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Core Desires After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 20, 2021 8:00 am

Core Desires After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 20, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on Core Desires continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Cowboys," and "A Bride for Christmas."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Think this is the Truth Network and French and American in the heart. Masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and visit venture.

Masculine journey starts here now welcome to masculine journey after hours are glad to have you with us today and we are continuing to talk about the first in a series on boot camp talks boot camp coming up in 35 days.

I think you said it was five weeks, five weeks yet five weeks and so you can go to masculine or OIG to register. If you'd like. Would love to have you there, but we are talking about the core desires.

If you missed the first part of the show.

We talked about a battle to fight in which is a first core desire to move into the other two surrounding over you The Next Two Next to Our Attention of Length and the Beauty to Rescue and We Would Point out Is Jim. I Now Wait That They All and You Nice, like You Can't Get to One without the Other. The Adventures Can Require Some Battle in the Beauties Can Require Some Adventure. And so You All Three Are Definitely Intermingled and They All Lead to Some Very Interesting Places. But Just like We Had a Will Exercise for You, the Listener and on the First Show Being You Know What Were Some of the Games That You like to Play When You're a Child with No That That Just Really Made Your Heart Come Alive Wanted That and I Know for Big Jim. It Was Risk When You Love to Play the Game. Risk Risk Was the Entry Drug in the Wargaming and That I Had Some Pretty Major Accomplishments.

I Was Actually Thinking about That Person Were Sitting over There.

I Don't Want to One of the Best Gamers I've Ever Known Involving Pete Race Wanted Me to Fight Emit Waterloo and so We Could Practice for the Tournament. He Was Going to Enter and I Crushed Him and Record Time, and He Was so Angry. Anyway, That Is Not His Name Benatar Napoleon Pete Is Actually the Allies That a Baby with the French Anyway. They Had and Then Won the Tournament and That Was One of My Big I Had to Be Extremely Lucky and I Was We We Would We Would We Hear 81 6/7 Chickamauga You Can See You Here See Here Big Prior COME Alive, He Will Lay Right Now.

It's an Adventure with Cardboard Bath. Some of Us That's All We Get to the so on. This Objective of an Adventure Right like My Question Is in Your Current Life What It Wherever That May Be Whatever Age Is, What Are You Playing What How You Play Was That Look like in Your Life and Just Say Okay and Do You Play As a Regular Part of Your Life and When You Play What Is That Look like for You and Watch the Process That Hold That Thought Maybe Journal in Some to Be Thinking While Where Do I Play How Much Do I Place of This Next Core Desires an Adventure to Live and Serve God Made a Really Wild World and I Went Back in Genesis. After He Made Us in Him Is His Image. Then He Put Adam Not at the Mall Didn't Even Put a Skill That Is Not All. Bart Malley Then Meant That He Put in a Very Wild like If You're a Sailor and You've Been out in the Ocean Right in the Open Sea in a Sailboat. This Is a Pretty Wild Place and It Is Can Attest Your Manhood It, It's Going to Give You a Pretty Good Idea of What You Can and Can't Do When All You've Got Is a Sale and You Know These Waves That Are Coming up over the Bow so You Know There's There's Things about Adventure That Call out an Opportunity for You to Wrestle with God. However That May Look or You Know Maybe You Play with Your Lawn More. I'm Just Saying I I've Done That, You Know Where You You Go in Certain Circles in You and You Have a Good Time at Work, Where Do You Play and How Are You Asked Entry Experiencing Adventure Because We Were Made for Adventure and so Rodney, You Have Our First Clip on This Subject and for You. It's John Wayne John Wayne's Good Place to Go for Adventure and These Boys and the Movie Called Cowboys Is John Wayne Loses All of His Hired Hands and He's Got a Get the Drive from Ms. Ranch to Balfour's Are Balfour Thurber. However, They Say It Belle Fourche, Maybe, but He's Asked to Go on This Adventure with These Boys Because He Has Nobody Else That's Going to Help Them Drive the Herd and These Boys Innovate, They Live on Farms of Course Are Some of Maybe Even Live in the Town That They Don't They Don't Know Wrangling from the Hologram. So Bear All Greenhorns They Don't Know Anything about This, and through This Adventure They Become Men They Become Such Men That Even When Their Wrestlers Go Kill John Wayne Which He Knowing He Doesn't Happen Very Often You Kill John Wayne You're Somebody and Then These Boys They Come, They Get the Whole, the Herd Got Stolen and They Come Back and Take the Herd Back, but This Is the Beginning of the Movie When They Get It All Set up and He's Figured out Okay.

