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How do we evaluate UNC football's win over FAMU?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 29, 2022 4:12 pm

How do we evaluate UNC football's win over FAMU?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 29, 2022 4:12 pm

How do we evaluate UNC football's win over FAMU? Adam Gold says while there are promising aspects for UNC football on offense with QB Drake Maye and RB Omarion Hampton, there are still questions about the team's defense.

Also, Scott Ryan of Golf Digest joined the show to discuss the Fedex Cup Playoffs and the Tour Championship win by Rory McIlroy, and how more PGA Tour players are headed to LIV Golf.

Plus, sports betting picks from Adam & Dennis

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. You're the cat, really? I mean, I like it. I'm a fan of this song. Mick Mixon, former voice of the Carolina Panthers, used to come on and sort of ridicule me for liking this song. He somehow managed to make it like the song that, like, my wife and I, it's our song. Not really. We just both happen to like the song, and Mick hates it.

It is very 70s cheesy. Totally understand that, but shouts to Al Stewart. Anyway, so we'll talk about, we'll talk more about the Panthers a little bit later on. They have a decision to make it quarterback, who they're going to back up, who's going to back up Baker Mayfield.

It's actually some discussion. There was some thought that they would call Cam Newton. I don't anticipate that happening. Like, unless Sam Darnold's out for the year, just let PJ Walker stand on the sideline and hold a clipboard.

To me, it's an easy one. Like, just let him do that. And if Darnold is going to be out for a really long period of time, and you feel like you have to go out and get another quarterback, just wait till all the cuts happen. There will be quarterbacks out there that you can bring in as a backup. There'll be somebody who can stand on your sideline and be a backup quarterback. You can trade for Mason Rudolph who's going to be the third quarterback in Pittsburgh.

You could do that. I'm being legit serious. And I believe he's a Charlotte kid, isn't he? Yeah, he actually might be. I think Mason Rudolph is a Charlotte kid. Who was the quarterback they drafted out of West Virginia in the third round a few years ago? Oh, Will Greer. Yeah, bring Will Greer back. Yeah. He had a cult following for a while.

All right. What's Kyle Allen doing? Isn't he the backup in Washington? No, that's Tyler Haneke.

Oh, that's right. They traded for Carson Wentz. They have Taylor Haneke. And Sam Howell. Yeah, bring Kyle Allen back.

He was the star for a while. Yeah, they thought he was the next franchise quarterback. They actually thought that. All right, we'll talk more about pro football in a little bit.

They did. I'm really not making it up. We were all just like blown away by it. So we're going to talk North Carolina here. If you want to be involved in this conversation, by all means, let's do it.

919-860-5326 and it comes to our poll question that we ask every day and we usually answer it at one o'clock. How do you feel about North Carolina's win over Florida A&M? We asked you, really gave you four options. Excited about the offense. Concerned about the defense.

All of the above or both of the above. Yeah, or meh, it's week zero. My opinion is meh, it's week zero. And I probably say that because I don't want to be concerned after a week zero win over Florida A&M about the defense.

But I hold fast to this tenet about college football. So much of week one, forget about week zero, so much of your opener is utterly, I'm not saying it's meaningless, but it really, it almost forces you to take your eye off the ball. You could have a great performance in week one. And honestly, it's sort of, it's fool's gold. Or you can really struggle in week one and you think, oh my gosh, there's going to be problems with this team.

And honestly, it's not that big a deal. But if you're going to be excited about the North Carolina performance on offense, and Drake May was good, and the tight ends were good, the running backs were the most impressive part of the game for me. Then you also have to go, I don't like the defense, like a couple of fourth down conversions by FAMU.

Quarterback had too much time early in the game to throw. Maybe North Carolina was just playing it vanilla. But the truth is, is that you probably should have crushed Florida A&M right away. But think about what Carolina scores to go up, what, 21-14 with about two minutes left in the half, right? Florida A&M, if they don't, if the quarterback doesn't make a mistake and throw into triple coverage, that's an interception by Stormduck and it sets up a North Carolina touchdown. If he doesn't make that mistake, I mean, it's very possible that we're tied at the half based on the way North Carolina's defense had played. And yes, at the end of the game, Carolina's defense was really wreaking havoc on the Florida A&M offense, but at that point, they had completely worn down.

