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Redemption Through Pain

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 3, 2021 12:30 pm

Redemption Through Pain

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 3, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss redemption through pain. The clips are from movies "Pain and Gain," "The Shack," "and a clip from the band "The Eagles." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris choose what we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man is a grieving with your wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. We are delighted that you are listening today on what I know. It seems not there to tell you but he is here to tell you that to tell me that something Eve Jim it's something Eve something, something, it's July 3. There you go. It is my daughter Mariah's birthday Eve, because she is in fact miss independence. I'm telling you that I did not, but actually independence even actually have sort of a topic along these lines, only Jim. The topic today is painful and it is redemption through pain that was something that hit me last weekend I offered it up and this might be the last show I ever get to leave because I really struggle painful for me was finding a clip and almost had one from morning Fourth of July but it just wouldn't fly well and that the concept to still fear that if it had not been for the pain of what the British brought on the colonists and then not leaning in that pain and want to do some about it in an then we would never form a country the Declaration of Independence for the been signed. The Broadway play Hamilton with a never been a hit. My granddaughter is listen. The watch that play on whatever on Disney like over 27 times and she can tell you more about the early history than you can possibly imagine of what the Collins letter.

So with that in mind Jim, you have a clip.

I do have a clip we are going to the rock for the beginning and the rock is going be talking about Iraq. This is from a totally awful movie amounting I give you the name of it but this is a character who has because of cocaine addiction he got in trouble with the law got arrested went to jail came out good and get a job and really difficult time and this is where he goes with that though I haven't rhymes with rabbit as your whole life disappears down on the money now while you grow long sensitive ears to better hear the sound of sirens coming for you. Lucky for me I got saved saving all God's creatures with my special mission know the son of God knew how to just say no. I guess you could say he's my role model. In this movie he goes from bad to worse. But he did find Jesus in jail and all the pain that we go through is nothing compared to the pain that brought out redemption that tonight we are going to talk about Jesus is paying than what he went through on our behalf, but more about how we deal with pain where we need to take Diane in our discussion prior to the shower talks about how there's a lot of different ways. It pain can come on you like in the 16th Psalm.

I think it's a beautiful way as it says the King David put it in of the sorrows of those who chase after God's other gods will be multiplied. In other words God so loves you that he allows you this pain.

In order to bring you to the point where you can't take it anymore and you look for something in order to to get some resolution which is to push into that pain and get it but that's self-inflicted, but is now is that why isn't Singh knowing there's lots of things are going to come at you over the years and a lot of my pain has been self-inflicted, but there's also been decisions that others have made absent of of my input that that causes pain to me as well. You know, and I think that's everybody story that in the world throws things at it.

It's very painful.

The people in your life. Your loved ones because of pain.

Now you can't be in a relationship with having some level of pain involved at some point as part of that whole growing process and so yeah that there is an abundance of pain out there to sort your when we talk last a member last week Jim saying something about him being condemning of his wife because of their love there so closer so tight right you get this great relationship and what happens is the littlest thing then can be condemning all you know from someone you love. And I think that's where a lot of our stories are is where is the pain that I'm causing, and loved ones or loved ones are causing Amicus were so closer so tight that you sometimes feel like all you can say things or do things when really know that is.

It's not comfortable to go there and say those things and then we try to hide it so it doesn't bother us and then people could continue to pick up that and just keep opening ASCAP again and sometimes it becomes were you just yell and scream and you that all your pain out and that's not what we want. We want you to be able to talk openly and honestly with those discussions so that you can work through that pain that starting their before it becomes biggest that's my specialty. I let the little things become big things. So my friend Mike Swick as he was doing the show I heard them do this and it was so good. I think it fits this topic. So welcome anything about flipping 310 and when you hear the beginning of his first you like yeah I'm in MN because it says that I may know him right doesn't want to know in no doesn't want to know Jesus in the power of his resurrection.

I'm in MN and the fellowship of his sufferings loops I see the hand started to slip down in the audit being conformed to his dad what it you know. In other words, while there's a lot in that verse. Jim and light.

Really there isn't going back to this being the eve of July 4. We are truly blessed in this country. But that blessing can almost be a curse because we avoid paying like no nobodies business. I don't want to hurt.

I heard Samsonite before the show. He doesn't want to hurt none of us want to be in pain, but we really the only hell will ever know is in this lifetime. And if we can't suffer here.

We know Jesus were target a suffer.

