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Are college sports losing what made them great?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 19, 2022 2:54 pm

Are college sports losing what made them great?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 19, 2022 2:54 pm

Are college sports losing what made them great? With the changing landscape of college sports with large TV deals for the Big Ten, Luke Decock wonders if college football is becoming too professional, and if it will hurt college sports as a whole in the future. Decock also talks about what Kevin Warren as B1G commissioner is looking to do with conference expansion and paying players.

Also, sports betting picks for the weekend.

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Financial capital This is the gold shell you very much for spending some time with us on a Friday getaway day for those people try to get out of town just would be one or two more times before everybody goes back to school. Although my kids back in school already's been back in school for little bit over a week. As always on a Friday. We talked a little tick-tock of the news and Observer esteemed columnist raconteur man about town.

We got a lot of football game coming up just a little bit.

We have the cats and the Pats in Foxborough.

So my question to you, Luke is important not to see a Toda Baker Mayfield and Sam Donald as it's been posed to be what we doing tonight how are they going to make a decision as though the decision is not already been made as to be the starting quarterback. I just cannot find UFC 819 there just overall, not I mean I think in a lot of ways you'd like to think and maybe this is wishful thinking. Maybe this is no wish we don't hope in one hand. Yes, you would you would you would like to think that the Panthers went into these preseason games with a plan whether they honestly believed in this phony competition. They went in with a plan to get each quarterback, whether that's Baker Mayfield or Sam Donald or macro. The correct and proper amount of reps and preseason live action to get them ready for the Browns on September 14 or whatever that is. You would like to think that you would like to think there's a plan you would like to think this was all sketched out within a week of Baker Mayfield's arrival and everybody's on board and everybody knows what it is and if that's the case, then I'm fine with it if there was a determination that there is a certain amount of preseason action that was going to be right for the number one quarterback in a new offense with a lot of new teammates and a lot of new offense of lineman then that's fine think at this point we have to trust the Panthers even though there's actually nothing in her tracker suggests the worst thrusting you'd like to think there's a plan in the following.

That said, if I were making the plan I might've gone about things I hear differently but willing at this moment to take it on faith. If I'm proven wrong. You don't fool me nine times.

I won't get fooled again. I'd like to talk at least to talk on twitter bakers get to be the starting quarterback that in trade form yet. Just backup Sam Donald again. It would be an indictment of Baker if he couldn't beat out Donald but he doesn't really have to beat out Donald.

He just tested not be terrible because I think Baker gives them more upside than Donald ever could. And that's fine doesn't move. Sam Donald orders startled just going to the season as the backup and everything's cool, because they may make sort of do you still have PJ Tucker does is anything change or I wouldn't me. I think you get something for Sam Donald something worth acquiring that you do it, but I also think there's value in having a veteran backup. This is not a franchise that's had great injury like over the years I think the other part of it is I think it protects macro. There's going to be because it Charlotte because it's a Panthers because they're going to be 215 or whatever, there's going to be a clamor at some point to get back around and and I think the best thing for Makarov is a reason the sky did go in the top 15 indirect the best thing for Makarov to get a internship season where he's not under the pressure of having to go in and play under no I fire but gets to learn from two veteran quarterbacks, whatever their merits may be that they have been around the league for a long time and let this protects macro rows development to be the most important job to do the season from quarterback perspective is give Makarov the best chance to develop and succeed. I think keeping Sam Donald around does that because I there won't be that clamor of anything happens to Mayfield to throw corral to the liens and see what happens.

Which, you know, we see met with quarterbacks who are quite ready that can be really detrimental to their progress so I like the idea. Keeping Sam Donald around. I don't think he hurts you. You know I had it it it I don't it's a distraction Baker Mayfield clearly guys got this one year for these sort of married at first sight you guys to figure out whether they want to be together and then we'll figure it out later.

