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Tuberville Slammed for Saying Dems are Pro-Crime

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 10, 2022 3:24 pm

Tuberville Slammed for Saying Dems are Pro-Crime

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 10, 2022 3:24 pm

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is facing accusations of racism for saying Democrats are pro-crime. He triggered many when he condemned reparations.

Cory Mills, Pastor Jack Hibbs, and Art Ally join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative blowtorch.

So hello. We are now 28 days from the midterm election when we take back this nation from the communist welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen, we've got a lot going on today as we work our way through some of the major races that are unfolding around the nation, folks, it is it is looking very very good for Republicans, but I caution you that we have to be out there campaigning. We have to be out there recruiting for our candidates like we are 20 points behind, but it's looking very very good for the first time in somewhat what 40 years. It looks as though Oregon could have a Republican governor Rhode Island. There's a very competitive congressional race there looks like for the first time in a very long time that a Republican could actually be representing Rhode Island and the House of Representatives and the sum of the numbers. Some of the data that's coming in, and make all of us feel very good of the country is going to hell in a hand basket laser development dumpster fires burning all over America and everybody sees it. Even the Democrats. He and by the way an interesting tidbit if you will. There is a report out that Barack Hussein Obama is not even giving Bonnie to the Democrat causes or the candidates because even Obama sees what's about to happen in the midterm elections.

I predict this is going to be a repudiation of the Democrat agenda by and large, folks, people are just disgusted and it's not just conservatives here were watching the numbers on the Hispanic side and especially among Hispanic voters. They are beginning to turn to the Republicans. The numbers that we have not seen ever ever before. So, good job. Ladies and gentlemen, we got a lot of work to do and I hope that you invite your friends your loved ones to listen to this radio program were just going to shoot straight were to tell you what's going on. I need to share with you my analysis and working to get through this together. But we've got a maintain folks, we have to unite around the Republican Party platform, which by the way, is a winning plan for now I want to start out here with that item we posted on the Facebook live page and of folks you can listen to us on Facebook live rumble debtor Todd where ever you get your podcast. There are lots of different ways to listen to this radio program but anyways Alabama Sen. Tommy Chabrol made some comments over the weekend that have really triggered the left of those.

The senator was speaking at a Trump rally, and here's what he had to say about the Democrats and reparations. Some people say will there's soft on crime.

Another not soft on crime their program. They will cry because I want to take over what you got.

They want to control what you have preparation because I think the people that grab hold that so now they're out there accusing Turberville of being a racist and CNN MSNBC. Among those that are out there saying what we is code we know that's got well did you hear the word black. Did you hear any skin color referenced in that in that soundbite. No of course not, because it's not true. They say Todd, how can you say that how do you say is not true. Well, it's very clear to me it's not true because we went back and again all this program. We have a vast fault where we store these incredible little audio nuggets, and we know for a fact that black lives matter back in the year 2020. Actually said that looting is reparations cut number eight preparation there you go. That was the leader of the Chicago black lives matter back in 2020. Those comments were made after hundreds of my Norwich was non-white people took to the streets of Chicago and they rampage looted, pillaged, plundered, looks like a swarm of locusts are gone through. There wasn't anything left as you heard her say the reason why they were looting the Gucci stores is they got to put bread on the table so this is not Tommy Turberville. Just making things up. This is the senator from Alabama standing up and calling out the left calling out the Democrats because they are the ones who created this mess we are all little it is a general these deep fund. The police movement and look what it has done to the United States of America. Every single every single major American city is in ruin. Right now every single one and we have no one to blame but the godless anti-cop role crime Democrats and the Democrats don't like this because there there being called out now keep in mind they used Republicans would never do this before Donald Trump got elected Republicans would never do something like this because they were terrified of the media. They were scared of the media will I gotta tell you something your folks we we don't have time to be scared anymore. You gotta stand up to these bullies you what you do. Just let let's just think about this rowboat I know everybody scared of like Jason Cooper and Donnie Linnane at all little Jimmy Acosta there, terrified of these guys take away the pancake to make up and the guideline are in the Brazilian dollar suits and you take away the hair product and what you have. I mean you've got these little wimpy. Squishy nerds. Why are you scared of these people, by the way on CNN MST is a nobody watches those people anymore. Nobody. It's terrible. It's sort of embarrassing but again when you go back to 2020 and when you look at what's been happening. There is an idea here that this is really all about reparations they want what you have and they are going to steal it.

I want you listen again, cut number eight. This is the head of black lives matter in Chicago. Preparation there you go, they want what you have in there to take and they had been taking and the Democrats don't appreciate the fact that they just got called out on it. By the way, someone sent me some video you'll hear Memphis Tennessee were just it's really sad. I mean it's really sad beautiful city, beautiful people, but they vote Democrat and they vote progressive Democrat and the cops are just far outnumbered. So there's video of that.

All of this is happening in your community where they have drag races on the interstate Dell drive hundred 20, 30 miles an hour, and the cops won't. The cops cannot chase them but then there was this video of an intersection and that the people are doing the, the doughnuts like in the middle of this is an actual working intersection and the police. There's a police car right there and the people are upset while wise is that cop doing anything, talk of the police officers not of their stopping these guys for doing these doughnuts and cause all sorts of chaos in the streets. I can answer that question for you because you don't want them to all you people out there, and especially the necessary you been after the how dear those. How dare those police officers arrest those good little boys there just good boys.

They go to church and they look after their mother how dear you there just good boys. How dare you.

We know what the police backed off because every time the police to try to do something there accused of racism.

Every time the police to try to stop and they are there recusal police brutality. So it started. If you do darn if you don't vote for police officers. But honestly, in this current environment wherever you are in law enforcement. You are better off not doing anything because that way at least be able to keep your pension and you can't tell me that police officers that are putting on the uniform and badge every single day and walking out on the streets they're not thinking about that because they are everybody's got a cell phone camera.

Everybody knows how to edit to make it look like the police of the I don't blame the cops were not getting out there and stop of the people doing the doughnuts because if they did there'd be an NAACP march on City Hall. Here's here's a thought, all you anti-cop people out there.

Maybe, just maybe get your butts off the front porch of your house is a go patrol the streets unbelievable but this is what the Democrats have done what is this is what they've done you people in North Carolina pay attention you got a woman running for the U.S. Senate Democrat. Her name is Shareen Beasley cut number one is shocking to see our workplaces, businesses and community spaces damaged but we must recognize the legitimate pain and weight of years of disparate treatment that feels these demonstrations, we must be willing to hear that message. Even when we are saddened by the way it is delivered. We must decry the failures of justice and equity just as forcefully as we decry violence is not enough to say to protesters go home and follow the rules. It's just not that simple.

All right, so that's Miss Beasley defending the riots of 2022 folks in North Carolina need to know who could get elected to represent you in the U.S. Senate. This is a woman who believes that rioting that pillaging and plundering is legal. She believes that those looters have a right to come and ignore store and take everything you've got cut number two so the protesting has been helpful. I'm sorry that there's been an effort to be divisive around it because I believe the protests have been offered opportunity to allow people to really think differently is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be challenging. We then start with difficulties around racism and racial and gender disparities. Yesterday we really didn't and so it won't be a week we have a long-term commitment, but I believe the protests and I understand that folks are concerned about violence that detraction in my mind around what the real issues are the folks who been out there who have been peacefully protesting, which is one of the been the majority of folks have every right to do that they have the First Amendment right to do that at a constitutional right to do that and I believe that it's a waste of those participant foods will and they have moved our nation forward. And I'm so proud, especially young people who have used their voices and that way. What I am hopeful that with that they don't stop speaking in the smoke test that they have to understand that in order to live. Leverage the power that they have. It takes protests plus boating all right that's BLM Beasley. She's running for U.S. Senate in the Carolinas and she is pro crime folks. I believe this is the signature issue because every single city every single town in America is dealing with this. We are all suffering because of these deep on the police Democrats are we to take a break your 844-747-8868.

Do you agree with Sen. Tauber about what he said was that racism to point out that that reparations is being legalized in this nation 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a back the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts.

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Anyone can join, go to a back.US ally starts. That's a Mac .us/guards are a good buddy Steve Hill is one of the best political analyst Dr. Steve Tilden on Friday. I was on the road and of folks, it's just it's been pretty crazy. The other the travel cycle but a lot of folks inviting us to come and speak and and really to rally and encourage conservative voters on Friday night I was in Rutherford County, North Carolina, flew into Charlotte and I drove by the way, to finish building that airport in Charlotte that have things been under construction for at least 15 years. Anyway affluent to the airport and had a wonderful time got to meet the many, many people over 300 people turned out for this great Lincoln Reagan dinner and adjust up a wonderful night so encouraged by the enthusiasm among Republicans in North Carolina and I'm wondering again will Friday night. Also there was the big debate Ted blood and my understanding is my divorce I was speaking so I could not watch the debate but Ted but apparently knocked it out of the ballpark so I'm I'm excited because we could see some incredible gains also and I want to point this out Herschel Walker. So now Fox News is turning on Herschel Walker yesterday media buzz the entire show or least a portion of the show. Rather, the entire cast of characters. Every single one of them said Herschel Walker was lying. They didn't believe Herschel Walker will they offer no evidence, no proof of as a matter fact of the new evidence coming out is that the woman who reportedly accused Herschel Walker was was a big supporter of the campaign. So a lot of questions are about what's going on. Why did this woman turn on Herschel Walker and at this point because these text messages affirming Herschel Walker so she was literally texting Herschel Walker's wife and talk about what a great guy.

