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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 11, 2017 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 11, 2017 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We are very glad to have you with us today.

The others me and and Robby and Jim and Jim, so that's not confusing for you will try to point out which gems talking although I guess we don't know on what really matters with a different voice.

Robby, I got a riddle for you that I didn't tell you that that was intentional. Okay, we love to celebrate Yves around here in where 25 days away from the very important eve you study this is a boot camp can't leave absolutely boot camp even 25 days. Is it really absolutely is and so it's amazing it's come up pretty quickly and so if you haven't registered for boot camp. You want to do that now it is April 6-9. I got it right that time. I think it is, and some that I would appreciate hello salmon James with it is prayer because we have at this particular boot camp, a real opportunity are way, way we have 10 guys coming from the Winston-Salem rescue Mission.

We send got seven coming from teen challenge and so we need prayer that that these guys would have some breakthrough and that God would really come for all of us in this adventure course were still hoping the get another 30 or so guys to make out the camp as well ask you to pray about is we always have people that want to come but I don't have the funds and so of God lays it on your heart to give, you can go to messenger the and give their you can give through many different ways. Online you can do it through mail and there's lots of things in doing that through Facebook. That's another way you can get from her Facebook page but if it's on your heart.

We love to have you help us bring somebody to this and help him find some freedom that God's wanting form that he has ready form Zoe. We hope that you'll you let him work on in that regard, as he works on us as well and surround you through that little thing and it didn't stumpy. I'm really wow I thought have to put up a wall now between us and about a week after that. This is Easter Eve.

So it is it is that's it's very soon at the right after boot camp.

It's week after this week's topic. We are talking about walls and so Jim on only go to you as is. We have the which Jim Jim on what you have for as we talk about walls. There's lots of ways you can define it, but what are we talking about here as we talk about walls built out.

See generally to types ones we build up to protect ourselves and the ones that are there that and that Robby was playing.

I will know that I have any well there ones we not even aware of. And then we also don't want to tear down the walls of others because were afraid of hurting them and were afraid of being hurt.

But as far as the building walls where it's not our job to protect ourselves. That's God's. It is it is, but you've you've probably met people even counseling and I'm sure you've ran into at least in a couple or couples. At least someone in one or two has a wall that they put up one of the biggest is the boy I'm good there not that I don't need fixing. They need fixing and will be followed and the mostly right, but their focus is the wrong place we meet. We could only work on ourselves and our walls think you in the spirit of authenticity. The reason that I picked this topic is I'm living it right now. I've been in the middle of it for quite some time and it is for me when I knows there but couple things I do anything to help it go away and I just leave it there and it word stems from me is in past relationships.

I've been hurt. As of dated and married and so I've really put this wall up of I'm not going to be vulnerable on been in the middle. Dating sites really really nice person treats me exceptionally well, but I feel you know as we start to get closer. In some ways the wall go up and I feel almost like retreating in and as I think about how people tend to push people away with these laws we do usually one of about three different things. They withdrawn kind of just hold it as a distance in arms distance they completely fight in. I am bailing on this altogether, or they become aggressive and try to drive that other person away and I know Robby. We've known people in the past and I sure you probably have where they fit in one of those categories pregnant people all three of now, of course, and the most famous Shrek absolutely. I kid out the pic of the clip that we found for this topic as you is quite obvious that he wants to be isolated and we all choose isolation as a fallback position way too often and so that's what I think Shrek is up to with donkey donkeys try to come into his life that what's going on here sent.

Please build the Walesa lease trying to keep it up. So…… And I have and they play out a little bit really really something you talking to me. The youth was really great that the middle that really may be a good that's great and it's good to be free now you go celebrate your freedom with your own friend. And I'm not going out there by myself mean green fight missing that was really the same work, you get a job that you didn't even take that consent.

Why are you following me tell you why, because all alone is no morning he saddened me. My problems have all gone.

There's no one to you rat me he is no wonder you don't have anything only a true friend would be that truly listen donkey take a look at me what time I really tell no, no, you know, Sgt. Sparks does not bother you know really really really like you questioning track stress take you straight, you can't. I don't see that I still laugh every time that Shrek's I find it quite funny but is a truth there is my word, you climb inside of what's going on there and in the question that I can help ponders what is Shrek afraid of is clearly not afraid of this, donkeys can hurting but heat he really wants to be alone.

He really wants to choose isolation, but it speaks of something that I see clearly from Scripture. And if you can is almost blasphemous, but I can't help it if if you look if you look at Jeremiah 3122.

