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Taylor Zarzour, PGA Tour Radio, ESPN, Panthers TV, Josh Goodson, and some weekend updates with our Halftime Entertainment.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 15, 2022 7:52 pm

Taylor Zarzour, PGA Tour Radio, ESPN, Panthers TV, Josh Goodson, and some weekend updates with our Halftime Entertainment.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 15, 2022 7:52 pm

Taylor Zarzour, PGA Tour Radio, ESPN, Panthers TV, Josh Goodson, and some weekend updates with our Halftime Entertainment. 

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JR Sport Brief

Financial capital financial This is the gold show we just don't do is either on this okay just want to talk about God that he feels bad because you know about before is like going hiking the and it Italy or something or am in Hawaii taking care of my wife and kids, or about you know the British Open or something always somewhere in the world. He is a good Fred you check out on PGA Tour radio ESPN and the SEC network and Panthers TV which is back in action this week and he and Steve Smith on the call from victory. It's a good friend.

There was always a 17 are nearly 2000 people are better. All you that you guys got light rail you taken off your year of often running out. I will say change your mind on Charlotte after seriously reviewing joke a lot the ACC tournament in Charlotte was hosted very well. It was great and the light rail is a game changer. Not only the rail itself, but the mean that I mean this is also now have a microgrid you hate to hear this like a little bit more grown-up and actually I care about things all try to learn likes you know city plan. Now stop too much.

It happened again set up but I it's not just the. The light rail itself is a great movable like the way they set up the walk subsided. The art just a lot of other things that they got that you decorate your always invited people. Unlike what you might think. We love Raleigh and we love everybody to come from Raleigh or Charlotte any time in South Carolina visit Shirley you know this to think about you the is I still every time I look at you number a chuckle because our numbers are phone numbers are 80% the exact same that need to step 919 area code 7 years. Both my children were born there and I'm sticking with it until they told me I have to guys disguising the ESPN universe. Do you like Marvel now it's like you usually see this guy that you know who he is. ESPN universe of Matt Jones, the Kentucky guy you know Bagley he Duke Law, so he has a 919 number and I love every college because of a bike you can know your phone ties you back to the triangle baby, I love it all the personal because you are my friend, are you are you close to right now like dream job. You are at the majors interviewing the guys right after they one you are calling major college football. Obviously there's always the next big game or whatever but you are calling Panthers TV you're calling college football and you are good college golf is included at the highest level are you fulfilling dream job status pleases really and you notice, and that I worked very hard to try to put myself in position to do the things that I love about and that is what I'm doing right now and I have happy to report refined contracts in the last few days with with all of those entities because of how much I love what I'm currently doing Tom Suter, who immediately backed local sportscaster in the history of the state of North Carolina. This many years ago we used to go to dinner week we got to be very good friends. When I lived Raleigh and he I would eat dinner with him.

He brought his own salad dressing to the restaurant by the late nights and totally on brand for Tom Suter and and while he was pouring that salad dressing. He told me it is Jimmy Stewart sounding voice that not to mess with happy that that's the biggest piece of advice that you have that that you can get in affectionately, no matter what you do in your career not to mess with happy and more than ever.

I'm trying not to mess with happy because I am very happy with what goes with you being happy and I was doing the things you love the most, like you just said so, whether golf you tell that the golfers respect you and Jackie do you do great job in football you on a girl that I go to Alabama so hats off to do it.

Obviously it always place to grow in new goals to set things like that. I'm sure you are just as cool to see the place doing what you love. Due to the very very high level and set up for you. I never lied to you and say okay generally broadcast. I do not but but every time I do blown away by your professionalism and how great you are and how fun you make it into clear joints of dispensing with the niceties. Let's talk about the Carolina Panthers. I've been calling out not necessarily since I got to the head coach of Delta little bit of the year. The personnel that that you have right yeah that will take a job that didn't have a stable quarterback position and he is not quite seated stable at times, been there but I keep equating it to a all of the college -like handling of the situation unless it would be that of a good or bad, but maybe I'm saying is a little bit of a bad way. To think that rules try to shake off the college coach moniker. But how do you think he is handling the quarterback situation is anything you would do differently right now with these two potential starters and maybe one that you think the owner wants but you know you got. I don't know how much it matters how many reps Baker Mayfield getting one as opposed to Sam Donald and a little bit of back corralled through Spartanburg Hampton Inn and then you know just ran faster than obviously would game the fact that Saturday Baker and San both played with the ones in both plate. Basically a driver P Sam got all SLC Section right.

