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This Weeks Show "Our Identity; How is it attacked?" Click to listen 27mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 4, 2014 2:24 pm

This Weeks Show "Our Identity; How is it attacked?" Click to listen 27mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 4, 2014 2:24 pm

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Jesus masculine. Many families in defining mental something, request decided to have you with us today. We are talking about this in the first Saturday in August. He does believe it's already August. Where did the summer go you can speak it's okay I don't okay I got it over the summer minutes and hopefully better questions later in this. I know that would surprise you but that was a tough foot so go back to bed. I'm excited about. We are on a quest today as it did say on her intro were in a quest to find masculinity if you will go to Facebook today and check out that the question we have is how would you define masculinity and just beckoning on there and put your own definition of it, but were not talk about that today and talk about what it is today is often seen as what was really meant to be as a masculine group and as men and also individual masculinity's were talk a bit about that today I'm excited about the show are you Dennis are you excited about children. I'm very excited Sam, you sounded some swing for the music Man oh that's good will start with the clip. Actually it's it's a movie called, not easily broken. And in this scene you what's happened so far in the movie is a man's wife that had a kind of a struggling relationship and she's had a car wreck and she's in the middle of rehabilitation and he's thinking about this topic of what is it to be a man… And how this plays out and working to come back and talk about this story about anatomy God made Adam instructed him to do three things.

Cultivate protect down through history, men of always been measured by how hard cultivate how well they contacted their wives and children in the old days when the southern minutes, providers somewhere on the line and change when he started becoming the maybe it was because the man forgot how to be a relic because women didn't want to be protected is the pain in my way.

Man's reasons for being he was important Dennis were talking before the show likely to paraphrase some of this from my wild heart is kind of a similar thing what was being said about Harkey paraphrase a little bit of that passage from a book John Etheridge was saying was essentially that society is taking that away from a man that society that we that we don't know how to to to have a masculine identity T anymore and were not sure society really wants us to be. Society wants us to go a different way. With that I know that that one time you heard him speak and he talked about you know on the talk shows us a world of men miscible you you. You've really grown masculinity you try to make him women and there's nothing wrong with being a woman were made uniquely as man or woman in God's image doesn't mean that a man can't be loving doesn't rally how well it's a question for Rob. I thought your fall asleep yesterday. That's part of a big part of masculinity is David is the perfect example of a man after God's own heart. And yet, and obviously could take on Goliath, but one of love or hate he was or take Solomon who wrote the song of Solomon and that's a love story of love stories, and in fact I don't know that I ever would've completely grasped the concept of love, if it works about think you have it as good an answer out a quick question for you. Now if you think that Jesus Christ was Jesus only strong was the only tender as you read the stories of Jesus in the Bible what you hear about him such a balance because he is the ultimate warrior in heat. He took on Satan and one all of our sins so he is a warrior but look at the love and the compassion he gave in masculinity. There's a balance we have to be a warrior. We have to be strong as a leader to guide our sons, but we also have to be gentle with our sons to show them how to love and how to feel love the same for our daughters, and most especially our lives. So what is it you think 20 think it is today that society says a man needs to be enough. If you would say listening to whatever show you want to listen to it say this is called a man bashing show for lack of better term. What what are the things that they're saying a man needs to be here.

He needs to not be what he needs to be soft and tender in understanding any doesn't a doesn't need to be a tough guy.

He doesn't need to be of a bully which we can get out a little bit. We were not saying that, but doesn't doesn't need to have any fighter any reason anywhere in all the right stuff and get his hair straight just right and but I think I think what society is saying and what even art our culture saying what commercials are saying what shows are saying is it's taking out that toughness of a man right in toughness is needed. Sometimes Robby's you think about the topic of toughness.