It describes Jeremiah's describing, actually Christ in the body of Christ and says the Lord of host, the God of Israel once more exceeding first, how long will you waiver O faithless daughter for the Lord has created a new thing on earth a woman encircles a man the course. Jeremiah had been to a lot of Jewish weddings being delusional and integer in a Jewish wedding ceremony. The bride encircles the groom seven times with the tradition being that it's like bringing down the walls of Jericho and it's kind of her role of the bride to bring down the walls of the heart of the groom and thus it is with the body of Christ, that we are to them in its delightful thing to ponders how can we bring down the walls of his heart. Now here comes the blasphemous part donkey is encircling Shrek here and he doesn't let go.

I mean, he keeps going and if you are and what she's gone around and donkey is just not going anywhere. You know how you know I can scream out and yell at him do whatever he wants to do tie everything you can to isolate himself, but the beautiful thing about the clip and I think the thing to ponder is there are people in our lives.

And the worst thing you can do. They're doing everything they can to get rid of you, but they don't want to live alone, check this one really be alone. That's why when he says are you really scared really, really like me. What development over this great stuff is Jim Village and what are these walls really rooted in for a lot of people.

I think most the walls are rooted in fear either fear of rejection. Our fear of a being hurt or you know the fear of loss for many people and we all know that fear is not from God hears from the enemy, and I think that's now we start putting up walls. It's a hinders our witness for Christ hinders what God has created us to be.

Now for me personally, you know what I want for my divorce I put up all sorts of walls and I was Shrek I was, you know, get away from me. Don't you know I get that the big D on my chest. You know I used to laugh and I said I was when I take my hat final divorce papers and having screen printed on the shirt and just walk around the church at Lake it out eating and that some of the enemy. The enemy wants to discount you want. He wants you to hide. He wants you know calling your box.

The last thing he wants to do is say you know what I know what you're going through. I been where you're at and God knows what pain were going through when we reach out to others. We can help heal her pain and so the enemy doesn't want us healing you know people doesn't want us fellowship so most of the other walls are rooted in fear. We are thinking we come back into that a little bit more what you find out what is our responsibility to start talk about this session on others.

But what's responsibility when we have lost note. Don't forget there's 25 days until BPM being so go register masculine journey back in just a minute you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank showed me only $169.05 payments of $33 and journey disturbed today is the same mask son Eli.

I talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that is where you can click the donate button leaking into masculine once again, PO Box 552 785. Although all class #3 welcome back to the masculine journey in essence talks but Robert is great music like you, but what's it will look at some really trying to tell us that little snippet that we heard the walls black outline. I mean it. The healing comes when we let the walls down.

And you know Shrek on his life. If you think even through the movie that without donkey.

Mary never meets this true love he never goes on the adventure, you know, he sits back in Overland and he lives in isolated life. That's thank you.

Let's talk for just a quick second about as we talked about in the first half of this when other people have walls you can encircle them. He can encircling love.

What are some of the things Jim you can do to help that and will move on to when you have all earlier. I did say that the only person that can take down walls as yourself, but there are a lot of things we can do that. Shrek's a good example we love only unlovable as Jesus told us to, and we will see them slowly open up if we can reach the broken hearted and give them the hope and love that we have from Jesus is not always easy to now there are some challenges never go and we have. I have messed up many times with friends know betraying the trust telling their story to somebody else. For whatever reason, because you thought it made a good example of something you know there's a lot of ways to betray somebody in and have them throw warm up that clearly enough could have been avoided but it it it takes almost a constant relationship with the Lord understand how to make sure that you're trustworthy for that friend that year there will when they need you. And you're not there when they don't meet you because you can be annoying and sharp the wrong place. Donkey has that one perfected, but there's some people that take that whole aggression route and become so abrasive they try to drive you away and those with me the hardest ones to stay engaged with the hardest ones to love on because it feels like there's so many errors coming at you and it probably from some of my brokenness and was things we talked about before the show in my life have become friends with lots of different pastors and was things that they commonly talk about Jim. You can probably echo this to some degree.

As you probably seen it. They wall themselves off to the people around them because they've been hurt by their own church. At times, or churches in the past, not only they've been hurt and they are fearful that they don't want to so anything that would be a stumbling block for others. So there's that wall right out of the gate and then hurt adds bricks to the wall in. It is an incident every one of us are have the opportunity to have walls built listen to the clip we we played the first part of this couple weeks ago it would cut at the backpack, but it's from the movie up in the air, which I think I kind of turned off.