He was and all of a sudden she turns on Herschel Walker so you have a choice Georgia voters.

You can either believe Herschel and I believe Herschel he has been out there and is has he made the most eloquent argument in the interviews know he is not but that's up to the person asking the questions and that's the big problem. Herschel's going on Fox news. A lot of those people at Fox News Channel or pro-abortion or their Democrats or they just don't know the right questions to ask. So based on all the information that I been able to ascertain and glean over the past week. Now it seems to me that Herschel Walker has been telling the truth and that Herschel Walker from since 2009 we had this radical change in his life and turned his life around. He's been living the straight and narrow analyst somebody has evidence to the contrary, and a better be rock solid evidence. Then he still got my support and it looks as though the average voters in Georgia feel the same way 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

By the way happy Columbus Day. It's okay to say that on this radio program, all these people out there now one of the calling at happy happy indigenous peoples that were to talk about this coming up after the break, but now it's like hundreds of these cities and towns around the country are celebrating something called happy indigenous peoples day why I get hate to break it to your folks, but are our forefathers. Our ancestors conquered this land that belongs to us now and if you got a problem with that you euro centric person, then you're more than happy to catch the next British Airways flight back across the big pond. But as for me in mind. I'm pretty happy that Christopher Columbus did what he did and that's a reason to celebrate.

I gotta take a break 844-747-8860 you say indigenous peoples this evening really say that the people who poster programs. You pretty much will be right back. Illegal drug trafficking has turned our southern border into a war zone. It's a war that no one wants to talk about. That's why I urge you to see border battle but use export limited documentary series from turning point USA that exposes the sheer evil and inhumanity of drug cartels and the illegal drug trade. Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands of Americans it's so dangerous just three grains of principle can kill you border battle reveals how illegal immigration, human trafficking, and America's drug crisis is only been made worse by decades of government neglect.

Today's drug cartels are militarized with sophisticated weapons tanks and drones the drop explosives on their drug competitors right on our southern border. We've never seen this before in the history of our country hear directly from drug and border patrol agents about the horrific conditions along the border and what life is really like on the front lines watch border battle now download the full six part documentary that sale is a moron lately. He bear colonialist inside you and is that guy with the Taylor life that those that were about to fall apart. A mean there is a world with your own is why we celebrate this man is beyond me, but here we are rewriting history, and the way that is there. He did, she didn't know and who are these people. What are they teaching the kids in the public schools. Hey, here's the deal you know what yes read we we were colonials. Our forefathers were colonials. We supported colonialism and he got a problem with that, then guess what Delta is ready when you are and you can go and live in and need country in the world. That's what you can do as a matter fact I would contend America would be much better off if you just packed your bags and I will pay for your ticket. Your one-way ticket to wherever you want to go Venezuela Huber if you want to go to Ukraine will probably don't want to go to Ukraine today. By the way, have you been following the developments out of Ukraine in the rush of that the wars it's it's getting bad, folks. It's getting bad. So over the weekend of the Ukrainians allegedly blew up a major bridge as benefits is the only bridge linking Russia to Crimea. What's fascinating about this is that there are some of the United States are actually blaming Russia so they want you to believe that Russia blew up its own bridge and that these are the same people that want you to believe that Russia blew up the Nordstrom to pipeline it makes absolutely no sense.

And now you've got now you've got Russia retaliating. Now I don't believe for a minute that Russia blew up either of those things it certainly looks to me that somebody namely, the binding of ministration is shoving us into a shooting war with the Russians so this morning Vladimir Putin decided to play some hardball and they have launched numbers of missiles I were talking dozens and dozens of missiles into Ukrainian cities including Cuba or key as its now I guess fashionable to call the town but anyway now. Now people are accusing rush up of war crimes for retaliating against the bridge struck me.

I just ask a question here.

There were innocent people on that bridge that was blown to smithereens. I don't seem to recall anybody shouting war crimes against Zelinski do you. According to Breitbart, a building housing the visa office of the German consulate was hit no world injuries, but were being told there are fatalities all over the over the nation and have abided ministration coming out with the statement just a few moments ago condemning the attack. Keep in mind this is Joe Biden just a few days ago who was warning people of the nuclear apocalypse now. I don't know about you but that kind of talk really concerns me because I believe this could be the October surprise. This could be it. Joe Biden knows that if he really wants to rally the nation.

There's no better way to do that. It's that to be involved in some sort of an armed conflict of the question is what is Putin going to do here.

That's the big question 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I know about you but I miss those mean tweets so matter fact I think most people in the country would agree that we would rather have mean tweets than a radioactive mushroom cloud over New York City because that's where all of this is headed. If somebody is somebody doesn't tap on the brakes are but nobody's willing to do that of the Biden administration. They're not willing to tap on the brakes and as a result, I can't even imagine. I can even imagine what would happen should there be a nuclear war because that's what World War III will be like this and it will be a nuclear war are and I want to get to the some report out of Florida Grady Judd. I love this guy. He is the sheriff of Polk County, Florida, women having a lot of alluding problems down there because of the of the aftermath of hurricane and the sheriff came out and it was not one of these woke Sheriff's.

He's not like most of the Sheriff's of America know this is this is a Sheriff's sheriff and he doesn't mind just cutting to the chase and telling the citizens of Florida how they should be conducting themselves cut number five people have a right to be safe in their house.

They have a right for their property to be safe even one part of their home.

Lately, torn away in these leaders. That's unacceptable.

Absolutely unacceptable.

I would highly suggest that if the looter breaks into your home comes into your home, you're there to steal stuff that you take your gun and you should have issued him so that he looks like grated cheese because you know what, that's one lever that will break into anyone else's home and take advantage of them. When the most lovable and the most we yeah that's that's what it means to be tough on crime right there and he's right somebody breaks into your house, you soon you soon and you shoot him dead should and if you can shoot a bit major you get of the kneecaps of all never be able to do something like that again. That's what the Sheriff is saying all this happened over the weekend in the Memphis of one of the highfalutin gated communities are and does some guy broke into somebody's house and those are the mansions over there that part of town somebody broke into one of the mansions of one of the homeowner to like a good law abiding Constitution loving Southerner. He put the bad guy out of his misery.

And there will not be guys not being charged because he was defending himself and his home, and I say good for you, Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida. Who says you have an obligation. Ladies and gentlemen, law abiding homeowners and gun owners to make sure the looters look like grated cheese. I love by the way great. Some of you saw this a video we got it up on our website of the Hooters which is a fine dining establishment known for their chicken breasts yeah and a delicious wings and does so anyway.

There was there was a Hooters in Texas of all places, Plano, Texas, and I know if you've seen these guys, we have around Memphis. Usually it's a bunch of black kids and there is some of the candy bars yet have raising money for the basketball team. The better the football team and then you ask allegedly yeah because I always ask questions on like oh what's riveting because I'm I exit interview.

I do like to give money to charity. I like to help people out and I'll always ask questions and you never get any answers, and old you have any official documentation of why are you wearing your uniforms on the coax where's the coach so anyway they were doing that. There were a bunch of shirtless young men in the parking lot harassing customers try to get them to buy these chocolate candy bars and so the manager of the Hooters goes out and says hey you can't do that here. You're not allowed to solicit on Hooters property trip. They want those dollar bills going somewhere else and and so anyway at that point in this is all a video we have it on our website. I meet these guys just unleashed. I mean it was like I've never seen anything like this.

They started beating the living daylights out of the manager, who was a white guy and I have to's I the only reason I'm sharing the skin color here is because I find this word to be sort of humorous so the white guy tries to assume the black lives matter present member taking in the soil so he was trying to he thought that if he white showed solidarity with the BLM movement that he would not get a beat down he was just like he was like I'm surrendering now, just take it and it didn't work. They beat the living crap out of that guy broke his arm. Horrible.

And there they were trying to smash and they smacked around a Hooters waitress and she should look somebody and then that the guys some of the customers you tried to push back couple of the customers got injured. They were smashing windows or throwing things to the windows class flying everywhere in all of this was captured on video chaos.

No, I thought it say absolute chaos. Why was this not national news. Why was it not national news when you had a student, a cop at a high school was trying to break up a fight on campus. The cup was grabbed from behind by a teenage student and body slammed to the ground.

Why did that make national news so there's a whole lot of this reparation nonsense going on but nobody wants to talk about. There is a lot of crime, but nobody was to talk about the crime because they don't want to accused of being called a racist like I don't care what you could be purple for all I care you obey the law of the land. I just want to be safe. Stop raising your kids to be animals is likely some chicken wings wants football game.

That's it Buffalo Wild Wings, but much better.

We yeah got all that to say, well Papa John's have they have good that's a whole another now. Now all that to say I want to be able to have my chicken wings delivered to my home in time for the Tennessee Vols Bundt cake that they delivered over the week of the LSU Tigers without having to worry about the delivery guy getting carjacked is it too much to ask America. Is it really too much to ask. That's all 844-747-8860, yet we had a crime problem but we got the bigger problem is when you look at the number of single-family households in this country.

That's the problem. You don't have mommies and daddies, especially daddies teaching their kids right from wrong.

That's the biggest problem I believe 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number. You gotta watch this video. It's insane just absolutely insane. But what if the mob is coming after you. The worst position you can take is the BLM taken a position your butt needs to either be run if you and if you're not armed your buddies to be out of there because O'Kelly will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

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Jack weaved a cover story for years. He is the Colorado cake artist.