I don't know that that necessarily helps anyone by the time you get to the regular season, you do have a first-tier offense of coordinator and get back to do so.

A lot of people are trying to get used to each other, but everyone seems to believe behind the scenes that Baker Mayfield is getting on and off reps with the one to be ready to play his old team the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 11 at Bank of America Stadium in effect, I think that's all that really matters and and so if you want Sam to be ready to get enough reps with the one you want to make sure they you know you have a backup plan. In fact, if in case Baker gets hurt or if he doesn't perform the way you expect him to play then I think all of that. It is totally fine after what you said about you know the collegial environment that bitmap rule as I think that that's fair for you to say that because that's what almost all of his background is been left in a decade plus. Certainly the head coach Temple and the head coaches of the Baylor Bears in both of those situations year three was exponentially better than years one and two were maybe the same thing will happen for the Panthers if that's going to happen than they need Krista McCaffrey to stay healthy than HJC or to stay healthy 90 year quantity to be the best left tackle of the draft which is what everybody thought he was coming in. They need all those things to help they need all the things that happen in 2022 and I personally think Baker Mayfield need to start all 17 games. If that happens then I think that they are better than the saints and the Falcons and they could when 89 10 games, fighting the year and who knows, maybe even making the playoffs. But that's a lot of things that need to go right for Matt rule and in your number three. I really can't really scrutinize anything done in the preseason prepare for the regular season, though I think that everybody trying to get used to this new format really work in a matter is tomorrow and Wednesday. Scrimmages against patriots. I hope that in the next year or two we figure out a way to televise all these today scrimmages that all these teams are having against other teams because everyone is telling me those are the things that matter. More than anything else I can only think Krista McCaffrey Lane get until the regular season starts. So if that goes well tomorrow and Wednesday for Baker Mayfield that I think that will matter more than anything else I need this to say this is repeated because of these problems on an hour ago basically say things that just like hammers home for the next two days. Our future goes about saying it that I believe the next is our board.

The probably is not to say I can't believe they are televised with as much as is, but I assume that coaches just don't want like they actually run things in the scrimmages that they had to care about right there is a lot secrecy. Because they want to run more than what you see on the return to football fan faster preseason games.

Think I'll let you shoot some of it don't let you know local outlets of media media watch it, but they'll let local outlets with cameras, shoot some of it but they won't of what they do actually show or two to I guess replicate what they you know some of the play. They don't want the rest of the world to see the regular season. So that's the reason why the scrimmages matter so much. But having said all that, I really wish we could show this because last year, watching it against the Colts for two days.

That was by far.

I thought the most valuable portion of the preseason that the Panthers had and I'm sure that'll be the same case tomorrow in Foxboro with the patriots of the do is get the village exceed like he's got footage of all the Panthers practice rooms and everything she's got to get that seats you. You mentioned a couple he started into my second Panthers question. We surveyed all the things that gotta go right. I don't hold you toward like fill in the blank here for the Panthers to have the best possible season.

The most important thing for them is blank and I said you give dates of options is one yeah one thing more than I really wish I could give you something other than the Group at the end and I know is there anything that they're not as reliant on this year as they did in the last years I would still say there really relying on your they have got a foreman who did a phenomenal job filling in for Derek Henry in the kite when Henry is down last year and so I think they have somebody that complements McCaffrey a lot more than they had with a you know Amir Abdul love, the other running back for X years to the it had a solid first year in the league but he's not Christian McCaffrey performance closer McCaffrey but I still think that the answer to this team is about 501, about 500 when he played last year. They will almost wingless 20 so I think it's I think it's quite obvious that they need him the way that he placed a position that leads to fluky injuries. Any agencies that we can reflect your home if there's anything that could've done. The team could've done different.

