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Former PGAer’s perspective of this weekend’s Masters

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 15, 2024 3:17 pm

Former PGAer’s perspective of this weekend’s Masters

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 15, 2024 3:17 pm

Brad Fritsch, former pro golfer/PGA tour, on what he saw this weekend during the Master’s and his takeaways.

Would Brad consider Scottie Scheffler the greatest golfer there is right now? What all had to happen for Scottie to get the win this weekend? Which guys flopped more than anticipated and which impressed us more than we thought they would? What did Brad think of Tiger’s performance and some of Tiger’s comments after everything was over?

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For the ones who get it done. Brad French, my friend, PGA Tour veteran who joins us on the Adam Gold Show, also a big Senator supporter. Can we get some help from your guys tonight at Madison Square Garden? You know, I hear a lot of you Canes fans asking me that and saying they're supporting the Senators. Let me just be the first one to say that I think the last time I saw an Ottawa victory in Carolina was like 1989. So let's pump the brakes on the Canes fans supporting Ottawa. Okay. All right. So I think the last time the Sens played the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, we actually won easily.

So it can be done. Let's get living for this. I'm hoping for a nice big win tonight. Let's let's get it. They've been feisty. I like that.

I like the fact that they have played with some edge even as the games have stopped mattering. All right, let me let's at let's get into Scottie Scheffler here. Yes, he's hot. But is he also not the best player in the sport right now? Oh, he hundred percent is the best player in golf right now.

He's been hot for two years. If only he had a cooperative putter last year, he'd have probably two times the number of wins that he has right now. I think he's on nine PGA Tour wins majors. Um, you know, he putted I think the strokes game was 172nd. That's Brad fridge territory when I was on and I mean, this is the best iron player in the world. Yeah, one of the top five drivers of the golf ball in the world and you saw it down the stretch yesterday when a couple of guys who were lurking had trouble with the shape of some of the holes. I specifically think of Mark our on nine doesn't fit his shot shape, right?

It's it in the trees and made a mess of it from there. And then Max Homer who played very well, but he had he was trying to rope hook a three wood around the corner because he doesn't have that shot with driver on 13. Um, right. So Sheffler just stood up and did whatever he wanted to off the tee all week. And in particular, his driving and his short game were the best at Augusta last week. And, you know, you'd almost say that he played just okay. The way like his iron play was good, but it wasn't Scottie Sheffler good, and he still won by four.

So that's scary to think about. He's got such a great mindset. He's all these weapons in his arsenal. So he's he's definitely the best player in golf right now.

Brad Fritsch is joining us here on the Adam Goldschule at Brad Fritsch on Twitter. The thing about is that I'm glad you brought it up that way that he didn't do anything spectacular. He didn't wow us with old.

Did you see that? He just whole hummed 72 holes and he didn't run away. I mean, he ran away late when everybody fell off. But once the conditions got to the point where birdies were going to be readily available on Sunday, the first three days, man, making birdies was hard. But on Sunday, when it the course, it got warmer, the ball stayed in the air a little bit longer. And I think the wind died down like you were going to need to shoot a good score. And he was basically the only guy that did be shot. What's a shot 68 on? If you have a one shot lead and you shoot 68, you're probably winning that golf tournament. But everybody, not only did Morikawa hit one in the trees because of shot shape, but they also made critical mistakes. I would argue that Max Homer might have gotten unlucky as much as anything.

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Investment Advisory Services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Yeah, I agree. I think what you saw yesterday in particular on the on the second nine was a little bit of how we used to watch Tiger Woods play majors, which which is to say that he would hang around and everyone knew he was going to make a couple birdies. So everyone else started to begin pressing and you saw that on the 11th hole, both Oberg and Morikawa trying to fit it in to that left hole location. Max did get unlucky on 12. I think he hit it. He didn't. Okay shot. He probably, you know, the ball lands three feet shorter and he's totally fine.

