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2022 Word of the Year After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 8, 2022 12:35 pm

2022 Word of the Year After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 8, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion the word of the year for 2022 continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," "Braveheart," "Motley Crue," and a clip from Gerren Sprauve.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you. You've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after our time and be more transparent on the topic of so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey after hours were mostly good. Today is a better and further that that is an opening or are they were really glad I'm really glad I don't know but what is mostly come on and I were really glad with right-sided yeah were delighted that were delighted. Yet many other big words are those all sure what that's all I got you through it like it is six you know were peacefully delighted that Stewart comes upon us. Okay okay will what we are talking about the word of about today word here and so Robby and I set up the last show, but if you like to tell us a bit more about what that is. In case summaries and sizes, joining the show for the first time. Sure why it's just absolutely delightful practice we've done for a number years.

It really is and I didn't mean the life that we ask God in the month of December or January whenever I mean I think some people some one time got the report in February which is cool. Alexander is cool in February normally. But the idea is you know God where where we go and you know some sort of theme a paradigm away to to look at your year and he begin to ask God like you would ask for your new name you know and listen. That's a matter of of giving God the opportunity to speak and then you sit therein and try to hear and when you get a thought that you feel like wasn't something you thought you said let a lot of time make sense then you begin to track that to see if you get some verification that that is in fact you know where he wants to go and again I actually used to ask for one every day so I did get kind of been all over the period of several years. I did that every day and so I got to where I got to where I could hear was really a wonderful practice and certainly one that is just enriched my life tremendously. So, how exciting you to do it this year 2022 should have a bigger vocabulary than I narrow short word is starting to feel good about my word of the year that I finally gazed after four years in a word it actually kinda stuck with it.

It damn right out of the overachiever, exactly, is like now I feel bad as I sat delightful. Yeah, you can build a life. I feel like now saying I can figure what I can say is mess with Andy that the first clip is yours. So I gotta say before you. You play this clear breathing. This is one of my favorite clips we've ever played and we played a lot of good clips but we use this before and it is just such a good cook for so many things.

It is so Sam submitted this back in June I think will work, condemnation, conviction and difference and you thought a little bit but it's from the Andy Griffith show when I'm a mother talk more about it after really is a dialogue between Andy and Opie about Opie's charitable giving Charlie moneybags… His children's dry pot on all I know you called your name you gave a large generous amount three got you down Jean talk about this now now now look here, you give a little like three cents to a worthy cause like the underprivileged children's dry.

Just another day.

Whether somewhere like 100 needy boys in this county alone. There are one per square mile show is nursing when it's not really a ratio ratio ratio now is about a ratio is not only need son, didn't you ever give anybody anything just pleasure you sent me didn't want anything in return for now that what you get chair something for the joy of giving.

That's really one of my favorite clips from any movie or TV show actually. Next, I went back to so my word for the year is his charity so just a little back story on how I got it I was driving home last week and I was on them, usually late bloomer on getting the word and I was driving home I was like what is my word and I got 1/2 drive but then so do not have plenty of time to ask, but it was quick. It was interesting how quick it came, but I never had received my word this way before. I kind of like solid in my spirit I saw the word charity written out and assaults in this whereas asking Jim and Robby. Maybe they can help. CH was emphasized and I know there's a lot in the letters and start stuff so I know the word in Greek for for love is agape. I'm not the Hebrew word, but you can have it have anything to add into that but but anyway it just came to me and and enough earthlike is that really yet, but as the weeks went on by realize that that's it.

Now I just I feel like over the past two years I thought about love as being a word and just didn't feel like the right time. I guess I mean I heard you guys get different versions out of the father's love are various versions of love. And I think this is what we were talking about. If you think it comes a certain way. That's with you and you trying to make it bit it would be able to disclaim his love or whatever, but it came in a distinct way. What wondering if that word that that the emphasis on the CH for charity maybe ties back four years ago I got my first word clarity and this is charity, but with that being said, what I feel like it's leading me into is, you know, obviously we think of charity is given to somebody else and help somebody name but we also know that charity is love, and instantly it was about Glover agape love that I thought it was about about God.

You know God's love.

Or maybe my love to to fellow man. You know the whole charity not start a thing about the charity of been a giver, but I could do better. You know there's people with bin Laden mean now and maybe this is something that you know when even in first Corinthians 13, where it talks about charity talks about.

I gave everything I have the poor, but I can still not have love, so the emphasis really is on love and finding out what God is. The point is that I really don't know what he wants to take me. There's a lot of questions there, but there's an opportunity for him to just leave me and whatever my guess is probably touch on all those ideas that I've had at some point, but this heaven the face and to trust him to leave me down that path. Sounds like an awesome word looking for and I have this has nothing to show the lease of the word charity and my best friend from school. His name is Bob and he was engaged a lady named charity for a long time I used always ask me that her name or what she charity as stated give it to David Neisser on your word that was coming. God directly from their old battle be a first to share everything else is a very charitable obviously double down on every high dissing and ice on the word.

