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Who's At War

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 17, 2021 12:30 pm

Who's At War

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 17, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! We continue giving a preview of the topics being covered at the boot camp. The discussion this week is about Spiritual Warfare. The clips are from "The Flip Wilson Show," and "Open Range." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hi my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I sound like Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys more into Jesus. This is Truth Network the heart of every man crazy like does it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're very glad that you're with us today.

Just a couple weeks away from your team needs. 1211 Eaves scale word on that highway 11.

Yeah, I think it's 11 Eaves away from from boot camp and so if you haven't registered, what are you waiting on go to masculine will try to get the dates right we been all over the place. It's actually April 28 through May 2 right know 29th, 29th, April 29.

I'm still over the place. April 29 like this, it will get it right right you got it right. Thank you, but we will be there on the 28th. If you happen to show up.

You should come on the 29th, 29th, but you want help set up that's true through May 2 which is you know a week, obviously from Thursday night is when it starts and it goes Friday, Saturday and Sunday till noon. We get a lot done during that period in and we been going over the last few weeks on topics that we talk about a boot camp and obviously on the show.

We can only get so deep on you will get much deeper to camps let a quiet time with God which takes it incredibly deeper into where it needs to go, but we been doing this topics now for what three or four weeks. So how many you can tell me what topics we covered so far. Robbie starts also shut off core desires or desires nine to depose her did the poser which was Jim I was coming back to me to talk to and then we did the one we didn't want Andy now waited in the name and so here we are and we are at your weaker. I need to do that that your week ready what's what we talk about this week that would be spiritual warfare. Sam yeah ding ding ding.

So with a big name like spiritual warfare before we came to get into some of the clips and stuff with what you really mean by that topic as it could mean a lot of different things to different people. Yes, and this is something that depending on how you came to Christ what church you grew up as a kid and how you lived your life in their various different forms. Everybody has teams have a different context for what spiritual warfare actually is and what we want to make sure that people understand about spiritual warfare is that there is something bigger than whatever you are saying in front of you. That's in your life that is a bigger battle going on between God and Satan in this battle that is raging on in the spiritual realm is something that we are deftly a part of Satan's ruler of the earth and he basically rules things here on earth and basically these things in the way that is very ungodly and very well want to take you down many paths, but it seems to be something that we end up agreeing to the which is the why is he was a wire from the start. Instead of believing what God says about us.

So we got this contrast we live in constantly of no were not good enough come from Satan. Lord loves you. You're the son of God that you're a child of God, yeah, but you know we don't want to believe those so this constant war presence in our lives we caught up many battles, but is this spiritual warfare that's going on that you just have to understand truth from lies. Think you probably this clip is yours going to go ahead and tell us a little bit about it.

Well, for those first two reps in the 60s and 70s, we can remember laughing and so where our introduction to Satan was this person usually dressed in red and of course the preacher was a lot like flip well sniffing and flip Wilson was the rev in the church what's happening now on laughing and in this Tickler seen Bobby Darin is playing the devil and the devil is come to visit the ramp church what's happening now on so they're going to get a little idea of what this is about so Bobby Darin starts off by how friendly and you all my friends put things in life things in life's yeah thing is I like strong faith. Enjoy your something wrong with cigarettes and nothing wrong with all 11 women whiskey loving women.

What was it about that spoke to oil and speaks to me is that was that. That picture of the of what we think Satan businesses obvious characters, and there is going to try to convince you to do drugs or all sorts of things that actually read. Try to do battle with, but the more subtle ones are the ones that you know happened on my discussion with you know myself on my way to work like and I really need to talk to that but you know that that window well and I start making agreements with things that are not even the case and just little subtle things that make a huge difference about something I love about the boot camp was it gave me tremendous insight is I've heard a lot about spiritual warfare and in prayer warriors and I wasn't working in their and and and this is where women really do battle. But the practical aspect of what where we really discover things at boot camp or what Satan strategy is in our lives on everyday basis us, especially what you know is men as our families, we can begin to see agreements that are in our families lives and we began to pray actually was something more specific day for me how I do on withstanding making agreements deftly makes a difference on how my family's life goes right right is if I start to believe these things, retirement running about myself that that the enemy wants me to believe. Then I'll start living out of that I'll start if I believe in accepted. I say this is who I am in and it makes me a bad place and then I respond out of the bad place. Yet if used if you're going through life.

