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Vulnerability With Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 15, 2021 12:30 pm

Vulnerability With Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 15, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This weeks show is about a topic some may not be comfortable with. The guys discuss vulnerability and being vulnerable. The clips are from "City Slickers," and "The King's Speech." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible.

$100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great inventor life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here. No welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you with us is given a rug and fill it incredibly vulnerable how fitting for a topic for this week. It couldn't be more so because in our programming became vulnerable on the second right is that we went on the November had you sit in the chair that was lower than me. If it is really really down talking to you earlier like licking your memory and low I'm with you and show on vulnerability today and certainly talking about that in we may have some clips. We may not will see you were with walking with God and that's part of the adventure. Robbie, you know, this is Andy's topic and he bailed his way back I Can get to the mic just yet, but the real issue is clear at this particular boot camp and out. It's like when the window vulnerability starts to blow and somebody chooses to share in a deep intimate stuff and all the sudden get real.

It does it does its there's something about when people are authentic and people see that they long for. That they want to feel that authenticity they want to feel that I can't say that I like to rush in vulnerability and it's not like the top of my thing but you know over the years, it's gotten a lot easier. It's easier to share staffing specialist Gadsden healing in your life while it's so easy to talk about those things he's done all the work you know you just reap the benefits of sending back in and living in some freedom with age vulnerability does become easier.

Every once in a while like before they show you can't step out there get in trouble could be way out of the edge of the building.

Yeah, it was still good but it does is you and and most men do not like the word intimacy. Now unless it's talking about Alpine yeah and someplace they enjoy it. And end up on the edge again. John five. That is really what were talking about an intimacy with God is the most important (that boulder. I want to use MC because I can't say the word owner of any holes in it with other people. Yes, that's next week gets us to the to the point where like oh I'm not the only one right exactly what it and I give you a hard time ending our talking in the topic and he came up as we were talking and we were taught in him beyond the show here in just a few that you knows you are talking just we were talking honestly about the last camp and how we just come off doing the shows we done in and when the big topics we talked about was vulnerability at the Kenya you.

Jesus calls us in Scripture.

Jim it calls us again even landing a jump in Scripture guys you know it says to confess your sins to one another, write what you think the thing they could say that in Scripture writing think that that's important, but is easy to sometimes just glad to pray to God. But when you put scantily. It makes a different reality that Allison here somebody who can respond that God can't but that it may make theories more humbling. I guess what I think there's that aspect of it.

I also think that as we share with one another. We realize that we all have our own stuff right in things in the dark. Once they come to the light don't have the power that they had. If I share that stuff with somebody in the enemy has less power over me in the midst of heard it said when time you're only as sick as your darkest secret. Something to ponder their one of the things about being vulnerable is it really women are not vulnerable, reposing as a rule, wonderful things about being vulnerable as is.

It takes you into a place of freedom and God knows everything. Anyway, you said it sort of. That's an easy one, but when you can find friends that you can say anything to an they support you. There's very little it's more freighting than that, and did not talk long enough to get you back in the you never see I need Harold's shirt… And a shirt.

I have stopped listening so I thought I just demonstrated that outside strata figures of the I do want to go to equipment and I think use one from a movie called city Slickers. It's a short clip and we can get to but it's in this show there's three friends of went away to this dude camp unit rope cattle and move them across the desert and so the branch camp and thinking whatever was there. There whatever you can't dressing you did Everything okay so they go to the ranch Girlfriends and they're trying to find themselves and discover what it means to be a man and they start talking about the best day ever.

And worst ever in their life and this is the last person to go. This is a very stoic friend never shares anything about his life and listen to it will come back and talk about dude ranch and dude ranch camp there again and then on visiting next week. Best day what is it now okay I'm 14 and my mother and father fighting. She caught a lot of this time the girl drove by the house to pick him up. I finally realized he wasn't just cheating on my mother like I said, that love.

I think here of my mother and my sister. We don't need much turnaround about this again but I did give my mother and my sister is my best was your worst day you need, you know, when you look at this.

You probably have three friends. It's known each other quite deeply and talked about life things and then on adventures together. They went running with the bulls and all the stuff that they done and in the movie yet, when it really gets to it. This is the first time, you're probably hearing his story for sure.

I think we do that a lot.

I know one of done a lot in my life and even around you guys who through the boot camps on the camper in the beginning started come in the boot camp started hearing you know vulnerability from the stage was like what in the heck coming because she just don't stuff and then uncle to do yeah you can't cure. So the whole vulnerability thing though is is that is what we see the boot camps and and and what comes out that I believe that we talked about earlier that actually changes lives. God changes our lives, but talk about how you know light when when light comes in the situation changes things that we do even evening that comfort level. Even in hearing your guys stories.