Probably in the back bunker. He probably makes three. But that's the kind of player that Scheffler is. They know he's going to play well, 99 times out of 100. So they think they need to do something spectacular.

And in reality, they did. I mean, Morikawa had to shoot what 67 to tie chef with an outstanding round on a Master Sunday and the greens are still a little bit baked out. They're a little bit firm, but you did see some of Scheffler's magic. I don't want to downplay. I mean, he had a pretty darn good yesterday starting on the ninth hole. You know, he hit it to an inch on nine. He did in there about eight feet on 10. He made the smart play on 11 and trusted his chipping. He didn't get it up and down smart play on 12. Then he hit 13 and two. He hits it, you know, the two feet on 14 and 16. He had a great shot.

So a number of shots in a row where he closed the door, so he did play well in that stretch. But up until the eight, you know, after the eight hole, there were two guys tied for the lead and two guys one shot back. So it was definitely a golf tournament starting the second night. Yeah, I mean at one point before Scheffler and Morikawa played the eighth, all four of them were six under par, right?

Yeah, exactly. It was there for anybody else to win or to at least put pressure on Scheffler. I tweeted out early in the early in the round that I guess it was through the first seven holes. I mean, Scottie's leaving the door open. Does anybody want to walk through?

And the answer was now we'll just kind of hang out here in the threshold. Nobody really wanted to walk through because he, you know, even though the the real difficulty of look, there's there's danger everywhere. 10, 11, 12 can be dangerous. Obviously, 17 and 18 had been playing difficult all week, but the real danger is in the first several holes and you know, nobody, nobody took advantage of like even a softer opportunity on three or two. I mean, we could sit here and talk about Rory McIlroy forever who probably missed 10 putts inside of eight feet over the course of the round. The first three rounds. It could have been very different.

What do you think of Tigers? Finish. I thought it was very telling that after the round call it a good week. Yeah, we're definitely have transitioned into not necessarily ceremonial golfer Tiger, but the elder statesman of the game who might have won, you know, magical week left in him, but for the most part, if he plays four rounds, it's a good week.

That's magical. He plays four rounds. Yeah, you know, one one thing I did see I was there last year watching and him limping off the first tee in the first round was painful for me to watch. It was just looked uncomfortable.

It made me feel uncomfortable. I can only imagine what it felt like to him this year. His gates for the entire week looked okay. It didn't look like he was getting through the ball on Saturday and Sunday very well. So that tells me it's a little bit of a lower back thing instead of the leg and ankle thing. But you know, his walking looked a lot better than it has in the past year and a half.

So that that's a positive. He's still striking the ball well off the tee is hitting it far and for the first two days that was Tiger putting like he did 20 years ago. He made so many par pots so many par saves for him to make the cut was was pretty darn good the way he hit it.

So I was I was impressed with the game through two rounds, but you kind of figured that the two rounds took it out of them. They were not easy days to play in especially Friday and then Saturday was just as just as difficult. I don't recall a two-day stretch at the Masters like that in a long time where the course was so difficult and the conditions were so difficult. Yeah, I thought Friday the the second round that he played he he bogeyed two of his last five holes finishing his first round. The fact that he shot even par on those in those conditions play having to play basically 23 holes. The last 18 of 23 holes when he had played 24 competitive holes coming into the Masters all year. I thought it was one of the more remarkable things that I had seen because you saw what everybody else was doing. The average score was a 75 in round two and he got it around in 45. It was incredible. There was no way he had anything left and he started off fairly. Well, actually on Saturday. I think he was even through like five holes and then he just it just all went it all went haywire who could have won this tournament not named Scottie Scheffler. Who work tirelessly to keep things running everything would suddenly stop hospitals factories schools and power plants. They all depend on you no matter the weather emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Granger.

We're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies count on real-time product availability and fast delivery call click or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done. It's such a tall asked to think that Ludwig Ober could have won but he certainly was in position. I thought Max home up for him had a pretty poor putting week.

