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Disciplined by the World

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 19, 2021 12:30 pm

Disciplined by the World

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 19, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss the types of messages the world is sending us. The clips are from a Burger King commercial, "The Chronicles of Narnia," and a clip from Will Ferrell. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes.

We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are glad that you're with. This week you were doing if follow-up to your show last weekend this week at your show last weekend this week, so it's really kinda cool. No let up everybody so blessed what it's not myself. It's as though Sandy said as the game we play really well last week it was actually your show and so were working doing a second part of that in a little bit different directions. So you tell us a little bit about last week show so last week you know thing of the week before that I'd I just said woke up at night late and you not just sometimes I hear things from God. And I do and it was this like it. He got me thinking just about what my life was like. Since trying to decide be a disciple of more of a focus on the heart than just a disciple of actions or the flash or just you know I don't know. It's there's a lot that I learned early my Christian life about following following God and in being his disciple, but there's a lot I didn't learn. There's things that we just don't become aware of in our life just by osmosis. Sometimes we have to go through experiences or things that put us in positions to where we need to really get deeper and I felt like that's kind of where I was, that that's what you know what was on my heart to share is what would the discipleship look like before you know before you what you been walking with God. But then whenever you get in the art message and and really talking about what was like to be a disciple and taken action more in a relationship with Jesus instead of just following a bunch of rules and again I had a relationship with Jesus all along.

There's just things you're not aware of and that you can follow him closer. Whatever you been through an experience you have that experience to build on. You know that you been wounded and he healed those wounds. When as you go through those things. You can become a true disciple. I feel like of Jesus as you and I have a better understanding what it looks like. Thanks for listening, just a little long-winded that I was grading the eye II think one thing that to say is when you look back at the disciples when they walked with Jesus right they didn't walk in a way that paralleled the world right they did things were really very different than the right. The world of their day was the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and in the rules and yes they knew the Scripture, but they didn't know Jesus and they didn't know him, obviously intimately, I didn't even recognize who he was or if they did, they didn't admit it in on so when the disciples walked with Jesus. They were at opposite the world, which kinda brings us to today's topic of whether the message is the world's sending to us writers are constantly sending to is mostly in advertising, but just TV shows just anything you can list social media of all sorts. It's constantly bombarded with messages and so is messages of the world typically don't align with what God wants for us. And so what are some of the messages of the world. That's the counseling bombarded with and have been for our whole lives. Maybe not heralds because before TV, radio and stuff, but not hard to do that with the tablets with the amount and everything that you have the anti-the first clip is yours if you tousled about this first clip, so remind me what it will tell. I was so into what famous saying that now so I know what Sam was talking but I think as a society we see a lot now. We really have a tendency are our advertisers get our attention, and so you know what what the message that's been out there. This came from the 70s show on your commercial just based on no.

The idea that things are pretty darn good here on this earth which I think the animal would love for us to believe there's nothing else but this world you live to those feelings as dictates of of whatever makes me feel good to get here because when I die, that's it.

And that really causes society to come and give them away to welfare "poking fun at an old advertisement that said, which is on the lucky beers thing it is again. But yes, it will go ahead and listen to old Milwaukee just doesn't get any better than this. Ensure that the moment my first child was born I was never forget the time I saw the Grand Canyon know you know what I think back, it just doesn't get any better than those things are meaningless. Go ahead and open just doesn't get any better than what's in the contents of this team and as a way to try That fame wasn't quick on the draw you there. It was just cut it off, but that's the whole point is you know all these good things agog. But in our lives. The enemy can make us feel like we're not getting what we want or or that the things again of this world really do satisfy our heart. But really they don't. They really do satisfy the flesh is think about this this topic and you can go back and leased from historical look back and I wasn't around at that time, but when you had the greatest generation and you have a lot of that it was very, much about what's best for everyone. Right. That's kinda what you hear from World War I World War II. It was what's best for everyone. And somewhere along the way it started to shift and for me that started with another advertisement. It was with a Burger King commercial and some gameplay that it's in the field a lot more than like a minute but it's only a minute, I promise. In order come back and talk about weight loss is weighted longer than 30 seconds. It would've been just as effective. I was working at McDonald's the late 70s and so this would came out in 74 when I looked it up and so was working at McDonald's late 70s and it was a big deal when you work McDonald's. There was no messing with her formula. If someone came through drive through, you know, they would say hey we want to get our hamburger without pickles. The answer is no. Outcomes of pickles right. It had been that way and so Burger King went right at that with this advertisement would in my mind what they started doing was saying okay what you want is more important than anything else right in society. Just continue down that trend and nothing Burger King probably started it in my life.

