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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 15, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 15, 2020 12:30 pm

This episode the band of brothers are discussing how God dismantles our lives and why. The clips used in this episode comes from the films "Star Wars," and "2nd Hand Lions." After this episode be sure to give a listen to the brand new Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast where the guys will take a deeper look at God dismantling. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine masculine generate start here now walking the messenger anywhere.

Very glad to have you with us today in first I need to start out by saying I left last week's episode, a little prematurely. Actually, we at we were talking about disruption dismantling healing, restoring, and I said I made the point were going to be talking about healing and restoring sin is a show that Don Darren you said this is going to be a four episode show the apartments in it so last week we talked about disruption and if you didn't tune in last week. You can go back and listen to the Darren can help us understand this whole concept of disrupting dismantling healing restoring yeah in last week we talked about it that God's always in this process.

It's a process he's always enticing us into something and that enticement leads usually to some sort of disruption you know it doesn't come exactly perfectly like we think it's going to and there's there's some little disruption and that disruption is so that he can do some dismantling order that we can do some dismantling with his help, and then we can move on to some healing and then some restoring and so tonight today were going to be talking mostly about this dismantling process is probably the most important one. It's, it's the hardest. Yeah, I think last week we we thought were going talk about dismantling those frontal time and disruption yeah well we got disrupted when they get distracted and I think that's the easiest for people to understand is that whole topic of disruption isn't real because everybody deals with right, the best laid plans exactly right.

You just as anyone's life turn out the way you think it was going to yeah it's a great question to ask when you get around a bunch a group of guys just say hey is everybody's life just working out perfectly.

Like nobody talks about a church in anyhow. We now know it's not.

And if they say yes then that's your liar. You ready for this dismantling on the liars have a little save that for after the show. Yeah we will help assert some of our preshow. We were talking right up to the beginning of our interview right where we give exciting news were going to be doing something for the first time ever. After the show.

Yeah. So Garrett was right. Did you want to talk about.

Well, I just, you know I got to thinking about the fact that we usually lead into a good conversation on the show and then after the show we usually follow that up with some really deep cool stuff and so I asked the guys a few weeks ago if if we wanted to consider having an after the show show. So basically up tagalong podcast. It'll just be you know the next in the episode, but in essence you can get to podcast a week if you're listening to the podcast if you're on the radio. You won't hear hear the after the show show unless you go download the podcast right morning call after hours with mask underneath something along the yeah still working through sorting to our first one. After the show today. I am so excited about what you hear the show that the podcast for the cycling if you put it on the radio here locally. Yeah the clips that you don't get to hear regular broadcast and it and it will be available right after the live show and it's going to talk it into more depth on some of our stories more than likely in spray. My favorite part on the week that we when we do the show was.

It is a show I love the show oddly so that we do but pray in the post where we really talk about our lives with each other right that's for us is where a lot of that stuff really comes to fruition as wheat we get into the bit deeper than were able to go in the half hour that we have on here right surrounding the first clip on dismantling right right so before we get to that dear can you give us a definition of dismantling well yeah I did in book that I read a number of years ago called a broken image by Leanne Payne. She talks about this whole idea that basically what we've really lost in the world and you've heard that from ocelot that that we've lost something in Jesus came to get back all that we've lost will. Two of the most important things would lost is our image of Jesus in our image of ourselves and so Leanne Payne describes it this way. She says that we are born lonely and we try to fit in to be the kind of person that will cause others to like us craving and needing very much the affirmation of others we compromise. We put on any face or many faces we do, even those things we do not like to do in order to fit in. We are bent towards the creature, attempting to find our identity in him slowly and compulsively.

The false self closes. It's hard, brittle shell around us and our loneliness remains. And so when we talk about this idea of dismantling what were saying is that God is cracking that hard shell of the false self and he's trying to strip away that shell because he knows that the real us is inside that shell, and it wants to come out. We want to come out.

We want to have intimacy with him.

We don't want the mask to have intimacy with him or the shell to have intimacy with him. We want that for our heart and so God is in essence cracking that outer shell 20s dismantling moving things out of the way so that we can get to the intimacy we seek. There's all sorts of types of dismantling we can talk about it can be as relational dismantling it can be financial it can be professional. There's lots of ways and got constantly at work in our life doing some sort of dismantling right right in helping us through dismantling into you that that's part of it is getting away from that false self. But as I am trying to live in off the authenticity with God.

