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Reflecting on the Battle; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 17, 2015 12:30 pm

Reflecting on the Battle; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 17, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus makes masculine life feels more like a losing battle, and something less believe that you know you took off on them so that you and I again this week so I hope you have as many good points about us three part series which is something new for us and we been doing it on the topic you have what it takes just one of the questions it really men when they can verbalize it or not it's one that they have to face when I look in the merits what that effacement like the situation having been in before. So you guys did that first week what you talk about that first week and in the three parts of the series. Not this reminds me of like, well, the Lord of the rings or Star Wars go back and visiting hand solo still not big ice cube tray thing is that I can see where we were and so talk about the first the first week we talked about that and the doubt.

That's involved whether or not I should even get in this battle, because men often don't want to engage when they don't think they have a clear sense of victory and so there is doubt. Should I really get in this battle.

Is this something I need to be involved with wet weather or not I should engage in. Part of that comes from part of the question, do I have what it takes to two at least engage in, and sometimes it's not a matter of victory as rent talk about today.

It's a matter will you and get absolutely none. Last week we talked about what happens when you find yourself in the middle of the battle in that old friend with that old nemesis.

Doubt creeps back in you.

What you really need in the midst of that what God often sent to you. He sends to you inspiration or encouragement just gives the power to hold on to get through it. We remind you that yeah you you can do it in my Identify significant yeah that you can do it that he's is get us in something and take this keep going this keep just keep going and were going to get through this thing together and so that's the first last couple weeks we talked about if you missed it. Please get a mask and journey you can download the podcast.

There, it's free. We love to hear from you on anything that you'd think about the topic or other topic you'd like for us to touch type touch on but probably won't talk a little bit about what we can talk about today.

Now this is really at a place with and that is the place we've never gone before discussing it got got what it takes after the battles over and you know that's an interesting place because you don't always win the so after the battles over what is God teaching me as far as I have what it takes. As I reflect through the battle that I just engaged in the bulletin flown in and the casualties are laying all over the place and now God what you teaching me as I reflect back on. I had what it takes in the after the battles over in even if you win.

No one comes through war unscathed.

Yes. There, there's like you so there's always casualties and sooner go ahead and go to a Cliffords from the movie Black Hawk down. Robbie, can you tell us a little bit about what would end here. Yeah, these guys have obviously come out of a horrific battle and another guy another actually in the chow line and he's like, what will your ease get more Iron Man. Are you going back in at end he was trying to explain as he reflected on where he was, that that the people at home would not understand why he continued to engage at and I think through that explanation, there's a lot of understanding on why God for what God is teaching us on why it was, we engaged in the home/some kind or junkie shape so anything I Paramount, start a whole new way. Robbie speaks a lot to why we do go into battle. Or maybe go back in about a new for me when I'm listening to that we can ring out for me was recalled, battles, and a lot of times people don't understand my speaking ability and that's okay if they don't understand it or is it doesn't lend itself to conventional wisdom in why you would go back and do that I think of stories like getting in the Bible or Jonathan and his armor bearer that justify making sense from a worldly standpoint got close and sometimes those places to fight in the battle when it really doesn't seem to make sense from the people on the outside shower.

You take the apostle Paul mother what was he thinking walking that synagogue and you're going to do what you know would have eight more times you going to get stoned and how many more times are you going to get beaten with rods and all those things but there's there's phenomenal wisdom in that clip and there are so many people out there that you work with every day that are in your neighborhood may be nearing your own family and they don't know and you know they talk about a man that's down and talk about some of it standing to be wanted for eternity and in Paul's heart for his brother that was in again is him being Jewish is Hartford's people was just I can't leave him laying out there in the in the in the battlefield in a dime and that's much of what our battle is about it is when you listen to that clip winning for that man wasn't nestling the outcome of the war.

It was about helping that person you're talking about, it's getting if I get one more out it was worth going back in regardless of the personal risk if I can at least get one more to come with me and get them to safety than it was worth taking the hits that I took to get there and I and in on a very personal level. I have a dear friend of people know me Bob Young with one and I knew Putman he went out boldly for Christ and he is son came to that boot camp you were there and his son took it, you know, died shortly thereafter and clearly was an attack from site and eat. He called me almost immediately afterwards and he said that I mess up by put that big bull's-eye on my son's back that you know realizing that his son was going into the battle and Mary was in the casualties are absolutely huge. You know, I know this I don't know if it's common knowledge.

