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REShow: Lance Leipold/Andrew Brandt - Hour 2 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

REShow: Lance Leipold/Andrew Brandt - Hour 2 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

Kansas Head Football Coach Lance Leipold tells guest host Ryan Leaf what cultural change is necessary to transform the Jayhawks from also-rans to respectability year-in and year-out, how he’s approaching possible Big 12 expansion, why he embraces being a football coach at a blue blood college basketball school, and much more. 

The MMQB’s Andrew Brandt tells Ryan how Deshaun Watson’s agent was able to land the most lucrative, fully-guaranteed contract with all the misconduct allegations hanging over his head, if NFL teams are wise to hand over big contracts to receivers like the ones Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, Christian Kirk and others recently received, and his reaction to Bears LB Roquan Smith’s trade demands.

Ryan and the guys debate if WRs deserve to get paid or if teams should spend money on other key positions such as the offensive line.

Patriots fan Chris Brockman and Ryan discuss the disappointing showing by Mac Jones and the Pats’ offense in training camp so far. 

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Mom it's the best rap album that will ever be. Earlier on the show Pac-12 Network analyst Yogi Rock. Coming up Kansas head coach Lance Leopold. Columnist for the MMQB. Andrew Brandt.

Plus from Prime Video Samaritan. Actor Jayvon Walton. And now sitting in for Rich it's Ryan Leaf. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo on the ones and twos, and Chris Brockman leading the charge here.

My next guest I've got to know pretty well over the last year. I called I think three of their games a year ago and I was just incredibly impressed with the culture he was trying to build. His success in his career up to that point and how he led young men not only on the football field but in life and so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for him to promote what he's doing in Lawrence, Kansas with his football program. So please welcome to the show Lance Leipold, head football coach for the Kansas Jayhawks. Welcome to the show coach Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich. Well great to be with you Ryan.

I appreciate the opportunity. I hope everybody's doing well. Yeah we are. We're excited. How's camp going?

Year two for you. Had some big moments a year ago but how has it started out there in Lawrence? I know it's hot as heck out there right now.

It has been warm. It's been a warm summer but it has been for most of the country but you know really proud of our guys and it's a night and day difference as you could well imagine from a year ago arriving in May to take over a program without having spring football. Most of the camp was a you know installation of scheme trying to establish you know cultural foundations and really just trying to get to know each other player to coach and coach to player and and now it's just so much smoother and we have an idea of where we're going and you know we have a lot of work to do but our guys have really embraced it and I'm pleased where it's trending.

I'm looking forward to getting out there in a couple weeks to spend a couple days with you guys and and to kind of view the culture you were talking about right. Speak to what you envision the culture of a football program coached by Lance Leipold. Well again you know for us and you know I think most people know that you know the past 10-12 years at the University of Kansas football has struggled and trying to change a culture of attitude and then results is not going to be an overnight thing and what we talk about is daily improvement and focus on what we can do but within the culture is you know culture is action. It's not a bunch of slogans or some words you throw up on a wall you've got to act it you got to do it and and a lot of those things have to do with being coachable how we work how we give back to our community embrace the opportunity that has been given to us and and at the end of the day are we putting it all out there that we could be the best version of ourselves each and every day and if our guys are doing it what more can I ask of them and our what can our coaches ask of them so and I think as we slowly look at it and instead of getting ourselves too much worried about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow if when we do these little things I think our our team has been able to to embrace that I think we saw that the last three weeks of the season and we've tried to build upon that here as we've gone through the off season now the early part of camp. We're speaking with head coach Kansas Jayhawks football program Lance Leipold here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. One of the one of the neat parts of last season was of course the O2 the overtime win at Texas right Jared Casey your tight end had never caught a ball before speak to how much of a catapult that was for all the work that your team had put in all year long because you'd only won one game up to that point but to go to Texas at Austin to do that and stick with it and play the way you did the next two weeks against TCU in West Virginia just kind of talk about that a little bit.

