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Attributes Take 2 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 12, 2022 12:35 pm

Attributes Take 2 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 12, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the attributes of God that we see in one another, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is a montage of different songs.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network masculine start. Welcome back to the maximum journey or just not welcome back. This is yes welcome podcast.

We're continuing our show on the attributes that we see on one another literally. It's kind of a blessing. And so it's a continuation of what Sam you guys did a week ago two weeks ago yeah go that idea by Billy went through that found that we needed to go back for more. It was great minds thinking like and so for those of you yeah exactly right. My son to kick off this particular show. I know those of you who listens the regular broadcast you know heard our bump in them in the know middle of that shows Carolina girls and so you got this question. We don't want to leave you hanging throughout the show.

So Rodney, we have more. We have more along these lines and surrounded you want to set up your clip. We were sitting there going around attributes that we seen each other that are reflected from God and then out of the blue came a new attribute that Jim confessed here last week and we just thought well anybody who missed speaks in this group gets punishment but when you misspeak on the air you really get punished so we kind of put a little montage together that would be a little tribute to Jim Carolina girl himself not right and so if you missed the show from last week. Jim was talking on his adventures in Alaska and how he brought his wife along as notion she was a Carolina girl from South Carolina and he was Carolina girl is a Minnesota, he realized that this would not be letting him down so you put I purposely did not listen to the show that I have not heard many say that so I don't know that I believe you. Now you have to take choose a Carolina girl I see Princess Leia so Rodney you sleep and you put some time into this clip will it's it's it's it's something from all of us. There are several of us had some input. I first started Amy and I during the show there, look to Joe is that all we gotta do something and then I will put a little bit together gave it to a few of the guys said, what would you think she would just do this is a bumper.

Should this be like all full-fledged clip and next thing you know I'm getting old. Put this in their put that in there so it's kind of a group effort to come up with as little montage we just made it girls girls girls and the I don't know that anybody enjoy that music cannot even look like a lady love a great thought, according to Minnesota multiphasic personality and according to the what is a personality site so that there probably is.

That's one of the oldest personality tests. There is that I got it when I was a cop five years ago someone wonderful lead and actually what I have for Jim. I was worried about the Rose.

All of my bloopers now so I was happy songs, but I think I'm about to get over that. So anyway, I really and I guess everything is unknown. Jim and Sam, the longest of this group and and so I really feel like man. If you have Jim Graham as a friend. You really have something that I picked the letter hats, which in Hebrew means to some extent mysterious and if you know Jim, you're often wondering what the world is he talking about and read over the letter is also that it has to do with marriage in union and I actually our union with Christ and it is the letter that begins the word Hasid which is like Jim's most favorite word in the world, which means loving kindness and if you know Jim it it it really really is all that and the that the delight in the fear the Lord and letter Hasid in the hundred 19 Psalm to speaks volumes to me of what Jim is an and it reads like this, it says I am a companion of all those who fear you and keep thy precepts and so when you think about Jim. I was saying it before the show.

I don't know that there is anybody that Jim would not be a companion of that was in Christ, and he just is a companion of all those because that's the way the verse reads on a companion of all those who fear you and keep thy precepts. The idea precepts are actually meetings with God and with other people and Jim is very faithful and constant meetings and to getting together with the body of Christ. I mean he is a picture of this idea in my mind of loving kindness of Hasid of of what that of what that letter and Sam would agree, very, very, very, okay. You know the way you don't doubt that equity of love for you uniquely that it played out at our meeting this thing and I love Jim's heart toward others and I think that shows that community love. I don't really have the words for the rest of the holy spirit and the father that you 91 I love you in the unity and political walk was the one who actually drew Jim so I had to produce was was very awesome and God's, way of doing things because everyone who sits at the table right he actually counseled me my life going through some hard times. If anybody knows me.

