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Fighting For Eve's Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 12, 2014 12:00 pm

Fighting For Eve's Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 12, 2014 12:00 pm

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The Masculine Journey
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Jesus many life feels more like a losing battle. Something for last journey is Saturday before Laura Mr. some people call it the Paul Mr. 230. Now it is the pump is Palm Saturday I got to go to the trickiest question we had the whole night with baby. I might be corrected but will welcome the mass concerning this Assam maintenance studio. We have Robbie Gilmore, Betty Menino and and Al Hindley. It's palm Saturday to eat Palm Sunday eve. That's technically stressful and that all of the whole show district, Mars, Palm Sunday, will Robbie were talking about something and inventing out that were uniquely unqualified to talk about old. We yet would you say that's true. I would deftly save it for this talk about it is okay with you, maybe make a call that what were talking about today were talking about fighting for in understanding the heart of the woman right Jesus comes after his bride in Scripture and were told to to go after the women are lifelike.

He goes after the church and so what's it really mean is that what society tells us to yeah that's a scary thing when you look at some of the commercials are some of things that we see on the Internet or wherever you look what they see in this is the heart of the woman that that that heart doesn't seem to be the partner gonna it doesn't and I share this often but I don't really know what the lady that needs a Hardee's hamburger what you're trying to get across to that video that commercial that it's surely not about the hamburger so much know that is bad Corvette. Have you seen it as a Corvette were to talk about that will talk about it. Click here and in this is really more honestly totally honest, when I was a lot younger man like last year when I was a younger man. I looked it fighting for the heart. My wife a lot differently than I do these days and part of that was honestly a society saying that you know you need to go get what's good for you. You know I need to go take care of my needs before I make sure BIOSes needs taken care of and that's a lot of what society tries to say, I say differently on talk shows within the day.

That's the message it's been sent that the lady is there to help you feel better to answer question for you. What are the things in society saying that you're looking for her to affirm your manhood in some way shape or form that you know if if if I'm striking out with the ladies then I'm not a real man that's the sense that you get gonna and so that there is this confusion, Al. If I ask you, why are we so confused about the heart of a woman compared to the heart of a man in question is a classy panel book clubs are like the picture.

He always showed boot camp. Sam that is so descriptively I was trying to think of how to put that in the words, but if valid. Robbie did describe your solids. No really I guess the way I describe it if you could just imagine what you see on TV the dashboard of an airplane is all these buttons. These levers all these things. It's got to be going just right for that plane to fly right and you can't have anything.

It's kind out of out of whack or it's not gonna go well and so that that's a woman's heart is with that that picture the shop and then right beside that is the man's heart and how to understand a man in an Robbie what sudden tail sent essentially an on-off switch like a light switch and how they yeah what you understand how to turn on the light that's pretty much all you need to know and so we wishing that it that the men's boot camp and it gets a huge laugh and finding as it's been shown that the ladies weekend and it gets as big or bigger laugh because they still we all know there's something true about it hurts my feelings are because I know for them to think I'm that shallow, that all I have to step on-off switch. You know it's kind of scary.

But when I think of poor Bill Murray in this scene, is it you know it's even scarier Groundhog Day is and this is one where he's trying to get some questions answered. Not for her heart, but more for his let's listens interchangeably talks as producer who's trying to get close to you like to use a little personal. I really like some of the liens. What you looking for is your perfect first intelligent intelligence me courageous knee also like I had a great body and sometimes I go months without trying to do some to use the word poopy placing instrument.

I am really close on really, really close chocolate in the background. What are you finding funny and quite funny. Is he actually have to use the word poopy at-bat that always cracks me up and you know is this a real man were talking about in his time of to get an angle on this. Whether or not he is. He's measuring up any clearly is a little narcissistic as he thinks EP meets the standard and I noticed something about her.

She said she covered her vulnerability, etc. I really not comfortable talking about this with you but the minute she starts talking about the man boy just she gushed.

He knew she wanted and he sat there thinking okay how can I play this angle as you see the movie Groundhog Day. You might want to go watch it in the first time you watch it.

