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Robert Griffin III: Michael Penix Jr. Best Pure Passer In The Draft Class

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 22, 2024 2:55 pm

Robert Griffin III: Michael Penix Jr. Best Pure Passer In The Draft Class

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 22, 2024 2:55 pm

4/22/24 - Hour 1

Rich breaks down the latest intrigue and rumors heading into this week’s NFL Draft.

ESPN’s Robert Griffin III and Rich discuss if the Chicago Bears are setting up Caleb Williams to fail in his rookie season, if Jayden Daniels would be a good fit for the Washington Commanders, why Michael Penix Jr. should be a top 5 NFL Draft pick, if the New York Giants should move up to draft a quarterback or take a wide receiver with the 6th overall pick, and more.

Rich and the guys recap the opening weekend in the NBA Playoffs.

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See I just sat with Drake May. I was in North Carolina. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Everybody in the office is like, you know, he is so young. He is so young, but he is a killer, Ryan.

Yeah, I was a killer too. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You walk into a room and you're 21 years old and you're supposed to be the leader of 33 year old men in that locker room and stuff who are trying to put food on the table for their families. It's a different story when things tend to start going south. Today's guests ESPN college football and NFL analyst Robert Griffin III, NFL quarterback coach John Beck, actor Ramon Rodriguez, and now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. It's NFL draft week everybody. NFL draft week, NBA playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, underway, Major League Baseball closing in on a first full month of its season. Lots to talk about at 844204 Rich.

Number to dial here on this program. The charity run went down yesterday. 40-yard dash run went down at the Rose Bowl. Lots to discuss there.

Headline is I'm in one piece as I sit here in this chair, which is fantastic news on a personal front. And slash runrichrun to donate whatever change, whatever dollars that you have for such things in your life will take it and it all goes to a great cause. Something we'll talk about throughout this entire week. I've got the NFL draft on NFL network on Thursday night. After tomorrow's show the entire Rich Eisen show crew takes a flight to Detroit. We're doing Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday shows from there. We're filling up fast. We've got a great guest list that will be in Detroit for the draft from prospects to pundits to all of that good stuff.

844204 Rich. Number to dial whether you're watching on Roku or listening on this Rich Eisen show. Terrestrial Radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more or our podcast all three hours later on. As soon as this is done, this show is done, we are going to conduct the latest edition of overreaction Monday. Been a couple weeks since we put that podcast out.

Chris Brockman and I are going to preview the draft on that front. It is good to see you over here Christopher. Good to see you. Great to see you man.

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts back in his chair. Good to see you Mike. How are you?

TJ Jefferson Candleslet. Good to see you over there sir. It's good to be seen. What's up fellas? All right I'll tell you what's up.

Here's what's up. Everything is off the rails on the rumor front in the NFL draft right now. We are within 72 hours of the Bears making it official about Caleb Williams and that is truly the only thing that I know is a rock solid 100% set in stone. Why haven't the Bears already made that announcement?

Who knows type pick. Okay like that's the one certainty I know about this draft. Caleb Williams is going to be a Chicago Bear and after that I have no earthly idea. I know I came out of the combine and told you about rumors that I heard and again those are just rumors.

I'm not stating them as facts. I'm only going to tell you what I'm hearing and what I'm comfortable letting you know through this microphone and this portal and this platform and I heard Jayden Daniels is going to be the number two overall pick to the Washington commanders. I heard that at the combine and I've been hearing that all the way up until this very weekend and this weekend all I keep hearing is that Jayden Daniels wants no part of Washington. Fair or not it has not come from his mouth.