So I'm not, I'm not completely, I don't want to completely dismiss what I saw as meaningful or meaningless, but I always will fall back on week one doesn't matter that much. By the way, thanks to our good friend Joe Giglio from 99.9 the fan co-host of the OG. Not only did Florida A&M risk losing out on $450,000. As it turns out, if they can't make the trip, they would have owed North Carolina $450,000.

I, who wrote that contract? Yeah, I think it's a way basically to prevent teams from just like at last second and be like, nah, but Florida A&M wants to, they, they, they want the payday. Like they could have gone anywhere to get hammered.

They want the payday. Anyway, I personally believe that this North Carolina offense can be good, but I'm not going to draw any conclusions based on what I saw. I thought Drake May looks the part. I liked the tight ends, although I believe, was it Copperhaven, Copperhaven dropped the, what would have been the third touchdown looked to me like he should have caught it. But they got, I think three touchdowns from tight ends. Josh Downs is Josh Downs, but I liked the fact that they found a second option at wide receiver to Josh Downs. But really the most impressive thing offensively, I thought were their running backs.

Yeah, really, really, really did. I loved, I mean, Hampton's a stud. Hampton, I think Pettway is too. And look, whether you're playing professional football or college football, one guy, it's a rarity where one guy is going to be able to carry the whole load. It's a rarity.

You need multiples. I mean, obviously it's a game of attrition. So I was impressed by that element. But again, you just got to pump breaks because we don't really know what all of it means until we start playing. Like if I'm App State, I watched the game going, huh, well, we might be able to run on the Tar Heels. Yeah. Yeah.

And I think you probably can if you're at. But I and I also think that if they do that, if they establish that, they become even more dangerous in the deep passing game. So like I saw a lot of hot takes on Twitter over the over the course of the of Saturday night about how well, as it always was, North Carolina's got a great offense and a bad defense.

I just don't think you can say that yet. But I mean, you should be probably a little concerned. We are headed to a incredibly cool first weekend of football here in the state of North Carolina. By the way, Charlotte got beat, beat up pretty bad, right? Forty three to not good. Thirteen's not good. Forty one thought Will Haley's team was going to be a little bit better, but maybe FAU is good.

We don't know. Maybe FAU is good. I'm not I'm not casting any aspersions on anyone and I'm sure Charlotte will be better as the season progresses. But we are headed towards a great weekend opening weekend of football for maybe the four biggest programs in the state. North Carolina going up to app NC State going over to East Carolina Dennis Cox.

Do I have this correct? That the Culture State podcast will be on site. Yes, at Dowdy Fickler. Yeah, we are Saturday shows coming back live to the Raleigh area live podcast. Yes, a live show. Sounds like a radio show today.

I could be crazy. We're live. Yeah, live Saturdays this fall from 10 to noon and we're going to go ahead and start things off in Greenville at Dowdy Ficklin Stadium. We'll be there.

I got a new live. I have no problem with that. By the way, almost half of the people said met. It's just week zero in the in the poll question.

Forty seven percent of the vote, but a quarter of the people are concerned. And I think that both of those are the answers that I would take. Because. You probably should have been more dominant defensively. Although, again, maybe they were just very vanilla. Just very, very just bland defensively and not showing much and not even trying to put pressure on, which I get it. I get maybe they were taking pity on fam.

You maybe who showed up with just seven scholarship offensive lineman. I got no problem with it. Whatever.

But nothing good out there on tape. So App State doesn't take it seriously. That's the whole reason.

Yeah, I don't believe that. I haven't seen a line for that, but we probably should probably should see a line for that. My guess is that app is probably a very, very short favorite in the game. I would say app by two is my guess. I think that's a very, very short betting line.

Do we have one? Minus one North Carolina minus one North Carolina minus one app can play the underdog card at home. Very nice state of what, a 10, 11 point favorite at East Carolina. Eleven and a half now.

Eleven and a half. NC State at ECU. Very quickly here. First game for NC State, probably a little squirrely out of the gate. Yeah, we'll see how good their offensive line is. We'll see how much they want. They're going to allow Devin Leary.