I have to admit I was like wow I really don't like this movie so much more I watch it, the more I enjoyed it. It's about like a Groundhog Day watching it over because it plays the same thing kind over and over is this guy gets to live the same day Groundhog Day over and over and over is a character arc which it's hard to watch his drags a little bit on how long it takes him to get it.

But as he begins to get it is really a wonderful picture of how a man can begin to understand how to how to be a real man and actually go after his wife score, but I have to tell this a funny story about three Groundhog Day's ago I came in. My mother-in-law was watch. She didn't realize it kept playing the same thing over and so when we came in. I said oh you're watching Groundhog Day binge is yesterday's Groundhog Day and I saw him in.

He's him see his shadow and this can be three weeks long. Until that same place again in the movie shows this is right here sees give us each user something that she thought that was the actual groundhog that was coming out that particular will you is Punxsutawney Phil very official at that point I learned that really threw Groundhog Day yeah but it is cool to watch his progression.

There's a change has to happen in him or him to be able to get to that point where he is really fighting for her heart, not fighting for what he wants out of the equation and I think in the movie you really find that he really is.

Doesn't find his joy until he becomes that man until he make that transition right and that is a it's a process in the so-called show the mask on journey. It is a process that's actually what happens to all of us know when you got to get to the point of growing up we know what we want as men and I think it's a job for the woman to tell us what really so she can accept absolutely talking about this as we go in the next segment we got a lot more clips a lot more conversation when you talk about the woman spheres and not just what we think of what experts say mask on journey back to masking journey.

We are to send her talk and music playing house that were so engrossed in the what we talked about today, women women, well that's okay that's a good answer for you. You expand on those answers will use all your words I know, but you usually get cut off the figure begin their quick, even to the extent that Jesus is coming after his church and there's a picture there that expands you most certainly in our relationships but also a picture of how Jesus loves us as individuals when we were talking earlier in the first segment were talking about.

Why don't we understand the heart of woman in prayer. That is when you go back to Genesis and it says that we are created in God's image, male and female were created in his image were not created identically in his image were created in our gender. In his image.

The female represents certain aspects of God, more so than the maleness in the mail represents other aspects.

Not that they can't kind across a little bit. You deftly know if you think of a woman's heart out what some of the things that she shows it reflects God nurturing compassion in listening lease for my wife and that's painful.

Thanks. Sorry.

We love each other really thinking it's the thing that that happens is they think they birth things mean babies obviously give life and to give life to your home and think about the environment and want to try to create.

It's about creating a situation of life and other men don't want to do that is not usually our highest priority is our connector life-sustaining incidents that helper, and in deeper and really what that means is that's it is lifesaver more than my not hamburger helper but it's a life saver and got only uses that term a couple times in Scripture other than talking about Eve is talking about himself. Each time so that's what he did as he created her to help bring life to us and so she represents a side of life for women have what attributes Robbie strength and obviously kingship, which is a different kind aspect of God's glory in being able to fight for justice. Anderson things in again sensing a woman is not strong. If you ever watch a woman give birth. There's no doubt she's a lot stronger in a lot of ways that I could ever imagine.

But it's not that that's not the way she uniquely in her gender represents God which allows us to have the nothing box. It does what is nothing one of those wonderful pastors and I can't quote his name Dan can but give this talk on how the women everything is kinda connected in their brains, but men are very compartmentalized in the neatest thing about man-to-man as we have nothing box and were perfectly content to hang out in our nothing box and do absently nothing and actually think about absently nothing box, I mean I can spend a lot of time. It's like a man cave in my head and my wife often say is a reason I'm not reaching your you and your nothing box yeah I'm enjoy much you actually nothing about you I'm thinking about nothing right this minute and think about adding on to the weird talk a little bit earlier about how do we know if we are taking our question anyway. The woman sounds very foreign for a lot of you guys think and that sounds like mumbo-jumbo stuff, let me ask you some questions. How do you see her.