It has not come from his camp. The only thing that has come from his camp that could be anywhere be seen as remotely twitching in that direction was the hmm emoji from his agent in response to a video that Chris Sims and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk put out there saying it was a total waste of very important top 30 space to welcome Jayden Daniels in with 21 other prospects into their midst last week and have some sort of weird weird get together at Topgolf and lunches and things of that nature. That's the only public acknowledgement from anyone in the Daniels camp that anything between the Washington commanders and Jayden Daniels is not copacetic and I know what I'm saying into this microphone is all I'm hearing and that might not mean a thing because even if Jayden Daniels has a history with Antonio Pearson is trying to get his way to the Las Vegas Raiders they're currently drafting 13th overall. The 11 choices it would take the 11 spots it would take for the Raiders to move up would I mean it wouldn't come close to 11 choices but it would be a lot of draft capital and plus Washington needs a quarterback of the future they're not going to go all the way down to 13. If Jayden Daniels is kind of liked hearing what he's heard from say Kevin O'Connell of Minnesota wants to go there 11 up to 2 is more doable because the Vikings have another first round selection in their back pocket they'd still have to dip into next year's draft I think to get up from 11 to 2 because again Washington's going to have to go down to 11. So it might not matter what Jayden Daniels wants if that is what he does in fact want behind the scenes digs the Viking situation better than Washington digs the Raiders situation better than Washington doesn't mind Washington will go anywhere he wants to go which is everything he has said into a microphone between the combine and whenever he's spoken publicly at his pro day what have you but I also wouldn't blame him for showing up at the prospect of Palooza and saying what's going on do you dig Drake May better than me do you dig JJ McCarthy better than me do you like Mike Penix better than me are you still kicking the tires on them and if you are why do you got to do that in front of me why am I here I'm the reigning Heisman Trophy winner I'm the kid that has absolutely taken off like a rocket ship over the last two years and kept going straight up unlike everyone everybody else that you're bringing in here with all due respect to the defending national champion and the runner-up in college football it's crazy season right now it is crazy season right now is it entirely possible that the Washington commanders just don't choose jayden daniels that the way daniels left arizona state even though that seems like moons ago and other human beings ago I mean people can evolve and a mature did they see something out of daniels at the prospect of palooza they don't like and they like may this entire time and they're trying to get somebody to trade up from three to two maybe from six to two I don't think the giants in washington are making a trade but things are just off the rails right now behind the scenes it is non-stop chatter I heard my phone was ringing all weekend long texts and buzzing what are you hearing what is this what is that when it's all said and done I think Washington just makes the choice of think Washington just makes the choice and it is jayden daniels last and I'll tell you straight up last year going into the draft all you heard is CJ Stroud wants no part of Houston and Houston doesn't want any part of CJ Stroud I heard the same damn thing that they they were grinding gears that their first meetings they didn't really mesh and whatever you know what meshes right now those two and then mike penix jr made a statement today wrote a first person open letter from him to NFL general managers flat out putting in the players tribune today a note to NFL general managers about his injury history this is the red flag that has been talked about with him number of times I hear great kid throws a great ball he really has the abilities to be a terrific quarterback in this league but and then they'll talk about talk about his injury history involving knees and shoulders it's like the head shoulders knees and toes but conversation and that's what you hear about michael penix jr and then we had our friend from good morning football peter schrager go through his mock draft and penix doesn't even get taken in the first round then you see jeremy fowler who is our guest on thursday on espn say another thing that I heard over the weekend you know who likes penix atlanta oh at eight and that they're all set they got their team they even have their quarterback kurt cousins for whom adam shefter's tweeting about today and shefter is slated to be our first guest from detroit on wednesday shefter's saying that atlanta might get hit for tampering charges on kurt cousins and it could happen in the next couple of days now of course everybody thinks that if they take draft choices it ain't going to be the eighth overall pick i'll tell you that but they like him they dig him they flew up to watch him go through his pro day in washington and then flew out flew flew out they just want to take a look at him and then flew out raheem morris and fontino and the whole crew why would they do that i'm telling you it's crazy talk going on and penix was talking about how the injuries mean nothing hasn't he proven that he's come back from his injuries hasn't he proven with what he's done in washington for his old offensive coordinator kaylen debore what he did in he points out in indiana he was the quarterback when the hoosiers were ranked seventh and he talked about how he beat michigan in that time i didn't like that part mike and he talks about how he grew up where he grew up and how he had his school that he had committed to for two years verbally pull his scholarship right before it was time and that's why he went to indiana then he goes to washington and look what he's done i loved his final line did you read this statement again it's a letter to nfl gms by michael penix jr dated today and it finishes this is a great line well done uh it wrote so i have no problem taking all the mris and x-rays you ask of me because he also says this isn't a solo journey for me and he said there's been plenty of other guys who are cut from the same fabric who experienced the same challenges and displayed the same resilience guys you would have lost money on if you bet against them guys like thomas davis who went on to make three pro bowls