Here's the one thing I would say about the NC State coaching staff is that especially early in seasons, they have been more more apt to just kind of dial it back offensively, right? We're just we're not going to show much. But I would say I would say that you're going to win the game. Unless you're a complete mess.

And I don't think there'll be a complete mess. Let your quarterback take some chances. Let Devin Leary play.

You have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire nation. Let him play. And if it starts going sideways, then dial it back. But don't don't try to just. You know, we have better personnel, so we'll just play it close and we'll just. Now, don't do that. Go out and win the game.

Be impressive. And if it starts off in the wrong foot, you can always dial it back. But don't try to play this game so conservatively that you leave it. That East Carolina suddenly, oh, midway through the third quarter, we're only down six. Don't do that. Don't do that. Go out and win the game.

This is a big opportunity for the Pirates, because I think the only thing that I would prefer if I were the Pirates, I would actually prefer this game on the road. And then you've got absolutely nothing to lose. Right. But you get your fans and you get an opportunity to go out and take a big swing at. Probably your bigger rival, NC State. Right. Great opportunity. I cannot wait.

Great weekend of football app and East Carolina hosting the two big boys in state. Adam Gold in studio with my friend Coach Pete DeRuda with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

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Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond it? 800-661-7383. That golden ticket is a one thousand dollar value. Or you could text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. Shane Ryan at Golf Digest in just a few minutes. A couple of things, though, that we are following and discussing Panthers and their backup quarterback situation. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN floated the name Cam Newton.

Please don't do that. We don't need, we don't need Cam Newton as a backup. Just let PJ Walker stand there on the sidelines, hold a clipboard, wear a hat. He can wear it backwards.

I don't care. Just let PJ Walker do it. Unless Sam Darnold is out for the entire season, just stay with what you got. And then when Darnold comes back and he's healthy enough to actually get on the field, if need be, then you can let PJ Walker go. But the initial reaction, the initial plan was the only way they were keeping three quarterbacks is if the third quarterback was Matt Corral. It was going to be Baker, Sam, Corral. And Corral would be on the roster but never active unless one of those guys was hurt. So I would do the same thing with PJ Walker. Leave just two quarterbacks unless, you know, when Darnold is back, you can let PJ Walker walk.

That would be fun. North Carolina had no problem, well, not really, with Florida A&M. An undermanned FCS team certainly put up a fight for roughly three quarters, but North Carolina was good enough.

They looked good offensively, didn't look so great defensively, but it is just week zero. And Rory McIlroy won the tour championship, first time we've had a three-time winner of the tour championship. I'm not entirely sure that that in and of itself is significant, but Rory winning is for a lot of reasons as we bring in Shane Ryan from Golf Digest. You can follow him on Twitter at Shane Ryan here also, author of the book The Cup They Couldn't Lose on the not really this past Ryder Cup as much as it is the entire Ryder Cup experience.

And he joins us on the Adam Gold show. Do you see it the same way? It's not as significant that Rory is a three-time winner of the FedEx Cup. It's that he is the winner this year in what was easily the most turbulent PGA Tour season ever.

Yeah, no, I definitely agree with you. I mean, he was the PGA Tour's universal soldier this year. He was their man on the front lines every single week speaking his mind. He was the player against live golf, at least the most public one. And I think, you know, I wrote this for Golf Digest today.

I think there are a lot of people in Ponte Vedra Beach who are very happy. He won because I think he deserved that 18 million dollars, whether he whether he won or not, the PGA Tour owed him. And so to have an excuse to cut him a check like that, I think they said, you know, if anybody deserves it off the course, it's this guy. He probably still would trade the 18 million for a win about a month or so ago.

But we all know that that was the one he was probably pointing to. He probably put too much pressure on himself this Sunday with a four shot lead. And I do think it's interesting that he rallied from six strokes back to beat Scottie Scheffler yesterday. If you were writing the story on this entire season, what would your focus be?

You know, it's funny. I mean, there's a lot of things you can focus on. The live golf story is the big one.

