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Vulnerability With Others After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 15, 2021 8:00 am

Vulnerability With Others After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 15, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the vulnerability with others, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "Open Range."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible. $100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network coming to you and friend Mary Kay in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome to messenger me after hours. We are talking about vulnerability today because of the right. Yeah, we can determine behind the barricade. In a gophers or get it here and were entrenched completely vulnerable in the interns. Look at our regular fences that we do we do. You know that's a problem we all came to live with these fences and we keep keeping others out and it's kind like the cocoon unit you wrap yourself up in a bit and you never push through it and see just that there is a high chair you have to sign a mask and Andy this was your topic. Election is our topic and say that we were talking yesterday and were talking about the power of vulnerability and what gets in the way we did talk about that on the last show that the enemy hates me hates vulnerability to slow people down there for a long time.

It does doesn't allow breakthrough doesn't allow intimacy and what were saying not working. She bound is I guess just the opposite of not being vulnerable.

I guess that would be behind opposer bike behind some kind of hiding behind a mask of of afraid of really being letting somebody know who we really are the good, bad and the ugly and trusting the mayor not reject this and continue to love you often see people following on one sided equation. The other share hardly anything, through so much that you can run away. You know you private around those people you know that psycho people always leave Yearling.

There's some sandpaper there are native lab just broke it like it all right is broken in a different way ability. You part of this after hours is talking about where it's made a difference in our life. And so we talk about being a band of brothers so we should have some stories here or there about when the vulnerability of one another helps you or helps others. I will say this whenever I started going red heart went to the camp there was a lot of breakthrough in victory and I will have to say the victory accelerated when I get connected with a band of brothers.

I bet some great Christian friend, there's a lot of them that I would not share with and it probably probably could have handled, but it was the culture and what I thought that you just didn't share.

You know, like you say, the good the bad and the ugly. We have no problem sharing the good the bad and the ugly way. This will keep you keep away but when I feel like I really accelerated in my I don't know becoming understanding who the true me was of not you know the years I wanted to have close relationships with them but knew it wasn't possible because it wouldn't share anything and and having that desire for that yet knowing I was inhibited from it. But then when it became possible, it became possible when I got around you guys, and you started sharing your stories might well people do this this sounds like a counseling session or something you know and you know it brings a lot of liberty and then I remember I learned the Scripture years ago. James 575 16. Confess your faults one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

And it's all right there. There's a prescription for help homeless if we just follow it, but we just don't like to get in a transparent and vulnerable before friends in one thing and think will clarify that were not saying is don't go near your couples therapy, helpfulness, Bible study may not go over great whole collective group you let God walk in your audience you got it. I share this with you laid it on my heart who I share this with in window. I sure that's another part not just to give me the timing of when we went and I think that's important is to pray for God to give you that safe place, a place where you can do that because you're right and the more you talk about it in the morning freedom, the easier it is to talk about it more general group. When you first start now. If you really willing to be vulnerable find somebody that you can trust Fisher falls to Matthews where Jesus is no cash or pearls before swine. Pearl was is a beauty to us, but it is a pain to the oyster and their singular birth in that become a treasure you the things that are have been healed in my life are my pearls. My treasures and years can't just throw math anybody goes as foolish. Stomped on it best well and then they'll turn on you and that is what we fear what so hard to be open to what you made me think of getting into the bullet after hours is this is scary but you remind me of Galatians 6 which is my favorite. This is how you correct people verse and I want to read it because I'm terrible memory verses but it's brothers and sisters of someone is caught doing something wrong, you who are directed by the loss, restore such a person in the spirit of gentleness.

Looking closely at yourself so you are not tempted also. If you are a person that is following that, then you're a fairly safe person to come to because there is no sin any of us are not capable of committing and if we accept others, recognizing that the rock will shock you to chase you away. You can be a good friend is amazing. I I have to say it's it's a book of it's in there somewhere. Verse seven and 12. Whatever I don't know and I know that I remember the stories from the Bible that I necessarily remember where they're located and I think we talk about vulnerability right off the bat going to the first boot camp and having Cory go from I am walking in here and believe Anna what's going on completely passed off.

I don't this is for me. Walking out of there, getting baptized was such a weekend of itself and walk through that all the different prayer time so things went on that were just so opening and inviting that it started something, but really it's the it's, it wasn't. Oh yeah up on stage as this one and then there's maybe another one here it's nauseous, continual constant, because when you're in that band of brothers agreed on about Andy. It's probably just sharing in between the break between shows it's it's the same thing.

