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Rise of the Sage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 31, 2021 12:30 pm

Rise of the Sage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 31, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are celebrating Harold's 80th birthday, as well as share their stories on the positive effect he's had on their lives. The clips are from the "Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," and "The Lion King." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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The Masculine Journey
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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes.

We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man is upgrading with your wife doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey all the time to clear my throat and instilled in working with you and I know you know you sent me thinking of him to go welcome imaginary again. Yeah I was trying so Robbie and Andy are here today Robbie sacrificing up applauding incidents can be a more free-flowing show better points made. Also things that Robbie said that you have to be tonight. I'm sure he's just dreading it. Being at the beach and Andy had to work.

He was really Candace when he had to work but then I found out he was at the BMW driving experience for work that that really count when you want up from the beach.

Yeah, you're really doing something. Yeah, I'd like to go to work and they told me what he was doing. Like really handy at summer you drive a car really fast with bunch people and have fun. Okay that's number but you know we have a very important eve today and this is Rodney. It's that next minute he can tell that he sat next to me reason Robbie shares so by calling Robbie. I really do mean Rodney Cerrone what's important eve that were celebrating that would be Harold leave early.

That's right so you explain Hark the Herald Angels Sing tomorrow on his 80th birthday. Yeah yeah so you congratulations Harold you know you get your birthday coming up. Thank you very much. Thank you is in honor of your birthday. Would you just tell us what the topic of the show is tonight while the topic is something that I actually have a mathematical equation in one of my Bibles with this topic is hope in my equation is hope equals desire plus expectation because if you remove either one of those you don't truly have hope is an example, I once had the desire to be 6 feet tall. However, there was no expectation that someone five, six or seven would ever be 6 feet tall. Therefore I had no hope, that's great. I am sorry I took a 9 inches. That would've gotten you showoff that was such a great intro to that topic. I really wished we were doing that topic tonight but were not writing what topic are we doing tonight will Harold. We pulled another little switcheroo Anya yeah so our show tonight in lieu of you reaching your 80th birthday is the rise of the sage so you have risen to the top.

You are definitely are sage so we really do a show based on the sage and based upon you. So that's the topic for today so words can have the kind chime in if you want that setback and kinda listen to what we want to kind of put together in honor of you for your birthday and how much you mean well that's great. I have felt for quite some time.

Love exist in this group, especially for me, and this proves it even greater and so we need this earlier and said you were going to be here today, like guys you got a dozen links and well I didn't know I didn't want not to be here, but I did have some family visitors in thought that I probably should stay home with the Griswold's and is like all in all give me out here, get out of here I will be forgiven, especially when they find out what you guys have done for me.

Good work so hard on your sort of start we had a bunch of clips as well.

Got some different codes of the gym and I both chose because we both have different takes on the clip and so this clip is from the Lord of the rings that's in the first movie the Fellowship of the Ring and this is when they are lost and Jimmy can probably tell me in the cave there in Mordor Mordor. It's the minds of something yeah it's what binds what where the doors used to live in so they're caught therein and in this in this clip you got Frodo see something and ends up being goblin the things been chasing after them for the rings and then you have this interchange between him and Gandalf and then come back and talk about his son is as soon as soon as we both in the picture separately. Not knowing other pictures to let you talk about waiting for focused.

Additionally, on the wish that this wasn't the time I was in this time that really hit me because we often are there. Taking it the whole thing in perspective this is a wise sage telling Frodo not to deal in death that the deal in judgment. That's a word we all need to hear what how many people do you know that currently are wishing now I wish I was the corral now because of this that the other more than ever in my life and it's not what we wish could happen in our lives that's important is what we do with the time that we have that really struck home with me thinks I am going to listen. I was listening to how Gandalf responded to Frodo right furthest living in chaos. He really doesn't know what's going on hasn't lived as much life as Gandalf. You literally is Gandalf at this point you know he is not really a king but is more of a sage to the friends and and so he's now advising kings at this point in his his life and for me when I thought about this. The sage takes that chaos and brings context to ready help see the bigger picture yes draws out by asking questions he draws out by speaking very little bit when he does speak is very powerful and it reminded me of you right because you listen quite well.

Janik average Tuesday. We were all talking after the show is not a lot you typically save your always listening to what's going on and we need to have something to say. It's really relevant and has a lot of context for us and so when I listen that clip. I thought about you from the standpoint of you help bring that context and clarity to the chaos because inasmuch as we joke with you for having seen a lot of years you have seen a lot of years and that brings a lot of wisdom with it. When you let it.