If you don't take your question to her sheer report card some type on you that the how she's feeling is how you're doing is a man is at the measurement that's going on there. In my first marriage I suffered with that tremendously because if she wasn't happy that I'd failed in. That's a lot of burden because everybody has their own issues and everybody has their ups and downs in you can't be completely dependent for your success in somebody else's heart. I think that you know you like times as a young man would fall into that and so that lasted a lot longer in my marriage that that was my measurement of success as you talk about if my wife happy that I must be doing everything okay right and just time to get your point were not always happy and always must be happy, which is different than having joy. I guess another way to assess is just ask yourself the question of these questions how do you feel when you're near her fear her in any way. I don't really care what think about that. Are you really irresistibly drawn to her right that you and I just I something about it when I'm feeling bad. I don't feel like I really measure up that the only thing it's gonna help me here is the comfort of my wife for me.

At this point in my life. There is I'm at peace with my wife and I together with a reset on the couch or just snuggling in bed. Yeah there is a I'm complete safe place because she's got my back and if I need to be in my nothing box she's okay with it if I need to talk. She's willing to listen and what we've that hasn't always been the case for either of us. We had to attain that. But there was a time when the last place I wanted to go was home and a lot of that had to do with the struggles going on within me and not wanting her to think I wasn't successful. Now I didn't have it all together.

I know she said, snuggling that you also say poopy. Yeah, Murray keeps taking this question this way in a new and fresh way and time again in this particular clip he does. He learns to be little more secure and keep in mind these days. Play over and over so he messes something up. He knows get the next day to relive it as often as he wants to get the right sword in here in this clip is besetting with the same producer having dinner in his ask her some questions about her and listen to how his dialogue goes throughout this this clip that he changes it the second time around. Make it a little more possible by casting 19th century French for someone else that would be an incredible waste so people choose very very strong person.

I think people place too much emphasis on the careers I wish we could only at high altitudes.

That's where I see myself standing there shaking that we is just too good. You get a scene changed from the point where he says what a waste for you. What incredibly strong woman you because often he learns the language and comes back to try to impress her and try to woo her again. He's more slick about his approach.

Maybe a little bit more on the sly.

But is is is is a goal in a different menu doesn't sound any different you will let me know. I was married in the 50s altogether different. For the first 10 years I thought I was looking at a house until we had our children, then I would open up going take a look at returns say just by looking at her. I knew what kind of mood she was all of a sudden I became second banana and I resent that it is not because she had the kids to take care of and all that stuff. What a woman I thought what a woman was supposed to do.

Then I found out that I was supposed to help as she thought into me you wouldn't believe this is how could you talk to me.

That way you know where envelope with married, she says will then get your butt off the couch.

What about what the Mets is the one I go take off the diapers and stuff so it changes they will cloth in them days, you say poopy yeah okay but that's the way it was in them days and it and it got progressively worse. But I love them more and more every move down that scale pretty quickly when kids command Robbie when he is going through this approach.

What's really his goal still not any but you have any got a different approach. Murray is is trying to use services report card is decent enough. He's a good little ladies than he is a real man and that's what he expects that he's going to be able accomplish.

She's in the venture issues and venture. She's a conquest of this bright so is that why God made her not necessary that this particular lady but even general. Why did God make Eve we talk about being a lifesaver right. Why else did he do that what happened in Genesis right before eves created. Remember the story. That's the part where out of your back what you Adam lay down your he did what he did, God got blocks all these animals in front of all the names any names among part of that is that naming process which I think is very much a gift to Adam.

To be able to do that.

Be a part of that process, but also think that it was to create an atoms heart. This understanding of weight. There's nothing here that's like me, other than God. You know everything else kind has its own little mate here, but I got nothing in answer to create this yearning and got goes on to say that it's not good for man to be alone.

And what's so amazing about that Robbie know we talked about this before, but wasn't really amazing Grace is not good for man to be alone because everything else he created was good.

Now here comes the first in relationship to everyone you listen the masculine journey working talking more about the woman's heart going into something she fears and really what she wants out of life like get more information about upcoming activities go to masculine journey again masculine journey welcome back to masculine journey we're talking today about a really interesting topic of finding absolute riveting and laugh like that really be in the always laughing say riveting. I was impressed that was good but we are talking about the heart of a woman and how we kind of miss the mark. Sometimes how societies try to tell students and different things and what God start until sometime so they try to say that you and the woman is going to be the adventures you said earlier, or maybe the thing that makes you feel better about yourself taking a question to reduce said Robbie. But there is a way to really fight for the heart of a woman, which would include some things. What would include grabbing out to me to begin to discover you know what it is that she uniquely reflects about God's image and her glory so to speak.

