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What Is A Christian Man Part 4

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 1, 2017 12:30 pm

What Is A Christian Man Part 4

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now walking masculine glad to have you guys can you believe that it's like a Fourth of July VVD to sign it.

Well, yeah, that was coming last week showing somewhere here seems like it's been a few minutes how the weeks bye-bye thereby giving it age do you do this, but I want this. And that's okay. I can take what he has been teasing me about being a grandfather and so grateful.

That is something I'm very grateful for that. And I very divided and that but that we've been talking about what is a Christian man and so if you haven't joined us for the last three weeks as we been talking about it the first week, Robbie. We talked about what compassion I Christian man and to get to the heart of it is his people wonder what the world is a mask on journey. What's that ministry about, and quite often people have that inside that question that you know what's a Christian man, what is that how does that look from the standpoint of the mass culture. So compassion is a big part of that you know but compassion is very important. So is also the next thing Dennis which was what strengthening strong and so why would we need strength.

Well, it takes strength to be compassionate to know. I think a lot of Christian men.

People take kindness for weakness and and and you show compassion and you do these things and people think there's a wimp and that Jesus was anything but that. And so there's the other side of that compassion is the strength. It's important that we rely on the Holy Spirit to prompt us on which one to use as if we do it on her own accord. That's probably not going to work out well. Jim, last week we talked about one other thing a Christian man is which is what you do. What did we do last week it's been so long and secondly suck a little bit. I had help its submission to choose my biggest struggle on the white get me that one who it was God that you. It does take a lot of strength that sounds kinda weird but why, why would it take strength to submit to God really takes God's strength to be able to do any of the above for not for not submitting him we don't get it. So it's sort of a circular thing there. It takes a lot of faith's okay got. I know you got me. I know that so you got my back here.

Even I can't see how this is going to work out you think about Moses along the river right. He doesn't see how it can work out but got his back when he has faith and so taken that faith and submitting our will to God's will is an important partner in one most important parts of our walk with God. But this week were talking about Rob.

You pick the topic out you talk about at delight the we delight in God. In Isaiah 11 there is an amazing picture of the anointing of Jesus that happened at his baptism, where they give you the seven elements of what that anointing lies in the first one being wisdom and the second one being understanding and the third one being counsel. The fourth one being knowledge.

The fifth one is excuse me. The fourth one was mite which is interesting like like strength.

The fifth one is knowledge. The sixth one is a fear of the Lord, but the seventh one is where were going today is a delight in the fear of the Lord, and the word delight in Hebrew, the aroma of the words that it literally is a picture of your nostrils flaring and you getting this and and those of us who love boot camp and no that that's the part where we actually get to commune with got where you are. He comes into your life and you actually have them speaking your new name are some of the things that we do there such a delight. They're like oh man it it it is where it it really takes place for me and it's a big part of what I would consider to be a Christian man is to get to that place where you are literally delighting in the fear of the Lord which has to do with my dad is big and bad and I don't sleep I can rest) and it takes taking that transition. It's hard to really find that delight in God without submitting, you know, I don't know that that's even truly possible incident and we had a clip use kinda starts with that submission, but it ends up leading to the light later in the movie so you tell us a little bit about this yet.

This is from the movie the Legend of bagger Vance and a lot of folks seen that maybe the reviews clips from it before but it's one that the golfer lies the golfer's name Gina Gina, the golfer has.

He's come back.

He's got involved in this tournament. He was a veteran, for he had gone to World War I. He was a golf star in the area where he was in Georgia he had a terrible experience while he was at war and came back in the rest of his life just fell apart.

His relationship with the woman that he had in his golf game was falling parts are in this scene he'd hit the ball out in the woods and we get a glimpse of where he is in his life his feelings that he's knocking to be able to come back from where he's been to his past is going to affect the rest of his life.

Bagger Vance is a character that will Smith played that to me is the Holy Spirit and listen to this dialogue here Joyce Scott. Scott stopped walking with where you always been standing there still risking and remember too long ago just a moment ago, shadows June yes you can join alone, right here, which been here all along you come into this world is within the Joyce did stop Joyce what he chooses to step up and hit the ball on step seven hits the ball and just hits a wonderful shot if you're golfer you would love the shot that was right up on the green a few feet from the cup and he went on from there and his his life went on.

That did it really wasn't a movie about golf that his life came back together with that with that place that he came to and I get a little emotional when I hear that clip because it reminds me where was a couple years ago we talked about that last week show.

When I headed into the rescue mission, and I was at that point while I was literally crying out to God and saying I can't. I can't come back. I can't come back from what's happened in my life. You know at my life is falling apart.