It's just it's a constant continual. This is what I'm doing this were my I met my wife and this was going on it and it's been going on specially very thick sense but can't because of there's been a lot of little things a pray for me. Pray for me. For me this was going on and to be a part of that to be in that it it helps you to understand your own things out but it helps you to understand it, you need to free your heart from the bondage and whatever. It's got you in a sketchy trap schedule holding held down euro and getting body slamming your site what's going on here. It's like no you can you can get some freedom talk to people talk your brothers go there with them and it's it's a wonderful place and there's times that sometimes a friend needs to make you do that and you have a clip that you know you had were friend wisely kicks his friend in the backside and says it will be vulnerable to this person yet, so it's from open range and we got Charlie, who is this gunslinger coming guys. It is is come into a town and tried to help that town become free from these these guys are taken control of the town and get her to go to a gunfight. He's walking that they're leaving this girls house. I think she's her brothers. The doctor the town than her leaving her house and and Charlie has feelings for. But he won't tell her that he's get ready go to gunfight. He may not live in and his buddy, I can't remember his name us boss. The boss the boss tells them you know Charlie you don't have to step up and and and tell her how you feel.

You know how she got to know so listen to the equipment talk about just to go off like that without saying nothing to say hi see how you think I'd walk away without a word. What he wanted tell her boss make it that I wish and should motor my wife will she passed, this may be the last time she sees in this world you are telling whatever you can. She's entitled to more than just your backside walking away. Not sure what's were seen or not. Buses write about that is right about a lot of things just not who you think I am suing in places identities. Most of my not proud, speaking seemed like tiny A spec to get the like. I didn't even list of the laws okay. Vulnerable doesn't boss Alex very well so I really did like the clip because there's multifactor going on here I think is you see God. It he's shared his heart a little bit with this guy I sent God showed me when we were talking earlier is that you know me in Pabst troubles me and you know, being vulnerable with each other and then they wonder why they can't even be vulnerable with her about their wife or a woman, it's you know if guys who you understand how you can be able to get going. Do that and I'll be vulnerable with the woman I think that some of the some of the stuff to give him a white week. We need to learn to be vulnerable, generally with the people comfortable with. Before we get to the ones or not so comfortable with. Makes them a sense of you as listen I clip and free what it was and had boss which is really the got character actor who is proud and go do this.

Charlie is not bless you and him because Charlie listens and becomes vulnerable, she becomes on right does as well. Absolutely. There's bright at dual and that she speaks life back in the right yeah exactly and she points out, the good that she thing and not just abandon that's what we do as well as we become vulnerable wheat we see the bad and start talking about that, but we were brothers.

Point out the good within us and in coming back to us so they do sometimes play, maybe tonight really sure one of the things that really stuck out to me was the lost opportunity boss mentioned he had a wife. There were things he needed to say to her that he did not. So I think that's a very important thing that we say what their heart the people that will fact that you's.

I think Eddie listened to the advice so he must've done something very constipated.

While there's a lot of wisdom there. How often do we take great advice and just bypassing the one in which it would look back before I really wish I would've taken that advice.

I was really good advice I got in the just use it so easy just to go on the challenges for really all of us is willing take our own advice so you know what happened to me at boot camp to be a little bit vulnerable was either I have this great advice for the I did the first talk, and the advice was to be needy out loud I might know you.

You gotta tell Jesus what you want to go to tell you know so we can pray for you. You gotta share that right and so the first night we sat down with the prayer cards that guys had filled out and it should never come to boot camp on the neat things from my perspective's revamped hands all around the camp and people there needy out loud. It tells what the really struggling with well that night a cart came in from a camper that we all know really well that just kinda. I just sat back and I went oh my goodness, you struggling know how vulnerable once he how needy out loud was he, Robbie, and it really convicted me like Robbie, where is your prayer card, buddy, and like you would talk about that when somebody from the sky was wonderful. I mean really horrible and and and I'm really good way. I thought in it in heat because the wind was blowing out direction I went.

Now II really need to take that to heart and then the next day when Andy did his talk, you know it up and up all sorts of files for me.

And next thing I knew, you know, I took out some cards and man I mean it literally changed my boot camp out on all sorts of levels and in an not just then.

But since I after the show before the show will will spend some time together talking at the show and then after the show was that and talk about life and it's just been amazing over the years have just someone sharing their heart and where they are and what God's doing with them leads to breakthrough for somebody else rightly seen it multiple times in that room. You know the guy just says yeah get something for you to something in your chest you and then you start to listen got me as something therefore he wants to dig and then some for a later date to dig into the number just a kind word to remind you know that's pretty cool that it's true that vulnerability that God chooses to reveal himself more fully. Sometimes this is called better now because Randy would you think we but I was just thinking we, the band of brothers in heaven Linda newer guy right here Michael say Ricky Garst of the lighting and lighting technician who lives in a cone of silence, but having moved to a new place new church in Stefan and learning.

Then there is a band of brothers that you can trust your heart with and then you know yesterday was not a great day, but because it was great in some ways but I have what we thought was eczema. My hands and learned yesterday was psoriatic arthritis which is little bit deeper issue and ended up being put on some medication that I will and crazy about and will be but but the interesting is what you guys text me and said how you doing about and I appreciated that because I was able to be a little vulnerable but you can take several think takes very well because you can't see infliction but anyway the that is neat didn't do know that you can find people that are trustworthy with your heart and you guys are trustworthy with the heart like it's definitely something that you need to practice BankUnited for me it was when first started doing boot camps and I had the first few who inside my nephews coming up from Florida and I might go now. I get what I'm doing when I see it, you having had my sons camp which is been a great blessing for me that you know it's also I think it sometimes at the scene, dad be a lot more vulnerable than what they would normally see me is at home you have the answers you can figure what you're going to get a even if it's not opposed to just the role you play right in and when you can get away in an not have to be that just be yourself and and walk with God and it it's pretty amazing that my mom had something she did years before she passed away, probably for five years. She I talked on the phone every week.