She is definitely an image bearer, and so even the angel see God in here what and that was the thing that just lit my fuse at the first boot camp was while I get to go home and try to discover my wife here. I've been married over 20 pretty embarrassing, but I never thought wow I need to discover where it is, my wife relief reflect God with her unique Todd would say, special sauce and how can I go after that. That was a huge win for me and as I began to see what that was. I also then could see them. I don't what you're describing is going after her heart for her benefit, not necessarily for years and that's when a shift occurs is when we start going after it for her benefit, not just what's good for us and actually just a clip and the one from Braveheart.

It's in the scene where Scott according neuron which is his girl girlfriend. I guess you say that becomes his wife in the movie and so you can pick it up was coming to get her to take her a ride with him on horseback through the countryside and it ends on a mountaintop as her having a conversation. There is a part in here and what you will speak French same similar interesting that Bill Murray's spoke French trying to get his question answered. This French is completely different you to listen to what's on either side of it will come back and talk about what he saying in an French right there that why that's so important that's not wrong Bill Murray one more time. But see if we can get the right would like to blame somebody other than me. It was me and Lois so that what you want to come in right with me on this fine evening only state that like site like so long writing off the strangest statement asking what language you was rubbing you what happens there when he speaking French and makes it such an impactful clip if you're watching the big difference for me is in the Bill Murray clip. He is speaking French to impress the girl that he is now understands what she understands in this thing and you can't see it. You were playing the music in the background you can see he saying that she's beautiful that he's wanting to speak that into her without her knowing what he's saying is he speaking French so that he can share his heart in a unique way to her and any and it's really Rome and I'm in escort and and then she comes back. What was that he just was beautiful and plays it off a little bit right. He's doing that with out her being able to even know what he's doing and so it's deafening for her benefit and not for his guess he is getting to share his heart, but he's doing it out of true love and I feel about the sharing his heart. I think there comes a point with a man where he wants to say it but it's not the right time and he's just got to get it out and that was just the way that he had to get it out in yet, keep it as a part of the conversation with Alan and it was authentic to Matt so real. If you watch a movie you know some of the story he goes off on a pilgrimage with his uncle and he goes off on his own masculine journey and really learns what he wants and what he doesn't want and how to be a man naturally been stripped from our society is is that that initiation process really helps where the. The older generations and very lucky. I like your rowdy hard time is really pretty close to me in age and that have plagued many that walks with us and helps us learn helps us learn from that. I've been where you been. I may not work out so well for your help you with that are help set some perspective and in this situation.

Vinnie's walking in a very unique place with his marriage and is an 82-year-old you know talk about somebody he was going after the harvest of his bride. Vinnie's a caregiver.

Yes, I am after I lost my first wife I remarried 19 years after that and now she's in our old age in the house late 70s and 80s.

I am a caregiver because she's blind and she's deaf and it's almost as much is when I look in her face and see how Cryan because she feels that she's taken away my life. You know by how many taking care of but I'm actually forgive me redirect you listening. I'm get more pleasure out of it. Now see in the love coming out of horror with distant tears or just a touch it's it's it's an amazing feeling to be somebody that is needed and Morton wanted to know before was I want you and we all know why. Now that's she needs me and I'm glad that I'm there for you. Thinking in units amazing testament to how to love your wife and must be very challenging at times. I'm sure it's not always easy.

Oh, I get I get frustrated sometimes not because of blindness in hot appearing, but we also have a blog where we live now I gotta walk up and down while no I think the elevated but it's like 15 trips a day and I made it when I get Pelagius will and and and meeting. Besides that, I gotta take care of got a hold on to let you know and I go to bed at night time asking God please give me the strength tomorrow continue to do what I know when it's a whole different kind of love when-year-old then when you're young man.

