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The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 26, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 26, 2018 12:30 pm

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Every man is a great image or why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of delegates avoid roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are very glad to have it with us today so exciting that we got a roomful. I don't know the if you guys could just see this room you would shut off your computer. That's all I'm saying. We deftly were made for radio only speaking for myself and the people in the room. You may make shut off the radio. Sammy lost me there. From there, listening on their computer know I saw the other day were the Christian card. I was good to be alive live broadcast over Facebook. They go rancid computer.

I like it. Yes, if they can see it's just a streamer thing, streaming thing is my fault. Yeah, I really was perfectly clear my head is now joining to move forward. Okay moving forward were to continue to talk about what we call the series that the devil's toolbar. Yet we keep saying Satan's to the same guy really recall the series that the devil's toolbox and like a lot of them. We didn't intend to make a series and now we had this many tools just kept uncovering him. And honestly it's as we live our life and we started God reveals some things suddenly okay well that's what share that and that's really where lava comes from and in this let last three episodes are last three shows that we've done was the first was blaming God and what was the second when Robin blaming yourself. That's right. It was Andy. What is this week's topic blaming other blaming others and sometimes work were much better. Two of those and we are the third and it just kind depends on which way you land on which of the two. You're better at that. We talked a little bit about that, but we want to set this up with equipment and how this is your clip. This was the one that you picked for this topic. So when you set it up for us.

Well, if you ever have a need make excuses and blame other people. You can go to the blues Brothers and look at Jake in the tunnel and you can learn how to make excuses and blame others from a pro is this a girlfriend that he's talking to is the one he left at the altar over there we go because you Love. This was on a roll. Yeah, that will that was really blaming blaming others, but was blaming anyone but me while she was blaming him, and he was trying to point out that it wasn't his fault if you can blame you know you been on the other end that it's it's painful, was a Carrie Fisher this shortly after this, you hear should have heard a lot of gunfire.

You don't mess with princes like actually the next scene he gives her that look with his eyes that only NJ could do and she got a call and she kisses him and he drops her on the and says let's go. You are on a mission from God, blaming, blaming others, it seems somewhat natural because people do heard as people do wrong us. In some ways right, you have broken people, wounded people that are wounding other people and that's a story of life.

I think it's the second oldest trick in the book because if you think back to Adam and Eve and how the original trick second line was the right remember Adam was like this woman that you yeah yeah there was to blame.)

I do wonder you know it when we get to see the instant replay. I hope we do what you know is Satan working on Adam, that whole time. You know you wouldn't be in this position with his fig leaf buddy list of what I think the thing that makes it hard is it like everything with the enemy there's truth in what he says because it was total wise.

It was total it was ludicrous. You just wouldn't buy into it in to some level, even in that story she didn't get tempted first and still made his own choice and he chose to take a bite out of the apple, but there are some who even little thread of truth in it which makes it possible. And so when you're dealing with other people hurting you.

Yeah, that happens but it's what you do with that and and how far you go, you go to another clip from an animated movie called meet the Robinsons and in this clip you have a older version of a younger guy while it's an older version and a younger version of the same person in the older version is warning the ongoing to hold onto his hate to hold onto his anger to hold onto his blaming of others. I want you to listen to that will come back and talk about go and move on inside them away. You don't let it go and if you ever felt that way of your fellow I cannot let this go. I'm just so angry have a right to be mad, never, never, I have no idea what you're talking about a halo around my cotton head. Yeah, absolutely.

There's was horrible for for many years just wanting to I want to be right and I wonder blame others whenever you know whenever they did something that offended me, but you know I you know as we go back and look at it over time, were most like are the enemy that we try to get away from and not be like he is called the accuser of the brethren, and that's what we become as accuser of the people that are closest to us and let us and we don't let it go because we will hold them accountable for whatever they did wrong yeah and there's this fine line of you holding accountable and then refusing to let go right Jimmy you had something is not well I was thinking and I guess it was visible.

One of the biggest issues I see in counseling is exactly this right, he or she did wrong.

If we can fix the other person. Everything will be fine and that you can have all the counseling in the world and if you could just pick up on this one thing work on yourself as you can't fix somebody else's angle happened so forgettable and work on you. You know, I thought about Jesus is back in the eye and kinda make a spectacle of saying you really do you make a spectacle of yourself when you need when you're focusing on that speck in your brother's eye and chances are it's a long time. Yet it is it's very hard not to cross that line is he here in Alaska we had this this person say no hold on to that anger.