Well I think you've done some key points there as you know and from from your own days of playing and and anyone that's been through it and when you watch whether it be college professional sports when when you get to that later part of the season in November and and you know I mentioned earlier the struggles of this program a transition that happens late and you're one and eight and you're going to one of the blue blood programs of college football there's a lot of times young men will just play out the slate and and sometimes it's not everything that you want as far as intensity and focus goes and for us to go down there and play and have some early success in that game much like we did against Oklahoma at home in October I was so proud we're able to get some momentum and gain some confidence and to see the guys first of all believe in one another battle Texas made it you know battle back put it into overtime and but to see the really the joy and just like anytime you have a big win and and then you could even embrace more that the locker room was starting to believe believe in one another believe in the really the you know the structure and the plan of what we were putting together and and they went out and they practiced like that the last two games so we came up short again you could see us starting to narrow gaps and and things that you know within our you know between us and our opponents and was really proud of it and then as we headed into the off-season program starting after the first of the year you could see an extra sense of enthusiasm and attention to detail and then first day of spring practice the level and volume of communication and confidence had started to rise and all those things are are part of that step-by-step approach that that's going to be needed here I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about you know the way that the Big 12 the Pac-12 the organizations of these conferences are moving about what that means for your program as a head coach with a team that in an instance where you can't control a lot of that how do you how do you address that with your team when you know it affects your conference here at some point yeah you know I say you know it was right around may you know first or third or something was it was the press conference when I took the job and if you look at the a month later or the 14 months since then college football has changed immensely whether it be Texas and Oklahoma headed into the SEC NIL and then now with UCLA and USC heading to the Big Ten and realignment and everything else that that's kind of going with that you know within the locker room our players don't say much you know about that at least towards coaches they understand that we have work to do but I think holistically you have to look at it is you know what's going to change and we have four new members going to join us next year those are some exciting things but we have to continue to work hard put out a winning program a winning product that's going to get our alumni and our fans and our students excited about it that we have to make improvements facility-wise and doing things that's going to establish us to be a consistent winner in the Big 12 conference and as as we know then again as all the rumors and other things go you let other people above me kind of handle that we know we have a blue blood outstanding national championship basketball program and we want to try to do our part here at the University of Kansas to make sure that people know a lot about our university and program spending so much time with you guys a year ago calling a few of your games I got to sit in on those coaches meetings not only with you but with some of your coordinators and one of the biggest takeaways I had was from your offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki and his approach it I remember walking out of that first meeting and thinking that guy's going to be an offensive coordinator for an NFL program at some point just the mindset that he had speak to to your staff because it's incredibly important in building the culture and making a change at a university like that and how how they've come along with you as well yeah and he does an excellent job as the offensive coordinator you know very detailed very focused studies the game well uses our personnel groupings and our talent to the best we have enough you know we're a multiple offense that's still going to use the zone schemes in that but we're going to use the different personnels to our strengths and we're not kind of pigeonholed into one scheme first of all but Andy's been with me for 10 years now which I'm very fortunate we're at Wisconsin Whitewater for the last two years of my time there Andy joined us and then six years in Buffalo now now second year here Brian Borland our defensive coordinator going on year 16 together we're together the whole time at Whitewater Buffalo now here and and I you know it says a lot about them their humility their dedication their loyalty and their belief in how we go about doing things and I think programs like Kansas like Buffalo when we got their staff stability and continuity and being on the same page is so critical when you're trying to climb the ladder that you're not rotating coaches in and out every year and the players are getting different messages just quickly Ryan you know our left tackle and I think you knew this last year Obasic went has had nine position coaches he's on year six he's had nine position coaches well how do you know how do you trust how do you this guy told me this way you know that and it's just so difficult and now we've been able to keep that with these