after tearing these same acl three times guys like frank gore what a 16-year hall of fame level career at running back after tearing his acl twice in college so i have no problem taking all the mris and x-rays you ask of me truth is it's an ekg that will do everything you need to know about me mike dog in them tj so you're wondering would the vikings take him if he's there at 11 would the raiders take him if he's there at 13. i also heard from so many information folks in this business remember chris you said last week and what's more likely what will happen more defensive players taken or trades up into the top 10 yes and i said defensive players taken you did or then you said eh maybe there'll be one of each maybe one of each yeah i'd like to uh redo that oh an amendment i'm i'm hearing multiple draft trades into the top into the top 10 baby throughout the top 15 off the rails on thursday night let's go i'm hearing that now we're talking or it might not happen but the last 24 48 have been non-stop chatter after radio silence radio silence now non-stop are you hearing this are you hearing that you may not you you won't believe who would be interested in a quarterback you won't believe who might trade up and i'll just still stick with it i i mean panics might not be there uh halfway through the first round but chris bower told us last week well he wants all six to go phones are open well these guys are calling each other because the door is always open you never know he's 15 what's the offer okay let me get back to you guys are talking right now i love it this is what i want i want rumors and then i want action and one of the the thing about panics and and and we'll talk about it because his throwing coach is currently sitting in our green room right now same thing with jayden daniels as well john beck is going to join us in studio hour number two but panics is processing remember i told you marshall falk was sitting with me for the national championship game scaring the hell out of me talking about how panics can figure out defenses pre-snap unlike many other college kids were you thinking about asking him to leave no oh never hey marshall never never he brought the wine okay no i'm just kidding no uh i'm telling you processing head up neck up he's really really good if not maybe the best he throws the prettiest ball you know rich you were on a break and pete famil called in and he said that he'd never seen someone throw the football as violently as michael panics jr and i'll never be able to forget that i've never heard those words being described used to describe someone throwing a football before i i think this kid man well he says it's the nfl films ball he throws it's correct i think i think people are going to sleep on him and regret it later so i i am you know uh gonna start our wednesday draft show from detroit with my annual come at me mock draft where i believe i got all 10 players right last year but only got one out of order i don't know about this year this one's gonna be nuts because i heard trades galore i heard anybody could go top 10 we know who's number we know who's number one that's what i said and the rest of it who knows and robert griffin the third is going to join us uh in just four minutes time to kick things off and i'm just wondering if he's reconfigured his thoughts on caleb shouldn't go to the bears or should we think about that so there's a lot going on and then the actor ramon rodriguez who plays the uh title character will trent of the red hot series on abc is going to be here in studio hour number three and you throw out at eight four four two oh four rich never to dial rg3 robert griffin the third when we come back here on the rich isin show hey folks it's time for the nfl draft which means for me i need a good night's sleep because if i don't have one just not myself you know the deal you know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep it's a game changer for all of us so sleep number helps me my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's setting is 70 we both get a great night's sleep because we could adjust the firmness of our mattress on each side improve your quality sleep because sleep number learns how you sleep thanks to their smart beds and provide personalized insights to help you sleep better jd power ranks sleep number number one in customer satisfaction with mattresses purchased in store and now save 40 on the sleep number limited edition smart bed for a limited time for jd power 2023 award information visit slash awards only at a sleep number store or america starts the day with america in the morning first of three pushes of storminess hi i'm john trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather speech with political overtones our staff of correspondents provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens decision was based on finding there is a far the central bank appears to be threading that concise accurate and fresh each day america in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen all right back here on our show 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program man robert griffin the third is going to be joining us as soon as our radio audience returns um did you see he's uh running he ran against a race car did you see this i did see that i think he won right did he win um i i i saw that he was running against a race car an f1 car oh he's got off he's off and running oh he did it on the streets of dc i like it suited up all right i see see but he didn't wear the jacket you wear the jacket gotta wear the jacket gotta wear the jacket gotta wear the jacket okay very good we got i've got i've got a lot to talk about i didn't erase the seahawk a couple years ago i saw that yeah i saw that yeah but of course he took part in the the run a few years ago it was uh it's our first one at the rose bowl that was 2022 fast track at the rose bowl dude nice grass what a what a what a turf isn't that great oh my gosh you were there yesterday yesterday okay we'll talk about the the latest run that went down yesterday lots to discuss so didn't pull anything so that was a win but you didn't run i ran at the last cage ran six times i know that but i ran the last one backwards with him well i i well i couldn't let him i couldn't let him win so i had to kind of rub it in but i i understand that but you didn't run i didn't run why wouldn't you run run i wasn't prepared neither was i and that's the first problem how are you not prepared and everyone there was there for you to run i'm never prepared ever that's the point if you you could