I Got No Other Option Dominoes Go Get This Group of Boys to Come Help Me Get This Herd across the Country and so Is He Is Introducing the Boys This Loud Music and so Sums Going on That the Listeners Will Be Able to See When That Music Is Playing Real out What's Going on with the Boys.

The Boys Are Out Of the Ranch Trying to Break a Horse and They're All Getting Thrown off One by One. That's When You Hear Them All Introduce Their Due. Here Some Rustling Noises and South and the Music Goes up and Then They Introduce the Names That's without One by One. They're All Taken a Turn on the Horse and Get off the Getting Thrown off. Yes, and Then John Wayne Goes to the School yet Many Goes Her School Nazis Right on the Chalkboard.

They Had Chalkboard Stockton. They Didn't Know Why Port within the Arrow. I Think Moses She's Funded Is John Wayne. The Name of the Movie Is the Cowboys Sentence Makes Summer 78 Anderson Lost on Us, and Suggest at the Time It Was to Start His Cattle Drive Everything like Voice CR Lemon, My Mom in Cedar City. She's Only 92 Got A Lot Of Choice. The First Many 15 Year Because These Grandson Playing like That without.

I Don't Expect to Get Belle Fourche with One Single Entity on Corner of Megan Yun Is the Devil All about 100 Miles Mean There Is No the Only Way Were Going through Is No Come with Key Gentlemen. That's When School Really Begin so Adventure Was Meant to Write and Make It Come Alive. I Can I Can Tell You That after a Couple for Five Boot Camps.

I'd Wanted to Say Hello out in the Open Ocean for Some Time and I Found a Way to Rent a Sailboat. My Wife and I Went out Tampa Bay Took a 32 Foot Catalina You Know out for a Week and You Know It Makes Your Heart Come Alive for It in and It Just Showed Me Some Things I Really Did Not Know How to Do and so As We Get a Chance to Play Right Handy Things Go Terribly Wrong in Our Lives If We Don't Find Adventure. We Will Make Adventure When I First Started When the Ministry Is about the Same Time I Got a New Job and Set It on Your Many Times It Gave Me an Opportunity to Travel and I Realize How Bored and Stagnant Becoming in the Job and You Are Buddies Got a Different That Just Happen to Be What God Opened up for Me and Then Those Adventures and This Travels I Was Able to See so Much Stuff in Get out and about in My Heart, Came Alive Because Is Really, Things I Did As a Kid of Doing These Trips and Stuff but It It Also Adventure Isn't Just to Go out and Have Fun in and Fill out a Bucket List. I Think God Also That That Adventure Calls As I Associate and I Think You Did to Robbie from the Talks Is Associated Adventure with Risk. There's Gotta Be a Certain Risk of You Not Knowing How the What the Outcome Is for You Really Experience You Have To Ask God to Come into That to to Be with You during This Things and It Really Did Help Me When I Would Go out on These Adventures out so Mama Would Know How They Would Return. I Remember One Time I Was Is in the Middle of the Summer When up in Yosemite Was Driving up to Get a Better View and I Get up There. I Swear of Never Seen a Hailstorm like This Was like It Look like It Was No Got Pictures of It and I Was. It Was like I Might Make It out Here Because I'm Sliding All over the Place and Amen like This Dodge Challenger Mike Worst Car in the World to Have a Blast and Those Kinds of Things.

If We Don't Allow This Things Come in Her Life and All It Becomes Is What Is It That All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. You Mean That's What You End up Getting in and It Kills Our Heart Because That's Not the Way We Were Created for the Board Boredom and Stagnant Being Stagnant.

And That's When the Challenge Is Really Going to Church If You Know Your Biggest Adventure Is out There No County Florida Park You Know That Isn't Something That We Feel like It's Worth I Am for You Know That Is Bits of Big Enough Battle and Where. Where Does That Fit in My Christian Walk. And What Does That Adventure Look like and so Danny How Much He Where You Play Well I Was Just Thinking about As a Boy Know You Can't Tell from Maxima Group in the Country.

The Always Wanted to Explore the Woods.