coaches and they've been able to you know help reinforce culture and expectations I think that's really going to help us as we move down the road so I hope Andy doesn't go too quickly to the next level yeah yeah me too it's fun to fun to watch him uh orchestrate that offense um last question here before I go speaking with Lance Leipold head football coach at Kansas University of Kansas um when people think of the University of Kansas right they think of the the Jayhawks the basketball program right national champions a year ago uh bill self head football our head basketball coach I think a lot of people would look at that in terms of uh of a situation is maybe difficult from a football aspect of things I I would think maybe you've taken a different approach and seen it as a positive and how you go about your recruiting because of a great basketball program and what that can mean for a football program there as well absolutely I think that's a great point you know even at Buffalo I kind of referred to Bobby Hurley was a basketball coach I first got the job there at NATO it's now at Alabama I I embrace that I I think I can learn a lot I think that helps with atmosphere and recruiting I think obviously expectations tradition and culture within that program of of reaching high levels is something that you you you know strive to obtain um I've said this many times in different places you know they're not on our schedule they are not the opponent okay and sometimes you you know I've been a part of some uh departments where it gets so competitive for dollars and attention it becomes distracting and and and for me I think for where we're at in the success of our program we're yeah we're gonna fly under the radar a little bit and go do our thing and try to get this built in and the right way that we can put ourselves in position to be in bowl games all righty well I look forward to getting out to Lawrence hopefully you put it uh cool it down a little bit here for me when I uh when I come in there in a couple weeks um we'll definitely do so thanks for taking the time with us today coach we really appreciate it no problem Ryan good to hear appreciate the opportunity and all the best to you and your listeners take care now Lance Leipold everybody head football coach for Kansas Jayhawks right over the last um five seasons one and eleven three and nine three and nine oh and nine last year two and ten right um it's it's difficult right in a world of have and have nots they've certainly been there but I've always felt that when you find the right guy the right coach to fit that position um you change the culture and he's been a winner wherever he's won wherever he's been right once what's six national championships at Wisconsin Whitewater uh won at Buffalo um I believe he has a chance here what I saw last year in the improvement this team made we'll see uh they got to play in the Big 12 uh at West Virginia week two I think I might have that call so uh that Morgantown you know you know country roads let's see where that where that leads yeah it's tough to go to a spot that traditionally hasn't been a success right they've been to a bowl game since 2008 yeah they haven't had a winning record since 2008 so if you go into a spot and it's been 15 years and you're just you know you're trying to build something and create a new culture and that's no easy task I'm wondering what goes into the mindset of a coach I suppose once you've I wouldn't say languished in division three and division two and in in the group of five in the group of five but what makes you take a job like this right I mean one that you know is going to be a very tough tough go of things right to put yourself in that position I think it takes a guy with a ton of humility and knowing that hey you know I'm just going to do what I've always done I'm going to control what I can control and we're going to have a string of head football coaches from the collegiate level here this week all from programs that have had me out to speak or having me out to speak to their their teams this this year it's neat to make these relationships and build those and I'm glad he's gotten the opportunity to come on Rich's show here to talk about his program because I do think you know in a world where money rules everything right now there's still something to kick to character and integrity in a game that I still look for for innocence there's an innocence that may be naive on my part because of the pageantry and the legacy and the history but I still I still find there's some innocence in collegiate football and and Lance Leipold certainly upholds that so when we come back Andrew Brant is going to join us I have a ton of questions for him around the Sean Watson situation the contracts that are going on and a big one I want to ask him about in terms of what a GM does with how the wide receiver position is being paid I mean it is gangbusters right now and I don't understand it because the numbers don't add up in terms of championships with a guy that you pay at the wide receiver position that much we'll talk to him next here on the Rich Eisen Show I'm Ryan Leaf filling in for Rich we'll be right back. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich for the rest of the week great show so far excited for our next guest he has been many things in the NFL general manager for the Green Bay Packers during the time with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and has been a constant part of education for me and it's what he lives in now as a professor of law. Welcome to the show Mr. Andrew Brant on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line. Andrew how we doing?

