whatever like there are highlights out there of this guy he is at a top level guy he's fought for a title last yep his fights never disappoint i mean you talk about being an entertainer yep and like this guy is what it's like if you just swing like crazy but he's so very skilled as well i mean to me he's my i would say he's my favorite fighter in in the ufc and in the world like he and i don't even particularly know him i i know a lot of these guys and i'm friends with a lot of them sure nobody like justin gaethje what what weight is he and it's one of those like you know you just can't you can't really describe how impressive he is and what what weight class is he fighting at he's 155 pounds so he's in the glamour division he hasn't fought mcgregor but that's about the only fight that he hasn't had and that fight would be bananas bananas crazy last he fought for the title he fought for the title uh i think in february he didn't win it but it was a crazy fight for you know the two or three minutes that it lasted uh he's been the ufc about five years now and he's just delivered every time every time out it's great i love that and randy his name is so hard to spell that he actually got it tattooed on his back he had it tattooed on his back thank you tj yes it's so hard to spot look i'm scarred that's three consonants in a row nobody gets it right like this is this is brendan this is how bad it is that and how my dad knew that like your name is right we'd go to restaurants and we'd be waiting you know like you put your name in and they call you over the intercom my dad's name was dick sclar but he went by richard and like we'd just be sitting there and we'd hear over the intercom richard's party of four and we'd be like yeah that's us because like we knew giving them sclar they wouldn't be able to do it so that's like you know that's like our buddy justin there he tattooed it on his back i appreciate you have never called me brandon yeah brandon you're like the only person brandon all time that's never called me brand you get it right every time brandon fitzgerald of fits nation podcast host uh well i'm very excited any future fights coming up in the next couple of weeks i know there's a big one uh in on august 20th uh just give a little preview because that's the day we're dropping the last three episodes of the nosebleeds in to coincide with this big one on august 20th no fantastic congratulations on the show by the way thanks man all three of the first months they're they're phenomenal thanks buddy reincarnated yes lion yes um so yeah there's a pay-per-view next week i will say tomorrow we're on espn so that's a great a lot of people you know if you're just getting into the usc there is so much uh you know quote unquote free content but included with cable subscriptions and now they're accessible content outside of the pay-per-view tomorrow i mean we got a great main event tomorrow jamal hill and ciago santos these guys are like oh yeah time knock out guys action you know action packed and it's on big espn so the great big stage we're at the apex it's gonna have that fight club feel to it i love it um we kind of dominate espn in the summer because it's just like baseball enough yes that's all that's going on that's great so now football is obviously getting going sure uh yeah next week kamaru usman dana white and i think he aptly said last week uh kamaru usman is the welterweight champion and he's really starting to put himself among the best of all-time great that's right who's the greatest of all time you can start saying kamaru usman and have a really strong argument for it and he's got a big challenge next week in leon edwards who's from birmingham england it's going to be a great fight salt lake city gets the pay-per-view and uh the machine keeps on rolling summer into fall i love it brendan fitzgerald thank you for being a part of uh the first season of the nose bleeds uh we'll have you back on there again thanks for doing our podcast we love doing fits nation at brendan fits tv follow this guy uh thanks for joining us man i love it and good luck to you randy i'll talk to you soon man thanks as always have a great one brendan love him so good brockman he's a great great guy anytime you need usc stuff ufc stuff get this guy on yeah he's really good uh should we take a break let's take a break take a break come back tj's top five tj's top five after the break i absolutely love it and there's a couple more things to clean up because we'll talk a little dallas uh football with that we'll be right back in a little bit we are back i love brendan fitzgerald uh what a great show adam rank uh gar ryan s the batting stands guy and now we get to a favorite segment on the show our good friend tj over there tj's top five or tj's big ass grab bag is in that bag what you got in that bag oh come on what you got in that case kaboom guess who stepped in the room listen since we're talking ufc right and you got the new ufc show you and your brother we just had brendan i figured i've been sitting on this for like a year and a half i'm like when can i even give this top five let's do it so i dug in the big ass grab bag fellas and i'm gonna give to you tj's top five favorite ufc fighters oh yeah no i got a preface i'm not saying these are the five greatest of all time your favorites these are tj's favorites all right before you come yelling at me because your man's ain't on the list just know these are the people i happen to enjoy this the most and coming in at number five this guy you know right before i guess at the beginning of the ufc boom in like 2005 or so okay randy couture oh yeah the natural captain america you know randy you know was a heavyweight champion two-time light heavyweight champion interim heavyweight champ you know just a grind it out style wrestler former army guy he was like it was between him and chuck liddell for that time as being like the face of the ufc chuck obviously was knocking people out with the one hitter quitter but there was something about randy couture i enjoyed like just wrestling people to the ground and grinding them out and beating them up at the same time he had multiple ways to get you whereas chuck liddell was not a one-trick pony but he had one thing he would knock knock you out knock you out and the thing about the two of them is that and we know this because we did the very first episode of the ultimate fighter on our show noseweeds that's episode three for us they were the two coaches they were the yes so randy couture was one coach chuck liddell was another coach and meanwhile chris leban was peeing on people's beds so that was happening that first episode guess what that's not going to be the last time we hear the name chris leban coming in at number four you know guys i've got i've kind of got this thing right i've got a rule if you walk to the cage the octagon the