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What Does Hosanna Mean?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 23, 2024 12:43 pm

What Does Hosanna Mean?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast where we explore relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. For one zillion dollars, the question is who let the dogs out? Who let the dogs out? Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out? Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah, hoorah. Praises rising, eyes are turning to You. We turn to You. Hope is stirring, hearts are yearning for You. We long for You. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now. It is Palm Sunday Eve here today.

How exciting is that? Palm Sunday Eve and so my question is who let the donkeys out? Now I couldn't find a song about letting the donkeys out so I went with dogs but it's okay. Who let the donkeys out is actually the bigger question here and then what what does hosanna mean? That word you've heard it every probably Palm Sunday since you've been going to church and so what what does hosanna mean? I know you have a questioning mind like me and so as you consider the donkeys of Palm Sunday and and you consider that word hosanna what comes through your mind?

What are your thoughts? What do you think the donkeys represent? What do you think hosanna means? I would love your input. I'd love to talk about this stuff.

866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. So you heard who let the dogs out by the Baha Men sort of a you know personal favorite of mine. Hosanna by Paul Belushi.

Belushi I'm not exactly know how you pronounce his last name but I love it. That song is so amazing to me. One of my favorite Easter songs or Palm Sunday songs and so we are going to get to it exactly what hosanna means and interestingly when you when you look at the actual Hebrew on that you're going to find that it has very much to do with Jesus's name itself Yeshua so and and we're going to get to that. So we're going to we're going to say that this show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter Ian because it's a it's a very functional part of Jesus's name and and certainly the idea of hosanna. So talking about these donkeys which is where I want to start this conversation like have you considered the fact that there were in Matthew the way it reads and I'll just read the passage for you because to me it's it's hugely significant and and something to really consider on this Palm Sunday eve and when they drew close to Jerusalem they came to Bethphage which by the way means house of unripe figs and to the mount of olives they sent then sent Jesus to disciples saying to them go into the village over against you and right away you're going to find a donkey tied and a colt with her lose them and bring them to me so we're just going to start out there for a minute so I don't know if you've ever given a lot of thought to the fact that here's this donkey and then the donkey's colt and what what's the big deal with that why would that be in the scriptures well to say that God was painting this unbelievable picture for us all to see of how a Jesus operates and the peace that comes with Jesus it's really unbelievable if you as you dig into this and again if you have your thoughts I would love to hear them eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four so you know the first time you see a donkey in the scripture is you're going to find that Isaac was loaded up onto one on his way to Mount Moriah to paint a picture again of the importance of the triumphal entry coming in on a donkey as Isaac did and then when you look in Genesis 49 11 which by the way I have all these scripture references on this post today at the Christian Car Guy show so you'll have to write them down if you're driving you can go look them up later but in in Genesis 49 11 when Israel or Jacob was blessing his sons he gave Judah a special blessing and it says that your donkey will be tied to the vine but your choices colt in other words a male baby donkey is going to be tied to the choices fine and that's significant again because you're going to see that when Moses rides into Egypt I don't know if you ever looked at that it's in Exodus 4 20 guess what he rides on a donkey and of course there's the famous talking donkey that you know Balaam was right all that wasn't right all that stuff and then really very important to the idea of Palm Sunday in Judges 10 there is a judge that had 30 sons that's pretty good don't you think I mean if you had 30 sons well guess what those 30 sons rode on 30 colts of a donkey not just a donkey but a colt of a donkey and then they had two generations later there was a judge that had 40 sons and he had 40 judges that rode on 40 colts of a donkey and we'll get to why that's always significant here in a minute but he also had 30 servants of those sons so he had a total of 70 colts being ridden now here's the thing let's just talk donkeys a minute because this is critical to the whole understanding see a male donkey is called a jack you might have heard that you can you can put you can put the suffix on it and figure it out for yourself so anyway a male donkey is called a jack and a female donkey is called a jenny and so if you went around a donkey farm you're going to find that jenny is a very gentle a creature they're they're they're more affectionate than a dog some people say that's why I use the who lets the dogs out and and and they're very lovable and you could bring your kids around them and they'll protect your animals and they're very social because they're hurting animals and that's they work they'll protect your your sheep and your goats and all