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Hearing, Listening, and Understanding

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 11, 2021 12:30 pm

Hearing, Listening, and Understanding

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 11, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are discussing hearing, listening, and understanding. The clips are from "Charlie Brown," "Shrek," and the TV show "The Beverly Hillbillies." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network every man usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now know that's not distortion.

If you just group in the last probably in a 15 to 20 years, you have no clue what that is. You know bit if it it's more than that if you been around for some of our age, not in the wide variety of age we have here.

You know that that's Charlie Brown's teacher) yes. So why do we open the show with that particular clip. While our topic is about hearing and listening, I might mistake being able to answer the question where you're not really talking much bustling. I like to think of myself as a good listener. So then I was told well okay that's the topic for next week and it's yours around this group. You gotta be careful what you say.

I remember it slightly differently yeah Harris as I have a topic that's not how I was listening out. I'm sorry.

Well, you know, also made the mistake of using one of my favorite quotes is a know you believe you understand what you think. You heard me say, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant, so the difference between hearing and listening is a million important thing I did look up a couple definitions that already hearing as an accidental and automatic brain response to the sound that requires no effort listening. On the other hand, is purposeful and focused rather than accidental. As a result, it requires motivation and effort. Listening at its best is active focused concentrated attention for the purpose of understanding the meanings expressed by speaker so you know to me a part of it is that we can't help but hear sounds, but unless were listening sounds. My main nothing at all to us and so the big difference going hearing and listening many years ago I was studying thickening stamp first certificate data processing and I had an album for those of you that weren't in Maine. Much was what preceded Sadie's and it had the 50 greatest classical themes. Beethoven's fifth was about the fourth of the fifth cut down on one side and I really wanted to hear it. So I would start it and I would do my studying the record would eject and I had no recollection of having heard Beethoven's fifth, and for those of you that are not familiar with.

It starts off bomb bomb bomb bomb really loud sound that's unmistakable.

So I tried it again. Same thing happened.

So then I knew that it was doing exactly what I wanted it to do, which was to drowned out my wife's TV to boys scuffling and yelling and allowing me to concentrate on what I was studying and in our discussion earlier before the show started, it turns out that that while that works extremely well for me. Other people express the idea that music would interfere with their ability to study and retain material. I worked for many years, almost 44 and information systems and I would use earphones and music so that when I was writing programs I wouldn't have to earphones, conversations, and it would shut the door and effective somebody will stop by and talk because I wanted to be able to concentrate on developing computer code. So to me and how I could have that hearing, but since I was really listening. It did what I wanted to just background noise it drowned out other unwanted background noise so this, where we are on the stop. I have a revelation there after your definition. If I tell you Harold I hear what you're saying. That's actually, insulting is not listed.

I just. But I could be true but it could also be true that you did understand what I said I have to go back and those of the show is removed idyllic for the point which we do." Because were not listening or thinking about how to respond. Big part of the issue without listening, gather there's definitely here.

Lots of things you don't listen everything you hear in this think about going only the highway with your window down a little bit when you hear lots of noises and things be not really concentrating on the stuff is coming in the background rightly reluctant microphone just looking at the microphone just looking at the patriotic nature. One of the things we talked about a lot, though, was the understanding part. Whether it's hearing a listing call whatever you want.

Whoever definitionally want to but it's really about trying to understand and are you really concentrating in trying to understand someone you trying to understand how can I make my point exactly 1 of the best things for me that my company did in Antarctica on the reformers really read a lot of books ON a red if they did make me read them and one of them is Stephen Covey's seven habits of highly effective people and limit really stuck with me was seeking first to understand before seeking to be understood and whenever a practice that at any level. It works so much better right because that means I have to listen in on try to understand where they're coming from.

Right before I have the authority or the opportunity to speak back into it and it's it's no question that we have this trouble in even small relationships, meaning intimate relationships or on the macro level and that one side can understand or listen to the other on any political thing right in a communication as is completely out the window right when it gets to this listening and hearing kind of thing you know it's a most probably one of the gym. You done a fair amount of counseling over the years. They did not. One of the biggest issues that they couple spaces that are not listening to one another. They don't even really understand at speaking different languages with your spouse. Women hear things differently. They understand things differently and listening requires making sure you've got a proper understanding what's being said and yelled at. I've been married 48 years and it's amazing how often both of us will say something and the other exit but a completely different way than we thought it should have been taken. Carolyn made an expression while watching TV she said what and then I said well this is what happened.