I think it's a more justifying love to me than it was when I was a young man, not that it was bed and it's just different phases in life I you guys are going to go through it yourself. Hopefully not that you have to be a caregiver of the way I am. But yes I was thinking that it's interesting the way the women from what we understand from experts, nocturnes, robberies, and the expert from a young girl. She has to traverse. She asked this question, you know, do you see me do you notice me to the older but now you've got a phenomenal example of you got a young daughter will and I doing come back for the first boot camp I was like you, I really understood that I had to go after the heart of woman. But that also have this little girl. She was six at the time and went through captivating. I got the book on tape and listen to it over and over there certain parts of it that struck me and one was that that get that question. Do you see me define value in me and my captivating wanted to give this to my little girl taught me.

She's my precious little angel. I don't that question we go unanswered, so I've been I was looking for for weeks trying to find a way to do it. She's out the backyard and she's on the monkey bars and she's pulled her body up parallel to the bars and that she's doing a kind of weird contortions like what she's doing something there spot behind.

I can tell, but I know what it was and then it occurred to me several months before we going to the circus in the girls room the ribbons and I'm like, that's it. That's what she's doing. So I walked outside and I just started clapping my hands as loud as I could wish he comes off the monkey bars shocked and I said that is the coolest thing I've ever seen a six-year-old. Do is that is that from the girls in the circus. She inhales and she just runs up and hugged me she can't talk she fills up with tears and she told mom to me and she's been taking gymnastics and she'd never been able to perfect the cartwheel was always something that came off she's in, she's just excited and panicked like cartwheel and for the first time I saw her.

Not only do a perfect car will she be two in a row and I realize the impact that a father has of showing his daughter that he sees her that he finds value in the she is truly captivating brings out the very best it brought out the best in me as a father was a moment that I cherish forever and but now I look for that same opportunity with my wife possessing the impact. I look for to my wife and I look at my sons to issue the question the management we all see Candace to cartwheel's doing wrong not to Rebecca. Just my will come back and talk a bit more about the women's questions from a little girl to full-grown woman talk about the things that they fear what something the enemy comes at them with the most. Stay tuned in here that it was eye-opening for me to mask injury radio asking for any for more information kept coming up in November. Women's week in June. Welcome back to mask injury question. Do you feel a little bit more qualified again. The program absolutely.

I got to get to hear from Vinnie that speaks masculinity and your riveting answers. My friend Robbie. Wish we could talk about this.

Lots of topics around a woman's ardent where we left off or talk about a little girl's question, which a lot of that was you delighted me now. You told the story about that unity you see me do notice being do I matter how absolutely and I see that as she grows up. It's been a year since that happened but it still it still there should probably also wants to know if something happened you be there to fight for her correct absolutely. She's she she can be very very shy and she's afraid that she's can be a disappointment and that is something that led Pat that you'll fight were from anything. Is that is is is a place that I fail constantly, and here's where fail because when your kids start to backtalk their mother or whatever, you know, there's an opportunity for you to rise up and show your wife that she's worth fighting for and standing up to her own kids. It's a strange predicament to begin as a man. I'm sure a lot of men are offered on Blanc my all I can tell you women do want to feel like there was fighting for the kids want to feel like there were fighting to see there's a there's an interesting situation when you got a jump in there and fight for your wife's heart, and should, there's nothing like my wife being a dinner party or somewhere with friends and husband speaks to their kids and I can talk my wife like that.

Will I will hear about that all is my wife is saying I want to feel that from CN. I heard early on in my marriage to Candace that member named differentiated this my wife Candace for 16 years almost 17 but I heard early in our marriage that a man is cc, the woman ceased to become a mother when there's an argument with the kids.

She she's no longer your mother she is my wife and now you're attacking me and I think the thing that switch for me and that was when I realized it may be hard right now for my daughter that I'm standing up for my wife but I want to set that example of that's what a husband does right right that I'm going to fight for my bride and that sounds like Scripture little bit doesn't really absolutely that's what Jesus is doing this, the coming of the gifts we talked about the little girl's question, but in some of that is the same as they grow up, it still is worth fighting for.

Will you really step in the way of danger we really rise up and knew what you need to do is in me and help me provide whatever that looks like in their world to take care there's a lot of those things in captivating Robbie what's what's special about that word captivating that she is your whole world to send that you are so captivated that you'll do whatever you need to do to bring out her glory to go after heart.