To prevent those injuries. You just wonder at some point if he keeps playing the position which is maybe one of the best players in the league that same way to keep having these issues and so I think that getting foreman is smart, but I still think especially the way big Mac.

It is called the offense how much Chris Baker Mayfield likes to poop pocket. Krista McCaffrey could have a big year like I'm saying 2018 or 19. Kite big year.

If you play 17 games and if that happens I think the Panthers have every chance to get into January TV ESPN, the SEC network PGA Tour radio probably the top 25 with you because were in August need to talk eligible as well, but I'm still reserving the worklight into actual sports, yet still the summer I can talk about what I want talk about knowledge about Goss will sell a tourist.

First of all, we start looking at weight coach Bill Haas and wonder why he waited to Bill or Jack in the house. Gary has to get a Haas big stuff.

Jerry has one more national titles in the entire PGA Tour is waiting for his golfers usually can bring on the title. Every year Chris Hackett Georgia may be the same sort of story, bathing, amazing job of attracting talent and finding the most talented high school players in the country, that's for sure, and outsourcing Cameron younger are two great deacons there. Examples of act outsources off the charts a guy reminds me a lot of Jordan speeds the wise beyond his years connected to Dallas like speech is easy to be around very comfortable in his own skin, intensely competitive, I don't mean this is a shot at live. I really don't and I I have plans to join their theories thought I'm not here to pass judgment.

I cannot ever envision a scenario, there will be a live golf event that carries a kind of juice at the end of the FedEx thank you championship did yesterday with that playoff and how fired up. The players were to be in it and just how much she could feel the tension that's what sports is all about. That's what PGA Tour is always about an ounce. One held finish. We had yesterday wafers outsourced when his first term got on the name got in the mind of the casual golf and by major after major. One of the things you worry about those guys if they don't get of the house I visited this was a major but big tournament you want to start seated turning to wins or you were that likely not winning parking can wait on you to go to see him yet when that is also translated to major wins next year. I want to ask a random question and now they got to have one more question. If it was an exciting finish. I should focus on that. But I want your opinion on this because the penalty on cam Smith, sort of. The next day we kind of got away from the guy who can call from his couch and call a penalty on you at big bear to a lawful realize that was bad like they need to put a cap on and when penalties can happen yet.

I mean every worker seems to be a statute of limitations right there. Yes, you know, you people may appeal of victory or you know the way a game that never gets overturned. You know it the NFL or major league baseball or the MBA stick and ball college sports, and I think the same should apply golf that book by the end of the day you should haven't told really the end of competition.

In my opinion to say okay we caught this or we didn't. And cam Smith didn't knowingly break the rules of accidentally broke the rules. He was trying to take advantage of the field and what he did in no way shape or form, gave him any sort of advantage.

I dropped the ball and inch. Further, you know, the hazard you would've probably at the same shop and by the way they change that will years ago she got ground or club in the hazard, so who cares.

And he dropped on the redline and grounded his club on that is ruled to be changed.

First of all and secondly radically write the next day you should be able to do that today. The PGA Tour realizes it will down the forest broke several yesterday Rocco won the tournament. That's basically the same sort of thing. II don't I like this at all. I like protecting the rules and protecting the field by only like doing it for about 3456 hours after the tournament over with and then it should be a look. We didn't catch it too bad will move on and I think that should have applied your cam Smith. By the way just withdrew from the BMW championship this weekdays, deciding a hip injury and is still going to play in the tour championship the following week, two weeks from now almost certainly is going to make his debut on the live call series and to me that's the big assignee to Greg Morgan's gotten so far. The press conference was seen Ryan got here locally try does erupt to work you got you got attached to Kim's visit. Somebody asked about the president's cup and he spoke about and so Shane said what about you the next live event. Is it auto once over the future site of the school.

