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Attributes Take 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 12, 2022 12:30 pm

Attributes Take 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 12, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week we are doubling down on the discussion about the different attributes of God that we see in one another. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Pale Rider." The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Joe and Nick near with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network is one where Jesus speaks of narrow gauge masculine is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing her, trying to find a wife feels more like a losing battle when something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the gods we call masculine masculine start here no how fun you're joining us today on the mask journey. We are on a new kind of adventure were taking the attributes of God that we see in each other take to slip so and you guys did this once and is on the phone as well as Sam because Emmys not able to get down here from Boone but have you guys did the show before and knew you didn't get it all done. There's too many of us to my attributes of God.

We have to do pillars, not me but are actually in the studio. Everybody wanted to cover their life. Well were more more to come really is and Sam when you think about it you know when Jacob blessed his sons. He was telling them who God knew they would become who they would be was when he was blessing and speaking over them attributes of God that he saw on his own kids and so as we have a chance to talk over our brothers like this would literally blessing them in that were sharing with them how God sees him right absolutely like when you block somebody that can remain over the right so you know censuses take to I took a completely different direction in and they gave me the grace to close this particular show and someone I had come of it and I was able to take part in the other shall we become broke my heart because I really did want to share how I felt about my brothers and so as I began to pray through this and in God and I went on and little adventure and I know you can be shocked to know this, but what he did was he start showing me how I saw the Hebrew letters in each of my fellow men here and so as they all represented the Hebrew letter to me then how cool because they based on my study of hundred 19 Psalm there are verses that would tell us the attributes of those Hebrew letters that would kinda illustrate that. Well, the way that I have sorta templated the hundred 19 Psalm as you may know, there are eight verses on each Hebrew letter and the seventh verse in each letter there is what they call the delight in the fear the Lord anointing. In other words, this is where that letter would delight in the fear the Lord and so as I took these letters for my brothers and and began to isolate them and say oh yeah this is this is Sam this is Harold. This is an almost of these letters came to life for me so I have a verse the seventh verse in that you share with each guys we get there, but my my person.

I actually drew that was Danny an answer to jump right in here as you probably not gonna be shocked when I thought about Danny.

I was thinking about goodness. Well goodness when you think about it.

In the Hebrew is the letter Tet.

It means goodness. And so when you think of goodness you can't help but think of any Griffith and so when it comes to good judgment and need. Griffith had good judgment right he could find the good in almost any situation. Turn it for good. So here we have him with Barney. He needs little instruction on how to love on Thelma Lou was some good judgment like Danny and and I'm sure that anybody list and concede a completely Danny giving this information to Barney if necessary. Did you live Casey will hello and will freeze. I feel that if you don't you go loser girls like to hear things like I know things I think of things you like to hear you can usually think of these things one shaven or so and I say Thelma Lou. I like cats. I never send three words to a girl or I mean you think about you all. Sometimes stare down to see her face writing. There's nothing I like better than to have you as my steady girl like us in beautiful me there's not a girl and would like to hear things like get sent to you know why because your sincere said Danny you vertically fractured home multiple so you know, I can say Danny's the cats believe I would be lost reading cats anyway so you get to that seventh verse in the Tet section.

But if you look at modern 19 Psalm is a way this verse reads and those of us who know Danny know how much this verse speaks about him and his attributes. So it says it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn thy statutes and so little definition on that verse statutes are the most difficult of all the commandments to follow because they're the most mysterious of the most holy and it's hard to get them in less you go through something less you like corn would say unless you seen something and so when you when you see that in Danny. You know you can't help but see, it was good that he was afflicted because it it gets you write his closeness to God that you only get through those kind of thing when you bring yeah he's definitely been afflicted and he definitely brings the heart from that affliction from that place were many of us may have been, but he can relate and assist it. It's been interesting since he's, because he's the rookie guy you know we had his rookie card out there for last year and now he's in his sophomore year, you know, we don't want the sophomore slump, but here are areas I mean Susie came into the ministry and we met him and he just story after story of story. The man I like heat really get Dori taken rival Robbie and stories because he's got a lot of that's not easy right Robbie and stories and this it is great to hear that all the time and he agreed the heart no you know that he had been called out to trust God in his previous life, ministry, and you know he have you been faithful in that all but then when he came in like he had been with all these years he he quickly adapted but yet regular something new and fresh form, but just to say, his willingness to walk out. You know different type of life and ministry that he had before to see you know what God is done in our lives but then he brought it like Robbie said he brought his own story were refreshing but encouraged this been a joy to see him grow with the economy whenever God you know you don't know not everybody always perceive that the same layer as the court really goes with it. I think it was something that Danny was looking for and just wait. He's carried on that fateful night.