run just like a 40 a week and you'd be ready to go uh that would require me to do that all right back on the rich isin show radio network sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by friend of the program friend of the uh saint jude children's research hospital run rich run friend of the worldwide leader in sports former number two overall pick of the nfl draft good old robert griffin the third back here in the program how you doing rg3 i'm doing great rich appreciate you having me on so you guys are talking about the race against the f1 car uh i couldn't wear the jacket like you can because i gotta i gotta get the full arm action you know yeah and the jacket's a little restrictive but uh now it's a great it's a great experience tell me about that tell me how did you come about running against an f1 car in the streets of washington dc robert yeah so red bull red bull reached out and i i agreed to do the race like three days before uh and as anybody that's watching you can see i actually got out pretty good yes you did uh i i won if it was a 20 yard dash i definitely won 25 i won but at 40 you can see there's like there's this thing there's this thing about like the human body compared to a vehicle that like the vehicle just has more acceleration yes but uh i will i will give you a little secret though i ran it twice the first time i ran against it they actually made us go off the green flag and rich uh i was like in the lead for five yards i bet you were and i was running for like 35 yards i had enough time to think about all my life decisions uh i felt like i was running in place this car was like a hundred meters down the track already so the second time we ran which is the one you saw they let me go first so he had to react off of my reaction it actually gave me a better jump but no man it was a once in a lifetime experience so i couldn't turn it down i had a feeling i was gonna lose but if i'm gonna lose i might as well lose to david coolthard and uh and uh the uh the rb7 race car i love it i love it you know it's kind of funny that video of you getting out and then the car needing to get up to speed and then taking off and leaving you in the dust looks exactly like the overlay of my 40-yard dash against you back in 2012 at the combine where i got a five-yard head start and then you zoomed right through me and ran off the screen i bet if we did a split screen it would look exactly like that right oh my gosh it was it was awesome it was unbelievable but yeah my kids were there so my kids got to watch me lose to an f1 car but uh it's all good my wife was there too but they were very supportive and that's why that my rider died that's right that's right robert griffin the third here on the rich isin show okay uh you made a little bit of a kerfuffle a couple of weeks ago when you were talking about what um kayla williams should do based on the long-standing history of the bears and how they've handled quarterbacks have you um thought about it more have a different opinion now that we're in draft week robert no i don't no no my my whole opinion about caleb williams pulling the elon manning i know what you're getting at yeah uh it made a lot of bears fans upset but like i have to be honest when i give my assessment of the current situation and according to my qualitative analysis they need to extend matt eberfluss in order to give caleb williams enough runway with the coaching staff that he has to truly solidify himself and solidify that organization to do exactly what ryan poll said he wants to do which is break the cycle so i'm not a guy that rich you know me i'm not like picking fights with people and like trying to be a villain or anything like that it was just my opinion of the situation i i feel bad for justin fields because i feel like they set him up to fail and caleb williams doesn't have to worry about that i have no problem with the hundred year history of the chicago bears i'm just saying for this young man you don't want to have a coaching staff that's fighting for their jobs this season to sacrifice his development for his long-term future um that was more so where i was coming from and it's still the same situation unless ryan polls comes out and says that they've extended matt eberfluss it doesn't really change he'll be the first pick i think that he can be the quarterback to help the chicago bears break the cycle i just hope that they help him and set him up the best they possibly can organizationally because roster wise rich i mean they got a bunch of a bunch of dogs out there for him to throw the football to and hand the ball off to so i'm excited for him well and i think that is that's the the counter point to what you're saying is understood about the long-standing history which is something obviously um the bears can't do anything about that but what they can do is build the roster around them and and and but your point is taken in the fact that if it doesn't matter who you are right you need to have a setup where you are attached at the hip with a coaching staff that will get the same amount of runway that you as a young quarterback should be afforded to develop and if that doesn't match up then you're starting back at square one which is something that i if i'm not mistaken happened with the trubisky and john fox with the defensive-minded head coach and that's your that's where you were going with that yeah yeah and rich you but no go ahead finish no doesn't it matter if it's shane waldron like it wouldn't that be the the guy that it really is resting on his shoulders here to make sure that that is not going to be the case robert the oc no you're you're you're spot on and rich you know how this this business is and how people when they when you say something they take off and run with it i clearly articulated exactly that point that hey they got ballers around him they just don't have the infrastructure solidified shane waldron will be his offensive coordinator i wouldn't be shocked if the bears drafted roma dunes a at number nine if he falls there or if malik neighbors is there because shane waldron is used to working with three superstar receivers he had dk metcalf tyler locket and jackson smith and jigba in seattle but the situation for the bears is they were almost a playoff team last year so now you have an improved roster you bring in a quarterback that you believe to be better that i believe to be better than justin fields and now what is the expectation the rest of the division is getting better as well so if they don't make the playoffs or they fall considerably short of making the