When one is a man need to have toughness and in life wherever your family is going to need protection. You walk around today. You know there's going to be all sorts of things that are going to come in their going to try to take away the purity and lots of short and that's where a man can step out as far as toughness is concerned, there's lots that clipped out is not just to protect, there's the cultivate and the work part and I find all that really fascinating like where's the masculine aspect of cultivation and Jesus obviously spent a lot of time on that with the parable of the soils talk about planning, but I love your eat your idea of where we get our fruit think they put me on the spot. Yeah, it were always cultivating some level right were planting seeds of something in it and what fruits can be produced by that is really the question and answer the questions on whether were cultivating but we cultivating the things to produce the fruit that we want to have in our kids. We cultivating the love for them is Al you're talking about in a way that shows in toughness when they need to be tough. You know in a chosen tenderness when they need to be tender and that's really a balance that you have to cultivate yourself, in yourself to show them in the most of time can they break a cycle absolutely most the time kids will repeat what they seen and so that leaves a lot in our hands. If we have kids to do it and I want to step back for second on the aggression thing where I'm not bashing that the talk shows or whatever. I think the year they taken a problem of aggression and there is a problem with aggression society today. We can ignore it might be just because there's bad parts of it throughout the whole to meet him throughout the whole thing that that would where would Army be without some level of aggression, where would police officers need to have aggression.

World football beat which I left without aggression and that it's not all bad finisher. There was another example in the book that I found really interesting. A lot of listeners are probably remember Columbine and what happened there and and certainly the aggression that those young men showed is not were talking about when they went in and they start shooting up some of the fellow students, but there were examples of true bravery from from some young man, one that opened the door so that others could get out and actually lost his life.

I believe another date that covered up young lady that does acts of bravery and strength encourage in the face of all that, I think that's really what were getting at absolutely not even from 9/11 you had the plane where they they rush the cabin in on at their own peril saved lots of other people and that takes an active willful black a better term aggression must step in here, do something, it needs to be done and it takes. It takes all that back to the cultivate thing Robby.

If you are you are asking us earlier what cultivate me and so how would you explain cultivate in today's world be back in Adams world cultivate really meant some degree I got a grow food and all those things. But what does it mean today.

Lots of fascinating word and that you plant seeds if you're a salesman that we which have been most my life as a car salesman you you plant seeds in order to try to sell products, but you you plant all kinds of seeds if it in the faith world by teaching Sunday school or even doing a radio show you plant seeds at home and with your relationships you plant seeds in friendship and sometimes you plant bad seats and they grow up real ugly man yeah you try to sometimes going on cultivate unit weed that garden a little bit and try to pull out some as bad seeds and hopefully none of us can be perfect, but hopefully along the way. You know those bad seeds are produced just a few weeds. We can pull out and in the crop will still continue to grow as we talk about this topic a work is work.

The definition of a man today.

Now I think people lit that defined them. But I wouldn't agree with that.

I think that it's got to be a balance because you you have 24 hours a day. If you spend eight hours work. What are you doing to get eight hours of sleep. What are those other eight hours. I think those are really what defined you magically waiting and drive through its think that is in the clip range.

I like to cook, as it makes us think we all talked about different times this week where it really made a stop and ponder some things that's appointed some eclipses it's going to hit you little differently than hits me that has Dennis it's Robby Vinnie and I think it even in that clipped. It's good.

I don't messily agree with the statement a man as measured by his work that I think that is a society look and I think it depends on what you define as work is it your job is that your work or is it is your work. What you do for the time you're awake, you're not asleep time you spent with your family how you treat people at work in out at your job, you know, when we talked earlier about football and then it's what you don't have the microphone on when I go ahead and talk about. We have a fantasy football league this year and in Dennis thinks he's gonna win it and look to risking well that there is a downfall).

A draft Redskins and it's going to be all over forever fantasy football league this year and I'm in a draft a couple generations for my friend Benny yes I can come in and in please him on that. But we will you be a part of it. We had some listener sign-up and encourage you go to mass country check out the dove camp. Check out the football league would love to have you participating we can all Dennis is challenged to come back and continue on our individual masculinity's and the masculine journey back with us and see what God has to say about using special family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for folks for fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go. I can't because will be intense and that might be a family adventure because the funding is just a small part of this weekend all masculine journey events tons of food great talks by both men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments times specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night.