that stuff jennies are wonderful or even geldings that you know donkeys have been castrated they are absolutely gentle wonderful creatures however there's one kind of donkey that you just really got to stay away from in fact if you read much on them they're going to tell you that you do not want a young male donkey around anybody because they could get hurt you don't want around your children and and oh they they seem as friendly as any of the other donkeys up until the point that they get the smell of any kind of female donkey which by the way they can sniff the air for up to 200 miles I understand and when they get that whiff in their nose you now have become public enemy number one to them because you are a possible adversary or if you happen to be standing in their way when this donkey takes off you're going to understand why they're referred to as a jack okay jack donkey I'll just say for all purposes here so Jesus and all these judges they didn't sit on any ordinary donkey they sat on one of these jacks now what does that tell you that these guys were all kind of donkey whisperers right that here's an animal that really doesn't have a lot of peace especially so if you're riding on this guy and all of a sudden he smells something like he's headed down the road and there is nothing you can do to stop him that's why you know these guys knew that if somebody was capable of riding one of these guys they must have tremendous peace and they would make a good judge because what judges do is they look for the good they look for the good and people they do their best to make them they do their best to bring it out that's what a good judge does and this is exactly why they knew all the israelites knew that if somebody was capable of riding and there's another passage in judges that talk it's about a white donkey and and and they knew that the messiah would come on the cult of a donkey because it would be a sign of the peace that he would bring with him right you get the picture and so you know there's some other notable things about this okay so jesus didn't just go get this this this jack donkey he sent his disciples to get this jack donkey now in this particular day and time right this would be like telling nick my producer like nick there is a lexus about two blocks away then somebody left the keys in it right so if you want to just go get that and if anybody says why are you stealing that lexus just say oh the lord has need of it i'm gonna bring he's gonna bring it back to you because in those days man you steal a donkey and it could go really really bad for you i mean this is you've taken somebody's ride man i mean this isn't good and this and so um and the cult donkey represented many future donkey generations to come so you you didn't just take you know their ride you you you took their stud so to speak as well so i mean this ain't good so i i heard a good friend of mine once said that there was a sermon on this idea being that these are the keys to the kingdom when you use the magic words the lord has need of it you can then do amazing things and so we're going to talk about that when we get back but i would love your thoughts of course we're going to get to what ozanna means but what you know when you think about these donkeys maybe you have some donkey experience maybe you have some jack donkey experience maybe you've known me for a while anyway however that works eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four truth we'll be right back you're listening to the truth network and who let the donkeys out who let the donkeys out and what what does ozanna mean i would love your thoughts on all that i really really would eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four truth and so we've been talking about you know jesus he told his label how would you like this job man go steal the lexus okay just go steal it and don't worry don't worry and by the way in one of the other gospels somebody actually did say like what you doing and they were like well the lord has need of it and they just walked out out there with the guys donkeys i you know hey this is what happened we don't have any other explanation but anyway after i learned that that was that was one of the keys of the kingdom that's instrumental to the christian car guy um jesus's labor love which is car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and often we have a crisis that i don't have a lot of answers for but i did discover that this truly is one of the keys to the kingdom so i i had this situation in kentucky one time where this this lady she her car was broken single mom really difficult situation there was a guy who was willing to fix it and charge nothing to do that i mean he was a repair shop but he said i need to get the car here and i don't have a tow truck that has to be towed and i said well is is there a record you know driver in your area that he goes yeah but he's not a christian there's no way in the world he's like the unjust judge man he is not going to help you this just isn't going to happen like no the guy and i said well give me his number i'll just try and why did i do that because i know when you if you try to get a free record for yourself that ain't happening but if the lord has need of it you'd be amazed at what you get accomplished so you know i called this man and i said hey i'm with the jesus labor love and we help single moms and widows and this poor lady's got a broken car and i got somebody wanting to fix it we just need somebody to get it over there and he talked he was like what are you thinking how do you think i make my living how do you think i keep from having to be carly you know and he went into this great big long explanation it was