But again, I just wrote, it just came out in Digest. What I wrote today is everything, no matter what happened, Rory McIlroy was always there, whether it was the major championships. He was involved in every single one in some way. You know, he had the late charge at the Masters with a hole out on 18 that electrified everybody. You know, he was the first round leader at the PGA and kind of hung around late charge at the U.S. Open. And of course, as you mentioned, St. Andrews should have won and didn't. But, you know, again, he was the spokesman, too, for the PGA Tour. I mean, he was their sort of chosen voice that was kind of defying the tide of players going to live golf. And then, you know, he was involved intimately with Tiger Woods and all those people. Really, he was the one leading the charge to get this, you know, the whole format change next year for the PGA Tour.

That's going to benefit him and players like him and really turn it into this massive payday for the best players in the world. So at every step of the way, he's been there. So when you tell the story of the PGA Tour, you're in golf or whatever, it's about live golf. It's about the majors. It's about, you know, Rory winning the tour championship.

It's about the format changes for next year. And every step of the way, like there's your North Star. Rory is center stage all the time in every single instance. Shane Ryan from Golf Digest, the article dropped today by Shane Ryan about Rory became golf's biggest figure in 2022 by being here, there and everywhere. He says it wasn't a burden. I listened to his press conference yesterday and I expected a big exhale. I asked Billy Horschel this at the Wyndham Championship. I said, has this because he was also very vocal. I asked him about carrying the water for the PGA Tour is that it doesn't get tiring.

Rory insists that it was energizing as much as anything else. I mean, what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, you know, it's kind of funny. Everybody's a little bit different.

It kind of depends on your personality. I think for Rory, it might have been and it's hard to argue against him because he was really good this year. You know, you kind of tend to gloss over that when you look at it. Well, he didn't win a major and he kind of blew it in the final round St. Andrew's but pound for pound. He was the best golfer all year. He had the best strokes gained, you know, any advanced stat you want to look at. He was great. He won a couple tournaments.

Obviously, he won the big prize yesterday. So, you know, his game didn't suffer. I mean, I think probably golf wise, it was his best year and he's been good. You know, it's not like he's been bad.

But I think even by that standard, it's been his best year and maybe since 2014. So it's hard to, you know, he says, yeah, it doesn't bother me. Well, on the course, it really didn't seem to bother him, at least in the sense that he was always putting himself there in these winning positions. And sometimes you looked at and go, you know, how is this guy doing that with all the stress from everything else?

But maybe he's one of those people who thrives on it and likes it. You know, I kind of think we're forced to take him at his word there. A couple of more things for Shane Ryan from Golf Digest at Shane Ryan here on Twitter. We we know that Cam Smith is going to be announced for live golf. That's not a surprise because it was a rumor that it was, you know, a done deal before the open championship. But any of the other names that came out over the weekend? Joaquin Neiman, maybe Harold Varner. Did any of those names surprise you other than the need for Cameron Tringali to to join live? I don't really understand that, but anything else kind of strike you as odd? No, because the names have all been out there, you know, and so the only one that would have would be the one that we don't really care about, Cameron Tringali.

You know, everything you like. Varner was rumored Neiman. It's been a long time. Everybody's thinking Neiman's going to go. Yeah, I think some of the ones that are up in the air right now are a little bit more interesting where you look at like this camera young going to go. That would be kind of a big surprise. I mean, he was involved in that players meeting in Delaware. And, you know, Rory had a quote yesterday actually in the press conference saying, well, we all committed when we went to that meeting in Delaware and then he corrected himself and said, well, 22 of 23 of us committed.

Right. And you kind of wonder if that was a sort of pointed remark that maybe Cam Young was on his way out. And there is I don't know if you saw this, but no laying up figured out that the promotional code for live Boston. Yeah, you could you could type in certain names and then the number 25 after them and you would get a discount. And it was all the names of people who were going and Cam Young was one of them. But Matsuyama was not one of them.

So, you know, it is sort of all kind of this funny little, you know, chasing crumbs. But in terms of the names we know are going to be that was all telegraphed except for Tringali and, you know, kind of who knows who cares what his deal is like. I thought Joaquin Neiman was in that meeting as well.

Maybe I got that wrong because so maybe that was what Rory was talking about. What I don't understand is that without world rankings points, it's going to be tougher and tougher for a guy like Joaquin Neiman who doesn't have automatic exemptions into majors going going forward. It's going to be tougher and tougher for some of these guys to play in major championships. And Neiman is a guy that should aspire to really aspire to win major championships.