I'm doing well Ryan always good to be with you and as I said before we met way before you knew who I was. I was representing Ricky Williams and met you at Disney when you guys were all over the place when you guys were all getting the awards way back in 1998 or not I forget when that was yeah long time I've been really interested to get your take on you know I've watched you post some things on Twitter and talk about it in your newsletter and the biggest thing I've come away with is how how was Deshaun Watson's agent able to leverage this situation with a guy that was carrying so much baggage and so that he got the largest guaranteed contract ever this summer? Yeah I mean there's a lot to unpack here obviously about the suspension and where things are going but you bring up the point that still stuns me I've been following this a long time 30 something years between being an agent running a team and being a media analyst and professor never seen a contract like this in the sport ever this is a contract you see in the NBA this is a contract you see in major league baseball we've never seen one like this in football ever and what strikes me so much thinking about this is that this was achieved in part and maybe even in large part by his own misconduct by his own misconduct think about that he put himself in a position where his team did not want him they did not want him the Houston Texans did not want him and by the way he didn't want them either right so it became an auction it became an auction first they got a pre-qualified the trade and they had three or four teams I think four willing to give up three number ones and whatever else then they could negotiate and if you remember I think everyone listening remembers at one point the Browns were out they were out he's a southern kid it was the Saints and Falcons and maybe the Panthers and the Browns were a distant force but I'll never forget the moment with Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter I'm like is this real right the Browns were not only back in but they got them and you sort of read through the lines and the right way they got them was the contract because it's like okay it looks like they handed a piece of paper to the agent and said fill it out because it's got the 46 million a year that's obviously that's obviously the best ever it's got the full guarantee no one's gotten that I mean Kirk Cousins got three years this is five years and then the clause everyone talks about which is first year minimum salary 1 million that's the only money subject to suspension that's the rules the only suspension forfeiture comes out of salary not bonus and lo and behold 45 million bonus which has written in the contract no forfeiture of bonus due to suspension so it was written in a way that protects Watson more than any player's been protected and we haven't even talked about what he came into this deal with the circumstances that everyone's talking about and then I get back to where I started in part due to his own misconduct he created the perfect storm for this contract it is absolutely unbelievable that we're at this position I have another question too around the legality of things especially there's been some there's been some discussion around if the appeals judge comes back with a harsher sentence and it's something that the Deshaun Camp doesn't like are they able to do similarly to what as you know what Zeke and Tom Brady were able to do and then try to go file an injunction so there's a restraining order of sorts to stop it from from happening immediately and he can go play I've heard two different scenarios that that's not a possibility with this situation and it is is there a chance any chance anywhere that that we could see Deshaun Watson in those first couple weeks of the season this year yeah Ryan I'm a lawyer I'm a law professor I'm not a litigation lawyer so I don't have the true expertise in this the way I see it is if Watson's team which is his individual lawyers and the union try to take this out of the arbitration system the one thing I'm sure of is that when it eventually reaches an appeals court as Brady as Elliott as Adrian Peterson they will lose they will lose so whatever happens before we get to whether you can play week one he will eventually lose that's settled law because these courts defer to arbitration systems they don't want to deal with this stuff if it's written in a cba yeah but in terms of whether he can play the way I look at it is has his team his collective bargaining unit the union agreed on a six-game suspension they put out a statement saying they accept the six-game suspension so any preliminary injunction to stop further suspension would start after game six that's the way I read it I'm sure their lawyers say well the new appeal decision say it's 12 games or 16 games will replace the six games I don't know if I read it that way right but let's see what happens it would be I've been pretty strong on what the Cleveland Browns did this year and the way Jimmy Haslam went about it how he probably upset a lot of owners around the league because of it but for as talented as a team as they are bringing something into your hemisphere like this with the distractions with everything that goes with it trying to prepare two quarterback two quarterbacks to play possibly when here there or nowhere I just don't see how a team can compartmentalize like this especially a team like the Cleveland Browns has had so much turmoil and so much disappointment over the their franchise's career I mean I think players would probably compartmentalize it unless they're always asked about it you know there is this weird rule in the NFL that's gone back decades which even as a general manager I never really understood it which is if you're facing suspension you can practice like yeah I don't know what's the magic of September 1 where Deshaun Watson will magically disappear from the Browns just seems to me that he should disappear now but again that's that's the role he can practice and play in preseason games but yeah I would think but yeah I would think it's a distraction and I just tweeted out exactly what you said that these