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Situational Calling After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 16, 2022 12:35 pm

Situational Calling After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 16, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on situational calling continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "LOTR: The Two Towers," "Collateral Beauty," and "Second Hand Lions."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


I'm generally near Mema with storytime email and answered prayer for stories appoint children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network French masculine during our time be more transparent and masculine starts here welcome last June after hours to have you with us. They we are in the new Studios were warnings on the buttons and stuffs rooms and funds can pushing things that were not of very likes to push button usually is usually Andy's 99% time at Sandy's was Wilde's Robbie's Jews are disposed to. Occasionally when the other guys anyway.

So we are talking today Jim did over talk about not really okay situational awareness close situational anyone calling retard not calling situational calling.

Yes, in this if you don't know what that is, that it's another word for saying grower you planted in Illinois.

Think about that is I think that Harold probably got uprooted a little early because he had grown full you want to just was lifted a little too long.

I got lots of fertilizer title full of it early in the comment will God make some people call it made some small not happen to be one of the small but it's okay I just have to be aware when he calls me to do something that I know not small.

That's a good point. That's good point. This might be a good time to announce he will not but it pickle ball assignment anyway. I did fit into certain doors that Jim and I just can't walk through one speaking of those doors. We have a hobby could go for Harold I'm so sorry I love you and a hobbit for tall people. He just keeps pushing. But there's a delivery push more than just the knees but is primarily well I think it's kind of appropriate. The most important hobbit in this clip is sale and Savoie's is actually Frodo is defeated.

Having a rough day and Sam was a little pep talk. Honestly, he's one of the characters noblest characters with the whole play because he's the only one that touched the ring and what affected by yet wasn't consumed by its power exactly ready already to use this shouldn't even be like in the great stories the ones that really matter missing danger they were sometimes you just stories lunch Because there's including this world. This is really it is a pep talk, but it speaks to some real important crews were in a terrible world there is a terrible place that I have all kinds of opposition, but it's those that keep going with struggle through the difficult times and keep moving forward. The ones that have the story written about them and that's the story.

Each of the sales and of Harold of Bethlehem and he you joked about it being a hobbit, but he does have that stick to it. He's going to get it done, spirit, love you want and are stories.

I have a odd one. This was 93 years about working at Microsoft by several thousand jobs is only there three years that was actually one of the longest ones at that point in my life, but we have a free trip to go to the science Museum in Charlotte and my wife and kids were going to come down and they couldn't and as I was walking up to the door by myself. I saw all three kids on the street. I clearly heard God say take them in and I immediately rejected that so they will know that they're not my children take that where everyone take it, but it was a missed opportunity. It was just one word from God. I still think about that. In fact, I told that story Monday night. I still think about it it's not anything they best they did get to see all the cool science stuff that their yelp, but God still have them in his heart is good. Take care of, but I missed that opportunity to have an impact on somebody just because I was uncomfortable situation. Jim, thank you for being vulnerable and ensuring that it's it's those times that I can are honest with ourselves. There's times we all kinda do that, you know, any anyone or what you do miss you and potentially what do they must be in the exchange.

We do have several been around this table what I say doing a real good job of not missing many opportunities that's I appreciate being allowed into that say what you call it computer. Yeah, I invented that word earlier today.

Any written essays well yeah just at Jim's point. I mean, Jim. Please weave all we've all missed those opportunities I mean is I had one this past week where I was able to help this family was driving through in Charlotte and really name for like almost got shakes down with these. One of these people that not everybody I my heart goes out to a Sam asking for help or whatever but I you know they did.

They needed in them and I had the need and I met the knee, but there's plenty I can tell you so many other times that I did what she did there so don't no shame there.