About halfway through an Austrian election first time and I will together watch it again, but this is George Clooney talking about to the group of people how to deal with stuff in their life which is first part of this is how to deal with people folks around the office removing that the people that you trust with your most secrets are cousins or aunts or uncles Avenue backpack this time I wanted to fill it with people. Start with casual acquaintances and friends of friends folks around the office removing the people that you trust with your most secrets are cousins or aunts or uncles brothers or sisters parents and finally her husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend that backpack don't worry I'm not can ask you light it on fire. Feel the weight of that bag. Make no mistake, your relationships are the heaviest components in your life for the straps cutting into your shoulders.

All those negotiations and arguments and secrets compromises you need to carry all that weight and she said that bag some animals carry each other to live symbiotically for a lifetime. Starcrossed lovers swung we are not slower we move the faster we die we are not swung the sharks you hear that little sound effect. That means were removing into different clips. What you set up the rest of this clip gathers the heroine of the story and she's listening to this and she's aghast at what he just said, which is you know unfortunately how a lot of the world looks at relationships, associate then gets on the bus with them leaving back going towards our hotel and she confronts him rather directly in that conversation carries on through the rest.

This clip ever never want to get married. Never once had not a chance. As a I just don't see the value selling what Selby marriage is something you can count on a stable marriage is in danger life surrounded by a change started when I was 12 when my grandparents in a nursing facility the same way.

Make no mistake, we all die.

Now those cult members San Diego Kool-Aid seekers understand their options.

You can see, I would imply that one first. Rob you talking about people living life the way a lot of times the thing about the clip. I wish people could see is that girl when he lays out all that now at the end of it she's crying. I mean she's broken her heart you know it's a broken heart to see the kind of pain that that man is obviously in that would think such a thing that not to let anybody in his life at all in total isolation, although very successful in the world's eyes completely broken in this clip you could wander okay. Does this person know God, but let let's just say that the person is a Christian.

They can still live their life that way is because you know God doesn't mean you're not, live your life that way and when you peel it back as we like to talk about on the show we start to lift under the hood. You look under the hood. What's really going on there. Jim went with what's this distrust of the distrust really comes from pain. None of us joint pain.

What are seek it well.

If you do, there's the other set of problems they are but it is not something that we want to do and he's right in out we carrier the biggest load we carry around is our relationships, but that's the only thing that's important. The only thing that's permanent is our relationships with God and with others. So, if we're not willing to take that risk. There's no gain. Robby is this at its core, a distrust of the other person or it gets a distrust of God in that that you know he's back to be able to care me at its core, it's there.

The course sometimes I make it really easy for the but men nonetheless needed to get the other question Sam, how do I know how do you know when you're starting up a pool. I think it just depends on where you are in your relationship with God. It's a moment if you been walking very intimately with the Republican and be more attuned to that if the wall hadn't been there before. If you feel something go up when it's not, then there you know and it's been recent. You deftly feel it and that's why am I can feel this wall. I feel this there. I think for other people that it's may have been up for years and years and decades. Maybe since are really little and have a hard time since someone may have helped point that out as I hear that I might actually have more hope in that if if I can draw near to God. That's the Scripture. And he'll draw near to you, that if my issue is really that I'm not trusting God that I can I can. It go after that aspect of it, in an attempt to through prayer and underwear relate to God. How can I come back in and and get my hope is if it counts on may be for people. It may not work out now because of the people are going to hurt you. I think there's times to you and I can only talk for me right at the moment. I logically know that I shouldn't distrust God in the big part of my heart I know that that's true but there's something in there, and as it's unpacking.

There is some truth to that. Now the only thing I can really do is say God I don't know where this is coming from. I don't consciously know.

Can you help bring this up and me and I think part of that is at the root of the cause of the city walls. Usually it's from fear of you know we been hurt and I think a lot of that has to do with Paul. Even unforgiveness in our hearts. Now I recall you know from Sunday are pastor telling us that in the Bible. Grace is always followed by peace but the grace has to take place first and you know if there's unforgiveness area and then we need to understand what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not forgiveness is not saying what you did to beam was right is not saying that okay I can trust you. Forgiveness is saying I'm to give this to God want to think about as you go out this week with you dealing with your own heart.

Dealing with the hearts of others like IV involved in this right. Don't try to do it on your own.

On either side of it, invite him to God I need your help on how to love this other person I need to physically walk around and seven maybe I do. I don't you tell me God. But what do I need to do to help show them the love bring down that wall and show your love about trying to do it at your own wall. I don't know what's going on here, but I need you to help me see it.

I need you to take it away messenger. The register for Boot Camp

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