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Adventure to Live

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 6, 2021 12:30 pm

Adventure to Live

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 6, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week's topic is the second of a 3 part talk that is given at the boot camp. The talk covers the core desires in the middle of the heart of man. The clips are from "National Lampoon's Vacation," and "Blackbeard's Ghost." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine start here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We are glad to tweak work were glad you're joining us on this adventure. You know that were going to be talking about the topic of adventure yeah yeah exactly. So not really start on the today so you get what you get really sharp any given week. This would have a little board all this conceited upset expectations low can only improve from there now at Robbie. This is from a boot camp. Talk to you normally do, called the heart of man, I clock or desires, but it's the court desires from the heart of man and his son to not talk this this boot camp and scholastically retouch on the first topic which was battle to fight this.

We talked about why God creates us with this desire to write injustices and those types of things that it's not just the way we were brought up its way were designed and there's a big difference could've been both right. If you brought up in a good householder your that was important.

Your family exactly know and so we talked about that this week is adventure to live is the same kind of concept like if you give a little boy a bar somehow figure out how to make it into Oregon but by the same token if you tell a boy to go out there and ride his bike. It won't be long and Helen created a jump and you know some type of ramp so that he can get as much leftist United States turned everything into an adventure and and there's a reason the God wants us to get those harks back. I never did figure out why the bike engineers were so mean that they always gave the boy the bar on the black wish part to say they would some of those jump say a lot easier. You know a lot less painful assist with heavily when said he hung up on you. I wasn't sure if there is an air raid think that was a defect that is Rodney. Once you go ahead and set us up with the first clip right so what we are going to start off with this kind of what not to do I guess goes adventure gone wrong in this clip you gotta guy who's heart is in the right place. He really wants to go on adventure take his family on this great adventure of Chicago out to California were going to go to Wally world greatest place in the world. So yes, this is National Lampoon's vacation in this first scene is two scenes put together so you have little pause in the middle.

Clark's want to take his family and show them hey this is a great trip or undertaking here and talk about so you can get everything in all the way to Wally world don't want to miss anything. So he's trying to cram everything into this one trip and you can just hear his heart is really lie the kids a as well play video game so that's what's coming on here is it's basically Pac-Man is got himself as little family trucks are going across America and then Rusty's trying to eat it as his plan Pac-Man and then Audrey comes in and tries to shoot with the space invader, little guy up there goofing around and then all of a sudden you'll hear what really happening.

Towards the middle of the trip that they've been on an adventure for quite some days and have all kinds of family chaos. Yeah, he reminds me a little bit when you first start to the old game Oregon Trail sounds like the graphics ferments will go and listen to what you enjoy this worked out. The whole trip on the computer so we get the maximum amount from time to Wally world without missing any of the good stuff along the way and there is Wally world analysis. Take a look at the day, one showing one. Okay now there's a family dragster as we leave Chicago. Please do not rescue mine and find out what this computer.

Please rest is great.

All right, that's enough okay thank you no longer a vacation is where everybody was seen family vacation logs.

Although seeing everybody's memory come back. Harold Diana Larry laws Clark and all of his movies and attire when you can just remember all those scenes of just vacation gone wrong and cousin Eddie and everything else that goes on Asus try to force down the throats, poor man wants something to go really well. We just forgot about relationship to the whole thing like all the kids want to do and the wife was usually spent time together and have fun, and he's trying to cram all kinds of things in the vacation. Reminds me of me so many times I was like we get from point A to point B at it now, you will my daughter man we had to stop for her always. I wish you a little like what you get. There is one that it was just take off and go. I had my agenda guy like Clark the onset of what the kids and the wife wanted to send all my agenda circling Sparky Sparky, one of things a little about Clark in those movies is when he starts planning these things the way is you is that as they look like they had left Mack truck is the funny part only remember really 11 trip with the family that we went. It was a trip from Indiana down and the Texas, Oklahoma and Vatican II had one of the pickup trucks with the camper in the back and so my sister and I wrote an in the back mainly because mom and dad smoked some pet that we can stand right in front of the truck in neutral can grant that we sleep like all day is nothing to do.

We play cards or you know, read a book. Play game or something and would sleep all day and so we get to the KOA campground at night in. They want to sleep and we're wide-awake. I slept like 20 hours a day there. And that's a lot for a little kid, but had to pee. There was one rare so that was good at Italian and stop in for me was always the one thing the family was like. I know I need to keep going.

Now I want to stop so adventure to live.

I wish he was here in yeah and I did say that believe it or not I might make fun of me, and it'll probably come at some point, but Annie has a way of explaining the different types of the dentures. There is critical crucial because remember you guys remember that is not just in the anything over my head.