He has had it up yesterday, but I believe God is good. Placeholder to breaking through it but just to see estate list "what is truth.

That word is truth and what I see in Danny's truth is coming to this group and he's bareness so he's told us one of things about the Bible makes it so real is to get the bad along with the good. Nothing is hidden. Nobodies perfect. Danny has revealed some of his imperfections and yet here is so when I think about a characteristic I think about truth. So just because it's going to get through eight people in to show so we can move on here even though we want to get to everybody is much the Front that we didn't get to last time was Wayne and so Wayne wasn't here like I wasn't here because he had come of it. So I had Kovic waned, and have covered excuse me I had covered you can get here because you discharge a job right now is moving at the time actually okay so Wayne, when I'd run out of was prancing God who was lame.

He gave me the letter. Shin's letter. Shin is this idea of hearing is his idea of of chewing on because the letter actually looks like a tooth in the ideas to oxidizes you chew on things and so when when you hear the Shema that you hear that such sound or you hear that she sound that's in shalom.

It is that you're going to hero Israel, the Lord is one right you can heat in and if you think about hearing you know Wayne Harris and so when you look at that seventh verse in the shin section. It says my soul have kept thy testimonies and I'd love them exceedingly in other words, Wayne is like a believing machine.

He chews on God's word that he receives from the Scriptures, but also that he gets him as he hears and then he loves this exceedingly to the point that like it's more important is job.

It's more important than anything else in his life that this is what God has in and this is where were going and to me to know Wayne I you got admit, I mean that he he always looks like he's chewing on something which is icing you know you talk to Wayne you know you're going to get a rate over response.

You're not going to go up know Wayne going to take part in speak from his heart, and I think that so we can break think much to think about going to our website master and registering for the upcoming boot camp as we all will be blessed right wanted to become who we are becoming. And as we get closer to God and get a chance to see that so go to master journey for me. Boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have. I have a place in his story know how I heard from God is one of those things he does communicate with us.

Register things.

It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have varying several years and I'm still probably learning a little bit as we go.

Watching them get a good foothold in the manhood and understanding what's important what their role is and how to stay away receive healing and restoration register when turning a large welcome back to the masculine. So for those of you turned in last week might have some idea why we played that bumper to ensure that later as we were in the middle of of of talk about Wayne. If you wonder about the bump will get to it. Don't worry.

Why were these guys playing Carolina girls when we have reason we do and is in there so watertight about Wayne you know we want. Bless Wayne and say you know this is these are things that we see that God so clearly is gifted Wayne in so many different ways and like when we do our Wayne wildfire experience right and and some were hoping that you come to boot camp just said that you will be able experienced what it's like to be in a bonfire which you and I just think how a fire itself represents the shin. If you were to look a ship like this is shin. It is, it looks like fire right it's it's got those flames. That's what the idea of visit because is literally oxidizing thing and so with these bonfires. People are right coming together in community and their talking and Wayne brings out things that these bonfires it really I it's shocking and it almost every time Ronnie will that's the thing you sit there and the discusses canisters to happen in Wayne this as a way to know just when you meet you for the first time say something to you that you psycho my gosh, I suspect, so true in the ECs of things and he says rose from his heart that he hear from God that is able to share in in those moments. There are more. That's probably the most open time we have in the whole camp and it's really because is coming from his heart that is so open this writer when you choose something you talk to that because energy New Testament some words is without faith it is impossible to please God and faith without works is closely Wayne I wrote down just cannot get an idea will renew it. Water walk in faith because not only did the hear. He does and the stuff that you've walked out all the stuff Wayne did you have been a part of just listening to your stories, not just hearing something is signal something but put it into action is cost you some but follow God usually does and so to do so much power there that not scared to step out like Peter on the water. I don't think he had a self-help book on water walk is awesome is just one of things and know Wayne pretty well that you don't always see upfront is how gracious and kind very loving fellow fact, he probably would not have played Carolina girls but is is that kind of don't know I you play Carolina girls I'm interested you have to wait after hours so that we can get the whole roast on that's coming to Rodney because we all got to get somebody people to talk about and so little time. So Rodney I think those who know Rodney or to relate to this that the letters that he means righteous and and and the idea of that is that it it's a cry from deep in a deep deep place that things need to be like Jesus. Right at the way that things get made right is on a tree.