He was at the center of the 2018 Supreme Court decision and he won thanks to our friends and allies defending freedom, but then last week the Colorado civil rights commission was back in court. They targeted Jack again because of his Christian faith. So now all these LGBT radicals are going in and ordering him to make out some sort of up a pornographic cake or something like that in with it when he refuses.

Then they go in and they file a complaint.

So look this is why we need you to help Jack Phillips out and help out alliance defending freedom. Take a listen to me there defending these rights for every American can happen to a small businessman like most of the can have anybody that I couldn't afford to take a lawyer out to lunch, let alone have the pain like ADF defending is for over nine years now so so grateful to God for sending them to us to prorate art that was Jack Phillips a great patriot and a man who's just been through the ringer, just like all the rest of the seas is working to pay his bills and that's why we need your help.

All this month we are conducting a radio fund to help out our friends alliance defending freedom. They don't charge their clients. A single penny, Jack Phillips. They represented him free of charge and are only able to do that because of generous donations from our listeners. If you go to Todd and click on the alliance defending freedom banner. That's right there on the front page you are going to be able to make a gift, whether it's $100 or $1000 whatever you can give all this month when you make a gift, a generous donor is making a matching gift to your $100 turns into $200 Todd and click on the alliance defending freedom banner your opportunity. Our goal $20,000. We are well on our way, but we need your help today. I have a question for you people in Tennessee which is my home state, by the way, what's up with the governor's name is Billy, he is supposedly a Republican, supposedly a conservative, but this is a guy who's been very squishy on a lot of the big issues of the day last week we told you about 11 pro-lifers here in Tennessee that were arrested they were rated by the FBI for whatever reason, the FBI has now declared war on pro-life leadership and they are playing hardball so there were a number of pro-life leaders here in Tennessee. Their homes were rated in the early morning.

One of the guys was on was getting ready to take his kids to school. Of these are all very peaceful people and I like to know why the governor hasn't spoken out on this. Not a word from Gov. Bill Lee condemning these jackbooted tactics of the FBI.

One of the pro-lifers. A guy named Chet Gallagher was rated Wednesday.

The charges related to a pro-life event where he and others peacefully and prayerfully attempted to convince mothers seeking an abortion to choose life. This was happening at a facility in Mount Juliet, Tennessee that day, local police arrested several pro-lifers on misdemeanor trespassing charges and they were later released. So why is the FBI getting involved in misdemeanors and they're not the only ones so now they're accusing their accusing all of these pro-lifers of violating the freedom of Access to clinic entrances act so other words, if you're standing on the sidewalk in front of an abortion murder facility. Then you could be arrested for standing there, you could be arrested, you could face a maximum of 11 years in prison and 1/4 million dollars in fines and so that's what they're doing now so this is hardball and and folks pay attention, pay attention. They're doing this because these people are pro-life.

And because her conservative in their company. After all of us. All of us. So why is it that Gov. Bill Lee is not condemning this kind of behavior do you think do you think that Ron DeSantis would've just stood by and watched no condemnation at all. There's no comment from the governor's office and everybody's been trying but not but nobody from the governor's office is talking about this and maybe you as a as a citizen might have a little bit better luck but this is a guy who even opposed the truth in sentencing bill you say what is that very simple. You murder somebody you get 25 years in prison. You gotta serve all 25 years know if and or butts and Gov. Bill Lee stood in opposition to that law. He calls himself a Republican, he says he's a conservative. I don't believe I look you shall know them by the fruit.

I don't see the fruit. I do see a bunch of nuts. That's what I see here so I'm curious you people in Tennessee what's going on with your Republican governor is gone squishy. Or maybe he was just squishy all along 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Starnes radio show you all about bill by polo into the incredible company it is today and you trusted a Michael Dell to give you a great night sleep. On top of the special exclusive for my listers on the percale and Giza dream bedsheets marked out as low as 2998 bikes now changing the game with this three-piece towel set. The set is made with USA cotton making it extremely absorbent, yet still providing that soft feel you look for in a towel set comes with one bath, one hand towel and one washcloth typically retailing for 4999 but for limited time you can get this three-piece towel set for the low price of 1998 with promo code Starnes don't miss out on these incredible offers.

There is a limited supply, so be sure to order now. Call 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes by Click on the radio Leicester Square and use promo code Starnes University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from Dan hello. Welcome to the program are now 28 day 28 days away from taking back America and restoring traditional American values. So glad you've joined us your campaign headquarters. Ladies and gentlemen, we got a lot going on were to be bringing you exclusive interviews with a lot of folks running for Congress over the next 28 days. Go ahead and write down our telephone number. You will need this 844-747-8868. Just out of curiosity, what is the big issue for you. Heading into the polls heading into the ballot box.

What is the number one issue on your mind.

844-747-8868 now a very interesting new survey from NBC news Telemundo. They say that conservative Latino voters are actually more likely to vote Republican in this election cycle.

This is a fascinating survey because back in 2012 NBC news and the Wall Street Journal conducted the same pole of the same group so-called self-described conservative Latinos now back in 2012, 49% of that demographic said they preferred Democratic control of Congress only 40% wanted Republicans in charge and that again among conservative Latinos.

Now that was back in 2012.

In September 2022. The NBC news poll found a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos now say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress versus 17% who prefer Democrats. That is a 56 point advantage for the GOP that is massive, massive, a 65 point swing over the span of eight decade and it tells us something very simple that Republicans are embracing people outside of the tent so they're broadening that big tent, I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were very honored to have with us, a man who wants to be the next congressman from the seventh congressional district in Florida, Cory Mills.

He is a decorated Army combat veteran and a six generation Floridian Cory good to have you with us today. You know first before we jump into the politics of it all on curious how how people are doing in Florida with the in the aftermath of hurricane Ian working storm committee on either barrier islands in my district we call record flooding, especially Barrington criminal County art. Lucia, I personally campaign so I could go out� Correct. You get supplies great need to be as well for supplying shelters that we are consolidated so you know, for example, we had over 200 people in the ocean centered here in Daytona Beach so we had no supplies, pallets of water and food and baby formula baby white things like that but you Florida were not unaccustomed to the neck of the doctors built look. Be strong and we will get back to where we need to be Cory. I know you're a businessman and the euro a big trump supporter.

I'm curious to get your take on the current the current lineup across the country here of the reporting coming out the Washington Post. Midterm polls swing back to the right. There's rumblings of a not just a red way, but a red tsunami.

What say you, I absolutely feel that I think that every American understand you that were not ordered, and if you were seeing record high inflation working increasing criminality across the country are seeing an influx like we've never seen before of illegal aliens coming across. I think we understand of living and affordability in America has completely gone chain issues. We've now gotten back into begging and getting on our knees. Interactional states were okay and others.

Even though we got the ability to be not just energy independent dominant and so I think that this is really what everyone would think that we all feel the pain at the pump. We all feel that he were trying to go and stay patient like a light gas tank up or should I add a few more groceries for my family either not taken that America as a superpower should be facing today.

We should be looking at not just being energy independent and being dominant also controlling our own food supply.

Being able to ensure that we actually more than upper America. We can get each and we don't see the GDP to national debt ratio to hundred 37% make making a consultant as a nation we have to get back to the greatness of America. We have to get back to embracing American exceptionalism to your point there. Fox News has a report out from Wyoming where young parents are having to skip meals of the summer actually turning to Ramen noodles because they just can't afford to buy groceries that gotta feed the kids and so a lot of parents are not going without. Because of the rising cost of not just food at the grocery store, but the prices at the gas tank to was abysmal but I need a thing that we are even look at it.

I got that target old time active-duty military directory. Now looking at going on Quicken government and while the dams in the administration never runs out of money when it comes to illegal aliens. New York City's Mayor Adam know if building thousands of bed illegal but yet leaves our veterans were homeless on the street with no help whatsoever.

We got tens of billion fighting the board and let me tell you, I thought 70 years in Iraq three years neck unity and timing coast about I was blown up twice in 2000 and think the bronze Star recipient I know that the boardwalk you to fight. Do not make a easier, more secure or more wealthy and better offer the nation actually deplete our resources we have to get back to understating nothing likely also not be an intervention. We have to start putting America for Cory. I you I'm I'm with you a thousand percent.

There the illegal and the illegal alien situation over it wasn't last week in Las Vegas you had a guy go on a stabbing spree killed two people stamp six others.

Not only was the guy in illegal alien, but the guy had been actually arrested and charged and convicted of crimes in California and a lot of people are going. What why in the world is that guy still allowed to be on American soil while the bottom line is because the Democrats have permitted it had encouraged the people to come across the border. They continue to find thank you Larry cities to art in QA when it comes to getting people are actually in their district is going to take this 100,000 or my state here in the state of Florida want to scream but it's an atrocity not to take you. Meanwhile within a couple thousand more tenured and they couldn't wait to get them out here. The bottom line is that we need to build a wall to reinforce that with surveillance technology capable for an early detection awareness to defund sanctuary. We do make title 42, permanent policy, not to release you for two or three and four years and hope that you come back in the meantime you're committing numerous crimes against the fully outfitted in. We need to start strengthening our borders, putting an immigration moratorium temporarily that we can actually do what we can think 1980 immigration policy that actually helps America.

We can't keep allowing or having right now I'll tell it will really care so much about women and children can't say that we should be looking at a humanitarian crisis in the sex trafficking children that is going on in the southern borders do nothing more than funding the cartel to continue their malign activities. If we take action to stop people like Cory, I think, wouldn't have to leave it there. We have a bit of a telephone connection issue, but we really appreciate the great work that you're doing good luck to you out on the Campaign Trl., Mills for is the campaign website and that we have links to all of his pages Cory, thank you, Mark R. Cory Mills running for the seventh congressional district in Florida. This is just appalling.