I will call every week and she was in Florida should say I want to make sure that I tell you every time. The last thing I want say is I want to say I love you and I want that to be the last thing you hear these days it will be the last thing here and I want you to always know that deeper than anything else that I love you and she did it.

From that point on it. Now I know this is pretty cool and it's something that made me want to do that with my kids rank as one of these days it will be the last time you hear it on with me yet never urges like you know that Ravi check yes or no. I think I like Robbie was being needy out loud. I think I guy I could feel some conviction that I'm just not that's next week.

After that, deeply moving topics and it was wonderful to have sublimity be a really have example, I've got is trivial and silly, but it also happened at boot camp and it does have an illustration when I was young at the century ago.

I love chemistry but my real passion was explosives and I was sharing that over a meal.

Talk about and I can call you weed, nitrogen, try iodide and most people glazed over. There was one guy that knew I was talking about. So in that if if I have been doing today what I was doing 50 years ago, and probably be at climbed out of my bag, but I'm pretty sure the statute notations is out on all the stuff I used to do with explosive, but that was my entertainment and that was my biggest danger in my life and I connected with a guy over something that silly, but it was if I'd never opened up that that wouldn't happen. He seen something. Yeah, I actually believe that I was bossing something fireball going off in front of the police officers little legs on slave when my favorite things about my kids as they got older, is whether it's a birthday Father's Day. Whatever it is I look forward to their cards more than look for Danielson to give me something that's probably pretty cool but I'm at the point where I don't need anything you think of things that I need you not to so they can buy me something in but it's a cards forward to because of the vulnerable. When they write the cards in the cards I've keep you and I thank you for guess, but I can't tell you what they got me last birthday remember Rick before that you and I can tell you three birthdays ago. What I got to have a card and the cards are special and I figured out what to ask your kids for consumables something you're getting use up okay okay that makes sense this group is quiet on vulnerability, I will follow up on Jim's story about all the explosions and everything. I told him that I will have a dilemma. After listening and I was having trouble trying to figure out just Nike had to have been able to do it.

Just tell Lola Nike had to have in order to do. Hebrew logic is what you need here you can have both. And it's not either/or. Alright, so we've got about three minutes left in the show and I were not hearing any vulnerability stories were were supposed be talking about Yvonne Robbie did so I thought rubs off.

The ideographs are so you know the one I did that. Talk this time in and told my story a little bit for the longest time unite you to hear different guys and not all stories are gonna be exact, but they're going to resonate with you and and here you know various stories about the one I knew it, it help me to go deeper into understanding. My father will my father love me he was a good man to me, but he disappeared in a month.

Very critical part of my life and to hear the stories and the vulnerability on other guys like Sam your dad not being there for you whenever it was important you know where he could watch baseball all day, but not you know my name and get your game you know just just the different stories I would hear you not like okay there's something more than you know your dad loved you dislike.

I knew my dad love me. But there was a lack of presence in my life and for the longest time, I didn't get my wound and the more I heard the stories is not just Sam's it's everybody's it's it's almost like a just a collection of all these stories that begin the help you make sense of your own story and allow you to finally internalize things to where you can say okay that's where God needs to come in and heal me. God does the healing.

It's not that he needs not the story from the other guys. There are the there.

The catalyst of the catalyst.

Thank you for I feel well enough to be ferment at Johnny bench was a much better is probably what Alexa read instead of going to my games that we had a few weeks ago we were all sharing.

It was one of the times that you know we were talking into some depth in doing things God made clear to me they haven't really fully process was anger over my sister being so mean to me really boil down to the toymaker that night and it felt like my dad was choosing my sister's heart over mine you know and I never articulated it that way.

Never heard it that way indicate why was her heart more important than mine. I and so there's more to go dig into and that's not want to have an answer to you because of our conversation someone through something of the nannies or something out and made me think about and like oh well you got so yeah here's it. Here's another there's another layer right I hate you think the onion would be all the way down to the Volvo. Whatever the bite of the onion is the seed or whatever is there.

I found out that you know I think is more onion and onion field actors morning one losing came out of ink. At this time was you I would've told you my wound was being molested by an older cousin and what God showed me was know it was those times when I was Volvo to first grade class and got picked on and I begin to sacrifice myself change and that cannot shield the walkaway you talk about you taking your questions alter except, you know, and I think that's a lot of what we do when God calls you to be one of those muddy unite you get that response you get. That's a walk with him and say that I can't say it enough. You get a walk with him in the midst of it because if not, you may end up there, but he won't lead you astray. Get a mask underneath that orgy register for the this is the Truth Network

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