The Harold Varner thing. I mean, I had if he wants to go that's fine. I like I don't even really have a problem with players who go. Do you think the PGA Tour will be able to protect their rules and deny these players access back to tour events? Yeah, I think so. I think this court case is going to play out probably over years. But in the meantime, you know, the injunctions they tried to get against them aren't working. And, you know, I think not only I think personally, I think legally they have like solid footing. I mean, these guys are going in some of the rulings you saw when they turned down the temporary restraining order, I think are going to follow into the big case.

Well, you know, you're going to making lots of money from this other thing. You can't say that it's not competitive. Right. So I think they're going to be fine. And I think they're inclined not to show much mercy because they have to set a precedent. Right. This is a really, really big threat to them. And if if it doesn't succeed, if, you know, the Saudis eventually say it's not worth it, we're going to give up. They can't.

The story doesn't end there. Right. Because that's not the last person who could do another group to do it. They can do it again. So they have to, you know, they have to set a precedent and say, look, there are if anybody wants to do this in the future, look what happened to these guys. Look, you know, look what happened to Cam Smith. Look at Milwaukee. You don't know them anymore.

You're not talking about them because they're nowhere to be found in the golf world. And, you know, that's a hard line to take. But I think it's an important one. And yeah, I'm with you.

I think guys like Neiman and even Kim Smith, like, you know, Kim Smith got his major this year and he was fantastic. But, you know, what are your aspirations in life if you're a professional golfer? I mean, don't you not care at all about legacy? I mean, you're you're getting a huge payday.

And God bless. But is that good enough for the rest of your life when you're in your 20s? You know what I mean?

Like what happens when you're in your mid 30s and you're nowhere near the golf world anymore? Are you is it enough just to be rich? Maybe it is.

Yeah, no, no. I think I tend to think these guys are pretty competitive people. And I think winning means a lot to them as much as money.

And I think there's a you know, there's a future which we'll be able to see that. You know, it could be really bad for them in terms of just a happiness and fulfillment standpoint if they can't play golf anymore at the highest levels. And I mean, the best golf is still going to be played on the PGA Tour, at least until too many of the players go over there. But with all the all the changes come into the tour, there'll be a difference in overall cash available. But it's not going to be so astronomical unless we don't believe the live portion of the lawsuit, in which case they had to overpay because the PGA Tour made it so difficult.

That's very transparent. Shane Ryan at Shane Ryan here. Go check out the article on Golf My friend, I'll talk to you very soon. Enjoy the President's Cup. Whoever's left.

Yeah. Thanks. Hope we'll see you there, Adam.

Take care. You got it. Shane Ryan from Golf Digest here. Neiman, Cam Smith, Mark Leishman, all part of the international well, in terms of Cam Smith and Joaquin Neiman and possibly also Mito Pereira, who should have won the PGA Championship this year, except he had a meltdown late in his final round. Those three players were among the eight automatic qualifiers for the international team.

And if Pereira goes to that will mean the depth of that team, which already had questionable depth, will be severely challenged. All right, Dennis, we have reached the half. Let's do it. All right. Just a minute up there on the board.

Sorry, it was good. We had no injuries. Now, a couple of a couple of stoppages. That's it.

That's it. Out of booking, I believe. Not a red card, right? No, no, no, not a red card.

You know, it needs to be booked. This Dukes mayonnaise mascot. What? Have you seen it?

No. Oh, wait, go to at Dukes mayonnaise on Twitter. They actually have a mascot. I don't need to see a mayonnaise mascot.

Someone in a costume. It's a big jar of mayonnaise with these massive bushy eyebrows. Hold on.

Let me just look at it. Oh, gosh. Yep. And guess what? They put a vote apparently out there for people to name this mascot. And we have a name. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tubby. The Dukes mayonnaise mask. Well, OK, let me just say this.

I just want to know if any Shroff would have punched this guy in the face. Yeah. Here's my read on the on Tubby. It's Burt from Sesame Street. Yeah, that's all it is.

Basically, it's Burt from Sesame Street with those eyebrows, whatever. Yeah. Mayonnaise doesn't need a mascot.