playoffs what happens to your coaching staff then that is more so my concern because if they make the playoffs there's a really good chance that shane waldron is going to become a head coach so he'll be losing out on his offensive coordinator anyway but you can just promote from within keep the same system and everything is good but it puts a ton of pressure on the organization not caleb williams because i believe he'll have at least three to four years of runway and he wants to play for 20 years in one place and i'm all for that but for for that coaching staff it puts pressure on them to win now you change the quarterback you made all these additions to the roster you can't win the same amount of games you did last year and then walk away saying yep we did right by our quarterback we did right by our fans that's more so my concern because matt eberflus was on the hot seat last year he's on the hot seat at the end of the season and they said we're bringing him back now if they don't make the playoffs now what happens and i just don't want to see that happen to a young quarterback that's more so where i was coming from with that whole thing robert griffin the third here on the rich isin show all that said uh caleb's going to be a bear the bears are going to take him and he is not uh gaming the draft to try and change that that said my my phone was blowing up all weekend long robert that jayden daniels might be doing exactly that with the washington commanders because of a whole host of things about he's got a history with antonio pierce or he might be more comfortable with minnesota and then uh whatever the prospect palooza that washington had with 22 prospects last week kind of turned him off again none of that's coming from him that's all rumor and conjecture that i place in front of you since you were a heisman trophy winning second overall selection of this franchise albeit completely different management so i'm asking what what do you think of when you hear this conversation involving uh involving jayden daniels robert yeah rich i i really believe what you just mentioned about me being the second pick and a different organization i think that there's a little bit of a trickle down effect that's impacting some of the decisions that adam peters and josh harris and dan quinn are making uh when i when i heard about the 22 prospects going in there i i immediately thought back to where where did adam peters come from he came from san francisco what did san francisco just deal with just two years ago they had a highly drafted quarterback in the first round and they had a highly drafted quarterback in the first round and they had the last pick in the draft that they picked with brock perty now trey lance in all fairness to him he didn't get a chance to play because he was hurt a bunch right and didn't even really get a chance to show that he could be that guy but brock perty was the last pick in the draft he was a guy's guy the whole team gravitated towards him and i feel like adam peters was just trying to get a sense which one of these quarterbacks do the guys gravitate towards because outside of caleb williams all these guys are really really similar and really close in their ability if i line them all up they could all throw a 10 yard out on the money easy easy peasy lemon squeezy but which one of them is going to accept the challenge and be the alpha of the alphas in the room and i think that's what they were trying to find and i think because there's been so much negativity towards the washington franchise everyone kind of looks at him with a side eye like what are they doing what are they doing but what i would say is that the highlights are on the film rich but the character isn't and the organization in washington is just trying to find the right character guys to build the team around and i actually applaud them for that because character has not been something that the team has really been associated with for the past 20 years so i want fans to understand if you create a negative environment for a guy like jayden daniels coming in it's only going to breathe more negativity once he's drafted i hope they just give these guys a clean slate whoever washington decides to take is their decision it's who they believe in i want that for them right the situation with me and kurt cousins in washington in 2012 was a situation where the owner and the head coach were fighting against each other you don't want that to be repeated so whoever they believe in go draft that guy let the other guys go to the teams that absolutely want them and i think everything will be clear sailing i just believe rich that jayden is the best guy for them he is you think so well and interesting also um what you read and you hear and again thus conjecture i and i'll place it before you uh because we always you know talk straight up there there's an injury concern because he takes hits because he runs the ball and and a lot of the residual thoughts are involving you and what happened with you and how and how that you know i know you're talking about echoes of adam peters in san francisco because he took lance high up but he's used a quarterback taken last in the draft there's a lot of conversation that what happened with you is having a residual effect even though most of those people are gone how do you respond when you hear that yeah rich i love the fact that you asked me that question because i do feel like a lot of people are afraid to ask that like i'm a big boy i went through my my whole nfl experience and a lot of people have been kind of echoing that they're afraid of jayden daniels because he reminds them of me and what i would say is i think jayden is better than i was coming out of college this is for point blank period and i also believe that all of the quarterbacks in this draft class they're all athletic guys like the new prototypical nfl quarterback is what you see it's jayden daniels it's drake may it's jj mccarthy it's caleb williams these guys are all athletic they all extend plays they all have put themselves in harm's way at times to make a play for their team so don't use what happened to me against jayden daniels i know washington fans would love to have a 2012 year they would love to bring that back so just enjoy what you have in front of you all of these guys are going to be at risk the quarterback position is not like the safest position in the world no matter how many rules the nfl tries to implement guys still get hurt right joe burrow has been hurt a bunch and he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league so just focus on