But I do think Sam Donald presents protects macro L and that means that should probably be the most important thing for the Panthers this year. Let's move on to we knew it was coming. We knew it was going to be big and I don't mean that is upon the Big Ten conferences, television deals not only with Fox, but with CBS and NBC which will total more than $1 billion annually. Only a seven year deal. Just first of all, broad thoughts on the TV deal that the Big Ten signed and then will move on to how it impacts the ACC or clowns. The ACC yellow number one. I think it's great business if you get a pro sports deal without paying your athletes well this news on that will get to that. It's like it's like being you born on third base and triple. I think this is the way it's been going. When the ACC carbon steel notes deals first 2010 and then again in 2013, 2016 there was a feeling that cord cutting was going to hurt the market for television rights, and especially for linear channel and what we what we seen is that's not the case that life sports is sort of exempt from the decline of both cable and satellite fact is people that the one thing that and in reality television into service in use of the things that people will still pay for that are still in the Bible and what long-term all of these four streaming services are going to end up bundled the same way. That's just there's a reason the humble bundle lasted the cable bundle lasted for so long as it were learning is held together by sports and news in reality it wasn't you know the wasn't mean cabin Masters that was keeping people in the humble bundle is much as I love me What so going back to market seven years. Very good news for the Big Ten because in the state of the market right now. Those write up the cost of those rights are accelerating seven years.

Amazon and Apple are probably not more feet in the water which they continue to kick tires about making a trade trying to deal with Doug Wilson when he was GM of the sharks. Everyone talks and nothing ever happened. So you got a nap at some point and maybe Netflix and whoever else are going to probably want a piece of this at some .7 years might be a good time for another risk there is the opposite of the ACCs risk if we get to 2032 whatever is and we find out 2031 we find out that sports is not exempt from the bundle and that the price of life sports raises dropping. Maybe this is a bubble that burst in some ways when distributors find out they can't make money off these packages in the long-term than the Big Ten is in trouble because they're going back to market have this great deal to great deal is no question about that, but there to be going back to market relatively quickly and maybe the market changes for the worse and there is a gamble inherent in all of this, the ACC gambled and lost in some ways, although I think that the more I think about it and the more we we have sort of history for. I think the revenue gap in scare quotes is is a little overblown.

I think the question is do you have enough in the ACC has enough the AAC does not have enough private USA does not have enough.

The Sunbelt does not have enough, but the ACC and the big 12 have enough. So when you look at schools like USC, UCLA jump in the Big Ten.

It really just is pure greed to me. They didn't need the money they're doing it because they want the money. I think there's any dramatic negative effects in the long term, both for their recruiting for the health and welfare of their athletes. I think that's a disaster in the making. But what I'm telling you asked what is it mean for the ACC. I wrote about this a couple weeks ago when it's replete that ESPN was out. I think it's actually pretty good for the as I said, I don't think the revenue gap is relatively speaking, the more important things the wrong numbers because at a certain point when you get to $1 billion. How much more money to the school spent about paying the players then will get to that obviously been the moment. There's only so many wiper rooms you can renovate so many video board you can build something lounges only putting greens only lazy rivers. Quite frankly look at Clemson. You will be ACC basketball over the last decade is enough of that crap right more money just means more administrators. It means more developers and more architects were contractors. It means more boozers with fingers in the pie so I don't think Hersey is exactly healthy ACC because ESPN lost inventory, and watch the football and they lost multiple basketball games every week and the SEC cannot fill all of that many once ESPN gets that CVS 330 SEC game is kind of SEC saturation. Yes, and I think what you're going to see is that that new game that used to to come out again.

Day which is almost always a Big Ten game you Michigan Perdue or Michigan State, Indiana. Whatever that becoming ACC again.

I know people hate me and kick off, but a new national kickoff on game day, a new national kickoff and using coming out of game day is a great piece of television, real estate and nothing to be good for the ACC. Not to mention all those basketball's life that have to be filled out and I think the fact that the Big Ten is putting real basketball games conference basketball games on Peacock, which you don't get your cable or DirecTV right driver. I think that is when a massive error and I'll tell you. My guess is you sharing again sharing a home with a Big Ten alone. Big Ten alums are not happy about this like that is actual first-hand, on the record reporting well look as a premier league. I mean freak, I will have access to all the Big Ten games. Here's where it does separated.