No, no, it doesn't. But you know what? Tubby, I'm sure, is going to be at the Dukes mayo bowl.

And I think was the Dukes mayo kickoff that they have as well in Charlotte. I bet tubbies get whatever. Whatever mayonnaise is disgusting anyway. It's not disgusting.

It's a condiment like any other condiment. Yeah. And some were disgusting and some are. It's just whatever. It's whatever.

I don't understand like that. Condiments are condiments. Yeah. They're necessary in some cases.

Yeah. I've never found a time. I never found a time where mayonnaise was necessary. I've never understood the hate of mayonnaise. Like you can get what makes it any worse than ketchup. Ketchup tastes better.

Again, depending on what you're... Exactly. I wouldn't put ketchup in tuna fish. Neither would I. I'd put mayo. I don't put mayonnaise in tuna. It's better with mayo. It's what it is.

I've just never understood the hate for any condiment. I'd rather not eat. Okay. You're a baseball card collector? No. I mean, I was as a kid, but I'm not. Yeah.

But at any point. Okay. So the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card. Oh my gosh. Graded at a 9.5. Yeah. Which is extremely... Out of 10.

Which is extremely hard to get something of that age. Yes. Graded at that level. Sold for 12.6 million. My gosh. 12.6 million. Previous record for a sports card was 7.25 million. And that was an old Honus Wagner card. Yeah. That was like a tobacco card. Yeah. So it used to, a long, long time ago, in packs of cigarettes is where actually you would get these small baseball cards would be included with them.

That's how it used to be. That's where you used to get a Honus Wagner card back in the day. It was an old cigarette box. But that's a lot of money for a baseball card. That is... Yeah.

But it's, it's Mickey Mantle and it's from the fifties and it's basically in mint condition. Yeah. It's an, it's an iconic card. Yep. It's an iconic image as well.

But still 12.6 million. Phew. Absolutely insane. I'd keep that in a glass case, in a safe, inside a vault, inside of a bunker. Yeah.

That's where I'd keep that. Summer of, let's see, what's today? The 29th? So tomorrow.

Today is the 29th and 30th. Yeah. Two months since I got my most recent tattoo. Right. You know how I didn't miss any time of work?

That's right. I even worked during my tattoo, unlike Araldis Chapman, who is now on the injured list, because he got a tattoo on his leg and it got infected. Well, clearly he went to an inferior place for his tattoo.

I know. He didn't go to my guy at Bad Fun Company, my guy Greg Dehoot, up there in Youngsville. He should have come all the way down to North Carolina.

He should have. Greg's done all four of mine and I haven't had one issue whatsoever. All right. Here's the thing. If you play sports, never get a tattoo in season.

Just don't. Right. Because it hurts. Well, yes.

Yes, it hurts. But you have a really good chance of running into what happened to Araldis Chapman, getting a bad infection, because the ability to keep it clean. You can't wear anything skin tight, which is what baseball pants and stuff are, because he got the tattoo on his leg. I'm not shocked at all by this. Come on, people. Learn how to take care of your tattoos.

Exactly. If you need tattoo cleaning or anything help, hit me up at The Fan Rookie. I'm here for you.

Yes, he is. I really am. Still, though, that's just I'm not going to lie. I couldn't imagine trying to play a sport after I got my tattoo.

No, no, thank you. I had a teammate in college who got one during season, general lacrosse season. I was like, you're an idiot. You got to wear shoulder pads on top of that thing.

Why did you get a back tattoo? I don't even understand. I don't get it either. He was complaining about it all during practice.

Like, well, you're an idiot. Yes. Anyway, there are some people that were complaining a bit about the camera angles that you might have noticed if you watched North Carolina beat FAMU on the ACC Network. And they were explaining the problem.

So there was some lightning in the area in Chapel Hill around Keenan Stadium. Yeah. So they had to, I guess, for the safety, maybe of the crew of the camera people. Yeah, the camera people take them away from the cameras. So they just have all 22 cameras.

The only thing you could see, just the all 22 cameras, what they use. Can I ask a question? Sure. Because this is what I was thinking as I was watching the game, but I was otherwise occupied to not pose this question on Twitter. If it's too dangerous for the camera people.