The most downloaded episode of the Christian card. I shall ever the most minute I'm I got it down like a three-minute soundbite of what Rob Young's testimony was. I mean, it may be up to who knows the 20s of thousands of downloads of that particular moment in the Christian card I show that much light got shared that many people, a lot of which because they were friends Robin walking in places they'd never heard the gospel. Whatever Rob Young was carrying the torch and in spite of the fact that he was a bigger casualty clearly from his physical life, but that is what happens in God's arm. Now if someone to get that download where would they get the download Christian card. I got three precious moments with Rod Young is what is what is called dad. It would definitely be worth your time to go the listener that is happened he he he he gave that testimony about two weeks before he passed, and I think that it goes back you know at times we talk about clips and in there's no doubt that when you enter the battle in your fighting for the hearts of others. The enemy take special interest in that but if you don't engage you remember back to when the Lord of the rings movie it says open wars upon you, whether you risk it or not, we still hate you.

Then we still trying to ruin your life that we all sorts of people that aren't Christian they give their lives ruined by that same enemy and try to beat them down trying to keep them down and said that war is common. But I do understand Bob's question. Did I bring this online.

I think that that's something that we all face at one point or another, not to that degree and I'm not minimizing what he face but I think in our own way will look at some of those things and wonder, do I bring some of this on the what's the other option is letting people die to unite and in the clip. Those physically fit were talking spiritually like and so is Bob is continue to move on, knowing that there's other people out there that need to be reached in and really I think you know Robert wanting to do that. I've seen an actual just know it's almost superhuman effort on Bob's part to bring light to a very dark situation and to bring light to a lot of people through the life of his son and and and and realizing they had had a huge investment here and in maximizing mad and move the kingdom forward because we talk about that.

It's the kingdom is forcefully advancing and forceful man grabbed hold of it and that's part of what happens when we see people understand that they have what it takes and the role that they have in spite of the casualties is his.

Then they are forcefully advancing the kingdom in intake and brown and I think that we have a biblical precedent for casualties.

Most of the disciples didn't indwell their stories that you know most of them only Jon, I think was in it that actually that think made it out alive and eventually make a life you know we all have a well pass physically at some point, but today it was this. There's a lot to risk you have to risk. There's no option what happens in this case were maybe you don't win the war on the catalyst as the case may be a mess of wonderful clip and get on the deck now working to come back is want to set it up so that the deal what happens if we clearly don't win the thing that we were fighting for. We can talk about that doesn't really mean you don't have what it takes is that's a question you ask yourself more information go to mass and journey downloads of past podcasts see if have any upcoming events and I will be back talking about what you do if you didn't clearly win the battle and journey radio is listener supported very, very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way you can support us if use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this to mass and journey radio that's masculine journey domain here for mass and journey radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father know no one wants to see a counselor, but oftentimes I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help return my friends and seasons in the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask Internet radio that's masculine journey I dislike this music you like this and listen to the vasculature you were talking about the three-part series that we've been on about having what it in the first week we talked about entering the battle to have what it takes to battle the second week we talked about do I have what it takes to stay in the battle and I were talking about what happens after the battle when you're reflecting back in. "Did I have what it takes and I missed the mark in one of the clips are going to talk about "go ahead and have you set it up so we can get to it is a clip from the TV series. It was band of brothers Diana and this clip is a phenomenal III watch that time and again as I realize the truth that was in it was it's a scene where the Germans bring their general up to speak to their own men and the Americans are realizing there's some monitor here there something I didn't realize that here. These people are there. Clearly the losers in this particular battle, but what is it that they're going home with that they may not have understood was about the cake when it's been a long war spin itself will you start start out father fun, gravely proudly for a country is our special group is I'm not found in one another by the income and vacant cotton exists only encounter God and brothers get tired fossils physician, practitioner lament games. I disrespects top of each other in dire moments. Something is my synthesis effect again getting proud to share with each and everyone for being the longest gracious labeling, fleeting listener that again was incredible before. But each time you just here to some really really cool things in that it is truly a phenomenal thing that here. The Americans and and again you can't see it. Do you know I got see the clip but you could see the respect that they were giving in of this. This general was speaking things that they realize they could easily been on the other side of that particular battle for that particular war and they could have been the ones but there were similar things that were gained in the battle in spite of the fact that they lost that date that he helped them to cling onto an realize were part of. They have what it took.

They, absolutely. And he was still fighting for their hearts write a really cool thing.

The battles over the battle that is the one that's in front of you and you CeBIT is fighting still a greater battle almost for the hearts of these men would have to go back home feeling like they failed and he's telling anything but that.