That's all I committed to God's wrath is simply holding to that Iranian microphone is you must have something to say like it's your turn to talk your word well you know Robby has: shows this would be perfect for calling Chuck as he always wants people call in the price, given sometimes really easy things so they can guess, so we can listen to this and this.

Guess just try to see if you can figure out what my word is before I even tell you I think you can do it is not life greatly. Is not life and in Jim's life is nightlife.

Shalom shalom and is your word mom mom away.

Whatever will Robby I will buy you dinner next week.

If you tell me that the only reason I know this is you know you guys went on and on and on about it. I've never was pretty name.

Remember motley crew can start getting laid before we do that if you don't mind, I'm so excited about mention Hebrew as we are peeling off the ceiling. I knew that the Jews consider offerings to be that idea charity I and and so your hear him speak about that often in their discussions of whatever and so the word for offering, which is by the way, you know the way. It's a gift tribute offering present ablation is its min Cha very specifically with you know what is called a hat, which is that CH sound hat right and and so which means life to the to a great extent, and then it's got the hay, which is an expression of life with the first letter being a man, which is, like saying is the Messiah and then there's a nun which is like. So it's kind like the seed of life. If I were to tell you what it looks like in Hebrew and they hat you die very very clearly has that that CH with the hay on the end of it and you know what I'm saying right, Jim. I mean, that's completely got that journey idea in it really beautiful. You also go with the Greek sky, which is Christ so very cool but now we get back to freedom and true you know I still am missing something. You know, I don't know exactly what I know Robby loves it nice and simple how buy you dinner.

The week after that. If you can spell it correctly.

Motley crew. I'm just going with MOT Ellie wine I would guess. CR EW.

He shakes his head. Now, does that mean you by me and the bladder over the other is greatly so back to you on freedom and motley crew have given them guys a lot of freedom to do whatever they wanted. The word came to me very quickly because I there's a couple times like oh yeah, I got a member and I like Isaac ticket will not complain about my word yet on a time to deal with this. Then finally I did on my talk I guess in time I sit down with you must before even got out my whole mind is and was my word. The word popped in there no site really.

I was like that's a great word Lord man I would love some freedom and it was just like that, really, it and it just feels like you're talking about with the lightning gift for Robby and say that's what it feels like this is a site, this is your gift. This is your freedom and so it's been awesome since getting the word because how often we talk about freedom in Christ and listen to some sermons and other things was just like Bible study is like boom boom boom in there all the time… It's just been a great word already, just for the fact that the impact that it's Artie had an you know that I'm two days ago because II had the Sambol Lyceum clip from freedom from Braveheart, and work when I first came up with it on the on the play that then all of a sudden my head two days ago. I'm singing home sweet home and I have heard that song for ever then discounted.

Next thing you know I can get on my head like Morgan was supposed to use that because of you know I'm coming home that's that's for my freedom is is in heaven. It's in and you, Lord. It's an instant coming to you is coming home to you and set me free. That's that was that I like and just just set me free. I said over and over my head on psychologist this singing that in hearing the music in this and I actually went yellow and then looked up the lyrics when I cut it in the isn't it amazing that what you see in lyrics of songs are in context of movies and other things happen in life. BC after Christ's.

It's just you see things in lyrics like wow I like it I can see things in their that the Gospels and in words and in songs and in movies that I never would've had that before and that you best.

The freedom he gives you to see these things and understand these things and like my one understand a lot more about not just my freedom but I think you know the freedom that he offers in Christ and just in with the brothers and with other believers because that's last year with family was just a great year to grow in Christ and just have understand my families much bigger and much larger and just. It's been interesting because we been doing we do to services at church in the first services when I attend in the second services one.

Isaac knew some work or something hard that his son is quickly adult Sunday school class, and we been doing for quite a lot now just some hay, so may give your testimony I got tapped on the shoulder. This past week and was just it was a lot of freedom for me to actually build to give my testimony that specific probably day.

Even with where things going on in my life and to be able talk about where I've come through where I'm at now and what I'm about to go through so it's like it was like just a great word.

It seems a really fit already and I'm just really enjoying it ;-) appreciate it daily.