What if you will you let it let it feed you and again there's some truth to that, there are things that are a byproduct of that anger that aren't always necessarily bad, but they don't lead to healthy places they don't lead to healing the things that I've been very bad over the years, and get little bit better at it now, but it wasn't my fault that I arrived late it wasn't the fact that I left home with no time slack time in the skid you it was the fault of those stinking red lights in that little old lady driving 15 miles an hour below the speed limit. That's why I was late. It wasn't me. I don't deserve to be criticized for being late to pointer school bus school bus. It's making a stop desire to be perfect is a hard thing to live up to and so you found ways to make yourself perfect when you aren't in this topic it home for me with work this week I had a day that I just grumpy as crabby all day which is not normally me and I you guys can believe that it's not normally how I am all damning of periods in the day that I can be like that, but just all day long and then I realized what was happening was I was blaming everybody else for how I was feeling. The other was a lot of truth in what was going on and some people were frustrating me and in and honestly I could be frustrated at that.

But it was I was allowing it to affect my attitude as allowing it to the fact my demeanor right and I was giving those situations. Power over me when I continue to blame others and as soon as I just decided at one point to say you know I'm not going to do that yet. Those are things I had to contend with right and some those people.

I don't really want to deal with so much that I have to, but I can't let it control who I am and how I behave around others and I was letting it happen, you know. And that's where God was and I Get a big lesson for you in the midst of this is you know you still let this happen to yourself, even though you can see it on a big level you're not seeing that these little chunks. We let this one person grab some enjoying this person rub some your joy instead of getting replenished with your joy for me happening this book by Dallas Willard called life about lack and it's interesting thing how you go places just based on further you get from Christ, but he he's talked about memorizing the 23rd Psalm so that you can keep going there because as you realize that the she wouldn't have needed to lay down if they were hungry they would be standing. They wouldn't be going by the still waters. If they were thirsty that when you're in and around Jesus's presence. As you begin to just really meditate on the 23rd Psalm.

I'm shocked it at my week this week and some just been having a blast. Meditate on the 23rd Psalm in San hungry, you know that he if I can be in his presence. Then all of a sudden you know that login in Annie's eyes just as big a spectacle, hungry, and that's my wife's father died move sort through it move forward and let me keep moving forward. Okay it will keep moving forward into the break that is working right had in the very encouraging to register for an upcoming boot camp.

We have a couple of exegetes from we have one in the fall, which is our entry, which is November advanced camp coming up August 17, 1970 to 19 just have to bend it to the camps become. It's a go to mask Internet now is this the same mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at he was on information that is where you can click button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99.

What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what I did frantic on your experience showed me that I could truly hear from God that I can experience them on a daily like coming this fall. November 1 through the fourth go to masculine journey and register today and back to masculine talking about blaming others and rubbing workgroup was that you know rubbing a basket with three doors only told me is always three doors down doors you chose that that bumper back into talk a bit about it. I couldn't really find anything that really sounded good for blaming others, you get tons of songs out there and blame a lot of blame it on me, blame it on the rain appointment, but that particular one I just found those lyrics looking for and I always like three doors down and it just it just was perfect for the topic so that they come out of that group doors and down to about 30 or 40 years later back to the 60 there several people there were lots of about a dozen movies right you know those good to think you can go back to where we left off with her last clip for moment go back to meet the Robinsons and what happens here is you have good tube as a young kid who was being talked to Mike Blumenstein I think his name is the older one and an Internet you know he's telling him to keep blaming his roommate for what happened to him in his life that he couldn't.

He never got adopted they were in an orphanage together and he missed catching that the game-winning ball and that's why his life got derailed and were we pick up his in a conversation with the older give and the younger Cornelius to: Lewis and he's explaining to him about why his life is all Lewis's fault, my fault if you hadn't kept me up all night working on this project is to catch so you can plan to get my everything, let's see. Take responsibility for my own life.

You that's so true it's almost not excessive because we all pay to get there at some point Jimmy talked about you having been counseling with people over the years, but in that that that the point where they just cannot stay as he talked about a few minutes ago I loved what he was doing and that is that he was hearing his own voice saying these things that he needed to hear and the blaming others is a game we all play. But when you can get that lightbulb on the site. Oh well this this is another key point map that is absolutely true and serious is holding onto the past. If you can't let go of what some of them in the past to hurt you, and how they may or may not be in your life but the only one that hurts is yelling when you keep holding on to whatever that anchor is that the enemy gets you to hold onto. Whether that's blaming God whether that's inappropriately blaming yourself or blaming others. It doesn't allow you to move forward to step into a place of healing and to step into life. For God's calling you to an incident makes a very hard to say okay how can I let that go as it is hard to let go some stuff that you know I mean I know each of you a little bit of your story and we've all had opportunities in our life to the stay at that place of blaming others, Hammurabi down that's finding Isaiah 61 and Aisen came to set the captives free, but it's really cool. Like Jim said to find that place for you can turn the light on the go.

