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Strong Men

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 14, 2021 12:30 pm

Strong Men

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 14, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are discussing the strength of men. The clips are from the "Fast and Furious 6," "Second Hand Lions," and "Top Gun." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. All right, it's how fun to be in the chair today. Sam is vacated right hand in so here we are. So you know this is our chance to say some about Sam. You know you this drop will you please get is still on his patent is in the Hall of Fame. Hi can you can come down low enough his grades way to get a good that's exactly what I loved what Tim said about you know I had to go to the Broncos to win. As you may know that Sam is a huge Colts fan and I were just same, but you know it did take a while to get there, but he he blocks in all things is no doubt about it. So we missed Sam but nonetheless end pure Sam fashion its aunties and Michelle and Sandy talk lately didn't commit the topic and bail on so I am present that someone would talk about today so recently I just felt like I dropped a must.

This is a reminder of when I used to read this passionate passage in first John two about the strength of man and how I used to read it and kind of NBA didn't feel like I would never get there. There were aspects of it that I walked in and felt like I'd achieved kind of read it so we got it exactly as little bit long but it's really about Christian maturity in the process but also pulls in. You know God's influence as well as other people's but I'm writing to you little children because your sins are forgiven for his namesake. I'm writing to you fathers, because you know him who it's from the beginning, I'm writing to you young man because you've overcome the evil one.

I write to you children because you know the father arrive to you father, because you know him who is from the beginning I write to you young man because you are strong in the war word of God abides in you and you have overcome the evil one and so a lot of my Christian life I just again I had a good relationship with God. But it was jacked up. I think there was polyol orphan spirit just you know there was there were things in my life I felt like an unfinished man for like when I tried to stand up spiritually and leave my family like the wacko whole story. I got beat it head on the head and it was frustrating and there was a time in my life where I didn't.

I was like well to really walk at out.

That's really not possible or it just doesn't seem like it's never going happen but it was the desire of my heart and I believe like Scripture says in a delight yourself in the Lord and give you the desires of my heart by filmmakers of walked into that more so doesn't mean I arrived or anything like that. I still struggle with a lot of stuff that there is a spiritual strength that I feel like I have now in my relationship with God.

A lot of it came. It comes from a lot of different areas. Getting her wound healed identity. The Sun ship's work comes most evident in you and you ligament Scripture thought a lot of talk there's a lot of talk about the influence of the father know him as the father so and so, speaking of that, we have a clue that he might be shocked so. Interestingly and Jim you want to set this it's actually my grandfather, but it actually worked well it's actually a great uncle that you're right. This is one of my all-time favorite movies secondhand Lions fog sneak a clip and I do. But this is this is where one of the that there is two brothers that lived adventures in Africa.

If you haven't seen the movie, why not, but background there to Toubro yeah and that under the other ones name for minute or two today, but I forgot Garth Garth is that hub is taking his grandnephew under his wing and the nephews actually pursuing him because he found a picture of hubs, wife and wanted to know what happened to her that happens just before this and how has this sleepwalking problem and he's pretty dangerous what he does but the it so that I sent out his name. Yet the kid wakes him up and says I want to know what happened to your wife and then that leads into this story that were going to hear stories about Africa you actually want Matt to around my mom all I hear is lies.

I don't know what to believe something, believe just because some interest no reason you can believe it is a long speech, I give him sound like you need here. Sometimes things that may or may not be true. Things that man needs to believe in the most people are basically good on courage and virtue in everything the power and money. Money and power need not good always triumphs over evil.

She remembered his love to not see mentioned believing those things because things will even endů Is it wasn't a twin engine is the hub is admitted as a strong man. Robby mentioned that this is maybe one of the strongest characters always got a lot of competition, but he knows who he is. He knows what's important and he wants to pass that on to the younger generation and one thing that really gets me in this, we don't see much today because everybody wants our money now. These guys have money but it does mean anything to they have integrity and strength that comes from that policy.

So many politicians and pastors falling.

Is there going for their strength and trying to control others rather than controlling themselves. That's absently beautiful when you think about the passage that that Andy wrote I may sleep well as I address and I'll John first John wrote it. Yeah, you think about that passage when you eat when you think about strength from man. It's what we think about it. In the Old Testament is very clearly David, who was wholehearted and any certainly stood against Goliath in knowing that epic battle, you know, where were we really see strength will wing it. When you study the Psalms. You can see that David got that from someplace in any any got it from Deuteronomy 6 is some great extent and if you read it around drunk. Deuteronomy 6 which is Sean Mann you know that whole idea that that the that the Jews pray all the time but look how many times it says teach your children and teach them what to love the Lord your God. And here's the here's the big thing that I'd missed for years. It says love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul all your strength.

That's what you always all translated it. Y'all Southerners, but the good news is, if you look closely you find out that that's the same word that David uses time again for whole so David translated that Deuteronomy 6 is love the Lord your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul, and with your soul whole strength and the idea of that is when you looked it hub in that you saw this man who was whole because it he was totally devoted to something right in in in in his integrity, and those kind of things that we just talked about.