It's it's a unique word. Your attention is focused on nothing but her not SportsCenter.

What hardware is the letter yeah or anything like that when I focus on my daughter, my wife, they get this Christmas day smile when I give them my full attention. I block everything out it having and I hate when I forget because it's not as pretty and they look wounded, almost in the end it gets back to grace, to an extent Sam because when I think of the word grace its favor, and that when your wife is your absolute favorite.

It's in the it's a picture of grace and in the movie that were national clip from the second John Valjean Wright was given this phenomenal grace by the bishop of these candlesticks when he was totally guilty.

He was given grace and because of that grace. He now has a chance to make this young lady was certainly not deserving his favorite. What a phenomenal example of standing up and fighting for the heart of the beauty and we've got in the Les Miserables clip of John listen to find out and this is to tell you when to file prison was she's not like right still getting six to square with the rest of what happened and they said it was in fact they should be under arrest and say what you truly judicial set. She insulted you in front of mine and she defiled. That's my consent. Personification of government. In fact, the whole society have the right to give us you don't have the authority to destroy justice. I do have the authority inspector articles 9 and 11 of the criminal code release. Sgt. got Geotech. The decision is mine is free free when I'm in charge is expected to article 66. You are relieved of command until tomorrow morning.

Inspector now well that's a pretty powerful clip and yeah it's it's extremely powerful he's risking everything because if the inspector knew who he really was something he would go back to prison. He broke parole all that he's risking all this because he sees an injustice and he's going after this lady's heart with nothing but her glory and Mark. She's his best friend rightmean they usually did know she was before that clip and she's she's a worker there was a nice factory and he had a factory that had tried to take care of single women so they didn't have to turn to prostitution and other things like that and that's what's happened to find you in this and she's been arrested and he stands in the gap in fights or with nothing but her heart and mind.

It's a beautiful picture like Christ and the picture of grace absolutely.

So what is it that a woman fears whether they can articulate it or not. What did the experts say that a woman fears an enema read through a couple days and let you guys talk about it. They feel like they don't fit in, and everything everyone else does. That may seem kind of silly us.

That's a big deal and if you like, are not part of what everyone else is there one else's accepted that I'm not for some reason or are not in an they have the fear of being a disappointment.

You know the when it's all said and done. I'm just gonna be a disappointment to somebody, especially the spy that really matters to me in the biggest fear that she really has. At the core, shall be abandoned. And that's not something that it may be the story of her life.

There may be some abandonment there. But it's deftly the story of Eve's life is in the garden when when they fall.

Adam right away turns and abandons even blames her in God as the woman he gave it causes problem and and he leaves her not only when she needs him to stand up but he needs to take ownership switches in the blame and abandonment abandons her in every way that he can and cannot just echo's fraternity.

I can't tell you it's in movies whenever there is even a romantic comedy, you'll hear him say will of the woman said why don't you just go ahead and leave you're going to leave anyway. The beauty of it that we got to get to go to me, is it Christ is the perfect example of coming after that them if you read the book. Song of Solomon twice the beloved the church, so to speak for us in on falls into this fear of being abandoned, but in the in the fifth chapter when she and of the lever comes in.

She think she's lost him, and she even goes to the whole town and says he got help me finally got help me find him will very cool. He shows up and she knows exactly where is because after where we bought would be found is in the garden. He is out there gathering lilies and like the Easter story that's coming up. Since this on Sunday Eve, you know, what did Mary think Jesus was. She thought he was the gardener because he was out there gathering lilies and heat. He's out there to make sure that we never abandoned because of his grace were always his favorite scripture never leave you or forsake that's therefore not ladies but for us, please. I know that you may be setbacks in wow you guys are novices entry-level there so much more. And you're right there is so much more if you want to know more about your heart knows a lot more than we do go to women's weekend to get one from June 7-9 in Providence, North Carolina, you can go to get hurt. to get more information on that women's boot camp, mention that our lives are to be there salmon. Candace will be there so you can find out if Al is Tammy if you want to talk to

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