owners are meeting today and that that is a topic and I'm sure they're all upset at Jimmy Haslam but like I said it was a money deal I just wonder and maybe we'll never know where the Saints and the Falcons choking point was in other words would they have done a deal like this but for giving them the bonus I'm sorry the suspension free bonus or would they had done the full guarantee or what what stopped them because I have no doubt he wanted to play for one of those teams right and and the money just was too good in Cleveland the decision before we get you out of here just continuing on with with that I I've been doing some research around the amount of money that's being handed to these wide receivers this this offseason yeah it is this precedent setting and there's teams that have shown that we are willing to pay a bag to a wide receiver and there's teams that have said that who have offloaded them to the other team that we're not willing to do that you look back since like 2014 in terms of cap percentage for a wide receiver number one wide receiver the Super Bowl champion hasn't had a high cap number guy mainly they found one in the draft and they've been able to live with him on a rookie contract but not one who's gone out in free agency and paid a big time wide receiver why do you feel that's changed in the mindsets of some of these general managers have coaches been more influential in terms of where the offenses are going it just seems to I I'm not a big proponent of paying guys that much money or that much of a percentage of your cap number to a wide receiver I'd look elsewhere in terms of a guy who protects the quarterback the quarterback and the guy that rushes the quarterback I tend to feel the way you do that is a position and I think the biggest story of 2022 is not Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson I think the biggest story of 2022 is the transformation of the wide receiver marketplace in two parts I can understand that the Devante Adams Tyree Kill Cooper Cup level even Christian Kirk who's a free agent because those guys have skins on the wall those guys are known as top veteran players the one that shook the market in my mind was AJ Brown because now you're dealing with a guy in a rookie contract yep and the titans made the decision that they'll go they'll recycle the rookie they'll take Treylon Burks and once it's time to pay AJ Brown which they couldn't do they'll go for something else and when Brown got the 25 million average for the extension years that opened up the floodgates because now Terry McClaren now Debo Samuel now DK Metcalf can go to their teams and say we're not talking about Tyree Kill and Devante Adams we're talking about someone in my draft class that's different so then it was only a matter of time for those other three players to get paid and they all basically have the same contract all four of those guys and now Brown's the only one that left but that's an interesting phenomenon so now you know a fourth year rookie contract receiver has great ammunition yeah and and we're gonna find out I mean we're gonna find out where especially the Chiefs and Packers because they took draft picks and cap space over their superstar receiver and these receivers left Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes for lesser quarterbacks and lesser teams so we're gonna find out yeah it's gonna be a good experiment I think it is too I'm really anxious to see where this goes because of of where I think the the position is in terms of of where you put your put your money for your cap space so Andrew thank you again for for being a part of it you always make me feel more educated about what I'm talking about Chris Brockman has a quick question for you before we let you go go ahead Chris yeah hey Andrew I always appreciate you coming on just with the news of today like what do you make of Roquan Smith his trade request and how teams are going to be paying linebackers going forward well let me say first hold-ins have worked right so in my day it was holdouts and holdouts never worked hold-ins work you come to camp you do the true mayor of Sean Lynch I'm just here so I don't get fined in your own practice it worked for Jalen Ramsey it worked for TJ Watt it worked for the guys we just talked about this year worked for Samuel and Metcalfe and Deontay Johnson it hasn't worked for Smith so what I didn't even know till today is that he's representing himself right he tweeted out some things that a veteran agent would say which is this deal may sound good if it's back loaded and it's full of all these de-escalators which a player of his caliber never should have to take so the hold-in is not working because the Bears aren't negotiating at a top level I think he's embarrassed the Bears I just wonder if they're going to step up and pay him a market deal because trading them I will I don't know how you trade your best player they're just they're just they just can't do that so this is an interesting one to watch I think it's fascinating that Roquan has enough savvy to sort of recognize the deficiencies of that deal yeah the Chicago Bears are in for a roller coaster of a season I feel like it should be fun to watch in that it should be fun to watch in that division a division you were a part of for for some time Andrew again thanks for joining I'll be on the lookout for for everything that you put out there Andrew Brent thank you for joining us thanks Ryan always a pleasure yes sir well he's he's really good at making it simple in my mind so I can understand it I think that's what he does really well right there I have questions around the legality of everything the way I had heard it is that there there's no way that Deshaun Watson can play early first off I don't no one believes they'll get the injunction but secondly I don't think he's availed to it if if he gets a longer suspension when this happens I don't know if you guys remember last time I was here but I talked about in terms of precedent and what major league baseball did with Trevor Bauer right a guy that had a civil one civil assault allegation no criminal charges filed there were photos there were text