Well when I was a young general manager and I got an opportunity to run actually the biggest door in the crown organization and the way that the dealership had been run as they had a service manager who had been in special forces. He is actually Green Beret captain, and if you went to his name is Troy Mills and if you went to the his office he would see this his name with the other Capt. bar still on it and 250 mm shells pointed right at Judith Dacey to get the picture in his Green Beret hanging on the corner. The thing over there so she didn't know that was Capt. Mills that you were talking to. You certainly had that serious very, very strong man, not unlike hub right there. He'd run off all these general managers to see Mark Strauch and so on my way to take this job because Troy draw some regional managers my boss) Nancy Sinatra and he had his voice like that you you gotta take control. You could be strong.

You gotta be the man you gotta show this man who's boss. Right. Okay okay resolutely tell your story so you tell me the story well me and my brother went back ride one time and when it when he was on his heart that got up on the bridge it reared up and back to their enemies, and I was like Jimmy control that my horse gotta show almost boss and switch hemorrhoids. You know, if you're so smart. You get up on his for short of you. Okay so Royce takes a mistake.

He gets a permit for that horse comes up on a bridge. He rears up really stinks ahead. This dickens will cross the head of the horse as a way Royce talked it was funny anyway you get the picture that he showed this course, it was boss story. I never forgot that story right so it one long after I came to work there. You know that Mike my new car manager was kind of limp on the sleeves name I won't mention his name is might be missing is ON anyway. Troy had them out there unloading the cars off the trucks which is something a lot boy would do. And like where's my new car manager now. Like always out there unloading worldly unloading the trucks and what you Troy Mills as mentors of get out there.

I said Zimmerman inherent don't get the showroom and you don't do your job just help people to buy cars so I knew I been sitting in my office and two minutes later Troy Mills comes in their because what you doing with a mean of Zimmerman not allowed Mike Mike do the new car manager does not load cars at this dealership. The new car manager sells cars that's what he does. This is a service department. Stop now. They now want to call Morgan Mama Horta man was like they put the crown henchmen that you know he thought he had semaphore authority or whatever and I was like Royce while you go call Morgan over there on the call Royce now the owner of the entire thing and we'll see who's running this dealership. If I'm in the dealership.

You better get out there and start unloading the car because I'm past the point now of you can let one your lot boys unloading cars you're going to go unload the car because you're going to find out who's boss here now. The remarkable thing about this story is this was the biggest turnaround of a personality of anything I've ever seen in my life. Royce Mills became one of my main Troy Mills became one of my best friends and the guy became unbelievably helpful in such a servant. Once he realized he was in charge crying and in in.

The idea is if once you're wholehearted and you know you have legitimate authority and you've been given.

Like here you are.

This is the deal and you can be wholehearted and in that wholehearted come strengths we come back and talk more about his lack of mate. This is my friend Jim.

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I this assumes my skin turn in here with my son Eli. We talked about ways he held his ministry only, that you go to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine email something to PO Box 550 92728 and probably okay and picked at that moment now. Are you thinking that you process that centered around the dead air. This never to place them on the radio. Now that's a man who knows though my thought it was I couldn't really find anything I wanted to just really speak to strength but to me, my mind always went to just a simplicity, just a contentless knowing who you are is a man in that song the simple man is, you know, really, from the course. There is a verse snow really speaks to just a mom how she is given guidance to her son about the priorities of life as essentially it and really that's what were talking about is really the priorities of life which obviously is is our relationship with God in the state, but you get spiritual strength from that but I believe that God doesn't make it too difficult fourth.

It's a simple way of life. If it takes some effort it takes an effort to define that strength and ambit. It's it is a simple life surrounding you picked a clip from a movie we've never I don't think with it that apparently there's lots of these movies fast and furious that we didn't pick one from passengers 12345 and I know what I forget where you're at now. They mandate I went and looked it up just to find out how many have been of the date of these movies have they done it done a lot more with all kinds of different names are been branches and branches of different movies so I wanted reasons that you picked this was it had a woman involved in you love that part will. It was very yeah because that I sought out there that will let me see what's in this clip and then is like this is one that I had seen before, because I've seen these fast and furious stop at different times and who knows which one about ordering out gives what goes on these movies is that the bad guys stealing cars in the very first one it's always a lot of action stealing cars. Cars flip and flying all over the place and the a lot of excitement but they're really good guys we still cars we don't hurt people, but we still cars and then the economy furious. I know there fast there there fast and the furious excelling in all its so and you got the cop is trying to take him down, but then finds out there's really worse people than he becomes a part of himself do this whole saga you got the cop becomes a part of the gang.