I would take down the line and you really am asking thing would you like to comment on anything for Mandy. Here are Rodney's word that opportunity. I do want to make sure you understand what happened to the person that was yelling freedom. Are you ready to be eviscerated, decapitated yeah I like in the song take me home, like tonight tonight tonight. You know I'm on my way home like why don't think it's tonight that I'm going to have ultimate freedom and yell beat be seeing God tonight, but in in this time of my life. Yes, Mike, I have no problem with that and that is our ultimate freedom course. I will gone with Jimi Hendrix. See, since you know really can sing I can't sing like Jimi Hendrix will win the Mega work. They can be part of the human part of the band was and I need to actually apologize that you need on the year, you know, and it didn't happen often old. My I'm going to unite them at such a hard time about he used a song from Ozzy Osbourne, the couple shows months ago. Whatever. I think it was like six weeks ago, 13 hours, the pleat there you and you said it right yet is when the real estate or read visited was that you don't since everything borrows from God story is right not not all music has God story and music that moves us when you really go to the specific lyrics right there something in there that's borrowing from God story inside give you such a hard time about his admin in the group Black Sabbath and Hannah's checkered past, and that was when I found the actual lyrics and what they said I was blown away because I live with.

It was great to understand Ozzy but you start listening to it, it talks about the just the craziness of the world and people trying to find you know freedom apart from you know truth or whatever. Now again, these are songs a lot of we listen to will play a lot of secular stuff. A lot of times it's just the object in the focus people will make a God out of another person, and we can take that Solomon redeeming say what they're talking about God, but you know I appreciate you saying that if it wasn't a big deal but I will save you a lot of time glad he is against the land.

There it was so shocking to me when I saw it because I had heard that so all I heard was, you know the Boniface course department.

Not really. The verses really actually said something yesterday and you find that you are finding something I really like it and I get back my ass got got what is about that that's moving me that's the payoff to pay us our guideways at moving my heart ways it bring me to tear.

Why does it do this to me what you trying to get to me in that. So I guess I have microphone for me was to do the whole show but it's my turn to have to share this man because he is the get my breath off of the bit. Let's let's go to my clip and play the clip first in order to come back and talk about this because I was playing hide and seek my kids as they counted to 20. I ran like positioned myself behind the curtain pulling across the state pressed up against the wall out of the room and see that I was standing playing hide and seek, and I moved to the house where are you finally got bored and started to watch the game, I started to smile. I laughed like fun, and where you looking for me I can be found hiding you talk about just you by showing you you want to see the celebration at the share finally finds you finally show yourself. People around you shall God show your clients and you shall everyone is giving you an opportunity to show you don't like the celebration you don't like the attention you want to feel comfortable sharing your talents yourself, sounds, and I faced short of manipulative face the same challenge challenges challenge shall put their people looking for you.

People want to celebrate with you. Now is your time. It's a gentleman named Jared and sprawl of and I have no idea who he is. Did you turned YouTube search on the topic of gifts and talents. He's one of them came up. I was surprised that I believe it's a secular you thing that he speaking to their and and to things that I thought actually on their were both from secular people, but they both hit me the hardest you that one was one of them and the other one was from a lady and I didn't get her name but she quoted this. It said the world needs that special gift that only you have and so back to my story of getting my word this year you not Christmas time. I felt God say okay give your coworkers and working with new coworkers and worked with before.

A copy of your book that I read a book a few years back devotional book and really haven't anything with it since tenement boot camps and getting away felt God strongly told me to write it never really did anything with it. After that, never felt like I needed to do anything with. After that, and that that is just being obedient and so I was given time. I got II don't know where these people stand, you know, in relationship with you knowing anyone on that I wasn't certain about it all was when salespeople work and he got it he was incredibly excited. He came in and he's like oh my gosh and on her talk and so told the story of you know how I did came about from writing devotionals for long. Time putting together made a book that anything any look at me, said, why are you hiding your talents and I said what is it Scripture is pretty clear you will bear your talents and so it is as I allow okay now instant. Thank you Enon thank you for and later on in praying in my goggles out about he's like why do you hundred said okay.

I'm assuming that's my word for the here is that yes they were to talk about that in you begin to realize that I do that I do that a lot.

I'm sure the sum of opposing it has to that's there somehow hiding or fear God's going to come after, but the word that he gave me this year is talents and blessings. It's so funny. You know, in my last year's word was believe right and so soon as he confirmed that is the word Mike okay got. I'm just asking. Don't make me live off my talents is coming back was what you believe to say God having rhinitis learned that lesson enough over the years I've no idea where he's going to go with it.

I do know that some things he's going to open up for me and some things it had covered up and I don't know why but I do it at work. Sometimes I do it with you guys.

Sometimes you know I just kinda hide and got to know not to hide anymore time to come out from hiding in and so I don't know what that looks like this year, but I'm excited to see where he takes me a little scared when I was little nervous, not scare the guy. Don't get me there.

What I need to get into anyway, asking to pray together this week and ask that you word it may take several weeks just keep on it, let him give you a word for the year and to stick with the think of what you have for me today on this when you have me this week bring up things in movies are music that speaks to this forming don't help me to understand what you're pulling such a trust, and also exactly the masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp March 31 through May 3 through April 3. This is the Truth Network

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