I said this when we knew what the Big Ten TV deal was good to be I because I agree with you with your point about how much is enough and the ACC has enough Endo get more but the separator is if the Big Ten or the SEC down the road decide you know what we have enough to pay players and Kevin Warren last night the commission of the Big Ten on HBO's real sports said their plan down the road 20 teams paying players and if that's where they're going. That's the separator if they're going to pay the players then that's where red but you know what I said and maybe I was wrong about this, and this came up where talking about what happens to these letter. I think there's going to be as big a market as people think for fully professional college sports in professionally organized conferences like Outlook what people love of my college it's the alma mater.

They grew up rooting for their Walmart wolverines. But whenever they want the rivalries. What makes this market great. We have three very heated rivalries three teams and dirty rivalries where everybody went to school together and everybody goes to work together and then hurricanes come along in April may unify everybody and then they get eliminated never goes back to hating each other.

That's what made college sports great. That's what people want to pay all this money for and I think if you get to these massive leagues and and look, I'm not against paying players, but I think if you create a leak that identity is that it pays players which is what I took away from Kevin once, our identity is we recruit and pay the best players in there a 20 National League and its NFL life.

I want to. I don't think there is the same market for that. That's the XXL at that point right that's you got Larry Fedora coaching the New Orleans breakers at that point, whatever, whatever USFL doxies coaching so I don't know that that's necessarily bad for the ACC. I think the ACC has a chance here if it plays its cards right to position itself as college athletics. The way that you fell in love with and I think there is value in that and I think people mock Jim Phillips were kind of coming out and saying that I think you probably did probably left himself open, but I think there is value in that and I think once you look. You know this as well as I proteins fly on their own planes on their own schedules and you can't tell me that a team that plays the LA Kings one night and flies in the Raleigh to play the hurricanes the next night or even two days later is not a huge disadvantage for use USC in UCLA's athletes what's there in the Big Ten are going to live miserable lives. They are going to be constantly jetlagged from her schoolwork is going to suffer the performance is going to suffer this is going to be very bad and we know this because proteins bench and moan and go crazy over schedules that force them to fly across the country like the way you play. I can't wait for the southern Cal is one and four playing noon games on the East Coast. I can't wait I need in the Eastern times are final. But as much as we have unbelievable shot routine USC make a bad decision that's microblog athletic program and don't we all endorse that by the same token it's terrible for those athletes and I think this is what it is was originally supposed to be about and I just everything the Big Ten is doing is just so anathema to what I like about how exports that I wonder at some point. If the document kill the golden goose to me is a huge risk.

I grew up Southern Cal fan so I'm I'm teams are hunting fight on LB my my favorite team in the Big Ten now automatically hard final thing you live about a minute or so letter probably deserves a little bit more, so maybe we'll take some liberties. I'm not trying to hot take this not and I don't think that if it doesn't go well that it's over. I love the NC State football program. I think they dart is an outstanding job with the foundation and they have they have a level of consistency that they really hadn't reached. But is this in some ways a final exam to know exactly what Dave Doran and this program's capabilities are. I don't know that I would say that exactly but I think your point.

In general's fair in the sense that I've said this is going to happen for NC State.

This is the and so in that sense I think there is pressure to say. Are we a program like the questions that were being asked at the end of Tom O'Brien's tenure to the next level. We are program that is going to be content winning 89, maybe even 10 games and playing second-tier goals or are we going to do what Wake Forest has done and show off to Clemson aside and actually plan you will actually be in contention for CFP spot you look at what Pitt has gone obviously the other division you look at what weight forces done in this division, you look at what Clemson is on this division SEC theater going to be a part of that or not. And I think this season that last season was to these seasons are litmus tests for can that happen now they're in better shape.