It was on the cross right in the in the letter Sally looks like a tree for very specific person because of purpose that trees in a right right angle and the ideas to get things right.

Well if you come to boot camp sometime in Rodney. It he wants things to be weak in fact recall and ramrod because he's trying to get everybody there on time estate if things have to be right. The systems all these things, you know they're they're all coming together, but really cool when you get to that to that seventh verse of this attic that were talked about here is a delight in the fear the Lord when it comes to righteousness. It says trouble and anguish have taken a hold on me yet my commandments are my delight and if you don't, Rodney. You can see constantly that he's got all his turmoil about all these things around them that aren't right yet he delights in the right things that he does see in a way that only that only Rodney can settle if you know Rodney you also know he loves Clint Eastwood because of theirs is that he got there like you did not want to do something wrong around Clint Eastwood, especially if you're a giant you know something like that. The bid that used to take on James Bond and if you get a western movie with him and it could really hurt you. So this is a scene from the movie pale rider and what's happening here is he's a preacher, and these bad guys including this giant had been picked on all these people and their on this field, trying to break up this big rock and so what you don't know when you hear this clip is when you hear the giant screen which will here and then you'll hear a rock break while the idea is even try to break up is rock and so God provides this unique way to break up the rock.

What happens is that the giant is good heard of another thing that you can't see this is got a sledgehammer and he fixed the hit Clint Eastwood, but he fails to see the Clint Eastwood also has a sledgehammer and he uses that in a very private way that would make most men scream very loudly if you get my drift breaking up rocks and then note Clint being his attic that he wants to help a guy out make things right. So he tells him he needs ice and see you get all that on the same clip you should listen carefully.

The best of some level is nothing personal will take it personally to wellness Lotta sinners in would want me to leave before I finish my work will will little ice stuff and bison certainly does work in mysterious way. It's an and I and you watch that movie run low, how may times, but is washed within the lease. And there's something really cool about that that that you can see is you get to know and you see that know it's it's really a delight to see people that delight in an righteousness same. In all that is one thing be correct, but I think a lot of times that builder will you correct our view, just as for me and accountability for you thing and rightly Rodney mediator is not just the way God right away that you can interpret that way. God play. You know the both sides of the coin, the different peoples perspective that I think the fact at a very good gifting deal with relationships dealing different dynamic specially with what he does work.

That is well something that not a lot of people do is look at it from outside of yourself and try to find you know where is the right and what God would the best of our ability. It's it's it's a gift. It really is to have people like this in your life that can see things like that now. And if you can imagine walking with his band of brothers and you got this guy ever here.

Who knows conceived right things and I can't see you got this other guy who could choose better than I did you get this other guy who sees the good things in other words, all these people have these attributes that that that give us tremendous things and so I going to get my friend Andy wraps gramophone and when I thought about him and prayed about him a letter none which the letter none has to do with your soul. Doesn't your soul is in the fashion Hebrew here that and sound.

Also is a letter that means faithful and in so many ways went. When I think of Andy I think of faithful.

From the standpoint of not just as you have faith in God, but he has faith in me.

Yes, if you know, I can hear when he has faith in Rodney or I can see when he has faith in Damian. I can see that he has faith and in all of us that the it really reflects beautifully like on the closeness that you feel and so when you get to that seventh verse in the none section for Andy. I think you'll see this if you know Andy well, it says thy testimonies have I taken as a heritage forever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart and in the idea for those of us who understand this message that that that were talked about is his testimonies are the larger story.

See, and someone is saying is that we've taken on the larger story is our heritage. That's when that becomes your story when the larger story becomes your story that happens as a matter of faith and happens as a matter of your soul. Your soul takes it on and an acid as a result of your soul having these tested this testimony that is literally the word of God, then your heart rejoices because you see that you know how the stories command right if if you have that kind of situation you can you can see that you got it right there.

I want to hear my attentions. Is this one that once cracking for me repeat that for me. So anyway comes to Andy and and his attributes. That's what were talked about okay with Andy. It is for me at least, he is. He's a good friend is someone that will always and that sort of similar to what it's been said about me to walk with you will be with you.

He is very gracious. There are an that I think we looked at last time we will get. We will and as a matter fact is we got a spray cannot Harold Carol's got a microphone. Some of them talk.

CN is a newer God was a Doer he didn't.

Andy you know there's a prayer meeting in Washington. He's hit the road. The highways not too far to go into this what I say about Andy. He is a Doer. He'll take action so we got four more to do that fall, and the after hours. If you go to and you'll even find out why we play Carolina girls you really don't want to miss that is all coming out this is the Truth Network

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