Yeah. Why was the game still being played? Why did we not like say, hey, we got lightning in the area. Let's take the fans off, you know, out of the stadium.

Let's take the players off the booth. We don't care. No.

No, not at all. Like, wait a sec. Like, I didn't understand that. No one cares. I guess. I guess no one cares. That's the thing that confuses me, too.

If it's close enough lightning in the area, if that's the case, why are we still playing? Yeah, I didn't understand. All right, fine.

I don't know either. So I know we. Yes, we do gambling sports. We do gambling. Yes. Yes, we definitely do that. We do gambling.

So a NASCAR fan is listening to a podcast, ended up using a parlay, a four leg parlay. Right. Thirteen dollars on the bet. Turn it into a million.

Really? Actually, technically nine hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred thirty three dollars. Sixty three cents.

But that's beside the point. So this is what the parlay was. Cody Ware and the Coke Zero Sugar four hundred to get a top ten finish. That was a plus two thousand.

B.J. McLeod also in the Coke Zero four hundred to get a top ten finish. Plus two thousand.

Again, this is all parlay. Landon Castle in the Coke Zero Sugar four hundred plus fifteen hundred for have a top ten finish. And David Reagan, the same race, top ten finish at plus nine fifty. So the odds of that all combined together in plus two thousand plus two thousand plus fifteen hundred plus nine fifty parlay that together.

Seven million four hundred eight thousand seven hundred. Where are the odds? My God. But thirteen bucks on it. A thirteen dollar bet. That's awesome. Over nine hundred ninety nine thousand dollars.

Excellent. Did he go to work today? No, I guarantee you know where he's not from.

North Carolina. Or at least he didn't make the bet in North Carolina. Could have done it in Cherokee, right? He could have. Actually, he could have.

Right out to Cherokee. I don't know if he could do that. Well, it looks like it was done on FanDuel. Oh, OK. So no. So no, it was not done. He drove across the border into Virginia. Yeah, he did it in Danville, I believe is where he did it. Crazy.

Unbelievable. Final thing here real quick. This applies here in the state of North Carolina.

So the NFL Network on Sunday, September 4th is going to air the twenty twenty two Black College Hall of Football Hall of Fame Classic live on the network at four o'clock. Central State University versus Winston-Salem State. All right. All right.

Hey, that was that was cool, by the way. Real, real quick about the North Carolina FAMU. Like the bands. It's not it's not unusual to see an HBCU play a major college team. That happens. I mean, Dukes played Central and A&T, you know, especially recently often. And those are big deals. I mean, you know, Duke has sold a lot of tickets because with the Bull City Classic when Central comes, you know, across the street, basically. But the bands at halftime, look, FAMU, HBCU bands are, I mean, historically awesome.

But I thought the mashup was tremendous. Yeah. So, I mean, just for that, let's just do it.

Let's have more of those. Hey, I've argued this about basketball and I can't get anybody to back me on this at the administrative level at the ACC. Forget the ACC Big Ten Challenge. Scrap it. Do an ACC HBCU.

It's not really a challenge. Just have a matchup where ACC schools and Notre Dame, I think last year played at Howard. Yeah. Right. Have the ACC schools travel to HBCUs.

Yeah. And do that every year. Now, maybe you don't go, you know, to like 14 of them. But you could have four or five schools play at an HBCU every year.

Well, you just look local. A&T or Wake Forest plays at A&T. Right. And we don't even need the bands. Although the bands are good. We like the bands. So, shouts to what happened at Keenan Stadium.

That was just absolutely awesome to watch. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. Right now, it's time to add them up or in some cases subtract because people don't understand what we're doing here on Place Your Bets. Place your bets. Place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice. Damn it!

Okay, you can own it. I owe you bets! Why do people that fill in for me continue to take minus bets? Why do they do that? I don't know. Why do they do that? I don't know. There's no point.

You got to win more often than you lose if you take minus bets. Yeah, I know. There's no point. I should set rules when I'm gone because I allow, unlike you, I allow people who sub for me. I allow them to do whatever they want. Oh. So... Hey, I feel like if I dug myself a hole, I'm getting myself out of it or I'm not going to let someone else dig it deeper for me.