I think the thing I'm most excited about with the dove camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge. I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from. Go register now it masculine journey individuals are hundred and $69 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio oh are under the events. I saw you playing air guitar at that you're going to sing but we all told you you couldn't say right after last week Singapore grand Funk walk like a man from the movie wild hogs which you guys told me about over and over again until finally washed a great movie. You need to see that it's about the masculine journey little bit absolutely talk some this this segment about being special and in bed.

That's not what you think bird come back and talk about that, but 21 June to talk about something that was really nice surprise for us earlier than Gaddis wanted to thank Brent Mosher and all the gang over Papa John's pizza which is on Hawthorne Rd. in Winston-Salem. We have a preshow meal every week and they were nice enough to provide that force. A call is guy 748-8886 I have the blessing of working with them part-time. Delivering pizza some nights. Great group of people come out and thank you for the pizza.

It was great how pizza was awesome, and I'm having a hard time staying awake now. Thanks guys to set that full feeling. Vinnie wanted to talk with you little bit about this topic are cultivating when we talked about it before the show.

You talked about what cultivating looked like in your generation strictly family structure I was cultivated by my grandfather and my father, my aunts, my grandmother, you know it's not just wearing the pants to be cultivated to be the power the family, but it was strictly a family structure today. We have such a big difference and I don't really know how I would look at it. I know it's happening that stay-at-home dad, well he's a dad. He's not a mug you know and I find that very difficult. But that's a financial thought of in a family you got women that work that make twice as much, much more money then the man makes so okay now the logical thing is the other go out to work and you stay home and take care of the kids.

That doesn't change his title. He said dad not a mother and masculinity to me as well. I don't know if pepper myself on the shoulder here, but my journey and the doors that I opened up in the rooms that I went through to get to where I am now. I like the person that I am now. I feel that I'm more of a man today some soft and more understanding in all aspects of life. There was times in my life when I couldn't, I would see situations people amongst husband and wives that I thought was totally stupid but it was ways of handling it and most people don't handle it right. I think I taken up enough time to add another question for you at where were you as a kid on Sundays me yeah I was at Grandma's house and you better make sure you record and was I think I told the story that I have I done that on the radio thinks okay I love baseball and I was pretty good at it and we had to play a doubleheader and you know there was no way that you wish your dad or mom, you know, I want to go to movies with the guys are. I got a play ballgame. I got no 1 o'clock your grandma's house know if Stans abuts and we played a doubleheader and I was too ashamed to tell my friends, 14, 15, 16, and I gotta get home I gotta go home and meet otherwise up on bus my head anyway.

I stay put a doubleheader and so the goodness I seen the call come in my father's car. It was about 1:10 come in right across the baseball field. No stands and that no incentive field and he came right on the film directly at me.

I was a page 1st baseman and many many many years. Naturally, I jumped at her.

When I ran home from many years ago my dad had the pleasure of taking care of my dad and I asked him. Is this what would you have done if I can jump out of the way, I am not kidding it is I would've killed you deathly different time that we had different if we were talking about the differences in society. You rub your talking a little bit about the shows a crack on your age is not that our carnage, but what were some of the shows that about men or manhood that was on when you are drawn up.

It was father knows best, he met type lot my world but and then you know my three sons in the shows where the dad or even Patty Duke you know those shows that the father was a father of wisdom in somebody that people would turn to for his strength and and for his direction compared to some of the stuff we seek to let some of the shows Dennis you're talking about that kinda made an impression on you that the rooms that UL gives you outs are you guys look so much like it's hard to tell you partly were brothers we sing alike to close on the shows. Is that really so different aspect over the last several years that truly saw this movement. What's a man look like in societies evening TV show. I remember in the 70s when one data time came out. There was no father at all. I couldn't believe it, just surprised me just now why would you want to have a dad family. My dad lived in a whole other state so in a course that just I could imagine having a show without a dad in the other one was married with children and I remember watching that thinking you know why ignoring the dad where they treat him like that everybody else was they really seemed off and he seemed like he just was checked out because nobody cared and this really struck me at that really pulled me away from TV for a long time. You see this move from your dad is a part of the solution to the problems and I'm facing to your dad. Just a stumbling block in my way of life and I and he's gonna just be kind of bumbling there's one that I saw. Not too long ago I last man standing where the kids have different political views from the father but they still love and respect the father and and that's something that we need to get back from you may disagree with your father and you may be very wrong and that but by the same token, you still show love and respect for a father shows love and respect for you absolutely, and we kinda dovetailed off of it from the standpoint I took us there, but just to see that society has changed some of our perception of man.