Basically trying to help somebody right me. We all want to be that person come and try to help somebody that is all you can ever save yourself man I can't. I can't step in here on. I don't know what I'm talking about I'm on defeated before I start your you're never going to help someone and that's one of the things that I remember early on the nascent well if you really want to get somebody you know on your side site will ask how you can help so many of us get defeated. We feel like we're just emasculated all the time and we just don't want to go fight the right battles or we seem to be jump in and all the wrong battles this about being able to determine which one you get into much when you don't. What's an example of an agreement. How would it come to you, you know, for example, the enemy, how would he play his hand to try to get you to buy into anything for me it's been I'm just not worth anything. I have no worth. So therefore don't go fight so I've grown up with.

Basically trying to be on my own. I don't ask people for help. I don't tell people my story and that's one of things being a part of this team and this brotherhood is being able to hear everybody share stories and actually being able start sharing my and the more I can talk about where I met with my walk with you brother. Some other brothers and things of that nature. It helps so much and then we can deal with family the start to find more people like you know how to tell your story not also listen and see other people stories and help them walk through theirs as well because when you absently help you figure out ways to help others.

This is where you could really see how these talks came to build on another unit a few weeks ago and we did woundedness right then he knows your story, and he may not have caused your original wounding that he was there with the message right behind it right you know when the sibling when the whatever tears you down in the enemies right behind her so yeah this is what's really what you're like my sister shut up motormouth enemy. You have nothing to say. Once you make that agreement. It can take years or decades to break if you don't start get it early and if he really gets ingrained in your in and who you are and I can break it immediately, but it's something after break continually yes and there's many to break yeah and that's the size to become a story each 111 which you have to step out of son John really springtime Alberts fixed to on this and I was so clear.

Psalm 51 and only he quotes where God desires truth in the most in the Hebrew it's actually locked parts that you've got down in the air and you you you bought these agreements that you talk about like shut up motormouth over you know I don't need my famous one. I don't need anybody else I can do this alone.

You know and and he desires truth and in most parts but it takes some work to unlock those parts and and and these talks.

These ideas give you time and the framework in order to begin will do that hard work in your own life. There is a generalized warfare out there, but the enemy makes a specific plan for every one of you individually for each one of us right it's tailored to our story. It's tailored to where he knows he can get his hooks in what he might try Mandy may not work on me back is not my story but the things at work on the work really pretty well.

Sometimes, that's one thing that I had to come to grips with his really going back and understanding my story so where is my woundedness. Where are things in my life is. It was hard to find where that was in my life and until you actually spend time with the covenant of silence and actually that's we can get the breakthroughs when you're talking to God and you finally figure out okay these are the things that have been in my life. What does that mean white. Why was why is this important, why is yells something your father did or didn't do your mother did or didn't do that ends up effecting you and you have stories with friends stories that in our they've hurt you. Are you for someone else that start to come out in life and it worked for just that should be something that is real for you and you have to internalize that.

Yeah, if there's something that were talking about that's interesting. You have a nice feel beat up all the time is like life is human anatomy all the time, which is most people stories and I know there's something behind that the enemy needs attacking you individually to know more about that. Go to masculine register for the upcoming boot camp coming up April 29 through May 2 right. What if one weekend wasn't up to you hello and bring it all masculine journey camp basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made warriors based on John averages allow that hard experience. Four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires placed in your masculine heart during spring camp April 29 May 2, masculine and register today. This assumes masculine journey on here with my son Eli talk about ways he held his ministry, smiled at him and smiled at him as his information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find email something about running that's going to be a first feeling for the Truth Network for the first Twisted Sister has been about. I'm just thinking I am going to go on a limb and I know better than to bring with you, but I'm going to do.