what these guys can do don't worry about what happened in the past don't worry about repeating mistakes because the only similarity between me and jayden daniels that's not a similarity between myself and the other guys is the fact that he's black like come on him and drake may are essentially the same quarterback jayden's more experienced he's a better player right now take him he helps you win today five years from now whenever 10 years from now he is the best quarterback for the commanders if caleb williams is not there what's your opinion of mike penix jr i don't know if you saw his players tribune uh article he wrote today it was an open letter to nfl gms point blank discussing his injury history and how that shouldn't matter but what's your opinion of of penix robert yeah i you know rich i've been on the michael penix junior train for for three years now um i i knew when he came from indiana and went to washington that his connection with kaylen debore was going to be something that really shocked a lot of people and the offense that they were running i had an honor to call two of his games the past two years and i think he's the best pure passer in this draft class the way that i i look at him and i'm doing a video breakdown like right as soon as we get off i'm gonna post it to twitter so everybody go check it out it's about seven minutes long of just watching him throw the football like it's an extended handoff to his wide receivers i when when i watch all these guys take i watch every single prospect from the quarterback position all their games in college no one throws the ball like michael penix junior he he had the most decisions that he had to make in the past game because he he threw the football the most and he was still efficient rich like the fact that he had 36 touchdowns and i think it was nine interceptions and he threw the ball more than any other quarterback in the country is phenomenal coaches know that he knows what he's seeing i look at him as he has like an eagle eye down the field 15 plus yards down the field no one can throw the football uh with the ball placement the velocity the the intent that he does and that's why receivers love playing with him you saw him run a four five or four four four five at his pro day but he doesn't really run like that because he thinks of himself as a point guard distributing the ball that's why he had four top receivers at washington and every single one of them eight so i'm happy that he pinned that open letter i believe that michael penix junior is a top 10 pick he should be a top five pick and i hope they don't use that injury history against him that's why he went back to washington last year so he could prove that he could stay healthy and he did just that so you would counsel um any of the teams uh from 11 through 13 that are quarterback needy um minnesota denver and also the raiders if penix is there you think they should go there instead of what who could be uh because of the quarterbacks taking the top push down top 10 prospects at offensive line or or defensive line or or defensive backfield you would counsel those guys to grab penix there robert 100% rich and i'll take it even further like we all know that caliph williams is going one no number one overall to the bears if jayden daniels doesn't go number two say it's jj mccarthy or it's drake may i think a lot of those teams are going to think about oh we got to move up now but if jayden daniels gets picked picked that too if i'm one of those teams i'm sitting where i'm at because michael penix jr imagine him on the minnesota vikings going to justin jefferson and and uh and jordan adison and tj hawkinson and having aaron jones to hand the football off to like that gives you a better chance of winning if you sit where you're at and allow him to come to you because you're not giving up assets to have to move up and go get him and that's where i fear a little bit about the quarterback conversation is when you give up multiple first round picks to get into the top five or you give up second and third round picks to get into the top 10 you're limiting the amount of guys that you can put around that guy and for the long-term future so if penix falls to you and he's sitting there at 13 take him because he is certainly a top five pick and i don't think there's much that separates the top six quarterbacks in this draft outside of caleb wood i think he's in a world of his own lastly for your robert griffin the third what do you cancel the giants to do at six because mccarthy could be in play for them they could trade up for drake may one would think that if new england isn't totally into may falling you know moving down to six is not very far for new england to to endeavor that with their roster needing a ton of parts uh daniel jones is a guy coming off of a knee injury uh also running and throwing quarterback and i know you always have been throughout this entire conversation and always take your experiences and imbue your thoughts with it so what do you think the giants should do at six right now yeah rich i think first and foremost for the giants they need to let daniel jones get completely healthy one of the biggest regrets of my career was the fact that i came back in 2013 and played too early and that that's not just on the team that was also on me right i wanted to play we all want to be out there and play but the team has to do what's best for the player and help him for his long-term future so that's what i would say first and foremost for the giants secondly if drake if drake may if they think that drake may or jj mccarthy is the guy and they're willing to tie their jobs to it go ahead move up and get them but if they're not and they're sitting there at six and jj mccarthy is sitting there or drake may is sitting there a quarterback that they love is sitting there i wouldn't be upset with them picking them at six what i think they need to do is draft my league neighbors at six because they don't have a true dynamic number one wide receiver and if you have neighbors you got darren waller paired them with slaton wandell robinson and jaylen hiyatt now all of a sudden no one is saying man the giants don't really have that great of an offensive scheme here but if you don't get neighbors and you select a quarterback now your quarterback room looks like your rookie jj or drake you got daniel jones making 40 million not healthy you got devito over there with the meat sweats and you got uh what's his name drew lock on the sideline rapping so like when you talk about drama i don't think that drama is great for the giants