You've got a report on a Fox News about young Wyoming parents skipping meals, turning to Ramen noodles because of inflation because of gas prices, quote I'm doing anything and everything I can to be able to provide for my family says Jesus, a manager at the Teton toys that includes driving an hour to have one way to and from work and working literally all day I get to see my daughter twice a week when you know you you gotta do what you gotta do it and it's as tough times for everybody and people are struggling and it is a real struggle in this country. I want to share this this item I saw on Twitter from Wall Street silver and they posted. This was a photograph taken inside a bakery and there were just talking. I guess people come in and you want to go get your idle low doughnut or a muffin and your muffin has doubled in price and people are kinda shocked. I mean it's just try ordering a pizza and having it delivered to your home. Your to be paying upwards of 50 bucks for regular old large pepperoni and cheese pizza and a lot of people understand why.

So the folks over this bakery actually did a great service to their entire community and they just laid out that this is why our prices have gone up so they wrote flowers.

They listed all the ingredients they have to use to make whatever the flower in January 2021.

The price of flour was $12 and 18's or $12.19 for pound of in January 2022. It was $19.97 in July of this year. $28.88 per flour.

What about sugar 25 bucks. In January 2020, 21, you know, it is now $34 powdered sugar 25 bucks now $39.

What about shortening. You gotta have short and all-purpose shorten $41 and 2021 now $87.59 Grace Baker know you love sprinkles the rainbow sprinkles. What can I say I'm a sprinkle addict. You got a head on the cup to kill little children they don't. They love the sprinkles yeah make the magic in 2021. Though sprinkles would do such a back $56. I guess you like a big tall test settlements along a lot of money for lot now those same sprinkles $86.90 forces yeah now so mean that in the new. It's is not sustainable for anybody. This is what the by the ministry. She was doing to this country and a lot of people will for one thing, people who can't afford to go and buy a cupcake are stunned at the prices that they get upset and there's nothing that there's nothing the baker could he's going to be able to pay his bills to give me cupcakes, or give me death. Verily, verily, well said Grace Baker are gotta take a break.have you noticed, have you noticed inflation in your neighborhood in your local grocery store 844-747-8868 Grace remind me will become a Great Story, 844-747-8868 This Is the Time Storage. Sorry People Let's Get to the Phone Here. What Is It That Sending You That Is Going to What Has When Is Lit a Fire on Your That's Going to Get You up and Go Vote on Election Day Yeah I Know Preparation H Will Take Care That. But That's Not What I Dog I'm Talking about. What Is It That's That's Inspiring You to Go Invoke a Let's Go to the Phone Zero 844-747-8868 Stephen Arkansas All Right, Steve. What Say You All You Do a Good Job Three Hours a Day Going over All the Issues in Their Show Little Gold in the Union. I Got to a Related Topic.

If We Get These Two Issues Taken Care Of the People All the Chants Right without the Fear of the and That Is Already in Fair Elections and Equal Justice under Our Law Now so Issues Don't Get Fixed. I Don't Believe Anything Well Were about to Find out If If in Fact They Were. They Did Fix the Problems That Were There. That Allowed the Elections in 2020, to Be Rigged Working to Find out I Do Have Concerns If If in Fact the Democrats Are Somehow Able to Maintain Control of the House and the Senate. I Don't See How That's Possible without It without Him Cheating and at That Point, I Think You Can Have A Lot Of Angry Republicans Marching in the Streets Clear All Week and Every Wall We Have All the Crazy Dropbox My Veolia to Bookstore Capote. It Sounds like Fun, Cartoon Characters up. What Are Our Voting Process Is Turned into.

We Only Have One CC Will Have One Day You Go and You Vote. That's It in Person and If You Haven't Already Voted Paper, but You Gotta Have Something from Your Employer That You Work It out There You Go to Thought That You Dislike Okay I'm Good with That. I'm Good with That. But I Leave and You Know, Again I Don't Even like the Idea of Going into the Old Folks on the Senior Citizens Homes Because There Is Literally Video out There of These Democrats Going Door to Door Telling People This Is What You Need a Vote for and You Know If Grandma Is If Grandma's Is 75 or 80 and in the Shape of Joe Biden. She's Gonna Vote for Whoever Tells You They Say. You Vote for Donald Occupied Donald like That's My Vote out Very Well.

They like. We Need to Get Rid of the Voting. If You Go Back to College and Every Ballot That There's a Democrat and Republican, Said There All Right. Steve Appreciate the Call Was Go to Greg Salem Oregon Wants to Weigh in on PayPal Hey Greg, Good to Have You with Us Today about Me Talking to God Anywhere There, and It Could Talk about It Hard to Know Everything down There While One but the One That I Found out about a Couple Days Ago from Canada Only Work about New. Paul. The Group Becomes Effective 1 November and at the Bell Vander Work Yes and No. Yes No Great.

Let Me Explain What Happened Here a Bit Weird. We Were Talking about This on the Website over the Weekend.

You're Right, They Did Have a Policy $2500. So If You Promoted Misinformation. They Were Going to Yank $2500 from Your Account.

I Have Already Canceled. I Had Already Canceled by PayPal Account and Then Comes Word That PayPal Has Walked It Back and They Say They Are No Longer Going to Do That. Oh Well. Like a Little like That. Now I Am Careful It Anywhere. I like What I Elected the Lord Talk to Maryland.

Why Were Doing It like Way about That but Better Late A Lot Of People Had Done the Same. Then You Know That Why Good to Make Room Not Only for Protecting Your Own Felt That All the Let Them Know That They Don't Require Me to Be Made from Her Grandma Decided to Go Will Go Broke. Greg, Let Me Tell You Something about This PayPal Your Run of the Money. The Only Reason They Change Their Minds and They Backed off. Is It Became Public and A Lot Of People like Yourself and Be We Cancel Our PayPal Account. But Here's the Here's the Broader Concern and This Is Why I Am Not a Proponent of a Cashless Society Because Once the Government and Once Digitally They Can Control All of Your Money, They've Got You Right Where They Want You and You Better Believe That One Day It Could Be Bank Of America.

It Could Be Wells Fargo and They Could Say Oh This Person Has Been Spreading Misinformation Working to Punish Them by Taking This Money Out Of Their Bank Account. I Mean It's It's Crazy to Think of but You Know What PayPal Got Caught Trying to Do It. Trying to Implement This Policy. Greg Greg Call. Thank You for Listing.

Love All of Our Oregon Listeners Meant Something Exciting Is Happening Out Of North Get Ready to Elect a Republican Governor First Right Hand Side. Everybody, This Is the Time Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Back to the Time Stern's Radio Show.

Just a Reminder, We Are in the Middle of a Radio Fund for Alliance Depending Raising Money so They Can Fight These Court Cases That Matter so Much to Our Country and to Our Freedoms. You Can Go to Todd Right Now. Click on the Alliance Defending Freedom Banner Right at the Top of the Page and You Can Help Us out by the Way, Our Goal $20,000 That's $20,000. That's a Very Doable Thing and We Love You to Help Us out There. Ari Walked Back to the Todd Stearns Radio Program. Good to Have You with Us Today We Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line.

We Have a Fearless Warrior, a Great Patriot and He Is the Pastor of an Incredible Church in California, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Are Good Friend Pastor Jack Gibbs Pastoral. Doing Good Today I'm Doing Good It's Great to Talk You Any Day Talking to Your Brother Is Excellent and so Thanks for Having a Thought.

By the Way, I Have To Compliment You I Was You Invite Me to Come down and Speak to the Congregation. There and I Have Never Seen Such a Gracious a Group of People so Wonderful to Meet Everybody and I Love Who Makes the Meals That You Served, but to Those People Deserve a Raise or Tell You What You're Exactly Right. They Love You and Your and Our Doors Open to You Anytime and I Think You Know That.

Oh Well, I'll Be Back You on Actually Coming down There in a Couple of Weeks for an Event and I Was Gonna Hunt You down and Try to Sneak in and Catch the Service Here You Preach. While I Look Forward to Having You in Any Way We Can Have Your Brother Great Look Pastor, I I Wanted to Come on the Program Because You're Catching A Lot Of Heat There in California for Calling out Gavin Newsom the Governor You Rightly Pointed out in This Great Column Gavin Newsom, the King of Late-Term Abortion, but Really He's the King of Day of Abortion in the State of California. Tragically, You Accurately Place That Right Were Calling It Birthday Abortion That I Know That Many of Your Listeners You Know We Have a Judeo-Christian Worldview Value to Our Hearts and Our Minds and We Want to Wish You Think the Best of People and I Tried That for a Long Time regarding Gavin Newsom but His Antics and the Literally off the Charts.

It's Hard to Imagine Friends That You're Talking about a Man Who Is Crafted a Bill with His Sacramento Henchmen That Will Be the Most Dramatic and Dangerous Abortion Act Infected. It's Hard to Say This but It Goes beyond Abortion Because It Is the Murdering of a Baby on His Birthday If the Mother so Inclined. Listen to This.If the Mother Still Inclines without the Father's Permission. The Monarch and Deemed the Child to Be Put down Malicious Use That Term Put down, and Here's What Is Amazing in Most Cases Todd.