We won't ever really understand what suffering is about the verse of Jim and Deacon finished, I was given say was, you know, without pain, we wouldn't be able to avoid certain things item and the reason I don't stick my hand on a hot stove and leave it there is because it hurts and pain causes action right it's meant to cause action. It doesn't always cause action immense because it's meant to cause action Ray and sometimes we just stay in the midst of the pain and don't move into the action stage or you can take a bad action or just make it worse. There's a lot of people take something instead of going on the redemption side and going towards Christ. Go now I'm in a go full and the other way. I want to go. Let's meet my return yeah go ahead man.

I can take this.

I'll show you and Derek Derek try to be in complete control themselves and assess complete failure. One of the things that I really wanted to look at is how, especially in the US it's other places too. But we look at we been redeemed through the pain.

Jesus Christ went through so now were to have nothing but blessings, but we don't realize many of those blessings are going to pay one of verses that looked at in this and really was part of the inspiration is when Saul is converted and he is well. He's not told but it is said about him, for I will show him.

Paul how much he must suffer for my namesake and how many of us really want to jump into that suffering were called were not necessarily called into it, but really have it and how we deal with it is part of our redemption process where Wayne is in Virginia so what's a you know what to Virginia inside of this argument way that you were going to vent their pain will lead goal. The pain driver realized that you need never let never been in the redemption. Knowing our father and it required in this life you will absolutely you will have tribulation, so Sam you've got a clip from the Eagles and existing like I had yeah it it's a song pretty woman's uncle wasted time and I want you to listen to it that you listen to this person talking about somebody he knows stuck in a rut of behavior.

You know, and they wonder what if it's not wasted time and that is now and with that song you hear somebody that's kind of stuck in this right of decisions and behaviors, and I think that you are honest with ourselves, we tend to fall into the same pattern of choice whether that be in relationships with immune financial decisions that type of thing. Employment decisions would we tend to fall under the same rights and the problem is, it does become wasted time. If we don't let Jesus redeem and that's the whole thing is you know what you do with that pain that you obviously Don Henley singing about their is any get a take it to a place we can find redemption and healing. Yes, and this can be an interesting place. On the other side I find out how we can dive into that will have some stories along those lines, but also I want to think about that boot camp that's coming up so we before Thanksgiving, parties, and remember that in November you got a masculine and register today little really look forward to seeing you there and he knows, maybe we can even causing some pain resituate their parents often. What if one weekend wasn't up to you now and God would orchestrate it all.

Turning basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors the kingdom they stand on average is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart, Coming up November 18 21st masculine and register today. By the same messenger name here with my son Eli. We talked about ways he held his ministry only, Information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button they can get a masculine and find the masculine to mail something in malic to PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 2728 sedan ABC media so token leaving going through what that's all talking about last six months Waterloo had cancer. He died a couple weeks ago so we will also someone dear to us and so that that's all discount doubts about how is okay to fall apart and our family has had moments of just fallen apart last week is a bit you try. I try so hard to fight it back.

The pain be so great but it's okay. It's okay to bulbar same Proverbs better to be in the house of mourning the house of feasting and for those of us to walk with any through this have seen the incredible ways of God is come for your family for you and I think you was hard as it is free to talk about this might be a great time for you to share the story about which brother mounted 40 oh Empire. My struggle is not breaking up because dears I have this family cold that thereby running around some people call it coveted but then where will you yeah galaxy rich Iraqi citizen case, it is our will the law follow all begin to give away stuff long before he died.

And so he he'd given my loss of jewelry and after he passed. My brother-in-law told my wife his sister said that it made too many mistakes to be made one and I will correct it and he gave her a couple of his rings. One of the readings which is what they called his courting ring, is sister gave it to him back when he was dating my mother law as so Mike was ring like the following words rings are the kids were accustomed to seeing Natalie's finger well. My brother-in-law gave my wife and we got home at night and Alaska. And I said okay she says as she slips his ring on my finger and it's it's a perfect fit.

The right size and she says I'm used to see in this regal stroma insight.

She said now as were below that obviously she says you pass it on to our son. When you pass and you did. The interesting part of that is we talk about this around here is that you always wonder, do I have what it takes.

And that was my wife saying you have what it takes. Absolutely amazing and that the very thing Jim out and I give them many funerals right and and and I and I really think you know when I lost my parents. I can never remember a place for my faith was more important to me. Like to know that you know, see my dad again limited to see me, not because they were again believers and I believe there in heaven and and so you know this is for your River meets the road, so to speak like it through the pain of that you realize the beauty of the internal life right at and you know it is the course.