The season guys came back there driven their terrific leadership, motivation they have everything they need to succeed except having to go to Clemson but there's a certain point where what's left Rick flair this one. You're to be the best you got to be able to go to Clemson to be the best. Other teams have done it that back to me is the litmus test aspect of the season and the question then becomes if Dave Doran can get you over the hump, then, are you satisfied with this and maybe the answer is yes yeah yeah Why don't that's why don't necessarily say final exam. I'm just saying if it's ever going to get over the hump. This is this is now. Now every all the stars are aligned. This is the time my final exam doesn't necessarily mean that you failed the final exam.

We have to get somebody else.

Sometimes your final exam comes up. I got B- and you know what maybe that's where I am. Maybe a B- to so but we have a chance to we study hard and we went to Clemson.

We have a chance to to get an A+. Speaking of A+ linked to at Luke.

The clock on twitter.

You know your your your nightly God made about here. I went to Maryland left the left for the Big Ten because of the rich is your favorite team anymore no greater Iowa winter weather forgot the Big Ten studio in my man code speed through it with the capital financial advisory group were talking retirement coach. I'm a simple guy but I like colors. Tell me how I can colorcode money and get ready for retirement. I like colors to my chores. I like graphs I don't like just words. What we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement. All those numbers into three colors red, green, yellow people amazingly come in and most of the money is in the red cat again.

I want that a red means high horsepower, potential elements high loss potential. You have to do. It's a give-and-take you can want to do that or that yellow means liquid money to get anytime stuck on anything green. If you safe growth but also dig a lifetime income as we get closer to retirement.

We need some green accounts with greens only call it that denigrates it was important appraisal support for you to next and people out of the thousand dollar value golden ticket put together for you your very own total plan that has a green so it's a traffic light. I hope it's green for you 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 per code speed through your time and I actually I told the truth anyway but how embarrassing is that I've forgotten it. Maryland was in the Big Ten was in the Big Ten all kind of forgot about Merrill completely flaked about that, rightfully so, but southern gal is my favorite because Wisconsin you're the guy I am I am hundred percent Becca by legal movie still in theaters now really talk on Maverick still in theaters that what four months. That is amazing, as it came out right below us levels sometime just before memorial day.

I wonder.

I wonder if now were on like people of gone to see it for the third time, I highly considering going washing a second time. I'm much I heard it was fun. It was a lot of fun.

It was a lot. Of note, Kelly McGill, this is not a right don't believe so just asking the question and is she supposed to shiver. She was in the first okay I don't think she's okay. High school football star's week, next a lot of games and I some games were played last night right some lung biopsy majority them being played tonight, Friday night because yeah I saw footballs back even though schools that started for applied analysis, but I saw footballs back as the playoffs go on forever, so we have to get the seasoning.

I know that at least in the lease south of the Raleigh area.

There is some forecasted bad weather yet and I think the schedules have been somewhat altered.

I can't tell you which games have been impacted, but what I can say is if your favorite school has a game tonight. Just check, just check. Just don't show up to to the stadium and await where's the game took a localism check exact axial of one of the reasons why a lot of games. I moved to yesterday was because of because of what and I was with no most places are you being in school right now is a lot easier for places to do so. Like for example in Wilmington we saw Northside Jacksonville at harder got moved up to River result. I don't have one high school do not, good for Nick Stevens things over there high school Check those out as well. For example, Knightdale at Gartner that kicked up back she got kicked off I moved up to 630. It was supposed to be on a 7 o'clock okay whole half hour day makes a difference. Okay I understand you gotta be traffic. I currently right now will be doing play-by-play for high school OT tonight along with Louis from WR L. Sports doing high school OT game a week Panther Creek at Hillside currently is her game again, whether pending.

That sounds like a barnburner positive right will know if I would be good kick things off you better be a good game will guarantee the outcome but supposedly imaginable. Top teams. It's where high school football in the city North Carolina you go 12 weeks play 11 games when it comes to playoff joint report 10 result.