You yeah I think it's probably a pretty safe bet with those little bit more about that song you know in about the lead singer in the name of the song is burn in hell and you talk about spiritual warfare, sending out and I think yeah that was the message right sermon so you've got this song and I grew up with is a yellow headbanging a little kid yeah teenager and I always thought Twisted Sister's words were really great. I love the lyrics I could understand what Dee Snyder said in every song that they came out with the normally I'm all over the place.

I've no idea what the words are from time to sing-along. I can understand them and it just always I was had a different feeling about that group might yeah watch Ali, the hair and makeup and all I can do stuff that they wore and they rocked in your light.

You don't think much about it but there's always an edge to another like there's something different about them. So I finally went and looked up the Snyder this week and to find out psych is this guy actually Christian actually pump that he was so some abortion rights activists use were not going to take it to protest some restrictions in Texas. At one time and he decided tweeted out that he is pro-choice and that he did not believe that Christians and pro-choice were mutually close.

I was pro-life yet. He said pro-choice You write did not believe that being a Christian and pro-choice were mutually exclusive. Yeah so I like, I'm surprised you know but this is one of things that you never same amount. Rodney probably have the radio show. He actually looked like Dee Snyder but not what you look at him now. He always balding man in a territorial work in a way that has to do lyrics I like. You gotta come out and you gonna basically make your own choice as to where you go to this warfare thing couple questions.

Why do I even have to bother dealing with it right mean that the other day lies hard enough why I need to take on more than one question yeah there is.

There's a lot to to take on in this world and the thing that Satan is always trying to do with this is take on the wrong thing so you got a spokes in the wrong direction and away from what he really wants us work. God wants us to be and it's easy get taken out CPC at all the time, watch people, men specially know were not stepping up in the church and leaving that's why you get a lot of other people stepping up and yell to fill that void and it's like well that's one of the reasons why I'm sitting here today because that's one of things I realizes that you I wasn't stepping up and I threw more likely to figure out what I need to do in this world to be the man I'm supposed to be in my case I was times in my younger Christian life where I really tried to step up and did but in my experience, I ended up in a crash and burn a lot of times I really didn't want things I didn't really know how to do some spiritual warfare and I might Robbie worry talk about UC sought is these great prayer warriors and that was spiritual warfare that you went to battle and that's an aspect of and I believe it's a important aspect of it, but I think really when you talk about spiritual horse warfare gets down to a battle of what you believe. Do you believe the things that the enemy saying about you about your brother about God and and how you act upon those and that's where we get into the agreements, but it really you know it. It really gets down to what you believe.

I mean, that's we that's why we talk about following in the face of mean you look at the battle armor in Ephesians 6 you know you got the helmet of salvation. Why lets you know what what do you believe as far through the belt of truth is important and then the word of God.

I mean, you gotta believe that word of God to use it offensively so I think there's a practical aspect of that.

I used to pray through the spiritual armor regularly like this stuff really working and I think I was exercising a lot of it but I didn't have a private practical aspect of okay yeah it's important whenever I'm here with a live from the enemy of my actually taken on even the most praying those things out.

I wasn't necessarily believe in what I said or I wasn't really seeing the enemy for what he was doing and in those occurrences made me notice that we are made in that Ephesians.

Everything's a frontal attack. There's no backplate of righteousness as a breastplate. So there's nothing in the back there, but we have a clip that if you find yourself feeling like he knew he couldn't really rise up to it.

