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My Favorite Movie-The Princess Bride

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 8, 2018 12:30 pm

My Favorite Movie-The Princess Bride

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 8, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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The heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a wife feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey. Today we have got an adventure for and just like the intro says you know the heart of every man craves adventure and if you ever come to boot camp, which shameless plug as one, November 1 the dirty and sign up for that.

But one of the very first things we do.

Darren is what we call out. What's your favorite movie and there's a very specific reason. We do that right yeah we always asked the guys on the first night you know, it's their favorite movie.

Why is that a favorite movie and what does that stir up in their heart who would they want to be identified with, you know what character in the movie and you.

And then there's several other questions off of that as well. You know, some guys find out that the character they always identify dies in the end, but you know there that might be somebody being called for sacrifice.

Some guys find out that their character tumbles down a big hill in the end and Sam I have for me this was a big awakening you mean my couch potato days are not necessarily wasted time. Absolutely no when you start asking yourself that question about what about that movie really speaks to my heart.

What is good about that character that identify with not just letting God work and that is pretty cool because tonight really trying to teach us something about yourself and there are these core desires that come as part of the Masten journey, so we thought it would be fun to go on adventure with our house to say okay well when you get down to it in this season your life in a what's your favorite movie last week I had a chance to do that with Lincoln will this week we have a very different SMS planner will lay different genres in a different genre than Lincoln but nonetheless it's going to be an adventure because Jim it's your weight and when I've been asked that question even at my very first boot camp in Colorado. Wells my second one. The first question I felt inadequate because my favorite was everybody all these posers are thawing out Braveheart in later also raising prime man on the man movies Rob Roy and I'm sitting back there thinking of my favorite movie is Princess bride was I had when I have met is my favorite movie. I had not heard. As you asked earlier, and that was a good question before the show did not know about the Maxwell messenger thing that about the core desires that haven't heard me that but I didn't realize that my movie Princess bride has all that and it's got fencing fighting torture and revenge. Pirates escapes and Colombo and so you always let you set up our last what was true love. It is true love and so you know, kind of neat. Colombo. For those of us relating to satire you know in the love that kind of thing. The Colombo is and by the way, and Darren himself said he uses movie when his son stayed on sick because the setup is that this boy stayed home sick, so his grandpa, who is are you Colombo is is going to tell him the story to try to make his heart come alive. And so he sets it up with this. That's the end of it does not regret you for that was an article in the country for favorite pastimes were writing thinking the farmboy did what his name was wish, wishing nothing gave Buttercup as much pleasure as is amazed to discover that when he was saying which money was so Jim and others to set up as you wish.

It is the true love as the opening note that is the pursuit of beauty and that goes throughout, and this has all of those three things a battle to find adventure to live beauty to rescue, but it's sort of all is my life to some extent in my adventurous little mind when I was very small. I was always rescuing the little baby baby little beauty pushing her out of from in front of the car and getting hurt, but not kill doing it and in the hero of the story and this movie is a lighthearted treatment of what really does appeal to our masculine hearts and it really appeals to your life because your very own wife thinks you like with this as you wish, which, if you know Jim and and we know Jim that you know he is got that servant you know what you will as you wish and you and in the way that Wesley says as you wish. In a sense of yeah I love you and it really is what's funny about my wife comparing me Wesley. I don't know that she picked up as much on the as you wish, but I am a people pleaser. That's the negative side of that really wanting to we've been meaning to talk to you about what other things that other people again appreciate and now there's danger there, but it's also a wonderful place to be, but her comparison was. She considers me an unrealistic optimist and there is a lot of the movie that I love that they're getting ready go on the fire swamp and will hear that right before this line. This is after the clip that really watch later but she says will never survive going to the fire swamp and he says oh that's silly that you're only saying that because no one ever has had Sam as a sort of optimism. My wife thinks I have you do you do and Sam and as I was processing this clip.

I thought about how amazing is it that Jesus really is that as you wish. Sometimes, even when you wish he didn't do what you think Sam really love the pursuit of her love really describe God's pursuit of our heart. You know what we need to be pursuing God is that true love that he offers a all right, so move along. There's this was before me not remove long. What Sam says is right.

God says to us as you wish, but are showing him love is saying to him as you wish. Yeah, not my will but thy will be done. So when we obey him when when we in essence say okay even if it seems like something hard on us, something maybe were not really excited about doing that's our way of saying to him. Yeah, I love you. You gotta be kidding. Comes across my concern is you want a faithful servant climb labeled cliffs of insanity I mean if Jesus told you today that I think I'm very elite in the next clip we got a lot of clips to get to so the next clip right. This is the adventure… We have the princesses been kidnapped and being Wesley, although she doesn't she thinks he's dead is in pursuit of their ship and they recognize that they are being pursued and that, puts us in the place where we are going with this clip the cliffs of insect's decision to say when we go every saying the only way is inconceivable and foster gain where so I do not clear is this what you think you miss. We lost the rope, but there clubbing the room and things identified here with his work for guys like me you didn't matter how well you're doing the job you're going to get torn down and then you get into that place. Andre the giant got into poor, poor me me make an excuse. I don't accept excuses and that's that is a place I've been multiple times.

Seattle really see Andre doing that. I don't see him make any excuses I I see him coming blaming the central high scene coming back to reality. Coming basically saying a look dude, if you want to go faster get off in a meeting that if if you want to go faster. One amount you start climbing and but mean that the whole, the whole thing there is is that you've got this this great adventure happening and yet the people that are doing most of the talking. The one guys doing most of the talking.