I know what happened. I was just saying what an odd, it was took like three times for that to happen before I realized oh that's just an expression of I can't believe that happened that wasn't asking for a repeat of what just happened since we didn't have a lack of clips for this particular topic because everybody had a memo stealing a play microcosm right here at the computer it it kinda goes on those that not only do men and women have a hard time understanding each other but so do donkeys and ogres to replay this and they're on their way on an adventure and a target Lord for quad you know again about the swamp and that's working to pick up the conversation with donkey and track all get Shrek all the stuff on Lacey's to make it bring all the trip. All I know what maybe I could have decapitated an entire village to put their hands on a plate and knife cut open. This cleaning fluids. Does that sound good to you know not really know. For your information is a lot more to ogres than people think.

Example example okay holders are like onions. The state yes no really amount to sending it out brown thoughts brought little white hair, no heirs, I have laid have left onions.

We both have land united by like onions. Take care what everyone likes vulgaris not geeks like me' piece about like onions and starting by may be the most you know you have a tissue that were headed to break you look at this and you overwrite is you consider to be closed off. He doesn't have anyone to share. He's really wanting to share his heart.

Donkey can't get past his own way of wanting to explain what tricks already explained that it is gets in the way you can accept the way Shrek said it is taken for what was and try to listen he has to say on knowing what you mean is really this writer.

What about this. Is this a better idea even worse than donkeys and ogres is donkeys and elephants that made me think there from engine that's dangerous it's that's willing to gets in the way our preconceived filters that we have right away that I'm choosing to interpret it. Instead of just saying, okay, I want to listen for what that person has to say and try to understand the angle at which they're coming out very instant, and instead, we insert our own thinking thoughts on stony guys. You know, doing training for several years when things are constantly got in the way about every other class would be somebody that was kind like donkey and the fact that even he would try. Here she would try to rephrase what is trying to say in the middle of me saying this to the listening for the eventual outcome westernization with a positive way really trying to say here is this is not not have to go now but I'm really trying to say and then I'd start again is after about the fourth time amount like like you can't talk until I'm done talking to the teacher. You can do that you can do that regular life a bit here that's only way I can try to get them to listen and then try to point I was trying to make their micro target several different points on this whole listening and hearing and understanding, and handling all work together and what gets in the way of that and what we experience in our life.

Masculine to register what if one weekend wasn't go and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission how God made warriors and on average is wild at heart.

Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18-21 and register today. This is my son Eli talked about ways he smiled at him and and click the donate button masculine and find masculine PO Box 550 on your topic. So tell us a little bit about the bump. Well first of all happen to love Simon and Garfunkel is a musical duo, but this particular song wanted to uses about because of the land people hearing without listening and thought that emphasized the point that I was trying to make that there are somewhat different.

You can't listen without hearing, which can hear without listening to my kids taught me taught me that probably only codes they be talking to me also need to set that dad dad liked his tune them out. It was already on the something else you know and in Switzerland in certain ages you can't pay attention to them the whole time. We need to scan. Kind of crazy. I think they unite you had to spend to you know there's a lot a hearing but not a lot of listening, and that's what my cousin remind me of any one thing to do a boot camp in order to start my boot camp at outbreak as we do something fast with listening to share a little bit about that yes so you know or talk a lot about hearing each other as individuals or people, but you know it, the foundation only. I think if we hear from God. Some of the other secondary listening card main with people.

We should have a better understanding of how to listen to people, with God's wisdom out now I find myself very guilty in the fact that if I got some truth to God's given me. I don't listen to anybody else's perspective or thing I've got my truth and that's not that they get me in trouble sometimes because even though I think you have that truth of God's given use its specific to you and it makes a lot of sense to you and you know that he gave it to you give that up. But God that you love your neighbor as yourself. You gotta find out where somebody else is coming from and if you are eager to share that truth you have to give that give them the opportunity to get that place where you are but back to boot camp and I just know we do listening prayer boot camp. It's simple exercise you know why will we ever think prayer was a one-way thing.

We just talking God never gets to talk and we give God an opportunity to talk boot camp and God can speak something into somebody's life where they've heard all they learn all the sermons they've heard all the guidance from men and it just hasn't taken root. But ever, when God has an opportunity to speak like EF Hutton you know everybody listens and it really impacts guys lives impacted my life and it's really you know foundational you go back to the experiences Samuel in the Old Testament were God began to call call him out. Call his name and he didn't really understand it may think I gave them direction. You know you see Elijah whenever God's coming through storms and lightning at all and he said no you know my voice is in the still small voice, but that hearing and listening it and really understanding is a part of who we are if we can't get that concept and get that from God and that's where we get off them or were wayward were just kind of a master of our own destiny.

It's hard to fathom some degree.