And you let that happen in your life. And so we get to be the benefactor Sharon well was last week as owner last week. This couple weeks ago I told Harold as he was approaching this when I told my mother when she turned baby is that we can't coldly molded anymore. It's now venerable and I pulled up the definition of it. It's recorded a great deal of respect especially because of age, wisdom or character and our buddy over there. Harold has all three is also the English and is okay and Anglican church title given to an arch demon that's weird is a Archdeacon thank you for the correction deliver the contacts there. So thank you for clarifying that Harold you need to bring it to our group is very grateful for you doing that you know and in. You have always grateful you're willing to jump in wherever we need help you.

I didn't tell you as you have you opened the show right but just I ask you need is is that] that's what we need to just jump in any help with what we need and and and that's greatly appreciated you to have that perspective you know you I was a little concerned when I called to say hey we really need to come to the shahada you'd want you trust me a little bit and asked me why but you never really did. I decide it's important in your reply to me was a mama lamp either.

Yeah well I wanted to be here eight times that I have to Ms. and hopefully there will be few and far between. Such a special group and so few people have when you have it you don't want to lose you don't want to go without it is just extremely important. It's funny, I was telling when the guys work this week about you know what we were doing in on in each 32 I think anything if a friend that's gonna be 80 it's possible to refer. Is this a way that's a different ages idea. It really is you that is against the really easily because his people in our group, and you know you know we had one before that was any is a bit older and unites it as you get older age is not what brings you together in continuity purposes, desire, love other things, bringing together I think I would tell people that one of the things that you try to stay as young between the ears. As you can because it makes a big difference.

Most people don't realize that almost 80, especially when I'm playing pickle ball. There was a lady that had observed me this was a few months ago and she said when he walks out to the court. He does his Tim Conway shuffle but said once these game starts, he's all over the place and few people understand how quick I am willing to say as much of the hard times we give you none of us and stepped up the plate to offer to play against a guy with you going to break the mask register for the upcoming boot camp is coming up November 18 through the 21st will talk to you after the break. What if one weekend wasn't a cow and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge's wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18-21 masculine and register today.

I this assumes mask and your name here with my son Eli talked about ways he smiled at him and Information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 552 728 but the was actually for you as well right is their target heroes. Your people recognize heroes what they are. But when investing a sacrifice for other people, their hero in somebody's life right in any do that with us and so we were very grateful for that month is actually geared toward you as well that what I heard and there was about size come in all shapes and sizes, that is inclusive. You know, big, little, all the extreme set up this clip Sam talk about size and am thinking of sage and thinking of size and thinking of us to pick sure sage in Harold Mike. The mirror image is Yoda you have a cane yet, but no, you guys are you know basically the same age know your about the same high you speak you know when you do this by seamlessly and when you do speak, people listen, Gil EF Hutton commercials you know and it's one of those things were. As I is just not quite your peers are quite as pointy as you know you keep working on it sharpening down a little bit and I get there yeah I'm still missing the encouraging partner. Yoda didn't speak very well in in conjunction with different things you say he didn't speak well didn't speak well normal, but I guess is probably good. Normal. He is not here he is wise he is so so so we have a lot of Yoda impersonations going on around here have any good ones will. Harold probably will yes on this on this clip you got so there I got a couple of them.

We might get chancy later, but this one was with Luke and so Luke as we know he goes the become a Jedi seeks out Yoda knees out wherever he's at in this remote planet far far away were no windows revealed. Is that right.

The force leads in there, so he's so loose me doing some training he's been levitating rocks and making some things move in any also not you need to know start squealing online and in yellow loose on understands and becomes run overseas is excellent fighter going down into the what you call it the swamp gas but also it's underwater and he's like a man will never get that out in Yoda kinda Basie chides him and tries to coach him through trying to get the fighter back out. So that's what this scene is right here. This wrong one. So I gave the wrong one you go to the other one except two of you. Yep okay now you you you stones around is linking this different different thinking and try do not try size you where you is just so much in the clip that you know I thought about it for this for the somebody's resisted earlier to come even go there, but it was just a lot of things that are in the clip, you know, you must learn what you've learned in Harold. I can't even imagine you and I picture this, all the times I love the scene you're mad you're in your office in kicking a box around in your office I want to be the fly on that wall. I want to be there for that. That is one of the funniest things I can picture that because of things that I have done kicked around and ticked off. I just haven't done it at work yellow locked behind a locked door at all or nothing, but I haven't done that I did not too long ago because were always on headphones these days gives rise on some kind of call. You know could sit next to each other. I remember one day I just I just took the headphones off and their wireless nights flowing across the room on the only one in his big mezzanine sitting up there in one of the Guyana room that was, not too far away, as one handles what was that was my headphones flight across room but you have overcome because I would not know any of that road rage notice of the stuff that you've talked about that anger issues you don't have it you have unlearned and relearn how to be because of also when were talking and that clip you start to get to the parts of you know you're you're very precise.