We all do it mean wheat we strive not to do that to Mrs. because other opportunities not only for them to receive a blessing that obviously hasn't been partnering with God. And that's worth talking about but you know that's I think it's we've all been there. Don't carry any shame just repent and move on. I'm sure you have Wendy, thank you for redeeming that I thought were Napster, so spiritual non-calling. We would appreciate you bringing that back around was obviously a learning learning with you but we all have had their exactly no shame in that. Thank you for admitting that because it reminds us to maybe dig in the sum of the times we didn't didn't enter and mascot. Why didn't we. Why did we move there so Wayne you have a clip. Yeah, you have a clip judgment on the folder to put it in the house is no folder – second video estimate and its audio because is not a problem. Yeah this one is from be called collateral beauty is Will Smith I don't member name played really really good movie. This will alter the oh my goodness it really messed me up appreciated also. So, his character wrote some letters, yes, your character wrote some letters to love, death, and time right this one particular incident really mind. I'm so you have some choice words for them and in this one. Three actors are hired to play the roles of love time. This is where he gets to meet weekly talks to grieve fully understand you called me at leading development going on about middle-management making a deal tanker was not well. Did you write a letter to all the times most don't empower with middle management is as I don't want this. I don't want to turn this thing that struck me their situational awareness. These three actors whenever they were approached this particular game right they were thinking that their greatest moment would be on stage in front of thousands. Instead, one of the greatest moments in their acting careers time when nobody's ever know anything and they gave their all to actually find out later on in the movie the lady played her story went all the way back to the wife.

When the original tragedy happened which again just shows it.

You don't know when got you in someone's life. Everyone around us.

There's an opportunity. The other day I was in Walmart just standing in line to refuse go through the child doesn't have folks working gullible like people at work right thing and I'll learn something we don't do anymore stock price started talk with his lady in front of me got a little awkward. At one point in the Knoxville.

I got sit ask her about her son and I got to sleep talking about her sons and she can live in it was a mama bear, just she will proud of her sons and she had every right and where we got done down towards the where were checking out. I just stopped.

I just prayed over her sons and she's about to walk away. She's I know I got from her, and give you but I have no idea how her day was whatever was going, but whatever. In that moment.

This is the little things living on each other and following God's lead and it went. Wendy rings at something out.

Then you you to take that action is you don't know. You may never get anything out of it is not about you. At that point, you probably will get something out of it because God doesn't usually not give you something out of it.

As far as like should help make your day and night and originally I thought I missed it because right before the past someone else you really want to go pray with that person and also like that moment was missed got on something else right directly after the circle and he said we are to your clip on that note, I will. I really want to get to that point to where I'm doing more that I've done that in the past, a bit more to me more sensitive to the Lord in the daily wherever you go when you're going to convenience store you know whatever looking for those opportunities for people in need because there are so many people in the will.

Since you encouraged him saying ongoing courage. You don't don't beat yourself up sucking us right is what the community does. We help each other heal or when I'm still going to self checkout worker Lisa Moore apparently my clip is from secondhand lines.

There's a theme that's running through Robbie had one on the first show Danny just watch the movie the first time. I don't know where he's been in but I think it was watch the boot camp I missed that they are but you know there is so much truth in that movie and I get the weather or what listen to here is the classic barbecue joint pain yeah restaurant at barbecue hub and Garth the brothers have Walter there nephew that there kind of getting a state with you probably need mainly well yeah early AK will so probably everybody will but there is barbecue joint and there kind of taken on this Walter to father Raymond, his eyes were wide open of these crazy uncle please gotten and there's some you know rowdies come around start in trouble with people at night, take care of the situation and you'll hear you know hub's life and the calling that he had and how it plays into what he actually does this thing in they were reluctant yeah everybody in the thing was reluctant. Walter did want to be there. I didn't want him there. The other guy whatever his name is you to set it up another cross Garth the reader play this clip and then look back right audio no time you read things make sense what we do. We got… I for example what I've been taught since his boat was given everything this and get together with a bunch of punk friends right around your take folks to good-natured. Thank you.

Just don't fall to awards in Small little three conference thousand men into battle with the horses and sourced artillery and tanks. I tried never seen before.

When I lost a dozen fortunes will with a passionate fleet like you understand. Yes, it's really cool so he gave his resume right all this adventure battle beauty all those things are in the court is are these the talks about how what he fears as being useless face thinks is his days are over. He's a secondhand line. These out to pasture. But really he he has a situational calling father this young boy: Robbie's clip so it is really cool. There is a lot of times we feel like okay that part of my life is over. That seasons over that it where I was entering him with God and and having a purpose is over. Maybe you raise your kids you like what I do now. There's always something God has for you to do and I believe that the way it's designed and this is what came out, on the talk. I really believe God showed me something as I was doing the debenture talk at boot camp was that you know all these things that you do are preparing you for what you're in right now and what you're doing right now it's part of the journey you'll be using that for the next.

This WORKS together. You look back in Scripture.