Jim it's it's it's appropriate that you have the song montage is what is offspring about it in and what I should. I kept hearing the song they call me big Poppa and I would listen to the song ML site and there's no way I can play that actually we probably played in second time around. He is, he's a big Poppa he's he's he's a big dad to a lot of people watched him over a lot of years and I've watched you talk about the friend thing if he's your friend he's your friend Mike. There is no in between your your your in Iran. I've watched a lot of people go through. He's he's loaned everyone with abandon. Even those who kicked them and then done things that they shouldn't have, on the other side of things and a ceiling hammer and he noticed that giant would take you take the right. He would take it to the stones in any does he keep loving his love and goodness and grace and mercy are IPO. Once again we got up we got so many people to do and so little time to do it in so I move on to Harold and I've had the joy of knowing him for some time before he got involved with Masten journey and so the letter that I chose for Harold or God help me choose his letter when I pronounce health which Jim would say is cough, but it is the Hebrew letter that looks like a crown and and it has to do with honor and it also has to do with the word delight itself but you know those that the Lord delights to honor and if you know Harold Harold honors he has this sense of honor about him that it's almost amazing. He honors his dog. He honors his wife. If you know Harold, whatever it is he's God, I mean he he, Harold, he honors his friends and and and he crowns them to some extent with that owner and and again when we get to the seventh verse in that section that says they almost consuming upon the earth, but I first sucked not by precepts and the idea precepts is meetings with God and live other people and if you know Harold, he's gonna make the meeting. I mean, he's not gonna forsake his time with God is not to forsake the time that he's going to meet with you he he is going to honor those people around me looks like you want to say something saying that verse makes it sound like he's lived a long time this is sounds like he's been here for yeah it says you have yeah it's been there. You know 80 1/2. It's it's it's it's there so I doubt Andy we have got a chance to get to you lately on a regular rated Harold, I've always have a lot of respectful a lot of the do with his quiet nature, but is very it doesn't mean that he does he speak at the right time and I'm not always been one that probably talk too much but you know Harold will listen and he'll take you and want to hear but then he'll come up with the Scripture spot on the whatever you're talking about there. I will where that come from Scripture I've never heard and just to thank you for that is faithfulness and his you know just I guess right amount truly looked at him and say the group he's feeling a lot as we give them a hard time about but with that if a blessing to me.

He could take that with pocket keep to himself that he shared with the and the active considering both the mentor but also so moving on we get Sam and so how cool the course and a sound mind and at the slot and wanted to light it really has been the letter that God gave me.

I was really didn't take about 1/2 a second to figure out what letter Sam would be in the letter is hey and the letter hay in Hebrew has to do with God's expression itself that that it's it's twice used in God's most holy Mill Yahweh not name that you would hear its unit haven of hay. In other words, God is all about expression and God is all about connection and to know Sam it is to know that he's got that in my own unit was interesting as we were driving back from Alabama couple days weeks ago my wife and I were listening to some of the shows, and she just cannot just left… Am I could listen to Sam all the time and and and the idea he is expression and people do love to listen to him and it's fascinating, really fascinating that the way the enemy came after him and that was his big sister would say shut up motormouth you got nothing of value to say and let them nothing would have made Satan happier than to get Sam to not express but but when he does, then man the kingdom's coming in so many different ways and so when you look at that verse the seventh of delight. Mr. Lord when it comes the letter hay it's really really cool if you know Sam well to see this because it says turn away my reproach which I fear for thy judgments are good.

Which you can see in Sam always sees. He sees tentative he's afraid of reproach. He fears it that that people cannot. Given that look of disappointment like you disappointed me, but then what that the reinforcement is behind this to delight in the fear the Lord is that he knows that those judgments are refining things for good that God is bringing everything together for good.

And somehow another if I push through all this reproach that I fear that I don't want to walk into it's it's going to become something really really good at and I thought I find it fascinating that the Psalmist understood that expression to see that an interest for me to see it in Sam is is really something pretty spectacular. Danny I had wrote down that Sam leads from the heart while guarding others hearts around. That's what I see like an attribute of God is that he leads will but will with his leadership in mind. He leads with your heart and mind and that's it… School and he does and he really really does anti-like about will start a fight with the team or whatever Robbie bugged me into notebook. Part of the minutes. And to boot camp and the radio show about. I remember it like what Danny said he was really no concerned about the hearts of other. And a lot of it came across you know I want you to do this I want you to walk with that. I believe you can do it. There's no pressure here, you know if you need any support or administer whatever but you know it was always about a piece of the situation and not really, you know, being being taken you to come out of your comfort zone, but not in the way structure piece and that, handling of your heart during the times of where you're getting new staff in your being called into what God wants you to do.