Let's say in what happens is the leader of the gang. He loses his girlfriend. They think she's dead and some work to run through five. So now here they are number six and this picture shows up to the leader and he sees a picture ever and in the middle is clip will hand that picture over and then that's when he says basically they're messing with your mind because he's like this. What cops always do. But this is this playing out and you'll see some strength come in. They are strong men, that they also need a strong woman to end up basically confirming who they are to legitimize what they're about to do and thank you Rodney for making me feel so much better about my rambling set up earlier this latest just doesn't feel like babies because you don't realize how much you appreciate something until somebody takes away everything so much for recognizing this was taken a week ago.

The phonetic security service costs.

Time is exactly what cops do this with you. That is an easymost of the really is right for family, the woman involved in a clip is leaders brother who ends up on further cop than they are now married and so it's all point family right and that's again that's where were the strongest war with the family of God with our brothers and sisters. That's more the stronger sets were he does the most work through and of his people in us to help us to lead us to show us examples to make sure that if we get off the beaten path some laser to chastise. Make sure you stay on don't lock down the wrong path for me. We do it with each other.

We you guys of shared wonderful stories handed last week about Darren and how much he helped him through a very rough patch and that's what were here for two duets were called to do with each other. Yeah, I think when I think of strength.

I really think I think of masculinity. That's what God intended for man to bring was his strength and in that you know it's it's it's important that we just remember that you know that masculinity is bestowed. If not, it has its called from others, but it's bestowed from other men. It's not bestowed from a woman or you know whatever, it's just that women are involved, they are late. They play a part in it, but it actually masculinity you know I mean, a man has to teach a man handle to be a man and that's coming. God know he created male and female he knows that meant man's heart.

The masculine hardening knows how to do to train that heart, but he also puts other men in the lives and that's so important to all this, my strength would not be where it was without you guys is a band of brothers and other brothers that speak in my life and others.

A whole network that God is interwoven for you and one of the hard things is to let go of control and let him lead and let these other men walk and speak into your life and actually have some say so in the listening to them intently, and honestly and really trying to take then because I ran into many, many of the church are you guys are others that you know speak some great things in. There's been times in my life right just exit would frequent ads to listen to you. I'd like to think I'm listening better now. You know, listening more understanding who has good wisdom and whom may not end times that something is a really beautiful thing in the word strength in the Hebrew version.

When you go to look at that word which invention makes reference to his headstock and when you look at that were the reason why here that this is sounded and that has octaves because that's design and that the head is ahead and so you got this idea of clearly it's how you reflect God's glory.

It's in other words, it's a unique like your special sauce like to be Patty special sauce lettuce cheese so that that Zion is clearly it's in interestingly it's a female energy that is reflecting the male energy that is actually coming off Christ. So it's coming from Christ is being reflected back to God. And it's yours and it's yours uniquely and that's in that head and then when you act when you add design you you see your Gartner like a double portion of this sort, so to speak, which is also what you plow with and then the last letter is is is sort like this where you find the word holy and it's almost like there's his hidden goodness in their almost like a pregnant person that's in there that's that. You gotta go crack open in order to get out of the husk in order to find them and that's your identity now if you knew Nikita Karloff. You might know that he was the Russian nightmare and had a signature move. It was called the Russian signaling's see sickle sickle at the Russian signal and and and so the question is what you know what is your signature move. In fact I can remember working on my very signature because that made me very unique and so you know what is it that actually God gave me that the I talked to Jim yet. He loves to play them the game risk. I said I bet you got a signature move and risk and you don't do you do don't you check out and it hit me immediately when you mentioned at and so what is it that when you go to this. Maybe it's a fishing lure that's your favorite or or maybe it's it's away at particular golf club that you can hit well, whatever it is it's your signature card is something that you do and you know as soon as you pull it out of the bag.

This this this this is this is the work of this is can I go so in this clip that a player's maverick in the in the movie up Top Gun is got the signature mover he hits the brakes on this plane and everybody in the movie except the guy sitting in the second seat knows that when he hits the brakes that is not to be good for the Russians here and so here know you're probably left it.

What but what you hear is he's going to go to a signature move here and and and when he does when they say/4 that's making hit my water and you can kinda see to me you know what a beautiful thing you you know what it felt like when you called that signature move out and end there are in fact it is the way that you reflect God, and strength 110 miles brakes on my right. The remaining reply. I would say jeers had a chance to listen all this on strength probably seen more strength in all of us are combined, so Harold, what's your wisdom or to give you the last minute. I think it was development signature move if you will learn about court is more like a ping-pong software spent on their politics and drastic jump to the right or left away from the person trying to hit it and if I hit it right.

It's winter a gallon so developing the what's your God signature move right what is that look like and how do you develop that and what a fun thing to think about is you know your own very own in a Russian sickle God style.

What is it look like that. We got that big government up got after hours.

If you go to the website you go to the podcast to hear him talk about each of these guys signature move is when we come back in the after hours estate to get somewhat more come on strength. This is the Truth Network

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