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Adventure to Live After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 6, 2021 12:35 pm

Adventure to Live After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 6, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on adventure to live, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Bucket List," and the song "Born to Be Wild," by Steppenwolf.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network in the heart of a masculine journey after hours time this week, so sit back and masculine journey after hours, welcome to messenger the after-hours weird talking about the topic of adventure and how God will take us on adventures.

We talked a little bit in the previous show in the regular radio show, not the after-hours portion which we are now about how God would take people on adventures all throughout Scripture and I mean honestly it's hard to find anyone that didn't go on an adventure with Jesus.

Yeah name somebody did go on and on. I met now out in the wilderness. He was a serious camping trip, because there is nothing the complainant was doing the weekend. It was like 40 days and nights that was interesting to me that was on the first things that God did it was an in and really in that time of testing which actually called it, and when you think through of the real idea behind that was that he wanted Jesus to know we had what it takes to beat Satan. Even after he'd been through in all this essential struggle of of of taking the same trip that Moses took actually three different times. He went up there 40 days and 40 nights without food and water's amazing thing and I think that a lot of times when thinking of adventures rethinking of the fun things right and there are some adventures that are fun and that's what those are good. There's nothing wrong with that in God. God created that desire for adventure. There's just a lot of different levels to adventure when you said come up with somebody I thought I had one that not by definition it was Job didn't go anywhere and it definitely was not exciting adventure but he was definitely out of his comfort right in and learned a lot, Scott showed up cloud. I don't know that was pretty excited.

That's true. That was in one of those moments that that's the way they ended adventure. That's a gathering you know if you look back in God chooses to document through Scripture that everybody goes on an adventure for the most part you can eat if you think one table.

I just reach out to you can email any of our first names. At that Sam and masculine journey. Robbie, Rodney, Danny, etc. they need to reach anyone of us but you reach out and say what about this person and I can't really think of one that didn't go on and adventures that means that's going to be a key part of our life and so I guess part of the question be why why go on these adventures. Robbie said something about learning that you have what it takes to get through things. As part of one Jimmy talked about you being out of your comfort zone, which actually reminded me of another adventure I had with the two friends from going through chaplaincy training.

We decided after year that to head out west and the in we went to the Badlands, which didn't sound great, but it was one of the coolest places I've been, but we had three levels adventures. Tom was later Tom is well to give Tom quick when he jumped a good 10 feet off of the Grand Canyon on the one of those pillars and then jump back and I was the one that was off struggling with that he was having fun, but we were in the Badlands. We had three levels of adventure we had one guy who was deciding that the best thing for him to do is hang back in the parking lot, videotape auditing, remember them being there. I am kind of afraid of heights and there was this to the 3 foot wide path along the top of a ridge where if you went off either side you organists live tumble/fall a few hundred feet.

So for me that was okay walk carefully/crawl going out here and Tom is dancing along the rim going all alloy out was an adventure for all of us at different levels and we are doing it together and that debate is a big part of adventure to visit draws you closer to those are on the adventure with "draws you closer to God and I'm sure there a few times you're walking on the path you're praying a lot of praying that you praying I think that these adventures do something for you to expand your comfort zone right when you get through an adventure of something you didn't believe you could ever do you have the power of knowing hey I can get through that right. So when something less comes up as I can't handle this so that I can probably handle this right it's comparison kind of thing you can so I've gotten through this I can and can probably get through that. If you think that you just live in is one spot.

You never ever done anything.

Everything's gonna knock you off your feet. If you don't really know how to deal with it and so God take is on these adventures whether there ones that are fun and nature ones that we don't really enjoy as much. It's all part of the critical thing of rising us up to be the men to be leaders to be kings to be people that are to be trusted with authority. Yeah, there has to be some sort of initiation going on somewhere in your life not letting enter that initiation kinda start eventually learn your identity as we like to talk about his making sure that your initiated properly and that you identify as who God says you are not as who others in the world. Say you are so you have to maybe go through some adversity to find out okay yeah you been through that. But that's not you you you had a rough time you can get through things finding out what your kinda calling is where you want to go, what what you want to do. You may think that something sounds like a lot of fun to go try and it just it stinks mental fun unlike doing that I didn't like that it that adventure all okay will go on a different one.

Don't go with somebody else because are so many things that you can learn from other people looking when you go on their adventure and find out while I have a lot of fun doing what they did but yet Ira was sitting there all along think this is going to be Don, this is be fun. You have a great time just just never know what make sure come alive until you try something. It's through these adventures.

The God lets you move past those labels as you were saying right. So maybe I've always been told I think that the TV show lost and if you haven't seen the show then you can be lost in the in the me talking about about their the key characters on there was a guy named Jack if he knew anything about Jack as he didn't want to be a leader that he was constantly thrust into leadership right and I think God does those things to us. Sometimes we get these labels from the world he got that from his dad's dad told me never be a never have what it takes right and in the TV show and I like to say that that's just in a drama that's not real-life but that's her left a lot of people that someone told us that a coach, parent and grandparent sibling and all you know you take your pick right that they've had people that's common to tear away at our identity. The God gave us when he brought us to this earth that he said this is who you're given a uniquely be mine enemies been tearing them down, and so God comes in and takes on these adventures to help you get some of that back so you believe that you know that it's true and let you walk in and I think we can probably not too long ago this. I guess it's been a while.