messages things like that that helped evidentiary wise but two full year suspension by major league baseball right and I I used that as an example of what the NFL was possibly looking for in terms of what they expected the amount of accusations and what that meant and I thought early on that he was going to be gone for the entirety of this season so when the six game suspension came down from the initial arbitrator I was I was shocked especially with the language that was in that was in her decision right egregious predatory no remorse no accountability those types of things and I think that's where you know Roger Goodell now it you know don't get me wrong I'm not I'm not any bit a fan of Roger Goodell or the NFL right I just you know I think they they are what they are they're a money-making machine and an institution and a propaganda machine they're going to do what they do but there is something to to this there's a double standard of course because Robert Kraft got none of this spotlight Daniel Snyder for the spotlight outside of it certainly hasn't gotten it from the NFL so as players and as a union of the players you have to be stringent with your backing of one of your players in this moment that's this is exactly the reason you are a part of a union and the NFLPA is supposed to have your back in this so you know we'll see how it plays out but I wouldn't expect this Cleveland Browns team to see Deshaun Watson anytime this season and if you do you're going to have a your season's going to be a very difficult one you have a really good opportunity those first four weeks if Jacoby Brisek can play well enough but when he's splitting time right now with Deshaun Watson which I think is absolutely absurd you got to get the guy ready who's going to be your starter because those first five out of six games are winnable they're not beating these guys all right not these guys but those first five out of six games they are winnable for this team because there's enough talent and if you don't have the guy ready to roll right if you're not getting Joshua Dobbs and Josh Rosen ready because if Jacoby Brisek goes down those two are going to have to play so the fact that Deshaun Watson's on the football field taking away first team reps from Jacoby Brisek right now I think is putting and doing your your club a disservice and if you're Kevin Stefanski I mean the guy talks about it in glowing terms of having Deshaun Watson what's it mean but I mean you gotta you gotta Kevin Stefanski is the type of guy that he may love the idea to have Deshaun Watson as his quarterback but he can't love being put in this position right now when Jimmy Haslam came and said here you go you know deal with this it's just it's so it's so Cleveland you know I hate to say it there's systemic issues when we talk about teams I may be a guy that is cliche with that with some of these teams until I see something different I'm always going to feel the same way about something what do you guys think do you think Deshaun plays this year I in a weird way do I think it ends up getting double to 12 games so he's back in week what 13 or 14 depending on when their bye week is and then you know he plays the last few games of the season and then the Browns Cleveland they all hope it just kind of goes away and we forget about it as we head into 2023 but where the team could be after 12 games this year are they four and eight are they 500 at best and then Deshaun comes in to try to win out to get you into the playoffs I just don't see a situation where Cleveland who started the off season with so much hopes they had better Super Bowl odds than the Bengals who were in the game last year I just don't see them being any type of factor of this year let's look at that schedule again that the first six games I was talking about right at Carolina which is a huge one because it could be against Baker Mayfield right the Jets they're coming off a tough year lose my Kai Becton that's a winnable game Pittsburgh we don't quite know who their quarterback's going to be right it's at home they always play well against Pittsburgh at home on Thursday it's a short week short week at Atlanta Atlanta's in rebuilding mode you know against the Chargers okay that's they're not winning that game and then New England which is something we'll get into probably next segment I want to talk about New England a little bit I mean the conversation around Mack Jones and the offensive system there is is a little bit disturbing as a as a Patriots fan I'm assuming you are are you reading tea leaves or are you just you're waiting to see it really play out not great Bob at the moment not great yeah all right so look at those first six weeks right five of those six are winnable I would say now can they do it with Jacoby Brissett we'll see but I guarantee you right now he should be getting the reps and not Deshaun Watson so we'll see how it all plays out let's get into that a little bit let's get into the your New England Patriots and some of the conversation pieces that have been happening over the last few days who is going to be the offensive coordinator how is Mack Jones going to develop is he going to be protected does he have the weapons all of those things are the Patriots now resigned to the fact that it was Tom Brady and not Bill Belichick and his team is now heading towards the cellar of the AFC East we'll find out next here on the Rich Eisen Show I'm Ryan Lee filling up for rich we'll be right back Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, Chris Brockman. I just spoke with Andrew Brant around the Cleveland situation. What do you guys feel about the question I asked him? I'd love to get your opinion around seeing wide receivers get the bag of money this year especially ones like he pointed out on rookie contracts still, right? So I'm going to give you guys a little bit of a rookie contract still, right? I went back and did some research since 2014 no Super Bowl champion has had a wide receiver number one as high I think they've been like fifth or sixth down the line in terms of cap allocation to their roster and now that's going to change significantly if there is a team that