He's not really living the adventure he's calling on somebody else's coattails that it Very interesting, adventurous, where going into the battle to fight and that so when we come back here. More on Princess bride, which itself is a very biblical meaning as they can't come up November 1 through the fourth. Go to mass concerning see all that is like my son Eli talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that it was on the information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine once again mail something to PO Box 559. God has set within each of us a masculine life give you that heart and the Christian life have to do any of conjoint masculine journey radio John Eldridge's book while is the great question time.

The first masculine journey radio is strong word as he is still being so there you God story is so often in almost every store and that clip is so much me about Jesus.

That's an the feelings we feel are a lot I'm not a big fan of feelings because I deceived me multiple times in my life you live elsewhere… Why would I do love Chicago not the town but yeah it's a his love goes takes care of us in a way beyond anything we can imagine he's one of sober so Wesley is certainly you know, on his way to rescue in the beauty but he's got a battle to fight. In this case it looks like he's going down well. Please at the top of the cliffs of insanity.

A as his first challenge an ego is the master swordsman is good at killing him in a duel and that's one of three he goes through trials that all of which are covered first one is a matter of skill with the sword minute strength he has to fight against the giant and ultimately at the battle of wits with and 70 supposed to be a genius but it is a lot of stupid inconceivable as, but not realize reality and actually during the break were talking about Batman that was an interesting what it is okay to point out unrealistic expectations which I sort of the minified with Andre. They're not just in size but so at this point as he is there with Max.

It's looking bad for the hunting yeah that through all of this ultimately Wesley ends up being tortured and we would think killed but -65 seats. I never wait for so little for several months and I was a very noble cause. This is is children think you are online avenge my father loved at least 20 years. If ice time is better that Bella's crap and probably always you mommy.

I now I'll ask that he can talk local not so much just so happened that your friend had only mostly dead is a big difference between mostly dead and all that. Please open his mouth mostly dead is slightly alive.

All dead now with all dead.

Usually only one thing that you can do is close and look for loose change so important. What this formula because the sunny true love is the greatest thing in the wild, saffron, ice MLT lettuce and tomato sandwich when the money is nice and lean an estimate is right. Some fighting. I love that he's had vaguely said AA and is allowed to blaze means laugh active probably find God's 1900 so good as you promised me that you would never say that name oh I love that challenge to his suppose there maxes lost his job losses feelings about being a capable of doing. Tahir Billy Crystal character Max and Valerie challenges that as our wives are prone to do, and we probably should call him, which is considered it's easy to say but in that what hit me in the reason that clips there is how many friends do we have that are mostly dead but now there masculine heart is done there. They've given up was like Max and like Wesley who is mostly dead literally at that point it's going around ironic in that Samet maxes also mostly good. It really is a great job look like what you which a personal yeah kind of assuming were talking the people and have seen the movie and shouldn't.

Since I'm surrounded by guys that only watched it because I made him but there are a lot of people that are going identified with this easily and see it and there are others.

Again, what is this silly movie and now you're both right.

Because we all are different and we hear things differently, but you can see, you see Jesus in in Wesley and that he's he's not eternally optimistic.

He's eternally positive in that he's going to keep pursuing you.

No matter what he's going to fight whatever battle has to be fought. No matter what he's going you know he's he's even even death doesn't stop. It is a Christlike figure and so we got another clip. What might this be well.

I literally don't United now where we are about. This is what I spoke about earlier. There he has been pursuing the Princess bride.

They are fleeing together and he's basically taking her captive after he saved her from the other guys so this is when she finds out who he really is.

Yeah, that's part of the deal is. Wesley is now become the pirate which you know obviously I dread pirate that works there dread pirate Roberts right in saying that she has no idea of this.

So here's the big reveal and then out but it doesn't happen until she kills him comes close to everything with pride. What kind of light you can tie Celtics into a thousand pieces on the complementary lines use of vitamin E can it's possible I can a lot of people was this love of yours. Not a prince like this one are getting rich scabby no homeboy pool affect sea stone seasonal ship attack takes prisoners accountable to make exceptions anyone's word leaks out. The pirate is going so people begin to dissipate when it's something the blood clot glycol the time. My life is pain minus anyone who says differently is setting something you remember this fund is going well drive attempts of numbering peace. And please, please, please the court my memory. I asked him what was important for not then he spoke of the God of surpassing beauty faith. Second, assuming that you should bless me for destroying it before you find out radio. I faithfulness. He talked all night and your enduring faithfulness. Sunni was going to get engage in a prince and say now we can respect that you day to go will be the tumbled down the hill was about 30 seconds so we shortened for you.

She basically tried to kill him and that look like it should work for both of them, but they are okay at bottom about the fire swamp but it is a matter of revealing who he is and that he has been pursuing her all this time even though she thought he was dead. And it's interesting that he had actually as I was processing the quick thinking about it. He'd actually killed himself his own identity to become the dread pirate Robert.

He was no longer Wesley and so to an extent, Darren.

He's been posting even have the master show. Yeah, I mean wood that we would all pose in such a noble wafer such a noble cause, but most of us are not posing in order to finally prove our true love for somebody were posing. Probably because were worried that were not capable of true love for somebody and thankfully Jesus never posed. He was very authentic and very real to the core changes name or anything, but Sam would have set speak to you in think that this coming and will the calling that God has for you. You know that there's lots of movies that deal with that topic but I think it I really love the way Wesley into the willingly just knowing the outcome. Things are okay and I think I worry about a thing you know what really is a matter jungle gym (if we are following God's heart. Then we can do all things. This appeals to me because of humor but also because bullies being down because ultimately true, there you go. And if you want a chance to really experience God hear from God and begin to walk into that identity. Your chance to register for the boot camp November 1 master and turning radio.oh

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