The Devil Is in the Details, but California Has Gotten Wicked Enough to Leave the Details out so That There's No Specific Day or Hour after Birth. That References When Is Any Legal Then to Take This Child's Life. It's Just Not There. It's Wide Open. It's Hard for Us to Believe Such a Thing and so the Second Thing, I Thank God for You and Your Program. Because of This, No One Covering the Story of My Design. Proposition One Is the Most Dangerous Thing Going on in America.

Nobody's Talking about about the Extent Todd Start and Jacket. This Is Being Well Hidden and Is Absolutely the Most Diabolical Thing I've Heard of in This Country and Its and Its Creation. Since Its Creation in Pastor Hips You You Compared It to What Was Happening in 1930s Germany. What Did You Mean by That. Well Number One That There Is an Amazing Collected Media Blitz Going on to Get Everybody's Eyes over to Something Else Rather Than What Was Really Going on. And Thing Is That Hitler Used on the Churches and Communicated to Them in Vagueness and so Today in California. Everything Is Being Talked about As the Woman's Right to Reproductive Health.

That's That's out Being Talked about It, Saying One Thing That Sounds Very Noble and Happy and Healthy While the Actual Law Is Very Murderous and Demonic, and so Is Very Much like Hitler's Form of Controlling the Narrative and Deceiving the People and It's Working Here in California but I Gotta Tell You, People Are Waking up Thanks to Programs like Here's Hardware Other People in Other States Are Saying Wait a Minute.

If This Is Going to Happen in California We Know Something. If It Happens in California, It's Going to Come to Texas Is Going to Come to New Jersey It's Going to Come to Nebraska so There Are Some People That Are Gathering Together and Getting behind Our Effort, Our Effort Is Stopped Prop Stop Prop with the Number and They Can Get More Information, They Can Certainly Help Us out Because We Want to Counter His Billboard Signs Using Billboard Signs and Five Other States, Red States, by the Way, Red States, Saying, Come to California You Can Have an Abortion. Don't Tell Your Parents and California Will Pay for It and Nobody Needs to Know Them so Insane and That Wasn't Bad Enough, Todd at the Bottom of the Billboard It Says from Matthew's Gospel Chapter 5 Quoting Jesus Love One Another Using a Bible Verse to Support His Demonic Abortion Agenda and I Think That Might Be One of the Kinder Things You Can Call It Is Demonic to Me. This Is This Is Appalling Stuff. The Idea That a Woman Would Be Able to Literally Abort the Baby on Its Birthdate and in the Way It Is Written in, and Again, and in California You Guys on Election Day in November.

You're to Be Voting on All of These Things These Propositions and the Way It Is Written up Pastor. It's Good to Be Very Hard for People, Especially If They're Liberal Maybe a Liberal Who Is Pro-Choice but Not That Pro-Choice. And Because, As You Point out A Lot Of Pro-Choice People Are Opposed to This. Well You You Just Again, You Just Put Your Finger Right on It. We We Commissioned a Rasmussen Poll and the Data Came Back It Was Definitely Awesome and It Was This 79% of Voters Now to Remember in California Where People Forget We Have More Registered Republicans in California Than Any Other State Republican. The Problem Is We Got More Registered Democrats Than Any Other State but 79% of Independents, Republicans and Democrats Combine That Proposition.

One Goes Too Far. It's Too Extreme and That's What Were Trying to Get People to Understand, Even for the Royal Data Democrat Is Too Extreme for Then They Say No, Wait a Minute That Wrong and so That's the Messaging Were Trying to Get out and Thank You Todd for the Opportunity to Do That in Your Program All Open Open Invitation Here Pastor Because This Is a Major Issue and I've Always Felt like This Is the Defining Issue of of Our Nation and If We Can't Get the Issue of Life Right We Can't Get Anything Else Right. You're Right in Time. You've Opened the Door for Me to Say That II Would like to Be Able to Somehow by the Grace of God, Employee, or Use Whatever Authority I Have over Pastors in California Pastors in California If You Don't Stand on This Issue. If You Don't Stand for This Issue of Life. I Believe That This Will Be Our Lord God, so to Speak from the Book of Revelation Will Remove Your Lampstand of Witness, Your Light Will Go out If You Can't Stand for This Most Fundamental, Basic, Nonpolitical Issue of This Is a Battle between Life and Death, Heaven and Hell. The Light and Dark in Every Church in California That Pastor Should Be a CLARiiON Voice to Their City and I Think That Is Enough. Pastors Speak up Right Now That His Congregation Will Listen and We Can Start Prop One Demonic Move past Her and Curious. I Know the Catholics Are Jumping on Board with This. Republicans Are, How about Protestants of the Evangelical Leadership Are You Seeing Them Rising up As Well, or You Are You the Lone Voice Crying in the Wilderness Are All Right Now Targeting to Get Me in Trouble Was the Parent and I'm Going to Be Honest. Come If It Weren't for the Catholics Speaking up on This and the Mormon We Would Be in Deep Trouble.

I Mean I Can't Believe It. I Am I'm Calling for My Evangelical Fundamental Bible Believing Brothers to Take a Stand, but They're Hard to Find Right Now on This Issue, but That the Mormons Are Speaking in the Catholics Are Speaking up and Where My Evangelical Brother Pastors. Where Are They on This Issue. While That's a Great Question to Find out and Hopefully That's Can Light a Fire under A Lot Of These Pastors and Maybe They Will They Will See the Error of Their Ways and and Jump in the Butt, but Honestly Pastor There Been so Many Evangelical Churches That Have Been Taken over by This Woke This and That They Just They Don't Want That.

They Don't Want to Jump into the Fight. Yet, We Certainly Found That during the Cold COBIT Experience and I Can View That As Phase 1, You Know You Know Well the Lord Says That Judgment Must Must Begin at the House of the Lord and That's That Word Simply Means That God Is Purifying His Church, Shaking the Foundations to See What They're Made of Coal That Had a Tremendous Impact on That and It in All of Us Are Smarter Right Now regarding What Is Church in a Post-COBIT World. I Believe That Here in California. This Is Phase 2 for Us.

This Is Phase 2 Events of the Next Event to Shake the Churches Foundation in California and If We If We Crumble at This and It's Going to Come to a State near You. There's No Doubt about It. All Right Pastor, Let's Give the Other Website Address One More Time Working People Know They Want to Get Involved in Stock. Proposition One yet Exactly That Stock Prop Number Stop Prop More Information There. Pray for Us and Your Support Will Go to Get Enough Those Billboards and Getting out Publication so That People Become Aware of It All Right Working to Do Our Best to Spread the Word Pastor Always Good Having You on the Program and a You Let Me Know If They're Coming after You.

So Will Go after Them.

Thank God for Our Friends Pastor Jack Gives Everybody Fight in an Incredible Fight.

It Is a Righteous Fight in the State of California a Massive Church and I Am so Glad That He Is Really Mobilizing the Flock down There in Southern California to Stand up and Fight Back. The Idea That That California Is on the Verge of Not Just Approving but Actually Codifying Day of Abortion in the State of California It's It's Reprehensible.

But This Is What Happens When Good People Stand out to Do Nothing and How Many Times Have We Heard This throughout History Silence in the Face of Evil Is Evil Itself. That's What Dietrich Bonhoeffer Once Said, and Pastor Pastor Jack Said If It Hadn't Been for the Catholics in the Mormons We Be in a World of Hurt. So Where Are All of You Good Protestants Were All You Good Evangelicals and Nondenominational Types of Pentecostals Where You Guys of the Flight 844-747-8868.

That Is Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 You Just Heard Pastor Jack of the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We Love Our Friends at Patriot Mobile They're Fighting There Fighting Every Single Day. As a Matter Fact Patriot Mobile Has Earned National Attention Because They Have Been Funding the School Board Battles and They Been Very Successful. Flipping a Number of School Districts around the Nation from Liberal to Conservative Giving Parents Back Their Rights and That's Why We Support Patriot Mobile. They Also by the Way, Have a Great Wireless Service Patriot That's Patriot You Can Check the Coverage. See How Much Coverage They Have in Your Community. If You're a Business Owner, Your Family, Urinal, Love the Great Deals and Discounts at Patriot Bubble Is Going to Give You America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier. Ladies and Gentlemen, Patriot Use My Promo Code Todd Will Reason I Was at the Kroger the Other Day.

You Know You Know It's Kroger I Go to. Don't Tell Her Otherwise Never to Make It to the Checkout. This Is Frequent the Same One so It's a Great Kroger so Knew I Was out There Shopping and It Was Funny Because You Can Always Tell When You're in the South. It's Isn't up. I Would Say It's a Upscale Area Which Is Which Makes a Sort of Humorous. They Have Buckets. I Mean 1 Gallon Buckets of Chitlins in the in the Supermarket. How I Missed That. And They Also Have Pork Rinds. Of Course Worse. There's Actually in the South Is Much like Where You Go to Get Your Tortilla Chips They Would Have the and You Have Multiple Flavors and Yes, Same with Pork Right This Is That a Southern Thing. I Thought That Was like the Late Countrywide.

Definitely a Sub Okay Good to Know I May Brims Pork Rinds Guy That Is My Jam.

They Are the Best Lunch so I Was Looking for the Brims You They Rearrange the Whole Supermarket.