What what you mean to be a man and so we talked about in the first go to God created us to do certain things to work to cultivate, protect, if that work is a stay-at-home dad that's taking care of the kids and doing homeschooling or whatever that looks like it is to work, cultivate and protect now what does God have to say about you this when I listen to a clip from a movie that you probably wouldn't expect it will be playing it's from the Lego movie. Yes, the Lego movie didn't hear their own Lego movie and it's it's a kids movie. But a lot of times in kids movies are some real truth in this clip you have a good guy who thought that he is been told that he special is realizing he's no different than anyone else, to some degree in the bad guy and listen to this interchange between him and the bad guy in where it ends up you bad guy you are the most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary person in verse amazing things you are special and so my so is everyone of us right now it's about you and you still can change everything so well as you listen to that clip about being the special do you believe that your special yes okay you believe Dennis is a special yes is what that clip speak to your heart remind you of is you listen to my son there are times when he makes mistakes and I have to snap them back into reality show them what's right. But he still special doesn't mean he's the bad guy in when I have to do that I'm not the bad guy either.

We have to do in the way where there is balance and that Kelly goes back to the warrior. There we were talking about earlier.

You have to know when to show love and window be firm and we were talking about. You don't have to be the bad guy like times we don't see ourselves as bad guy.

Robby was asking about this before the show but we minutes or souls of the bad guy. Do we see ourselves a special and if that's only two choices which side of the equation going to land. Iraqis listen that clip about the special you have a favorite saying that you told, I think everyone but me and I don't know why. Well let me have rectified this right now. Isaiah 61 clearly declared that this is the year of Sam, this is the year of the Lord's favor that Sam is the Lord favorite 22nd of March. He said it was a year then well it's your years like the kind Lego movie.

It's everybody gets to everybody is there and that word favor is similar to the word grace. In fact, is the Hebrew word for that and and it's an amazing thing that to me and the more I soak in that and I see that no matter what happened, work wise, cultivation wise protecting lies from God standpoint. Robby is still the year that Robinson's favorite or still the year that Sampson's favor or whoever you're listening insert name now Dennis and how we get a day. You guys got months and years you you had less of a journey back deleted.

I got a Monday needed to get a Monday term special Dennis. What makes us special.

What makes the listener the person listen this right now is special.

What makes them special when she special first and foremost as you were created in the image of God himself. He is your father and you are his son, Diane, and he loves you daughter you're starting to not only made in the image were uniquely made in the image and reminisces I really mean to you be uniquely made in the image of God.

That's a really cool picture and Dr. Michael Brown pointed out this way. They are in charge $20. Similarly, that everybody reflects God or sees God in a very unique way. And so you get a chance to talk about that show that however you reflect God, and with with the way your butt when you put that together we Dr. Brown put it is like an orchestra or the way that George MacDonald put it, is like a big field of flowers it when you put all of them together you gets his incredible harmony, but nobody can think that their view is special.

You know they take up the whole trumpet section, and we uniquely hear that Lori got us another glorious is if we don't show it world is that it to show your glory and live like you're special this week and believe that you, as a man talking and then it's okay to be a man. We need to be men and ladies.

Let your man be a man and we appreciate listen to mass and turn the radio photomask Internet Vincent we have coming up with a death camp September back at Kernersville this month and also where the physical bullying which Dennis is saying

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