The older I get to realize like Jim is just loaded.

Mama went and Harold is an old basically and give me a moment longer be right there right temporal profanity crashes flying right this minute in Charlotte so Roby, Lansing. We have such a short time Peter that if we have the eternal perspective, any pain we go through here is inconsequential. But if we don't, and we think this is all we've got.

I can imagine losing my father, my mother, the people that lost my life. Your father-in-law, what does it feel like if you don't know there's redemption through that pain.

It's horrible. If we have the amount of time that's reasonable lead-in to the eye and having a gym topic without a shack clip had passed as not to fight it out. Whatever you look at this this is Max talking to God and in the shadow in the interest at the shack met its actually there in the woods somewhere and semantically. In this case is not the woman God is an Indian that's true, he's God of marinated American ski PC is a wonderful representation for God, but it is.

This is a guy that is had his daughter murdered horrible way and he's dealing with that pain why he didn't have his daughter murdered hated him because that is not a laugh out of it. As for the guidelines now have a laugh that it confuses me is likely that his daughter murdered the fact that I just, I guess I still dwelling about other awful this is a good web and really is a matter of the has lost his daughter, murdered, and he's having trouble dealing with that pain and the anger that comes from Mac.

The pain inside robbing you and Julian gripping your capacity to love step because you can't stop because you won't have to do this with you just say it out loud as you push thousand 10 easier it will yeah so just like when we played this before the show we jumps out to me is it's a matter of will or will or God's will in your will, you just going to try to fight and fight and just do everything you can.

Maybe just go hide maybe just yard and a sulk, but things growing you made your gonna go off and just almost forget about it. I wanted Marriott somewhere and I was gonna run off and it's going to come back up. The only way this gets buried rightly is with Jesus. And if you're not running to him in following his will. Just like if you're saying man I don't feel like praying today.

I don't feel like doing my Bible study those of the things of the first things you should hit you as the big red light going off. We talked about gauges and warning lights is the red light on there that says stop all over do it when you feel like you don't want to be with Jesus or be around him are take time for God the time you have to stop and enter in your relationship with God because he's wanting to bring you out of it go into relationships that were you know other people are hurting, just like you are in grab you some great stories about people hurting and things like that on your shows here in the recent past that how they got through it was entering in and helping and working through things that you would think were impossible to with Jesus. It's it's all possible with us. It is impossible if we are in a position where were landing our emotions drive us. It's like it's the same as being a position or letting our pain drive us. We have the warning there. And God has given us pain. God is given us emotions these things so that we will have the engine light that's flashing us. That isn't what fixes the problem. Our emotional problems sire spiritual problems are physical problems. We take him to God and we accept what he gives us and sometimes we have to work through the pain of her lifetime, and other times he'll leave the subject, but we if we do not expect to receive his very best in whatever position wherein then were focusing on ourselves somewhere in trouble at the end of route 1 of the things it in a sand spoke to and I want to get back to his.

Some areas of our life. We know that out here we are again, God and having this discussion to get my finances with an we don't want to push into the pain of we know that there are some agreements there's some stuff that we've got inside of that, we've got old wounds that need to be dealt with and the pain is what's keeping us from diving into actually getting healing which is what brings the redemption rights and yet is that no one wants to go through payments. I'm sure there's somebody out there that wants to go through pain but most people I know don't want to do it everything you can to avoid it inhibited the realization a rev. Even her boot camp and and God brings up a wound. There's a tendency to say, do I really want to go through what it's gonna take to get to the healing. On the other side answers yes the student to step into the attic entering into you get a say okay I'm in a walk with you.

God through it but it still not always easy to step into that place because you know you gotta go through the pain to get to the other side to the restoration of the healing and the stuff your heart really desires, and Jesus even said take this Right Wayne and and you want I know you wanted to speak to that year it has been painful and mention your friend about a month and half and just didn't hear them balling.

I was on the backside of that and the only word that I could get out painful. It's hard work and interest in an absolute we got to see very shortly thereafter. You know what a delight it is to watch people come into that healing and wants without this in semi-different ways and the choice of being part of this journey and after our show. If you think we have these stories we got more to come. We got all sorts of interesting things you don't want to miss out on. Believe me, that's going to come up to me after hours.

Get a list of the podcast go to mass concerning mass Melissa podcast register for the big camp at all at stuff coming at you.

Thank you so much for list and we had so much fun today messenger. This is the Truth Network

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