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The Joy Ride #84

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 10, 2022 5:00 am

The Joy Ride #84

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 10, 2022 5:00 am

Welcome fellow Joy Riders to the Masculine Journey Joyride Podcast! On this podcast you will hear funny stories, exchanges, and thought provoking moments that will amuse you, make you smile, and draw you closer to Jesus Christ in your journey of life.

This week the guys are doing another round of talking about the attributes of God that we see in one another.

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This is good Truth Network welcome fellow the mass majority joyride pocket is a brand-new show from the guys you know I'm talking of course about the band of brothers my name is Keith and I am the producer for masculine journey management journey.

After our podcast we hear funny stories stranded and thought provoking moments. I will make you smile and jogged closer to Jesus Christ, your journey of life.

This is talking about attributes of God the children in attributes .2 quest for more sense. Guys back this time.

If you thought they were kind and sincere before you quit from an upcoming episode of the masculine journey coming to a podcast. You don't have the joy of knowing her for some time before he got involved journey and so the letter that I chose for Harold or God help teachers is letter what I pronounce health which Jim would say is cough, but it is the Hebrew letter that looks like a crown and it has to do with armor and it also has to do with the word delight itself but you know those that the Lord delights to honor and if you know Harold, he has the sense of honor about him that it's almost amazing. He honors his dog. He honors his wife. If you know whatever it is God, I mean he honors his friends and he crowns them to some extent with that owner and again when we get to the seventh verse in that section. It says they almost consuming upon the earth, but I first sucked not by precepts an idea or precepts his meetings with God and with other people and if you know Harold, he's gonna make the meeting. I mean, he's not gonna forsake his time with God is not to forsake the time that he's going to meet with you here he is going to honor those people around me looks like you want to say something saying that verse makes it sound like he's a little long. This is sounds like he's been here for you down the road. This is good Truth Network

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