We would just presence because I thought maybe what you like was little talk about it, which is his prerogative. But I do think that was a little a little funny but yet quite clear cam got plans for two weeks from now you will be interesting to have billeted will do it all segment on PGA versus live but I want to talk Panthers with United wanted that one came smithing and that it is an interesting thing, but the nonpublic set right out of the woods outdoors does next couple weeks will come right alight relative here in Charlotte anytime I will take the train down there then let it ride. The light rail while an intense research job keep up the good word.

Give my best to all your girls and people don't always see this DVD. Taylor is a plus dad as well work address like that. Document wanted to stay thin that I know of the AP top 25 is out legal back with this week and it's getting very real. As we stare down week wanted to savor CCU without that and a bucket list item for many people to adjust goods and says you need to take off your bucket list.

Life will report that it is a good friend just goods of the pack of wolves check out the other work pack of is at the website just dove right back of walk in pack of wolves in Check it out there that meet the pegs we get all members of the team were there how you doing, sir I'm doing to scouring the top 25. Trying to figure out who the smartest rider morning. On the planet and the dominoes voter ribbon I've found, but like all I found, but I was put out when I saw AP top 25 releases at noon. I thought we did announce that it like 8 AM or 9 AM I almost retweeted with like woe to the person votes insisting the lowest because just goods and will be exposing you want your report who headed to state the highest I've actually already grabbed his collar rider. I'm not completely honest Michael loud LED from the Arizona daily Star is part of the state.

Number five the highest ranking of any of the better and for that I am now.

Cannot wait to wake up every morning to get the what's happening in Flagstaff and my dog is woefully disappointed in the lack of interesting coverage. This is a new marketing scheme for newspapers. I realize newspapers are tough times. Just start voting random heavily followed teams in the top 25. You just to pick up you like what what what what's in for for the football season $10 like I got your paper. Sure, let's go right and who is the dumbest voter according to just go. I'm actually, I would.

They, or like somebody is not smart, not smart that I wanted something from one of the night to do the job right and every poll of every voter except for one and I went and what did the guys name of Darren Hayne the TV Guide out of Washington DC and what what's weird about it. The only better not but if you say you've actually only one of two people who voted North Carolina actually gave you in the their highest ranking of 20.

I'm actually curious that the light would legitimately put into the state and and not in and in light when it comes down everyone else that he be hired better but I'm not a smart person like in I'm not watching W USA via vitamin D3.

You can believe before you even said it say we didn't did this person put you and see the top 25 they did.

If you don't have NC State and you do have UNC and I'm gotta put it at studio in my mantle and speed to run with the capital financial advisory group were talking retirement coach.

I'm a simple guy but I like colors. Tell me how I can colorcode money and get ready for retirement. I like colors to chores. I like graphs I don't like just buzzwords what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement. All those numbers into three colors red, green, yellow people amazingly come in and most of the money is in the red cat again.

I want that I read means high horsepower potential is high loss potential.

You have to do. It's a give-and-take you can try want to do that or that yellow means liquid money get anytime stuck on anything green. If you safe growth but also dig a lifetime income as we get closer to retirement.

We need some green accounts with greens only call it that denigrates it was important appraisal support for you to next and people out of the thousand dollar value: ticket put together for you very own total plans as a green zone it's a traffic light. I hope it's green for you 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000, 80% chance it was a I know how they feel on the ballot like are you clicking something that he just was scrolling result, North Carolina thought is quick and what you want to state how hard we need to talk to Debbie voter see how hard he's around he's around.

I will get you just throw them out because he was distracting tutorial dirtier shows a young right-wing letter 23 and for the record, I think that you would not be bad.