If you're out there and you never done like a listening prayer you react to this listening for God because we struggle enough hearing somebody we can audibly hear that's in front of us.

Right you know like another person's skin on right and so there is opportunities for misinterpretation. At one time, but when we do listening prayer when it is a group in and gather some pretty cool things noted every boot camp in it when God before God lays it on a hard to do it but every time he comes through with some really cool things that he's working in people's lives a great minutes just that we would get testimonies. I don't have any right, fresh off, but just things where they were supernaturally advanced a way that is there was no question this. The mice are from God, they know the circumstances.

They know that he spoke in its it's a really cool thing. But God's tells us in Scripture to get wisdom and to get understanding and we can hear words a lot of times and stuff but to really get that understanding it could be that my take on Scripture wasn't the what God intended for me to get but over time I get understanding of really what that means.

Personally is also a difference if I can read the same Scripture this year.

Next year the year after and interpret things differently in it because I'm in a different place right you didn't make last year's less true or the year before's less true as much as I have a deeper understanding and more intimate walk right and so becomes more truthful and it which is a really tough thing right now because you know everybody wants to have their truth in the well this is my truth. I want to do me know that anything you do you anything and there's parts of that. Like anything else, it's probably get some healthiness to this or some part of it. It's really not very healthy at all. Yeah, it's basically when you say you know it's my truth. That's I can say that way I don't listen to what you say write it in when we talk about Scripture, the only truth that we truly have the Scripture bring others truthful in our lives of our experiences and truth in our testimony that's been a very right that the Scriptures only thing that we all have this totally know you can count as truth is shaking Heather's P roundtable know by talking so back to the topic on listening and hearing Jimmy get something no I was just jumping on because you are crying for help that I think I love you and I wanted to respond fairly sets what I heard okay on this writer stood out what I was thinking earlier is that in this. I don't know if we don't get to my clip, but a big part of being able to listen and understand as know the context of the other person and if you don't know your not yet understand what they're saying. Even if you understand all the words which and I said that about that. Something to jump in the clip for we have time you can see the clock I can.

I can see the clock. Yet we have confidence I say to get out of this comes from a the Beverly hillbillies said it's the original one that they did the pilot. Thank you.

I knew there was word for that, but I didn't understand what it was. But in this you've got a geologist that is come looking for oil which is called while chatting and he is given permission by grade start with Granny and Jethro talking about him being there, but in the second part of the clip Ellie Mae found him snooping around their property knocked him out because it be easier to carry him so he's taken a blow to the head but the communication and this is hilarious from implant truly is shares in place and need to. That's one of yours is controlled, my company would like to write good to what is can't afford air the people don't take favors from strangers very rich man, bigger rock is telephone telephone. Your neighbors has wanted to go down in this country is probably a box will and you talk into it and they can have the time, Merrifield says that the mere stillness want to hear from me that's a great point.

You know that's what Jesus taught in parables right things and people can understand. It is in its that's funny and we have a lot left tracks on this because communication miscommunication committee hilarious. But if you're trying to communicate and you're not understanding what's being said or your only understanding it like this interchange in your own contacts by thought the other was crazy and that and rightfully so because they were using the same words with very different meanings. We have a bunch more clips of a great clip of Harold's meeting get into this that particular show will get into the after hours from the World Trade Center and so really want to stick around for that. Listen to the after hours. But before we go out of this segment.

What some key takeaways for the difference between hearing and listening, Harold. What would something you would say that you have to do to change go from hearing the listening somebody, you have to be willing to be quiet and listen to what they have to say not jump in with your answer before you hurt them out as you were describing classes. I think too often, we won't get our say and if we would just wait would realize it will website is irrelevant and shouldn't even be said it's really hard to blank out your mind on something you already know and have a preconception of but that's all right that'll really talk about his being.

Truthfully open and honest with yourself and say okay on national listen to what you say based upon the merits of what you have to say and put that together with other merits that are being said and really come up with okay what then do I believe or understand about the situation versus no party already got my mind made up in anything you say she's going be wrong and therefore a Muslim Abilify for what Harold said there I'm kinda back of the bus today sitting in the backseat hearing and listening and then picking a lot of this in and that's one of the things that I extrapolated from everybody's compensation is the one thing that this fear is the desire to want to see in the way that we give God a lot of times we ask the question, and sometimes even 50.

Are we willing you think those things we considered for the bump was a song from the listening song which is like for elementary, but it's really pretty appropriate you listen with your eyes with your ears with your mind still sitting still with you my full attention. Whether that's listening to others are definitely listening to God. That's when I have the opportunity here and really listen and understand deeply talking this is the Truth Network

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