Yeah, I don't feel it gets report your conference games, yet they can choose which game to kick out you go 10 and one of the regular season report to know 256 schools make plans at least this long in the baseball playoffs was all right. Netflix is dropped, the bonus episode of the Sandman on the Sandman released about two weeks ago on Netflix is actually based off an old what's called musical vertigo comics. It was a DC comics imprints right vertigo comics and dates show based off that's not super your story out and just let you know. Okay, put your superhero stuff people write but Sandman was any villain from the Spider-Man's not the difference in multiple Sandman yet the Sandman is the nickname argues that egg is a nickname that's known for more Morpheus or dream because you have in the dream world. Your dreams and nightmares. Also, there's death desire despair okay for extra bonus episode out there on Netflix just for you, Adam, just for you to know your pumped about that are excited for the debut episode of Seahawk that dropped yesterday on Disney plus Seahawk this. I have so many things running through my head. I enjoy when you say she Hulk like and none of them I can say on the air medical also said you're a peacock guy to join the man peacock Jurassic world dominion gets a premier date for peacock September 2 and enjoy that September 2 on peacock yeah I will be watching that there that's a Friday I believe right it is a Friday or no there there any premier league matches that day.

I will not be watching Jurassic she Hulk okay you like the second screen experiences that you see with me of the Manning brothers.

I know Pat McAfee's can be doing so with with college football games this year with ESPNU fan of those. It depends like I like the Manning cast.

I've enjoyed Monday night football. That way for Yankees Red Sox the other day it was the second screen opportunity was Michael K.

Voice of the Yankees on yes, Alex Rodriguez and Paul Simon. Yes, Paul Simon, I just stumbled upon it and friendly.

It was a hard lesson that yeah like Simons like nearly 80 yeah so he wasn't as quick so the whole thing was awkward and frankly I actually never heard Alex Rodriguez say anything, Michael K tried to fill too much of the dead air. They should just let Paul Simon talk but honestly it wasn't great, even when Paul Simon was stuck so it depends on who that second screen is along the Manning's absolutely love them. They need to be in the same room but they're not yet would be much better if they were in the same room but just do it one week at Eli's house the next week in Peyton's house right or is it actually ends like his neighbors garage. I think he's at his own house, where is Walt USC 278 they announced yesterday the alternate broadcasts during the Gronkowski family.

That's right, Rob Gronkowski, daddy Gordon brothers Dan Glenn Gordy Junior say the first hours can be simulcast starting at 9 o'clock tomorrow again for USC 278, headlined by Martin Guzman Sheriff Leon Edwards in the welterweight Chevy to fight and again that's that's can be available on ESPN and ESPN plus shifting solely to ESPN. Plus, when the paper view begins at 10 o'clock another.

The prelim fights generally are on either ESPN or ABC actually so that something new lookout for your MMA fan. Also MMA legends chocolate dells can be part of the broadcast always petty Pimlico humans UFC fighter and see fighter who did yes UFC fighters join the bronchi did well they'll try to make the rams of the Vikings a few years ago now know okay rock, pleasant rock, pleasant, or maybe it was that he actually almost made the final company a shoulder injury. I get get those two guys mixed up okay. You shouldn't should not at that second screen experience. Last but not least that someone tweeted in the about 20 and add us to get is at_Sandy Ravitch_but like Tom Brady is actually not okay at buckskin. Let's explore this socio-Tom Brady signed a deal with Fox tenure deal to be at the Lee color analyst right wall a few years ago, the masked singer actually had Joe blow up on during season seven of the mass yeah Joe Buck also part of Fox right mass finger part of Fox will texting right into the deep dive into when filming for the masked singer can take place because you can be an audience member.

Sure enough, the dates were July 24. Of the 29th, August 2 through the night and August 12 through the 20th right interesting what did Tom Brady leave 11 for a personal matter and he already previously stated that he's not going to be there for Buck's Titans preseason game the right which takes place on August 20 right you think the network is having Tom Brady. There right now.