And if you want to write them and I'm likely how to write like they have enough talent coming back. I think the most treatment for the most one another type of injury that it happened but for the most part I think most people who follow the team are saying that yet that howl is dull and good and you're not in the guidance of God, but I think you're pretty happy and comfortable with the quarterback going to be there. I think if you want to write you one thing that's fine but I don't really understand how you can write you and for you not state that I think you don't call us guys? Jesus question really I did have NC State. UNC ranked any chance you got mixed up. I think that's a totally higher inquiry about the I that's just to say I am all about you.

This is not national security. This is not you know private citizen voting for their state senator. Whatever which I think should absolutely abruptly this is sports and this is your job and you should be open to a little bit of criticism. Now I get this price. Worst-case scenarios like there not people like you there.

Morons alike actually harass people or whatever for certain votes, but I think all overall awards preseason ballots things like that. Let us know voted because like what commander Sam Howell did play this weekend everybody from that of you is good quarterback probably got plenty last night.

Maybe that would happen then I'm going to give them doubt, but also going to say that he is not even on the planet and my eyes not leaving that we can ask him if he thought he doesn't even know the segments in house UNC feels like I don't know sleeping giant or something down there. Darren Hayne's iWork world to God. A red state for again Michael well from the Scottsdale Scottsdale and Phoenix light high school sport all in my inbox and I cannot wait like not to hire an evil young scribe and move on to the next guy.

I didn't see you. Not every state that is going to subscribe to his newspaper, like you did the guaranteed got up I just picked up like 50 new interesting followers is like this guy that I was to talk football just good to join us from the pack of wolves injected our pack of wolves in I season is not quite upon us, but we were in the practice would meet the pack all that stuff going on. It's about feel real right like the phone in the off-season be like one of the feeding of the national championship, but now the games begin.

What's the pulse of the state fair right now and will enter the group of like this is cool but I'm evident by the board. What happened every year that those are not out of the realm of possibility, but not but I will say that I do the options and outcomes already worst-case scenario and and would be thing of a disappointment more like an something normally that happened. I am of the opinion that you have a good quarterback coming back.

You have enough good players coming back because I got a reply to couple running back in the left tackle but it is ironic that they can run the ball well last year anyway. Even with having good running back. Good left tackle but I don't know if I'm choosing to two. I don't know that I personally just giving you the hay that they were bad last year.

They can't be any worse this year and as long as you work this year than they did that, you know it, but not a net negative is like nothing change the background of the marital back. I think that we we just tend to forget as fans and thought them in a lot about realizes that empty state fans were pumping up into state like they have the returning players. They have the draft possibilities and they do have the experience coming back that there is a reason why they're projected to be under the people joke on the big-game Boomer type of phenomenon happens that it is a lot of other outlets to do their linebacking core in the country folk if not wrong that you know you linebacking core in the country.

If you think literally it probably popular top three logjams like Alabama and Georgia.

That's a good thing to have the court about returning in the country, if not writing anything down there in the top five quarterback returning in the country. I think because of that, unlike you and the last year and I know people want you back pain. Compare your pilot right last year that I get they can't be you available I think if you have a defense but actually better than North Carolina was last year at this point in the season and stuff like that. I would've the defense travel advisor that the clich is when championship something went and it traveled and that's something that you can kind of think all it always ahead of the offense. At the beginning of the year. Yes, I think that I think the biggest difference and I personally think their schedule that felt pretty well. A lot of people are worried by the Toronto game on. I'm not not worry but I don't think they do lose that game.

I don't think it from sunlight while they always lose that game or you get up that habit. I think they would be game like maybe he sees a quite good and ready of the page is not at all alike. When I click open earlier in the year and I like your schedule health, it might have about the grueling back to back that they don't play Clint Bailey to get. They like to become hunting the next week and play games right, I secured an 80 census.

One plus to put on headphones I judge Julio's and 80 voted very poorly voted this year, our question is, there is an AP voter says North Carolina in the top 25 a 20 did not have NC State in the top 25. He's the only personages that have NC State. What is this set up when you're voting is it possible that he could have clicked North Carolina State instead of North Carolina so we did that.