A lot of times in your words, you don't go on and on like I'm doing now you just talking you say the words that come out in their spot on in their in context in three or four words you can say what takes us. You know an hour to get to get around beat around the bush family, get to. I love that about you and then back at the end ways like this, you do not believe Luke you believe there is no doubt that you believe in you believe in the Lord Almighty. You believe that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, and he's there on your behalf right now and tell you it's beautiful to watch you walk in that hell you inspire us all. Thank I guess what I would say is that it took the efforts of the Holy Spirit to give me rid of a lot of that anger and frustration. Then thing that would cause me to scream at other drivers but yeah I'm different now, and it's more do you think the Holy Spirit than it is to the fact that I made. Yeah, I understand. I was at the Holy Spirit through GN Holy Spirit, I am just wondering that's all I think he is daily of a cliff you like yeah this is from the lion King in it's where I came over the names but the monkey is explaining to Simba is that Rafiki, Rafiki yeah I knew that something that he's complaining Simba is complaining about in the way of life is golden all the problems he's having an alien thinking critically because it will stick in this what you do have foisted on matters in the past eight here again any duct. Nice to see you learn from and and but the Porter that is that the politically's teleworker appointment played anyway. It will get a peculiar yeah looks like the Windsor changing change is good but it's not easy. I know I have to do. Going back, means I have to face my running from the facility for candidate still hurts will yes the past can I see it, you can run from it all. You going to do first take a stick root for Auburn. Their flag on the what I think about sages in my life. And did you become one of those I've known you for little over a year now and that usually the wisdom I hereby talked about it that age brings in an experience brings and usually people have a unique way of passing it on to somebody because I have needed lots of guidance in my life and it's not always a comfortable conversation. Usually that one was not but but someone able to speak into someone's life like you are Harold that impact like lately hasn't talked about and you you perk up and you pay attention you you your name could have been EF Hutton.

When when you tell people listen. And there's always wisdom there's always there some humor and and I appreciate you.

I don't know what this dynamic would be without are Harold and we do give you a hard time about being old and I was thinking earlier with with the King Arthur sword. You probably held the original book from the Stone Age out of the stone in your daily but yet that I do appreciate that there is that element about you and I am enjoying deepening our friendship thanks to way knowing we got a couple minutes here last week. Mr. clip missed a really important that we should've got so you and tell us a little bit about the clip that we should've put in this this group yes secondhand Lions sitting in any discussions you're out on the 123 in secondhand Lions, one of the and actually watch this today which was amazing, we got work, but the best part of that movie is when the two men go into the restaurant bar. Whatever with their grandson, and a group of boys come in young teenagers and 20-year-olds or whatever and they come in and in their hassling everyone and that the older gentleman in them in the movie SRL member their names and the hub of McKeon.

He lived an amazing life and in one of the greatest things about him was he knew who you know that this this young man comes up tone and is messing with him and he really think you are grafted by the threatening he lays out the one of the one of the things he said, running truest me whenever I think of Harold is a he city he loved. One woman with with the with the effort to flee like you could never understand.

And that's what I see in Harold and that's when the greatest things I see it in the way that he loves his wife that the low to get he has the way that you know when you talk about EE Dishon you light up that's that's the one time when I see little emotion and you Harold on the ricin counsel down there, You will see that clip passing Harold and maybe his wife show judicial from time to time. Any really have a talk with her. The it in for the longest time you confuse me because ecology in any car. Susie and I like I'm really confused here. I don't know who you talk about if Kelly can help you explain that story to the camp. It's November 18-21 get a masculine to register continuing after hours talking about our friend Harold and us agent is to listen talked about sages in general delivery. Listen that you get that a mask and and any podcast outlet talking next week.

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