wrestling ring the boxing ring yeah and you're bumping a biggie song oh you're in chances are i'm gonna root for you like one thousand percent so whenever i hear kicking the door coming through the speakers and i see this guy sprinting to the cage i know it's gonna be a good fight that's the answer frankie edgar wow frankie edgar fan man i love this guy and i think it really started in 2010 when he uh beat bj pen for the second time yeah kind of let people know he was for real and in 2011 he had the second and third fight of his gray manor trilogy which i happened to be in the building for that just kind of blocked it up for me and also i got to meet frankie once i did a little interview with him great guy fights were always fun they were always exciting you know you get your money's worth when the answer was in the i love it go to number three number three let's do it this is and by the way any of these number three now can be considered the greatest of all time okay come to number three these are all coin tosses but i went with my man george st pierre rush you got to think two-time waterway champion he came back and he avenged his only defeats one to uh matt sarah which was looked at as the greatest upset of all time and one to matt hughes yep george just you know he was the type of fighter who he was a great wrestler but he would actually take your strength use them against you and then beat you with him and he wasn't like a big talker at all a gentleman he was maybe the best gentleman in the ufc not a big enough talker maybe he probably wasn't as big as he was he did it in the head he had mcgregor's boastfulness exactly been so much bigger never known that's what brendan fitz here was talking about sometimes the personality makes the guy exactly you know he left the sport in 13 came back four years later moved up and wait won the light heavy that's incredible all right it was number two i'm sorry the middleweight my bad um number two this was tough i had to flip a coin i went with anderson the spider silver oh yeah come on right there you know seven-time knockout of the night 11 title defenses one of the most dominant reigns in ufc history oh yeah you know speaking of chris leban when we really were introduced the the ufc was introduced it was a fight against leban you knew leban was a tough guy silver came in and mocked the octagon with chris leban and he let people know that i'm here i'm for real and then we saw one of the greatest runs of all time the thing about anderson real quick i always felt like he was fighting at 90 percent like it was like almost it was too easy for him there were times when he made it look easy but he put his hands down and then you knew somebody was going to get knocked out so i always wondered what happened if he just gave it 100 then he got a little too cocky got his hands down and they got his bell rung all right number one coming in at number one i mean i look this guy may be the most complete fighter that the world has ever seen let's hear it john bones jones i mean 14 title defenses most in ufc history 23 years old youngest champion ever when he won that belt he won it on he just went on a streak of murderers row of of ufc fighters that he just dominated rampage don't give him just don't give him a drug test and that's the only thing that kind of you know that's the one knock against him a lot of out of the octagon stuff yeah but inside of that cage he was the man honest there's nobody that's ever done it better and now he's moving up to heavyweight he's gonna fight stipe miochitz hopefully in september i love it let's see what happens but that's tj's top five favorite tj the big ass grab bag i love this list and i love what you're doing dang it's a great list thank you a great list right there is what we're talking about all right and obviously you know people be like where's mcgregor where's this guy where's that guy oh you know this is a tough list you can only have five sometimes six where's rampage where's ronda rousey i mean you're gonna where's ronda rousey where's amanda nunez i mean again that's what i was talking about with uh with brenda fitzchild is what i love about the sport is it's not heavyweights and it's not you know it's not middleweights and it's not it's like it can be anybody that anyone can uh headline the card if that that's the thing that people want to see and you give credit to shows like the ultimate fighter and whatnot for building the personalities of these guys to then and then now you look at a guy like patty pimlet and you're like well everybody wants to see this guy if he can continue to fight continue to be good i love that you brought that out right here right now in honor of brenda fitz in here in honor of the nosebleeds our show i'm very excited maybe we'll uh show a little uh show a little uh promo of that or a little uh clip from that in the next hour uh next hour we're gonna talk some college football with dave revson obviously things uh in hour two uh the the big 10 is now coast to coast with usc and you see where is that we 10 country we're in big 10 country y'all 10 country i'm big country it's amazing it's interesting but at the same time it's it'll be cool and you look at the la market will there be others i mean kevin warren just said that no more pac-12 teams will be allowed when i thought oh cal and stanford they absolutely should we'll talk about all that with revere and we'll find out kind of where things are at because you have a potential later the biggest game of the year michigan ohio state those both those teams could be 11 and oh we're talking about a brockman yes you know alabama is going to be great they'll be at the top yes you know georgia will be great they'll be up there clemson may may be great and be back up there again at this time notre dame looks like they're going to be good but that michigan ohio state game could be two three could be one three one four you know you're looking at that could be the best game of the year happening at the best time of the year so we'll get into all of that uh plus brockman you got a little segment that's yeah we're gonna do a little friday staple you know it's coming tj what's more likely an nfl edition now that the preseason is back i love it football we now have think about this guys we now have six straight months of football weekends there is football every single weekend from now until mid february and and again once you get into the college football season that's when i'm at my absolute best because you got college on saturday nfl on friday and then nfl on sunday and some other college on on friday too all that stuff coming up hour three love it randy sclar filling in for rich eisen on nbc sports on peacock and serious xm 85 stay with us for hour three for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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