wins it there hasn't been Cooper Cup if they go back and win it this year that would be a different scenario right because he got that bag of money but you guys know all know that during the draft time I've talked about who you pay who you draft who you pay right if you can find a wide receiver in in the draft go do it because you get them for just look at the the Tennessee Titans scenario they trade away AJ Brown the night of the draft draft a guy named Tralen Burks out of Arkansas very similar type very similar spot the amount of money that AJ Brown's making in year one is the entire contract of Tralen Burks in Tennessee so this is a decision that's being made by teams and I loved his point about what does Kansas City look like what does Green Bay look like with with getting rid of two of the best wide receivers in all the league and drafting Sky Moore and Christian Watson those are the two guys are gonna replace it turns out Romeo Dobbs may be the actual one that fills in yeah who's looking really special in in Green Bay I covered him a bunch in Nevada oh boy he was he was something special there but what's your guys's thought process on on the amount of money in the marketplace that has just been cracked by the wide receiver position this year TJ maybe you could speak on this too after I after I talk here but we're very pro guys getting paid oh so am I I'm so proud absolutely you go out and get your money you have earned it you have worked hard to this point you deserve every single dollar that you get it doesn't mean that's going to help your team win right you know as we've seen in the past like I think I don't know if we're still waiting on a quarterback who has kind of broken the bank for that team to go on and win the Super Bowl I don't know if that's really happened maybe only once in the last decade or so but I just think if you look at these situations yeah that's just a lot of money I'm wondering if like wide receivers are going to be like running backs where it's just the way the offenses are and how complex they are the way these coaches are able to scheme up guys and get them in space and and really maximize their potential and what their skill set is you can kind of just plug in place like everybody look look what New England did for a very long time they were able to just use any type of running back Corey Dillon was kind of the best running back they really had during the Super Bowl runs that they had in the first go around and the second go around they never really had a top flight wide receiver they weren't paying Randy Moss all all you know a bunch of money a bunch of money no he was on a very team favorable friendly deal he was also looking to prove something but they never actually won a Super Bowl with Randy Moss and so you know you just look at these teams I'm wondering Green Bay never won when they are the Raiders going to be a favorite now Rich loves the Raiders but do they think are they really going to win a Super Bowl they play in a division where they might not even get out of it probably not I'm not sure it's just I don't know if paying all these guys all this money ever really translates to winning it's the quarterbacks it's the left tackles it's the defensive backs it's that's advanced defensive ends those are the guys who get paid and those are the teams that end up winning who paid those players the top dollar I I'm I'm Miami is such an interesting microcosm of what the marketplace is about right because to your point the running back room is full of solid players but it's hugely by committee right right just huge and that could be really positive for them but they still have a quarterback on a rookie deal and they have a new head coach but they have a really really good defensive back and then they paid all this money to Tyree kill yep is that going to translate to wins I have no idea well that leads us to your division the AFC East right what happens to the AFC East Buffalo clearly at the top of that right now of that food chain right they've they've developed they continue to grow down I I believe they're they're my Super Bowl pick this year to win it to win it okay of course everything has to play out they have to stay they were my pick last year though too so like nothing's changed I had the final four I think it's totally fine 13 seconds away from you know my bigger question with with Buffalo is how have the how is that coaching staff addressed it because they you they got the rule changed that's how that's how they address you fully understand one thing though in this is that they in the face of all the stress and pressure and everything they faltered and they really haven't taken too much accountability for it now maybe they have in the rooms with their players but that's something that had to be addressed because what happens now when that type of they proved that in the most stressful press pressure-filled situation they choked because they could have done so many different things with those 13 seconds right and they would have you know what would you do in that moment well everybody's like well what would you do I mean all that pressure's like yeah but that's what they're getting paid all that money for that's what the head coach head coach and everybody's supposed to be about that system apparently there was a miscommunication all the things that has to be worked out before this team can be any any good if they have psychological trauma from that it could be a long year now the question is who falls after them right last year it was Mac Jones in New England getting back to the playoffs they were embarrassed fully in the wild card round up at Buffalo but now Miami who's been on the precipice with Brian Flores last few years of getting into the playoffs are they a team that adds Tyreek Hill you have Jalen Waddle in year two a running back room a new head coach what does that mean is this a team now that who's always had pretty good success against the likes of New England are they the team that now makes the jump over New England you made a comment to me during the break around how could New England fall to the seller of the AFC East when they had the second