You do have some people that are given what they're calling you right. David still is indicating yeah is not the next day Abrahams can be the father of nations, but it's not the next day there's a lot of adventures along the way that their being prepared.

David would not of been the same kind of King had he not gone through all the trials that have a soft absolute right-hander rely on God to get through those and so there is this reliance. It was built over time. That helped him to be the king that he was elegant Joseph and what he did, sitting on the sideline for as long as he didn't and what he did with his brothers and now he was really Savior right so that about Jesus to in our callings. When it situational so each one of these things were called into. I believe require something different about so just think of Jesus would've taken the zeal that he had for cleansing the temple and took it out of the lady at the well of John four didn't do that. He uses compassion for that purpose, and that calling at that moment next being aware of the situate situation where awareness like what you're talking about being aware of the situation you're in and using the gifting you have for that calling. At the time you go back to the Joseph original the original lacrimal you know every time he tried to rise up you know in and follow what he thought God having a whack back down the it was lied about their in prison.

All these different things happen doing, but he kept his trusting and following God and and he needed all that looking back you see what all you needed to get you where you are today and Moses his life almost night he was in no went out there killed the Egyptian ended up in an there's lots of stuff that the Jews teach about Moses what he went through. Actually, with his father. I'm on stuff like it was whack a mole big time for Moses as well until he was ready to for that part of this calling but there's a lot of situational stuff that came along the lamina really observe it. The Hebrew word little bit Raymond. Am I making the night that I bet Randa Ramsey is that pushing buttons on the collegiate Egyptian is deathly not grease. Hey, I learned from 23 me. I've got like 0.02% Jewish.

I got so I've got some humor in my bag as I got so we played all the clips so at the point to show we have come up with more content, as I'm looking around the room and really sure how much time we have left so I can appoint people, but I'll start with with one as I sit here, God reminded me of a time that I was going to be hiring somebody down in an area were rebuilding houses when I was a part of an owner of the company and I went down to that cold interview this guy and so I started interviewing him and in he'd always work from South never had an interview in our interviews were really really tough. You tell me about a time kind of things you know we had to come up with these scenarios. Now that my gas uses visibly shaken and I knew from stories. A Christian on the site… Pray you know I think is only person I've ever prayed with during an interview and we prayed he calmed down at a great conversation that you come to work for us.

He came to work for the next company I'm with becomes her boot camp season in one of my best friends in life that all I think came down to following God saying to spray with right because I think it would've been a different outcome potentially had God not calmed his heart down had he not even cause me to back up a little bit not ask the questions in such a difficult last Alaskan and I still ask all the questions but I look back, that is a log and you have a great friend out of this whole thing that I probably wouldn't had when I know you got a bunch of stories I just know you like full of stories say. Yeah I will stories gathering time will situational awareness will get yeah the problem I get too many. I will let you work on one you're looking like at the mic is looking for Mike so that he would put it in front of the space but not actually lesser ready in an one of things I was thinking about that and you just said that you got a good friend of it. God doesn't waste anything with it. We talked about. You may get something out of it. You may not. I think you'll always get something out of nothing else. The satisfaction of knowing you responded to what God told you to do and it may and often will end up totally different than what you expect usually different from what you want, but ultimately it will be better. I think one of the mistakes that we make.

We start thinking about calling. We think it's gotta be something big. It's not.

If we are dedicated doing God's will lot more opportunities to do small things that count. And if we refuse to do small things because they're not being that's a mistake. And that's a great illustration of a lot of things that really rattled my cage when I was in seminary we were talking about missionaries and professor was talking about how many people go to the mission field, and there thinking okay. My mission is just on the other side of the next hill, and they never get to where they do what they went there to do because they're looking too far ahead looking where they are.

Yeah, I think you know we we have called the adventure talk different things in your place in the story and I think part of that is geared is you talk about heroin.

Jim did you're looking for that eventual place in the story, but really what God asked us to do is live in the place were in right now and what's our story that we need to play out. Where were at right and let him lead us down to that next step that next adventure. That next story so you can build on and build on building this charrette is a reference. It's what I think that you can't help but think that that's the clip right before he said yeah he's asking her is asking that question leads into a personal belief in this and see if we have a big game coming up its November 17-20. Yes we do know the date is the weekend before Thanksgiving but it's November 17-20.

To register for the boot camp would love to see you there.

We had an amazing time this last time we know got a great step for you for us. Please join us will talk to you next week.

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