But I still could have dismantling it needs to how yeah right because were not perfect review, especially online about load a man at a company I had over here on this corner the gavel but yeah that there's a whole mantle of dismantling the whole shelf of dismantling and your favorite movie series. There is your favorite series and the first the second, third, four, three. What is classified as well here it is a cool way for those of us who lived over a number of decades to watch somebody's life gets dismantled time and time and time again and in this case it you know it's the Star Wars series and we are following the life of Luke Skywalker, who gets dismantled and interestingly because email the God character in his world is Yoda and Yoda is quite often dismantling him and you find through these. I have a series of clipping clips and you'll hear Yoda speaking to him when he was a young man and then you hear a little Star Wars music, which I know you guys love that's just a transition to the second to the last movie and if you really think about what I think most people know about Luke Skywalker's. He's sort of a loner right heat he isolates on the drop of a hat, and he looks like he's going to be, you know, will become the super Jedi. But what is really trying to do is get into that orphan spirit and he's creating this hard shell over himself of a so-called quote unquote Jedi rather than looking at what is actually in his world relationally and so we hear Yoda speak into that and then very cool. Decades later, for those lesser you know this is years and years and years later he is still getting dismantled and he's being dismantled because now he's isolated on this place and he's gone back deep into the Jedi religion as his answer which Yoda is like no look around you.

You have isolated yourself and and you pull back your failures are really what it is that you now offer as a Sage. This is this is what you can now help with this because you've had opportunity to share your failures.

Failures – so was I. Are you there's library ready lies be weakness in rakish durability that is really really good. It really is is a talk so much in there about his perspective of what failure brings and how much we can learn from it because it spoke to heart it spoke to my heart. It did in. Also, I guess because I'm a little bit older I've had a chance to have epic failure mean just to really like off the high rope you know just sue flex slammed into the mat. You know that glue is everything financially. Lose everything in relationships in a ministry. I've had a chance to experience some of those failures and what a gift.

If we look back on it that turns out to be that you can see, especially in relationship, even if he does take this example.

Luke's relationship with Yoda is priceless. I mean he may have lost you know will bend and eat the he thinks he did in there so many things that you could say but what he still had his relationship and when you get slung off the high rope and when you find yourself down on the mat with your nose literally in the dirt, he realized Jesus is right there with you and you did receive a level of comfort you've never had before. In my case I was lucky enough to have my wife still with me and in some cases their friends when things were still currently crashing around me about what a cool thing to be able to now share with people as I see them experiencing similar failures and you know failure in and of itself is truly a gift it is it is. I think looking back on talk a little bit with you guys about can we keep from being dismantled and can we say have Megan allow myself to be dismantled and maybe yes, maybe Novo can talk about that and also little more of our stories about being dismantled and then also impacts the community. When you do allow yourself to be dismantled to the messenger and the radio that orients orgy racks of this messenger and ERG register for the boot camp come up next month that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel. We got some better for you.

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April 2 through the fifth. Register is what the world to them and have not had a with our topic because God's shaking it up. He does as he shakes up her life and and when we left were talking about. We in essence refused to be dismantled and Darren, I die.

That's a question you had a response to it, but can somebody refuse to be dismantled. I think Pharaoh refused to be dismantled and Saul refused to be dismantled. There lots of examples of Scripture of God dismantling people or attempting it and then refusing and it never turns out well for them or their communities. So yeah, I believe you can say no God. I refuse to to be dismantled and and God gives you the dignity of causation and so he will allow you to stay right where you're at. If if you ultimately want to, but he knows what you want even more than you do. And so you might be set in their arguments, and I don't want to be dismantled not only dismantled, but he knows your heart really does and so the dismantling may go ahead and continue in your case you and him he needs.

He knows what your heart needs at the other day when you don't. Most the time and we can't avoid disruption right. That's called life events can happen to us but you aside from Scripture that we often see is people as they get older. If they don't allow themselves to learn and grow. In other words, be dismantled. They become better hardened your point right and so there is that option but then you also miss out on the healing and restoration all the great things God has in store for you and so what about the impact the community. It might impact an ongoing get to the clip is a champion vigil initially about a person when we can likely talk about this movie. It really is dismantling impacted the community that he lived so this is from the movie secondhand Lions in the scene you have havoc in his leather uncles to Walter, and I can't member the brother's name do you guys remember the brother in the movie relates that it's the other guy the talk to the movie but helps us come out of the hospital they think you have to go home. He decides a great barbecue is arrogant, barbecue, and they're having a conversation about what's really bothering in right away dismantling starts as soon as he gets out what's bothering will not listen to it will come back and talk about someday I have to start acting right. You never find and I think Leslie did know God being used as a younger reason point think makes sense as anything.

So what we do. We got there… So get lost.

I hit a perfect example of what I've been taught, given everything this idea of courage and manhood get together with a bunch of punk friends right around here take folks to good-natured style think you are just donkey Duncan McCain thought to awards in A small little three continents hundred thousand men into battle with the horses and sourced artillery and tanks. I seen it and tried to know why Bennett ever seen before.

I when I lost a dozen fortunes only one will with passionate fleas like you begin to understand the brothers Garth and so of course it is. It's Garth and have you seen this movie, you know there's some dismantling that's immediate that's happening right here, you know, hub says I am useless in all of sudden God shows up and says no you not using some remind you of who you are. That's not the sum total dismantling it happens to the movie for him as well. That's the hard part here is always I'm trying to struggle between what's just a disruption was a dismantled right because the disruption I see quickly. It's the dismantling that I think we see in hindsight, and that's what we fight fight fight against because once you get disrupted. Oh, now I see it now I realize I feel it and I like to go against it.