You know that that's the way I think God does that mean he called within the something that he you know basically come from him while that family and the way he was reaching out with was a form of God, come along with me in the venture and in a district it's good to know that you have the body isn't just about the ministry of what we can accomplish all it's about begin the vigilant individuals are and and filling God's plan. That's awesome Ronnie you to just yeah the weight one of the weird think about what to pick out in the book came to me was fatherhood when I think about the father and immediately Sam jumped in my mind, because he just had this growing into his son's lives and bringing them along in this message and being able to follow them in such a gracious way. He became the consul he is working on becoming a better father and a better husband and a better man and then what that allowed me to do was then I started thinking will I see that in each one of the men that it was Sam's that kinda brought about because it's just front and center with us because he gets to bring his sons to boot camp.

Everything like you to sit in the promo.

It is just it's wonderful to watch that relationship.

We gotta move on the floor did to Jim. Now this can went. When I first met Sam which was the beginning of this ministry time is a very quiet introspective guy and I don't think the introspection's gone anywhere but Sam I am so glad you're not as quiet as you used to be you go so interesting last was me and so as I was with. We are preparing for the show. Jim said to Robbie, like Robbie, if you thought about what letter you are.

It's interesting I'd written out what my wife wasn't my father was my mom all my kids but the one person I I'd not even considered. As I was doing. This was me and so Jim even like me will pretty sure it wasn't Jim that bait came to mind.

I looked at it every single verse under bait or is it better for you. It's better for me but it's the second letter they do after that.

That is, that it's all of bait. That's right bait.

It will for those of you that one arrived in until Robbie which one of us is right, the answer is yes, if we don't know enough to know exactly how to pronounce that in modern Hebrew is different from the ancient Hebrew which the vowels were gone for a long time so whatever you call it, is all you could communicate.

It's great but the that will think I had it. He does not have bait starts with how could a young man keep his way pure by keeping it according to your word with all my heart have sought you do not let me wander from your commandments. Your word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against you.

Listen to you oh Lord, teach me your statutes with my lips I have told of all the ordinances of your mouth have rejoiced in the way of your testimonies as much is it all riches I will meditate on your precepts and regard your ways. I shall delight in your statutes. I shall not forget your word I have known no one else in my life that the lights in the word studies it reads it digs in is much as Robbie Bill while thank you thank you Wayne, you look like you and got nothing that's got it yet. Your your Robbie is coming for me just in the conversation that I have and when I get a call support Robbie when Robbie looks at you and says I'm glad you're here like he's genuinely glad you're here. If he if he says something TV it's coming from and heart and he genuinely loves to see people see them change in and see God work in our lives, but Robbie drives me to pieces he doesn't you like that you like what you talking about I wish that she'd like you to enter into just kind speaks to how we all hear differently in different ways and parts and enlisting all of this we can see so many of these pieces of all of us in each one of us in this because we all touched one another as God's touched each one of us and we all feed into those pieces and parts of one another. We bring out those pieces.

Sam good thing to talk Sam. Sam brings out the best in people.

He draws any calls out the glory.

He's good at that and he can speak it in a way where he's leading from behind and he doesn't have to be in the front and the same. That's awesome Sam you Robbie have part of reconciliation like no one I've ever seen.

You know you your your heart yearns for unity and that all is well with all of those around you and when there's discord you can deal with it.

You don't like it and you do everything you can to try to help write it where people are back it up late, you know, unity is one of degree. So don't limit our own Robbie had, you know, we did talk about the last time and it was all good but just I just think about you know some of the things of value spoken into my life and this is you know this is just the nature of who you are. I talked about how you were the first with my first boot camp of 90 feel comfortable in. And then there were times you know where and I was truly seeking God. But you know I didn't when I was doing it just was because of my encouragement from other guys that the ministry has been a member of the times I came back from my trip that I've been thinking God is you know you spoke over me and you said that you know that I really was a disciple and enthusiastic learner and you know that speaking that in the mall. I made a huge difference in and encouraged me to go all but I was speaking and then just displaying that you always want to hospitality you take it to your adventures. Whether you're always inviting all of their basic door or whatever you're doing it just been a blessing to to be your friend. Over these years, but it's just what you do what you encouraged been for naught. Part of. Thank you guys, and I can as you are listening. Well, I mean what it means to be part of the band and in what it can be for you as God comes after you in community that looks like getting in one of the places to start a map is to go to mass register for boot camp and we would love to have you be part of what it is that we do and get to know you and get to see God in you, because it it bears you only you reflect God the way that you do and if we don't get to see that everybody misses out and so I hope you've enjoyed this for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have have his story know how I hurt is communicate with us this is the Truth Network

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