classic man it's just beautiful and when he got all done with it i just said the only thing i knew to say is i said my friend the lord has need of it and he went into another classic log i mean he didn't hang up on me or anything he just kept talking and i and when he got all done with the next you know barrage of what he hit with me with i just said the lord has need of it it's he knew i was from the jesus labor love right and finally the guy just says all right all right i'll tow the car well you just you promise i will never hear from you again you promise you will never call me as long you know da da da and he went i mean i said i promised you'll never hear from me again this is this is what's gonna happen right um so it's such a funny story he goes and tows the lady's car it gets fixed right i tell the story on the air the next week of course i would you know this is one of the most amazing you know god moments you know god just came through because i had the keys to the lexus because i knew that the lord had need of it well one of our listeners in greensboro knew the guy because i mentioned his name and i've forgotten it now it's been a few years ago and she knew the guy and she called in and she said robbie i just don't believe that that's unbelievable that that happened right and so she he didn't hear from me that lady that knew the guy in kentucky that lived in greensboro called him to tell him how proud she was and so you just don't know because clearly when you think about who i was talking to okay it all relates he was sort of a donkey okay sort of a full he was he was sort of a young cold donkey if you know what i mean and so what are we supposed to do we're supposed to lose those donkeys in our lives wherever they may be and it may be you know at some point i was certainly not some point probably yesterday about 10 times i was a donkey a male donkey a jack donkey and said at some point we got to lose those jack donkeys and what do we got to do we got to bring him to jesus that's what he asked to do he didn't go get it himself he asked the disciples to bring the jack donkeys to me okay and then what's going to happen fascinatingly they throw their clothes on him right this is what happens in the story and and and jesus they put jesus on top of their clothes on top of their donkey what's up with that well beautifully the word for garments that they use there is the same word that's used in in the book of uh second kings in chapter nine jehu which was sort of a jack donkey himself he's the one that had jezebel thrown out the window uh which she had it coming no doubt but you know it's a little bold to throw jezebel out the window and no doubt he he but he this is you're going to find the first reference of them throwing clothes down when they anoint someone king happens to be when this particular jack donkey becomes king jehu and so why do they do that because from the beginning of of genesis when god made skins and then certainly when jacob puts the hairy skins on skins and and garments are very much linked to the idea of deception in other words we all have masks that we wear it's called your personality you know in order to protect yourself because you don't have jesus blood over you but if you got jesus's blood you don't necessarily need your mask because you're now fully able to be naked and not ashamed okay but unfortunately it takes a while to learn that but nonetheless they're putting their clothes on this donkey they're putting their deception on the donkey and then putting jesus on top of their donkiness and on top of their deception you see and jesus is now you you now have the donkey the ultimate donkey whisperer right where you want him driving you okay i mean this this is the this is the picture of why this whole thing you know was unfolding for them and again if you have thoughts along these lines believe me i would love to discuss you know what you're thinking eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four truth but to begin with and the whole idea of of this triumphal entry which there's hardly i mean again god's been painting this picture since genesis of what this meant for jesus to climb on this donkey with all these clothes right of all these people's deceptions and all our jack donkiness is all right there where jesus wants it where he can begin to speak peace right his peace comes in and is the ultimate donkey whisperer is a picture that that god had been painting all the way through certainly uh the book of judges and all those things so when we come back we will finally get to what does those anime and we are looking forward to your calls because maybe you've had the jack donkey experience eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four we'll be right back you're listening to the truth network and let the dogs out in your presence all our fears are washed away washed away who let the donkeys who let the donkeys out today and what does hosanna mean on the christian car guy show what are your thoughts i would love to hear your story or your thoughts always it's a live show and that's what makes it fun eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four is the number to call in and share eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four and so you know nick and i were talking about donkeys and yeah you know you think about that young jack donkey he was made that way right that that what's going on is that you know he was made that when he smelled that he needed to procreate so there would be more donkeys but the challenges for all of us is that we're only thinking about ourselves at that moment and and the reason why the jenny donkeys are nice and the gelding donkeys they're naturally nice