In it, he's reminding them of who they are, who they become the men and how strong they are in the bond that's only formed in combat and how much truth visages that statement that the deep bonds are formed in the midst of combat and you think about it it's it's really truly as people walk beside you in the midst of some is really hard times, are the ones really have the deepest relationship yeah and and one of the things I look forward to the heavens at the Somerset actually the rest my life is that God is put people like you Sam and Vinnie in the ML and in many other men that you have the I get to walk with and we have locked arms and some extremely difficult battles. Bob youngest is click clearly one of them in my life that to share that is to share life on a level that you only get if you go into battle if if you unite I think of that what William Wallace said to his people. It was one day lying on your bed will you wish that you'd engage would you trade all those days to this one. If you could have just gone out and fought this battle and and and that is what God made us absolutely. I think their times are if you listen to the show and were talking about these topics in the things of God's teaching us through it. Believe we would give the impression not intentionally but you might think that you know we don't we don't have the same challenges you have and I can promise you that just about anything. The interfacing if not one of us directly in someone we love very close is facing it, or have face to and that you know the same things that happen in your life are happening in ours and so not speaking out of the place of Haley live up in this this up ivory tower that can't be touched. Nowhere in the midst of getting beat up at times up to and so it's the same okay how do I continue to move forward. But I really liked about that clip was the outcome didn't determine whether he had what it is that you are willing to and you stayed with it and sometimes it is a victory. Actually, every time that his victory is that I really fought and I did my best and I tried to do the right thing and I walked with God in the midst of right because God is looking at your heart and out there. There is where an inner Vinnie were here, he could speak the rest of the show just on heart disease all about heart and what was it that your heart sought after and that Goodheart is is what we see there in both sides the Germans and the Americans. You clearly saw their hearts. They were just on opposite sides of a conflict right there. The same thing happened in our country and civil warrior letterhead brothers against brothers. At times and get their other clip going to talk little bit about that if you waited. This is a phenomenally hopeful Clippers is wasted. Sometimes we reflect back on battles and lots of casualties and I'm sure everybody listening is had those casualties but there's a hope that we have in the resurrection that I think the speak.

This clip speaks to, and those of us in North Carolina can relate to because it's for Walter Raleigh explaining the hope on the horizon to Queensland and went first to snow more than a haze on the horizon. So you will in excess much shadow another day's slowly sprints along the horizon taking for yourself. Life resurrection shoe adventure that is well with the Greek some interesting parallels human says would resurrection the city on the third day is when cocaine which is pretty as I was listening this. I was thinking about.

That's really many, many times without battles about it's about over.

Hope is that we can take your hope will you have, you know it's it's I know that you have had a situation everyone through my life that I texted in a you and now little while back in the city on today and really battling some hopelessness and just have you guys reach back out in love to me and in the past and God comes in and there's hope there again within the he's good at convincing.

He's good at convincing. There's no hope that that lands not coming that life is not common in knowing that there is there's not life after death. Yeah. And as we reflect after the battle there casualties are all out there right and the wounds are your feeling those two, but there's something so critical of understanding what it's going to be to see that that land that glory, that phenomenal place that God has for his saints that renewal of all things, you know that it's always it's that's all and store we have to be overcome. We have to allow you it's it's true for eternity, but it's true in everyday life. Yeah, we got a hold I will get a hold on to for tomorrow. In some situations or we get, you know, know that next week you know I'm still breathing that you're still breathing. Whatever that might be the there is hope there is God to leave this here hopeless right that there is a greater hope. You are the ones we have here and hope that we have here right now for Mila days just knowing the gods with me in the midst of an of God's with me. There's always hope. Regardless of what I'm facing in times of an out of work in my life or whatever that might look like in that there is hope in the midst of hopelessness. You just gotta keep digging.

Try to find it down and you even think of those German soldiers. They went back and they rebuild Germany and I stay now there's BMWs, Mercedes, all of yeah oh yeah over South Carolina but in so many ways a look at the Japanese and in that place was rebuilt and God had a place but the important thing is to realize who the enemy is, and the enemy is not the Japanese or the Germans or the south of the north are all those other things, the enemy's enemy of your soul whose enemy tries to get you to believe you don't have what it takes to Internet battle betrays you to believe that you don't have what it takes to stay in the battle believe that if you don't win, you really didn't have what it takes and none of that's true God says that you have what it takes. As I created you that way you can have hope because I knew before ever made you had what it took to face whatever situation you run into walk with him today in that hope. Thanks for listening

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