We had the two brothers that were there. Josh and can give him the Mike and Josh and I worked with the other guy yet. Joshua saw Morgan remember yeah well I like should know his brother worked with Josh's story was he had never thought of himself as a leader right.

It's interesting because at the nursing home Ira Slade that story just Jesse is the brother right.

Jesse is the brother & Josh and I was just spectacular how God took something and I just remember Josh coming up want to use some fishing grounds to sit go go to my to my fishing box right there and get whatever you need and that little thing for him because his father dollars gone crazy whenever he asked.

Use any of this stuff because I just said go get my box. It really took him into a path on that particular adventure where he started to hear that same thing that that your later he heard it from God and the new name. Talk and then was so emotional that actually he didn't want to get up because he was crying and he had a hood over his head. So we thought that we'd stayed behind to be prayed over, got a funny that the what what it happened right and and so we prayed over him, and after that boot camp we got this letter that was just unbelievable and I got it worked with him given that new name of leader and how he felt that he needed to lead his way back into his relationship with his father and put the family back together and needed and that's what he did for the next year, but unfortunately we got word that they were brothers were cleaning a gun. Jesse unfortunately shot Josh and Josh.and we were at that funeral and wheat we saw what God had done to put that family back together and that father that put his arm around us and told us what it meant to him that his family had a chance to heal over this last year or so since the boot camp that that you know I can still remember the bagpipes playing and just thinking God.

What would this scene have been like I had you not given us a chance to get in on what you're doing in their lives on that adventure. Yeah, we went to the funeral obviously very upset is the last summit we care deeply about knowing and it it happened with his brother which we care deeply about as well and it was not expecting what we got when we got there we got mother and father that was so very grateful that the boys are going to boot camp to Josh and urgent things from God and how God had used Josh to put the family back together and on. It was just an amazing thing. Nothing that I could have ever expected in the terribly sad occasion that a terribly wonderfully cheerful work of God in the midst of all that high end and just to see your point Rodney that we do have an identity that he's using these adventures that it may know our hearts are dirt to go do that, whatever that is. It was built in Dennis and so and poor Danny Spencer near he's got some he's got some Scripture for so now somebody had to bring it up as a matter of legal and free today in Romans eight his knee in all things we are more than caulk him who loved us and you. You can't be more than a conqueror. If you never get conquered so that as part of the adventure. The weather it's the unit cool adventures we talked about order. The tough thing that you family challenges.

Those got thinkers you do learn that you have what it takes.

I think back to a lot of adventures and guides taking on overtime yet one of the ones I've shared it on here before but you know let a couple years ago got cannulated my heart to quit buying my my boys presents for Christmas methadone 11. I don't need to get him something. I just talk to someone we go on an adventure together for some place we've never been go together. The three of us in let's do something fun, let's create memories right and in we done that to the last three years is that we're going to do that this year but my youngest son got sick right before we left so we can get shared as it is the three of us, but it's been a wonderful thing because I gotta tell you II will really problem remember what somebody gave me for Christmas.

Three years ago four years ago five years ago, but I won't ever forget the adventures we went on together which is really been really cool in another one that I would classify as an adventure. When I moved down here from Indiana to North Carolina and the company shut down and went through a lot of different things.

After I got here within about and say that 16 months coming down here was making 40% of what I made when I got here and that was adventure to because it really taught me how unhealthy I had been living financially right now is not a fun one that is very healthy adventure that really help me get into a better place and it got take me through another one of those now that has helping me get to a better place, as I'm getting closer to retirement right and I know it's not something I really enjoy my notes a part of adventure. My heart really needs and I gotta learn some critical things from it so that I can enjoy down the road if you think adventures not a part of the boys live what little kid ever read about King Arthur and didn't wander around hoping to find the sword stuck in a stone and what young man standing on an altar didn't know he was fixing to get into big adventure when he said I do, yeah. Now if you King Arthur you read that newspaper Masumi back hot off the press about to change gears of the clip. Then I get here quick.