locker room and i and i've said this a couple times months ago the biggest mistake the giants made wasn't paying daniel jones it was the fact that they made saquon barkley and and dextre lawrence really wanted to get paid that to me impacted the locker room in a big way don't double down on it because if you draft the qbs6 or move up in the draft to get him you gotta win right now this year or you're fired i mean could you imagine if they were able to strike a deal with saquon and then franchise tag daniel jones what a different situation they'd be in right now but daniel jones did did look phenomenal in beating the vikings in that wild card game with saquon so for them to try and keep them together and run it back i understand why they attempted that i really do yeah rich and i'm and i'm not i'm not opposed to that what i'm saying is like look at the dallas cowboys right now they got all these reports out about mica parsons and t people in the organization don't like them they haven't paid cd lamb yet they talked about dak prescott and how they're not going to extend him or they're not really pushing to extend him what impact does that have on the locker room that's more so what i'm saying with the giants i don't think it was wrong to pay daniel jones get your money boo boo i'm happy for you but if you pay him in the right way and you take care of the rest of the guys in the locker room they're not looking at you with a side eye and i feel like that happened a little bit in new york last year and then daniel jones came out didn't play well and got hurt the psyche of a player and how you manage your players matters just as much as how much you pay them when you pay them matters so you can have a great off season i know we like the media loves talking about the cowboy so it's not like they're going to be out of the news but when you do it this way it puts a negative impact on your team i think that's where the giants messed up i don't think they should double down on that pay a guy 40 million and then go draft a qb in the top 10 that doesn't make much sense to me robert really appreciate it and i'm assuming your set design means the draft in your mind is christmas in april is that uh what's going on with that tree behind you there robert listen i i actually just moved rich so thank you for congratulating me on on the move congrats on the move i moved the tree out but my producers at espn all hit me up saying man we want you to bring the tree back so i brought it back it's been up since christmas and i might as well leave it up the rest of the year well if you look at your zoom screen our crack staff here has uh kyrondit appropriately um you and um and robert's christmas tree right there in april that's what we've got going for you so hey you guys are the best man i appreciate you uh rg3 you're the best as well always love chatting with you enjoy draft all right guys good to see you god bless the great at rg3 check out again on his twitter feed he's going to post that video on panics i will check that out later and we'll check that out later because uh again it's i i'm glad we we had him on today for various reasons i mean it's draft week there's all these quarterbacks that are going to high in the draft the washington commanders are on the clock second overall and there's a heisman trophy winning quarterback that's uh going to be taken and the question is is you know does he want to be there i mean that's fair or not probably unfair for the kid because he hasn't said a word publicly zero so where's this coming from um everywhere in our sport right now and part of it is also their concern is uh and that's why i asked robert like his injury history there and i remember hello denada remember hello denada blew him up on the sideline even obama tweeted get out of bounds to robert griffin the third the president of the united states took to social media to tell him to get down so eight four four two oh four rich number two dot john beck's uh the throwing coach of jayden daniel jj mccarthy and mike pennix how's that going um and he's in our green room he's going to join us top of the second hour and we'll have a nice chat with him in advance of the draft when we come back turn our attention to some nba playoffs that went down this weekend our house is a mess come on in i'm amber wyland internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the wall okay that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host benjamin wallin listening as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive fly on the wallin wherever you listen can you tell me the story the famous story of you noticing john kandi in the crowd before before that two-minute jill the bangles harris parton was a a people person so we were free for dinner during the week but in practice and meetings and then come back after dinner and more meetings so when he would come back from dinner he was like a little kid he could not wait to tell you about all the celebrities he saw while he was at kentucky and then he would come back for dinner and so i had we were just standing there in between the tight end and um his shoulder was frame john kandi in the crowd he was on sideline oh he's on the sideline and so i was and i sat there and i i looked and i go dang i don't remember harris saying he saw john kandi this is what you're thinking in the super bowl with minutes to go and needing to to drive down the field okay well yeah so i walked over and said hey age man there's john kandi and he harris stood like this for eight minutes perfectly still he's a little bit anal that way he would not move he was like a little i didn't do it to unwind him i just thought he would appreciate seeing john kandi did you ever meet candy or that was the only thing yeah no i had met john a few years before that um my contract was up okay and he was you know one of the owners of the toronto arganons okay he was trying to get me to go to canada come on yeah yeah uh then he just didn't have enough money but if the price was right i might have been wearing an argonaut yeah you're having a 55 yard line like i'll do that so he legitimately said you know hey yeah we had a couple of meetings about yeah you did so this is real like it wasn't just like an oh by the way no no no no i love that slash rich isin show for our full show archive back here on the program 844-204 rich number to dial all right the nba playoffs are one game in for each and every series some wild stuff happened over the weekend and what was blowout city for the first time to use a dick vital phrase we saw um the clippers not have