I can't keep a job. I can't work in broadcasting anymore. Can't do any of these things I can't stay involved in the ministry and I don't know what to do and I can't bring it back the same way as he was saying and I went to this process of God lining me up over the ball again and hitting the ball and I wanted to use that at that clip because I think it moves from the submission to the delight of the light that comes on the other side of that shot that he makes what happens with his life when he gets back together with the woman when he ultimately wins this tournament since the great movie in my opinion in the delight that I feel today that I can work in broadcasting again that I can go to school again and probably will be doing that again saying that I was sitting at my place the other night because I'm living out alone and living on my own again. After couple of years and I felt such delight and peace and where I am in my life but I had to go through that process first and I had step over the ball again God reminded me of the gifts that he gave me just like you did with June. There was one other little thing you want to lose was that there was little boy watching all this, and in that little boy fell in love with bagger Vance, which was literally the Holy Spirit and it stayed with him his entire life, and even through if you watch the movie. His death he was looking forward to being in the presence of events which was the picture, so is one of those movies I don't think that a lot of views at the box office but when you deftly look at it through the lens of watching God work in a man's life. I don't think there's much better movie out there than that one.

And it's truly not about golf. I don't like offer medical other Caddy shack I can check this. This would be my favorite golf movie closely. By the way boot camp blog. I think I saw this movie for the first time in my first bouquet yet is I get to such an awesome movie ensued. We move from that place of submission into got God's divine you think of some of this people, and in Scripture. Moses meets in a bad decision and he had to go out in the desert because what he did.

The guy didn't just leaving their inner healing to back up over the ball writing back in and had him do exactly what he is. I need to design him to do. And yet Moses kinda fought a long wait times, but it was a series of submissions that ultimately led to what God had in mind for him and so if it happens to not just you doing is not just me, or the people here it happens, the people back in those times and that's where the recorded suite like that go while Scott did that their life I know is Jim now this this topic of delighting in God and have you ever seen somebody that even a pastor that truly truly just delights in God, yeah, almost gets to the point, a big boy that overjoyed, but what is the submission part in factories well stuck on the word is all I could think of was Surinder and when you look at God and you got them in the box and you have all these rules that you need to follow. There's no delight there but when you recognize that the creator of the universe that doesn't leave you at all was willing to for you laid out his life loves you so much that he wants to see you in your day Dennis when you said I'm living alone now have peace, it's because you're not living alone. You have a loving father taking care of you and if you don't get to that place with God. You don't then the enemy wants you believe your loan, but in the clip and listen to last week about forgiveness is that I'm right here with you. Bagger Vance and right here with you and it's good reminder that God is always with you whenever alone and whenever doing things on her own and that alone should be delight when you come back and talk more about delighting in God maybe had David did that and go register for boot camp coming up November 9-12 salmon mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled at.

It was on this information that where we can get something PO Box 552 78 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change a lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what their places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men.

God designed us for freedom and is coming up with this Boot Camp. It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days mask when journey register love is in the phone things there. You know, we surrender moves into joy this place and I in thinking about this topic of delight. We were really good clip shows delighting in the Lord for delighting in the King review and set it up. That's from the movie Camelot and you know this honestly of some of the host Alaskan journey is always a bit of a struggle but were going to marry Jesus in eternity. And so you know that pictures is is an interesting thing and what is what is that exactly mean that I came across this passage in Jeremiah that talked about the Lord's going to do a new thing. The bride encircles the groom and in doing so.

There's a picture of a Jewish wedding as you've ever attended one or the bride will literally walk around the groom seven times concept being that she is bringing down the walls of the heart of the king and as I began to ponder that in delight and that what I do to bring down the heart of Jesus. You know what I do to bring down the walls around the heart of Jesus. How can I be something that he delighting. I was just an amazing thing. And so as I heard this clip from the movie Camelot.

Of course you know John, his amazing heart you know actor and so you get here. That voice but it's an interesting thing. How do you love the king and you love his crown or do you love the person… A great example of almost alone no secrets. Just a question to ask you want to marry me. You have to marry me because your father wanted your country needs it. Camelot will protect you – you might email not against me so you want to be released engagement now I want crown on just this kooks film mission to hunt just a scratch led likable and in euros and you wipe the blood away with a sleepy address.

See stochastic stain. I never saw until that moment, suite loved by one of the first time in my life.

Want to overflow like a dozen last one cannot be promised to linger any morning sunlight, but I don't want to die won't matter.