We got a clipping kind of addresses that fit so if this is clip is from open range and if Charlie way it goes into a Barney's talking with these townspeople and he's there is a hired gun to help out this guided to free Grazer and the free grazers are coming up against this landowner and if landowning landowners dominate the whole area including the town and all these men are scared of, taken that on because I don't want to lose her life and you'll sleep here that in the clear. But I think what you have to watch this. This is what I felt like I made agreements like a lot of these guys do that basically were like well you know it's really not my battle to fight red today seem like a nice young fellow shaman is do something about it. Freighters refuse shop management didn't raise my voice just to see him killed. We may not notice that there is not a man worsen time is probably the best snippets yeah you know it in movies with top right top 10 in my mind is that there's nothing to known a man worsen. You know you hear guys in that clip your I needed have just made agreements and just a shopkeeper you I don't have what it takes to step up and fight this fight yes and that's where I know I've lived my life there because I didn't want to ever step up into a fight. I just love to stay in the background and just hide out and just say yes to whatever the situation was go with the flow and just make it easy on everybody right and that's where you find yourself in some very bad situations.

At times, because you just you will step up and fight when you need to hear and the things that what talking about things that not a man I you can put that aside.

Like I said I'd try to step up and I'd fail so you just back out I was like the guy I was like the shopkeepers or whatever the freighters but unite at some point in time God did go back to Robbie's first topic of core desires. He put in me the desire to fight and when I'm not fighting I know I am not fighting and I know that I'm not for that desire not been fulfilled in me I would be discontent and not feel like I'm a man I don't feel like I'm taking my place in the story like I'm supposed to do you feel the same way when you fight the wrong battles. Yeah, Esther to write when it when my when my life revolves around fighting the utility bill. People in our whatever that is. Yes, you may have to have a discussion there but if that's the biggest battle that I face in a given day or the road rage that I feel when I'm driving. It's much bigger than that that that that battle that God put your heart was to fight against evil here. That's the point I was going to go after, but it really is a matter of what it's under your skin. What gets you angry enough to fight and visit with your wife or for your wife.

Is it as you said against the utility guy or is it for somebody that's being cheated and that Jesus was quite the fighter when it was something important like his father's house that that we've been lied to by the church to a large extent because were supposed to be meek and mild like Jesus. I prefer being the Jesus that will confront evil even to his own detriment. And if you've ever watched the passion of the Christ you know movie, just the scenes of what Jesus went through the fight for what he knew was right in that. That's what broke me in that movie was just watching the things that he went through just to fight for our hearts. You know in the bigger context. It was that movie hit me in a very different way than most. The terrible things he went through physically bothered me with the time I broke down was when he was teaching in the midst of all that was going on, telling people love your neighbor as yourself. Love God at that's what really reach my heart in that movie more than the rough cut of being crucified horrible way to die, but the reason he came to die is much more moving and is something to fight for you and Randy were going to be wrapping up the segment here pretty quickly, even going into the after hours blood some of the things you'd like for people to kinda know about this topic before we going to the after-hours think just you have to stop and really be intentional about reflecting on your own situation.

If you're out there in your fighting things and you find yourself getting angry at things that you know you shouldn't and you end up regretting those or you find yourself know not entering in to the battle that you knew you really should ventured into afterward.

You have a lot of regrets. Basically, you need to really start looking into what is it that I'm agreeing to and is it my true self.

We talked about getting a new name and who you really are in God these other things that these wounds that have happened in the past.

Look at how things fit together, putting the pieces together.

That's one of the things I loved about was injured as his message and John's message and going to the new camp and understanding little deeper that it's a puzzle God can help you put together.

If you work with him on this. If you don't think you have agreements to solicit how you talk to yourself when you make a mistake. I promise you that your first hip going into the agreement that needs to be broken. What you call yourself is what you live under had just done that today asked yeah that that's that's the identity you start to claimant. So that's just a small little step because you indicated that there there is so much more to this topic. Masculine register for the upcoming boot camp. I think I'll get the dates right. April 29 through May 2 to April 29 through May 2 masculine reach out would love to hear from you sent us a message talking next week. This is Truth Network

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