animals they're wonderful animals and and and and the jack is too as long as his needs are met okay and so you know to give ourselves a break a minute to say hey we need a you know the reason why we're acting like a jack donkey could be that we need to have our needs met in some way and jesus show me how that may be because again it's fascinating to me that part of the reason that they recognized that this was the king was that he was able to bring peace to this very difficult situation right here and they recognized it as is is those that were riding these cults to the fold again look at look at the prophecy that that was back there in genesis you know when when in genesis 49 when israel prophesies over judah you know one of the very first things he says is he he goes talking he goes talking about this cult that was that was to the choice's vine and it really was but again it was fast it's fascinating to me that as those disciples he's telling you know here's what a disciple do well part of what disciples do is we go find people that are thinking about nobody but themselves and very very difficult to deal with like my friend that was the record service right and then just keep and you listen to all that they have to say why they can't do it and i understand and i understand you don't want to come to church i understand i understand but the lord has need of it i mean it's as simple as that the lord has need of it and and if you can do that it's amazing what the lord will do with it you know it's it's it's it's amazing uh to see and so to follow along the story as we were talking about that they threw their clothes on the donkey and and they threw their clothes in the road just similar to what they had done for jehu when he was anointed king um again if you're looking for those references they're all there at it's second kings nine uh is where jehu's made king and they throw those clothes on if you're looking for that um but then the next thing happens is as you may recall is they're going to begin to shout hosanna right and what happens is in a very great multitude spread their garments in the way others cut down branches that's the idea of the palms from the trees and straight them in the way and then the multitudes that went before and it followed cried saying hosanna to the son of david blessed is he that comes in the name of the lord hosanna in the highest and see what they're actually doing there this is um the beginning of the feast of unleavened bread it's it's when jesus comes in on the triumphal entry you know his passover week is what's coming and that's the reason why he's coming into jerusalem and it's also the reason all these people are there for jerusalem is they are celebrating this picture again that god's been painting since the beginning of time and and the passover the feast of unleavened bread is it lasts for eight days and he's going to come in on a sunday but if you count it out it easter sunday will be eight days later so it's sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday and another sunday you got eight days and so just like you know the covenant of circumcisions to eight days or they cleanse the temple in eight days and so many miracles happen on the eighth day jesus is showing up on this palm sunday because this is going to be miraculous and they realize that now as they would be celebrating this this particular holiday they would be singing the hallel psalms and the hallel psalms another reference you may want to check out are psalms 113 through psalms 118 but psalms 118 if you really spend any time with it you're going to see it is the palm sunday psalm i just it it is where they talk about all these things where they talk about he comes in this in the name you know and he's the son of david right and the the stone the builders rejected and it talks about him being swarmed by bees and and all these things that have to do with palm sunday believe me are all in psalm 118 and they were been singing these hallels because they're getting ready for this feast right and all these things were to them they've been singing these songs every year that they they celebrated passover since they were a little kid right and so when they see this what they knew the messiah would come in on a donkey's colt and this particular one was white as much as i understand it because again there was a prophecy about the white donkey of the messiah that you know they see this is a a donkey's colt they see that it's white and they see this man sitting on it with all these clothes straight out in front of them and they begin to say hosanna so what does that word mean well it is also if you look closely in the 118 psalm and specifically in verse 25 it i wish the king james people or somebody would translate it so that you could see it as clearly as what it is there but in psalm 118 825 if you read it in the king james version it says save now i beseech thee oh lord oh lord i beseech thee save now send thy prosperity so the the word now in hebrew is ahana right but the word save is the same word as jesus which is yeshua okay and so you hear that in fact you can listen to the 118 psalms in the song version on youtube and you'll hear that the idea of of yeah ah and then it goes on well ana means now is what it means hosanna means save me now but it actually since the word for save which is salvation and the word jesus are almost completely you know could be put in the same place so it's almost like jesus now jesus now and so that the actual word now that ana is repeated three times in the 118 psalm verse 25 so he's saying now now now i mean that's what david was saying jesus now now now so when you're saying hosanna right and when you think about that idea