best quarterback in in the in the division I would agree with you I would agree with you on that question is with all the concerns coming out of New England camp this last week around who's going to be calling offensive plays what that looked like and what Mac Jones has looked like in this offense especially in 11-11 drills over the last week where is your biggest concerns as a fan first and then as maybe an analyst in terms of what they need to do and to be successful well as a fan I'm ready to fire everybody right you know I mean this is the fans kind of knee-jerk reaction you're seeing the tweets from Tom Kern and Mike Rees and these guys who cover the team that Mac Jones is on his butt every oh they would be on his butt every single play they can't block anyone we're dropping passes where the routes aren't crisp it's like it seems like it's the worst case scenario and it's a disaster and I guess that's going to come and it should be expected here in the first week of August when you have new coaches in place you lose one of the best offensive coordinators in the NFL Josh McDaniels is now a head coach in Las Vegas as we talked about you lose him who was right there with Mac Jones the whole time during his rookie year not asking Mac to really win the game just manage the game make a player two here to help us get a victory but we're going to rely on the run game and we're going to have a really good defense last year I expect the defense to be as good this season but as a fan it's just super frustrating because like you see Mac Jones he was the best rookie in the rookie class quarterback in the rookie class last year you expect him to make another kind of second year leap like we've seen Justin Herbert make Joe Burrow make in the last two seasons and you're excited in that aspect spent a lot of money in free agency you get Devante Parker in here a big physical receiver who could be a number one which his team hasn't had in a long time and then you read all these tweets from the guys at practice and it just seems the sky is falling so that's super frustrating I guess as a quote-unquote analyst I'm just gonna wait and see how it is I want to see how they look in the preseason I want to see how guys progress between now and the end of the month before I really decide the sky is falling this team is going six and ten or hey there's some uh there's a bright spots we could go nine and eight ten and seven and kind of sneak into the playoffs again so that's kind of where I'm at right now yeah I have a I haven't been buoyed by what we've been hearing uh I'm still a huge Bill Belichick fan and I believe that with his influence and how he's gone about his business he's going to find a way to to field the team and make them competitive especially in this division so we'll see we'll see where where Chris Brockman is in let's say week three week four uh when everything I'm sure I'll be rational about all of it very rational very rational uh next hour we'll get more into the NFL side of things uh um Javon Walton will join us at 11 20 as well we'll be right back here on the Rich Eisen Show yeah I mean look it's always in Bill we trust right but he's always been a defense guy he's talking with the defense he's not even really pay attention to the offense because Josh kind of had that covered right and now you hear Bill is like with the offensive with the wide receivers he's with the court he's doing all this other stuff with the offense and you're just like okay I I don't I don't what is Matt Patricia and Joe Judge doing right I don't for a moment either um think that Bill Belichick having conversations with these guys is a bad thing a guy no never the guy has knows so much football you know when you're a defensive coordinator for most of your career in a defensive mind you know what offensive players do that gives you the most problems right so a lot of times defensive coaches and I feel like that he may feel this way in terms of when you have Matt Patricia who was a wonderful defensive coordinator for him during his tenure there not in the Super Bowl but that's not in the Super Bowl um but he knows he knows he can fly down and go this is what worked against me I know that right right in those in that Super Bowl um but you're telling me that guy's never called plays before suddenly Matt Patricia is going to call the plays this year yeah I don't I don't get that at all like you I don't know that you don't know the the language you don't know um you know the conversation p I I don't how do you not go out and find an offensive coordinator how is that how does that happen there I just also don't get bringing back I mean they were good coordinators Joe Judge was a special teams coach and Matt Patricia was a defensive coordinator or whatever Bill called him but you bring these like failed head coaches back in your system and now you're putting them in charge of the offense with a young quarterback who's looking to make a big leap in year two after he had a really good rookie season I just don't understand that as a as a fan from a fan's perspective yeah it's it's difficult to to see things like that I mean I think back to my second they know more football than we do obviously so maybe they do and it's their team my second year going into the NFL right you know Kevin Gilbride had been fired June Jones took the Hawaii job you know general manager Bobby Beathard at the time chose to bring in a guy by the name of Mike Riley who had never had a winning season at Oregon State I mean you had a guy just down the down the road at Washington State who had coached me I mean if you're going to take a guy from the Pac-10 who's had success and who knew the offense to better your team why wouldn't you go with that guy right you know and of course we understand how that worked out I mean I was I was a huge part of the problem don't get me wrong but but still you wonder why you make this type of types of decisions all right we'll be back here to the Rich Eisen show here on Peacock I'm Ryan Lee filling it for Rich we'll be right back for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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