So that tells you how well we struck the ball. You were talking about his putting rounds two and three specifically. He hung in there mentally though man like that.

It is it is really frustrating. I've been there making 17 cars and a bogey when you know that there are holes that are specifically designed and set up for birdies, but he hung in there and he had a game self a chance on the back nine and that's all you can ask. You know, I don't know how many times I'm going to get fooled by certain guys and I don't say it to be mean but a guy like Xander Shoffley is like a super popular pick right? Yeah, you know, he's going to break through he's going to break through and maybe he just won't and he'll win a bunch of PGA Tour events in his life. I just don't he's one of those guys where you'd say man. I can't pick him again until he wins. You know, you're right in one before I pick him again that type of thing wonderful, but I think he's going to be a great pick.

Player, but there's just seems to be always a guy who's going to beat him in the big events and that's okay. They're you know, tons of guys throughout history who are great players who never win a major thinking deeper into the top 10 of the week. I don't know my popular my pick for the week outside of Sheffler was Will's al Taurus right played. Well, you didn't see much of them.

I think you finished 10th or 11th. Yeah, but there weren't too many guys that really had. A chance, you know, you talk about Bryson maybe but it just looked it looked like it was the first week of him playing with those irons competitively, which it was was right because he he just misfired a bunch of times where he he hit it. He posed and then the ball flew over the green. Yeah, and it just happened a lot and he looked surprised. And so I think it was just one of those weeks where his equipment might not have been dialed in and then he didn't putt well on the weekend. He put a fantastic first day. And then that was kind of his best day by far. Yeah, his decision on 15 on the on Saturday was poor even even if you're lucky enough to curve it as much as you basically had to hit a boomerang to get it onto the green from where he was. I mean, just lay it up lay it up and wedge it. It was in a position where hitting a wedge to that whole location was probably going to be a lot easier than doing anything else and he put himself in a very difficult spot.

Let me just ask you one more question about maybe it won't happen. You think it'll ever happen for Rory McIlroy? At the Masters.

There's so much baggage. How about a major at this point? Yeah, I think he has the potential to win a major, you know, we should have won that. He should have won two of the last four. He should have won the old at the old course and at La Country Club last year.

Yeah, I you know when he has to I'll say this. He doesn't have the driving advantage that he used to even though he's still one of the top three or four drivers of the ball in the world. He doesn't have that extra length that he used to possess over everyone else. Everyone else has caught up to some extent. So there aren't as many guys left in the dust as there used to be. A lot of his major wins were on soft windless golf courses and you know, St. Andrews was really firm last year and it was down to his wedge and his putter.

And those are probably the two weaknesses of this game, right? Colton knows kept talking about it all week on on the Masters app, the best app in the world. Six iron through driver. He he rivals Scotty Scheffler, but after that he's an app 10 of an average PGA Tour player, which is hard to overcome if you want to win major championship, so he still has the overall game. I just think the baggage is getting really really heavy.

He's he's over 50 pounds at the check-in desk right now having to pay extra like it has to be everything has to be set out perfectly for him. I think to win. Especially at Augusta. So I'm going to say no because there's so many talented players now that have not not caught up to him in terms of talent, but there's just a ton of guys who are super super hungry and I think in Rory's head it might be getting towards like is this ever going to maybe he's asking himself questions.

Yeah, I think he is asking himself some questions. I'm still team Rory and I'm still team Brad Fritsch at Brad Fritsch on Twitter former PGA Tour player. I thank you very much, man. We'll go go senators tonight. So the Hurricanes can win the division again.

Hey, who's who's starting game one for the canes Frederick Anderson? Okay, good. Good answer. It's the correct answer is the correct answer.

I have given that answer incorrectly in the past, but I'm pretty sure it is the correct answer right now. So our net I'll talk to you soon. Appreciate your time.

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