of jesus coming now now if you're like me and you quite often act like a donkey especially a jack donkey this is the precise moment when you need to cry hosanna because what we're looking for is i i need jesus i need him to to climb on top of my false stuff that i've got all over my back and i need him to get rid of you know get my needs met so i don't have to be such a jack donkey right i mean you get the picture of what is going on here personally for you because this is palm sunday and so yes it's a picture of what happened you know over 2 000 years ago but it's also happening today in my life in your life because if you're like me you know it's just a struggle you know of stuff that's going to be coming down and the beautiful thing about hosanna is it's saying save now and then i love the end of verse 25 they say send prosperity that's the way it's translated again the king james version but the word prosperity in hebrew begins with the idea of righteousness and the idea of the messiah himself is is the idea of the righteous one and see things need to be made right we need to be in a right relationship and see if you're in a right relationship with god as solomon found out you're going to be extremely prosperous i mean prosperity follows that idea of wisdom which follows that idea of being in this right relationship so if you if you follow the whole idea as you ask for jesus now now now right throw your you know your your false self up there let jesus take the wheel so to speak it's perfect for it's perfect for the christian guy to say that but as he takes the wheel right what will naturally happen is you will get into a right relationship because jesus is the way the truth and the life the way to what the way to the father so as you become into a right relationship with the father oh the prosperity that comes but it's real prosperity okay because it's righteous and and and that righteousness if you look at the word prosperity it begins with a zaddy and that zaddy means righteous and so is you it's like a tree is at a right angle to the ground and this idea of when something is exactly right then oh my goodness right then then then that whole idea of and when you listen to that song hosanna by paul blanche he he says hearts yearning our hearts are yearning for you our eyes are turning to you you know all those all those ideas are what happens is we get right like oh man i've been running after every you know everything in the world that's for me when i should have been running after god and what a beautiful opportunity we all have right here right now on this particular palm sunday to to get this idea and you know hey i know there's something inside of you and you have no idea how much i would love to talk to you if you want to call us the number is eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four who let the donkeys out and what this oh zanna really mean we'll be right back you're listening to the truth network and truth who let the dogs out in your presence all our fears are washed away washed away who let the donkeys out and what does hosanna mean that's what we're talking about today on the christian car guys show eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four truth so i did i posted this today at along with all the scripture references and even some i haven't mentioned on the air that that speak back to the donkeys and scripture and speak to the clothes being thrown on the on the ground etc etc but i just want to circle back well i'd love to circle back to your calls by the way i would love to hear you and your thoughts on what we're talking about eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four so circling back to the lord has need of it okay it's in and there at you're going to find the jesus labor love which you can apply for help or or you can pray for them or you can donate to them in other words what i have discovered is this is just so true it truly is a key to the kingdom that if the lord has need of it it will he will blow you away at what you can have to help somebody with i've seen it i you know almost every week since i discovered it i you know somebody comes to me with some kind of need and i have an opportunity to go ask somebody you know and essentially in my heart i know they're going to give it to me because the lord has need of it and you just have a different you're you're in a different position than if you're asking for it yourself you go back to the idea of the donkeys okay that when you're being a donkey it's hard to get people to part with stuff for nothing okay but if you are truly you know looking for something to help somebody else with and you really believe in your heart that it's going to happen it's amazing how the doors open up quite often in miraculous ways if you're waiting to see it but sometimes you know it comes directly sometimes it comes through another person however he comes he meets the need he you know but but it it has something to do with your particular faith so you know i had the situation i'm sure you may have heard me talk about the time i needed the battery in in dallas texas and and and and you know a body repair on a car that i had no idea how to get fixed same idea that i just knew that you know god's in this you know he's going to get it done he just does and even this week right i had a wonderful man in ohio that donated a car to us nick and and then i you know trying to find somebody for the car and there's a lady by the name of minnie who needs the car and then there's a repair shop in the middle the car needs a battery and it needs this this and this and i was talking to the young lady and you could just see that you know when she realized that this was a jesus