What Was Just beyond the Tree Line Fascinates Me. Now We Moved to King in Yesterday Morning I Collected the Truck and I Hear Turkey Call across the Road without Wonder What's beyond the Tree Line so That's the Adventure Didn't Sound like A Lot, but Sounds like You Had a Set Time of Year. I Have Never Been Much of a Hunter or Anything, but I Love to Explore New Places and Years Ago I to Go Hiking for A While and I'm Sitting Good Physical Condition and a Banana Shaped like a Pair of but Exploring New Trails and Stuff like That Just Makes My Heart Come Alive, and I Didn't Realize How Much It Needed until I Started Hiking like You Are a Forest before We Moved to Kenya Now Am Looking Forward to Find Another Places to Hike in, It Does Make You Come Alive. So Even Ate Almost 80 Is Not As Old As You Might Think. I'm 90 Harold Still I Know Him Well Enough to Know He Does A Lot Of Playing Time.

Don't You Hear about Is the Big Deal If You Don't Know Anything about Pick up All over You YouTube and You Can Look at the It's a Fast-Growing Condo IN Marksville and Asked for Harold and the Point You to the Pickle Ball Court, and in a Way Again. One of Things I Was Thinking about A Few Minutes Ago I Was Able to Combine Two of These Things in One Day You Adventure and Risk in the Beauty Because My Adventure Used the Ride My Motorcycle with My Sweetheart on behind Me and I Particularly Loved It When We Get Right out New Mexico. I Can One Appear Story about the Hailstone Because I Was Ride My Motorcycle on Little Mountain Kirby Rd., Ohio that's this dicey that will that will keep your attention well see you were sort of the Hales and Angel only she don't get to ride the bike anymore, but it still hangs with me and I got such great memories of when I did it when you got a teller listers is one time it you got to find out what happens when you when you lay down a big bike and high-speed well actually, one and all that house. We did did have a little bit of Rick. Good Lord was with me.

How fast were you gonna probably around 50 to feel okay. I have laid down a big motorcycle at 50 to 55 miles an hour may not seem like a high rate of speed to you. But if you've ever been on a motorcycle hitting the ground at 50 to 55 miles an how did you live well.

I had a couple angels that kept the number one bike jackknifed on me I'm gone off the edge of the road when I came back up at Jack showing off in front of the bike and it should is torn meters. Didn't touch me. I had on no leather did hello my John 316 T-shirt and my right shoulder at a road burn but the shirt look like at any been washed so I came out with a few scrapes, but in a did get eight stitches on my underarm but you know there a lot of people have been killed on motorcycles for less, and 20 miles an hour blaming the Lord really took care of me and that and so I regret having had the rank because it was in the my writing. I would've gone back to my sweetheart couldn't handle it and I couldn't turn my back on his so to quote my friend and I'll make comes to adventure. Get your motor running it just as so you know, transitioning over to the you know it in clearly talk about an adventure rescuing the beauty is the third of of the core desires and Andy immediately dialed life and so you know, obviously as a young man comes up somewhere. Who knows, 13, 14, 15. All of a sudden something catches your eye and you have something new that that God has designed you in order to engage in an and the idea is, is to rescue the beauty so I have a clip here that actually I took from one of my absolute favorite movies which I've taken a lot of heat from Anna today is called a bride for Christmas and and in this movie the young lady that is the one is going to be rescued by a young man by the name of Aiden. She has been proposed to three times the caller runaway bride unison is because the very beginning the movie. She walks down the aisle and write out past the Graham and write out the right out the church and then you find out she's done this to three different grounds and the reason is, is the first one. Ask her to marry her on national television. He was a weatherman so out came the weather map and it said will you marry me and so she felt a lot of pressure on the national to say yes shouldn't hurt the guys feeling the second one was a movie critic so he had the marquee on the biggest theater in town so you know, will you marry me and the third one, which was the guy that you was the beginning the movie he asked her on the Jumbotron. It had giants but San Francisco Giants game and so you know this was obviously a great way to actually get a bride to baby say yes, but not necessarily to get her to come down the aisle and stay with it so enter the Aiden character and and he is actually made a bet with his friends and out to kind of go along with the movie. If you've ever seen it and know how to lose a Guy in an seven days or whatever and sit as a mixture of runaway bride to lose essence got all these elements to it. So they've made a bet that he's gonna get somebody to ask him to marry them before Christmas and his friend sets him up because he knows about this girl is never connected anybody so he thinks he's got this but one is nonetheless heat start to figure out that I got my work cut out for me and he is in a begin to talk to this girl and and when he finds out that she works at a animal shelter and so he goes to work at the animal shelter, smooth move, I might add for any of you think there she works and she goes he goes and volunteers of animal shelter while they both come to love this dog and the dog gets adopted and and so you can hear a scene where the.