That's the first I really remember of something to say and look, it's all about you.

It doesn't matter about anything else. It's just only about you. You're the center of the universe I and so some of that the stuff that we can talk about is some of the messages that the enemy in the world keep sending right.

The world is a tool the enemy uses to disciple us in his own way to get us to think the way he wants us to think whether that be on advertising, social media TV shows, whatever it may be.

It's a constant been to get you to come to a point where you are in alignment with the thinking of the enemy is a Christian card.

I was thinking tonight as I was listening to my brothers. I need to come up with a jingle for the for the right road right now is something that would rhyme so beautifully like Burger King when we're driving wheat we believe the road is ours and the people that are going slower. Those are idiots going faster or maniacs.

In the end, but it is. It's part of the entitlement like man and I'm not any different than anybody sitting here, I believe, is my family will quickly tell you that that somehow or another you know that's a place where it really just shows up in your own life. Like how you feel you have driving from these absolute worst yeah I have commentary rolling commentary, thereby that's in front of me.

I think just about lesser same speed. I want to go in under some type of commentary going, you know, I think the this continued to escalate a member when I was laying Little League as a kid growing up when you want to be the champion every year you get a championship and someone wanted and they were the only ones get trophies are excellent right you had to win the championship to get a trophy and I still about a month ago, one of guys they grew up with. Send me a picture back of Little League your back when I was playing in those years and I can still remember just that desire to want to win, impede, and play Arden and all the unit I think well-meaning people came on so that everybody needs a trophy with the end of the day.

I don't think it is just lens into that entitlement know something people don't deserve a trophy for his trophic. I was thrilled on those rare occasions I have place ribbon swimming is that was an accomplishment that I know it into something's lost.

I think I think not only is it lost the victor over who is the one that one.

The victory form, but it's also lost on the ones I got to the participation ribbons or trophies to you know there's something lost their yes think that we have become a really competitive society and you think let's just get an adjustment for this, and thinking you know it probably was difficult for the kids out there are laws that may not result sorry things months we were now absolutely I was a part of the thing that's for sure.

But you know the thing is, people want to say okay what that's going to damage it. Give life, no just tell the kid to go do some different than the more gifted you know, yeah, or to practice harder that true back to the whole Michael Jordan you know that I'm talking right hand on going on the greatest, if not the greatest file go to masculine journey better register for the upcoming boot camp coming up November 18-21. It's the weekend before Thanksgiving. Register now. I run the break and come back and listen to what if one weekend wasn't up to go frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors and on average is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed in your masculine camp coming up November 18 21st masculine and register today. This is my son. We talked about ways he smiled at him as he

Information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 552 728 God must think that that's an interesting song. You know I was looking for something that's my bumps if you hated me is looking for something about entitled you and honestly that that's the thing that you see in society as everybody feels like to uniquely entitled in their own way right even me on the road right I don't care where you try to do.

You need to pull up to the sky can move so I can move into that kind of thing will have this entitlement mentality and was a pretty interesting song. Actually, I have to look up on my notes and who sang that not a minute but Jack White thinking it was just guitar and a violin fiddle with everyone call and away from and it was to listen to it on YouTube. It's got some pretty interesting lyrics, but it brings up the fabulous biblical point that you not just think about it that in Ephesians chapter 4 after Paul goes into Ephesians chapter 1 that your chosen before the beginning of world your special person.

He could be more special because you were chosen before the time began to be a son of God, something talk about entitled your your literally you know some of the king. But then he works on that till he gets tendered. Ephesians chapter 4, and he talks about. There is one in this whole idea of a cod, there is one God, one baptism, one Spirit, one body, and that that word a cod which I'm sure my friend Jim here would enjoy it means one but it comes with that. This process of nullification. In other words, I have to take away my position to realize that Jesus is the hero of the story that the kingdom is going to move forward is way more important than my individual position and ended terms of the larger story rather than the smaller story which is all what he was getting to it is this concept which is is really a beautiful thing because if you really think about it.

If you ever played on a team that truly was good that you know we when I was playing basketball as a kid you know we did when you know the championship and what that felt like was a team and that was a team you know I'm saying you didn't feel like there was two or three stars that you felt like that team was the team and it's a beautiful feeling to feel like that which is how we are to feel as we are one body was his thinking is you talking to that if anyone had the right to feel entitled, with Jesus all red. That's never in his behavior that's never that you see you read about it. It's not who he was right there.