labor love and she realized the lord had native things like man i mean all of a sudden you could just sense you know her love for the lord and her love to help it wasn't like the other guy in kentucky where he didn't know what he was going to get himself in for but i just want to empower everybody with with what the disciples were told here you're especially empowered to go steal stuff from satan okay because that's what's really happening when you untie somebody that's being a jack donkey they belong to satan and he has some whatever right to him but you can look him straight in the face and you say the lord has needed this jack donkey okay you can do that because he does that that the lord will will allow that person to see what all their personality would be if they weren't so consumed with meeting their own needs and and you know the idea of if you're going to be dealing with a jack donkey you got to realize that they are trying to get their needs met and you know how to meet their needs is jesus but getting in a useless argument it's not going to help you you know the idea is you just take the reins you know that was that was tied up to satan and you kind of lead it gently over here to jesus and and it's amazing the things that can happen you know when you have that opportunity so last week i i did this funeral on saturday you know i wasn't here i did a celebration of life and it was the most miraculous thing that a lot of the folks there i knew weren't people that would go to church or nor would normally talk about spiritual things but fascinatingly they had planned this celebration of life on 316 last saturday was as you may know if you listen to the show 316 for john 316 and and i was not necessarily presiding over this event but but the some of the family was but they'd asked me along sort of to have a pastor there to give a pastor's view of the transition is what they'd ask me to do and so you know when it came to the very end of the thing i had said nothing there had been no prayer spoken all this stuff i just prayed really quick god you know show us what this means because i know at a point like this where people have passed away we want some to grab on to we want some hope to grab on to right the lord has need of it we have need of all these people and so my wife will tell you because she was sitting right next to me when i said do you think god is winking at you all when you plan this particular celebration of life on 316 and my wife said there were three or four people that literally gasped because he was winking at him he's saying that god so loved the world he does he'd so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son right and it's coming up right here in this this donkey ride that whosoever right who i don't it doesn't matter what you do what kind of jack donkey you've been it doesn't matter whatever shenanigans are on there is that whosoever right believes in their heart and and and really gets that point of ozanna now jesus now you know make that all happen whoever believes in him right will not perish you just won't it is as sure as i am sitting here if you will believe in your whole heart he's going to meet those needs that the jack part of yourself is always running off trying to get met but you you got to give those things you got to put them on your back you got to show him what it is that you're trying to you know you got to be honest with him you know i'm craving this i'm stuck in this i'm doing that lord show me show me show me you know so that i can allow you to guide my life and so that you know you that you will get me to the direction that you want to go which essentially is a disciple somebody that will help others you know in first second rinthians one says you know god comforts us essentially so that we can go comfort others with the comfort we are comforted with well you've been you if you're like me you've been a jack donkey right and god comforted you through that and so now you have the opportunity to go loose that other donkey over there and and lead them carefully right to jesus i mean there's that's that's the main idea here and whether that's by meeting their needs is often someplace like the jesus labor love can do that you know we can meet people's needs and it's part of the reason we do that but a big part of what we always do with the jesus labor love you can just count on it and either scott my either scott or myself we talk to somebody they're going to get prayed for right there we're gonna we're gonna try to tie their vine to the joyce's fine right we're gonna try to take them and and lead them to jesus so that they can hear peace and it's amazing it's amazing it's amazing to me how many times i've talked to somebody in the jesus labor love and they were so angry and so bitter about all these people that hurt them hurt them hurt them their car repair places that have hurt them hurt them hurt them but as soon as you prayed with them it was like they but they went from being a jack donkey to a jenny donkey it was like they were friendly and nice and all but what was the difference it was it was the donkey whisperer you know that's what that's that's what the deal is so you know as you head into this particular palm sunday you know look at those things for yourself review your own life it's a beautiful week to really just prepare for easter and all that's coming with that and we just uh here at the christian car guy show just pray that you will have an amazing palm sunday of reflection of truly having a hosanna moment jesus now now now and then remember slow down jesus walked everywhere he went and he got all done in 33 years this is the truth network
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