So It's Always Hard to Find Stuff to Do That Just to Mess with Us and One Leg. So I Rented This Little Lady Was Writing Motorized Scooter and That She Stop Me and She Was All We Missed. We Missed You at Church and She Was Just Checking on My Well-Being and That She's a Big Man of the Show and She Was Very Kind of Very Gracious and We Had a Good Conversation There Very Southern Thing Right in Front of a Believer You Know or This Is You Know How They Had the Big like Open Coolers Yes with the Milos T. Oh Yeah, so It Was Right There so I Had Life Just Grabbed a Jug of Milos T and I Was Heading down to Get My William Sausage Which Finally Is Back in the Supermarket Really Very Excited. I Will Have To Go and Check It out. So Anyway, I Was Heading over to the William Sausage and Then Someone Else Comes up Is Just a Big Fan of the Show Don't about You.Don't Bother Your Only No Bother at All You We Visit so I'm Going to the Checkout Line and Units the Self Checkout Unit and That Is the Bane of My Existence, Because All Now Inevitably Something I Me I Have Never Been There, Where It Has Been like an Easy Experience Is That like Every Time You Put Something in the Bag It Still Says You Hadn't Put It in the Bag.

Yes, and I'm Annoyed I'm like What He Wanted to Know Where I Don't and I'm Yelling at You Know You're Yelling at the Thing You're Banging on It.

So Anyway, Sure Enough, I Get All My Stuff Done and This Woman Comes over or This a Cashier Comes over and She Says We Got a Problem with Machine. I Might Nab It and I Don't Think of A Lot Of the Same but Anyway Dag Nab It and Does She Says I Need to Get Your Hang Tight. Don't Do Anything to Give Me Your Credit Card Okay Alright Whatever the Hands of Their She Comes Back and She Gives Me a Receipt and She Says It's on the House but I'm like What's on the House.

She Says Your Grocery Bill Has Been Paid.

I Was ISA by Who and She Turns and Points at This Other Person Who's a Cross on the All the Other Self Checkout Line and I like What That's Why Go over and the Ladies. She's a Great Lady Listener of the Program and She Said I Just Wanted You're Always Doing Something Nice for People in Memphis and I Just Wanted to Do Something Nice for You.

Thank You for What You're Doing for the Country at Southern Hospitality Right There.

It Was Very Thoughtful.

Very Thoughtful. I Was You Know It When You Have One of Those Weeks Where Your Title like May Just Get Your Get Pounded to Standard You Know and so When I Was Tired and It Was Just the Right Thing.

It Was Very Kind Thing. Very Nice. I Will Say This Wasn't Bad of Me Because I Thought Me and I Should've Put a Ribeye Steak Been There All My You Still Push Your Luck out. I Should've Gotten the Jif Peanut Butter Instead of the Offbrand Escape Is All Right Will Thank You. We Love All of Our Great Listeners. And If You See Me at the Kroger Drop by and Say Howdy Right Hand Side. Our Three This Is, This Surgery Is We Are Now 28 Days Away from Stopping Provided Agenda and Saving the World from Nuclear Annihilation Will Give the Surgery of Great to Have You with Us Today. We Got A Lot Going on This Hour of the Show Are Good for an Art Alley Is Going to Be Here in Just a Little While I Will Be Looking Forward to Talking with Him Some Big Economic News to Bring Your Way. Also Were Paying Very Close Attention to What's Happened between Russia and Ukraine.

Things Are Getting a Little Bit a Little Bit More Dicey over There and As You Heard Pres. Biden Last Week Warned That We Were on the Verge of New of the Nuclear Apocalypse's Will Keep You Updated on That As Well.

Pres. Trump Very Busy over the Weekend and Honestly Did a Terrific Job a Couple of Big Campaign Events Campaign Rallies Save America Rallies and the American First Candidates Are Doing Extremely Well from Border to Border Coast-To-Coast across the Fruited Plain Including in Places like Rhode Island and Also Oregon Where Republicans Are Making Making Significant Gains and Could End up Upsetting Democrats and Those Two Heavily Democrat States, but People Are Just People or That They've Had They Just Handed Everybody Select One of the One of the Funniest Things I've Ever Heard. It Happened in the.

The Trump Rally Last Night When Pres. Trump Put Together This Amazing Compilation of All of the Biden Gaffes Take a Listen.

So in Just a Little Quick Video Made up. Would You like to See It so Your Mental Focus Is As Focused As Your Sigh. I Have Blabbed That There Is a Nation Defined in the Single Word and for You to Hold Dear like to Line My Will and I Love That Song Was Good to Go with It.

There's an Energy and That the Bible Is like Being in a Rock Concert Grease Bigger Me. People Really Get You Fired up Joe's Got Ago Joe's Got a Guy Does Not Go Well There.

It's True and When You Put It All Together. Grace, You Realize.

While This Is Senile. I Mean, to Fill up Two Minutes Easily with Those Wellbore. There's Tons of It. I Mean, There's Tons of It Anyway to Learns Made in America That on Friday, This Story from Campus Reform Grace Baker.

I Know You're You're a Student of Literature Years As We Call It Index It Let Truck Chop a Teacher I Had Way Too Many Cups of Coffee Clearly and I Have One of Those like I Was in the Color Cellulitis Drinks. But That's Not It Is Still See Us Some Was, but I Put on A Few Pounds. This Story from Campus Reform, a Teacher in Sacramento, California Luther Burbank High School Very Upset over Shakespeare. Good Old Bill Shakespeare, White Guy so the Teacher Her Name Is Dino Deuce Beeper and I Think That's How You Pronounce Your Name, but for the Sake of Our Conversation, We Will Call Her Miss Deuce Beeper Miss Deuce Beavers Very Upset about about Shakespeare. She Is an English Teacher. She Teaches the Common Core English Language Arts Standards and a Part of That Standard Is to Include Shakespeare As a High School Requirement. I Know You're Homeschooled Grace, but Did You Ever Have To Did You Read Romeo and Juliet. Oh Yes, of Course, That I Just Assumed That She Was Silent. I Had No Plan Though It's Is That Julia Julia Are My Much That I Try to Be Try to Respect South of the Border's Psyche. So Anyway Got Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet Tablet.

I Read That Love Fellow That Are Anyway That's to the Extent of Shakespeare. So Anyway, Miss Deuce, Beavers Very Upset Because She Says, and I'm" Here from the Campus Reform Story Quote. I Do Not Believe a Long Dead British Guy Is the Only Writer Who Can Teach My Students about the Human Condition. The Veteran Teacher Declared She Is a Dislike of Reading Shakespeare Because of Her Own Personal Test Interest in Reading Stories Written in an Early Form of the English Language That I Quote Cannot Always Easily Navigate. I Take It She Doesn't Read the King James Version of the Bible Either Guessing Not. She Reads the Message. She Also Says Thank You for the Grace and She Also Said There Is a World of Really Exciting Literature out There That Speaks to the Needs of My Very Ethnically Diverse and Wonderfully Curious Modern-Day Student.

She Goes on to Say That the Quote What I Worry about Is That As Long As We Continue to Cling to One White Man's View of Life As He Lived so Long Ago That We Promote the Notion That Other Cultural Perspectives Are Less Important and She Says That the Problem Is That We Have a We Have Too Much of a Euro Centric View of Literature. There Is There Is so She Doesn't Want Anybody Reading Books by White People Left While Tolerant of Her. Why Does He Does Come Right out and Say That I That's A Lot.

I Give the Words Valid Said That We Get It All Right. She's Alone. We Get so I'm Curious to Know What I Mean Are the P Diddy Everyone Are They Gonna Replace Shakespeare with Another's. The College in California Doing in the Human Discourse We See That No I Did Not yet Add like an Actual College Course about Nikki M�nage and How She's Revolutionized Music Wasn't She on American Idol As a Judge Once Was at Her Don't Know Because I Stopped Watching It after the Main Peaking of the Main Judges Left That We Are Able Here Is That Once Hidden. Join the so I Said Okay I like You Okay but Not As a Judge Not so Anyway. She's Getting Some Blowback. Matthew Trousdale Was an English Teacher at Renton High School in Piedmont, South Carolina. All I Hope Is Not a White Guy Who May Have Trouble Will Be in Trouble.

Quote Shakespeare Is More Than Just a Long Dead British Try to Dismiss Shakespeare on the Grounds That Lie 450 Years Ago, Has No Relational Life Today Is to Dismiss Every Religious Text, Everett Will Hold Me Stop Rather. That's the Point. By the Way, but He Goes on Every Piece of Ancient Mythology, Greek, African, Native American, and for That Matter.

Everything That Wasn't Written in Whatever Time Defined Is Now like the Guys Going Largely but Look This Goes Back to the Cultures the Hottest As I Wrote about in the Bible. Culture G Honda Came up Back in 2019 What They Wanted to Literally Destroy All of History Going Back to At Least the Turn-Of-The-Century so Anything Anything before the Year 2000 Has To Be Eliminated Has To Be Erased. That's the Whole Point of This and I Hate It That Mischa Miss Deuce Beeper Doesn't Seem to Appreciate of the Classics but What Business Does She Have All. I Don't Think I Pronounce Her Name Is Close. I'm Not Good at That. I'm Not Good at for the and I Was Never Hooked on Phonics, but I Think� Only Color Miss D That's a Little Better a Little. It Just Dawned on Me. I Don't Think I Could for Now Directly Either Side of. So If You Want. My Apologies Miss DI Mean This Yellow Point Do We Need This.