Oh that's where I've made an agreement that that was someone's fault other than in and not moving past. In other words, find the agreement there in your own timeline and acknowledge I'm stuck here and asked Jesus gives usually if that's an anchor like that little group dealing with her. I mean, that's can take some serious Jesus to come in and work through that. Because it's gonna take some self forgiveness inside of something you held onto the apple special have a nickname, I googled it from in a non-animated movie Andy and wanted to go ahead and kinda set up this next lesson, and I'll go ahead and say it cannot be one of those people that you don't like.

I do like this move, and how Rob you said you did like I and that a lot of people do like it.

It is a classic movie and so any what you had said over the top on some of his no scenes or whatever but it's it's really forced. I mean everybody knows for scopic that these guys I don't have never invited my course, it does have some really teachable moments in it and I think this one is classic and it really has to do with the forest and and really like Tina Dan and how he is blame forest and discount hat turns out what I like about it is there's a spin on this. Two of you know in this in the scene you won't see the full deliverance or victory redemption victory or whatever you see that a lot later on the film which you see the beginning of it and I love forces response to the whole no response know if someone hadn't seen the movie. What happened was forced saved him on the back right right yeah Goya not yet I didn't fully set it up yet absolutely force it and add Ed saved Lieut. Dan on the battlefield and they weren't together in a barracks or whatever and in Lieut. Dan Ross is likely couldn't walk and he is blame in force for that destiny just happens.

It's all part of select dying out there with my man, but now nothing but simple.

You know what it's like to be able to use your life. Yes, she I was supposed to die with honor. You understand what I'm saying this wasn't high that was with tenant Dan Taylor now so what I thought was cool about that was Tina.

Dan lost who he was, he lost his and forth pointed that out. But it all came back with talking black blame here, and he was getting a lot of blame, but it was force that fell beyond that and could've started blaming Lieut. Dan or whatever, but he turned around and did a positive thing for Lieut. dance all the glory and and they end up being partners on the boat now. But what's funny to about it is forced you know what he says that he says Lieut. dance is the North like not to have you, so your legs will if you haven't seen forest Gump as a child he really suffered with leg disabilities and quickly ran quite a bit or whatever vampire Polio so anyway the whole thing was is Lieut. Dan really put a lot of blame on forest, but force didn't receive it.

He, you know, in any turned around and did something good and helped Lieut. Dan get out blame game accident and unite and care for the movie that much that I did like the part of the clip where he reminds Ian that in my eyes. You did not change anything real in your eyes you felt like you should've died on the battlefield, like your dad and grandfather and the people before you in on you had this destiny, but maybe your destiny was something different in and he did give them some hope in that neck as I want it when you do kind of if you will just come to share from your life if you will do some of the opportunities you've had are times you've gotten stuck blaming other people you know jump in their first is having gone through divorce.

You know makes it very easy to put a lot of blame on that other person and you know and in talking with people.

That's gone through divorce.

Can you can almost tell where they are in the healing process by how much I still blame the other person versus how much they kinda just say this is what happened in and take some of their ownership in and I lived in that place of blame for a long time. You know, and it just wasn't a healthy place and I couldn't. As I said Stephanie some healing till God told me out of that place and said okay yeah let's recognize the things she did wrong. There's obviously things that you did wrong to and let's go work on those things and then that's where the healing for me started after when I like yeah I you know we had that the theft at the dealership with Frankie and she took no millions of dollars that were I thought that her and it radically changed my life sliding all our lives. You know my kids and we lost everything and the healing process through that was absolutely remarkable. From my standpoint, the God Showing up in prayer for me showing me that those things that you detached yourself to really I was disrupting your life here. This is this is something I'm I'm working on and in this can end up being good for all of you and it and it really really has in so many different ways I can't even imagine my life if I was still in the middle of what that was compared to where God brought me but at the time it was pretty easy to get all yeah here we go here and here it is, but you can't you can't live there. Yeah, I'm my story similar to same broken relationship, but I did stay there for four years in like seven years now and the first probably 3 1/2 for there was a lot of lot of going I did. I immediately start working on myself and trying to improve and realize that played a part in a bit of still there's areas you and all in and similar to both Sam and Robbie have just continued to press in the God enough to realize that he was in all this not. He didn't cause it in any way, but he was there to take that disruption and draw me closer to him and I praise him and I think that's the key, and is the what you do what you do when somebody certain gathers is suitably some of that of holding accountability is appropriate to your own heart you leave it there. You hold onto it, give it to God to get what you do with this. What can I learn from it. How can you help me grow.

I will say no matter what I've been through when I turn it over to God a lot healthier person coming out the back side and grateful for that mask Internet to register for the boot camp coming up in November.

If you been to two other camps already go for the August

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