Okay. Got takes on all these different types of adventures and in life and some are critical things you have to do you know that it's urgent right you have to really get the ball across a line can think summer fun in nature and so when Amy's back will talk about that. I guess that doing talk about the importance of the venture and so what's adventure meant to you guys as we talk about this topic.

Where is God used adventure in your life to really draw you closer to him or to spark something in you Wayne.

What about you not push buttons when other many different story a lot with it adventure showing showing me that I actually do have a right to trial through the confusion not knowing right. Not knowing the outcome. The greatest part that not knowing the outcome walking in and realizing that it's not always easy, wholly fun. He's always there with you whenever you get on the other side of you look back with a hard time to feel, we can look back and laugh and smile and look for the places where you were caught Andy, one of the adventures required and if you don't if you don't come through it correctly this time, you're probably going to get that adventure again later on down the road is or something important that we need to learn during his thinking is you're talking Wayne about looking Scripture, God takes pretty much everybody on an adventure right right you look at Abraham you have to leave the country that you're in and go to a new country and I went take you to this new place everybody goes on this adventure with God and David ran around for a long time before you get to be King living a lot of adventures of God. Some of them very critical. Crucial in all this thing so it's it's a key part of Scripture is look back at it. So it's got to be a key part of our lives is always a story to be told in the story to remember to pass along to all things that had never talk about that is that every day really should be in a venture is with Wayne talking. He took me on adventure Sunday with my family. His family, couple friends. We walked all around his 30 acres up in the mountains.

He basically gave me the ultimate compliment saying I had what it takes to walk through the woods. I still remember some of my scout trips tricks for half a century ago, but it was a lot of fun, but it was just going through the woods with friends and family probably taller than some of the trees and helped where I got smacked my venture is key. You know you look back in and I think that some level of it when you're on an adventure and it's truly not a Clark Griswold adventure writings of which that that movie ends up being a great venture all the way along is it's not scripted, but you don't know what that next outcomes going to be you don't know you can you can have an idea that often it's a surprise right and so that unknown part that that that piece of you and says I really don't know how this is going to turn out as a key part of that adventure as well. It's become backward and talk more about it gets great clips got a couple different bobbins listen to them when we come back from the break. In the meantime he only got about 11 days until boot camp really got a register now. We got a lot of people signing up would love to have love to have you there would hate for you to miss out go to to register for the thinking of coming up November 18 through the 21st. What if one weekend wasn't up to you go and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors based on John averages wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine heart Coming up November 18-21 masculine and register today. By the same mask and my son Eli talk about ways to help his ministry smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button to and find mail PO Box 552 728.

Welcome back to masculine journey about adventure now running that was your bump into a post about well I figured the clip that I played the gophers sense of the laughing tracking offer vacation so I thought this one at another solitude that every time you hear the first thing you think about is this movie I miss is so tied in with the movie just laugh and you can't start to get big :-) can you think about Clark Griswold drive across the country with his family and psych are also having boot camp right prior to Thanksgiving so yeah the holiday season is the holiday road start off the good masculine boot national journey boot camp. Can't beat that. You deftly need to go register we we had registrations come in and every day last few days and getting more and more it's it's typical guys. You guys can't wait to the last minute what I want to wait and see.

No, not all guys majority of guys that all guys some register right away that that that some of them are young, very takes a long time to get them to decide to come in. So where do we deftly grateful that the ones are coming in and deftly would ask you to consider coming as well as wives, one push their men in that direction perfectly good given early Christmas present. Give yourself an early Christmas present for the house for couple days back with some really cool stories and some good God moment, so we got another clip, and this is from an Disney movie from back in the early 60s with Dean Jones. It was a big star but was actually Peter Ustinov, Academy award for his portrayal of Blackbeard in this blackbirds ghost and it's a pretty classic set up for movie that the hero is dragged into an adventure that he doesn't necessarily want to go on and I bet your life is characterized in some ways, so that means God really does want to drag you into an adventure that you don't necessarily want to go on well in this case, Dean Jones, who was a track coach meets Blackbeard the pirate who is very much as you can imagine a swashbuckling you know adventure seeking pirate and now he's stuck with this spindly beam rank is what a golf and so you get a sense of him dragging Dean Jones on to this adventure. But there's another key element that that God does well, he takes us on these adventures right is he showing us know that we have what it takes. And when you get a sense of the two men you know, there's no doubt in your mind that that Blackbeard is very can visit Vince. He has what it takes. Coming throughout the every scene in the movie Dean Jones got that lesson to learn in this adventure now helps them to tyrants like cell phone probably some sleep shaking David squeak is a remote spokes like team like that could raise a man's blood now could it not.