It took me quite a bit of time to be able to share in others. It's safe once you know initially and then there's then you get a little bit deeper and that a lot of times you married stuff.

You don't even think about it and summary of the story prompts something in your heart and you remind you something from your story and in you know it's a safe place and then you're able to return that in them that help somebody else. It's almost like I said earlier it's almost contagious vulnerability becomes contagious. Yeah. And I think this can sound like a stretch which you know usually is and I'm throwing something in here, but I think about back to the pastors that have enjoyed really listening to their teaching, and obviously they have Scripture in their teaching right but it's ones I can take it in, related to the story in their life. Then I can see how it's applied, then I can see how they overcome that I can see how they struggled and that's the power for me. Yes, the Scripture is the basis but it's the story, and what God has done with them. That's been the amazing part was actually Scripture teaches that rightist through you know your brokenness. In other words, where you are weak is where it shows his strength and and and I've talked about it got a lot of laughs from the in the light show through our cracks and you know by amplifying anyone saying you know, here's work. Here's where you know I'm all broken up, but is is that light shines through and it touches actually people's brokenness. That's in the same place and time and again in my own life from the stage. You know somebody's ability to share what it is that that that they've gotten healing from touches a similar place in mine and time and time and time again and and then the beauty of it the way that it happens it dude camp is that you can ride into a covenant of silence: younger than him who you are going to this time the sounds of God and then you're actually in a give him a shot at what it is that that you're doing but again the community is a huge part of it. One of things that triggered was our conversation beforehand for me you're talking about pastors and it hit me that that just dumb. I will name any names so you'll know my favorites but discovered one that I absolutely love three days ago while my wife discovered it and shared it and we watched six or eight hours. He teaches Bible verses very well but it is the stories, and his vulnerability from platform and 80s with a big name that I did know which is not surprising. I'm not aware of much but you went on to talk about two other pastors that you met it the way you think and argue in our bay. Thank you.

I knew there was an RN. There and one of them is always been one. I love hear from and the other was one I love his teaching, but rather read it because he strikes me is arrogant and just hit me. I don't think I've heard any stories about him when he's teaching.

He's telling us what was posted and that is a huge thing if we've got that kind of intimacy with who were learning from and with our friends. Amazing, is the level credibility when learning a passage on making through center breaking through forgiveness when they can share story when it happened in their life.

That's when it becomes real. That's when the rubber meets the road that a masculine journey that OIG would get upcoming boot camp coming up in November 18 through the 21st. What if one weekend was now and castrated basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors based on John averages wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine coming up November 18 21st masculine journey today. This is my son Eli talked about ways he held his smile at him and smiled at him as is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate and get a masculine and find me that OIG PO Box 559 same soon as it is a very good thing you did take that right. Yeah, I get so mad I'm just wondering how the topic that my heart for some time waiting for the right topic in Matthew West recommend truth be told, the name of the song.

It was really powerful. Might have Danny speak to it because I think it really spoke to him, but you know if there's that whole song really gets into this whole thing. This culture that we have that we are not to share with everybody spine. It was all everybody's good good yeah I'm good.

I am fine fine fine fine and were dining side and that is where community has coming community vulnerability. It's key to what were doing and this is this is not this is really the antithesis of mobility. This is actually how were acting and that's not what Jesus intended. He expected us to be able to share our faults with one another. He tells us in James to do that and that there is healing in that through him. I think it was a great point Robbie that you made about in a not only do you share amongst each other but then you get taken to God and the covenant silencer quiet times and funnel sounds yeah that whatever Melissa I love the software I had never heard it and played the mountain. I went played the song and because it university season in my life and leadership that was me that was that. I thought I had to have it all together. You had to have all the answers in God forbid that you have brokenness because what will people think and so the soldiers, speaks to that and there's such a a reality in leadership. Sometimes that you people are looking to you for answers and if you have a place you will have answers without a leader.

Are you that's what the enemy whispered. You situate such a lie.

Anyway perfect segue for eclipsing incentive now it's from the King speech. So how'd you like to be King of England, and while you can't talk your stutter really really bad. It's a phenomenal movie really answers one of my favorite writers at Prilosec three times and in this particular clip is when actually the King in his friends in Australia and that's his therapist plays a wonderful bag. I am a Ms. button in the he's the friend and he begins to call them out on you know what was his child hook like and the king becomes vulnerable and literally it changes everything we've closest to Nana's not my test managed to escape. Love David hated me when I presented my parents for the daily during shipping, impingement, client and back to meet and she will send it, then she would say may way to my parents CS tonight.