That's what would you like you've actually voted is it like other just next to each other in the drop-down. Click in you and your scroll evening that we showed what you were born your article of this answer will consist of flex on my part. Okay, I've known Ron for so for so long that I actually submit text and then I emailed him and thought there is a system that your posting users like poor you know you're working with the portal your work list so it could be a mistake like about your preseason ballot you have some time with it and they they even might give you IK's making sure this is what you meant what you have something bit of the doubt like you made a little like looking mistake. But he actually does that you would see the answers questions about his abilities voter but that's okay I just want quick insight on what the actual voting process look like, but your chief big time so you just you know carrier pigeon years in and yell at your readable film or something. I appreciate all worthless feel that brought you just for that final question, what's that which is the stage when total and what you think will be over or under it half would think I will write 19 over meaning you have to like more money to get $100 back in the deep under 8 1/2 is actually the word underdog outcomes. The likely outcome.

Everything that you have to actually think he ever got a bad play of light to do. They're going to be favored in any gimmick when people when you might hear that you're listening to the embodiment you might hear the going around that obviously is not dumb to say Alabama to be favored in every game this year. I that's not to say anything state is actually projected right now the born again required to be favored in roughly 11 game. The only game obviously not favored, and if you have the soil by donating to you in the local game coin flipping but you can play a game they're going to be definitive favored.

1:9 definitive beverage want to get caught up and not a favorite and then the two year could be quite quickly but that they felt that, have to take the over in my opinion of the kind of a boat you are talking about.

I will do one little quick going on. They get can still get empty state when the conference at around +750 deposit thousand which means that $100 and they when they win 83, when 752 about about going on the object, but that well it didn't fight then I'm sorry I got instead of doing the DCC to take them in all their ACC games.

He take them in bad if you think they're going to limit conference and you are likely thinking thinking they're going to collect from. They're not going to be probably a 3 to 1 underdog at Clemson on the road enable think the future back now I can they win that game, they are likely to make it all the way better on got got you soon. If you think they have a chance to be Clemson. You can get paid bigger by going that take them as the ACC chance would correct the likely result after when the Clemson game content. Good to final question. I we got summer is the concert series and this is summer concert season. Ashley fall sometimes in North Carolina a little better because the temps drop using a lot of people crossing an item of the bucket list you think is overrated or not. Bucket list worthy, tell us about it. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the Senate by the Carolina listen to a lot of people are going to say you got 1/3 and the bucket with the Dave Matthews band at red rock the bucket bucket are usually doing a damn thing incompetent red red red rock is it like making thing crashing to me about the better. Just as you're sitting on a big amphitheater where I'm coming from.

Hate is like them too many people are loving on the red rock heap of things and I like your concert. I think he is what I'll say.

I do think that people are overrating red rocks in general you don't think if you pick the exact same concert exact same music exactly notes played. Whatever you pick it up from Walnut Creek at the theater and you drop it at red rocks you don't think that's a slightly more enjoyable experience. Civil because the views of the setting around you all now you get me. I figuring that the dialogue about fun for you and Justin Bieber and red rock would be: anything in Walnut Creek and that the only collagen and I would be there red rock overrated red rock concert about the concert. Doesn't matter where you watching that. I do think people overrated to make a bigger deal. I swear I slightly disagree as I think I think you can add something to like. There's a difference between watching the ballgame.

This the Sun bowl we got. Now the background and its report when you got tree for the background.

Whatever it is I think setting matters a little bit but I think your point is well taken. People put too much into it without your nine literally talking on Twitter this week and went down huge fight USC San Diego Past Saturday. The main event was 19. There should have heard Dominic Chris's nose in the fourth round the decay of victories that he's been fighting in the UFC since 2005 he's 37 years old and has torn ACL surgery. He's such a fighter, though he comes back every time like something to prove. However, Chino. He's a tough cookie tail and he's hot right now and it proved that on Saturday because the price the first three rounds actually looked like Cruz was winning in my opinion he's really doing some damage here. He's really fast got this interesting like pounds that he does when he fights like prospective foreign except when you get kicked in the face and she landed a perfect kick to the nose which I hated think I love I love you and the cat was brutal. It was just it was awful silly not to mount name and time Chino wine I would not be surprised if Chris retires I thought he was going to take the gloves off in the rain. Was there a title on the line now. Now the main event date. Are these that pardon my ignorance on the these regular like these weekly events is that of the week.