Or let them get you out of it. All right. So you're up to minus 300. You did pretty well. Yeah. All right. It wasn't too bad.

Josh Graham didn't hose me too badly. But he does have ECU plus 300 to beat NC State. Okay.

I mean, I don't think it's going to happen, but at least he gets it. At least that's a plus bet. Yeah. All right.

Let me give you a couple futures in there, too. Yeah, I don't mind Lamar Jackson at plus 2,000 to win MVP. No? Even though I think Josh Allen is going to be the MVP.

I don't mind Lamar Jackson to win it. All right. Let's get right to it. You go first, Dennis.

I'm going to go ahead and jump to tomorrow, actually, real quick. EPL, Crystal Palace, Brentford. Give me Crystal Palace at a plus 110 to win it. Crystal Palace at a plus 110 to win. You know, I watch.

They are at home. I watched the Palace trip to Man City. They played a very solid first half. Had a 2-0 lead.

First goal was an own goal. And then Man City just trucked them. It was clinical in how easily Man City made the second half look. Palace is a tough team to play against. Brentford's good, though. I think Brentford's got, I thought initially that Brentford would be, would ultimately get relegated. You know, be in that fight. I think they're good.

I think they're legitimately good. Ivan Toney gets scoring chances all day long. All day long. But good luck to you. All right. I may spend the entire day at the National Tennis Center. Okay.

All right. We're going to start off with a four match parlay. Two women's matches, two men's matches. Give me Madison Keys. Give me Coco Vandeweghe. Give me Alex Bublik and Alex Diminar.

To all win their matches, a four match parlay at plus 240. Okay. All right.

That's a, you're not going to make a million dollars on a $13 bet on that. That's for sure. I am definitely not.

But I'm not trying to shoot the moon. That would be good, though. That would be amazing. All right. That would be phenomenal. There you go.

Speaking of Josh Allen, I'm going to take him MVP at plus 650. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that. Yeah. Nothing wrong with that.

Anyone you take right now on MVP is a plus money. Sure. Well, yeah.

My opinion, it's a good bet. Nobody's negative. Nobody should be minus money in that.

True. What's Aaron Rodgers to win MVP? Plus a thousand. Three in a row? Probably not going to happen. The Holmes is a plus 900. There you go. That would also be good. All right.

I'm saving my big one for last. Dominic Thiem and Pablo Correno Busta will play today. Thiem used to be a top five player in the world. He's had some injury issues. He's essentially a brick wall when he's healthy.

I'm going to take him at plus 350 to pull off the upset over Correno Busta. OK. Yeah. I mean, just for people can pay attention to tennis scores just for today, because there's no soccer being played today except in the National League in England, which is outside the four in the top four tiers of English soccer, English football, if you will. So and I will be doing a Rexham match tomorrow. Have you seen any of the the FX? You know, Ryan Reynolds and I think the other guy that they bought Rexham, one of the oldest clubs in English football.

No, I'm not trying to get back up to into the pyramid, into the top four leagues so they can actually make money. Yeah. I watched the first couple of episodes. It's fascinating. Really? Absolutely fascinating.

So I'm all in on that. So I will be doing the Rexham match tomorrow, but we'll get to that currently sixth in the National League. Yes, but they've played one fewer match than the teams in front of them. They have their match in week match week six tomorrow. They won on Saturday, by the way.

They've been there three one and one on the season. OK. All right. Final things for me. I'm actually gonna do two bets here.

Not parlay them. Just gonna get two bets because Yankees play the Angels, right? Give me Aaron Judge home run a plus 210 and Otani a home run plus 370.

I got to lean into it playing each other. Aaron judges only plus 210 at home run? Yep. And I'll take it. And I will take it.

Gosh, it's like it's like they expect it. All right tonight. In what I hope I'm wrong. So I am throwing a hundred units at being wrong.

OK. I hope this is not the final match for Serena Williams. At the U.S. Open final singles match anyway, but just in case it is, I'll take Donka Kovac at plus 290 to beat Serena. I don't think that's a bad bet. I don't think it's a bad bet either, but it will pay me if I win it.

So I'm trying to throw a hundred units at a loss. This is the Adam Gold show. Over the crossbar! And the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup! June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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