Maintaining a bit even you know the media understands the desires of the play little bit of a clip here for my really old song from the 70s group called Stefan Steppenwolf and I'm sure that once you hear your heart will beat faster in you be ready for an adventure room room and where we're various ages. I would say there's not a whitest wings would like to admit it, but there there there is a pretty wide swing, but I think everybody in this room pretty well. Enjoy that's on you. Something about that that getting on the highway looking for adventure and something hearts is yeah I want that is the definition of what the adventure is right you didn't lay out these five steps of what were going to do across the country like Clark did as I know there's a something in your heart it says I need an adventure that song I did have the album if anybody knows what the problem is of that, but that leaves me only adventure every time I hear it while I'm driving, you are guaranteed to get an extra 1015 miles an hour out of that is that William Tell overture, but you never hear that all the radio so those two will will set me on this didn't PR someplace like that, you forget that with this if anyone tells little bit about your clip clip is from a movie bucket list and needs to gather thrown together health issues in cancer. They are opposite ends of the spectrum is Jack Nicholson Morgan Freeman and they are just ones, a janitor at the these filthy rich was a car mechanic, get yeah Freeman's karmic and okay okay silhouetted janitor like probably clean up after they work. They claim the car exactly what yeah so anyway janitor is a and they you are talking about a bucket list and eight, Morgan described it to this the things that he wanted to do for you.and yeah just captures the heart of what we've been talking about is that there is an adventure lives in our heart and to pursue those things and so they talk about portion see the movie a golden adventure but just their talk and in their hospital room and you they talk about what's in their hearts to live in Holland. I saw no one's not single or our family. My wife is the mortgagors heart always been somewhat reserved in its to big things, but she is the adventure and we always say she got Roman because she likes role here in Rome. But she is awake since she had been married almost 19 years and knew she was one reason with Bermuda. She was one of the reasons I went you to Brazil will mission trip and just the memories that and in the things that you even just everyday life. She's let you step out there and do something and that's kind of the heart of what were talking about thinking here's these guys that you they have a date all the stuff they know their life. You we were not promised tomorrow but it is Jesus that you have life and have it more abundantly. And I think that's what he was talking about live it, don't watch it go back in that movie. I love that movie bucket list.

It it it ends up in a place you don't expect it end up in on all I can say I don't rent for a bit. Adventure changes people's hearts.

You know and you can see that very clearly on what seems to be frivolous things that if gods in the middle of it. There's no frivolous things and and so it's pretty cool to watch a movie, play outlet. It reminded me of anything that I'd said that I wanted to go skydiving and when the movie came out. I was married for time and Heidi said he's going to do that. She always told me I couldn't she let me go out if it's a good thing for me to go now forges a scared bit and for my birthday that year she bought me skydiving tandem skydiving job and I had to lose some weight to do accidental a while for me to do to keep back your shoot. She did not the to get the guy that was going to be fine with me. Did fast-forward.

I don't know that I would do it again.

Not that it wasn't cool.

The landing was not fun.

Yeah they don't tell you come in very very fast and you slide like you going in the base. It's not that part is not a lot of fun but it's likable and lambing. If your Verizon plan is a really good as you think they have no control.

I thought all this would be my adventure on a writable and went on think about is absolutely a controlled crash, because the wind is blowing the blue what you do.

Stop. Stop know he does like a tree in the way. No problem. Wham, you know you landed it was a grass field. There were a lot of mold holes. I think in that field you like. I felt every one of them is leaking them through their to be well, she picked the field not to be up in the sky that few minutes of freefalling was so incredibly amazing.

It was just it was breathtaking.

United to the point where guys like you really need to pull the shoot this time to time to pull the shoot you're not quite as much like on the bucket list a number.

Oh yeah so I did and then you get a wedgy that you and believe but yet still not as much fun it was incredible he was going to live at the moment that this should open all yeah that's when the wedgy happened while you comes a very clear picture in your mind.

When that happens it's like you're in my scrap placement matters. If you go skydiving is a whole different definition of the word shoot you now yeah yeah while Michelle bought me a beginners flight. Think about talk to her about what I've always thought would be a pilot as she bought me the beginners thing to fly little Cessna and the guy actually we took all feels very windy day and he let me fly the plane while and I'm like this, it is much further that those go because I looked at them right. When he's with her and was good but would therefore message you are landing you think Rick yes oh yeah yeah a way that we we forgot to there for a few minutes. What would you like dad. We got a couple minutes left in the show anything it's on your heart talk a couple of times each of you and your story is the expectation and how each one of the things we expectation seemed weak and all life that that that, what got me in trouble at work called called problems in my own mind and and also some of the exhilaration that you found an expectation that you were expecting there with the ultimate wedgy and index. The funny thing about those expectations that we really have no control over the outcome of any of the. There's really only one thing on expectation that we can truly rely on the net were not to be alone no matter what the outcome looks like the end you work were never low, always looked at as always with never leave this and I think ultimately you we mentioned it in the right and what would work. One of the outcome of the light I think next greatest outcome of that we learned we truly are not alone in scribbling.

That's with enemies trying to do most of all is trying to make you think you're on your own, you're on your own and your debt. You are on your own and your signature on your own and whatever fill in the blank intricacies that's pleasing to keep telling you, fear fear expectation expectation of something bad. The enemy will come in every way possible you pray this week about what ventures do you have me on right now that I don't have eyes to see. I may think it's something I don't want to be doing. Maybe something is painful but what you have in store for me through this and an open eyes that ask you to pray about him to the boot camp is promising to get some special therefore it is not. This was an excellent but definitely if you can come to this one. Please do go to masculine to register and will talk to you next week. In the meantime interest got even a short one this week. Enjoy. This is the Truth Network

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