I think you really don't think this Detroit might all call it a ghost limbo tweaks. This would hold that spell. Which brings me to your you mean no one can see you accept me let's about the shape of his that's wildly sailing alongside wheresoever goes there also will drink the fish is correct. I will go back to work as soon as innuendos goes on election so will shaking and doesn't even want to join the wish stuck with one another. You and the crew will be alone this so much from my perspective, my own experience right but that I can going on my first break camp. I was pretty much drag on their end and know I was probably spindly little beam right on the say the shakes and the limp, but it's it was really an amazing thing as I watch this idea of the core desire of my heart, and seeing how as a child I really didn't long for the high seas and all that those things and some interesting way as I learned in the boot camp that this is essential for a guys heart is to go on these adventures.

I'd always wanted to sail you know about from from Florida over to the Bahamas and so I dug into renting one to see what that would be. I didn't end up going to the Bahamas, but I left out of Tampa Bay and went out of the ocean on this adventure with my family and we got into the great big storm. My family will never forget it all.

The waves come in over the bow and all that went on but what it did for everybody involved was was gave you the sense of a that God is there. You know you that there there comes a point where you're on an adventure like you say is not scripted and and when life and death really starts to show up in the thing. It's all sudden gods becomes more real to you and your need for and becomes more real and you really do can imagine you know Blackbeard having experienced he have what it take as he been there a lot more occasions and I was we talk about this topic of adventure. I guess it is it how do you define it right as we talk about different parts of the wing talked about some of being scary. You know, and sometimes adventures are scary sometimes are not universal. We were talking about this overall topic of adventure to live in a house that really how to define used consider riding my motorcycle and adventure back when I used it to do that. But probably the one adventure that comes to my mind, other than one over Europe when our son was in military is mission trip down to Guyana and South America that was truly an adventure. I mean, it gave me an insight into how the rest the world lives in and just break your heart to see what some of those people are going through, say little children going across the street with a bucket into a nasty ditch to get water and one of the things that happen to me is I fell in love with this little later, nine or 10-year-old black girl we were doing to VBS on their and she just stole my heart so I left.

Part of me down and Guyana and we went went down to Guatemala on a medical missions trip immediately party your heart. There you know you see in the way people act that up with and I consider I have hard days and none of those days are really that hard in comparison to what is that they put up with in some of the countries that we visited and help with that and it just it's amazing how God takes on that and there's something any of the changes permanently right when you see the world from outside your living room you know from a different place outside of town outside your your state, you really get to see life a little differently do something very uncharacteristic for me give you a very short answer. I think what an adventure is is something that takes you out of your comfort son talk about mission trip.

I trips to Peru were wonderful adventures everyone and everyone different taking adventure with my bride just being stuck in a 40 foot RV for seven months with her often on was adventure enough that that was something that brought us together in a way that was incredible and that was 4000 mile trip back and forth from North Carolina to Alaska that changed my life. I think adventures will do that even the little ones we took a family vacation to Bermuda and my daughter was in her early 20s teenager and it really changed our lives as a family because unlike what you hear horror stories of kids will play video games and only we all hung out of the family for the most part and did things on the cruise in Denver mutilative little Father's Day weekend so I told him they never top all of us had lunch together on Alamo Bermuda Father's Day integrated age adventures deftly speak stuffed your heart. Nothing else can. I can watch a TV show and they can show me some great scenes of the Rockies but is not the same as standing there looking at them yourself are feeling the wind come off of them are in the top of one of those big mountains and whether there's nothing that replaces that in you, you can go to those places and and not at some point is know without a doubt in your heart if there was any doubt to begin with. God is real is when you see what he's created is draw that much closer to yeah it's you have expectations that you set each person on the trip sets an expectation those things sometimes and sometimes don't get mad, that's all the other stuff that happens that you're not expecting that's right, hawala was was great. It was fun. My wife and I went on a big adventure.

We went to Colorado to go snowmobiling drove out there and you pull up and you park way away from where the cabinet is a cabinet that's a snowmobile into so you write up into it and then is just beautiful scenery everywhere and we got to see some moose actually up very close was just on the side of the ditch and things like that you got just open powder range. We can see for no. 2030 miles easily and that you get the fog. It was their part of the day and then it's lifting income selling back in out there was nobody else is just great adventure. And then on the way back were described along. She's a little skiing over here when we go there and try skiing. We just went over there had a great day never planned on it nothing and just when did something for the fun of it that day.

It was just that's what I like about adventure.

Absolutely in the show after seeing the after hours working to continue the topic on adventure in the meantime where you're waiting to live in your podcast to register for the Boot Camp map coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine journey that OIG directs that you see all these people in person that you get here and we have radio show each week you really want to see him in person. I'm not promising that's a big thing that you get to do that you interact with this would have a great time with you the register now this is the Truth Network

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