Do We Still Need the Kids Still Need to Read William Faulkner the Need to Read to Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee Is a Need to Read Dickens. Yes, These Are All People of the Caucasian Persuasion. Does That Mean That There Viewpoints Are No Longer Relevant or Accepted Need to Be Well-Rounded 844-747-8868 Fetzer Toll-Free Telephone Number so I Was on I Was Watching the Tennessee Volunteers Destroy LSU over the Weekend. It Was a Glorious Thing Grace Had Adjourned to Do by the Way Here That the Memphis Tigers Lighthouse about It. I Was There I Had to Live It. My Simple Base We Been There We Probably All Been There Many Times. So Anyway, the Detroit Lions or Was There Was an Incident on Saturday at the University Of Michigan Game Were One of the Football Coaches. One of the Assistant Coaches Standing on the Silo Just Drops to the Ground and Their Carton the Guy off and They Said He Suffered Some Sort of a Medical Emergency. Then Yesterday on Live on National Television during the Detroit Lions Game of the Cornerback Is Savvy on Smith and He Was There Was a Play and There Was Brief Content but Nothing's Were of Significance and Annexing Other Guys.

The Guy Collapses onto the Field and the End I Felt like Right Away Came out That Although Neck Injury. Yet That Was No Neck Injury. I Mean We All Saw It with Her Eyes That May Be the NFL's Truth. Maybe Let Us Know. Never Anybody Who Watch the Game Knew Something Was up Here and of the Subject Is Somebody so Well. He Suffered a Medical Board Emergency That There Been A Lot Of Medical Emergencies Lately Involving Athletes Perfectly Healthy Athletes Now Who All Of A Sudden Are Coming up.

Coming up with These Medical Emergencies and There Is One Common Denominator. All of Them Were Forced to Get the China Virus Vaccine You Want to Play You Want to Play College Ball Got to Get the Vaccine One around the High School Cross-Country Team Gotta Be Vaccinated Clearly and I Felt You Got to Be Vaccinated, and He Got a Cut of Commercial and so People He Got Vaccinated, but a JJ Watt of the Arizona Cardinals Had to Have His Heart Shocked Back in Rhythm and There Make It out to Be. This Is Normal. They Noted a Number of High School Athletes Who Have Either Died or Suffered Heart Related Ailments. This Is Happening at a Frightening Pace.

Are You Guys Seeing This, You're Not Really Talk about This Is What's Massive You're Not Allowed to Talk about It but We Put I Posted Something Yesterday and Tens of Thousands of People Responded It Was Amazing. But Anyway, All That to Say If If You Haven't Gotten the Vaccine I Would Be Consulting with Your Doctor and I Will Be Doing a Whole Lot of Homework but We Need to Be Having Some Investigations on This Folks, Here's the Problem.

Whenever Anybody Ask a Question What They Do. They Shut You down. They Accuse You of Being Some Sort of a Conspiracy Theorist, a Paddler of Disinformation. They Try to Neutralize You While Line Asking the Tough Questions Here and We Do Deserve to Know What's Really Going on. We Deserve to Know Whether the Vaccine Is Actually More Dangerous Than the Virus 844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868. A Reminder Are Radio Fun for Alliance Defending Freedom Continues.

We Are Raising Money. All This Week and We Need Your Help. Whether It's Five Dollars or $5000. We Need Your Help Raising Money to Fight These Very Important Cases of the Supreme Court You Go to Our Website. Todd Click on the Alliance. Defending Freedom Banner ADF Banner and Will Be Able to Contribute Will Be Right Back Articles Water Back to the Concert Radio Show.

Both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump Say You Gotta Read the New Book by Dick Morris Is Called the Return and It's Already Topping the Bestseller List. Former President Trump Says It's a Great Book and He Says You Need to Get It. Mike Huckabee Urged Every American to Read the Return. Here's the Deal in This Book Dick Morris Explains Why Tromp and Not DeSantis Must Be the Candidate in 2024. He Even Reveals the Moves. Hillary Clinton Is Taking to Prepare to Run against Donald Trump.

The Return Reveals Trump Secret Plan to Win and Newsmax Says the Return Is the Political Book of the Year Elections Coming up Soon and You Want to Find out Why Everyone Is Getting the Return. Now Here's the Deal You Can Get the Book in Your Bookstore or You Can Check out the Free Offer from Our Friends at Newsmax and Save $28 Call. Write This Number down Call One 800 Newsmax That's 800 Used Bags or You Can Go to the Return That's the Return and Get Your Copy Today Are at 844-747-8868 Is Our Toll-Free Telephone Number. Do You Buy into That. Do You Believe, As Dick Morris Does That Pres. Trump Has To Run Again for the White House and Hillary Clinton Is Going to Be His Opponent. Could You Imagine That Would Be the Rematch but I Don't Think It's Going to Be Hillary, I Don't. I Just Don't Think That Hillary Clinton Can Do This I Think Will If There If They're Going for a Female. I Suspect This Could Be Michelle Obama and I Know That Horrifies A Lot Of People. But Look, I Just Want You to Try to Be Honest I Try to Shoot Straight with You and and This Is This Is Where I Think the Democrats Are Going to Have To Go.

They Got Nobody, Nobody, and You Look at Let's Just for the Sake of the Argument Here Was to Say That the Democratic Party Is Decimated in the Midterm Elections.

It Could Be in There There. There's a Caveat Here. There's a Caveat to What I Just Said about Michelle Obama. If If the Democrats Are Truly Decimated at the Levels We Think Are to Be. It Could Be That Joe Biden Just Resigns and If That's the Case, and If in Fact, Harris Becomes the President. It Could Be That Democratic Party Leaders Force Her to Put Someone like Hilary or Michelle Obama in That Vice President Spot Because They're in Have To Have Somebody That Can Rebuild the Party That Person Is Not, Harris so Understand This, Whoever Is Whoever the Nominee Is Going to Be Will Have To Be Able to Rebuild the Party. Now It Could Be That They Looked at Gavin Newsom, Someone out There Lurking in the Shadows Men. The Hydra Daughters, Andrew Cuomo, That Could Be a Possibility, but a Son to Be a People Judge.

It's Not a Camp and I'll Explain Why Will Do That after the Break Heart 844-747-8868 This Is the Concert at the Home Depot You by Select Real Good Next Are Really One Plus Battery. Now You Can Give a Gift That Not Only Keeps on Giving Also Keeps Your Favorite. So Whether Your Holidays Sound like This or That Your Holiday Plus Free Delivery on a Million Eligible from the Home Depot. How Do Workers Get Bored.

Welcome Back to the Stearns Radio Show This Item.

Justin from the State of California.

Gavin Newsom Has Signed a Bill into Law That Is Going to Impact Your Grocery Shopping, All You Folks in Santa Clarita Listen up Senate Bill 1046 Now the Law of the Land It Will Outlaw Plastic Grocery Bags. It's Also Going to Outlaw Those Little Bags and I Will If You Seen These Bags Are Not to Grace Baker over at the Ellet See Her Again at the Kroger Old Notables at Whole Foods.

I Had to Go to Whole Foods to Get Something and Wow, What a Weird Place. That Is, It's an Inventor.

It's like You Know All Its I Know I Was the Only Conservative of the Whole from Go There in Case I Get That, You Know, As I Try to but Anyway I Was at the in the Produce Section, You Know Those Little White Bags Apply Clear Plastic Bags That You Put like the Tomatoes in the ASCII the Avocados.

I Never Can. I Can't Open so Annoying This Is and Then You Have To Make Sure They Latch on so It Cuts off It Tears off or Else You like, You Know, the Whole Role.

This Is Very True. Anyway, Does Route Want to. I'm Not Necessarily Upset about That Because You Know They're Very Annoying.

It Is Annoying. According to the San Jose Mercury News Stores Will Have To Use Recycled Paper Bags or Compostable Bags Instead. And What a Terrible Place to Live.

The Bill Originally Asked That All Plastic Bags Be Replaced by 2023. However, the California Grocers Association Asked the Date Be Changed to 2025 to Give Stores Time to Alter You Notice to Be Working to Start Bringing Just Boxes Just Boxes to the Azores.


But There You Go Folks That's That's the Reason Why so Many People Are Leaving California That They're Just Sick and Tired of All This Nonsense 844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 Let's Go down to the Patriot Mobile Is Maker Line.

Our Good Friend from Timothy Plan None Other Than Art Allie Joins Us. Our Hope You're Doing Well Today Doing a Great Read a Little Book out There with Landline so Much so Well, You're Coming in Loud and Clear and Are We Allowed to Talk to You about Today. Of Course the in Chicago.

Tyson Foods Announced That They Are Relocating from Chicago. They're Moving Their Operations to Arkansas Meeting. Thousands of People Are to Be Either Going with Them Are Looking for Another Job If There to Stay in the Windy City, but One of the Big Reasons Is That It's It's That People Are Sick and Tired of the Crime and We Saw That in the McDonnell CEO Saying the Same Thing.

They're Having a Big Problem with Crime in Chicago.

No Kidding. Drs. Tyson Zoning Margaret Data Pillar of Regular Small Businesses Are Bailing out the People Are Moving out. Why Would You Stay in the City Where You're Worried about the Being Mugged or Robbed or Killed, and Sooner or Later If We Have Fair Elections of People Chicago Were to Put Some of Those Leaders, the Unemployment Line and Get Some Common Sense People Run and It's a Great City. They Destroyed It and Will the Same Thing Is Happening in San Francisco and You're Right.

I Spent A Lot Of Time in Chicago When I Was Working at Fox News Same in San Francisco.