The king Sean Connery read the ingredients on the back of a recipe or something. I would find it interesting enough to listen to what what an amazing and love story. There how she wants to just love him for not it. It's hard to think of God. That way, but God gave us free will. In order to know that when we come back we truly love him because were forced to, not because of anything like that because out of our own volition. We choose the song of songs. There is a similar picture where the show might woman as being married by the king and in the first chapter she says don't stare at me because I'm dark and should she feel so unworthy and it's such a picture of how can we possibly be worthy of Jesus. How can we possibly do that but we talked about it this morning. Sam bit in that picture of the woman that Jesus said to her, you know, this is entire and she want had a daughter that was demon possessed. And Jesus said to her, you know, first, I have to give the bread to the children. I can't give it to the dog. That seems really like how could Jesus think that her response was the dogs get at least a crown from the table and in seeing that you know Sam there's a picture there of this eye contact between Jesus and this woman where she realized that I'm dark and come I'm not worthy of being here at the table you she was at Jesus's feet and he's trying to share with her that she's got an agreement like in the butterfly circus and and other things that we talked about the hostess going to say there's something else I was thinking about when I was listening to that clip and maybe maybe this would be interesting to do for our listeners will put up the podcast on the website is to go back and listen to this clip and just imagine that Sean Connery character Jesus and that your the other person and him and listen to that dialogue again in the in the true love being how that there arriving at a place of true love and how I really think God wants us to have that type of relationship with him and how we can have so much delight in that it just really struck me when I was listening to it. I immediately put him in the place of Jesus and myself in the place of the woman take away the female voice and the male-female stuff and I thought well, what a great picture of what a love relationship with Christ would look like. Absolutely. And that's what you're God's calling us to an audit that is through that submission leads to delight and and if you carry that a step further. You know the rest of that story. She betrays and yet his love for still greater and that's us and we were never going to live up to the love we been shown but God delights in us. If we can't delight in that man were more miserable than pagans. Okay now the pressures on tell me about a time you can truly say not. I truly delighted. Maybe it's today. Maybe it's every day and for me it kinda ebbs and flows because my submission ebbs and flows, but what's what's a time you really delighted in God or God's presence on a couple weeks ago I got to preach a sermon on Father's Day, which is a neat thing realizing that father daughter knows, things and as I began to prepare for that sermon God just gives you these demos and then Sam spoke and it became you guys all have an and you know as you prepare to go to battle for the Lord he gives you these amazing downloads of information and I was preparing the seven anointing is a good good father from the 23rd Psalm and I began to look it.

How David got that delight and look at his at the end of that song you talk about the light where you know it is preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies. My cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy will know that whole thing is David is just erupting in the light because that's the anointing that is getting married is the delight in the fear of the Lord, and as I was just watching it in at the end and seeing what it was I got to preach on I was just like the Lord really I get to do this.

I felt like a muddy shoes in order to be able to do that is just absolutely some I'll never ever forget. Not enough to see David's life ebbed and flowed a little bit man after God's own heart. David is also the one that went and danced in the streets and what is underwear basically and so Jim I know that they talk to you about a couple times.

Nobody wants to see what about a time you delighted what comes to me is our Carol and I going to Alaska and it was a time and maybe even the first time we absolutely work together, knowing we were in the middle of God's will and it ended up beautiful but it was very challenging.

In fact, my wife went through the season. There with seasonal affective disorder, what she might kill me for sharing but she was miserable and we spent a lot of time just reading the Psalms together, which called her heart soar like David singing, but that period of time drew us closer together closer to God and we never been in his heart as it was times it was wonderful. It was a time of delighting this.

What about you time.

Last October 29, the day that my daughter married my son-in-law David. It was a beautiful fall afternoon over in Kernersville just this was a relationship that God had had orchestrated for these two people. It was ordained by God. He was in the midst of everything that happened that day in the beauty of the day in the beauty of my daughter and the beauty of the relationship. There wasn't a dry eye. At that wedding, but none of those tears were sadness.

They were all delight and happiness for these two people and I think about it and I and my heart starts beating fast because it wasn't just that what it was. My daughter we knew and there were so many people that came up and they said God was so present in this ceremony today in this wedding in this union of these two people and it was just a beautiful time and I was going think Dennis is no share about my first boot camp it is you're talking something else in the mind and it was something I didn't initially see this delight in the Lord, but that went to Florida for my mom's 70th birthday. And so we ought to me and my siblings surprised her with it at a party and and we all got up and were talking a little bit shared some stories and in looking at the delight in my mom and knowing that she was such a godly woman and how she loved us unconditionally was truly just a reflection of that love of our father that I got a see through her no, and just I would've called it that.

Looking back now, special on I can see that that was really just the time of God saying while she loves you that I love you so much more and it just amazes me and so when we want to delight in God does begin the submission.

It begins to giving into his will, and that his heart is good toward you, knowing he wants things for you that are greater than even you can imagine and I just ask it how others work out when you do your will. Probably doesn't ever failure masking journey register the boot camp November 9-12 now

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