As you can imagine fathers step nine of the other dog in a Englishman stated Davis-Bacon to see the states and I seated in a common man standing struck by how little I know of his life is mine. Think will I wouldn't Jack. I clip that right there because you know that was me before came to Christ before I got to know you guys what are friends for II wouldn't know because in order for the people to be friends.

You gotta be meaty out loud, I mean you got up he willing to share what really is going on in their and is just a beautiful clip because I think of for all really honest with ourselves we can relate to, you know, I see those common people out there and and I little how little do they know of my life and how little do I know of the errors. This is definitely a part of what that what that is just Abraham Lincoln said, God must love the common man because he made so many of them now is exactly but you see that's the point. We don't think were common. We don't think that we suffer, and I don't mean this from a standpoint of I'm better. I mean it from the standpoint of mine works. I I don't think those people suffer with all the craziness that I suffer with and and again that the King's is saying that and as a result, he can't make friendships, but that but I heard this wonderful sermon from Dave Busby, where he talked it.

Intimacy means into me see and with my actual friends. You know the people that I that I do love the people that I do walk with the people that you know support me or that I support, however, that works out. July open up and let them into me see what what really is going on because when I've done that quite often.

Not only did I get a chance to to receive the love and support from them but then I also saw some to go wow I've got that in the next thing I know why I'm not the only one in and and then I see them get healing and then that goes into my testimony.

In other words, when I hold close to my heart like I saw Andy get this healing. I saw Sam get this healing. This healing is available. I thought you couldn't get over that right. You know I if somebody asked me when I was in my early 20s did real love even exist. I would've told that you know that was that was how confused my life had become as is.

You try to do this thing, as the baby shark writing one things that we need to touch on lowering his first show is what keeps people from being vulnerable work were born out of community were called to community, but it seems like one of the hardest things to establishing key right is some type of intimate community. What gets in the way of us being vulnerable with one another. While I think one of the things that jumped out at me when you have this King speech we talked about a bullet before hand to me. I see a routine in the pattern.

A society that is exactly that King speech on this guide is completely separated from everybody else.

I'm in this path and then look at our society. If you look at everybody US fame and fortune consultant to lose right this is all what the world possesses important this is. This is what look what I have and they just grip it with everything right.

They don't want to lose that what they do is a get themselves in a world where okay I'm alone by myself. I can show vulnerability, I can't open up and the suicide rates in the other things ago on these famous actors, actresses, legends of sports and all the different things ago, I now it's happening in younger society.

It's that people won't open up and if they do they think that all him so bad I'm so horrible and nobody's gonna love me and psych is the furthest thing from the truth.

The enemy is just winning hand over fist with despite the biggest thing that he throws at every one of us, including all the people you mentioned is you're the only one that struggles with this at uniquely the way you do right. Other people have gotten past this other people found freedom. That's not for you. I've always called it terminal uniqueness. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen that's what the enemy plays.

I knew that it it's pudgy, it's only you write it in. You know we've all had the experience of probably at some point of being bullied in our life that when you show vulnerability it and end up well incidentally loves to throw those that you in the person that did stab in the back over something you shared any sales can be like that again. Now it when you walk with God in the midst of the vulnerability is the key.

Obviously like this every week is walking with him and when he calls you to be vulnerable to somebody he wants to be vulnerable with that person or that group of people, like the new take on it is cancel culture right here you go you will be canceled and you know if you if you share what you really think you know then they'll turn their back on you, and that another well the good news is, and in who was it that name is Jeanette is God judges me any Danny Rice should be re-speak to that a minute like if God is your judge, the nuke who can cancel you will know that was part of what Danny meant for long time and I looked at it as God is my judge. In other words, he's just like everybody else. He's looking down the Danube what it is come to mean is that God is my judge so appreciate you that you really don't counted somewhere and not be a mean is just that he created me knit me together. Mother's womb for a purpose and that the things that I have come to now love about myself. God created him. He's the judge he made it right here making mistakes and that that's kind of where I'm going with that you, God is my judge in. I would like to say that every church out there is always been completely supportive.

Well, you know, yeah. And like to say it but it's not necessarily true. Yet wanted things over the years I unable to become friends with a lot of pastors and though often say I can afford to be vulnerable because among vulnerable my flock will turn on me. In other words not mine right that there's an attorney and crucify me in their own way and I and and some maybe that's not who God's calling them to be that monolith that ensure there's somebody there form to be an even that my position is assisting Pastor much more open with you guys that I am a specific church about to let out a show that real quick. I recently had the opportunity pastor at the church and we open up major ways because we had a common topic, and go, and that is what we need to look for it without being laudably never to discover that that's right, Frank is register for the upcoming campus called boot camp and skimming November 18 to the 21st this year. Go register now spots we going quickly or promise you this is the Truth Network

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