The dog is been adopted. This guy wants to bring it back in so Aiden in a steps up and you can hear him take this battle to fight in the place it well and he's not doing this to impress the girl he's doing it because this is how he actually feels was the girl sees this man stepped up and actually be a man you know she gets rescued like going straight when they were the ones is not normal space get cold feet pounding sound level is totally out of control completely untrained all night in a break in their hearts case. She stays up all night or Wednesday or sit talk to me about my kids was kids for GQ micron is here if you want to read not so sweet as we talked about in the battle to fight that all of these are a picture of God so whenever God called anybody in the Bible just he took him on a big adventure.

You know that that was part of the deal you know Abraham got to go. You know over the original idea of coming to Israel and the promise land and Moses certainly got to go on quite the adventure across the Red Sea, you name it and and take your pick of characters. Daniel and I have a little line experience.

No Paul. Oh my goodness he got to go on adventure and and Jesus and the disciples themselves and if you read the lives of any of the disciples on my goodness today have an adventure after Jesus ascended, so it's always part of the deal is, is God is the you sign up with God, and I see it every week. By the way, my shows his people step into what God is asked them to do their life and he takes them on adventures in there like I can't believe I'm on the radio. I can't believe I wrote a book.

I can't believe, and I got involved in this ministry to kids whatever it is, God took him on an adventure that they didn't necessarily recede, but I don't want anybody to miss that this last core desire is so clearly so clearly in the heart of Jesus. Okay because he has a beauty to rescue and that beauty to rescue his and part of the reason that were having this whole boot camp at all. This is so Jesus can and I have an opportunity to rescue.

He doesn't want to rescue this person whose desires are all buried in the sand. In the end, there are men living quiet desperation that is and who he's come to rescue PE wants to rescue men who are fully alive and indigent here. Her voice when she was like it's happened the fireworks that that you know, like, oh my game like this is a big deal like when you're truly rescue a beauty. She's not just she is running in the path of of of what she her desires are. And this is this is what this looks like and when you get a chance to take part in that like oh my goodness it happens in the funniest way.

It just does. Who doesn't want to wear the shining armor and read what now and innovative III often find it. I get people know me big oil lobby got up crazy tempera Newberry need to be careful that things dangerous and I told the story many times I'll never forget that. You know my brother-in-law committed suicide, we had to fly to Dallas we got on the airplane. Robbie and test Moran been born Robbie and Tess for like two or three get off the airplane and the guy starts to push Tammy or get off the airplane, I'm already kind of upset because of what's happened with the death of my brother Lauren Hollister and Tim is like the skies pushing and so I said Melissa stepped over him and try to be the congenial man innocent Clinton come bias if you're in a hurry and New Orleans and so as he walked by me.

He goes with you would control your brats well didn't well. My wife says I dropped Tess at you know we don't know why. I believe I set her down gently but I do know is I followed that guy up very quickly up the jetway spun him around and put them on his keister at about two seconds before I can hardly breathe. I felt this headlock come up and eventually the sky merciless Beckley behind saw the whole thing and he had me in a some kind headlock like I did note please that guy was down there and then somebody else came and grabbed him and next thing I know I'm getting talk to the comforts get arrested. But what I thought was a complete disaster right is still the stuff of Gilmore Legend. I'll never forget the time daddy ran a mean you're not to mess with his faintly and just like that girl you know I guess when it speaks my heart when he stood up for that dog when when you stand up you just being who you are right, then all my goodness you know it is that it it's part of what God designed you to do Allah and this is adventure and beauty try to make a very long story very short, but my wife and I were called Alaska and we said yes. And God took us on quite an adventure going there but the core of that was winning my wife's heart back. We've been married 30 years. She was wounded and we got there and she went into a depression. It's called sandwiches. One of the better acronyms, seasonal affective disorder, not praying with her daily hip restored our relationship and we have to go for thousand miles that it was quite an adventure with God with one another and step up and she said it's a wonderful adventure. So really it is Jesus it's inviting you to have your heart come back to life to awaken those desires. In panel to find a beauty rest for adventure to live, he's there waiting for us and all that. And he wants to be wants to be that one that you got it you can step up to get a jump in and you got a good investment this is the Truth Network

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