Yet, there is usually a weekly card on Saturdays and this was a pay-per-view that was last week's watch on TV cable was where your sports fandom like where is and they fit is your number one favorite sport to watch. That's really difficult because I would say football, hockey NMMA. I like all tied for third time she got tears writing your top tier any football collagen, FL more NFL football, NHL hockey and violent what is now you fight now. I probably should just get some aggression out like you and I work out great work you do the Boxing Day little. I got a boxing gym not far from our house. Now that I want to find like you close I should check it out and I like to think I'm okay with being in the know that you yeah want to be thrown through the punches right next Jack Collinsworth and Jason Garrett. Next up on the Notre Dame broadcasting now comments on this one. Jason Garrett was last seen openly campaigning for the Duke football job.

I think dude made a good decision not to give until not that I don't think Jason Garrett is this is a bright football line, but I had questions about how devoted and dedicated. It would be. Remember, especially college your coaching full-time and then you are also recruiting like all the time and I realize that there systems in place yet is because helping helping you but like I just would question whether or not Jason could. It is really about that lifelike geared towards working his butt off because football coach, the life that he seems more geared toward his football analyst it's I think you got his rights about their great friend Jason Garrett will continue to climb the ladder but the other guys when I would talk about our project without a cake.

Collinsworth you see this is JAC now, like Jake, Jace Chad like he wants to call it Jack, but he takes the K off and walk right. Why are you that God yeah some people spell Sarah with the dates of the without spell Sally with the subject's otherwise fine right nobody shows Jack without a K now united to find a Christmas ornament J there's no JAC other more than his first name is his last name Collinsworth.

Yes, he is the son of Chris Collinsworth, who at least earned his way to the broadcast booth by this big wide receiver Chris Goddard was a quarterback that you know old like quarterback Phil Silverberg resides in, or Tony robot right yeah get pregnant, I would feel like quarterback why now nowhere I would like percentages broken down on this very thing as nepotism in sports right but you have to prove it like Michael Jordan's kids were not given an NFL contract note to give Lebron James kids in an NFL and NBA contract to be a lesson to give Lebron James kids a big NBA contract.

Maybe for show decided to attend a little play on the same team. Whatever side of the three year $10 million contract. Just as you Lebron James kids right but in the broad just the world I name is almost all you needed some cases not going Michael Junior earlier super intelligent job very good at his job excellent. I enjoy listening to, but like having a lasting goal like having your dad built a radio show that you show up in my that your starting point to huge event. Michael Junior's credit, I think that something that is always like to acknowledge right to chat Collinsworth don't know them personally on notice by God, but I think what really stuck in my craw about it was. He started on the ACC network launch the ACC network port by Kelsey Riggs and Charlotte as you been in AZ country July coverage on that drive and I got West Durham disease like it. ACC got right Jack Collinsworth was sitting there like former athletes are Carlos boozer and will likely be as easy Jack Collinsworth at the AC network so blatantly like well got your Chris Collinsworth kids, job gases, but he's not going to stay there. He's going to end up being on NBC with his dad exactly what he when he was doing like pregame for NFL and now gets the Notre Dame job that it's just like again.

It's fine that nepotism happens but like they rated the network.

We had to pretend like this guy cared about the ACC for six months and we could advance them up. The nepotistic ladder without his landed the pristine seat of calling Notre Dame football. Congratulations that the only have to see results.

Sorry if I would live long on Jack Collinsworth is the gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became fifth anniversary of the Carolina listen

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