Beautiful Towns That Have Been Destroyed by the Seas of the Democrats. It Only Happens like Every Time These People Have Such a Different Approach in Worldview and Trying to Control Everything and It Just Doesn't Work. Just Leave America Works Very Well and You Know People Are Wringing Their Hands in Her Column Answer What You What the Markets Going Crazy. The Economy Is Going Crazy. Crime Is Going through the Roof. Try to Pump a Gallon for Gas.

I Mean There's Some People Talking about Only Living on Noodles for Goodness Sakes Because They Gotta Feed Their Little Baby and They Just Can't Afford All This Talk, but the Average I Still Believed the Average American Still Have Some Basic Values People Just Listen to the Car Just Compromise Propaganda Media except You Get Islands of Peer Networks That Tell the Truth and They're Traumatized by That Stop, but I Believe This to Will Pass Hardware Asking When You Know Why. Again, This Is Why the Midterm Elections Are so Vitally Important, and an Art When You When You Look at Some of the Stories You Were Talking about the Wyoming Couple Having to Feed Their Kid Your Ramen Noodles I Got No Money to Pay Their Bills on People and I Really Struggling after We Had Eight We Were Sharing a Story of We Saw on Social Media. A Local Baker Put up a Little Billboard and Said Hey Look, Here's the Reason Why Were Having to Raise Our Prices and Is so Shocking When You See That the Prices Have Literally Doubled for Everything That Goes into Making a Cupcake.

For Example, What Advisory or Are You Giving You, Especially Those Business Owners out There As They Try to Survive through These Very Difficult Financial Waters Just Suck It up and Talk about This Too Will Pass Know Everybody Is Looking to the Midterm Elections, but You Know Our Problem in America Goes Way beyond the Political Prolonged Groups, but I'm Going to Our Problem in American Spiritual We Have Left the Creator God of the Universe on Which This Country Was Founded. Their Work Very Well for 200 Years behind Them Out Of America Way Too Many Cases and the People with the Values Sat Back and Allowed It to Happen While They Are Pursuing Their Unlimited Prosperity American Dream of the Other Side Is Not As You Know One Very Positive Things People Who Are Fed up with This Stuff Can Do Is Quit Investing in the Enemies Corporate Stocks and That's Where Timothy Is Set Apart, We Will Not Only Ensures the Companies Trying to Destroy This Country and Man Wall Street Is Not Our Friends the Boys on Wall Street Are Right in Line with the Ultraliberal Crazies That Are Destroying Our Country so I Don't Know. I'm Hopeful You Know Were Were Only Casted Boot Camps Were Sponsoring Those.

I'm Going to One Sunday.

Believe It or Not I 400 Grasses in Their Lives, so This'll Make about 1500 Pastors That Our Team Is Equipped on How to Deal with This Culture Biblically, past Their Current Predation, You Know, There Are Still Some Good People Leading Their Clocks, but They're Ill-Equipped to Deal with This Culture Biblically That We Are Equipping Networking Together and This Is Going to Do Nothing but Grow. It Is an Incredible Movement Back to the Basics so to Speak That I'm Excited about Hopeful and and Again Going Back to 1994 When You Founded Timothy Plan. Are You Guys Have Have Grown to More Than $2 Billion in Assets Managed in 12 Mutual Funds and Six Exchange Traded Funds and the Point Is That Art Is That You Can You Can Focus Your Investments and and Have Those Mirror Your Belief System without Losing Money, but Actually Making Money and and That I Know That Goes against the Culture of the Day, but That's the Exciting Thing about the Great Work You Guys Are Doing Their Timothy Well Our Shareholders Are Very Happy You Know Were Not Always Going to Be the Best Performer Were Not Always Going to Be the Worst Performer but Our Goal Is to Be Consistent and Competitive Recruitment over 28 Years. You Can Do That without Compromise Basic: God's. And You Know It's Just Been the Adventure of My Life but You Know Things Are Going to Get Better. Just Seeing More and More More People Are Waking up. We Have Been Asleep, and What Edmund Burke Right. All It Takes for Evil to Prevail Is for Good Men to Do That We Altered Guilty about over the Last Three Decades of Special Right Now the Boot Camps Are Working People Know They Want to Get Information on the Boot Camps and Working They Sign up for This Well This Unfold. But the Golden Ulcers Next Year in Terms of the Partners Is the Major Sponsor of These Because I Believe It's the Best Investment We Can Make. They Can Go to Liberty Might Be Liberty Works. Given the History These Pastors.I'm Telling You They Are Transformed Permanently Waiting for This Kind of the Support Group and Mechanisms Are Not Alone out There, but You Know the Majority of Pastors Are Just Following Their Careers and They Are Not Going Okay, but in the Worry about Different Day Today Because When I Was Growing up.

I'm a Little Older Than You. When a Guy Went into the Pastorate. He Went Kicking and Screaming, You Know, God Called Him to Do That Today. It's a Career That's a Whole Different Dynamic to Our We Gotta Leave It There. We Are Running Late for a Break, but Again Far Side You've Heard the Idaho Event Is Sold out a Way to Keep You Updated on Future Boot Camps Hosted by Our Good Friend Art Allie in the Meantime Timothy Is the Website and We Have a Direct Link on Our Live Show Blog Art. As Always, Great Information, Appreciate Your God Bless. All Right.

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This Set Is Made with USA Cotton.

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There Is a Limited Supply, so Be Sure to Order Now You Can Call 1-800-839-8506 That's 1-800-839-8506.

Use the Promo Code Starnes or Go to Are Involves Walking Back to the Sun Turns Radio Show. Hey by the Way, Check out Some Great Stories over at Todd's Free of Charge. All You Have To Do Is Type in Todd's and There You Go. You Can Also Download Our Free Podcast in Our Daily Newsletter Folks. That's the Way That Were Able to Get News and Information to You This Story from from Long Island New York to Teenagers Shot outside the Home of Congressman Lee Zelman of the Police Are Saying It Was a Totally Random Occurrence. According to the New York Post.

This Is Possibly a Gang-Related Event to 17-year-old Boys Suffered Gunshot Wounds to the Chest of Another Suffered a Lacerated Liver That's Not Good.

The Teams Are Known to the Department. That's What They're Saying. So That's Why They Seem to Believe This May Not Be Connected to the Congressman's Political Leanings or the Fact That He Is Also Jewish. We Do Know That Congressman Selden Was Attacked at a Campaign Event A Few Months Back. The Attacker Wanted to to Sever the Congressman's Head to the Congressman by the Way, Is Running for Governor of New York.

The Shooting Happened While the Congressman and His Wife Were Away. There Were Going to a Columbus Day Parade Is Twin Teenage Daughters Were inside the House Doing Homework. The 16-year-old Girls Ran Upstairs, Locked Themselves in a Bathroom and Called 911 so the Girls Did Everything They Were Supposed to Do. The Police Department Said They the People Who Got Shot Were about 10 Feet from the Front Door Quote When We Got Back to the House. We Had to Go through Crime Scene Tape. We Were Getting Advice Were to Walk so so That We Were Stepping on Blood. This Is Not Something That We Were Planning to Return Home to What We Love Our Columbus Day Parade and Selden Says He Looked the Problem Here Is Crime.

It's Everywhere and It's Out Of Control and There's a Nice Neighborhood. Selden Said His Security Cameras Capture Three People on His Property. One Was Lying down underneath Our Porch Was Lying down under a Bush. The Third Person Wasn't Shot Was Moving All around the Property up and down the Porch Quote. It Could Be Gang-Related Event Is Make You Feel Any Better on Me. That's the Problem with Chicago Right Now.

It's a Complete Disaster and the Reason Why It's a Disaster Is Because of These Bail Reform Laws. Anyway, I'm Glad the Families Okay That's Gotta Be at a Terrifying Thing for These Teenage Girls to Have To Go through but This Is the Reality of Life in America One in Memphis Tennessee over the Weekend.

Six People Shot Four People Killed Including Some Poor Guy Just Try to Get Gas over the Kroger Gas Station Man They Love to Target the the Kroger Gas Stations. Here's How Bad It Is. People Are Literally Driving 15 Miles Away from the City Limits Just Develop Their Gas Tanks Because It's Just Not Safe and What's the Response from the District Attorney's Office. Well We Have a George Soros District Attorney Here and This Guy Is like Well You Know We Need to Work on Bail Reform Know We Need to Work on Stopping the Criminals. I'm with the Polk County Sheriff.

I like the Grated Cheese Away. That's How We All Be Doing Anyway of This Story from Fox News, a New Jersey Teacher Interviewed and Recorded Fourth Grade Students on the Educators Non-Binary. They Then Pronouns and Posted the Videos on a Public Tick-Tock Account over the Course of Several Months. Nairobi: Why Was That the Real Name That Keeping a Person Truly Nairobi: an Art Teacher I Wonder She's Related to Zimbabwe, Spleen, Nairobi: Versus an Art Teacher in the Garden State. She Posted Videos Responding to Critical Comments from Users Who Accuse the Educator of Grooming Students with Gender Ideology. Teachers Racked up over 600,000 Followers on the Tick-Tock.

May I Just Answer the Question Here. Why Do These Grown Adults Crave the Acceptance of First and Second Graders. Why Why Is That They Were Bullied As Children. Clearly That's like My First Thought Touched in the Head. I Don't Know Some Traumatic Thing When There Again This Is Not Right If They Were Doing This outside of the Classroom. You Will Be Child Abuse and They Will Be Arrested and Charged with the Crime. It's That Simple. It Really Is.

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen Been a Great Show. Good to Have You with Us Today. Tomorrow More Political Coverage. We Are Your Election Headquarters. This Is the Talk Turns Radio so

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