Well, last finger. Here is my my response to that is when asked about Tom Brady's return next week. Todd Bowles, the head coach was very noncommittal. Yeah so it Brady was expected back from his personal matter, Bowles would have simply said yes, he'll be back next week. He's just playing it coy. I don't know theirs re-shoots don't know about. I yeah I don't I don't know.

Can your stay is the mass singer be longer than anticipated. I don't know what is wrong with the masked singer would be. I would hope it would be as a masked singer. I hope so too. I don't know. Please give me a special guest judge. I'm not entirely sure what that is the Buxton start training camp on the 27th during that first window but that's what some people do a deep diver think that these filming sessions for this upcoming season. Okay I'm I don't buy that bunion. It's likely just a coincidence to do likely do we think Tom Brady is taking time out from training camp. Yeah, to do an episode of masked singer from no multiple ups right yeah we do. We believe that because if there was anybody else. If Aaron Rodgers had done that people would have kittens yeah now it's selling an NDA. I'm sure when you don't do these you do. I'm saying that that is not the case but I guess maybe I'm in now.

Now the trick to watch the mass singer for the first time in my life without well it is on Fox 50. It is on Fox is betting where you are like here in Raleigh. Box 50 crib same.

June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak.

Figuring it out on the fly became the 25th anniversary of the presented by the Carolina listen. Nothing bad about that surprised because I don't surprised to see Joe person of the athletic next hour also treat Boston former Carolina Panthers former Carolina Tar Heel and now the ACC network so will talk with him in our number three.

Last night was a successful one at the window for Dennis and me. So let's see we can do it again. Plus, like 1700 in the last three days. Nice. Crazy for three last night +85 still good.

Plus anything you think. Plus anything is good at my my Greek league Cypress league draw happened last night Olympia tacos and a polo I'm going to say who can't work for placing bets, you go first :-) more Pink Floyd as replacement exit even better know what I didn't even realize that a valet is why haven't bumped with monies because that is during the second lot of preseason football actions now parlay this shirt hats packers Texans they all win +350 hats packers Texans yes all win Texans are playing the rams, and lambs on plate any of the radio starters at all during their playing their spirit start as children. I believe I believe so. Excellent work. I like it I like like all of that right. Let's this could end up being all over merely got a note Crystal Palace Aston Villa Palace. This is a very icy this is a absolute even match draw +210. Okay. All right. Palace to the squad to play against already yesterday put a bed and perform verse Brent did draw 245 find a lacrosse? Yep parlay in this together Friday lacrosse and your MMA fight with the chrome archers and with snakes all the winter +27. What was the whip snakes record eight. One of the team with the name of the whip. Snakes ever lose with Rob Maryland guys there whip snakes. Sounds like you would want to mess with this weather been to three straight championships in 12 of the exact all right my second batch Chelsea playing at leads Chelsea looked really good last weekend. Scott, the first week at Everton. They looked absolutely dreadful in winning one now leads needs a result here. I think things get a bucket to give me the score. Although I like 11, but this game is going to end in a draw leads gets a rats a good result for leads against Chelsea was clearly one of top teams in so using Chelsea Leach draw leads draw +325 accessing a +350 all think three 5350 like that right.

You have C2 78 tomorrow couple big fights, including middleweight fight between Pollock also dropped Rockhold in a welterweight title fight between tomorrow's mentally on Edwards Jimmy cost of the beat Rockhold by either knockout TKR DQ and to Guzman winning by decision overly on Edwards a +12 exit you're parlaying everything that you're trying to get all the way all the way ahead. Yeah, I appreciate that all right.

I believe the Baltimore Ravens have one like 21 consecutive Friendly's okay it's it's it's a stupid number like that it ends this weekend Cardinals and hold +210 over the rate all right. Go Cardinals I was going to go with another EPL match but I think we can keep going that well. Joe ever will you want gamble, you mix it up and people need people need football to really focus on.

This is the gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the presented by the Carolina listen

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