So that's where hub is just getting started here with so dismantling and his son are not his son met his nephew who goes to live with them becomes their son. In essence, that they father. They become the two uncles the father for this nephew is left for nothing because his mom didn't want them anymore and he felt abandoned and finds love with these guys and he is the big real disruption amidst all the seller disruption because he brings love meeting purpose back and all the stuff that he said I don't have any any hassle. And now he has someone to bring up and to father and isn't hub really a picture of who we all want to kinda be these, like the William Wallace.

Also, you always got that both enemies like he's gonna fight for you.

He's gonna fight for the freedom he's going to fight for those around them is not fight for his nephew you know and bring them alive and okay.

If you want to be fathered. I want to father and they just kinda get together it's this wonderful crazy family that is just a beautiful picture of three kinda lost souls finding themselves in a much larger story coming together in an instant thank you very will send it in its that allowing yourself to be dismantled that impacts everyone else around you write it if hub doesn't step into the role of being the uncle which he reluctantly I consider it relentless, think he reluctantly does. Later in the show he gives in. Wow, everybody's impacted and you look at that you look at it. The dismantling is the key to the healthy life because beyond that when the scene later on were the blanket comes off. Now that big hug that big moment that sound like that's the culmination of okay they've gotten through it all and the healing really now starts that she would send some salmon. I think really is critical to the whole deal is what's getting dismantled is hub's orphan spirit, which by the way, with what was getting dismantled in Luke as well. You're not in this alone, that there is a larger store emailed all those things but I love what you would send a solid text talking about that at the core when you get down to it, all the dismantling comes back to getting rid of the orphan spirit in your life, and I could I kept trying to think of an example in my life is been a lot of dismantling a lot more to go. It always gets back to the orphan spirit you in and we talked about before the show. What makes it harder.

Sometimes God will allow good things to get dismantled because are not healthy things right in the healthy thing is what is really after that healthy relationship healthy relationship with you and him and sometimes is good. Things get annoyed and yeah and I mean you know a wonderful relationship with you know beautiful person might be a really good thing.

However, it may be getting in the way of the intimacy that you need with God. It may be getting in the way of the healing that that God wants to deliver for you and that your heart really wants and needs as well. And so God will systematically remove things, people, situations from your life and that he will also systematically put things in your way. You know and that's the disruption, but I was at that that orphan spirit. Part of that's what's getting dismantled right. We become something that we think the world will like wheat we put on that false self and that false self basically says I'm in this thing on my own III have nobody to protect me. I've got a protect myself. I've got a put on this false self. I've gotta become whatever the world wants me to become whatever my mate wants me to become ever my friends think I should become and we begin to do that and we live that way for a long time and so it takes a wild for God to dismantle that. Not because he's not powerful but because he's kind he doesn't want to just rip the Band-Aid off and rip all your skin off in the process right. Nobody likes that Dr. but he's kind and so he's going to take his time and yes we get impatient, I'm super impatient. You know there's been a lot of dismantling going on in my life recently in and you know it was basically I had said I don't want at night and you know I was that guy that we talked about. I don't want and and said no. I would rather die and then I started thinking about the community of people that I live in my my son my daughter my wife my grandsons my granddaughters you guys in what the world Mrs. if I give up, and that may sound really arrogant but if the spirit of God is in me, and if the glory of God is alive in me. Then when I take myself out of the world, then I'm also taking apart a God out of the world and so you know I had to come to grips with that and be willing to put up with the dismantling to get on to the healing. Absolutely I agree hundred percent with Lisette on take all that different look at the same situation from a different angle. Sometimes, for me, that dismantling looks more along the lines of what I put my trust in more than God. Everything you not eat it.

It may not. I may not see it is what the world wants me to see that you know maybe I put my trust in my finances. I put my trust in him.

The relationship or into a friendship start treatment.

Strict friendship with more priority than I treat my relationship with God and I allowed to get away yet before I knew you guys. I had a really good friend.

I walked with a lot of years in this message. But I started rely on that relationship and friendship in the conversations there more than I did. Conversations with God and through an rely on God for answers it in that relationship was taken away. Not that God took away but he allowed it to happen right and it was very devastating but was very healthy in the long as much as I missed my friend. I needed to get righted and corrected. We talked a little bit before the show.

What we see as dismantling if we were the ones doing it.

We would see it as a course correction that is include term used right that we would see it is writing something that's wrong because it's happening to us it feels like dismantling that's really what needs to happen is we need to get that course righted in the get dismantled and get to that place. We can be of an position be healed and restored, and the impact of the others.

This is just amazing what God does with that in order to talk about this more in the show. After this, but if you listen to this on the radio. You can't hear a selection of masculine and download the Polk podcast up okay for the podcast podcast called after hours of asking journey next week when I talk about healing.

That's over talk about is healing explained that*this feeling of masculine register for the boot camp come up April 2-5 spots are filling fast, please go register now

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