He knew his identity, but they identity didn't elicit a strong he could've chosen to walk entitled, but he chose to walk humbly alongside of people as a servant.

What about big revelations in the Bible was covered never really says anything about life being fair. I think God is just, but no two of this have the same life for all unique in what respect we are entitled to be who we are and do the best we can with what we've got, but should I be as good-looking as Sam no I did make like that's it really is. The entitlement is that I gotta have it better than other people or something's wrong. And when people that have more and we look at them and within the it. We're assuming something about them. It's probably not true. The worst class of people I've encountered with drug problems have been in its issue that everybody can bay but it's what you do with what you've got now. I should have the same thing you have is this what happened to me. I can remember about two or three months ago we were sitting around the house when it one evening and I was just thinking why I'm actually not angry about anything. I'm not frustrated about it. I don't think I've injected. So why am I okay currently know it was like because it's so much a part of everything that you see TV news shows TV and TV shows, movies, social media, everything right. It's a part of it.

Today I seem like I should be angry about something all the time. Harold gives him house is going to say one of the things it seems to be current in our country today is if there's something this you're not happy about change it regardless of what it is. Choose your identity etc. so this mentality that we have course my problem is I'm sitting here next to the big Jim, I cannot make myself as tall as them, regardless of how bad I like tomato but there are things that we can change but this paperwork tall back mostly for the name. Actually, I would be a little bit taller than David, 5 feet tall as I was thinking you didn't bump your head and all that you sent on the Bethel problem is that we have to be satisfied with what is given us, and it took me a long time to realize that because I did not be in the short but I bet when you visit old Salem you don't walk away with half a concussion. Now something that there are disadvantages to make tall like it. We have a choice relied it's not really God made me and you are a spiritual giant like this is an advantage been most is when you get on the airplane that's true. I will go ahead and go to another.

This is from it's actually my clip but I need Robbie to set it up as ever, watch the movie. It's another CS Lewis Don try to restart at Edmund and Lucy and and and now you know they're in a position to get extreme power in there with Prince Caspian who is now finds himself in a conflict with Edmund and it's a beautiful thing that once again the younger, Lucy is like the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to these two who don't see how the world is as grass them when actually as you watch the movie unfold. These two become very very very close and certainly have a lot of admiration for John it was happening in the scene we pick it up is Edmonds realize that if he dips anything into this spring or this little pool of water turns to gold right he started to say okay well well what what can happen if I could take this with me out of Narnia. The lesson well known can't take anything out of Narnia since I did subject to challenge me, you got my self shy, you know you will. When you listen I clip you you you wanted I want to be judgmental of Edmund I deserve I deserve I deserve. But in reality I'm frustrated because it's it mirrors how I feel a lot of the time you know Robbie. We talk a lot about you. If something is not going right to you.

To lift up the hood and kinda see what's going on underneath him for me have really started to see when I get in this place.

I deserve it's a time to lift up the hood because I'm really following the way of the enemy.

I'm listening to the world and listen to the voices tell me that I deserve things that may be partially true. It's not wholly true right it's not totally true. And so it's a time to say okay what's really true us to hear God help me step into this and see what what I'm feeling when I'm feeling and what part of its true and what do I need to let go of and then how do I deal with the truth right and then I need you to disciple me to share to teach me on how to go through this writing that's only way you break that cycle because you get stuck in this we see society doing right now they're stuck in this. I deserve place at the idea was God will was designed to fill that hole right and so what he actually knows is that know what's going on is your you're trying to find him, to some extent, but you're going about it, and in all the wrong place and so to speak. And so the idea of being poor in spirit is being poor, needing his spirit not for needing the world spirit.

And so it's a trap and Lucy pointed out well yeah she doesn't need a break that cycle and I guess I would just answer each one of us and for the listeners. It's okay that help me to see those things that are my triggers maybe don't hear the words I deserve.

But I bet you had something similar right and of happen you the should you know whatever. Again, there may be a lot of truth in the situation, but he's going to try to spend that truth in a way that takes you away from God. I ended take that thing and say okay God had ice take this back toward you, my grace is sufficient as the centers we are doing really deserve. We have much better. We live in. We live in a microwave society that you popcorn faster is not fast enough right Really takes that long waiting in line at a fast food restaurant, a non-I'm just frustrated taking longer than I think it should really affect the circle of death on your computer.

You remember your dialect days just go back there. I got it back in for you this week. Baskin will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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