kawaii leonard but the mavericks only mustered 30 first half points while luka and kari both wound up scoring 30 and the clipper is still won by double digits okay we saw that game saw that try to tell y'all okay uh the timberwolves blew out the suns we watched the nuggets uh and lakers have at it anthony davis that was mostly notable for the fact that anthony davis uh was not one of the finalists for defensive player of the year and it pissed him off we'll see how that affects anything uh as jokic took care of business in game one of that series the calves took care of the orlando magic in game one of that series we also um saw the new orleans pelicans minus zion have a shot at the buzzer to win it with cj mccollum hoisting up a three that went too long so the number one ranked or number one seeded oklahoma city thunder had a whole bunch of problems with the zion-less pelicans but escaped on that front home teams were eight no they were indeed your celtics had no problem although we were accusing the heat of purposely uh going after jason tatum at the end of that game it looked a little fishy but it looked like drew holliday might have shoved him a little bit and you just know where people's heads are at though in that series heat man uh where uh you're 15 games away from being correct in your purpose the celtics won't lose a game in the playoffs that was 100 a prediction and you should begin to own it what's more likely topic he won't why don't you own it because it's so absurd that you've got to really be sure you got to be confident in yourself to say the words that are eventually going to come out of his mouth if not his than mine because i'll say it the bucks blew out the pacers without a doubt the pacer pacers without jonas that one thanks to 35 first half points from damian lillard his first game is in milwaukee buck same time in the playoffs act like 35 in the first half uh the pacer the final the score at halftime was pacers 42 lillard 35 thankfully for the bucks there were more points for them and this thing he scored his jersey number in the second half i know which is nuts which is crazy and he said it for him it was a long time coming in milwaukee yeah it was um the last two years not being in the playoffs it was um you know it sucked i was um early vacations last year i was i went to coachella like i ain't never been able to go to coachella like it's just playing in the playoffs every year um so just having that that long summer it was like man i was i was over that um but being able to be in a a playoff series on a you know a championship team and a championship organization um knowing that we got an opportunity for it you know i think that was the thing that i was looking forward to most is um you know i i moved my life and moved my career and did all of these things um and kind of made my life a little bit harder you know away from basketball for this opportunity so um coming into it you know i just in my mind and in my heart i was just like man i can't you know come this far and not at least try to you know put everything into it and put my best foot forward so this is just one game but i know it's you know it's gonna be a hard journey you know every night out and um you know i'm just excited for this opportunity so for any team out there that wants a great performance from their new superstar player just make sure he goes to coachella the two previous post-seasons i love damien lillard man who just sees these he's always wearing it on his sleeve whether it's you know he hit a big shot and then was like this is why you brought me here exactly and all season long we've been yeah we've been wondering what's gonna happen in the playoffs and yanis is hurt and docks the coach and um lillard scores 35 in the first half zero in the second half and it wasn't even that close and then comes the nicks and the sixers game two tonight nicks take the first one and uh tyrese maxey not at the shoot around today due to an illness but questionable and bead was there which is obviously half the battle wearing sunglasses because apparently someone poked him in the eye he gets beat up a lot so every home team trying to go to two and oh and games two of the nba playoffs and that's a rich eisen show wrap of the nba playoffs conversation as well is our number one john beck coming up in a second and mb came out though in the first quarter of game one and he looked like the mvp didn't didn't look any worse than where like he'd never been hurt and then in the second quarter when the quarter when the nicks started turning the game around i couldn't believe did you that that horse move that he pulled where mb threw the ball off the backboard because he had because he that was his only move for him to pass it to himself and jam it and that's when he came down on the full force on his left knee first apparent dunk attempt by him since he came back from his knee surgery i thought he was done for the year then he comes back in the second half max he's playing his head off as well the sixes wind up taking the lead and the nicks wind up winning eventually anyway after brunt it doesn't have much of a game but josh hart and deuce mcbride were throwing in threes who i know that's what i was saying okay well you just watched you must have missed the last six weeks of the next season but that's understandable i think philly had a good game had a good game plan defensively they had a great plan against brunson yes these other guys just made shots i think if you're philly you feel like you're in a good spot you're like you're not going to shoot 50 don't hear 50 percent from three you're not supposed to go to game one on the road too like divincenzo didn't play well either like i think philly is okay which is why maybe the nicks are okay because they did that without divincenzo and brunson playing their best i think both teams should feel good actually you had mitchell robinson for 21 mitchell robinson's back too yeah all right nba playoffs john beck's coming up talking about his charges in the playoffs the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt now here is my conversation with jacob null your story is is an amazing one and obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old it was definitely a screwy way to grow up i think that a lot of people never heard of who i am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just been handed everything or nepotism kid there's a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band sublime rolling stone music now wherever you listen you
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